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青岛李沧区人流需要多少钱青岛市北区做无痛人流医院Zhou Liqun and Shen Yiming study unusual majors – Sanskrit and Hindi – at Peking University.就读于北京大学的周利群和沈逸鸣各自攻读着一门不同寻常的专业——梵语和印地语This July, 7-year-old postgraduate Zhou and -year-old undergraduate Shen, both in the department of South Asian Studies, launched the first Indian travel guide written by university students.今年七月,来自南亚学系的7岁的研究生周利群和岁的本科生沈逸鸣联手推出了第一本由在读大学生编撰的印度旅游指南It is called Under the Bodhi Tree and Above the Ganges River.书名叫《菩提树下,恒河水上It all began with their one-year stay in New Delhi a language course in late .这一切都要从他们年底前往新德里开始的为期一年的语言课程说起In response to requests from friends, Zhou and Shen posted their travel notes on a blog from early last year.去年年初,应朋友之邀,周利群和沈逸鸣开始在客上发布他们的游记They depicted the fun and games of the Holi Festival, when everyone drenches their beloved ones with colored water.他们描述了胡里节的欢乐场面,人们会向心爱的人身上泼洒五颜六色的颜料They described Sikhism, a religion that reveres honesty and collaboration, with nuanced writing.他们用微妙的笔触来讲述了锡克教,一个信奉正直与协作的宗教As their travel posts went viral among friends and travel magazines, they were challenged by an editor to write a book.正当他们的游记在朋友圈和旅游杂志中广为传播时,一位编辑向二人发出英雄帖,邀请他们出书Their travel routes cover large parts of India.他们的旅行路线覆盖了印度的大部分地区;Having lived in cosmopolitan Beijing six years, what I saw in India was like a new wave of delightful visual images,; said Zhou.周利群说:;对于在北京这个大都市住了六年的我来说,在印度所见到的就像是一幅幅令人愉悦的全新影像;Wherever they went, they had the feeling that they were surrounded by old buildings in warm colors and an array of multi-colored saris.不论去到哪里,他们都感觉自己被暖色调的古老建筑以及色各异的莎丽包围;I fell in love with India when I a poem in Mahabharata, an Indian epic, about the romance between prince Nala and princess Damayanti. It is so well-written,; said Zhou.;当我读到《诃婆罗多中的一首诗时,便爱上了印度《诃婆罗多是一部印度史诗,讲述了那勒王子和妲玛言狄公主之间的爱情故事,内容十分精;周利群说道Zhou loves Indian literature, while her fellow co-writer Shen majors in Hindi, which contributes to their complementary knowledge of the culture and religion of Indian society.周利群喜爱印度文学,而合著人沈逸鸣则主修印地语,正好在二人研究印度社会文化与宗教方面起到了互补作用In the winter of last year, the duo visited the city of the dead, Varanasi. In this religious capital of India, the dead are cremated on the river bank and their ashes thrown in the Ganges.去年冬天,两人拜访了死亡之城——瓦拉纳西在这个被誉为印度宗教首都的城市,死者在河边被火葬,骨灰也被撒向恒河;Samsara is the core belief of Hinduism. They believe that being scattered in the Ganges will result in a better next life,; said Shen.;轮回是印度教的核心信仰他们相信骨灰被撒向恒河之中,来生会更好;沈逸鸣说Shen and Zhou stood by the river bank, watching dozens of corpses wrapped in cloth, decorated with fresh flowers, gradually devoured by fire.沈逸鸣和周利群站在岸边,目睹了很多包裹着布料和点缀着鲜花的尸身渐渐地被大火吞噬;The family seemed so composed. Whether there was underneath disquiet on those expressionless faces was hard to tell, but I could feel the tranquilizing power of religion,; said Zhou.周利群说:;他们的家人看上去如此安静尽管很难去判断在他们毫无表情的面孔下是否藏有一丝不安但我能感觉到一股令人安静的宗教力量;As the pair wandered across India, Zhou got to thinking: as we gallop through our lives shouldnt we stop a while to think?当二人穿行于印度大地之上时,周利群开始思考:当我们匆匆度日的时候,难道不该驻足思考片刻吗?;I once spotted a man meditating by a river,; said Zhou. ;He looked so ethereal against the orange sunset. It reminded me of what Elizabeth Gilbert described in Eat, Pray, Love, that meditation is about reaching a state where God dwells within you, as you,; said Zhou.;我曾经看到一个人在河边冥思在橙黄色夕阳的照耀下,他看起来是那么的空灵这让我想起伊丽莎白#86;吉尔伯特在《美食、祈祷和恋爱一书中所描述到的:冥思就是要到达一个国度,在那里,上帝在你身上的体现就是你自己;周利群说道;Our book is just one of the achievements of our Indian culture pilgrimage,; said Shen.沈逸鸣说:;我们的书只是我们印度文化朝圣之旅的成果之一;;Maybe we need years of contemplation to realize what we truly acquired from our stay in India.;;也许我们需要沉思多年,才能明白我们从这次印度之行中真正收获了什么; 1968青岛中心医院无痛人流的收费标准 Fear not Taylor Swift fans it appears that the pop superstar, who has been missing in action several months, has been discovered – and she’s been in the UK’s own backyard this entire time shacking up with a new love interest, British up and comer Joe Alwyn.霉粉们不要担心啦!在大众视野中消失了几个月的霉霉又出现了!据传,这段时间她一直在英国和自己的新男友,电影圈的后起之秀英国演员乔欧文拍拖Yes, Tay has reportedly been spending time in a rented house in North London after she grew closer Alwyn, a rising star in Hollywood after starring alongside Kristen Stewart in Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Half Time Walk.据报道,霉霉与男方关系更进一步后,在英国伦敦北部租了一间房子,这段时间一直住在那里乔欧文曾与“暮光女”克里斯汀斯图尔特联袂出演李安导演的电影《比利·林恩的中场战事,自此以后便成为了好莱坞的一枚新星‘This isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship – the only people this has been a secret to is the media because all of us, Taylor and Joe’s closest friends and their families, were aware they have been together several months and have known each other a long time,’ a friend of the singer’s has revealed.据霉霉的朋友透露,“霉霉和乔欧文不是最近才在一起的,也不是秘密恋爱——他们只是对媒体不公开,但并没有瞒着我们,双方的密友和家人都知道他们在一起已经有几个月的时间了,也彼此认识很久了”They added: ‘After her 1989 tour and all the attention Taylor received, she learned she had to be more protective of her personal life and she and Joe decided early on to keep their private life private.’他们还补充到:“1989世界巡演以后,霉霉受到的关注让她学会了去保护自己的私生活,她和乔最初就决定要把他们的私生活对外界保密”Despite other reports, Swift, 7, has not been spending time in the capital incognito and using disguises – and 6-year-old Alwyn does not live at home. Alwyn recently wrapped filming The Favourite with Emma Stone.但事实并非像有些报道说的那样,霉霉没有隐藏身份,也没有乔装打扮自己,乔欧文也没有住在家里欧文最近刚刚结束了与“石头”艾玛斯通合作电影The Favourite的拍摄行程 59This is all according to Anthony Senecal, 7, who has been master of Trump 8-room Mediterranean-style Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida, 30 years.安东尼-塞内卡尔今年7岁,曾担任特朗普位于佛罗里达州棕榈滩的Mar-a-Largo度假村的男管家,长达30年这座地中海式豪宅有8间房屋And over the years he has had a roster of exes who tried - and failed - to put their stamp on the place, including Marla Maples who really didnt belong here.这些年来,特朗普有不少前任都曾觊觎过这处房产,都未能如愿,其中就包括塞内卡尔口中“并不属于这里的”玛拉#86;马普勒斯It comprises a white and gold ballroom, a spa, six tennis courts, a pool, eight seaside cabanas, and a private beach.度假村有一间白色和金色的舞厅、一个水疗中心、六个网球场、一个游泳池,八个海滨小屋、和一个私人海滩Ivanka Trump, the owner daughter, ordered the gardeners off the grounds so that she could swim in the pool naked特朗普的女儿曾经要求园丁们都离开,这样她就能在泳池裸泳了Over the years, the resort has played host to all kinds of wealthy, rich, famous, and powerful pass through the resort.多年以来,这个度假村招待了来自各界的众多名流、富豪Hillary Clinton dropped by Trump wedding to his current wife Melania, he said, adding that Tony Bennett permed.希拉里-克林顿就曾在年,特朗普和现任妻子梅拉尼娅的婚礼上现身,当时托尼-班奈特也演奏了一曲That year, Oprah Winfrey threw a party Maya Angelou at the resort.同年,奥普拉-温弗瑞在度假村为美国著名黑人诗人玛雅#86;安吉罗举办了一场晚会Having dropped his butler duties to become the resort de facto historian.塞内卡尔已经退休,不再担任管家,如今他是这座度假村的历史见者What the butler saw:管家带你认识特朗普:He does his own hair自己打整发型Mr Trump hair has, decades, been a source of fascination to the American public.特朗普的发型一直让美国公众“着迷”And Mr Senecal revealed that, despite the estate having a salon, the billionaire preferred to style his own hair.塞内卡尔说,尽管特朗普在度假村拥有自己的私人发廊,但他还是喜欢自己打整头发The GOP frontrunner refuses to let anyone touch his hair, Senecal remarks.塞内卡尔说,这位共和党初选领跑者拒绝任何人去碰他的头发He only needs four hours sleep a night每晚只睡小时Like Margaret Thatcher, General David Petraeus, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Pepsi Indra Nooyi, Mr Trump sleeps only four hours a night, his butler said. Then he rises bee dawn to the newspapers bee playing golf.特朗普每晚只睡四小时,就像撒切尔夫人、彼得雷乌斯将军、雅虎CEO玛丽莎#86;梅耶尔、和百事可乐CEO卢英德那样他天不亮就起床读报纸,之后打高尔夫The White House has had a light-sleeping incumbent bee. George W Bush was famously in bed by pm, but Bill Clinton frequently survived on four or five hours sleep.以前白宫爱睡觉的要算小布什了他每晚点前必睡而克林顿当总统时每晚也是就睡四五个小时He likes his steak rock hard喜欢熟牛排He likes his steaks well done.特朗普喜欢熟牛排;It would rock on the plate, it was so well done,; said Mr Senecal.塞内卡尔说,他喜欢熟的“呲呲”作响的牛排If he wears a white baseball cap, he in a good mood戴白色棒球帽时心情好Mr Trump, most mornings, will emerge after having the papers – New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News and Palm Beach newspapers – to play golf.大多数的清晨,特朗普读报纸后会去打高尔夫他经常读《纽约时报、《纽约邮报、《纽约每日新闻报和棕榈滩当地的报纸When he wears a white cap, he is in a good mood. When he wears a red cap, he is in a bad mood.当他戴着白色帽子,说明他心情很好,如果是红帽子,就恰好相反了He doesnt like to swim不喜欢游泳Despite the Florida heat and his own fabulous pool, Mr Trump is not a keen swimmer. And, Mr Senecal said, he is not a sun worshipper—rarely appearing in swimming trunks.尽管佛州炎热,而他的游泳池清爽无比,特朗普还是不爱游泳塞内卡尔说,他也不喜欢晒太阳,很少穿泳裤He likes to lie about the history of his house喜欢对大豪宅的历史撒个小谎Trump once claimed the tiles in Ivanka room were made by a young Walt Disney, which is not true.塞内卡尔还说起,特朗普有一次说女儿伊万卡房里的瓷砖是华特#86;迪士尼年轻的时候做的,这当然不是真的When Mr Senecal, who now serves as the house historian, points out it isnt true, Mr Trump will reply: “Who cares?”如今,身为豪宅历史见人的塞内卡尔有时会指出这不是真的,但特朗普会说:“谁会在意?”He needs his ego boosting on the golf course在球场“找自我”Mr Trump is proud of his golf prowess.特朗普对自己的高尔夫球技感到自豪;Tony, how far is that?; Mr Trump would ask.特朗普会问:“托尼,我打了多远?”;It like 75 yards,; Mr Senecal would respond, though he said the actual distance was 5 yards.塞内卡尔会回答:“大概75码”而他说实际距离只有5码He hands out bills to groundsmen给园丁发百元小费Mr Trump would regularly stroll through his gardens, greeting the mainly Hispanic workers. And Mr Senecal said that he would frequently dish out bills to the groundsmen who, unsurprisingly, were deeply appreciative.特朗普会经常在花园散步,和园丁们打招呼,他们大多是西班牙裔他经常给园丁发几百美元消费,他们也非常感激他He not a connoisseur of art or literature对艺术和文学不在行And after the real estate mogul bought the estate in 1985, he turned the library, with centuries-old British oak bookcases filled with rare first editions, into a bar and hung a painting of himself, in tennis whites, on the wall.1985年,当这位地产大亨买下这处房产的时候,他把图书馆改造成了酒吧并挂上了自己身穿白色网球衣的画像图书馆里的橡木书架已经有几百年历史了,上面摆满了罕见的初版图书A series of th Century Flemish tapestries hung in the house when he bought it, which had been carefully protected by drapes. He soon blasted them into oblivion with sunlight, causing them to fade irreparably.他购置房产时,里面有些世纪的佛兰德挂毯,窗帘紧闭,小心保护着他不久就将之置于阳光下,很快就毁掉了He loves the house but hates the locals他喜爱这处房产,但与当地关系不佳The sound of planes flying overhead drives him mad, leading him sue the nearby country-run airport and to yell repeatedly: ;Tony, call the tower!;头顶上飞机驶过的轰鸣让他烦恼,他还曾起诉附近的机场经常喊:“托尼,给塔台打电话!”He has also sued the town in a dispute over the size of his estate flagpole; the size of the banquet hall he added to the property; and the size of the club.他还曾因为旗杆的大小,他增加的宴会厅的大小、酒吧的大小和当地闹上法庭 575青岛附属医院介绍

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