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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201604/438626An American student who was arrested in North Korea roughly two months ago appeared in a press conference in Pyongyang on Monday, during which he appeared to apologize for attempting to steal a political banner.周一,大约两个月前在朝鲜被逮捕的美国学生出现在平壤新闻发布会上,为试图窃取政治旗帜道歉。I entirely beg you and the government of DPR Korea for your forgiveness. Please, Ive made the worst mistake of my life. 我完全请求朝鲜政府的原谅。我犯了我生命中最糟糕的错误。When University of Virginia student Otto Frederick Warmbier was first accused of trying to steal the North Korean banner from his hotel in January, state-run media said he did so under the American governments influence.当弗吉尼亚大学的学生弗雷德里克一月首次被指控试图从酒店偷取朝鲜旗帜,国家媒体称他是在美国政府的影响下做出这样的事。The 21-year-old said in his statement, ;I never, never should have allowed myself to be lured by the ed States administration to commit a crime in this country.; 21岁的他在声明中表示,“我绝不应该允许自己受美国政府的诱惑在朝鲜犯下罪行。”Warmbier also said a member of an Ohio church offered him a used car worth ,000 to bring the banner back. Its unclear if his confession was coerced. 弗雷德里克还表示,俄亥俄州一教会成员提供他价值10,000美元的二手车把旗帜拿回来。目前不清楚他的供词是否被迫。In the past, several people detained by North Korea have later recanted their statements after being released.过去,有几个人被朝鲜扣留,后来改变了他们的陈述后被释放。译文属。201603/428947

In Russia, they form a dynasty of princes.在俄国 他们建立了诸侯王朝In France, theyre known as Norsemenand rule Normandy.在法国 人们称他们北欧人 并且统治了诺曼底The most famous of them, William the Conqueror,他们中最出名的是征者威廉Invades Britain and becomes king of England.他入侵英国 然后成为英格兰的王As rulers of Christian Europe,作为统治欧洲基督徒的维京人们The Vikings will be on the frontline In a clash of civilizations, the Crusades.将会来到历史舞台的前线 在文化冲突中 他们就是十字军As the Vikings help lift Europe from its Dark Age,维京人带领欧洲度过黑暗时代Other explorers create an entirely new civilization...其他的冒险者则在太平洋的某个岛屿上on an island in the Pacific Ocean.创建了全新的文化Mankind is ever restless.人类永无休止The urge to create,indeed the urge to glorify,创造的动力 可谓是来源于荣耀no matter where we are in the world,不管我们身在何方no matter what our resources are,无论我们手中有什么样的资源no matter even what tools are available,甚至不管我们掌握怎样的工具that urge is universal.那种动力和渴望都是普遍存在的Living in total isolation,这些与世隔绝的人们These people will build some of the most iconic statues In the world.可以建造出世界上叹为观止的雕像群201511/410133

  This is the river.But just look,the flood line here,this is about 10 or 15 foot above where the river is now.这就是那条河了 看看 涨潮水位线在这 离现在的河岸 大概有十到十五英尺I cant believe the canyon is so to flash floods When it rains, all that water gets pounding down here and the level rises very fast.这个峡谷是如此的狭小 突发的洪水 大雨过后 所有雨水汇聚于此 水位将迅速上升Keep following this along.Flood is the most frequent nature disaster in Alabama,跟着这个走 在阿拉巴马 洪水是爆发频率最高的自然灾害taking more lives and causing more damages than hurricanes and tornados combines.其造成的伤亡人数和财产损失 比飓风与龙卷风二者之和还要高Look all of this is flash flood.And this is why theyre so dangous.看 这都是山洪暴发造成的 山洪裹挟着无数重物Just tons and tons of dead like this huge tree trunks pounding down stream.危险无比 像这些巨大的树干 常随着洪峰 顺流而下Flash floods leave a trail of destruction in their path.山洪流经之处 总会留下破坏的痕迹 Look, a lot of trash.And I shall use this sort of things.好多垃圾啊 塑料泡沫之类的东西Trying to build a raft.And thats gonna take me down the river much quicker,than try to do battle over all the rocks.我打算做个筏子 这样能提高我漂流的速度 还能避免一场与岩石的;斗争;I mean just look at all these.If I can find the right materials,a raft would save me time and energy.你看看这些石头 如果能找到合适的材料 造个筏子 就能省时省力You see under the trunk a bit of plastic sheeting wedges there.你看那个树干底下 有一大块的塑料布That would be so useful for making a raft.The thing is this water is icy cold.那东西简直是 造筏子的绝佳材料 问题是 这河水 寒冷彻骨啊In fact, look, you see across there?its icy even on that branch you see that.你看对面那里 那里都结冰了 看见了吗201601/424734

  Moon Festival Story (Part One)中秋节的故事(上)One morning, Houyi was practicing his sword fencing in the woods near the Heavenly Palace. Suddenly, he saw a raindrop slipping down from the leaf. He drew his bow, and shot the raindrop. It hit, and splashed everywhere.一日早晨,后羿正在天宫旁的森林里练习剑术。突然,他看到一滴雨水从树叶上滑下。他抽出弓,并射向那雨滴。射中了,还四处喷溅。This happened to be seen by a group of fairy maidens who were flying past the woods. They started to praise Houyis great shot. The most beautiful fairy maiden, whose name was Change, exclaimed, ;What a master archer!; But Houyi was very modest. Change and the other maidens danced for this master archer, and Houyi is very much attracted by Changes beauty.这碰巧被一群飞过树林的仙女看到了。她们开始赞赏后羿完美的箭术。最美丽的仙女,她的名字是嫦娥,惊叹道:“真是个神射手!”但后羿非常地谦虚。嫦娥和其他仙女为这名神射手跳舞,而后羿深深受到嫦娥美貌的吸引。Suddenly, there were dark clouds, and some terrible sounds could be heard. There, amidst the dark clouds came running a fierce wolf. The fairy maidens went into a panic, and did not know where to hide. The wolf dashed at the young ladies with its big mouth wide open, and the girls were scared to death. The wolf ran towards Change, who was frightened out of her wits. And at this moment, just before the wolf ran towards Change, Houyi drew the bow and shot the wolf dead.乌云乍现,且可以听到一些可怕的声响。在那儿,在乌云中跑出一匹凶猛的狼。仙女们惊慌失措,且不知道要躲哪去。那匹狼大嘴开开冲向那年轻的女士们,而女孩们都吓死了。那匹狼跑向嫦娥,她已吓到不知所措。而在这时,就在狼跑向嫦娥前,后羿抽出弓并将狼给射死。The news of Houyi killing the wolf was soon known by everyone in the Palace. The Lord of Heaven decided that Change should marry Houyi. They lived together very happily until one day Houyi was showing off, and he shot down the sun. The Lord of Heaven got very angry, and sent them down to earth. Change did not want to leave the Palace, but she had to go with her husband to the human world.后羿杀死狼的消息很快地就让天宫里所有人给知道了。天神决定嫦娥应该许配给后羿。他们非常快乐地生活在一起,直到有天后羿在炫耀卖弄,射下了太阳。天神非常地生气,并将他们贬下凡间。嫦娥并不想离开天宫,但她必须和她的丈夫一起去人类的世界。After Houyi shot down the sun, the weather on the earth became good for crops to grow, and people lived happily. But in the mountains, rivers and lakes, there lived wild beasts and monsters who came out to hurt people. Houyi heard that there was a monster with nine heads in the north who often did horrible things to people, and even ate people. Houyi decided to fight it.在后羿射下太阳后,地球上的天气变得适合谷物生长,且人们活得很开心。但在山上、河流和湖泊里,住着会出来伤害人们的猛兽和怪物。后羿听说北部有个常对人类做出恐怖事情的九头怪物,甚至会吃人。后羿决定要对付它。Houyi fought against the nine-headed monster for three days, but neither of them could win. Later on, Houyi learned that the only way to kill the monster was to cut off all of its nine heads. Otherwise, it would get even stronger. Houyi drew his big bow, and shot nine arrows all at the same time at the nine heads of the monster. The nine heads all fell down, and the monster died immediately.后羿和九头怪物奋战了三天,但他们俩没有一个可以胜出。后来,后羿得知要杀死怪物的唯一办法就是砍下它全部九颗头。否则,它会变得更加强大。后羿抽出他的大弓,并同时将九箭射向怪物的九颗头。九颗头全都落下,而怪物随即死了。From then on, Houyi got lots of love and respect from the people. He began to like his new life in the human world. But his wife still felt very sad, and missed her life in the Heaven very much.自此后,后羿得到许多人们的爱戴以及尊敬。他开始喜欢他在人类世界的新生活。但他的妻子还是感到非常难过,且非常想念她在天堂的生活。One day, Change was sitting at the table, waiting for her husband. She felt sad and began crying at the thought of her unhappy life in the human world. When she heard Houyis footsteps, she did not go out to welcome him as usual. Houyi entered the room, and found Change was so sad. He asked, ;What is wrong with you? Dont you enjoy our life here?; Change answered, ;Ever since we arrived in the human world, my life has not been happy at all. You spend your time outside. Do you know how lonely and bored I am?; Houyi smiled and said, ;I will keep you company from now on. Im going to take you to a deep valley in the mountain tomorrow. I guarantee that the valley is more beautiful than anything you have seen in the Heaven.;有一天,嫦娥坐在桌前,等待她的丈夫。她一想到她在人类世界的不开心生活就感到难过且开始哭起来。当她听到后羿的脚步声,她没有像往常一样出去迎接他。后羿进到房间,发现嫦娥非常难过。他问:“你怎么了?你不喜欢我们在这里的生活吗?”嫦娥回道:“自从我们抵达人类世界,我的生活就一点也不快乐。你把时间都花在外头。你知道我有多孤单多无聊吗?”后羿微笑并说:“从现在起我会陪着你。我明天会带你到山中的深谷。我保那个溪谷比起任何你在天堂看到的东西都还要美丽。”The valley was indeed beautiful, quiet and cool, with many butterflies flying around. Change sat by the river to comb her long hair, looking at her reflection in the water. Houyi put some flowers in his wifes head. Change was very happy and thought, ;This is just the life I want.;那溪谷确实很美、宁静且凉爽,有许多蝴蝶四处飞舞。嫦娥坐在河边梳着她的长发,看着她在水中的倒影。后羿插了一些花在他妻子的头上。嫦娥非常开心并想着:“这就是我想要的生活。”Suddenly, the quietness was interrupted by some screaming voices in the distance. Houyi knew the beasts were hurting the villages. So he quickly took his bow and arrows, and was about to hurry away, but Change was very angry and cried. Houyi said, ;It is my job to remove evils from this world to protect the people. Forgive me.; And then he rushed away. Chagne cried and returned home alone.突然间,那平静被一些远方的尖叫声给打断了。后羿知道野兽正在蹂躏村庄。所以他迅速地拿了他的弓箭,即将匆匆离开,但嫦娥非常生气而且哭了。后羿说:“将妖魔从这世界除掉来保护人们是我的职责。原谅我。”接着他就仓促跑走了。嫦娥边哭边独自返家。The following weeks Houyi went out to get rid of evils almost every day. It took a long time, but at last, he wiped out all the evils. When he happily returned home, he saw the sad look in Changes face. Houyi understood that he had made his wife suffer a lot, and he should treat her better. He also knew his wife didnt blame him. She was just worried about his safety. After all, he was the only person she can depend on.接下来几周后羿几乎每天都出去斩妖除魔。花上很长一段时间,但最后,他除掉了所有的妖魔。当他开心地回到家,他看见嫦娥脸上的伤心神情。后羿了解他已经让妻子受了很多苦,他应该要对她更好。他同样也知道妻子并不怪他。她只是担心他的安危。毕竟,他是她唯一可以依靠的人。Now that all the evil beasts were killed, Houyi and Change lived peacefully, and happily, and spent their time together. Change began to love her life on earth until one day she realized that she and Houyi would die someday, just as the ordinary people of the earth would. Houyi knew that there was a Queen Mother who knew magic. If he could get one of her magic potions, he and his wife could live hundreds of years until the Lord of Heaven let them go back to the Heaven. So, having made up his mind, he set out with his bow and arrows to find the Queen Mother.现在所有邪恶的野兽都被杀掉了,后羿和嫦娥平静且快乐地生活着,共度光阴。嫦娥开始爱上她在地球的生活,直到有天她领悟到她和后羿有天都会死,就像世界上一般人一样。后羿知道有个懂魔法的王母娘娘。如果他可以得到她的一剂神奇药水,他和他的妻子就可以活数百年,直到天神让他们回到天堂。所以,下定了决心,他带着弓箭启程去找王母娘娘。201503/367321。

  Vitamin E is the next fat soluble vitamin we will discuss.我们接下来讨论的脂溶性维生素是维生素EAny ideas on what role vitamin E might have in the body?有人知道维生素E在人体内的作用吗?The chemical structures of vitamin E are complicated.维生素E的化学结构很复杂There are 8 different forms of vitamin E known已知的维生素E有8种however Alpha-Tocopherol is但α-生育酚the most active form of vitamin E in humans.是在人体中最活跃的一种维生素EThe main function for this vitamin is这种维生素的主要功能是as an antioxidant in the membranes of the cells.作为细胞膜的抗氧化剂All cells of the body are surrounded by人体的所有细胞外都包裹着a membrane that contains fat,一层含有脂肪cholesterol and various proteins.胆固醇,和多种蛋白质的膜Vitamin E interdisperses with the fats in the membrane维生素E分散在细胞膜的脂肪中and binds to oxidative agents that attack the fats.与进攻细胞膜脂肪的氧化基团结合In this role vitamin E has been found由于具有抗氧化作用to have a wide range of benefits to the body including人们发现维生素E对身体有很多益处a protective effect on cardiovascular disease and cancer.包括对于心血管疾病和癌症的预防保护Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals抗氧化剂能保护人体,清除自由基which can damage the cell这些自由基会破坏细胞and contribute to the development of并且加剧cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.心血管疾病和某些肿瘤的生长However research to study the role of然而补充维生素Esupplementing vitamin E to prevent heart disease对于预防心脏疾病or cancer have not been very successful.或癌症的研究并没有获很大进展Vitamin E is a scavenger of oxidation agents in the body维生素E可以说是人体内氧化性物质的清除专家collecting the free radicals它会收集自由基and providing a defense against tissue damage.为人体组织提供一道有效的保护屏障Therefore having an adequate supply所以摄入足量的of vitamin E is important.维生素E十分重要However taking large amounts of supplements然而用大量补品do not seem to be of much value.似乎不那么有用Vitamin E has also been shown to aid还显示维生素E有助于in the healing of wounds伤口愈合because of its role in cell proliferation这都是因为它在细胞增殖and free radical protection.及自由基保护中的作用Here are the recommended intakes of vitamin E.这里是推荐的维生素E摄入量Again we see the use of IUs我们再一次用到国际单位because of the many chemical forms of vitamin E.因为维生素E有多种化学形式You may also see vitamin E expressed as TE你们也可能看到维生素E被称为TEor tocopherol equivalents.或者生育酚等价物This refers to the chemical name of vitamin E,这是指维生素E的化学名称tocopherol and the most active form alpha-tocopherol.生育酚及其最具活性的形态α-生育酚Men and women over the age of 1414岁以上的男性和女性每天should consume approximate 22.5 IUs应摄入22.5国际单位or 15 milligrams per day.或15毫克During pregnancy the recommendation怀期间推荐的摄入量stays the same however during lactation与此相同,但哺乳期间the recommendation increases to 28.5 IUs推荐的日摄入量增加到每天28.5国际单位or 19 milligrams per day.或19毫克Vegetable oils, nuts, green leafy vegetables植物油,坚果,绿叶菜and fortified cereals are common sources of vitamin E.及强化谷物是维生素E的常见食物来源There has never been any known deficiency of vitamin E至今还没有人类缺乏维生素Ewith defined symptoms in the human, presumably的典型症状because vitamin E is so widely available in foods.可能是因为维生素E是如此广泛存在于食物中Leafy green vegetables are绿叶菜也是also good sources of vitamin E as well as grains补充维生素E很好的食物来源such as fortified cereals and wheat germ.像强化谷物和麦芽这样的谷类也是Avocados, peanut butter and tomato sauce鳄梨,花生酱,及番茄酱are also good sources of vitamin E.也是补充维生素E很好的选择201507/385278

  Its easier to shed extra pounds if you know a few tricks.如果你知道一些小窍门,要减掉多余的赘肉会更加简单。You Will Need你需要A blue light bulb一个蓝光灯泡Low-cal starters低卡路里开胃菜Limited food choices at meals进餐时有限的食物选择Smaller plates and bowls较小的盘子和碗Steps步骤Step 1 Get the blues1.使用蓝光Change the light bulb in your refrigerator to a blue one. It will make everything in the fridge look unappetizing, because we unconsciously associate blue with moldy food.把冰箱里的灯泡更换为蓝光灯泡。蓝色的光线会让冰箱里的一切看上去不那么诱人,因为我们经常无意识地把蓝色和发霉食品联系起来。Yellow, red, and orange stimulate the appetite.黄色,红色和橙色都会刺激食欲。Step 2 Spoil your dinner2.进餐前吃水果Eat an apple, a small, low-cal salad, or a cup of soup before lunch and dinner, especially if youre having a fattening entree. Studies show youll consume fewer total calories because youll be less hungry for the main meal.午餐和晚餐前吃一个苹果,一小份低卡路里沙拉,或者一小杯汤,尤其是如果你即将吃脂肪含量比较高的食品。研究表明,你摄入的卡路里总量会减少,因为正餐时你已经没那么饿了。Step 3 Limit your choices3.限制选择Limit the number of different tastes at each meal. Research has shown that if we are experiencing just one taste, like a casserole, well stop eating when theyre full. But if we allow our taste buds to jump around from sweet, to salty, to savory, and back again, we tend to eat past the point of fullness.每餐都限制不同口味的数量。研究表明,如果我们吃到的只有一种味道,例如砂锅菜,我们饱了之后就不会再吃了。但是如果我们允许自己的味蕾在甜,咸和开胃菜之间来回转换,我们通常会吃得过饱。Variety is a main reason we eat an extra 1,500 to 5,000 calories at Thanksgiving dinner alone.感恩节晚餐我们会多摄入1,500到5,000卡路里的热量,主要原因就是食品多种多样。Step 4 Cut down on sugar4.减少糖分Cut down on added sugar – sugar that doesnt occur naturally in food. The average American consumes 30 teaspoons – 450 calories – of added sugar per day; think about that before you pour sugar into beverages and onto foods. And avoid foods that list sugar as one of the first three ingredients, or that contain several types of sugar.减少食品中添加的糖——不是食物中天然含有的糖份。美国人每天平均消耗30茶匙糖——热量为450卡。向食物和饮料中加糖之前一定要想想这一点。不要吃糖为三大主要成分之一的食品,或者含有几种糖的食品。Fructose, corn syrup, fruit-juice concentrate, malt syrup, sucrose, molasses, dextrose, and glucose are all sugars.果糖,玉米糖浆,果汁精,麦芽糖,蔗糖,糖蜜,葡萄糖都是糖。Step 5 Use smaller dishes5.使用较小的盘子Eat off smaller plates. Studies show youll eat fewer calories without even missing them.用较小的盘子进餐。研究表明,这样可以少摄入一点卡路里,也绝对不会想念。Sugar-free gum isnt calorie-free: One stick has 5 to 10 calories.无糖口香糖并不是不含热量的:一片口香糖含有5到10卡的热量。视频听力译文由。 /201504/372633栏目简介:《造物小百科How its made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201508/391971栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201509/392039

  l grew up in East Chicago, lndiana.我在印第安纳州的东芝加哥长大My mother and father divorced我很小时父母就离异when l was at a young age, about six years old.差不多六岁时吧My mother was Baptist.我母亲是浸信会教友And my sister and l sang in the Baptist choir.而我与姊曾在浸信会的合唱团唱歌lt made us have a love for music.培养了我们对音乐的热爱My father used to listen to the country music all the time,我父亲以前常收听乡村音乐and out of Chicago came a show, on the radio,当时芝加哥有个广播节目called Suppertime Frolic.名叫Suppertime FrolicAnd then on saturdays, he would listen to the Grand Ole Opty然后周六他会听Grand Ole Oprythat came out of Nashville.那是纳什维尔的电台some of the people were Ernest Tubb, thats ancient.包含了像欧内斯特·塔伯等歌手 够古老的let me... let the people know how old l am.泄漏了我的年龄We had a club called the Sub-Debs.我们成立了一个叫瑟布德丝的社团We used to give teenage parties for all the kids around there,常常帮附近的青少年办派对and thats where l met Joe.我与乔就是那时相识的l think l was around 17 years old.我当时应该17岁吧He would always ask me for a dance when the music was slow.他喜欢找我跳慢舞He seemed very kind, very sweet.他人很好 很贴心Joseph was in a group.约瑟夫当时组团Besides me leaving singing with my sister,我不再跟我姊唱歌l started singing with him.而跑去跟他合作And we would sing and harmonise together a lot.我们常一起歌唱和音201508/390077Liu Tingxun was a loyal servant of the Dynasty, and his tomb figures, both human and animal, sum up many aspects of Tang China at its zenith.刘廷荀是朝廷忠心耿耿的务者,他的墓葬规格、人俑、兽俑和墓志从一个侧面体现了唐朝全盛时期的面貌,They show the close link between the military and the civil administration, the orderly prosperity that allowed, and controlled, such sophisticated artistic production, and the confidence with which power was exercised both at home and abroad.从中我们能一窥军队与民政间的密切关系,社会的欣欣向荣,精美工艺品制造业的发达,以及帝国四海升平、声名远播之下的自信。201601/424159


  Chinas new targets for 20152015年中国的新目标At the opening session of the NPC,Premier Li keqiang outlined the governments goals for the upcoming year.在全国人民代表大会开幕式上,国务院总理李克强介绍了政府在接下来一年的工作目标。GDP growth target for this year is lowered to about seven percent, and the consumer price index increase set at 3 percent.今年的国内生产总值增长目标降至约7%,而居民消费价格指数增至3%。On the employment front-creating 10 million new job in urban areas, and lowering the jobless rate to 4.5 percent.而就业方面则是在城镇增加1000万个新的就业机会,失业率降至4.5% 。The growth of personal income should keep pace with the rate of economic development.同时个人收入增长也应跟上经济发展的步伐。To maintain steady growth, the goal is to increase imports and exports by 6 percent, while maintaining the balance of payment.为了稳定增长,目标是增加6%的进出口,同时保持收平衡。And with environmental protection a key concern, the government aims to cut energy intensity by 3.1 percent this year, compared with a 4.8 percent cut in 2014.而环境保护列为重中之重,同2014年降低4.8%相比较,今年政府计划将能源强度降低至3.1%。201503/364624。

  What kind of room was this mosaic in? We just dont know. In grand Roman villas the room with the best mosaic was usually the dining room, but in this case that seems unlikely. There was no under-floor heating in this room and it faced north, so it would have been far too cold for Dorset dining. Normally the walls, as well as the floor, would indicate a rooms purpose, but the walls of this room are long gone. Theres one intriguing possibility: the figure of Christ faces east, and there would be just enough space for an altar between it and the wall. So this room might have been an early house church.我们不知道这样的马赛克图案曾出现在一个怎样的房间里。在豪华的罗马别墅,铺设着最美丽的马赛克图案的房间通常是餐厅。但这间屋子似乎并不是。屋里没有地暖,而且朝北,就多塞特的气候而言,在这里用餐未免太冷了。通常,房间的墙壁也能表现出它的用途,但这间屋子的墙壁早已消失。一种有趣的可能性是:鉴于基督肖像面朝东方,而图案与墙壁间的空间刚好可以摆放一个圣坛,因此这里也许是早期的家庭教堂。People have often worried about the idea of Christ being shown on a floor, and eventually this worried the Romans too. In 427 the emperor specifically banned the making of images of Christ on mosaic floors, and he ordered all existing ones to be removed. But by the date of this proclamation Britain had of course ceased to be a part of the Roman Empire. The villa at Hinton St Mary had probably long been abandoned, and so its floor remained untouched. On the whole the withdrawal of Roman power spelt cultural catastrophe, but in this instance we should be grateful, because its that which allowed this astonishing survival.人们逐渐开始对将基督像装饰在地板上感到不安,最终罗马人也对此顾虑重重。四二七年,罗马帝王最终禁止用马赛克制作基督图像装饰地板,并下令毁掉一切业已存在于地板上的基督像。但禁令颁布时,不列颠已脱离了罗马的统治。亨顿圣玛丽的这座别墅很可能遭到废弃,因此地板完好地保存了下来。从整体而言,罗马人的撤离给英国带来了巨大的文化灾难,但在这件事上,我们应感到庆幸。 201507/384408

  20 dead, 13 hurt as coach falls off cliff in Henan河南安阳一辆大巴车坠悬崖已致20死13伤A bus accident in Central China has killed 20 people and injured 13 others.一辆公共汽车发生事故共造成20死13伤。The bus plunged from a cliff in Linzhou county, Henan Province, early on Tuesday morning.周二早上这辆公共汽车从河南省林州县的一个悬崖跌落。According to the local authority, the bus was carrying a local opera troupe, who were renting the vehicle.事故车辆是某剧团的车辆,乘客为该剧团演员。An investigation into the accident is under way.针对事故原因正在开展调查。201503/362455

  But the really clever part is that alcohol is poisonous to other bugs.酒精对其他病菌有毒 这就是酵母狡猾之处So bad for those other bugs good for yeast and good for us.可怜了那些病菌 成就了酵母和人类Thats right.确实Without this particular species of yeast如果没有酵母的存在it would be a teetotal world.这个世界将滴酒不沾So at the heart of this war也就是说酒精的产生was one tiny organism that evolved a unique method to protect itself.得益于这一微生物独特的自卫方式Some juice coming out there which will help.这些汁液就足够了Oh gosh well there are a few things on here but the abosolute majority -有几种物质 但大多数是and there are loads of them -are little ovals.那些成批的卵状物Those are yeast cells.那就是酵母细胞Those are yeast cells.那就是酵母细胞吗Its almost a pure culture as we would say.这几乎是纯粹的酵母培养Theres little or nothing else there.几乎没有杂质What Im looking at I suppose is yeast floating in alcohol?我看到的是不是酵母漂浮在乙醇上Yeah没错Um... And if you think about it going back in time说到这里 你不妨想想远古时代this mightve been how primitive man first encountered alcohol原始人与酒精的邂逅by eating some rotten fruit.其实就是在吃腐烂水果的时候Do you want to try one?你想尝一个吗Yeah OK I will. Not the one you just used.好的 但不要刚刚那个201506/382399

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