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九院激光祛痘手术价格上海市闵行区中医医院切眼袋多少钱Passage文章The Inmation Superhighway信息高速公路Professional Terms专业术语inmation superhighway信息高速公路cellular mobile telephone蜂窝状移动电话national inmation infrastructure国家信息基础设施wireless无线电I am pleased to announce today that at the beginning of the New Year.我很高兴在今天、新一年的开始宣布,President Clinton will present to Congress a package of legislative and administrative proposals on telecommunications.克林顿总统将向全国会提出关于电信的立法和行政的一揽子建议These changes coming in the related fields of telecommunications and computing and telephony and other related fields.电信、计算机和电话以及其他相关领域技术的发展are going to make up one of the most powerful revolutions in the entire history of human kind.将共同形成人类历史上一次最强大的革命Today most people are primarily receivers of inmation through the electronic media.今天,大多数人主要是通过电子媒体接收信息We watch television,we listen to the radio.比如看电视、听收音机In this coming decade,we will each transmit more and more inmation as well over the same lines of communication.今后十年,我们将在相同的通信路上传输更多的信息Well send and receive not just on the telephone as we do now,but across the full range of the new technologies.我们不只是像现在这样通过电话来发送和接收信息,而是要使用各种新技术Each person will turn from being Just a consumer to being a consumer and a provider.每个人都将从单纯的用户变成既是用户又是信息的提供者In a way this change represents anther kind of enpowerment.这一变化在某种意义上代表了另一种授权The quality revolution in the factory treats each individual as a source of added value.工厂的质量革命将每一部门视为一个增值源The communications revolution recognizes each individual as a source of inmation that adds value to our commy and to our economy.通信革命则将每一部门视为社会和经济的增长值信息源Interactive television will mean holding a business meeting without leaving your living room.交互式电视将意味着不离开起居室就能召开工作会议It will mean that people at home can use the television set not simply as passive entertainment but as an active tool.这是说家用电视不仅仅是消极的,而是一个有用的工具These changes are coming not over night or out of the blue,rather they are the outgrowth of a steady series of changes that encompass much of our history.正在发生的这些变化不是一个晚上或突然间就可以实现的,而是在经历了一系列重大变化的基础上产生的结果 369689嘉定激光去痘印多少钱 The U.S. economy had a net gain of 103,000 jobs in September, but that was not enough to cut the unemployment rate from 9.1 percent. Friday's report from the Labor Department said the job gains came largely in the private sector, particularly in health care. The monthly job gains were stronger than most economists had predicted and include 45,000 employees returning to work after a strike at telecommunications giant Verizon in August. Friday's report from the Labor Department says 14 million Americans are out of work. Four out of 10 of the unemployed have been off the job for six months or more. 美国经济9月份净增加10.3万个工作岗位,但是失业率仍然处在9.1%的高位美国劳工部星期五公布的就业报告说,新增职位大部分来自私营部门9月份新增就业数据高于大多数经济学家的预测月份数据包括了电讯业巨头Verizon.5万个月罢工后重返岗位的职工星期四,美国总统奥巴马在一个记者会上敦促国会议员批准他提出的价470亿美元的就业法案。他说,这项法案将通过重返就业来刺激经济发展 /201110/156987导购口语:We guarantee the quality of the product we sold.我们所售的货物,保质量Regardless of the cause of the trouble, all repairs are guaranteed within three days.不管是什么原因的故障,所有的修理包正在三天内解决If something goes wrong with the air conditioner, you can bring it here and we’ll send it to the manufacturer.如果空调有设么问题的话,您可以拿过来,我们将它送到生产厂家去 语句:Guarantee the quality of the product保质量;regardless of不管;within three days三天之内 情景再现:Goods purchased in our factory can be changed within a month, but we don’t exchange any item that is improperly used or damaged by the customer himself.凡在我厂购买的商品,一个月内可调换,但对由于顾客自身使用不当造成的损失,不承担责任We guarantee the quality of the product we sold in our store one year.我们店卖出的商品在1年内保质量 1第九人民医院整形科去疤价格费用

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上海市第八人民医院冰点脱毛多少钱Accepting the reservation受理预订When will you come?您什么时间来?Do you need a private room?您需要一个单间吗?May I have your name, please?可以告诉我您的姓名吗?And what is it going to be, Chinese food or western food?您要订中餐还是西餐?How many of you may we expect in your party?请问你们一共有几个人?We have a window table reserved you both.我们已经为你俩保留了一张靠近窗户的桌子Just a moment, please. Let me see if there is any available table.请稍候,我查一查是否还有空桌Were open until midnight.我们营业至午夜 what time?您要订什么时间的?What rate do you have in mind?您想什么样的标准用餐?Would you like to sit by the window or near the doorway?您想靠窗坐还是靠门口坐?Anything special youd like to have on the ?您对菜单有什么特别要求吗? 0 Refund the ticket退票Excuse me.I have booked one ticket on BN8 tomorrow. But now Ive changed my plan.Can you help me refund the ticket?打扰一下,我预订了明天BN8航班的机票但是现在我改变了计划,你能帮我退掉这张票吗?Sure.当然Here is the ticket.给你机票OK.madam. I have refunded it. You have to pay $ it.好的,夫人我已经为您退了那张票您得为此付美元上海市第一人民医院纹眉毛多少钱上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院纹眉多少钱



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