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襄樊市中心医院治疗扁桃体炎价格襄阳哪里治疗流鼻血最好我的(My Sister) -- 1::30 来源: 我的(My Sister)I have a pretty sister.She is twenty years old.Her name is ZengJie.She likes ing. So she is very clever.Her favourite sport is swimming.I sometimes swim with her.She is a friendly girl,because she always be friendly to everyone.She is also my little teacher.She always helps me to do my homework. ?I like my sister.I must learn from her.襄阳治耳朵比较好的医院 我喜欢运动 I Like Sports -- :7:31 来源: Ilike sports, because doing sports is really a good thing. Firstly, it helps mekeep healthy. Exercise is one of the most active and effective means to enhancethe physical health. Secondly, doing sports is a good way to relax. When youare upset, sport may pull you out from depression. Finally, it’s easier to makefriends while take part in sport activities, because you have the same interest.It’s important making friends. All in all, I get a lot from sports.我喜欢体育运动,因为参加体育运动是一件很好的事情首先,它能帮助我保持健康体育锻炼是增强体质的最积极、有效的手段之一其次,锻炼是一种很好的发送方式当你烦恼的时候,运动能把你从失落里拯救出来最后,在体育运动中更容易交到朋友,因为你们有共同的兴趣爱好,这对交友来说是很重要的总的来说,通过体育运动,我得到了许多亚龙湾英文介绍 -- :1:33 来源: 亚龙湾英文介绍亚龙湾位于三亚,作为热门旅游景点,亚龙湾因柔软洁白的沙子和清澈可见水下米的湛蓝大海而闻名亚龙湾是一个跳水的好地方,同时这里还有着先进的高尔夫俱乐部和帆船俱乐部 Yalong Bay is famous its soft, white sand and crystal blue sea. Yalong Bay is a 7.5-kilometer stretch of beach located southeast of Sanya. As a hot tourism destination, it is famous its soft, white sand and crystal blue sea with visibility down to meters. It is a favorite place of divers. It also has advanced golf clubs and sailing clubs.Admission: 5 yuanHours: 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.Get there: Bus , 1, or travel bus 亚龙湾襄阳医院咽喉炎要多少钱

治声带息肉应该去襄阳的哪个医院疯狂英语口语对话详解7篇第3课: 抱歉,让你们久等了-- :7:36 如果你是个迟到大王,这句话你一定要学:Sorry to keep you waiting.(对不起,让你久候)这句话不论在日活生活或在电话在线要别人久等都可用得着,此外也可说:Sorry I couldn't be on time.(对不起,我不能准时到达) 对话 A: Hey Marcus, where were you? We've been expecting you all night. B: Sorry to keep you waiting. I had an important meeting and it ran over. A: How's business been recently? B: Well, not too bad. 甲:唏,马吉斯,你去了哪儿?我们整晚等着你 乙:对不起,要你们久候我有个重要会议,开到过了时 甲:生意最近如何? 乙:蛮不错吧 有些人迟到,会说:Sorry to keep you waiting,有些则会说:Sorry to have kept you waiting.(对不起,要你们久候了),究竟哪个说法才正确? 说为现在的事抱歉,sorry之后用‘to + 原形动词(infinitive)’或‘that + 子句(clause)’都可以,例如:(1) I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's a long-distance call you.(对不起,打扰了,有长途电话找你)() I'm sorry (that) I'm late(对不起,我迟到了) 说为过去的事抱歉,sorry之后用‘about + ing形式动词’或‘to have + 完成时动词(perfect tense)’或‘that + 子句’,例如:(1) I'm sorry calling you a liar.(我曾说你不诚实,真对不起)() I'm sorry to have called you a liar. (3) I'm sorry (that) I called you a liar. 迟到者说‘要你们久候了’,那等候在他到达时即成过去,所以有I'm sorry to have kept you waiting这说法不过,由于等候才刚刚结束,当作现在的事并无不可,所以也有I'm sorry to keep you waiting. 的说法,两句意思没有什么分别 迟到最好可以解释原因一个常见原因是交通阻塞:I got stuck in traffic.(我在车辆之中动弹不得)或Traffic was slow.(路上车辆缓慢)另一原因是:I overslept.(我睡过了头)或My alarm didn't go off.(闹钟没有响)当然,真正的原因可能是时间估计错误:I misjudged the time.中航工业三六四医院耳鸣要多少钱 湖南长沙马王堆汉墓英文导游词 -- :: 来源: 湖南长沙马王堆汉墓英文导游词197年至197年,中国考古学家在马王堆挖掘出了西汉时期的三座墓地,吸引了国内外不少游客,这就是马王堆汉墓挖掘出来的三千多见文化遗产和一具保存完好的女子尸体,对西汉时期的政治、经济、军事、文化研究有极大的价值Good morning! Ladies and gentlemen:Today we will go and visit The Han Tombs of Mawangdui.From 197 to early 197, Chinese archaeological workers excavated three tombs of the Western Han Dynasty at Mawangdui and achieved tremendous results which attracted attention at home and abroad. The more than3,000 cultural relics and a well-preserved female corpse unearthed from the tombs are of great value in studying the politics, economy, military, affairs, culture, science and technology of the early Western Han period.Mawangdui is located in the eastern outskirts of Changsha, about four kilometers from the center of the city. centuries it was said that King Mayin of Chu of the Five Dynasties period was buried here and hence the name “Mawangdui”.merly there were two earthen mounds closely linked together in the shape of a horse saddle, thus it also called “Mawangdui”.In some historical documents it was called “Erfeimu”, and “Shuangnvfen”.The opinions about who was buried here varied widely and the truth did not come out until the excavations began in 9. It turned out that there were three tombs at Mawangdui.The eastern mound was known as Tomb No.1, and the western mound as Tomb No.. The third Tomb was located to the south of Tomb No.1 and covered up by the sealing soil of the latter so there was no visible trace of its existence. The three seals unearthed from Tomb No. “Chancellor to the prince of Changsha”,“State the Marquis of the Dai”,and “Licang” indicate that Mawangdui was the burial ground of Licang, chancellor to the prince of Changsha State and Marquis of Dai in the early Western Han dynasty, and his family. The historical records give Licang’s death as occurring in the second year of the reign of Empress Dowager Liu. He occupant in Tom No.3 is believed to be his son. Unearthed m the tomb was a wooden tablet inscribed with the burial date.The corpse in Tomb No.1 is that of Licang’s wife, whose personal name, according to an unearthed seal, was Xingzhui. A study of the stratigraphical relation of the tombs and the burial objects led to conclusion that Tomb No.1 date from about the sixth decade of the second century B.C, a little later than Tomb No.3.The three Han tombs were immense. Tomb No.1 preserved very well. Tomb No. the coffins were mostly rotted. The construction of Tomb No.3 remained that of Tomb No.1 but it was slightly smaller in size. The funeral objects unearthed are abundant. There are paintings, books, maps, weapons, musical instrument, silk fabrics and so on. Both the innermost coffins of tombs No.1 and No.3 were covered by a T-shaped.Color painting on silk. The two paintings are of similar subjects. The heavenly world, human society and the nether world are depicted. The top section portrays the sun, moon, stars, a big tree of a mythic island, celestial beings, heavenly gate guards, etc. The middle section depicts a scene of the tomb occupant offering sacrifices to gods. The bottom section represents a giant standing on the back of a pair of big mythical fish, holding up the earth. Well balanced and ingeniously composed, the paintings harmoniously interweave fairy tales with reality. The artistic skill of the paintings makes them masterpieces of ancient art. Judging from the shape, content, and the positions where the paintings were placed in the tombs, we know that they were a kind of funeral banner called “Mingjing”. These banners were used in funeral ceremonies to usher the spirit up to heaven, reflecting the superstitious thinking of the feudal rulers. 马王堆汉墓 英文导游词襄阳市哪里治打呼噜比较好

襄樊市中心医院腺样体肥大要多少钱关于中秋节(Mid-autumn Festival)的英语作文 -- :33:36 来源: 关于中秋节(Mid-autumn Festival)的英语作文The Mid-autumn Festival falls on Thursday this week,we will have three days off.I'm looking ward its coming.这周星期四就是中秋节,我们会有三天假真盼望它快点到来 all the Chinese family,the Mid-autumn Festival is a day of reunion ,and me,it's a day to enjoy,to enjoy mooncakes ,to enjoy the moon,and to enjoy the happiness of the festival.On that day,we will go to visit my grandparents ,and then have a big meal together.At night,we will eat mooncakes ,and enjoy the moon together.对于所有中国家庭来说,中秋节是个团圆的日子,对于我来说,中秋节就是一个享受到日子,吃月饼,赏月,享受节日的喜悦那天,我们会去看望我的外公外婆,然后一起吃饭晚上,我们会一起吃月饼,赏月It will be a wonderful day,i like the Mid-autumn Festival.这一天会是美好的一天,我喜欢中秋节 9人:《奥赛罗 -- ::3 来源: 9人:《奥赛罗(灯光效果:暗背景音效:狂风暴雨,闪电雷鸣)Aside: The mer governor Montano, Lieutenant [lef'ten?nt] Cassio, Desdemona and her servant Emilia, and soldiers and local residents on the island are gathering on the harbour of Cyprus to wait and welcome their general Othello who just fought a battle on the sea. It is at dusk, there are lightning accompanied by claps of thunder on the sea. Everyone is worried and praying their general.蒙太诺Montano :Can you see any ship at sea?罗德利哥Roderigo:Nothing, sir! What a heavy fog! I can’t see anything.苔丝狄蒙娜Desdemona:I hope every thing goes well, god blesses my lord.——Othello.爱米利娅Emilia:Oh, Lady, don’t worry, god blesses good man.罗德利哥Roderigo : Look! A ship.爱米利娅Emilia:Look, that is Othello! Our new governor——Thank goodness!(奥瑟罗Othello伊阿古Iago, 卡西奥Cassio,军官乙Second Gentleman上)(灯光:亮:音效:无)奥瑟罗Othello: Ha ha ha ha! Good News, Gentlemen! The war is over. The Turks had to give up their attacking plan; their ships were destroyed by the storm.蒙太诺Montano: I am glad to hear that, it is a worthy governor. 奥瑟罗Othello: Oh! My deer!苔丝狄蒙娜Desdemona:Oh! My lord!奥瑟罗Othello: Wine! Let’s have a drink.(欢快轻柔的背景音乐起,众人三五成群,互相祝贺,军官拿酒上来,众人开始畅饮,欢声笑语不断……只有罗德利哥Rodrigo一人站在一旁闷闷不乐,不时看着美丽的苔丝狄蒙娜,不住的唉声叹气伊阿古Iago看到此情此景,走上前来)伊阿古Iago: My deer friend Rodrigo, what are you thinking about?罗德利哥Rodrigo: I want to drown myself.伊阿古Iago: Stupid, you want to kill yourself just a woman.罗德利哥Rodrigo: I don’t care about anything, even my life.伊阿古Iago: I know you love Desdemona; I’m your honest friend. I will help you with my wisdom. I promise this woman will be yours. I hate Othello, do you know why? Look, there, that handsome gentlemen, he took my place, I should be assistant general, but he is.(这时候卡西奥Cassio走了过来)伊阿古Iago: Hi, Cassio, come, have a drink.卡西奥Cassio: Sorry, man, I can not drink any more.伊阿古Iago : Come on, just a cup.卡西奥Cassio : No, I have drunk a lot.伊阿古Iago : Please, Othello and Desdemona.伊阿古Iago (to Rodrigo) let him drink as much as he can, then he will be dazed.罗德利哥Rodrigo: Why?伊阿古Iago : Just do it, ok? Trust me, I’m helping you.(To Cassio) Come on, my friend; moisten ['moisn] your throat, and drink it with the songs.卡西奥Cassio : Oh, it tastes not too bad, it make me dazed.伊阿古Iago (to Rodrigo) He is deeply drunk, now, inflame his anger, you know how to do it.(罗德利哥走到卡西奥身边,狠狠的撞了他一下)罗德利哥Rodrigo: Man, get out of my way.卡西奥Cassio:(抚摸着被撞疼的地方,不满又不解的问)Sorry?罗德利哥Rodrigo : I said you are a fool. 卡西奥Cassio: Can you say it again?罗德利哥Rodrigo :You are a rogue! You are a rascal!(At that time, Montano is coming)蒙太诺Montano :What’s up? Gentlemen, calm down.卡西奥Cassio: No one can stop me, sir. ( 拔剑,蒙太诺赶紧上前阻拦,卡斯奥把剑一挥,伤了蒙太诺的胳膊蒙太诺亦拔剑,二人打了起来)伊阿古Iago :Oh, blood, help, they are fighting. General, come on.(To Rodrigo) Away, I say; go out.奥瑟罗Othello: What is the matter here? Hold, your lives!蒙太诺Montano :O, I bleed still; I am hurt to the death. 奥瑟罗Othello: Why, Turks didn’t beat us, but you beat each other, why? Honest Iago, look at your gray faces. Speak, who began this?伊阿古Iago : I do not know, just now they are good friends, and they look like bride and groom; but now— I don’t know why, they beat each other.奥瑟罗Othello: Cassio, you have got your duty, you make me so disappointed.卡西奥Cassio: I pray you, pardon me; I cannot speak. 9人:《奥赛罗襄阳看五官哪个医院看的好襄阳襄州区治疗打呼噜哪家好



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