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Larry Page is the face of Google Inc., GOOG +1.09% but the chief executive has had trouble being its voice. On Tuesday, Mr. Page broke his silence as to why.佩奇(Larry Page)是谷歌(Google Inc.)的形象代表,但这名首席执行长(CEO)却难以为公司发声。周二,佩奇打破沉默,解释了其中的原因。In a post on the company#39;s Google+ social networking service, the 40-year-old CEO wrote that he had been diagnosed with a #39;very rare#39; case of vocal-chord paralysis. After a bad cold 14 years ago, Mr. Page said that one of his vocal chords became paralyzed and his voice never fully recovered as doctors failed to find a cause.这名40岁的CEO在公司旗下Google+社交网站上的一篇帖子中写道,他被诊断患有一种非常罕见的声带麻痹症。佩奇说,14年前的一场重感冒之后,他的一根声带开始出现麻痹,声音一直没有完全恢复,医生也未能找到病因,。Mr. Page added that his condition took a turn for the worse last year when another cold brought problems to his second vocal chord. Since then, however, his condition has improved, he said.佩奇补充说,去年的一次感冒让他的第二根声带也出了问题,病情因此恶化。他说,不过在此之后,他的情况已经好转。Today, Mr. Page said #39;I#39;m fully able to do all I need to at home and at work, though my voice is softer than before.#39; He joked that fellow Google co-founder Sergey Brin #39;says I#39;m probably a better CEO because I choose my words more carefully.#39;佩奇说,佩奇说,虽然我的声音比以前轻了,但我现在完全有能力完成工作和生活中需要做的事。他开玩笑说,谷歌的联合创始人布林(Sergey Brin)说我可能成为一个更好的CEO,因为我在说话时更加谨慎。The revelation caps what had been a mystery over Mr. Page#39;s health. Mr. Page missed Google#39;s annual shareholder meeting in June and other events after the Mountain View, Calif., company said he #39;lost his voice,#39; though he continued to run the company. The lack of details surrounding the matter prompted speculation on Wall Street and elsewhere about whether Mr. Page may have had a serious medical condition.这个消息解开了关于佩奇健康状况的谜团。佩奇缺席了去年6月的谷歌年度股东大会以及一些其他活动,此前,这家总部位于加州山景城(Mountain View)的公司说他“失声”了,不过,他仍在运营这家公司。由于此事的相关细节太少,华尔街和其他一些方面猜测,佩奇是否出现了严重的健康问题。Mr. Page subsequently told Google employees by email that there was #39;nothing seriously wrong with me,#39; people familiar with the matter have said. Mr. Page#39;s voice has continued to sound hoarse and raspy during earnings conference calls with investors.知情人士说,佩奇随后通过邮件告诉谷歌的员工,我的身体状况没有出现严重问题。在与投资者召开的财报电话会议上,佩奇的声音听起来仍然沙哑而刺耳。Mr. Page#39;s comments come one day before the start of Google#39;s annual conference in San Francisco for software developers who create applications for Google#39;s Android and Chrome computer-operating systems.佩奇发表上述言论前一天,谷歌在旧金山召开了年度软件开发人员大会。这些开发人员是为谷歌旗下的安卓(Android)操作系统和Chrome电脑操作系统开发应用程序的。Corporate governance experts said Mr. Page#39;s disclosure was a responsible gesture to investors. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a senior associate dean at Yale School of Management, said Mr. Page#39;s post stands #39;in sharp contrast with [former Apple Inc. AAPL -2.39% CEO] Steve Jobs#39;s denials and efforts to disguise the truth for a fair bit of time.#39;企业治理专家们说,佩奇披露上述消息是对投资者的负责任之举。耶鲁大学管理学院(Yale School of Management)资深副院长索诺菲德(Jeffrey Sonnenfeld)说,佩奇发布的帖子与前苹果(Apple Inc.)CEO乔布斯(Steve Jobs)在很长时间内否认和试图掩盖真相的做法形成了鲜明对比。Mr. Jobs died in 2011 at the age of 56 after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Apple#39;s few disclosures about his health were criticized at times for providing minimal details about his condition.乔布斯于2011年因胰腺癌去世,终年56岁。苹果对他健康状况的为数不多的披露因为极其缺少细节而受到批评。People in such high-profile jobs at public companies have a #39;responsibility to the public#39; to disclose their condition because they are so #39;central to the strategic value of the business,#39; Mr. Sonnenfeld said.索诺菲德说,在上市公司担任这样重要职位的人有责任向公众披露健康状况,因为他们在企业战略价值中处于核心位置。In his post, Mr. Page offered more details on how his vocal chord paralysis has rippled out to other aspects of his health, including that his ability to exercise at #39;peak aerobic capacity is somewhat reduced#39; because of the vocal chord#39;s effect on his breathing.佩奇提供了更多关于声带麻痹如何影响了他其他方面健康状况的详细信息。例如,由于声带影响了他的呼吸,他的有氧代谢能力最高值可能有所下降。He also said that his vocal chord issues have affected his thyroid gland and that he was diagnosed with Hashimoto#39;s thyroiditis in 2003, though he added that it was #39;a fairly common benign inflammatory condition of the thyroid which causes me no problems.#39;他还说,他的声带问题已经影响了他的甲状腺,他2003年被诊断为桥本氏甲状腺炎,不过他补充说,那是一个很常见的良性甲状腺炎,没有大碍。Mr. Page added that he was funding a research program at the Voice Health Institute that will be led by Steven Zeitels of Harvard Medical School.佩奇补充说,他在声音健康研究院(Voice Health Institute)资助了一个研究项目,该项目将由哈佛大学医学院(Harvard Medical School)的柴特斯(Steven Zeitels)领导。Google declined to make Mr. Page available for an interview and the company had no further comment.#39;Overall over the last year there has been some improvement with people telling me they think I sound better,#39; Mr. Page wrote. Despite that, Google declined to make Mr. Page available for an interview and the company had no further comment.佩奇写道,整体来说,过去一年出现了一些好转,人们告诉我说,他们觉得我的声音听起来有起色。尽管如此,谷歌拒绝让佩奇接受采访,公司也没有进一步置评。 /201305/240422Stung badly by soaring sales of foreign-made smartphones and tablets, Japan#39;s electronics makers are fighting back with a bevy of hi-tech tablets they hopes will turn the tables on the dominant Apple iPad.受到国外制造的智能手机和平板电脑销量一路飙升的严重刺激,日本的电子产品制造商们推出了一批高科技平板电脑,试图收复失地。他们希望借此扭转苹果(Apple)iPad一统天下的局面。Sony (SNE) is setting its hopes on the svelte, bantam-weight, waterproof Xperia Tablet Z. It aims to duplicate the success of the popular smartphone of the same name, says the firm.索尼公司(Sony)将复兴大业的希望寄托在了极致轻薄防水的Xperia Z平板电脑上。与这款平板电脑同名的Xperia Z手机在市场上反响不错,索尼希望Xperia Z平板电脑也能复制成功。Panasonic (PC), meanwhile, is hitching its star to a tablet with so-called 4K technology that it claims displays images at four times greater resolution than existing high-definition resolutions. Both are aimed at the premium end of the tablet spectrum, where Japan tablet makers expect to find their niche. At around 0, the Z#39;s price is steep compared to other tablets on the market but could set new standards for competitors, say analysts. Sony claims its Xperia Tablet Z is the world#39;s slimmest tablet, and Japan#39;s lightest.而与此同时,松下公司(Panasonic)则将其采用4K技术的平板电脑捧为明日之星。这种技术号称能用比现有高分辨率还高四倍的分辨率显示图像。这两款产品都旨在夺取平板电脑高端市场,这也是日本平板厂商希望占据的细分市场。Z的售价约为500美元。分析师称, 跟市面上其他平板相比,这个价格实在高昂,但它或许能为对手树立一种全新标准。而索尼则称,自己的Xperia Z平板是全球最纤薄、日本最轻盈的产品。Some think the Z and its ilk could help pull Sony out of a vast financial hole. Recently the firm reported losses for the last quarter of 2012 of 10.8 billion yen. It has been the demand for tablets, particularly those from Apple (AAPL), that has helped to end Sony#39;s and Japan#39;s hardware hegemony over the world#39;s gadgets and piled up its red ink. Sony is still struggling to catch up, says technology consultant Nobuyuki Hayashi, especially with the iPad. ;Japanese manufacturers are making so many tablets … but I haven#39;t seen anyone using them,; he says.有些人认为,Z及其家族产品或能帮索尼摆脱严重的财务困境。近期索尼财报称,它在2012年最后一个财季损失高达108亿日元。对平板电脑的需求,尤其是对苹果平板的需求已使索尼和日本硬件厂商统治全球电子产品的局面宣告终结,同时也让这些厂商出现巨额赤字。技术咨询员林信行称,索尼还在努力赶超竞争对手,尤其是iPad。他说:“日本厂商生产了太多平板,但我没看到有多少人在用。”It must be particularly galling for Japan#39;s tech industry to miss out on the tablet bonanza. It is estimated Japan supplies 20% to 30% of the parts for the iPad. (They are mostly assembled in China.) Sony, meanwhile, produced tablet computers long before Apple. Trouble was, nobody wanted them. Domestic demand for such gadgets was always poor until, that is, the iPad debuted here nearly 3 years ago. ;Tablet adoption is very late in Japan. Of course, this is expected to change,; says Tokyo-based publisher Xavier Marchand.错过了平板电脑这个富矿一定让日本的科技产业其特别难堪。据估计,iPad(多数都在中国组装)有20%到30%的零部件是由日本提供的。而索尼其实早在苹果之前就开始生产平板电脑了。麻烦在于,没人真正想买索尼的这些产品。而日本国内对这类电子产品的需求一贯低迷,直到iPad三年前横空出世,局面才为之一变。位于东京的出版商夏维尔?马查德称:“日本人很晚才用上平板电脑。当然,这种情况是有望改变的。”According to analysts at IDC Japan, 3.6 million tablets were sold in Japan in 2012, although another estimate from Yano Research suggests figures are closer to 4.2 million -- nearly twice the number sold in 2011. Yano expects sales to reach 5.6 million for 2013. Apple still accounts for the majority of sales here it says. ;The iPad mini has been doing fairly well I don#39;t know if the cumulative has exceeded that of iPad,; says Hayashi. (According to IDC it has.) ;Then after a big gap come Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, and Kobo. And then, perhaps, on distant sixth place are Sony, followed by Toshiba, NEC, etc.,; he says.据市场研究公司IDC日本称,2012年日本共卖出了360万台平板电脑,而矢野经济研究所则称,这个数字接近420万台——几乎是2011年全年销量的两倍。矢野还预计,2013年这一数字将达560万台。该研究所还表示,苹果公司仍然占据着销售额的大头。林信行称:“iPad mini非常畅销,我不清楚它的累计销量是否已超过了iPad。”而IDC则称iPad mini确实已超过了iPad。他说:“在第一名身后很远的位置是Kindle Fire、Nexus 7和Kobo。可能索尼只能远远地排在第六位,然后才是东芝(Toshiba)、NEC和其他品牌。”Where Japan#39;s beleaguered tech firms see their chances is in the development of products for business users, particularly in Japan where the salaryman so far remains generally nonplussed by tablets. Panasonic#39;s new 4K offering, for example, hopes to edge out Apple in the market for creative professionals like photographers, designers, architects, and engineers. To compete, Japan Inc. is also eyeing more tie-ups with outside companies. Panasonic#39;s new baby was created by partnering with Microsoft (MSFT) and IBM (IBM).日本普通的工薪族中间,多数人至今还没对平板电脑入门,因此日本这些身陷困境的科技企业认为,为商业用户开发产品才是生路所在。比如,松下推出的4K就想在特定市场中挤掉苹果,即从事创意的职场人士,如摄影师、设计师、建筑师和工程师的市场。为了和众多对手贴身肉搏,日本公司还盯准了和国外公司合作开发这条捷径。松下的这款新品就是与微软公司(Microsoft)和IBM公司合作的产物。Others like Sharp and Toshiba, however, seem to have lost the plot altogether when it comes to tablets says Hayashi. Ideas for kickstarting their tablet sales seem few and far between. ;Toshiba had no clue. So they produced as many sized tablets as they could and see which one size would catch fire. But no one wanted to buy a Toshiba tablet, so I think they are still clueless,; he says. ;They#39;ve stop producing random sizes and are following the popular formats in the market. NEC and Fujitsu are just following the market trends without a clue, too.;林信行还表示,在平板电脑市场上,其他老牌巨头如夏普(Sharp)和东芝似乎已经完全找不着北了。用来推动其平板电脑销售的创意似乎少之又少。他说:“东芝毫无头绪可言。于是他们开足马力,推出各种尺寸的平板,看看其中哪款能够卖得火爆。但实际上没人想买东芝平板,所以我认为他们还是处于茫然的状态。他们已经不再随便生产各种尺寸的产品了,开始推出市场上主流的尺寸。而NEC和富士公司(Fujitsu)只是在随波逐流,自己也没有想明白。” /201303/230702Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant partially owned by Yahoo and valued at 0 billion, is aiming for an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange sometime in the next few months (the exact date has yet to be determined). Expected to raise more than billion, the IPO could be the biggest yet on a U.S. exchange and potentially in world history. A recently released documentary by Alibaba’s former vice president Porter Erisman, an American who has spent the past several years working on the film, depicts the company’s journey since it was founded by Jack Ma 15 years ago. Here are some of the most surprising takeaways from “Crocodile in the Yangtze.”由雅虎(Yahoo)部分持股、估值1,500亿美元的中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴(Alibaba,)将于未来数月在纽交所上市(确切日期待定)。其首次公开募股(IPO)预计将募集200多亿美元,有可能成为美国甚至全球交易所史上规模最大的IPO。阿里巴巴前副总裁、美国人波特o埃里斯曼过去几年一直忙于制作纪录片《扬子江大鳄》(Crocodile in the Yangtze),它记录了阿里巴巴自15年前由马云创立以来的发展历程。这部影片已于最近发布,《财富》选取了其中最惊人的一些场景,摘录如下。1. Alibaba was born amid grueling working conditions1. 阿里巴巴诞生于艰苦的工作环境中Similar to tech start-ups like Apple and Facebook, Alibaba started out in a tiny apartment in Hangzhou that belonged to Jack Ma, a former English teacher who quit his job to follow dreams of entrepreneurship. After a few failed business ventures, including a phone book-inspired “China Pages” website, Ma decided to pursue the e-commerce trend that was sweeping America in the late #39;90s. In 1999, Ma and 17 friends crowded into his apartment and built Alibaba.com, a name they hoped would draw small businesses “to say ‘Open Sesame!’ to global trade,” Erisman narrates in the film. Sitting on chairs and couches around Ma, the 17 co-founders are shown listening to Ma’s motivational speeches. “We need to learn the hardworking spirit of the Silicon Valley,” Ma explains, implying that he expected staff to work longer days than most people. “If we have that kind of 8 am to 5 pm spirit, then we should just go and do something else.” The team plugged away in Ma’s apartment for seven months, trying to stay off competitors’ radar and reduce costs, until new investments from Goldman Sachs and SoftBank, a Japanese telecom company, led Alibaba to organize a public launch in 2000.类似于其他科技创业公司[如苹果(Apple)和Facebook],阿里巴巴最初是在杭州的一个小公寓内创立的,那是马云自己的家。曾是英语老师的他为了实现创业梦想而辞去了工作。他经历过几次失败的创业,包括灵感源于电话簿的“中国黄页”网站。此后,马云决定追随90年代末席卷美国的电子商务大潮。1999年,马云和17位朋友挤在他的公寓内创立了阿里巴巴,他们取这个名字是希望小企业通过“芝麻开门!”这个咒语打开全球贸易之门,埃里斯曼在影片中叙述道。17位联合创始人坐在马云周围的椅子和沙发上倾听他的励志演讲。“我们要学习硅谷的勤奋精神”,马云说。这其实就是在说希望自己的员工在工作中投入比大多数人更多的时间。“如果我们都是抱着朝八晚五的想法,那还是趁早走人去做别的事吧。”这个团队在马云的公寓内埋头苦干了7个月,以避开竞争对手的注意并降低成本。直到公司得到了高盛(Goldman Sachs)和日本软银(SoftBank)的投资之后,阿里巴巴才于2000年正式公开亮相。 2. Alibaba has a love-hate relationship with the Chinese government2. 阿里巴巴与中国政府:爱恨交织Ma first ran into problems with the Chinese government with his China Pages effort, when trying to deal with strict regulations on private information. Ma explained to officials, “We are working on promoting China on the information superhighway,” but the internet was such a new concept that it was hard to get government support, and China Pages fizzled. Insistent on giving China a web presence, Ma switched gears and pursued e-commerce. “If we are a good team and know what we want to do, one of us can defeat ten of them. We can beat government agencies and big government companies because of our innovative spirit,” Ma says in the film. Eventually, Alibaba received government support as local officials began viewing the company as a job creator, Erisman explains in the film. Still, each time Alibaba wanted to accept a new investment—such as when Yahoo bought a 40% stake in 2005 for billion – it had to be approved by the government.马云在政府那里第一次碰钉子是其“中国黄页”网站,马云对政府官员解释道,“我们致力于在信息高速公路上宣传中国”,但是互联网当时还是一个崭新的概念,因此要得到政府的持相当不易,所以“中国黄页”项目失败了。一心想要在互联网上留下中国印记的他转换了思维并开始进军电子商务。马云在影片中说:“如果我们是一个好团队而且清楚自己想要做什么,那么我们便可以以一当十。我们能够打败政府机构和大型国有公司,因为我们有创新精神。”埃里斯曼在影片中解释说,最终,阿里巴巴得到了政府持,而且当地官员也开始认识到该公司能创造大量就业岗位。然而,每当阿里巴巴希望接受一笔新投资时,比如雅虎2005年曾以10亿美元购买其40%的股份,它都必须获得中国政府的批准。3. Alibaba’s archenemy is eBay3. 阿里巴巴的大敌:eBayAs eBay pushed further into the Chinese market during Alibaba’s early years, Ma felt threatened. In 2003 eBay acquired EachNet, a China-based auction site with a similar business model to its own. ;[Ma] told me to be prepared for Alibaba#39;s biggest challenge yet,; Erisman explains. ;We were going to war with eBay.; To fend off eBay, Alibaba launched a new website called Taobao, a marketplace for consumer-to-consumer selling rather than business-to-business. Ma then upped the ante by waiving Taobao’s transaction fees for the first three years, while eBay kept charging. Ma hoped that by offering customers a better deal on Taobao than on eBay, his competitor would have to match it, cutting into eBay’s margins, or lose business—and back out of China altogether, according to Erisman. With the move, Alibaba “publicly declare[d] war on eBay,” Erisman narrates. For the sake of good sportsmanship, though, Ma made a ground rule that nobody was to launch any personal attacks against Meg Whitman, eBay’s CEO at the time. Within a few years, eBay, after belatedly cutting fees on EachNet, ended its business in China.在阿里巴巴早期的时候,随着eBay进一步深入中国市场,马云感觉到了威胁。2003年,eBay收购了易趣网,后者是一家与eBay有着类似商业模式的中国拍卖网站。埃里斯曼解释说:“【马云】要我做好准备,迎接阿里巴巴最大的挑战。我们打算向eBay开战。”为了对付eBay,阿里巴巴推出了一个名为淘宝(Taobao)的新网站,一个消费者对消费者(C2C)而不是企业对企业(B2B)的市场平台。随后,马云加大了赌注,免去当时淘宝前三年内的交易费,但eBay却照收不误。埃里斯曼称,马云希望,如果客户在淘宝上交易比eBay更划算,那么他的竞争对手就不得不跟进,以此来压缩eBay的利润空间,否则,eBay将失去这块业务或完全退出中国市场。埃里斯曼说:此举意味着阿里巴巴“公开向eBay宣战”。虽然,本着友谊第一的体育精神,马云定下了一条基本原则,那就是任何人都不得对eBay当时的首席执行官梅格#8226;惠特曼发起任何人身攻击。在短短数年内,由于迟迟不肯降低在易趣网的交易费,eBay的中国业务以失败收场。4. Alibaba founder Jack Ma is a rock star in China4. 阿里巴巴创始人马云是中国的超级巨星If you think Americans treat Apple founder Steve Jobs as a celebrity, that’s nothing compared to how the Chinese venerate Alibaba founder Jack Ma, who addresses stadiums filled with fans in several scenes in the film. At a party to celebrate Alibaba’s tenth anniversary, instead of taking the stage in a his usual suit-and-tie, Ma emerged singing “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?” dressed like a rock star in a studded red and black leather jacket, nose earring and long blond wig. Ma is also known for delivering inspirational speeches, several of which are captured in the so-called “docu-memoir.” From pick-me-up speeches in the small apartment to presentations in front of crowds of journalists and investors, Ma continues to trumpet Alibaba’s potential—even as investors initially expressed concern about Alibaba’s low profits in its early days, and questioned its viability. “They called him crazy Jack,” Erisman says. “Yes, he seemed a bit crazy. But at least it seemed he was enjoying the ride.” Next stop on that ride: A huge, and possibly record-breaking, IPO.如果你认为苹果创始人史蒂夫o乔布斯在美国人那里获得了明星般的待遇,那么中国人对于阿里巴巴创始人马云的尊崇则更是达到了无以复加的地步。在影片中的多个镜头中,马云发表演讲的体育场满是其拥趸。在庆祝阿里巴巴成立十周年的聚会上,马云并没有像往常一样身着西装革履走上舞台,而是打扮得像一位摇滚明星一样,身着满是铆钉的红黑相间皮夹克,戴着鼻环和长长的假发,冲上舞台,唱了首动画片《狮子王》的英文主题曲《今夜你能感受到爱吗?》(Can You Feel the Love Tonight?)。马云也因其励志演讲而闻名,其中有多场演讲都被收入所谓的《记录回忆录》(docu-memoir)(华裔导演丁碧兰拍摄的呈现华人历史的纪录片)。无论是在小公寓发表鼓舞士气的演讲,还是在众多记者和投资者面前进行讲演,马云都在一刻不停地宣扬着阿里巴巴的潜力——即便是投资者一开始担心阿里巴巴早期利润偏低,并质疑其可行性的时候,马云也是如此。埃里斯曼说:“是的,他看起来有点疯狂。但最起码,他似乎对这一旅程感到十分惬意。”而这一旅程的下一站便是盛大的,而且可能是创纪录的IPO。 /201408/323636

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