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郴州看泌尿科那个医院好郴州哪家医院包皮炎郴州治疗睾丸炎多少钱 Japanese stocks sustained another day of huge losses Wednesday thanks to investor worries about the financial health of European banks ahead of key congressional testimony by the head of the U.S. central bank.日本股市星期三再度大跌,原因是美国中央行长即将在美国国会进行关键作,投资者担心欧洲金融状况不佳。One day after losing a staggering 918 points, or 5.40 percent, the Nikkei index dropped 372 points, or 2.3 percent, to end the day at 15,713.39, its lowest mark since October 2014. The Nikkei is down just over 10 percent this month, placing the index in ;bear market; territory.日经指数星期二猛18点,即下.40%。星期三,又再下72点,.3%,跌5,713.39点。这0140月以来的最低点。日经指数本月已经下0%,进入熊市范围。Australias benchmark Samp;P/ASX 200 dropped just over one percent to close at 4,775.70. Indexes in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Seoul remained closed for the Lunar New Year.澳大利亚股市标普/ ASX 200指数下跌百分之一多一点,收盘时为4,775.70。上海、香港、台北和首尔股市因为农历新年而休市。Investors are questioning whether some of Europes biggest banks have sufficient capital reserves on hand to buffer against a slump in their share prices.投资者对欧洲一些最大的是否有足够的资本储备应对股价下跌感到怀疑。The current state of the U.S. economy, as well as the outlook for interest rate increases, growth and unemployment, are on the agenda Wednesday and Thursday when Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before key congressional committees.美国联邦储备委员会主席耶林星期三和星期四将在美国国会几个重要委员会作。国会议员们将提出美国目前经济状况、增加利率的前景、经济增长和失业率等问题。来 /201602/425855苏仙区治疗性功能障碍多少钱

汝城县人民中妇幼保健医院男科咨询郴州市第一人民医院龟头炎症 The assault on the Iraqi city of Mosul that began this week underlines the fact that the next three months will be a perilous period in international politics. 本周开始的对伊拉克城市苏Mosul)的攻击突出表明,未来三个月将是国际政治的一段危险时期。Fighting is intensifying in the Middle East. 中东战火正越烧越旺。Tensions are rising between Russia and the west. 俄罗斯和西方之间的紧张关系日益加剧。And relations between China and its Asian neighbours are getting edgier. 中国与亚洲邻国之间的关系越来越紧张。All this is happening while the US is diverted by the Trump-Clinton melodrama and the transition to a new president.在发生这一切的同时,特朗普与希拉里的戏剧性选战和向新总统的过渡分散了美国的注意力。For Russia and China two countries that are openly unhappy with the US-dominated world order a distracted America will look like an opportunity. 对于俄罗斯和中国这两个公开对美国主导的世界秩序表示不满的国家而言,一个分心的美国看起来将像是一个机会。Both Moscow and Beijing regard Hillary Clinton with suspicion and believe that her probable arrival in the Oval Office would herald a more hawkish US foreign policy. 俄罗斯和中国都对希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)怀有疑心,认为她入主白宫椭圆形办公Oval Office)将预示美国会采取更强硬的外交政策,而希拉里入主白宫是大概率事件。They may be tempted to act swiftly, before she has a chance to settle into the White House.中俄或许会想要赶在希拉里有机会成为白宫主人之前,迅速采取行动。A temporarily preoccupied America might not matter much in normal times. 在正常时期,一个暂时心不在焉的美国或许也关系不大。But big and dangerous decisions are looming. 但是,重大而危险的决定近在咫尺。In the Middle East, the bombardment of Aleppo by Russian and Syrian government forces has led to a near-breakdown in relations between Moscow and the west. 在中东,俄罗斯和叙利亚政府部队对阿勒Aleppo)的轰炸,导致俄罗斯与西方的关系几近一拍两散。Without a common diplomatic project to hold them together, the two sides may slide into outright confrontation in Syria. 若是没有一个共同的外交安排把双方聚拢在一起,它们或许会在叙利亚陷入公然对抗。Further sanctions on Russia are in the offing and the west’s military options are also being reviewed.西方正酝酿对俄罗斯施加进一步的制裁,也在评估军事选项。President Vladimir Putin may calculate that a US administration that has refused to take military action against the Assad regime since 2011 is unlikely to reverse course in President Barack Obama’s last few months in office. 俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)或许是这样打算的:自2011年以来一直拒绝对叙利亚阿萨德(Assad)政权采取军事行动的奥巴马政府,不太可能在奥巴马的最后几个月任期里改弦易张。But if the Russians push too hard, they could miscalculate and provoke an American reaction. 但是,如果俄罗斯人做得太过火,他们可能会失算,激得美国做出反应。That is particularly the case because the Obama administration is angered by Russian cyber warfare, aimed at influencing the US presidential election. 眼下尤其如此,因为俄罗斯方面旨在影响美国总统选举的网络战惹恼了奥巴马政府。Joe Biden, the vice-president, has aly signalled that America intends to retaliate in cyber space.美国副总统#8226;拜登(Joe Biden)表示,美国打算在网络空间对俄罗斯进行报复。Even without a worsening of the situation in Syria, fighting in the Middle East will intensify in the coming weeks. 即便叙利亚局势并未恶化,中东战事在未来几周里也将加剧。The Iraqi government, backed by the air power of a US-led coalition, has begun a major push to retake Mosul from Isis. 在美国领导的联军空中力量的持下,伊拉克政府已发动了旨在从伊斯兰ISIS)手中夺回苏尔的大规模攻势。With one eye on his legacy and another on the presidential election, Mr Obama would be delighted to notch up a significant victory against Isis in the coming weeks.奥巴马一只眼睛盯着自己的遗产,另一个眼睛盯着总统选举,如果未来几周里能收获一场对ISIS的重大胜利,他将非常高兴。Going on the offensive in Iraq, rather than Syria, is also more attractive for America because there is less chance of an accidental clash with the Russians. 在伊拉克而不是叙利亚的境内发动攻势,对美国也更具吸引力,因为与俄罗斯人发生意外冲突的机会较小。A successful US-backed assault on Mosul could also counteract the impression of American weakness in the Middle East. 在美国持下攻击苏尔的成功,可能也会抵消美国在中东的软弱印象。But the comparisons between Mosul and Aleppo are also a warning. 但苏尔与阿勒颇之间的对比也是一个警告。There are more than 1m civilians living in and around Mosul who could be caught up in the fighting. 苏尔城内及其周围居住的的平民超00万,他们可能被困于战火之中。The battle for the city could also lead to a clash between the Turkish and Iraqi governments, both nominally American allies.攻打苏尔的战斗也可能导致土耳其和伊拉克政府之间发生冲突——名义上它们都是美国的盟囀?The Russians may also feel that the next few months offer an opportunity in eastern Europe and Ukraine, with the EU distracted by Brexit and the run-up to the French presidential election. 俄罗斯人或许还认为,眼下欧盟(EU)一门心思都在英国脱欧和法国即将举行的总统选举上,未来几个月在东欧和乌克兰也存在一个机会。Moscow had hoped that, by now, the EU would have eased the economic sanctions that were imposed in the aftermath of Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. 莫斯科方面原本希望,到现在这时候,欧盟应该已经放松了于俄罗014年吞并克里米亚之后对其施加的经济制裁。Instead, the west has collectively strengthened its stance by moving more Nato troops into the Baltic states that border Russia. 结果西方反而集体强化了立场,将更多北约(Nato)部队派驻到与俄罗斯相邻的波罗的海国家。In response, the Russians have moved nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad, a Russian territorial enclave that lies between Lithuania and Poland. 作为回应,俄罗斯人已把可搭载核弹头的导弹部署到加里宁格勒(Kaliningrad)——这是一块位于立陶宛和波兰之间的俄罗斯飞地。Russia’s nuclear posturing is clearly intended to unnerve but it is dangerous for all that.俄罗斯的核态势显然是让想西方紧张,但尽管如此,这种态势也是危险的。The Chinese government is more controlled and ambiguous in its belligerence than Moscow. 跟俄罗斯相比,中国政府的好战性更克制、更难以捉摸。Nevertheless, Beijing’s actions in recent months have set the nerves of its neighbours on edge. 然而,北京最近几个月的行动令其邻国感到紧张。The Chinese were enraged by an international tribunal’s ruling in July that Beijing’s territorial claims in the South China Sea are largely specious. 今年7月,一家国际仲裁庭做出裁决,认为中国对南中国海(South China Sea)的领土主张很大程度上站不住脚,这激怒了中国。Since then the official media in Beijing has become ever more ferocious, berating and threatening otherwise friendly countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Australia for following America’s line on security issues. 自那时以来,中国的官方媒体措辞变得越来越激烈,谴责和威胁新加坡、韩国和澳大利亚等原本友好的国家在安全问题上追随美国的立场。The Japanese say that they have seen a recent increase in Chinese activity in the disputed waters of the East China Sea.日本人表示,他们看到中国近来在东中国East China Sea)争议水域中的活动有所增加。Meanwhile nations in Southeast Asia are watching nervously to see if China follows up its island-building in the South China Sea with further actions. 同时,东南亚国家正在紧张地观察,继在南中国海造岛之后,中国是否还会接着采取进一步行动。However the fact that the Philippines, which brought the legal action against China, is now tilting towards Beijing under Rodrigo Duterte, its new, anti-American president, may reduce China’s incentives to take military chances in the Pacific. 然而,曾对中国采取法律行动的菲律宾人,如今在反美的新总统罗德里戈#8226;杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)的领导下正倒向北京,这一事实或许会降低中国在太平洋地区冒险采取军事行动的动机。Why risk confrontation when politics and diplomacy are handing such a big prize to Beijing?当政治和外交手段正在向北京方面奉上一份大礼时,何必还去冒对抗的风险呢?As Mr Obama prepares to pack his bags in the White House, he may look back wryly at the foreign-policy goals that he set eight years ago.当奥巴马准备收拾行李离开白宫时,他可能会皱着眉头回顾自己年前设定的外交政策目标。There was to be a reset that would lead to better relations with Russia. 本应有一次将带来美俄关系改善的重置。There would also be a new and closer working relationship with China. 还本应与中国形成新的、更紧密的合作关系。And there would be an end to war in the Middle East. 中东战事本应结束。None of those policies has come to fruition. 这些政策目标没有一条实现了。Instead, Mr Obama will be fortunate if he can negotiate his last three months in office without presiding over a major international crisis.相反,奥巴马如果能够顺利度过最个月任期、而无需主持一场重大国际危机,他就算走运的了 /201610/472905郴州哪家医院切包皮好

郴州东方治疗前列腺怎样President Barack Obama kicked off a fierce election year battle with Republicans by nominating a centrist judge to the Supreme Court and warning his political foes against acting on threats to block him. 美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)在选举年启动了一场对共和党人的战争。他提名一位持中间立场的法官进入美国最高法院,并警告他的政治对手,不要威胁阻止他Mr Obama on Wednesday named Merrick Garland, 63, to replace Antonin Scalia, a conservative justice who died last month, deliberately choosing an appeals court judge who has in the past won praise from Republicans. 周三,奥巴马提名63岁的梅里#8226;加兰(Merrick Garland)进入最高法院,取代上月去世的保守派法官安东#8226;斯卡利亚(Antonin Scalia)的位置。他故意挑选了一名过去曾赢得共和党人赞扬的上诉法院法官The vacancy left by Scalia has thrust the Supreme Court into the heart of acrimonious election year politics, putting up for grabs the ideological tilt of an institution with a profound influence on American government and society. 斯卡利亚留下的空缺,把最高法院推入了尖锐的大选年政治斗争的中心,使这家对美国政府和社会具有深远影响力的机构的意识形态倾向成为争夺对象Senate Republicans on Wednesday reiterated their determination to block any nominee in Mr Obama’s final year in office, insisting that voters should be given a say by allowing the next president to fill the vacancy. 共和党参议员周三重申,他们决心阻止奥巴马在总统任期最后一年提名的任何人选。他们坚称,应当给予选民们发言权,让下一任总统来提名最高法院空缺人选Announcing his pick in the White House Rose Garden, Mr Obama urged Republicans to rethink and fulfil what he described as their constitutional duty by considering Mr Garland instead of treating him as a “political pi#241;ata 在白宫玫瑰园公布自己的提名人选时,奥巴马敦促共和党人三思,履行他所描述的共和党人的宪法责任,对加兰进行考察,而不是把他视为一个“政治玩偶”Mr Garland who is likely to be given a rough ride by some Republicans is the chief judge at the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit, a regular stepping stone to the top court where Scalia also served. 目前,加兰是美国哥伦比亚特区联邦巡回上诉法院(US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit)的首席法官,这是通往最高法院的跳板。斯卡利亚也曾担任该职务A White House official noted that Mr Garland was confirmed as an appeals court judge with majority support from both parties when he was nominated in 1997 by President Bill Clinton. 一位白宫官员指出,1997年加兰获得时任总统比尔#8226;克林Bill Clinton)提名担任上诉法院法官时,曾得到了两党的多数持In 2010 Orrin Hatch, a senior Republican senator, described him as a “consensus nomineefor the Supreme Court when he was considered for a vacancy that year. 2010年,当最高法院出现空缺时,资深共和党参议员奥#8226;哈奇(Orrin Hatch)把加林描述为一名“共识候选人”But Mr Hatch, the longest-serving member of the Senate judiciary committee, quickly shot down any hope of Republicans agreeing to hold hearings, let alone a vote, on Mr Garland’s nomination. 但是,在参议院司法委员会(Senate judiciary committee)任职时间最长的委员哈奇,很快就浇灭了共和党人同意就提名加兰举行听会(投票就更不必说)的希望Scalia’s death ended a conservative majority that held sway on the court for a quarter of a century, leaving it split 4-4 between the remaining conservatives and their liberal counterparts, who face landmark cases on immigration, abortion and healthcare. 斯卡利亚的去世,终结了持续四分之一个世纪的保守派在最高法院占多数的局面。保守派和自由派法官的比例变Republicans do not want Mr Obama to tilt its balance leftward, but they are taking a gamble that a member of their own party will win November’s presidential election and appoint another conservative. 共和党人不希望奥巴马把最高法院的倾向推到左翼,但他们是在押注,共和党人将赢得11月的总统大选,然后再为最高法院提名一位保守派人士If the Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton won the White House and the Senate flipped into Democratic hands, she could feel empowered to nominate a justice more liberal than Mr Garland. 如果民主党领跑者希拉里#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)入主白宫,并且参议院落入民主党手中,她可能感觉有能力提名一位比加兰更倾向自由派的法官Mrs Clinton praised Mr Garland in a statement on Wednesday and urged the Senate to give him “a full and fair hearing followed by a vote 周三,希拉里在声明中称赞了加兰,并敦促参议院就他获提名“进行一次全面、公正的听,然后再投票表决”。来 /201603/432414 湖南郴州看泌尿科怎么样郴州男科哪里专业



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