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Venezuela Releases Data on Health Crisis委内瑞拉发布健康危机数据After nearly two years of not revealing any data about its nation health, Venezuela has released a disturbing report. Since July , malaria cases have increased by 76%. There has also been a sharp increase in maternal and infant deaths. Venezuelan citizens say that they are often turned away from hospitals unless they have their own supplies and medicine. With such a shortage of medical supplies, hospitals have also become a place thieves. Many patients buy medicine on the black market because it the only way to get it. There is also a shortage of medical staff. In the past few years, approximately % of medical professionals in Venezuela have left the country due to the health crisis.委内瑞拉近两年没有发布任何关于国民健康的数据,最近它发表了一份令人不安的报告自年7约起,疟疾病例上升了76%产妇死亡和婴儿死亡率也大幅度上升委内瑞拉市民称他们经常被医院拒接,除非他们自己带有物资或药品医疗物资奇缺,医院也常被小偷光顾很多病人都在黑市上购买药品,因为这是唯一的办法医疗人员也紧缺过去几年中,委内瑞拉大约有%的医疗人员因为健康危机而离开了这个国家译文属原创,,不得转载 5653

Kitty:Oh, smell that. Isnt that delectable?凯蒂:哦,你闻闻是不是很令人愉悦?Pepe:Yes, it pleasant.佩佩:是的,令人愉悦Kitty:Pleasant? It heavenly.凯蒂:愉快吗?好像是天堂般的感觉It has a nice fruity scent, not too sweet.它有一种很棒的水果香甜气息,但不是很重Pepe:If you say so. I dont want to buy anything that has a strong perfume smell. Im a guy.佩佩:如果你这么说的话我就不想买任何有很强香水味的东西我是个男人啊Kitty:I know, but you want to exude a sexy scent that captivates the opposite sex, right?凯蒂:我知道,但是你想散发出吸引异性的那种气味,对吗?Pepe:Im not sure about that. I just want to smell fresh and clean.佩佩:我不确定我只是想闻起来清新干净Kitty:All right, how about this one?凯蒂:好的,这款怎么样?Pepe:Uh, it smells musky.佩佩:嗯,闻起来有麝香味Kitty:Musky is good. Musky is sexy.凯蒂:麝香很好麝香闻起来很性感Pepe:Not to me. Let stick with something basic.佩佩:不是我买让我们回归最基本吧Im buying this one.我要买这一个Kitty:But that one smells like detergent!凯蒂:但这个闻起来像洗涤剂!Pepe:Yes, because that what Im buying-detergent my clothes.佩佩:是的,因为这就是我要的,我买的是衣用的洗涤剂I dont need any fancy scents on my clothes.我不需要在我的衣上有任何花哨的味道Kitty:Have it your way, but youre missing out on a chance to lure women with your scent.凯蒂:随你便吧,但是你错过吸引女性的良机Pepe:Ill pass up that chance, thank you very much.佩佩:我放弃这个机会,非常感谢If I follow your advice and buy this perfume-smelling detergent, women will definitely get the wrong idea about me!如果我听你的建议,买这款闻起来像洗涤剂的香水,女性肯定满脑子都会误解我! 389378

Google searching improves memoryA new study finds that internet searching exercises the brain. Did you note that the Internet could be a good exercise the brain? A new study from UCLA found it when middle age and senior age adults perm Internet searches, it activates many different areas of the brain including those involve with memory, decision making and reasoning. Join us today is the lead author of the study looking at this Dr Gary Smalls and he’s also the author of the book ibrain, surviving the technological alternation of the modern mind. Welcome Dr Smalls.Thank you! It’s great to be here.So, in my parents’ house, I have to tell you how it works. My mom and dad might sit up and it’s some point that they discussion, hey you are on the Internet, quit surfing Internet. Can I, now tell my parents it’s ok dad to surf in the Internet, it’s good his brain?Well, we don’t see any harm in it, and this first study to see what the brain looks like when it searches on the Internet showed very dramatic results compared to just ing a book test page, there was much greater activation and particularly in the front part of the brain that controls complex reasoning and decision making. That’s interesting, so it’s kind of can dicrossral puzzle sounds like. Well, it’s… it’s appearlly different from cross word puzzles but similar one thing about when we were searching on the web is we constantly deciding should you go this side or that other side, where as if just ing a book page the decision is should I turn the page when I finish the last sentence. And there are something about that decision making process, something about the interaction that is activating a much greater extend of brain circus. And it’s interesting. Now what about the ages while you’re looking at these kind of, I saw your study was real to be small, it seemed to be a people in the stuff I’d . Uh, what ages are we looking at when did this become potentially neuro-preventive people?We don’t know whether it’s neuro-pret-preventive and we don’t know about the age facts, but one thing I focus on in ibrain in my new book is digital divide between young people, digital * who are getting this technology -7 born into it, and the older generation of digital nade, the digital immigrants who come to at a more reluctantly laid and lie, and how do we bridge that so called brain gap by augrating the text skill of older people and helping younger people with the face-to-face human contact skills.It’s fascinating, we just have one last question you can comment, but I’ve been fascinated how able people in their 60s and 70s are really incorporating this new technology into their daily lives in the Internet searching accelerate, it really being amazing to can be seen how quick that’s happened. We are encouraging boomers and seniors to get involved in the technology to have fun within it and enjoy it in a great way to reach out people who are not nearby, the communicate ability is…(Absolutely) spectacular.Absolutely, sorry we are at the time, but thanks so much coming to see us Dr Smalls, love to hear what you had said. Thank you! 1American Presidents: John F. Kennedy; Great Britain versus Britain versus England versus ed Kingdom; who versus which versus that; hot shotWords:to become embroiledto ramwar heroconvalescencestillbornretrospectcloseinaugural addressto deposeabruptassassinationfondlyGreat BritainBritainEnglanded Kingdomwhowhichthathotshot 3661

1. What is the girl shopping ?A. a present her motherB. a present a friendC. a present her father. How much is the black wallet?A. .95B. .95C. $.953. Why doesnt the girl like the brown wallet?A. There isnt a place to put pictures.B. It too big and heavy.C. She doesnt like the color.. About how much does the girl have to spend?A. .00B. $.00C. $.0. What does the girl decide to buy?A. a black walletB. a brown beltC. a tie 37359OK)7(EB1%wAfUrFHOn*_Upz8U*6ggdIUWhen does Ronald eat breakfast? He eats breakfast in the morning. What does he eat breakfast? He eats ham and eggs. What does he drink breakfast? He drinks coffee. Where does he eat breakfast? He eats breakfast at home. Who makes breakfast Ronald? His wife makes breakfast him. Why does Ronald eat breakfast? Because food gives him energy. What does he do after he eats breakfast? He brushes his teeth. What does he do after he brushes his teeth? He goes to work. Which bus does he take to work? He takes the city bus to work.~FI)chY%#cEWfQ|,YCtM1ucJK0C%]~^.5zu0NEIfES%U6TVv%wRGzqX 37976<牛人_句子>

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