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A: Do you like watching the animated film?A: 你喜欢看动画片吗?B: Of course. Since I was a young boy, I have been a big anime fan.B: 当然。在我还是一个小孩子的时候,我就是一个地地道道的动画迷了。A: So, who is your favorite animator?A: 那你最喜欢哪个漫画家呢?B: Hayao Miyazaki. I think he is the best in the whole world.B: 宫崎骏。我觉得他是世界上最了不起的漫画家。A: Wow, you are a big fan of him.A: 哇,你对他还真是很着迷啊。B: I nearly have watched all his works. And I think his films are the bestever animation works.B: 我几乎看完了他所有的作品。而且我觉得他的动画片也是有史以来最棒的。A: Awesome!A: 厉害!B: Most of Miyazaki s characters are dynamic, capable of change, and hard caricatured into traditional good-evil dichotomies.B: 宫崎骏创造出的大部分人物都非常具有活力,很善变,并且很难以传统的善恶观点对其进行归类。A: Why?A: 为什么呢?B: He regards the 21st century as a complex time , when old norms need to be re-examined.B: 因为他认为21世纪是一个错综复杂的时代。旧的规则已不再完全正确,需要对它们再次进行检验。A: Maybe he is right.A: 或许他是对的。B: He thinks that simple stereotypes cannot be used , even in childrens films. Even though he sometimes feels pessimistic about the world, he prefers to show children a positive world instead.B: 因此,他认为不能再简单地照搬老一套,即使是在儿童动画片中也应如此。虽然宫崎骏本人对世界常常持悲观的态度,但是在他的动画片中,他更倾向于向孩子们展示一个积极向上的世界。 /201505/373068Bait is what you use to attract and catch something, such as a fish. But whats clickbait? Join Neil and Feifei on a beautiful English riverbank to learn about this word that describes tempting online links.诱饵是你在吸引并抓住某样东西时使用的东西,通常在抓鱼时使用。那什么是点击诱饵?和尼尔还有菲菲一起在美丽的英国河岸学习这个用来表示引诱网络链接的单词。Neil: Hello and welcome to this beautiful riverside for this edition of The English We Speak. Were going to teach you a new word connected to the internet. Im Neil and with me is Feifei.尼尔:大家好,欢迎大家收听地道英语节目,本期节目我们在美丽的河岸边录制。我们将教大家一个与网络有关的新词。我是尼尔,今天和我一起主持节目的是菲菲。Feifei: Hi there.菲菲:大家好。Neil: Nothing beats a bit of fishing for relaxation, does it Feifei? Can you pass me the bait?尼尔:没有什么比钓鱼更放松了,对吧,菲菲?你能把鱼饵递我吗?Feifei: Bait — thats the stuff you use to attract the fish. Worms are often used. OK Neil, but where is the bait?菲菲:鱼饵,就是你用来吸引鱼的东西。我们一般用虫子。好的尼尔,可是鱼饵在哪儿呢?Neil: Dont say we forgot to bring it. OK, well, lets just have a look on my smartphone for places nearby we can buy some... Oh look at this Feifei — how to earn a million pounds a year working from home.尼尔:你别告诉我咱们忘了带鱼饵。好吧,我用我的智能手机查一下附近有没有可以买鱼饵的地方……哦,看这个,菲菲,在家工作如何在一年内赚到100万英镑。Feifei: Dont follow that link Neil — its just clickbait. Itll be some nonsense.菲菲:尼尔,别点击那个链接,那是点击诱饵。里面肯定是胡言乱语。Neil: Clickbait. As we said, bait is something used to attract fish when you are trying to catch them. Clickbait is a link on a website thats trying to attract you — to make you click on it.尼尔:点击诱饵。正如我们所说,“诱饵”是你要时用来吸引鱼儿的。点击诱饵是网站上的一个链接,是用来吸引你点击的。。Feifei: Its a word made up of two words: click and bait. Clickbait. Here are some examples.菲菲:这个词由“点击”和“诱饵”两个词组成。点击诱饵,下面是一些例句。Example例句I can never a long article online. Im so distracted by the clickbait I always end up on some other site.我从来不能在网上看长文章。点击诱饵总是让我分心,所以我总是以浏览一些其它的网站而告终。I should have known that article wasnt really going to be about Justin Bieber. Theyre just using his image as clickbait!我本应知道这并不是真正关于贾斯汀·比伯的文章。它们只是用他的图片作为点击诱饵!I used to love social media but now its just full of adverts and clickbait. Rubbish!过去我喜爱社交媒体,但现在那里充满了广告和点击诱饵。真是垃圾!Neil: Clickbait. A link on a website designed to draw your attention and make you click!尼尔:点击诱饵。这是用来吸引你注意力让你点击的网络链接!Feifei: It has a quite negative sense. You feel a little like youve been tricked when you click on clickbait.菲菲:这个词带有非常负面的意思,如果你一不小心点击了链接诱饵,你会觉得你被骗了。Neil: Thats right. The main aim of the clickbait is to get hits to a site rather than genuinely informing you. Right, now Feifei, how are we going to get some worms to make this fishing trip a success?尼尔:没错。点击诱饵的主要目的是让你点击这个网站,而非真正地告知你消息。对了,菲菲,我们现在要怎么找虫子来完成这次钓鱼之旅呢?Feifei: Lets have another look at your phone — oh look, Celebrity clothing failures...菲菲:我们再看一眼你的手机吧,哦你看,“穿衣失败的名人……”Neil: Feifei, thats clickbait. I need bait!尼尔:菲菲,这是点击诱饵。我需要的是鱼饵!Feifei: Bye!菲菲:再见!Neil: Bye!尼尔:再见!译文属 /201701/486713

Finn is suffering from a bad toothache again and he is blaming his mother. But Li says Finn should blame the British culture of eating sweets snacks. What are they talking about?芬恩又牙疼了,他在埋怨他的妈妈。但是莉说芬恩应该埋怨的是英国爱吃甜食的文化。他们在谈论什么?Note: This is not a word-for-word transcript.注:音频与文本并不完全对应。Li: Hi you are listening to The English We Speak. I am Li and with me today is Finn. Hi Finn.莉:大家好,您正在收听地道英语节目。我是莉,今天和我一起主持节目的是芬恩。嗨,芬恩。(Finn is suffering from a bad toothache)(芬恩牙疼得厉害)Finn: Hello everyone…芬恩:大家好……Li: Oh dear, your face is a bit swollen. Whats the matter?莉:天哪,你的脸有点肿。出什么事了?Finn: Ive got this bad toothache again! Blame my mother for giving me a sweet tooth, Li.芬恩:我又牙疼了!莉,这都怪我妈妈让我这么爱吃甜食。Li: Yes you are very sweet and you always bring us nice chocolates and sweets. But why should you blame your mother for this great quality — your kindness?莉:对,你的确非常好,经常给我们带好吃的巧克力和糖果。不过你为什么要为友好这种优点责怪你的妈妈呢?Finn: Oh thats very sweet of you Li, but the phrase to have a sweet tooth is another way of saying that someone craves sweet food all the time, such as sweets, desserts and chocolates.芬恩:哦,莉,你人真是太好了,不过have a sweet tooth这个词组的意思是说一个人一直想吃糖果、甜点和巧克力这种甜食。Li: I see. So when you say someone has a sweet tooth you mean this person likes sweet-tasting food, such as sweets, chocolates and desserts. 莉:我明白了。所以这个短语是说一个人特别喜欢糖果、甜点和巧克力这种甜食。Finn: Oh thats right, yes. Have you noticed that I take five sugars in my tea? I usually have six or seven cups of tea every day!芬恩:没错。你有没有注意到我在茶里放了五块糖?一般我每天会喝六七杯茶!Li: That sounds like you do have a sweet tooth! Lets hear some examples of how this expression is used:莉:听起来你的确非常喜欢甜食!我们来听些例句,看看这个短语如何应用:Examples例句John always has a bag of sweets open on his desk. Hes got such a sweet tooth.约翰的桌子上总有一包打开的糖果。他非常喜欢吃甜食。I wish I didnt have a sweet tooth, because I had four rotten teeth pulled out and eight filled when I was only twenty.我真希望我不喜欢吃甜食,我在20岁的时候就已经拔了四颗蛀牙,补了八颗牙。Li: You know what Finn, dont blame your mother. Blame the sweet culture of Britain. I think that this country makes the best desserts in the world!莉:芬恩,你知道吗,你不应该埋怨你妈妈。你应该怪的是英国的甜食文化。我认为英国的甜点是世界上最好吃的!Finn: Really Li? Well it is difficult to resist the temptation of all those yummy cakes you see in the shops!芬恩:真的吗,莉?好吧,的确很难抗拒商店里那些美味蛋糕的诱惑!Li: So, seeing as youve got such bad toothache, perhaps I could help you with the delicious cheesecake you have with you in the studio…莉:既然你牙疼的很厉害,那我可以帮你把你带进演播室的这块美味的巧克力蛋糕吃掉……Finn: Oh… you are cheeky, arent you, Li?芬恩:哦……莉,你是不是脸皮太厚了?Li: I will buy you one back when your toothache is gone, I promise.莉:你牙好了以后,我会买一块还你的,我保。Finn: OK. Thats a deal!芬恩:就这么说定了!Li: Bye.莉:再见。Finn: Bye.芬恩:再见。 译文属 /201511/412344

unit 262 找自助餐厅dialogue 英语情景对话A:All the food smells tasty today and makes my mouth water.A:今天所有的食物闻起来都很香,我都流口水了。B:Lets line up here. This line seems a little shorter.B:我们在这儿排队吧o这一队看起来短些。A:Whats on the today?A:今天的菜单上有什么?B:Fish, beef, pork, chicken, vegetables and beancurd. For staple food we have rice, steamed b, stuffed buns and noodles.B:有鱼、牛内、猪内、鸡肉、青菜和豆腐。主食有米饭、馒头、包子和面条。A:Oh,were lucky today, arent we?A:噢,今天我们很幸运,不是吗?B:Id rather take stewed cabbage with beef.B:我想吃牛肉炖白菜。A:i think Ill take fried fish, because fish is one of my favorites.A:我想吃炸鱼,因为鱼是我最喜欢的。B:Thats good, we can share what we have. Here we are. You go ahead. (They get everything y)B:那太好了,我们可以分享我们的菜。到我们了,你先买。(他们买好了)A: Here is a free table. Lets sit down. Help yourself to some fish please. Isnt it delicious and appetizing?A:这里有一张空桌子。我们坐下吧,请吃鱼。难道不好吃?B:Im sorry I dont like its a little too salty.B:很抱歉我不喜欢。有点咸。A:I see you people from south prefer sweet. dont you?A:我知道你们南方人喜欢吃甜食,是吗?B:Yes, I like the fish cooked in sweet and sour sauce best. Try some beef, please.B:对,我最喜欢吃糖醋鱼。请吃点牛内吧。A:Thank you. Im through with one steamed b and Id like a second helping.A:谢谢你。我已吃完一个馒头了,而且我还想吃一个。B:Your appetite is good.B:你的胃口不错。A:Im always feeling hungry.A:我总是感到饿。 /201512/413388

think nothing of 不把……当回事例句:He thought nothing of peoples advice, but now he is regretful. 他不把别人的意见当回事,但是现在他后悔了。 I think nothing of failure. 我不把失败当回事。 A:Thank you for giving me a hand. 谢谢你帮助我。 B:Think nothing of it, its my pleasure. 别客气,这是我的荣幸。 背景音乐:Kina Grannis—Valentine更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/451242

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