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Song Dynasty宋朝Northern Song Dynasty北宋In 959, following the death of Emperor Shizong who had been a wise monarch, a seven year old child succeeded to the throne as Emperor Gong.959年,英明的宋世宗驾崩后,7岁的高宗继承了帝位。In the next year, Zhao Kuangyin seized power and forced Emperor Gong to abdicate in his favor.一年后,赵匡胤夺取政权,逼迫高宗退位。Zhao took the name Taizu and established his capital city in Dongjing (present city of Kaifeng).赵匡胤自立为“太祖”并定都东京(今开封)。His first task was to ensure that there would be no further military coups and he did this by establishing a professional army loyal to the dynasty with its military com-manders under the strict control of the central government.他登基后的第一个任务就是确保不会再有任何兵变,他为此建立了一专业的朝廷军队,这些军队的将领受到了中央政府的严格控制。For the remainder of his reign, Taizu concentrated his efforts upon whining over the southern states.之后,太祖一直专注于收复南部的国家。Such was his success that by the time of his death in 976 apart from Zhejiang, Shanxi, Nanzhao and the area ruled by the Khitan, the country had come under Song#39;s control.截至976年他去世时,宋朝已经收回了除浙江、山西、南诏和契丹人控制的地区以外的区域。The activities of the warlords had been brought to an end.群雄并据的时代结束了。Taizu was succeeded by his brother, Taizong who brought Zhejiang and Shanxi back into the fold.太祖驾崩后,他的弟弟宋太宗继承了帝位,收复了浙江和山西。He was unsuccessful in his two attempts to drive out the Khitan and was forced to deal with them on equal terms.他两次驱逐契丹人的尝试都已失败告终并被迫与契丹签订了平等条约。From then on the Song Dynasty sought to defend its borders against invasion and unlike the Tang never ruled a universal empire.从那时起,宋朝一直试图抵抗来自边境的侵略,这使得它没能像唐朝成为一个世界雄国。Important steps were taken to strengthen the administration under the autocratic control of the emperor.皇帝采取了重要的措施来加强中央集权和独裁统治。These developments were supported by important changes in the recruitment to the bureaucracy and the running of the examination system.这些变化来源于官僚聘用制度和科举制的改变。The control over the military and the replacement of aristocratic power with something akin to a meritocracy brought about a stability that allowed the country to enjoy a period of prosperity due to the expansion of industry,commerce and agriculture.军队的管理以及替代了贵族统治的精英政治带来了国家的稳定,使国家可以因为工业、商业和农业的扩展而繁荣发展。These factors in turn led to the development of new cities as centers of administration, trade, commerce and industry.这些因素反过来又促进了以政治、贸易、商业和工业为中心的新兴城市的发展。The period of reforms lasted until the death of Emperor Shenzong in 1086.改革的时代一直持续到宋神宗驾崩时也就是1086年。 /201511/406459Four in every 1,000 children aged 6 to 12 in China have autism, an incidence that experts say is higher than expected.在4岁至12岁儿童中,每1000名儿童就有4名患自闭症,专家说这比预期发病率要高很多。The figure has been uncovered in the first national epidemiological investigation into the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder.这个数据是由中国第一项孤独症障碍趋势调查显示的。Symptoms include differences and disabilities in many areas including social communication skills, motor skills, and sometimes intellectual skills as well as unusual responses to sensory input such as unusual sensitivity to light and sound, or sensory cravings.症状包括在许多领域,包括社会交往技能的差异和障碍,运动技能,有时知识技能以及感觉输入,如对光线和声音的异常感觉,或感觉的渴望异常。The investigation figures did not include those children who stay at home or those in special schools, as they had aly been diagnosed as ASD patients, said Wang Yi, vice-president of the Children#39;s Hospital at Fudan University in Shanghai, which led the project.这项调查数据不包括在家学习和在特殊学校学习的儿童,因为他们已经被鉴定为自闭症患者,上海复旦大学附属儿童医院的副主任王毅说道。More than half of the children in the project were diagnosed with autism for the first time, Wang said.多于一般的儿童是在这次调查中第一次被诊断为自闭症,王主任说道。;Such data obtained at the national level for the first time shows that ASD is much more serious than we imagined. The figure is close to the incidence rate of epilepsy among children in China,; Wang said.“这个数据是全国第一次调查自闭症的数据,明显要比想象的严重很多。这个数据接近全国儿童患癫痫的发病率,”王说道。The statistics were announced at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Shanghai on Saturday.这项数据在上周六于上海召开的自闭症国际会议上发布。China is not the only country with a high incidence of autism. Last year, the ed States#39; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said one in every 68 children in the US has autism.中国并不是唯一的自闭症发病率高的国家。去年,美国疾病预防与控制中心数据显示,每68个儿童中就有1个儿童患有自病症。A total of 127,000 children were involved in the Chinese project, started in May 2013.共有12万7千名儿童加入到这项调查,这项调查于2013年5月开始。Geraldine Dawson, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University in North Carolina, said babies who later develop autism exhibit behavior suggesting that some symptoms emerged when they were just 6 months old, and that parents should be alerted.北卡罗莱纳州的杜克大学教授Geraldine Dawson,从事精神病学和行为科学研究,说道宝宝在后来出现的行为异常的自闭症病症早在宝宝6个月大时就有显露,父母应该提高警惕。 /201511/409044

Song Dynasty宋朝Reform Instituted by Wang Anshi as Prime Minister北宋王安石变法The Northern Song Dynasty suffered poverty as well as weakness.北宋既贫穷又软弱。The redundancy of officials and soldiers, and extravagant expenditure resulted in a severe financial crisis.过多的官员和士兵以及过度的消费导致了严重的经济危机。Ever since the early years of the Song Dynasty, peasant uprisings had increased and the royal government faced political crisis.就算是在宋朝的早期也出现了不断的农民起义,政府面临着政治危机。Although it maintained a large army, they Northern Song Dynasty had struggled in misery and crises, never having a strong national power.尽管北宋掌握着一个庞大的军队,它却输掉了和辽国还有西夏的每一场战争。从未有过强大的国力。A sense of misery impelled many reformers of political foresight to initiate reform and seek the way to build a prosperous country with efficient military forces.国家的不幸促使一些有政治远见的改革家开始改革并寻求利用有效的军事力量建立一个繁荣的国家的途径。In 1069, Song Shenzong, Emperor who was eager to find the way of governing the country, appointed Wong Anshi, vice prime minister, to carry out reform.1069年,宋神宗作为一个想要找到统治国家方法的帝王,命副丞相王安石实行变法。The reform was pursued mainly in financial and military areas.变法主要集中于经济和军事领域。The chief content and purpose of Wang Anshi#39;s political reform lay in bringing about national prosperity and powerful military forces.王安石变法的主要内容和目的在于带来国家繁荣和有力的军事武装。He restrained himself from putting forward such crucial proposals as reducing the number of redundant officials, cutting down redundant expenditure and controlling annexation of land.他克制自己不要提出一些重要的决策例如裁减官员、削减开销以及控制土地兼并。His reform achieved remarkable success in the increase of national revenue, the construction of water conservancy works, and the improvement of combat effectiveness.他的变法取得了很大的成效,国民收入得以上升、水利工程得到建设、战斗的效力不也断发展。In spite of this, the old liners were still strongly opposed to the reform, throwing obstacles in its way.尽管如此,遵循守旧的人仍然强烈反对变法,为变法增加了难度。After Song Shenzong#39;s death, the conservatives came to power, and the reform ended in failure.宋神宗死后,反对者占了上风,变法以失败告终。 /201511/406467

Qin Shi Huang longed for longevity, so he sent his ministers to go on quests seeking for an elixir of immortality.秦始皇想长生不老,于是派人去寻找可以让人长生不老的仙丹。However, death claimed him before he could find success on that matter.可是还没等找到仙丹,他的末日就到了。In 210 B. C. , the First Emperor died unexpectedly on his inspection tour.公元前210年,秦始皇在巡游途中突然驾崩。The eunuch Zhao Gao and chancellor Li Si conspired to forge the emperor ’ s will,declaring that the emperor ordered Fusu, the crown prince, to commit suicide, and his younger brother Hu Hai, the emperor#39;s favorite, to succeed to the throne.太监赵高和丞相李斯合谋篡改遗诏,声称秦始皇命太子扶苏自尽,由其弟胡亥继位。Therefore, Hu Hai was installed as the Second Emperor.后胡亥登基,即秦二世。With the worsened exploitation and oppression, the contradictions were intensified, and a large-scale peasant uprising was on the verge of breaking out.随着剥削和压迫的加重,社会矛盾更加激化,大规模的农民起义已经到一触即发的地步。在农民酝酿反秦的时候,六国旧贵族残余势力也在伺机进行分裂活动。When peasants were fermenting rebellion, the remaining aristocratic forces of the former six states were also waiting for their chances to carry out splitting activees.陈胜、吴广大泽乡起义:公元前209年,秦二世继位仅10个月爆发了陈胜、吴广领导的农民起义。The uprising led by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang in Daze Township:In 209 B. C. , when the Second Emperor got into the throne only 10 months, the Peasant Uprising led by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang broke out .7月,一队开赴渔阳(今北京密云)戍边士卒900人,遇雨停留 在大泽乡(今安徽宿县境),不能如期赶到戍地。In July, a band of 900 conscripted peasants heading for Yuyang ( modern Miyun County, Beijing) for guard duties were delayed by heavy rain in Daze Township (part of Suxian County in Anhui Province), and it was impossible for them to arrive on time.秦法规定,戍卒误期当斩。According to the law of Qin, those who failed to report should be executed.他们面临着死刑的威胁。于是,在陈胜、吴广的领导下,在大泽乡举起了中国历史上第一次大规模农民起义的旗帜。Faced with the menace of death, they raised the first banner of a large-scale peasant insurrection at the head of Chen Sheng and Wu Guang. The insurgent army captured Daze Township and Qi County successively.他们先后攻占大泽乡、蕲县,在攻下楚的故都陈县(今 河南淮阳)时,已有战士数万人。When they took Chen County, the old capital of the state Chu( present Huaiyang, Henan), the number of the forces had reached up to tens of thousands. Consequently, they established the first revolutionary regime of peasants—Zhangchu, and Chen Sheng was made the king, and Chen County the capital.起义军推举陈胜为王,在陈县建立了中国历史上的第一个农民政权——张楚政权。The rebellious forces quickly grew into a large army with several hundred thousands of soldiers. They broke up into three forces to attack Qin.起义军的队伍迅速壮大到几十万人,分三路攻秦。When the branch led by Zhou Wen besieged Xianyang, the capital of Qin, the Second Emperor became panic-stricken and mustered his troops in various parts of the country to launch a counter defence.当周文率领的队伍攻至秦的首都咸阳城下时,秦二世惊慌失措,速调集各地军队镇压起义军。Being lack of military training and war experience, the branch was defeated by the overwhelming Qin army.由于缺乏训练,没有作战经验,加之寡不敌众,义军被秦军击溃。Meanwhile, because of the split in its own side, Wu Guang was killed by his subordinates, and Chen Sheng was also assassinated.与此同时,由于内部发生分裂,吴广被其属下杀死,而陈胜也遭暗杀。Thus, the insurgence led by Chen Sheng and Wu Guang failed.至此,陈 胜、吴广领导的农民起义失败。The Battle of Julu : On the uprising of Chen Sheng, Xiang Liang and his nephew Xiang Yu rose up in Wu Zhong (modern Suzhou, Jiangsu Province), together with Liu Bang in Pei (present Pei County in Jiangsu Province).项羽巨鹿之战:陈胜起义后,项梁、项羽和刘邦相继在吴中(今江苏苏州)、沛县聚众起义。The old nobles of the six states also took opportunity to rebel, attempting to revive their countries.六国旧贵族也乘机起兵,企图恢复旧国。After the death of Chen Sheng, Xiang Liang made the grandson of King Huai of Chu, Mi Xin, the Prince of Chu for the sake of commending the public in 208 B. C.在陈胜死后,项梁于前208年立楚怀王之孙芈心为楚王,以为号召。At that time, Xiangs became two important leaders of the peasants.项梁,项羽叔侄成为当时农民起义军的领袖。When Qin general ,Zhang Han launched a sudden attack on Xiang Liang at Dingtao (in modern Shandong Province), Xiang Liang was killed in the battle, and the insurrectionary army suffered an utter defeat.可就在这时,秦将章邯突袭项梁军于定陶(今属山东),项梁战死,起义军大败。After the success, Zhang Han led his troops northward to attack the state of Zhao.定陶之战后,章邯移师北上,攻打赵国。The Prince Xie of Zhao was compelled to abandon the capital Handan (in modern city of Handan in Hebei), and retreated to Julu (in modern Xingtai, Hebei).赵王歇被迫放弃都城邯郸(现河北省邯郸市),退守巨鹿(今河北邢台)。Zhang Han followed up the victory with a hot pursuit, ordering the general Wang Li, his assistant, to besiege the city.章邯乘胜追击,命王离围困巨鹿(今邢台)。King of Zhao sent for reinforcements throughout the country.赵主派人向各地求援。Prince of Chu, sent Xiang Yu as the second-in-command to Song Yi in an ex-peditory force to relieve Zhao.楚怀王命宋义为上将、项羽为次将率兵北上救赵。After arriving at Anyang (in modern Henan Province) ,Song Yi didnM proceed any further for forty-six days fear of Qin.大军抵达安阳后宋义即畏缩不前,一连驻扎了46天。Xiang Yu persuaded him to move, collaborating with the Zhao army to conquer the Qin forces at one stroke.项羽劝他迅速进兵,同赵军里应外合,一举击败秦军。However, Song intended to save strength, waiting for Qin and Zhao forces to wear out each other,so refused Xiang’s proposal.宋义却想保存实力,乘秦、赵相斗,坐收渔利,故拒绝了项羽的建议。Xiang took extreme measures and assassinated Song later. The other generals offered SongJ s command to him, and Prince Huai of Chu was forced to retroactively approve it.后项羽杀宋义,诸将拥戴其为将军。楚怀王见事已如此,便命项羽率军救赵。The relief forces sent by other rebel principalities built fortresses and fortifications ,but dared not engage in warfare with Qin army, while Xiang Yu was an exception ,who decided to fight it out with Qin.各路反秦义军来救援赵者都筑垒壁守,不敢与秦军接战。唯有项羽决心与秦军决一雌雄。At first, he shut off the supply lines of Qin forces, and cut off the connection between Wang Li and Zhang Han.他先切断秦军运粮的甬道,分割王、章两军的联系。Then, he led his troops cross the river, having all the boats and cooking vessels destroyed and ordered his soldiers to carry enough grain rations for only three days to make it clear that no one could return unless they won.后亲自率楚军渡 河,并下令全军破釜沉舟,规定每人只带三日口粮,以显示与秦军决一死战尚决心。He directed his forces to launch successive attacks on Qin. After nine engagements, the imperial army was routed, Wang Li was captured, and Zhang Han fled south. The siege of Julu was released eventually.项羽指挥楚军连续作战,九战九捷,大破秦军,王离被虏,章邯南逃,解巨鹿之围。This victory virtually annihilated the military strength of the Qin Dynasty, turned the war situations and created a favorable condition for overthrowing the reactive rule of Qin.这场大战的胜利,基本上消灭了秦王朝赖以存在的军队,扭转了整个战局,为最后推翻秦王朝的反动统治创造了极有利的条件。When the Qin army besieged Julu, Prince Huai of Chu made an agreement with Xiang Yu and Liu Bang that whoever got to Guanzhong first would be made the King of Guanzhong.秦军围攻巨鹿时,楚怀王与项羽、刘邦约定,谁先人关灭秦,谁为“关中王”。When Xiang Yu was engaged in the battle of Julu, Liu Bang in command of another expeditory force attacked Qin from the west.在项羽救巨鹿时,刘邦奉命由西击秦。In a year’s devious march, his troops took wuguan Pass, gateway to the heartland of the Qin regime, threatening the capital city of Xlanyang in August 207 B. C.经过一年的迂回进军,于公元前207年八月,攻人武关,直逼咸阳。It was during this period that the fight between factions started within the Qin ruling clique.当时秦的统治集团内部发生了火并。Initially, Li Si, the prime minister, died at the hand of Zhao Gao and the Second Emperor.起初是赵高与秦二世勾结,杀掉李斯。Shortly, Zhao Gao forced Huhai to commit suicide and replaced him with his nephew, Ziying. The title of Emperor was abolished and what Ziying assumed was “King of Qin”.不久,赵高又杀掉秦二世,取消皇帝称号,另立二世之侄子婴为秦王。Before long, Ziying killed Zhao Gao and surendered to Liu Bang when Liu arrived at Bashang (now the east of Xi#39;an Shaanxi) in October 207 , thus the Qin Dynasty came to an end.子婴又杀赵高。10月刘邦军至霸上(今陕西西安市东),子婴投降,秦亡。Liu Bang proclaimed himself the King of Guanzhong and won acclaim by instituting three regulations :Let those who kill be executed, those who inflict be injured or rob others be punished.刘邦宣布自己为“关中王”,同时约法三章:“杀人者死,伤人及盗抵罪”,深得秦人拥护。The Qin Dynasty was short-lived, but particularly important.秦朝是短暂的朝代,但又是极重要的朝代。The First Emperor (Qin Shi Huang) was a tyrant, whereas he also made great contribution to the development of Chinese history.秦始皇是暴虐的皇帝,但又是对历史有巨大贡献的皇帝。In a word, Qin devastated culture, yet it was a pioneer in certain aspects.秦是文化的摧残者,但在某些方面又是先进者。The war between Chu and Han: Xiang Yu was furious at the news of Liu Bang’s entrance to Guanzhong. In December, he arrived at Hangu Pass with an army of 400 000. Only having 100 000 men, Liu Bang was forced to sue for peace.楚汉战争:项羽听说刘邦已先入关,大怒,也率军于同年12月入函谷关。这时,项羽有士卒40万人,刘邦只有10万人,刘邦被迫求和。After overbearing Liu Bang, Xiang Yu entered Xianyang where he killed Ziying, burnt palaces, slaughtered and plundered wantonly.项羽入咸阳,杀子婴, 烧秦宫,大肆杀掠。Then, he proclaimed himself the Hegemonic King of Western Chu and made Pengcheng the capita! of his domain. He also granted fiefdoms to eighteen princes.后自立为西楚霸王,建都彭城(今江苏铜山县),封十八王。With regard to Liu Bang, he gave him the title of Prince of Han with a fief covering Hanzhong, and Bashu.刘邦为汉王,居巴蜀汉中。The allocations of Xiang Yu aggravated the separatist vassal regime. Qi soon rose in revolt, and the tangled warfare among vassals broke out again.项羽的这一做法使诸侯割据的局面更为恶化。不久齐国首先发难,诸侯混战再次爆发。Liu Bang availed this opportunity to take possession of Guanzhong, then marched east from it, and unfolded a fight against Xiang Yu, contending for supremacy.刘邦乘机迅速占领关中,又东向出关,与项羽展开争夺天下的斗争。From 206 B. C. to 202 B. C. , Liu Bang and Xiang Yu were at war for many times.公元前206年至前202年,刘邦与项羽多次交战。Suffering from a series of defeat, Liu Bang became strong gradually. Then the two men reached an agreement that Honggou Canal (modern Jialu River in Henan) be made the demarcation line, with the territory on the east going to Chu and on the west to Han.经过一系列失败后,刘邦的势力逐渐强 大起来,于是二人达成协议“中分天下”,以鸿沟(今河南贾鲁河)为界,河东属于楚,河西属于汉。In December 202 B. C. , Liu Bang joined forces with Han Xin at Gaixia( modern Guzhen, in Anhui) and surrounded Xiang Yu.公元前202年12月,刘邦、韩信在垓下(今安徽固镇)会师,包围了项羽。However, he managed to collect eight hundred cavalrymen and fight his way to Wujiang (in modern Hexian County, Anhui Province), where he committed suicide.项羽率800骑兵突围,逃至乌江(今和县境)自杀。With his chief rival wiped out, Liu Bang unified China and built his dynasty—the Western Han.刘邦统一中国,建立西汉王朝。He ascended the throne to become known as Emperor Gao Zu of the Han Dynasty.刘邦即汉高祖。The peasant uprising at the end of the Qin Dynasty is the first rebellion countrywide in Chinese history, which not only pulled down the ruthless ruling clique of Qin, but pushed forward the social development as well.秦末农民大起义是我国历史上第一次全国范围的农民大起义,推翻了贪婪残暴的秦统治集团,使社会得以前进。The battle between Chund Han was originated from it.而楚汉之战则是由秦末农民战争直接演化而来的。Though the peasant revolution succeeded in overthrowing the rule of the Qin Dynasty, the former leaders, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu transformed into rivals contending for sovereignty.农民战争虽然胜利地推翻了秦朝,但曾经是农民战争领袖的刘邦和项羽,却逐步转化为封建统治权的角逐者。Apart from his great achievements that were actually the base for the foundation of the Han empire , the First Emperor was blamed to heave burned books and buried alive Confucian scholars.秦始皇创立的伟业虽为汉朝的建立奠定了基础,但他亦背负着焚书坑儒的罪名。The only books that were not forbidden are writings about medicine, herbs, divining and agriculture, however, arts and thinking were still going on under the First Emperor and prepared for the great flourishing of literature and philosophy in the Han Dynasty.尽管只有有关医学、草药、占卜和农业的书籍被保存了下来,但在秦始皇统治时期,艺术和思想文化仍在继续发展,为汉时的文学与哲学的极大繁荣做好了准备。Although the practical policy of the Qin rulers was legist, thus severe, bureaucratic and austere, the inscriptions in the steles the First Emperor had erected,also show that Confucian thinking like filial p卜 ety, humanity and righteousness of the ruler was still there.秦朝的统治者以法家思想治国,实行专制、严厉的统治政策,然而秦始皇所立石碑的碑文却反映出忠孝仁义等儒家思想。The emperor himself was very interested in Daoist practices to prolong his life or to gain immortality. He sent out an expedition to search for the islands of immortality called Penglai.秦始皇对道教有极大的兴趣,修道以求长生不老,还曾派人去寻找蓬莱仙岛。After the proclamation as the First Emperor, he changed the official colors to black according to the theory of the Five Elementsand their cosmic influence.秦始皇称帝后便按五行之术将官方使用的颜色改为黑色。Meteors, flood and drought were a heavenly hint to him as well as it had been to the former Zhou kings.像周王一样,他认为流星、洪水以及旱灾均是上天的旨意。A comprehensive anthology of philosophical thinking around 250 is the Lushi Chunqiu , compiled by the chancellor Lu Buwei.公元前250年,吕不韦著《呂氏春秋》,这是一部内容广泛的哲学著作。 /201511/411322

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