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青岛新阳光医院盆腔炎好吗青岛李村做流产多少钱青岛人流的主要医院 Rio de Janeiro by Mauro Risch里约热内卢 摄影:Mauro RischBeing terrestrial creatures, humans got used to see and perceive the surroundings from the surface of the Planet. Walking or driving the streets, we can see the trees, buildings, yards, and other people around us in relatively great details. However, our vision is limited and we cannot perceive the entire image of the district or town, we live in, other than by looking at the map. Rising up into the sky on board of a plane allows a human to see the world from an absolutely different angle. It is like scaling down the image inGoogle Earth application – we just omit the smallest details, such as houses or cars, concentrating on the entire image of a particular locality.作为陆地生物,人类习惯于观看和感知地表周围的事物在街道上行走或驱车,我们能将树、建筑、庭院和其他的人看个究竟然而,我们的视觉也有局限,除去查看地图之外,我们无法看到自己所居住地区或城镇的全貌乘坐飞机升到空中,人便能以完全不同的角度来打量这个世界这就像Google Earth应用中比例缩小的图一样,我们只是省去了那些最小的细节(如房子或汽车),集中关注于特定地点的全景图 976青岛哪家医院治痛经

平度市看乳腺检查多少钱A Canadian cyclist has avenged the theft of his bike by stealing it back and leaving a life-size cardboard cutout in its place.加拿大的一男士为了报复偷走他自行车的小偷,将自行车偷了回来,并用纸板剪了个同等大小的纸板自行车放在自行车存放处The Toronto rider also left a letter where he said the papery substitute could be used until the crook could afd to legitimately buy their own set of wheels.住在多伦多的这名男士还留了一封信给小偷,告诉小偷在他能自己买自行车以前,这个纸板自行车就将就用吧;You rascal! You took my bike earlier this week but got to tell me where youd leave it!; the tongue-in-cheek note begins.在这封打趣的信的开头写到:你这个混蛋,你在这周早些时候偷走我的自行车,却忘了告诉我你要把它放在哪里;It took a stroke of great luck that my friend, who also a bike mechanic, happened to spot it right here. Isnt that crazy?; it adds.“还好我运气好,我的的自行车修理师朋友发现了它就在这里,怎样,傻了吧你”信中说道;Anyway, I kinda need my bike so Im taking it back. Please accept this substitute until you can afd your own,; it ends.信的结尾写到:“我好像蛮需要我的自行车的,所以我带走了它这个纸板做的自行车你就将就用到你自己能买一辆为止吧”Reddit members, believed to be the bike owner mechanic friend, uploaded images of the payback prank and note to the site.新闻网站的人认为是车主的机修师朋友将这个恶作剧升级,将这个信息上传到网站上His post soon went viral and he was deluged with questions about how he could be sure that the machine did in fact belong to his pal.他上传的这些信息在网上引起争论,网友质问:他怎么能确认那辆自行车的确属于他朋友呢?;The bike is 0%, without a shadow of a doubt property of my friends. I did him a favor and I aly own these tools (to break the lock) because I run a bike shop,; he replied.他回应道:“我百分之百确信这辆自行车是我朋友的,我帮他修理过车,我还有这辆车的开锁工具,我自己也有个自行车店”He also claimed cops in the city were too busy with other issues and that it was easier to deal with the theft themselves.他解释道,警察太忙了,自己对付小偷更容易些And when asked if he thought the bike had aly been sold on to another cyclist, he said he would ;gladly work with the person that bought the bike to nab the thief if they exist.;当问及如果这辆车已经被小偷出售给别人怎么办是,他回应道:“我会乐意帮助买主找到买车给他她的小偷” 本译文属 558青岛哪家医院做无痛人流安全 You hear quite a lot these days about America’s decline.近来人们都听到了很多有关美国衰落的言论It’s perhaps inevitable that Americans are worried about their place in the world, after suffering through a massive financial crisis, a tepid recovery, two decades of no wage growth, and a constant stream of news coming from rising China, a nation of 1.3 billion people with seemingly limitless potential.也难怪美国人会对他们在世界上所处的地位感到忧虑:先是遭遇了一场大规模的金融危机,随后是缓慢的经济复苏,工资二十年来停滞不前;与此同时,从正在崛起的中国又不断传来各种消息——这个拥有亿人口的国家看上去拥有无尽的潜力And it’s true that, by any measure, America’s relative power is in decline.而事实上,无论照何种标准来衡量,美国的相对实力的确正处于衰落之中 698青岛哪家医院能带环

潍坊第一人民中医院看妇科怎么样Cities That Were the New York of Their Time可与纽约媲美的十大古城New York City is a world capital in every sense of the word — it’s a cultural and economic powerhouse, and arguably the most influential city on the planet. But it wasn’t always this way, as the following cities once dominated the world around them.无论以什么标准衡量,用什么眼光来看,纽约城都堪称世界中心她文化深厚,经济实力强盛,说是地球上最具影响力的城市一点也不夸张但从前的纽约并不能高居榜首,因为以下十大古城曾傲视群城1. Djenne-Djenno1.杰内(Djenne-Djenno)In the flood lands of the Niger delta people have been building houses and other structures with clay centuries. The town of Djenne-Djenno is made entirely out of clay. It was inhabited as far back as 50 , and became an important link in the trans-Saharan gold trade. Constructed on hills called “toguere,” the city managed to escape the marshy landscape and annual floods produced by the rainy season. Djenne-Djenno is believed to be one of the earliest settlements in the sub-Saharan region, and is considered by some to be “the typical African City.”几个世纪以来,在尼日尔三角洲的河滩上,人们一直用粘土建设房屋和其他建筑杰内古城就是完全由粘土建成的早在公元前50年,杰内就有人居住了,并成为跨撒哈拉黄金交易的一个重要交通枢纽建在山上的“尔式”房子使得杰内成功摆脱了因雨季而造成的沼泽地形和每年的洪水杰内被认为是撒哈拉以南地区最早的聚居地之一,更有甚者认为它是个“典型的非洲城市”Archeological evidence shows us a continuous human presence in the area up until the th century AD, when people moved to the nearby town of Djenne, founded in the th century. Further evidence points out that even bee the city’s construction, the Bozo people were growing wild rice in the region. In the th century AD, with King Koumboro’s conversion to Islam, its palace transmed into a mosque.考古据显示,居民于世纪(杰内城建成后)搬迁到其附近的城镇,并在这里生活繁衍,一直持续到世纪进一步的据则指出,早在城市建成前若人就已经在此种植野生稻了公元世纪,国王Koumboro皈依伊斯兰教,宫殿也随之被改造成一座清真寺This mosque stood until 1830, but was rebuilt in 19 and is the largest mud-brick building in the world. Because clay is easily washed away during the rainy season, the Grand Mosque needs to be maintained. And so each year at the beginning of April, the people of Djenne gather a local ritual of adding a fresh layer of mud, covering it from top to bottom.这座清真寺一直撑到1830年,19年重建后成为了世界上最大的泥砖建筑粘土在雨季很容易被冲刷掉,大清真寺需要悉心的维护每年四月初,杰内人就会聚集到一起,从上到下给大清真寺加上一层新的粘土保护层 38 Google’s computer program AlphaGo has defeated the world’s best Go player in the second out of three games, scoring an overall win the artificial intelligence algorithm in the fiendishly complex board game.谷歌(Google)电脑程序AlphaGo在三局比赛的第二局战胜世界排名第一的围棋选手,意味着人工智能算法在这种极其复杂的棋盘游戏领域大获全胜Chinese champion Ke Jie gave up on Thursday after both the computer and human surprised the audience with their innovative strategies.中国围棋冠军柯洁周四投子认负,这场对弈中电脑和人脑都以创新的战术给观众带来了惊喜Although the ancient board game of Go has few rules, its complexity means it had been considered unimaginable a computer to beat a human champion. However, AlphaGo, developed by Google’s DeepMind , beat the South Korean grandmaster Lee Se-dol last year.尽管古老的围棋规则很少,但其复杂性意味着电脑击败世界冠军曾被认为是难以想象的然而,由谷歌旗下的DeepMind公司开发的AlphaGo去年击败了韩国围棋大师李世石(Lee Se-dol)Google brought AlphaGo to China in order to challenge Mr Ke and showcase its AI breakthroughs in front of local experts and government officials at a five-day tournament. The competition is the company’s biggest event in collaboration with the Chinese government since its search engine was blocked seven years ago.谷歌将AlphaGo带到中国的目的是,挑战柯洁并在为期5天的赛事中在中国专家和政府官员面前展示其在人工智能领域的突破自其搜索引擎7年前在中国被屏蔽以来,这是谷歌与中国政府合作举办的规模最大的活动This year’s version, called AlphaGo Master, is even stronger than last year’s, explained Demis Hassabis, co-founder of DeepMind.DeepMind联合创始人杰米斯?哈萨比斯(Demis Hassabis)解释道,今年的版本名为AlphaGo Master,比去年的版本更为强大AlphaGo Master is able to learn from playing itself, rather than needing to learn from human games. It is also more efficient, requiring times less computing power than the previous version.AlphaGo Master能够从与自己对弈中学习,而不是需要从人类比赛中学习其效率也更高,需要的计算能力是上一个版本的分之一“The main innovation is that AlphaGo has become its own teacher,” said Dave Silver, lead programmer on AlphaGo. “This makes it learn in a much more general way, meaning it does not only play Go better, but could lead to more general applications.”“主要的创新是AlphaGo已变成自己的老师,”AlphaGo首席程序员戴夫?西尔弗(Dave Silver)表示,“这令其能够用更一般化的方式学习,意味着不仅棋艺增强,而且还能带来更一般化的应用”AlphaGo Master also runs on better hardware. It uses “tensor processing s”, microchips that Google has designed use with AI programs. According to Google, TPUs can perm up to 80 times better per of energy used compared with conventional chips.AlphaGo Master的硬件也更好了它使用“张量处理单元”,这是谷歌为用于人工智能程序而设计的微芯片据谷歌称,“张量处理单元”每单位能量的性能优于常规芯片最多80倍In a case of man imitating machine, Mr Ke started using strategies learnt from watching AlphaGo’s matches.柯洁也开始使用从观看AlphaGo比赛中学到的战术,表明人类也在模仿机器Although IBM’s Deep Blue beat the chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997, advancements in cracking Go have been more difficult.尽管IBM的“深蓝”(Deep Blue)计算机在1997年击败了国际象棋冠军加里?卡斯帕罗夫(Garry Kasparov),但要在攻克围棋领域取得进展更为困难Unlike chess, Go cannot be won easily by using brute power to work out all the possible moves. Instead, AlphaGo uses styles of learning that mimic the way neurons work in the human brain.与国际象棋不同,围棋不可能通过利用纯粹的计算能力计算出全部可能的走法来轻易取胜AlphaGo采用的学习模式是模仿神经元在人类大脑中的工作原理DeepMind is now working on developing programs to play games that require more complex visual input, such as Blizzard Entertainment’s online strategy game Starcraft.DeepMind现在正致力于开发程序来玩需要更复杂视觉输入的游戏,例如暴雪(Blizzard Entertainment)的在线策略游戏《星际争霸(Starcraft) 5837青岛宫颈囊肿治疗青岛市市北区妇幼保健院体检收费标准



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