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愿意惹的麻烦As someone who subscribes to and s a dozen personal finance blogs, I have noticed something that many of those in the blogosphere would probably see as a wonderful problem to have. As both a hard worker and a diligent saver, I have been able to save the maximum retirement amount and the maximum SEP amount each year. I no longer meet the income level to contribute to a Roth, but you better believe I did when I was able. I also fund my 3 kids’ 529 plans every month. Educational charities and my kids’ PTA also get nice donations every year.After doing this for a decade or more, I realize that I love the idea of saving the money. I have prepaid my mortgage so that I have only a year to go to pay off a 15 year loan in 8 years. I also have non-retirement assets that have experienced the ups and downs of the uncertain economy.Poor me, right?What astounds me is that for the first time in my life, I can do whatever I want, but I don’t know what to do. I never prepared myself for this day. After 15 years’ of diligent and careful saving, I find that the spending of money doesn’t provide the joy or happiness I thought it would.Don’t get me wrong. The freedom to not worry when a car breaks down or I need a suit is satisfying. I love my house even more now that it is about to be all mine. My favorite luxury is actually using a service to do our laundry. For .00/lb they get it, wash it, fold it, and return it. I know it isn’t worth it, but both my wife and I hate doing laundry.For all you savers, please pay attention — do your best to figure out why you are saving the money. For me it was always the ability to stop working early — something I coveted when I was 25. Now that I am about to turn 40, I realize that I like my jobs, and that I don’t do as well without structure in my days. So yes, I saved, but now what?Here are 7 questions to consider in advance:What are you going to do once your financial moves come to fruition?What will you concentrate on next?What will make you happy?What will you do with the money?What aspects of my financial planning will be difficult to change?How have your priorities changed over time?And finally—how are they likely to change going forward?I always thought I could turn off the saving, frugal, careful part of my brain once I reached a certain level of financial security. However, I am increasingly aware of the fact that if you pursue something diligently for 15 years, it becomes who you are.Be careful in what you wish for. Please comment if you have experienced something similar. 当某些人在预定以及阅读许多个人理财客的时候,我发现许多客里都能看到有一个麻烦大家都很乐意去惹。作为一个努力工作以及努力存钱的人,我已经存了足够退休养老的钱以及每年都交足够的公积金。我现在没有到达可以买得起陀飞轮腕表的工资水平,但是请相信我如果一旦我有能力我一定会买的。我还每月为我的三个孩子在529计划基金里交钱。每年教育慈善基金和我孩子的家庭教师协会也从我那里得到了不小的捐助。这样交了几十年的钱之后,我意识到我喜欢上了攒钱这个想法。我已经为我的抵押贷款存了一笔钱,现在十五年的贷款我把它缩短到了8年付清,现在还有一年我就付清了。我还有一些经受了不稳定经济震荡的永久资产。我很可怜,对吗?令我惊讶的是我第一次发现我可以随心所欲的做我想做的事情,但是我却不知道该做什么。对此我根本没有准备。经过了十五年的努力攒钱,我发现花钱竟然不能带给我原本我认为应该有的快乐。认为我做的不对?车抛锚不用担心或者随心所欲地买套套装都很令我感到满意。因为我的房子即将正真属于我的所以我更加爱我的房子了。我最喜欢的奢侈享受是让别人为我洗衣。取、洗、叠、送整个务按照每磅一美元计算。我知道不值那价,不过我和我的生活不能忍受自己洗衣的日子。所有的“存友”们注意了,你必须搞清楚你攒钱是为了啥。对于我来说就是为了早点退休,我25岁就有这打算了。然而我现在都快40了,我发现我喜欢上了我的工作,而我的日子也不会过得无所事事。所以我开始存钱, 但是当你决定要在攒钱的时候首先应该干嘛呢?以下是首先要考虑的7个问题:1. 一旦你手头的资金稳定下来你打算做什么2. 你下面将要以什么为重心3. 是什么让你开心4. 你的这些钱要怎么用?5. 在哪些方面我的攒钱计划很难做出相应的调整6. 随着时间的推移你的侧重点有哪些改变7. 最后,他们怎么样向好的方向改变我总是想着一旦我有了一定的经济实力我可以摆脱攒钱、节俭以及绞尽脑汁。然而,我越来越有一种感触:当你努力追求某样东西十五年之后,那样东西基本已经变得和你一样。谨慎地决定你到底要追求啥东西。如果你有同样的问题请给我留言。 /200803/30495

It#39;s time for a new year and a new you, but perhaps your heart is not in it this time around. Maybe you#39;re jaded from too many failed New Year#39;s resolutions, or maybe you#39;re just not feeling motivated these days. Here are a few reasons why you may not be feeling it:是时候在新的一年迎接新的自己了,不过或许你还没有这个心情。可能你是因为很多新年愿望没达成身心俱疲,也可能只是最近找不到奋斗的动力。下面有些原因也许可以解释你为什么打不起精神:1. You#39;re comfortable. If your life is quite comfortable, you may lose motivation to push yourself to grow. Keep in mind that it#39;s always good to get out of your comfort zone, because that#39;s the only way you can improve yourself. Do something you#39;re hesitant about every week, and you#39;ll find yourself getting used to it or even looking forward to the challenge after some time.1. 你太安逸了。如果生活太舒适,你会失去促使你成长的动力。请记住,走出“舒适区”总是好的,因为那是唯一能提高自己的方法。每周做一些让你犹豫不决的事,你会发现自己会慢慢习惯,甚至在一段时间后就会期待挑战了。2. Taking on too much. If you set unrealistic expectations, you are setting yourself up for higher chances of failing, which can cause you to lose motivation. Make sure your goals are actually achievable before setting them.2. 承担太多。如果你有不切实际的期望,也就更可能失败,这会让你失去奋斗的动力。在设立目标前,要确定目标是可以实现的。3. You#39;ve given up. After so many failures, you may be immune to tackling challenges. It can be scary to put yourself out there again, but the greater the risk, the greater the rewards! If you#39;re extremely gun-shy, take baby steps so you#39;ll feel more confident once you manage to score small achievements.3. 你已经放弃。太多次失败后,你面对挑战已经“免疫”了。再次尝试可能会让你胆怯,但是风险越大,回报也就越大!如果你对自己实在没有信心,那就一步步来,这样当你获得小成就时,就会变得更有自信。4. People around you. Maybe you have someone in your life who brings you down, perhaps out of their own insecurities or maybe because they can#39;t adjust to the idea of a different you. Try to explain your reasons for attempting a change and ask for their support. If they can#39;t come to terms with it, perhaps it#39;s better to keep your distance until they come around.4. 你身边的人。可能生活中的某个人让你情绪低落,这也许是出于他们自己的不安全感或是因为他们不能适应你的改变。试着跟他们解释下改变的原因,请他们持。如果他们不能接受,也许保持距离等他们来找你会更好。 /201302/225051

谁在吃垃圾食品?For years experts have argued that poor households are consuming less nourishing food than the rest of the population.But a survey of some of the lowest earners in Britain shows the nutritional value of what they eat is little different to everyone else.In fact, the same deficiencies in diet were shared by all the population and the findings suggest that poor eating choices are far more widesp than previously suspected - affecting many wealthier families.These included low fruit and vegetable consumption, not eating enough oily fish and eating too much saturated fat and sugar.'This is a large and significant study and it shows we are all eating just as bad a diet as each other,' said Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University.The poorest families were eating only slightly more sugar and slightly less fruit and vegetables, according to the study of 3,728 respondents in the bottom of the population.Alison Tedstone, head of nutritional science at the Food Standard Agency, said: 'Overall, people on low incomes have less than ideal diets, but their diets are only slightly worse than those of the rest of the population.'The study also showed that low earners are choosing to eat unhealthily. Their food choices were not linked to their income, their access to shops or their cooking skills.The findings appear to contradict assumptions that the poor cannot afford healthier foods or are too far away from shops that sell them.The Low Income Nutrition and Diet Survey showed that like the rest of the population, the poor's daily fruit and vegetable intake on average is below the recommended five portions. Fewer than 10 per cent of respondents hit this target, while around 20 per cent ate less than a portion per day.More than three quarters (76 per cent) of men and 81 per cent of women did less than one 30-minute session of moderate or vigorous exercise per week.Some 45 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women were smokers.This compares with 28 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women in the general population. 多年来,专家们一直认为,贫困家庭摄入的营养食物比其他人群要少。而英国一项对最低收入人群的调查表明,这些人所摄入食物的营养价值与其他人群没有太大区别。实际上,所有人的饮食习惯都存在同样的缺陷。调查结果表明,“穷人式”的饮食选择所涉及的人群比之前预计的要广泛得多,影响着很多较为富裕的家庭。这种饮食所摄入的水果和蔬菜较少、油性鱼的摄入量不足、饱和脂肪和糖分的摄入量过多。城市大学食品政策教授Tim Lang说:“这是一项十分有意义的大规模调查。调查表明,我们的饮食习惯都很不合理。”根据对处于社会底层的3728名受访者的调查,最穷的家庭摄入的糖分仅略多一点,摄入的水果和蔬菜也只是略少一点。食品标准局营养科学部的主任阿里森·泰德斯通说:“总的来说,收入较低的人吃的较差,但他们的饮食也只比其它人群略差一点。”调查表明,低收入人群不健康的饮食方式是他们自身造成的。他们的饮食选择与收入、离商店的远近及烹饪技巧并没有必然联系。这一结果与穷人们买不起健康食品或离商店太远的假设相矛盾。此项低收入人群营养及饮食调查发现,与其他人群一样,穷人平均每天摄入的水果和蔬菜量低于专家建议的五份。达到这一建议标准的受访者不到10%,约20%的受访者每天摄入的果蔬量不到一份。超过四分之三(76%)的男性和81%的女性每周进行适度或剧烈运动的时间不到30分钟。其中,约45%的男性和40%的女性是烟民。而总人口中的这一比例分别为28%和24%。 /200803/32403

  Scientists from two landmark heart-disease studies are joining forces to wield the power of genetics in battling the leading cause of death in the U.S. 参加过两项具有里程碑意义的心脏病研究项目的科学家现在正通力合作,运用遗传学的力量来对抗这种在美国导致死亡的主要疾病。Cardiologists have struggled in recent years to score major advances against heart disease and stroke. Although death rates have been dropping steadily since the 1960s, progress combating the twin diseases has plateaued by other measures. 心脏病医生近年来付出了很大努力,争取在治疗心脏病和中风方面获得重大进展。虽然死亡率从1960年代以来就一直在稳步下降,但是从其它标准来看,与这对兄弟疾病的斗争没有再取得更多的进步。Genetics has had a profound impact on cancer treatment in recent years. Now, heart-disease specialists hope genetics will reveal fresh insight into the interaction between a person#39;s biology, living habits and medications that can better predict who is at risk of a heart attack or stroke. 遗传学近年来对癌症的治疗产生了深远的影响。如今,心脏病专家希望遗传学可以揭开新的奥秘,让人深入了解一个人的生命机理、生活习惯和药物治疗之间的相互作用,以此更好地预测谁有心脏病发作或中风的危险。#39;There#39;s a promise of new treatments with this research,#39; said Daniel Jones, chancellor of the University of Mississippi and former principal investigator of the 15-year-old Jackson Heart Study, a co-collaborator in the new genetics initiative. 美国密西西比大学(the University of Mississippi)校长丹尼尔#12539;琼斯(Daniel Jones)说:“这项研究可望找到新的治疗方法。”他是历时15年的杰克逊心脏研究项目(Jackson Heart Study)的前首席研究员,也是新的遗传学研究项目的共同合作伙伴。Prevention efforts also could improve with the help of genetics research, Dr. Jones said. For example, an estimated 75 million Americans currently have high blood pressure, or hypertension, but only about half of those are able to control it with medication. It can take months of trial-and-error for a doctor to get the right dose or combination of pills for a patient. Researchers hope genetic and other information might enable doctors to identify subgroups of hypertension that respond to specific treatments and target patients with an appropriate therapy. 琼斯说,在遗传学研究的帮助下,预防工作也可以得到提升。比如,目前估计有7,500万美国人患有高血压,但是只有大约一半人能够使用药物进行控制。医生为病人确定恰当的用药剂量或者药物组合可能需要好几个月的反复尝试。研究人员希望遗传学及其它信息可以帮助医生找到对特定治疗方法产生疗效反应的高血压亚组,对病人实行对症下药。Also collaborating on the genetics project is the 65-year-old Framingham Heart Study. Its breakthrough findings decades ago linked heart disease to such factors as smoking, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Framingham findings have been a foundation of cardiovascular disease prevention policy for a half-century. 参与遗传学项目合作的还有历时65年的弗雷明汉心脏研究 (Framingham Heart Study)团队。该研究在几十年前取得的突破性发现将心脏病与吸烟、高血压和高胆固醇等因素联系起来。弗雷明汉的研究发现半个世纪以来一直是心血管疾病预防政策的基本根据。More than 15,000 people have participated in the Framingham study. The Jackson study, with more than 5,000 participants, was launched in 1998 to better understand risk factors in African-Americans, who were underrepresented in Framingham and who bear a higher burden of cardiovascular disease than the rest of the population. Both studies are funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health. 超过15,000人参与了弗雷明汉研究。参加人数达5,000多人的杰克逊研究是1998年启动的,目的是为了更好地弄清楚非洲裔美国人面临的危险因素,这个群体在弗雷明汉研究中代表人数不足,而且他们承受的心血管疾病负担高于其它人群。上述两项研究都是由美国国家卫生研究院(the National Institutes of Health)所属的国家心脏、肺和血液研究所(the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,简称NHLBI)提供的资金持。Exactly how the collaboration, announced last week, will proceed hasn#39;t been determined. One promising area is the #39;biobank,#39; the collection of more than one million blood and other biological samples gathered during biennial checkups of Framingham study participants going back more than a half century. 上周公布的这项合作计划如何具体地进行还没有决定。很有希望的一个领域是“生物样本库”(biobank),一个拥有超过100万个血液及其它生物样本的数据库。这些生物样本是在对过去半个多世纪中参与弗雷明汉研究的人员进行两年一度的体检时采集来的。The samples are stored in freezers in an underground earthquake-proof facility in Massachusetts, said Vasan Ramachandran, a Boston University scientist who takes over at the beginning of next year as principal investigator of the Framingham Heart Study. Another 40,000 samples from the Jackson study are kept in freezers in Vermont. By subjecting samples to DNA sequencing and other tests, researchers say they may be able to identify variations linked to progression of cardiovascular disease -- or protection from it. 波士顿大学(Boston University)科学家瓦桑#12539;拉马钱德兰(Vasan Ramachandran)说,这些样本储存在马萨诸塞州(Massachusetts)一个抗震的地下设施内的冷藏库中,拉马钱德兰即将于明年年初接任弗雷明汉心脏研究的首席研究员。杰克逊研究中的另外40,000个样本保存在佛蒙特州(Vermont)的冷库中。研究人员说,通过对样本进行DNA测序和其它测试,他们或许能够确认心血管疾病发展过程中出现的各种变体――或者预防心血管疾病的因素。Each study is likely to enroll new participants as part of the collaboration to allow tracking of risk factors and diet and exercise habits, for instance, in real time instead of only during infrequent checkups. 作为合作项目的一部分,每一项研究都很可能要招募新的参与者,对他们的危险因素、饮食习惯和锻炼习惯进行跟踪,跟踪采取实时的形式,而不是仅在并非经常进行的体检时才进行。Heart disease is linked to about 800,000 deaths a year in the U.S. In 2010, some 200,000 of those deaths could have been avoided, including more than 112,300 deaths among people younger than 65, according to a recent analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But those avoidable deaths reflected a 3.8% per year decline in mortality rates during the previous 10 years. 在美国,一年大约有80万例死亡病例与心脏病有关。根据美国疾病控制与预防中心(the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)最近的一份分析资料,2010年,那些死亡病例中大约有20万例本来是可以避免的,其中超过112,300例的死亡病人年龄低于65岁。不过那些可以避免的死亡病例在过去十年中让死亡率每年下降了3.8%。Now, widesp prevalence of obesity and diabetes threatens to undermine such gains. And a large gap remains between how white patients and minorities -- especially African-Americans -- benefit from effective strategies. 现在,普遍存在的肥胖和糖尿病对取得的这些成绩构成了威胁,而且白人患者和少数民族――尤其是非洲裔美国人――在从有效的治疗策略中获益的程度上存在很大的差异。There have been few new transformative cardiovascular treatments since the mid-1980s to early 1990s, when a stream of large-scale trials of new agents ranging from clot-busters to treat heart attacks to the mega class of statins electrified the cardiology field with evidence of significant improvements in survival from the disease. One reason: Some of those remedies have proven tough to beat with new treatments. 从1980年代中期到1990年代初期,治疗心血管疾病的方法就没有多少新的改变(自那以后,对治疗心脏病发作的溶血剂和大量降低胆固醇的他汀类药物等新药进行的一系列大规模试验明患心脏病的生存几率可以大大提高,这让心脏病学界兴奋不已)。其中一个原因是:那些疗法中有些被明很难被新的治疗手段所超越。What#39;s more, use of the current of medicines for reducing heart risk remains an imprecise art. Besides blood pressure drugs, cholesterol-lowering statins also are widely prescribed. Drug-trial statistics show that to prevent a single first heart attack in otherwise healthy patients can require prescribing a statin to scores of patients, but no one knows for sure who actually benefits and who doesn#39;t. 此外,使用现行的药物目录来降低心脏病风险还是一件没有把握的事情。除了降血压的药物之外,处方里大量出现的还有降低胆固醇的他汀类药物。药物试验统计数字表明,为了防止在其它方面十分健康的病人出现第一次心脏病发作,数十位病人可能都会被开据他汀类药物的处方,但是没人确切知道这药对谁真正有用,对谁没有作用。#39;It would be great if we could make some more paradigm-shifting discoveries,#39; said Michael Lauer, director of cardiovascular sciences at the NHLBI, which is a part of the National Institutes of Health. 美国国家卫生研究院下属 NHLBI的心血管学科主任迈克尔#12539;劳尔(Michael Lauer)说:“如果我们能够在转变思维模式方面做出更多发现的话,那就太好了。” Finding new treatments isn#39;t the only aim of the new project. #39;You could use existing therapies smarter,#39; said Joseph Loscalzo, chairman of medicine at Brigham and Women#39;s Hospital in Boston. 找到新的治疗方法并不是新研究项目的唯一目的。波士顿布里格姆妇科医院(Brigham and Women#39;s Hospital)的医务委员会主席约瑟夫#12539;洛斯卡尔佐(Joseph Loscalzo)说:“你可以更高明地使用现存的疗法。” The American Heart Association launched the initiative and has committed million to it over the next five years. The AHA sees the project as critical to its goal to achieve a 20% improvement in cardiovascular health in the U.S. while also reducing deaths from heart disease and stroke by 20% for the decade ending in 2020, said Nancy Brown, the nonprofit organization#39;s chief executive. 美国心脏病学会(The American Heart Association,简称AHA)发起了本次研究行动,并答应在今后的五年中拨付3,000万美元(约合人民币1.83亿元)的资金。AHA打算在2020年之前的十年时间里将美国的心血管健康水平提升20%,同时将心脏病和中风引起的死亡病例减少20%,它把本项目看成是实现目标的关键。The Jackson study has aly identified characteristics of cardiovascular risk among African-American patients #39;that may have promise for new insights#39; in a collaborative effort, said Adolfo Correa, professor of medicine and pediatrics at University of Mississippi Medical Center and interim director of the Jackson study. 密西西比大学医学中心(Mississippi Medical Center)的医学及儿科学教授、杰克逊研究项目的临时主管阿道夫#12539;科雷亚(Adolfo Correa)说,杰克逊研究已经找到了非洲裔美国人心血管疾病患病危险的特征,这在合作项目中“也许有望让人获得新的认识”。For instance, there is a higher prevalence of obesity among Jackson participants than seen in the Framingham cohorts. Obesity is associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular risk. Diabetes is also more prevalent among blacks than whites. 比如,杰克逊研究的参与者中肥胖者所占比例比弗雷明汉研究队伍中的人高。肥胖与高血压、糖尿病和心血管疾病危险有关。黑人中患糖尿病的人也比白人普遍。But African-Americans of normal weight appear to have higher rates of hypertension and diabetes than whites of normal weight. #39;The question is, should [measures] for defining diabetes be different or the same for the [different] populations and are they associated with the same risk of cardiovascular disease?#39; said Dr. Correa. The collaboration, he said, may provide better comparisons. 然而体重正常的非洲裔美国人相比体重正常的白人似乎有更高的高血压及糖尿病患病率。“问题在于,定义糖尿病(的手段)对于(不同的)人群来说应该是相同的还是不同的?他们面临的心血管疾病危险是否是相同的?”科雷亚如是说。他说这个合作项目也许会提供更好的比较。Researchers, who plan to use tools other than genetics, think more might be learned about blood pressure and heart and stroke risk by monitoring patients in real time using mobile devices rather than taking ings only in periodic office visits. For example, high blood pressure during sleep or spikes during exercise could indicate risks that don#39;t show up in a routine measurement in the doctors#39; office. 研究人员还打算利用遗传学之外的其它工具。他们认为,通过利用移动设备对病人进行实时监测而不是只在病人定期到诊室就诊时才读取数据,人们可以对血压、心脏和中风了解得更多。比如,睡眠期间血压升高或者运动期间血压陡增可能预示着危险,这在医生诊室的常规测量中是不会出现的。A big challenge is making sense of the huge amounts of data involved in sequencing DNA and linking it to medical records, diet and exercise habits and other variables that influence risk. 一个巨大的挑战是要弄清DNA测序中大量数据代表的意义并将它与病历、饮食和锻炼习惯以及影响到患病危险的其它变量关联起来。#39;The analytical methods for sorting out these complex relationships are still in evolution,#39; said Dr. Loscalzo, of Brigham and Women#39;s Hospital. #39;The cost of sequencing is getting cheaper and cheaper. The hard part is analyzing the data.#39;“整理这些复杂关系的分析方法尚在逐步完善之中,”布里格姆妇科医院的洛斯卡尔佐说,“DNA测序的成本越来越低了,难的部分是对数据进行分析。” /201312/268171


  Getting what you want in your career and in life isn#39;t as difficult as it may seem. I mean it.在你的事业和生活中得到你想要的并不像看起来那么困难。我说真的。Here#39;s a sneak peak at how you can be successful in everything you do:这里来一窥究竟如何在你所做的一切事情上获得成功:Listen First and Never Stop ListeningListening is the single-most important skill in professional and personal relationships. Most people have their own agenda and are too busy talking (or waiting to talk) to listen to you. If you, unlike most people, can truly listen with empathy, then people will like you--and eventually help you get what you want.首先要倾听,永远不要停止倾听在职业和个人关系上倾听是唯一最重要的技能。大多数人都有自己的行程,忙着谈话(或等待说话)以至于不能倾听你。如果你,不像大多数人一样,而是可以感同身受地真正倾听,那么人们就会喜欢你,最终帮助你得到你想要的。Help OthersWhen you want something from someone, instead of asking for it, help that person get what he or she wants. If you don#39;t know what he or she wants, then simply ask, ;How can I help you?; Since so many people are out to only help themselves, when you genuinely seek to help others succeed in their goals and dreams, you#39;ll stand out. And those people you genuinely help will in turn fight to help you succeed and give you everything you want. Help others first, without expecting anything--and the returns will be enormous.帮助别人当你想从别人那里得到什么东西,而非要求,帮助那个人得到他或她想要的。如果你不知道他或她想要的,然后简单地问,“我怎样才能帮助你?”既然如此多的人只会去帮助他们自己,当你真正寻求帮助别人成功实现他们的目标和梦想时,你就会脱颖而出。那些你真正帮助的人将反过来努力帮助你成功,给你想要的一切。先帮助别人,不期待任何东西,回报将是巨大的。Be Yourself: Authentic, Transparent, and Vulnerableauthenticity, transparency, and vulnerability all breed trust. And when people trust you, they#39;ll do anything for you. Open up to people, and take a chance, and you#39;ll be rewarded.做你自己:真实、透明以及脆弱真实、透明和脆弱都能滋生信任。当人们信任你,他们会为你做任何事。向他人敞开心胸,并抓住机会,你会有收获。Inject Passion Into Every InteractionPassion is contagious, but so is lack of passion. If you#39;re not passionate about what you#39;re talking about, why should someone else care? If you want something, you must be more excited and dedicated to it than anyone else.为每一次互动注入是会传染的,但缺乏也是一样。如果你对你谈论的东西缺乏,别人为什么要在乎呢?如果你想要什么,你必须更加兴奋,比任何人都要奉献更多。Surprise and Delight OthersWhen you surprise and delight others, not only do you make them happy--you remind them that you#39;re the type of person who might surprise and delight them soon again. Some classic examples: bringing home flowers to your wife for ;no reason;; telling a customer his order will arrive next week but then overnighting it.让他人惊喜和愉悦当你使他人惊喜和愉悦时,你不仅让他们快乐——你提醒他们你是那种可能很快又会给他们带来惊喜和快乐的人。一些经典的例子:“没有理由”地将一束鲜花带回家给你妻子,告诉客户他的订单下周到然后连夜发过去。Use The Four Most Important Words in Business and LifeSay ;I#39;m sorry; when you make a mistake and ;thank you; as much as you can. These words are so simple, yet so often people overlook the importance of saying them. Just say ;I#39;m sorry; and let another person forgive you, so you can move on, and eventually get what you want. Conversely, sincere gratitude to people is a powerful emotion to convey, and opens up many doors.在生意和生活中使用最重要的四个单词当你犯错误时说“对不起”,尽可能多地说“谢谢你”。这些话是如此简单,然而人们总是忽视说它们的重要性。只要说“对不起”,让另一个人原谅你,那么你就可以继续前进,并最终得到你想要的。相反地,真诚地感谢他人是一种强大的情感传达,能打开很多扇门。 /201307/246966

  Apart from its showier signifiers of wealth, a wholesome enthusiasm suffuses the Oslo art scene, perhaps because of its geographic isolation, extreme climate and high cost of living. At the April reopening party of Kunstnernes Hus (Artists#39; House)-a club across the street from the Royal Palace-more than 100 people waited in line outside the door. Inside, Karl Holmqvist-one of the most famous artists in Sweden-performed onstage. #39;Who runs the world? Girrrrls,#39; he bleated into the microphone. Half the room watched while the other half talked giddily over beers from Dronebrygg, an Oslo-based artist-run microbrewery. 除了巨大的资金持,奥斯陆的艺术圈弥漫着积极向上的热情,这一景象的产生原因可能在于奥斯陆偏远的地理位置、极端的气候以及高昂的生活开销。今年四月,皇家宫殿(Royal Palace)对面的艺术家中心(Kunsternes Hus)举办重新开放聚会时,有一百多人在门外等场。室内,瑞典最红的艺人之一Karl Holmqvist重新演绎了碧昂斯的《女孩最大》(Run the World(Girls))。一半观众欣赏了表演,另一半则嘻嘻哈哈地聊着天,喝着由艺术家经营的本地小啤酒厂Dronebrygg生产的啤酒。 STATOIL KEEPS REGIONAL headquarters in Fornebu, an office park rising on the outskirts of town that recalls the corporate anomie of Paris#39;s La Défense. In 2007, Statoil merged with the oil and gas division of Norsk Hydro and, in the merger, took over some of that company#39;s art collection. Bjarne Vaaga, an art historian and consultant with the Statoil Art Program, focuses on acquiring works from emerging Norwegian and international artists for the company. #39;I think it was very good advice from Edvard Munch: He said, #39;Only buy art from living artists,#39; #39; says Vaaga. Indeed, the company seizes every opportunity to showcase its collection: hanging work in its offshore rigs and throughout its office buildings from Houston to Stavanger. A 12,900-square-foot installation by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist plays on the underside of the Fornebu office#39;s main entryway. Nearby sits a spherical sculpture by Danish-Icelandic artist #211;lafur Elíasson. Once construction is complete, Ekblad and Standard (Oslo) artist Gardar Eide Einarsson will also have works on display around the Fornebu campus. 挪威国家石油公司(STATOIL)的区域总部在Fornebu。公司的大楼在市郊拔地而起,很有法国巴黎拉德芳斯站(La Defense)的感觉。2007年,挪威国家石油公司兼并了挪威海德鲁公司(Norsk Hydro)的石油及天然气部,并在兼并的过程中接管了一部分该公司的艺术藏品。挪威国家石油公司艺术项目的艺术史学家兼顾问Bjarne Vaaga让公司把目光投向挪威新兴艺术家以及国际艺术家。Vaaga说:“我觉得爱德华#12539;蒙克(Edvard Munch)说的很好,‘只从活着的艺术家手中购买艺术品。’”确实,这个公司不放过任何展示自己艺术收藏的机会:不论是离岸 井上,还是其在休斯顿亦或是斯塔万格(Stavanger)的办公室大楼,都挂有艺术品。Forbune办公室的主要通道的地面有一个由瑞士艺术家皮皮鲁提#12539;瑞斯特(Pipilotti Rist)设计的足有12,900平方英尺(约1,198平方米)的视频装置。其附近则有一座由一名丹麦裔冰岛艺术家设计的球状雕塑。一旦公司建筑完工,艾克巴莱德和Standard (Oslo)的艺术家加达#12539;埃德#12539;埃纳尔松(Gardar Eide Einarsson)的作品就会入驻其间。 The corporate interests at play and the bureaucracy surrounding the subsidies call into question the realness of the Norwegian art market: Is it really just a bubble of vainglorious ambition? The cynical view, which people voice out of the corner of their mouths, is that artists#39; stipends are cheaper for the government than unemployment benefits. But many disagree. Over green tea and carrot soup, Marta Kuzma, the American director of Norway#39;s Office for Contemporary Art (OCA), explains how public financing has breathed genuine creative life into the city. #39;I think when people are feeling positive in a community and a community is building, it#39;s very creatively free,#39; she says. #39;A community creates a vibe and an impetus to be with one another.#39; 企业的收购以及官方的补贴让人们不禁质疑挪威艺术市场的真实程度:这种野心是否太虚荣?人们冷嘲热讽,说政府觉得给艺术家补贴比发放失业补助金更便宜。但也有许多人并不同意。挪威当代艺术局(Office for Contemporary Art, 简称OCA)的美国主任玛塔#12539;库兹玛(Marta Kuzma)就着绿茶和胡萝卜汤,解释了公共财政持如何将艺术创意之风吹入了城市生活中,“我觉得只要人们觉得在一个团体里感觉良好,这个团体又在成长,创作就会更自由。而一个团体也会培养出自己的气场和动力,跟其它团体共同成长。” Before joining OCA eight years ago, Kuzma held a long line of top-tier curatorial posts stretching from Washington, D.C. to Kiev, including curator and agent for the last Documenta art fair in Kassel, Germany. At OCA, her job is to cultivate a unique, internationally heard voice for Norway. The Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Foreign Affairs pooled money to start OCA in 2001, as what Kuzma calls an #39;object of curiosity.#39; One of the organization#39;s aims is to give artists and curators from around the world an incentive to stay longer than 24 hours in Oslo-to make the capital more than just a quaint stopover on the international circuit. In that regard, Norway has catching up to do with the likes of Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Kuzma says. But when austerity means the slashing of cultural funding across Europe, Norway is well positioned to join those countries better known historically for promoting the arts. 八年前库兹玛还未加入OCA的时候,她在不同地方担任过顶级艺术管理职位:从华盛顿特区到基辅(Kiev),包括去年的卡塞尔文献展(Documenta Art Fair in Kassel),都留下了她的足迹。在OCA,她的职责是培养挪威的独特性,并将其推广到全世界。挪威文化部与外交部(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)筹集了资金,于2001年成立了OCA,它被库兹玛戏称为“好奇心的产物”。这一组织的目标之一便是给来自全世界的艺术家和馆长一个留在奥斯陆的理由,让这座首都不仅仅是国际航线的中转站。库兹玛说,在这一点上,挪威已迎头赶上了瑞士、德国以及奥地利。但是,当经济下滑导致整个欧洲艺术基金严重缩水时,挪威已充分准备好与那些在艺术上有很高造诣的国家结为联盟。 For his part, Furnesvik has found it easiest to promote Norwegian artists as a gallerist and businessman working in the private sector. Not unlike the shipping companies that enjoy easy access to the North Sea, Norway is a base of operations for Furnesvik, not a market. He says 75 percent of the work sold at Standard (Oslo) leaves the country. #39;The local market has never been the reason the gallery started,#39; he says. With few exceptions, Standard (Oslo) has launched the careers of the most internationally sought-after living Norwegian artists-Fredrik Vaerslev, Matias Faldbakken and Einarsson-and boosted the international profile of the American artists it represents, like Tauba Auerbach, Alex Hubbard and Josh Smith. According to Furnesvik, for certain artists, like Faldbakken, there#39;s more global demand for the work than the gallery could possibly supply. Last spring, days before Furnesvik#39;s 40th birthday, Standard (Oslo) expanded into a 8,400-square-foot white-cube space. Furnesvik发现推广挪威艺术家最简单的方法就是把他们打造成艺廊经营者以及私有领域的商人。挪威与那些可以用便捷方式到达北海的航运公司并无不同,对Furnesvik来说,挪威更像是操作基地,而非市场。他说,Standard (Oslo)售出作品的75%都已经被带出挪威,“当地市场从来就不是艺廊开张的原因。”但是也有例外。Standard (Oslo)成功地帮助了一些挪威最当红的国际艺术家开启事业大门,如Fredrik Vaerslev,Matias Faldbakken以及埃纳尔松,也提升了其代表的美国艺术家的国际形象,如托巴#12539;奥尔巴赫(Tauba Auerbach),亚历克斯#12539;哈伯德(Alex Hubbard)以及乔希#12539;史密斯(Josh Smith)。据Furnesvik所说,对一些类似Faldbakken的艺术家来说,他们作品的国际需求,艺廊还远不能满足。去年春天,就在Furnesvik 40岁生日的几天前,Standard (Oslo)扩展出了了一个有8,400平方英尺(约780平方米)的白色立方型空间。 While artists, gallerists and even the government have begun to voice their artistic ambitions internationally, a serious class of Norwegian art collector has yet to emerge. It#39;s one reason why a gallery of Standard (Oslo)#39;s caliber has to conduct so much business abroad. Given the country#39;s middle-class ethos of equality, collecting contemporary art isn#39;t an obvious exercise for the young moneyed class. (The oft-ed Law of Jante, an informal Scandinavian social code coined by the author Aksel Sandemose in 1933, discourages citizens from rising above his or her social station.) #39;If you go to New York, the financial industry is the biggest thing,#39; says Furnesvik. #39;Within that, if you are to be considered an educated person, you have to aspire to collect art. It#39;s somehow expected of you, on the same level as wearing a tie. There is none of that in Norway. It#39;s a culture of equality.#39; 虽然艺术家、艺廊经营者乃至政府都已经向世界宣告了他们的艺术野心,但是挪威并没有出现真正的艺术收藏阶层。这是Standard (Oslo)的艺术品大量外销的原因之一。挪威的中产阶级尊崇平等的理念,所以新贵一族收藏当代艺术作品就显得有些不合时宜(广为流传的詹代法则(Law of Jante)虽不算正式,但也认为公民不应该有超出其社会层次的行为。这一斯堪的纳维亚社会法则由阿克塞尔#12539;桑德莫斯(Aksel Sandemose)于1933年提出)。Furnesvik说,“如果你去纽约,最强的是金融行业。同样的道理,如果你想让别人觉得你受过良好教育,你必须得收藏艺术品。这是社会对你的期待,就像出席正式场合要戴领带一样。在挪威没有这些要求,这里的文化就是平等。” Perhaps it#39;s no surprise that Petter Snare, a rare Norwegian collector, worked in the art world for a time with Furnesvik. Snare acquired his first works in the #39;90s as a law student in Bergen and later helped launch Standard (Oslo) in 2005 before selling his share two years later and returning to his legal career. In his free time, he runs an art book publisher, Teknisk Industri. Each book he publishes is almost completely financed by the government, according to Snare. He also sits on the board of many public and private art institutions across the country, including the Bergen Kunsthall and the Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond, an artists#39; relief fund dating back to the #39;40s supported by a 5-percent fee levied on all visual artwork publicly sold in the country. 也许彼得#12539;斯奈尔(Petter Snare)这一挪威少有的收藏家曾同Furnesvik一同合作过一段时间并不奇怪。斯奈尔在上世纪90年代得到了他第一件藏品。彼时他还是卑尔根的一名法律学生。2005年,他帮助成立了Standard (Oslo),两年后,他卖出了自己的股份,重回法律行业。在闲暇时间,他经营一家名叫TekniskIndustri的艺术书籍出版社。他说,他出版的每本书几乎都是政府出资。他同时也是挪威各地公共或私人艺术机构的董事会成员,这些机构包括Bergen Kunsthall以及Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond;后者是一项成立于40年代的艺术家救助基金,国内所有公开销售的视觉艺术作品的百分之五收入会用于该基金。 #39;Contemporary art as a social marker, at least in Norway, is something new,#39; Snare says over a glass of beer in the chandeliered lobby of downtown#39;s Hotel Bristol. #39;Norwegians are mainly trying to be less flashy. It might be an urban myth, but there are all these stories about shipping people in Norway having huge amounts of money and driving themselves to the airport in a Nissan and being picked up by a Rolls-Royce at London Heathrow.#39; 斯奈尔在市中心装有华丽吊灯的布里斯托酒店(Hotel Bristol)大厅,一边喝着啤酒一边说道:“把当代艺术当作社会标志,至少在挪威,是一件很新鲜的事。挪威人一般不愿意张扬。可能这是个都市传奇,但是有些故事讲的就是挪威一些搞航运的人积累了大量的财富,开着尼桑轿车(Nissan)去机场,然后在伦敦西斯罗机场(Heathrow)被接机的人护送上劳斯莱斯(Rolls-Royce)。” If the narrative about somewhat provincial Norwegians going out into the world has, in the last two decades, found its way out of an awkward adolescence, the reverse migration is just beginning. The American gallerist Esperanza Rosales moved to Oslo from Brussels in the fall of 2011 to do something unheard of: launch a commercial gallery as an outsider. She first visited Oslo to attend an event hosted by OCA. During her stay, she met Stian Eide Kluge and Steffen H#229;ndlykken, two Norwegian artists launching a gallery of their own called 1857 in Gr#248;nland, an immigrant neighborhood near the train station. The space they chose was a battered log cabin, the erstwhile operating headquarters for the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. The cabin was full of trash, and snow fell through the crumbling roof. #39;Something about that kind of spirit,#39; say Rosales, #39;this particular initiative they have to take something that was falling apart and fix it up, really stuck in my mind.#39; 如果这个讲述淳 的挪威人走进大千世界的故事在过去二十年就已经成为了现实的话,那么新移民进入挪威则是新的潮流。埃斯佩兰萨#12539;罗萨莱斯(Esperanza Rosales)在2011年秋天从布鲁塞尔移居奥斯陆,并且做了一件闻所未闻的事:以外行人的身份开了一家商业艺廊。她与奥斯陆的初次邂逅是来参加OCA举办的活动。在她停留期间,她见到了两个开办自己艺廊的挪威艺术家。这家艺廊名叫1857,位于靠近火车站的移民聚集地。他们选用的空间是一个破旧的木屋,雪花会从摇摇欲坠的屋顶上 下来。罗萨莱斯说:“他们身上的那种精神,那种要把濒临溃败的事物拯救回来的动力,很叫我难忘。” #39;Norway, there are things I love about it, but it#39;s very severe,#39; she says. She#39;s y with examples of the baffling cost of running a business within the country#39;s economy. #39;I once went to the post office to buy an envelope and a five-pack costs 65 U.S. dollars. They have local postage on them aly, but still that#39;s a lot.#39; 她说:“挪威有我爱的地方,但是现在日子也不好过。”挪威经济已受创,做生意成本很高,她给了些例子:“一次我去邮局买信封,一套五个装的信封居然要花65美元(约400人民币)。信封上已贴有当地邮票,可是价格仍然太贵了。” In Oslo there#39;s an incredible will to make things happen despite the odds-a community survival instinct, part of the bully attitude it takes to survive so far north. After two months, Rosales was able to negotiate free rent on a warren of lower level rooms below the Gr#248;nland Menighetshus, a former congregational hall built in 1913. Her program so far has included work by Ekblad and another Norwegian artist Lars Laumann, as well as by young artists from more established art capitals like Berlin and London. #39;I realized there was room for another commercial gallery, or perhaps one that could have a very different profile than Standard,#39; she says. #39;A commercial gallery with the spirit of a project space.#39; According to her agreement, she#39;ll begin paying rent there when the gallery starts turning a profit. In the meantime she#39;s investigating the possibility of claiming more space in a nearby prison. 奥斯陆有种排除万难坚持到最后的精神――这既是一个族群的本能,一定程度上也是在如此靠北的地方生存下来必备的态度。两个月后,罗萨莱斯在一个稍低档些的房子谈判自己的免费房租。这个房屋原来是会议大厅,首建于1913年。她的项目目前包括了艾克布莱德和另一位挪威艺术家拉尔斯#12539;劳曼(Lars Laumann)的作品,以及来自比较成熟的艺术之都如柏林和伦敦的艺术家作品。她说:“我意识到还有空间经营另一个商业艺廊。或许是一个跟Standard大相径庭,并且将商业艺廊和项目空间的精神结合起来的艺廊。”根据协议,当艺廊开始盈利的时候,她就要开始交房租了。同时,她也正在调查是否旁边的监狱能够提供更多空间。 Rosales#39;s gallery, called VI, VII, takes its name from the British colloquialism #39;at sixes and sevens.#39; #39;It means that someone is at a point of confusion, maybe making a bad choice or they#39;re showing recklessness,#39; she says. #39;The history of this is a little unclear, but some people think it came out of dice-throwing games-when somebody would bet everything they had on the next throw of the dice, and sometimes lose. I liked that it could be as total stupidity or total courage.#39; 罗萨莱斯的艺廊叫作VI, VII。这两个名字来源于俗语“六神无主”和“七上八下”(译者注:原文为sixes and sevens,意为乱七八糟)。她说:“这些短语表达的是人处在混沌的状态,这样人可能会做一些不好的决定,或者做出轻率鲁莽的事。这些短语的词源我不是很清楚,但是一些人觉得可能起源于丢骰子的游戏。有人下了所有的筹码,寄希望于下一次投骰子,但是却输了。我喜欢它们是因为它们代表的就是彻底的愚蠢,或者彻底的勇气。” /201309/257002A gluten-free, wheat-free store in Australia has come under fire for charging customers A (?3.50) just for looking at products on display.澳大利亚一家不含谷蛋白和小麦的食品专卖店因为向那些只看不买的顾客收取5澳元(3.5英镑)的费用而受到抨击。Celiac Supplies in Brisbane complained that it had too many people going into the store to find out which products were gluten and wheat-free and then going to buy them elsewhere.布里斯班市的Celiac Supplies食品店老板抱怨说,太多人进商店是为了看哪些产品是不含谷蛋白和小麦的,然后去其他地方购买这些产品。A poster has been put up in the store#39;s window that informs customers of the charge and explains the reasons for it.该店的橱窗贴了一张告示,告知顾客要收取“观赏费”,并解释了原因。Reddit user BarrettFox uploaded the image of the sign saying: ;When they open tomorrow I#39;m going to see how many times I can walk in and out without paying the toll.;上传这一告示图片的红迪网用户BarrettFox说:“他们明天开门的时候我就会知道自己可以走进走出多少次而不用付观赏费。”The store owner, known only as Georgina, said that 60 people went into the shop every week, asked her questions about her products, then went somewhere else to buy them.该店老板乔治娜说,每周有60人走进商店,向她询问有关她的产品的问题,然后去其他地方购买。;I#39;ve had a gutful of working and not getting paid. I#39;m not here to dispense a charity service for Coles and Woolworths to make more money,; she said.她说:“我的工作量很大却没有得到报偿。我开店不是为了给科斯超市和伍尔沃斯食品店提供慈善务让它们赚更多钱的。”;I can tell straight away who are the ratbags who are going to come in here and pick my brain and disappear.;“我立马就能分辨出哪些人是进来询问完信息就会转身离去的讨厌鬼。”She said some people had been put off by the sign but others had paid the browsing charge. She claimed her prices matched many supermarkets.她说,有些人看到告示就扭头离开,其他一些人则付了“观赏费”。她声称自己店内产品的价格和许多超市持平。The is charged initially then deducted from the bill if goods are purchased in the shop. ;This policy is in line with many other clothing, shoe and electronic stores who are also facing the same issue,; the sign s.如果在该店购买了商品,一开始收取的5澳元费用就会从账单里扣除。告示称:“这一政策和许多其他面临同样问题的装店、鞋店和电子产品店采取的策略是一致的。”Russell Zimmerman, executive director of the Australian Retailers Association, said that while he had heard of clothing stores charging customers to try on clothes, he had never known a shop to charge a browsing fee.澳洲零售商协会的执行董事拉塞尔·齐默曼说,虽然他听说过有装店向顾客收取试衣费,但他还从未听闻过收取观赏费的商店。;If I walked into the store and was told I was going to be charged to browse my immediate reaction would be to leave,; he said.他说:“如果我走进商店就被告知要缴纳观赏费,我的第一反应就是走人。”;You are missing the opportunity for the browsing customer to actually buy from you.;“你们将失去让随便看看的顾客从你们店买东西的机会。”He suggested Georgina would more likely put people off visiting her shop. Smaller stores should emphasise their unique selling point and offer good customer service to entice more business, he suggested.他指出乔治娜此举更可能让人们远离她的商店。他建议说,小型商店应该强调自己独特的卖点,向顾客提供优质的务,从而招来更多生意。 /201303/232490

  Breathing particulate-laden (aka smoggy) air may be hardening your arteries faster than normal, according to research published today in PLOS Medicine. While everyones’ arteries harden gradually with age, a team of researchers led by epidemiologist Sara Adar of the University of Michigan School of Public Health discovered that higher concentrations of fine particulate air pollution were linked to a faster thickening of the inner two layers of the carotid artery.根据今日发表在《公共科学图书馆·医学》杂志上的研究,呼吸含大量颗粒物的(雾霾)空气可能会让你的动脉硬化速度加快。尽管每个人的动脉都会随着年龄增大而逐渐硬化,但密歇根大学公共卫生学院的流行病学家萨拉·阿达领导的研究团队发现,空气中的细微颗粒污染物浓度升高与颈动脉内膜和中膜增厚加快有关。Because the carotid artery feeds blood to the neck, head, and brain, a narrowing or blockage there can trigger strokes. And general atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and heart failure.由于颈动脉要向颈部、头部和大脑供血,颈动脉变窄或堵塞可能会引发中风。通常动脉硬化是冠心病、心脏病发作和心力衰竭的主要风险因素。Past research has demonstrated that the rates of stroke and heart attack are higher in polluted areas, but experts haven’t been able to pinpoint just how polluted air is raising peoples’ risk for heart attack or stroke. This time, Adar’s team, along with Joel Kaufman, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences and medicine at the University of Washington, was able to directly measure carotid artery thickness and link it to air pollution data.以往的研究已经表明,在受污染地区中风和心脏病发作的几率更高,但专家还未能查明空气污染是如何提高人们心脏病或中风发作的风险的。这次阿达带领的团队和华盛顿大学环境与职业健康科学和医学专业的教授乔尔?考夫曼联手合作,已经能够直接测量颈动脉厚度,并将其和空气污染数据联系起来。The study involved 5,362 people between the ages of 45 and 84 living in six different cities that are part of the MESA AIR (Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis and Air Pollution) research project, led by Joel Kaufman. Each participant underwent two carotid artery ultrasounds three years apart. These measurements were then correlated with data on fine particulate air pollution.乔尔·考夫曼领导的这一动脉硬化和空气污染多种族研究项目调查了居住在6个不同城市、年龄在45岁到84岁之间的5362个人。每个参与者隔三年都要做一次颈动脉超声波检查。研究人员把这些测量结果和细颗粒物空气污染的数据联系起来。While the artery walls of all participants increased by 14 micrometers per year, the arteries of those who were exposed to higher levels of fine particulate air pollution in their homes thickened faster than their neighbors in other parts of the city.尽管所有参与者的动脉壁每年都会增厚14微米,但那些家周边空气中细颗粒污染物水平更高的人动脉壁比住在同城其他地区的人增厚速度更快。Interestingly, the researchers also found the reverse effect to be true: reducing fine particulate air pollution levels slowed down atherosclerosis progression. Carotid artery measurements are considered by experts to be an indicator for arterial plaque and hardening throughout the body.有趣的是,研究人员还发现反之亦然:降低空气中的细颗粒污染物水平会减慢动脉硬化的速度。专家认为颈动脉的测量数据是动脉斑块和周身硬化的指示标志。 /201305/237628一位父亲为庆祝宝贝女儿出生!要把“克莱尔”译为中文,献给自己的小仙女!伴随她成长… 另外,小宝宝中文名还没有确定,但是英文名只有一个:Claire... 这就是天意吧… 这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:关于克莱尔的一切,从这里开始:第一女主角现身,让我们开始吧……!译者:koogle

  A policeman escorted a habitual criminal passing by a mountain village. Seeing contain sundries store at village end, the recidivist put forward to buy a of pack cigarette. The policeman pondered over:You seized the chance to escape last time like so. Hum, Cut it out. Therefore he said to the prisoner:; You wait here, I go to buy.; While coming back, he found the repeater missing still.  一个警察押着一个惯犯来到一个小山村。见村头有家杂货店,犯人提出要进去买包香烟。警察想:你上次就是这样借机逃跑的,哼,少来这一套。于是,他对犯人说:“你在这等着,我进去买。”回来时,犯人还是不见了。 /201303/227977


  Would you watch a live broadcast of a seven-hour train trip? How about a weeklong cruise ship or hours of a fire burning in a fireplace? These might seem like unlikely candidates for primetime programming, especially in today#39;s landscape of viral s and on-demand viewing, but they#39;re part of a hit phenomenon in Norway known as ;slow TV.;你会看7小时火车旅行的直播节目吗?那为期一周的游轮之旅或木柴在壁炉里燃烧好几个小时的直播呢?在如今热门视频和自主观影的大环境之下,这类节目似乎都不可能放到黄金时段播出。但在挪威,这类叫做“慢电视”的节目却火得不得了。Next up for slow TV: an evening of minute-by-minute knitting, Time Magazine reports.根据《时代》杂志报道,慢电视下一期的节目内容是:直播针织大衣的所有过程。In 2009, public broadcaster NRK aired ;Bergensbanen,; a program documenting a seven-hour train journey across the country from Oslo to Bergen, in primetime. The show was surprisingly successful, and a new Scandinavian reality TV trend was born.2009年,挪威公共广播公司在黄金时段播出《卑尔根铁路》,一档记载火车穿越挪威从奥斯陆到卑尔根全程7小时的节目。这档节目收视异常成功,从此斯堪的纳维亚记录现实的慢节奏节目诞生了。More than 3 million viewers (more than half of Norway#39;s population of 5 million), tuned in for ;Hurtigruten: Minutt for Minutt,; a five-day live 2011 broadcast of a cruise ship traveling up the Norwegian west coast, according to Time.《时代》杂志称,有超过300万的观众(挪威500万总人口的一半还多)收看《海达路德:分分秒秒》,这档挪威2011年新出的慢节目,直播一艘游轮在挪威西海岸航行五天的所有记录。According to the Wall Street Journal, NRK is also considering a 24-hour live feed of construction workers building a digital clock out of wood.据《华尔街日报》报道,挪威广播公司正策划一档24小时的直播慢节目,记录建筑工人如何使用木头制作数字时钟。It seems like Norwegian television executives are trying to come up with the most boring ideas possible, so why are they breaking ratings records?看起来挪威电视节目的主管在想尽办法把节目做得越无聊越好,但为什么这类节目还屡破收视率记录?Rune Moklebust, who leads slow TV programming at NRK told Time that ;this is a different way of telling a story. It is more strange. The more wrong it gets, the more right it is.;挪威广播公司慢电视节目负责人Rune Moklebust 告诉《时代》杂志:“这是另一种讲故事的方式。很奇怪是吧,但越不对劲,就越能迎合大众口味。”In fact, a recent 18-hour live show of salmon spawning upstream received complaints from viewers for being too short, NPR reported.根据美国国家公共广播的报道,事实上,最近一部18小时记录三文鱼逆水而上产卵繁殖的慢电视遭到观众批评,理由是节目太短了。Norwegians ;love slow,; Arve Hjelseth, a sociologist at the Norwegian University of Science, explained to the Wall Street Journal. Watching slow TV is a ;sort of celebration of the Norwegian way of doing things, which we believe to be slightly different,; he said.挪威科技大学社会学家阿尔沃向《华尔街日报》解释道,挪威人喜爱“慢节奏”。他说,看慢电视“就像庆祝我们挪威人的做事方式,而且挪威人也知道这点和其他人有些不一样。”One installment of this particularly Norwegian programming might seem familiar to American viewers: ;National Firewood Night,; which showed a fire burning for hours in a fireplace, somewhat reminiscent of the Christmas Day Yule Log.有一集挪威慢节奏节目对美国观众来说可能并不陌生:《国家篝火之夜》这集节目中展示了柴火在壁炉中连续燃烧好几个小时的过程,有点像是在怀念圣诞节的圣诞柴。And Oystein Johansen, a critic at Norway#39;s biggest daily newspaper, compared the experience to watching car racing.而来自挪威最出名日报的批评家乔纳森,则把这种现象同观看赛车相提并论。;People are watching just in case something happens,; he told Time, adding that he himself got caught up in the train show and ended up watching it for hours with fascination.他对《时代》说:“人们看这种节目就是等着看发生点什么。”另外他还说自己本人就被火车的节目迷住了,一直全神贯注地看了好几个小时。Some also attribute the show#39;s success to the sense of nostalgia it evokes among the audience. These programs harken back to simpler times in Norway, when simply knitting clothes or gazing at the landscapes were entertainment enough.但有些人也认为这类节目成功的原因在于它勾起了观众的怀旧之情。这些节目带他们回到过去,那时的挪威更朴素纯洁。只是看看编织装或户外美景就足以大众。 /201307/247710

  这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:做应做之事,做必做之事,但是什么才是“应做必做”的,标准就不一样了……至少事在人为,哪怕做了些傻事蠢事,也比碌碌无为强!译者:koogle

  这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:我们的克莱尔,终于貌似要有恋情出现了!而且是“办公室恋情”………译者:koogle /201307/248316

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