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2019年07月18日 11:31:18 | 作者:平安典范 | 来源:新华社
Some women who achieve highly enough to get into Oxford University would suffer self-doubt, according to the statistics of the university#39;s careers service.根据牛津大学就业务中心的统计资料显示,那些能考进牛津大学的优秀女性有些竟然也会产生自我怀疑的问题。They found that while men and women were equally academically able, a significant number of women were shying away from jobs in sectors such as banking and management consultancy fearing they would not be successful at them. Instead, they entered careers in areas perceived as more woman-friendly such as teaching, publishing and marketing.他们发现,当男性和女性在学业上同等优异时,很大一部分女性却会因为畏惧而放弃和管理咨询这些领域的工作,因为她们害怕自己无法胜任。相反,她们更愿意从事一些对女性更加友好的工作——如教学、出版和销售。In addition, women were earning less on leaving Oxford than their male counterparts, partly because they were more likely to take lower-paid jobs, but also because they were far less likely to negotiate their first salaries.另外,从牛津大学毕业的女性薪资也比她们的男同学要少,一部分原因是她们更倾向于选择薪资低的工作,还有一部分原因是她们不想和上司商议自己的第一份薪水。Sue Hewitt says society probably still expects women to be more modest than men, and that women instinctively want to be liked, so they avoid doing anything that will risk alienating others.苏·休伊特说,可能社会仍然希望女性比男性谦虚低调,这种观念使女性从本能上想得身边人的喜爱,所以她们不愿意做一些可能会与别人疏远的工作。Anni Townsend believes confidence is affected by how females are treated while growing up.安妮·汤森德认为,女性在成长过程中得到的对待影响了她们的自信。;There are women who have told me that no matter how well they did at school, they were never good enough for their parents,; she says. ;As a result they never felt successful. Society#39; focus on the way women look can also stop us pushing ourselves forward.;“有女性跟我说,无论她们在学校成绩多好,父母的标准永远高于她们成绩之上,”安妮说。“结果,这些女性从不觉得自己成功。另外,社会对于女性外貌的关注也会阻碍女性前进的步伐。”A recent research says: ;A woman#39;s looks are often the number one factor by which she is judged to be worth something, as opposed to her intellect. When a woman is running for the presidency, comments about her appearance will be graffitied on her posters.;一项最近的研究显示:“女性的外貌通常是判断其能否胜任某一工作的第一指标,相反她的能力却不是第一位的。如果女性要竞选总统,那么海报上则会大肆出现对于她外貌的。” /201206/186612

According to the Daily Mail of October 12, fake facades have been put up in 18 shops in Britain's Redcar street, along with one "virtual" house.Shoppers are getting a vision of the future in one town and are walking in a "virtual" world.Shops such as the British Heart Foundation, Greggs, KFC and menswear store Greenwoods have been joined by the simulations, which aim to attract business investment to the area.The images disguise parts of the street, giving the impression units are occupied, which otherwise would be riddled with boards and shutters.There is a virtual restaurant, cafe, furniture, bookshop, gift shop, two fashion stores, electrical goods and accessories shop to fill the gaps as the recession continues to bite.The seaside town has been hit hard by the downturn and the loss of 1,600 jobs at the Corus steelworks was a major blow, but council bosses hope to improve the look of the town's high street and attract new businesses through the use of the clever images. /201010/115671

According to Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the Mayans were right and the apocalypse is near.日前,澳大利亚总理茱莉亚-吉拉德录制了一段视频,在其中表示:玛雅人的预言是真的,世界末日即将来临!In a spoof 50-second appearance promoting a local radio station#39;s breakfast show, Gillard provided hair-raising details that she said would come when the world ends this month, as the ancient Mayans calendar predicted.在这段50秒钟的搞笑视频中,吉拉德告诉了大家一些自己认为即将在本月月末的世界末日发生的令人恐惧的细节。有些人认为古老的玛雅历法预言了世界末日的来临。这段视频是为推广当地一家电台的早间节目录制的。With the straight face she often uses in a normal press conference, and surrounded by Australian national flags, Gillard addressed viewers as ;My dear remaining fellow Australians.;她在视频中和平时召开记者发布会时一样表情严肃,身边插着数面澳大利亚国旗。吉拉德称呼观众为“我亲爱的澳大利亚幸存同胞们”。;The end of world is coming. It wasn#39;t Y2K, it wasn#39;t even the carbon price,; said Gillard firmly. ;It turns out that the Mayan calendar is true.;吉拉德坚定地说:“世界末日就要来了。不是千禧危机,也不是碳税,玛雅历法是真实的。”Y2K was the computer glitch feared globally just before the year 2000, while the carbon tax refers to a major controversial policy put forward by her Labour government in 2012.千禧危机是指2000年之前出现的全球性计算机故障恐慌,碳税是指2012年以她为首的工党政府提出的一项有争议的政策。She went into terrifying details about the end of the world such as ;flesh-eating zombies; and ;demonic hell beasts;, but then wooed her constituents with promises.接着,她还描述了世界末日有可能出现的恐怖细节,比如“食人僵尸”、“恶魔怪兽”等等,但之后也做出了承诺。;If you know one thing about me it is this: I will always fight for you to the very end,; she said, but noted that there is also a bright spot.“如果你对我有所了解的话,那就是,我会一直为你们战斗到底。”但她指出也有令人高兴的一面。;At least this means I won#39;t have to do Qamp;A again,; she said, referring to an Australian TV show where politicians usually have to face tough questions from the audience.她说:“至少这意味着我将不用再去参加质询了。”她指的是参加一档电视台节目时,政客经常要回答观众提出的尖刻问题。A spokesman for Gillard said the , which was uploaded by radio station Triple J on Thursday and has aly been viewed more than 232,000 times on YouTube, was simply a spoof.吉拉德的一名发言人说,这只是一段搞笑视频。这段视频在本周四由电台“三J晨间秀”节目上传到网上,在YouTube视频网站上点击量已经超过23.2万次。;It#39;s just bit of fun,; he told the reporters. ;It#39;s just a bit of humor for the end of the year. Nothing else.;他告诉记者:“这只是为了有趣。只是末日幽默。没有别的意思。”The comes out in the wake of a phone hoax in which two Australian presenters from another local radio station called the hospital which is treating Prince William#39;s wife Kate and posed as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles to ask questions about her condition.在这段视频发布之前,来自另一家地方电台的两名澳大利亚主持人致电凯特王妃就诊的医院,假装伊丽莎白女王和查尔斯王储,询问有关凯特王妃的情况。 /201212/212942

A research report headed by senior economists in China has predicted a huge gap will occur in China#39;s pension system as early as 2013, Economic Information Daily reported.据《经济参考报》报道,由资深经济师牵头发布的一份研究报告预测,到2013年,我国养老金体系将出现重大资金缺口。A report entitled ;Resolving Mid- and Long-term Risks in National Balance,; co-sponsored by Bank of China and Deutsche Bank said the gap will be 18.3 trillion yuan next year, and that gap will keep widening to demand more than 20 percent of fiscal expenditures by 2050.中国和德意志共同主导了名为《化解国家资产负债中长期风险》的报告。报告指出,养老金缺口将会继续扩大,至2050年将超过当年财政出的20%。Meanwhile, statistics from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security did not show any fund gap in the pension system on a nationwide scale, and a long term balance is expected.与此同时,据人力资源与社会保障部统计数据,从全国层面看,不存在养老金缺口的问题,未来全国养老保险基金能够做到长期收平衡。But both allegations admit the aging population will exert pressure on the pension system, demanding more subsidy from the state revenue as the situation worsens.但两种说法均承认我国人口老龄化将会给养老金体系带来压力,随着形势恶化,将需要更多中央财政补贴。Raising the retirement has been a frequently debated topic in solving the problem.提高退休年龄以解决这一问题,则一直被热烈讨论。 /201206/187232

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