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佛山市第一人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗顺德区乐从医院割包皮南海中医院前列腺炎多少钱 A giant panda believed to have been the oldest ever kept in captivity has died at the age of 38, officials say.根据官方报道,世界上年龄最大的圈养大熊猫于日前去世,享年38岁。The death of Jia Jia, whose age in human terms was more than 100 years, was announced by the Hong Kong theme park where she lived.这只去世的大熊猫名叫“佳佳”,其所在的香港主题公园宣布了它的死讯,换算成人类的年龄的话,佳佳已经超过了100岁。Her condition had worsened rapidly in recent weeks and she had lost her appetite, the park said.据园方表示,近几周佳佳的身体状况迅速恶化,也没有胃口吃东西。;She was a member of our family and she will be deeply missed... she has served as an important animal ambassador for her species,; the park said in a statement.园方在一份声明中表示:“佳佳是我们大家庭的一份子,我们将深切缅怀它。长久以来,佳佳都是大熊猫物种的一位重要动物大使。”The park said that in the last two weeks, Jia Jia#39;s daily food intake had dropped from over 10kg to less than 3kg per day, and she had lost weight.据园方表示,近两周来佳佳每天的进食量已经从原来的10多公斤减少到了不足3公斤,体重也明显下降。;Over the past few days, she has been spending less time awake and showing no interest in food or fluids.“在过去的这些天里,佳佳醒着的时间更少了,对吃喝都没什么兴趣。”Vets took the decision to put the giant panda down to prevent suffering, the park said.园方表示,为了使佳佳免遭痛苦,兽医们决定对它执行安乐死。The park in Hong Kong held a high-profile celebration for Jia Jia#39;s 37th birthday at her enclosure in July 2015.2015年7月,香港海洋公园曾为佳佳的37岁生日举行了一场盛大的庆祝活动。Born in 1978 in the wild in Sichuan, China, Jia Jia was given to Hong Kong in 1999 to mark the semi-autonomous city#39;s handover by Britain two years earlier.1978年,佳佳出生于中国四川省的野外。随后在1999年,中国政府为纪念香港回归两周年,于是将佳佳赠与香港。 /201610/474112大沥狮山镇西樵镇治疗男性不育哪家医院最好

佛山高明区治疗早泄多少钱佛山市新世纪医院前列腺炎多少钱 南海区第二人民医院男科医生

南庄里水九江丹灶镇治疗前列腺炎多少钱Illustrator Jimmy Craig is back with even more of his hilarious comics from his They Can Talk series, showing what animals would say if they could communicate the way humans do.插画家吉米·克雷格携其代表作 — 搞笑连环漫画《如果它们会说话》强势回归啦!如果动物能像人一样交流,它们会说些什么呢?So, if you struggle to explain why your cat keeps on breaking glasses, or you can#39;t get your head around why your pet is always disturbing your sleep in the morning, look no more for answers because Craig#39;s comics have got it all covered!如果你对喵星人总是打烂杯子、自家爱宠每日扰人清梦感到费解,那就去看克雷格的连环漫画吧!尽在画中找!And they do so in a way that not only makes you see the world through the eyes of an animal; they#39;re also sure to crack you up.这部漫画不仅能让你从动物的视角看待这个世界,还保准儿令你捧腹大笑!#1 - This feels great!好舒~- But I could totally attack her right now.但我明明可以现在打扁她的。- No, no. Just relax and enjoy it.算了算了,让我好好享受这一刻~- I#39;m so weak!啊,这是懦弱的表现!不能忍!#2 - I help my blind friend navigate the city.我是盲人朋友穿梭城市的导航仪。- I make sure the airport is safe.我确保机场的安全。- I eat shoes.我咬鞋玩。#3 - It#39;s just someone walking by. No need to panic.只是有人路过而已,憋慌!- Everyone just stay calm.大家保持镇定。- STAY CALM !保~~持~~镇~~定~~#4 - I wonder if this will bounce.介个可不可以弹起来呢?- Maybe that one will.可能辣个可以吧...#5 - Pet me.快宠我!- With your eyes!只许用眼睛!#6 - I can#39;t wait to turn into a butterfly!我已经迫不及待想要变成蝴蝶啦!- Yeah, me too.嗯呢嗯呢,我也是~#7 - (sniff sniff)(闻 闻)- mmm. butts.呀,真好。屁屁的味道~#8 - I puked in the kitchen.我吐在厨房里了。- Merry Christmas!圣诞快乐呀!#9 - So you#39;re going to sleep through the entire winter?你打算把整个冬天都睡过去吗?- Yep.没错。- You#39;re my hero.你就是我的英雄啊!#10 - Why must we poop on their cars?我们为森么要往他们车上拉屎呀?- My dad did it.我爸这么干。- My dad#39;s dad did it.我爸他爸也这么干。- And I#39;m not one to break tradition.我可不想成为那只打破传统的不孝之鸽。 /201703/495368 Babies are aggravatingly cute, but to the uninitiated, they’re basically aliens. And even the most experienced parent or childcare provider can still be baffled by one of those amazing, screaming bundles of joy.婴儿可爱的离谱,但对于新生父母而言,婴儿基本就像个外星人。即使是最有经验的父母或保姆,也会被时而哭泣时而喜悦的婴儿弄得哭笑不得。Whether you’ve sworn off kids forever or aly have several of your own, here are adorable, cheek-pinching facts about babies you may not know:不管你是丁克一族还是已经生了好几个宝宝,以下这些都是有关宝宝的可爱事实:YOU CAN’T GIVE THEM JUST ANY NAME.你不能随便给他们起名字。Many countries prohibit using profanity, numbers, or symbols in children’s names, but some take it even further. Norway won’t allow you to use a traditional last name as a first name. A French court recently ruled that a couple couldn’t name their child after a brand of delicious chocolate-hazelnut sp. Portugal bans parents from naming their child Nirvana. The U.S., however, is more lenient, and will let you name your kid Espn if you really want to.很多国家都禁止用一些污秽言辞或是数字、符号给孩子起名字,但有些国家更为严苛。在起名字方面,挪威不允许使用传统的姓作为名。法国的一个法庭最近裁定,夫妇不能以一个美味的榛子巧克力品牌为孩子命名。葡萄牙禁止给孩子起名涅槃。而在美国,情况就宽松多了,要是你想给孩子取名Espn也是可以的。IN SOME PLACES, BABIES ARE VERY RARE.有些地方,婴儿十分罕见。Earlier this year, a baby boy named Pablo became the first child born in Ostano, Italy in almost 30 years. He’s the town’s 85th resident.今年早些时候,巴勃罗是意大利Ostano镇近三十年来出生的第一个婴儿。他是该镇第85代居民。WE NATURALLY WANT TO SQUEEZE THEM.我们会本能的想要捏他们。Yale University research has found that people tend to feel aggressive when confronted with photos of adorable babies and animals. A 2015 study found that having an intensely positive reaction to pictures of babies was linked to wanting to express aggression in ways like cheek-pinching. The researchers aren’t quite sure why this is the case, but hypothesize that it may be a way to regulate extreme positive emotions.耶鲁大学的研究发现:当人们看到可爱的小宝宝和动物的照片时,往往会具有攻击性。2015年的一项研究发现:对宝宝的照片做出强烈积极反应的人往往会做出一些进攻之举,比如捏宝宝的脸颊。研究员们尚不清楚这种行为的原因,但已提出假设:这可能是调节极端积极情绪的一种方法。EVEN TODDLERS KNOW THEY’RE CUTE.即使刚学会走路的小孩都知道自己很可爱。A 2014 study of children as young as 3 years old used baby schema and eye tracking to help understand what babies find most cute. The children could identify baby-like facial characteristics in people, puppies, and kittens. Interestingly, they rated puppies as cuter than other babies or kittens.2014年的一项研究对三岁大的小孩使用了宝贝计划和眼神追踪,以了解三岁小宝宝对可爱的定义。孩子们能够在大人、小和小猫之间识别出与婴儿相似的面部特征。有趣的是,他们觉得小比其它宝宝、小猫更可爱。THEY’RE DRAWN TO SURPRISE.他们特别喜欢惊喜。A 2015 study found that babies focus more on objects that surprise them. The researchers found that babies learned more about objects that defied their expectations of the world, such as a ball that seemed to be able to pass magically through a wall.2015年的一项研究发现宝宝们对让他们惊讶的东西更专注。研究员们发现:那些违背婴儿们对世界预期的东西反而会让他们学习更多,比如那个看起来能似魔法一般穿透墙壁的球。译文属 /201612/484927佛山市人民医院看男科怎么样佛山治疗膀胱炎的费用



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