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意大利APP提供实时“蚊子热点” -- :5: 来源:chinadaily Smartphones are being used to combat the ded mosquito in Italy, with a new app that tracks the location of the blood-sucking pests.意大利人很怕蚊子,于是用上智能手机来抵御蚊害:一种新开发的应用程序将能追踪到这种吮血物种的形迹The free app, called ZanzaMapp, gathers inmation from the public in order to highlight hot spots of mozzie activity in real time. The mosquito heat map will allow people to avoid areas with high concentrations of bugs, and help authorities to better direct pest control efts, the project's website notes. It also enables users to upload photos so that experts can determine which species have been found and where.这是一款免费应用,名为“ZanzaMapp”,它可以搜集公共场所信息,然后实时给出蚊虫猖獗的热点项目官网称,这些蚊子热点地图能帮人们避开蚊虫集中区,也有助于政府更有效地实施灭蚊措施它还允许用户上传自己拍到的蚊虫照片,便于专家帮忙识别蚊子种类及其活动范围The app's creator, expectant father Cesare Bianchi from Rome's Sapienza University, says he was driven by a lack of inmation on how to deal with new threats such as the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors believe causes severe birth defects.该应用程序的发明者是罗马大学的切萨雷·比安奇即将为人父的比安奇表示,面对依靠蚊子传播的寨卡病毒等新威胁,相关应对措施却存在信息缺乏的问题,他于是萌生了创建这个应用的想法医学界认为寨卡病毒会导致严重的新生儿缺陷"I was searching a place that was as safe as possible from the risk of Zika", he says. "I realised there's little practical inmation on how to manage the presence of mosquitoes." The app includes tips making places less attractive to the insects, such as removing stagnant water.他表示,“我一直在找一个最不容易受寨卡病毒威胁的地方然后我意识到,在定位蚊子的问题上,相关实用信息几乎没有”这款应用里还有各种小贴士,告诉人们降低蚊虫滋生的办法,比如周围不要有积水In March, the World Health Organisation warned that European countries may be at risk of a Zika outbreak, with the widesp tiger mosquito capable of transmitting the virus. In , tiger mosquitoes were blamed an outbreak in northern Italy of the chikungunya virus, more commonly seen in tropical regions.今年3月,世界卫生组织曾向欧洲国家发出预警:寨卡病毒可能肆虐欧洲,而广泛存在的虎斑蚊是传播寨卡病毒的祸首年,意大利北部曾爆发基孔肯亚病毒,原因也是虎斑蚊的猖獗基孔肯亚病毒常见于热带地区Vocabularymozzie:蚊子(口语,方言)mosquito-borne:蚊媒的,蚊虫传播的birth defect:先天缺陷,出生缺陷stagnant water:积水;死水英文来源:B编译:杜娟原来女性比男性更适合做司机 --18 3::58 来源: 原来女性比男性更适合做司机It's official, women are better drivers - but they are too modest to admit itIt appears that only one thing has prevented women being declared better drivers than men – their modesty. 在宣布女性比男性更适合做司机这件事上,好像只有一件事成了阻碍——那就是女性太谦虚了A study has found that women really are more proficient behind the wheel – they just lack the confidence to say it. 一项研究发现,在驾驶方面女性比男性更精通——但是她们却没信心说出来When put through their paces, women motorists comtably beat men in a series of driving tests. 经过一系列的驾驶测试发现,在驾驶方面,女性司机很轻松地就赢过了男性司机In the tests, men and women conmed to gender stereotypes – with men more likely to take risks, drive too close to the car in front, cut corners, go through lights on amber or talk at the wheel. 在测试中,女性和男性司机都非常符合本性别的角色定型——男司机更喜欢冒险、与前面车辆相距过近、抄近路、闯黄灯或驾驶时说话或打电话By contrast, women are more likely to be courteous and considerate, take care when approaching potential hazards, use their mirrors correctly and stop at lights when they turn amber. 相比之下,女司机表现的则更有礼貌和体贴,在接近潜在危险时更加小心谨慎,正确应用她们的反光镜,黄灯亮时会停止行驶The study by Privilege Insurance concluded: ‘After years of debate and banter comes the news that will have men running cover. It is now official: women are actually better drivers than men.' 优惠保险(Privilege Insurance)根据调查总结道:“多年的争论后得出的结论让男性无地自容,因为现在官方承认:与男司机相比,女司机是更好的司机The tests were supplemented by a driver-attitude poll of 1,383 motorists, which found that fewer than a third of women ( per cent) believed they were better drivers than men. By contrast, only one in eight men ( per cent) thought women were superior behind the wheel. 另外一项对83名驾驶员的驾驶态度调查也补充实了上述测试结果在这项调查中发现,不到三分之一(%)的女性相信她们自己比男性更适合当司机而仅仅八分之一(%)的男性认为女性在驾驶方面比他们更精通Vocabularymotorist 驾驶员 gender stereotype 性别角色定型 amber 黄色(译者:燕子双飞 编辑:彭娜)基因强大!英国王室长不歪 (双语) -- ::3 来源:sohu 王室成员总是世界人民乐于谈论的话题,自从威廉王子和凯特王妃生了宝宝之后,这种谈论更是有增无减小编精选乔治王子、夏洛特公主和他们父母的照片,发现一个大秘密,快戳进来看看吧! The world has always been obsessed with the Royal Family, but ever since Will and Kate started having babies it seems like this obsession has become even more serious. No matter where I look, I am bombarded with pictures of baby George and Charlotte with their royal parents. I mean sure, they're cute, but they kind of look like some other people I know... Check it out. 大家对谈论威廉、凯特和宝宝们兴趣颇高,一方面是宝贝太可爱了,另一方面是凯特王妃怀上双胞胎的传闻又回来了! Everyone seems to be obsessed with Will, Kate and the kids lately. Maybe it's because their kids are so cute, or MAYBE it's because Kate recently announced that she's expecting twins! 全世界都准备好认识夏洛特公主了快看她美丽的蓝眼睛! It seems like the world is barely done getting to know baby Charlotte. Look at her beautiful blue eyes! 还有乔治王子呢?这个孩子长得太快了! And what about George? The kid is just growing up way too fast! 他们看起来和某些人惊人地相似,不是吗?皇室儿童和他们父母儿时的样子太像了!你不相信?我们来看看这些对比吧! But they seem to bare a striking resemblance to someone don't they? The Royal Children look just like their parents did at that age! Don't believe me? Well check out some of these comparisons! 这是威廉王子还在学走路时的样子,看起来和乔治王子一模一样! Here's a picture of William when he was just a young toddler. Looks an awful lot like George if you ask me! 你还不相信?那么这两张不可思议的照片怎么样?照片上的威廉王子和乔治王子都是两岁看,大家拍照的构图也神似呢 Still not convinced? Well then what about these uncanny pics? Both William and George were two-years-old when these photos were taken. 看一下威廉王子一岁时候的样子这下可以放心地说夏洛特公主的眼睛遗传了父亲简直是一摸一样! But wait until you see what her father looked like at that age... Yeah I think it's safe to say she got her father's eyes. They're almost identical! 别担心,宝贝们也遗传了妈妈的优良基因快看乔治王子多像婴儿时期的凯特王妃! But don't worry, they both got a healthy dose of mama's genes too. Look how much George looks like baby Kate! 如果真的会生双胞胎,他们她们长什么样?让时间来说话吧 I guess only time will tell what the new twins will look like.

神农架列入世界遗产名录 中国世遗项目达到50个 --18 :: 来源: 上周日,世界遗产委员会通过决议,增设中国神农架为世界自然遗产,自此中国世遗项目达到了50个 The 0th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Istanbul on Sunday decided to put China’s Hubei Shennongjia on the prestigious World Heritage List as a natural site, bringing to 50 the number of listed Chinese sites.世界遗产委员会第四十届会议于星期日在伊斯坦布尔举行,决定将中国湖北神农架列入世界自然遗产名录,从而将中国世界遗产名录项目增加到了50个Shennongjia is considered as a treasure of wildlife renowned with high plant diversity, said a report by the advisory body on China.据中国咨询机构的一份报告称,神农架被认为是一座藏有大量野生动植物的珍宝之地,它因其丰富的植物多样性而闻名"Shennongjia has been a place of significant scientific interest particularly botanists and the mountains have featured prominently in the history of botanical inquiry," part of the report was cited at the meeting.世遗会议引述了这份报告的部分内容,说道:“尤其对于植物学家来说,神农架一直是一个具有重要科学价值的地方在植物学调查的历史上,神农架具有非常显著的地位”The meeting was, however, drawn its attention to the potential tourism pressure on the site, as a new airport has been built there.但是,世遗会议的注意力也放到了神农架潜在的旅游压力之上,在神农架刚刚新建了一座机场Li Faping, mayor of the Shennongjia estry District, while voicing his pleasure at the site’s acceptance into the heritage list by a unanimous consensus, pledged a better conservation just like "caring our own eyes."李法平(音)是神农架林业区区长,他表达了对神农架被一致同意收录进世界遗产名录的喜悦,同时承诺要像“保护我们自己的眼睛一样”给与神农架更好的保护China’s Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Cultural Landscape was placed on the list on Friday as a cultural site.上周五,中国左江花山岩画艺术文化景观被列入了世界人文遗产名录The World Heritage Committee, a panel under the UN cultural agency UNESCO, resumed its current session on Sunday following one-day suspension imposed after the outbreak of a coup attempt in Turkey Friday night.世界遗产委员会是联合国教科文组织下属机构,本届会议由于土耳其周五晚间的政变而被中断了一天,目前已经恢复了会议进程Dominating Sunday’s meeting is a review of the nominations of the remaining 18 sites to the World Heritage List, as it examined and decided on Friday to inscribe nine others nominated this year. Sunday morning saw four new sites placed on the World Heritage List, which are the architectural work of Le Corbusier in Argentina, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan and Switzerland, Antigua Naval Dockyard and related archaeological sites in Antigua and Barbuda, Pampulha Modern Ensemble in Brazil, and Khangchendzonga National Park in India.周日会议的主要议程是要审查剩下的18个世界遗产名录提名项目,在周五的时候已经审查并决定出了今年增设的9个世界遗产名录项目在周日早晨,会议决定了四处新世界遗产项目,包括勒·柯布西耶的建筑作品(阿根廷、比利时、法国、德国、印度、日本和瑞士)、安提瓜的海军造船厂及相关考古遗址(安提瓜和巴布达)、巴西潘普利亚现代建筑、以及印度Khangchendzonga国家公园The World Heritage Committee is set to end its 0th session on Sunday evening, cutting short its duration by three days.世界遗产委员会将于周日晚上结束其第四十届会议,会议原定持续时间被缩短了三天The panel was med in 1977 to ence the World Heritage Convention and manage the heritage list created based on the convention.世界遗产委员会成立于1977年,其目的是执行《世界遗产公约,并且管理在该公约下形成的世界遗产名录

英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球 -- :0:57 来源: 英国3岁小毛驴以为自己是 爱遛弯、爱抱抱、爱看网球The donkey who thinks he's a dog! Three-year-old Dougie has the run of the house and loves nothing more than walks, cuddles... and watching tennisMeet Dougie, the three-year-old miniature donkey who thinks he's a dog.来认识一下3岁的迷你驴道基,但它以为自己是只The pet lives with his owners Cal and Tom Stockbridge inPickering,Yorkshire, where he has run of the house and goes walks.这头宠物小毛驴和它的主人卡尔·斯托克布里奇(Cal Stockbridge)和汤姆·斯托克布里奇(Tom Stockbridge)住在约克郡(Yorkshire)的皮克林镇(Pickering),在那儿它可以在屋里随意跑动,也可以外出散步The animal loves company, is often found in writer Tom"s office while he works - and bizarrely, also loves watching tennis.它喜欢与人为伴,经常在作家汤姆工作时待在他的办公室里——很奇怪的是,它还喜欢看网球比赛Cal, 53, who runs a theatre company, said: 'He acts more like a dog than a donkey, he loves attention from people.53岁的卡尔经营着一家剧院公司,她说:“它表现得更像一只而不是驴,它喜欢得到别人的关注”"Dougie was raised with a lot of human contact so when we got him aged eight months old we wanted to maintain that.“道基在与人类关系紧密的环境中长大,它8个月大时来到我们这儿,我们想保留它亲近人类的性格”'All our animals have run of the house and we wouldn't have wanted Dougie to be any different.'“我们养的动物都可以在屋里跑来跑去,道基也不例外”Calfirst got Dougie as a present her 50th birthday, having visited a friend who had a donkey.卡尔在拜访一个养着驴子的朋友之后,那个朋友把道基作为卡尔50岁的生日礼物送给了她When he was eight months old she brought him home to their small holding which is surrounded by 50 acres of Wildlife Trust land.道基8个月大的时候,她把它带回家,一处周围有50英亩的野生动物信托用地的小房产Caladded: "We are like pretend farmers. We have lots of animals, but it's not a working farm. Dougie was put into the wildflower meadow at the bottom of our garden with a little shed shelter.卡尔补充道:“我们就像在扮演农场主的身份我们养了很多动物,但这并不是真正的农场我们把道基养在花园尽头的野花地里,有一个小棚屋为它遮风挡雨'We have French windows that open out into the garden and bee long Dougie found his way into the house.'“我们的落地窗对着花园敞开,没多久道基就发现它可以从那儿进入房子了”Dougie quickly made friends with the other animals, includingGriff,Cal's seven-year-old Irish wolfhound, who is the same size as the donkey.道基很快就和其他动物交上了朋友,比如卡尔7岁大的爱尔兰猎狼犬格里夫(Griff),它的体型和道基一样大She said: "We take Dougie walks with Griff and he gets very cross if he sees us going and we don't take him with us.她说:“我们带道基和格里夫一起散步,如果道基发现我们出去散步却不带它,就会很生气”"Griff gets a bit jealous of Dougie because he doesn't like to share me.'“格里夫有点吃道基的醋,因为它不想和别的动物分享我”The little donkey does get up to mischief, often holding lady's skirts or cardigans firmly in his mouth.这头小驴子也会调皮捣蛋,常把女士的裙子或羊毛衫紧紧衔在口中Calsaid: 'He doesn't chew or rip their clothes, he will just stand very close to them and not let go.卡尔说:“它不会把她们的衣嚼烂或撕碎,只是紧贴着她们站着,就不松口”'It doesn't faze my friends, they are used to me having so many animals around.“这吓不到我的朋友们,她们已经习惯我身边围绕着各种动物了”"Dougie never steals food though, not like the pigs who sometimes come in the house.“但道基从来不偷食物,不会像猪一样有时会跑到屋子里找食物”'If there is an apple or carrot on the side he won't be interested, he's just looking his daily dose of affection - usually a scratch and a tickle.'“即便旁边摆着苹果或胡萝卜它也不感兴趣,它只是来接受每天例行的爱抚——通常就是给它挠痒痒”Calhas some advice anyone who may be considering getting a miniature donkey of their own.卡尔也给想养迷你驴的人提出了一些建议She said: "They make incredible pets, they all have their own personalities and they're very affectionate but donkeys need shelter, grazing and company so you need to do your research - especially as they can live well into their ties.'她说:“它们是很棒的宠物,有着独立的个性,很有感情,但注意驴子需要遮蔽的地方、吃草和陪伴,所以养之前你得做好准备——尤其要注意它们能活到四十好几岁”Vocabularyshed:牲口棚French window:落地窗cross:生气的,愤怒的mischief:恶作剧,捣乱cardigan:羊毛衫faze:使慌乱graze:(牲畜)啃食牧草,吃青草,放牧英文来源:每日邮报译者:Garfield猫奴们注意了:你的汪星人不喜欢被抱 --01 :: 来源:chinadaily It may come as a shock to owners, but dogs hate being cuddled, a study has shown.听到这个消息,奴们也许很惊讶,但们讨厌被拥抱,这是有研究实了的Animal psychologists say dogs feel stressed and unhappy when they are embraced by their owners, because it stops them being able to run away.动物心理学家说,当们被主人拥抱着的时候,它们会感到压力和不快,因为这样会妨碍它们跑走In a study which analysed 50 pictures of dogs as they were being hugged, eight out of animals looked visibly uncomtable.一项研究分析了50张被拥抱的照片,十个里面有八个看上去明显不舒Experts at The Kennel Club, and Battersea Dogs #38; Cats Home, also agreed that owners should not treat their dogs like children, because most pets did not like to be cuddled.“养犬俱乐部”和“巴特西猫之家”的专家们也认为,主人们不应该把当做小孩,因为大多数宠物并不喜欢被拥抱The new study was carried out by Dr Stanley Coren, a canine expert and professor of psychology at the University of British Columbia.此项最新研究由斯坦利·科伦士负责,他是英属哥伦比亚大学的犬类专家和心理学教授He analysed images of dogs being hugged by adults and children he found on the Internet, looking signs of stress.他从网上找到被大人和小孩拥抱的照片,寻找感受到压力的表现At an extreme end, when a dog is especially anxious it bares its teeth or may bite, but Dr Coren said there are 'subtler indicators' that it may be uncomtable.极端情况下,如果极度焦虑,就会龇牙,或者咬人,但是科伦士说还有“更微妙的迹象”表明它也许非常难受Signs of stress include the dog folding its ears down, half-moon eyes or turning its head away to avoid eye contact. If the dog has its eyes closed or is licking his lips it could also be a sign of anxiety. Yawning or raising one paw is another warning sign.把耳朵耷拉下来、眼角耷拉或扭过头避免眼神接触,都是感到压力的表现如果闭上眼,或舔嘴唇,也可能是因为焦虑张大嘴或举起一只爪子也是警告信号Dr Coren found that in 81.6 per cent of the photographs the dogs had at least one sign of discomt, stress, or anxiety. Only 7.6 per cent of the photographs showed comtable dogs whilst the remaining .8 per cent were either neutral or ambiguous.科伦士发现,81.6%的照片上,都至少有不舒、紧张、焦虑中的一种表现只有7.6%的照片上,看上去很舒,而剩下那.8%则反应不明显,或模棱两可“Dogs are technically cursorial animals, which is a term that indicates that they are designed swift running,” said Dr Coren wrote in an in Psychology Today.科伦士在《今日心理学杂志发表了一篇文章,他在其中表示:“理论上讲,属于走兽,这个术语表明它们天生就喜欢敏捷地奔跑”“That implies that in times of stress or threat the first line of defence that a dog uses is not his teeth, but rather his ability to run away.“也就是说,当面临压力或威胁时,它们的第一道防线不是牙齿,而是逃跑的能力“Behaviorists believe that depriving a dog of that course of action by immobilising him with a hug can increase his stress level and, if the dog's anxiety becomes significantly intense, he may bite.“行为学家认为,拥抱使得难以动弹,剥夺了它的行动自由,会提升它的压力水平,并且,如果它变得非常焦虑,也许还会咬人“The clear recommendation to come out of this research is to save your hugs your two-footed family members and lovers.“显而易见,基于这项研究,我们建议大家还是把拥抱留给家人和爱人吧“It is clearly better from the dog's point of view if you express your fondness your pet with a pat, a kind word, and maybe a treat'.“从的角度来看,如果你想表达对它的喜爱,轻轻拍一下、说句温柔的话或者给点好吃的……这些方式显然更好”The advice was also repeated by animal experts in Britain who recommend ‘calm stroking' of pets instead of a cuddle.英国动物专家也提过这样的建议——“平静地安抚”,不要搂抱Claire Matthews, Senior Canine Behaviourist at Battersea Dogs #38; Cats Home, says: “A hug might be a normal social greeting humans but it isn't a dog.“巴特西猫之家”的资深犬类行为学家克莱尔·马修斯说:“对人类来说,拥抱可能是社会交往中正常的问候,但对来说不是这样的“Subtle stress signals can be missed when you're hugging your pet and this could lead to a negative reaction, so it's about recognising when your dog is uncomtable.“你在拥抱爱宠时,并不会注意到那些微妙的压力信号,这可能导致它们的消极反应,你应该意识到你的什么时候感到不舒“Some people think that giving their dog a hug is a nice thing to do, but the reality is that a family pet will often tolerate a hug but doesn't like it.“有些人认为,给一个拥抱是好事,但事实是,家养宠物经常不得不忍受拥抱,而不是喜欢“When you hug a dog it usually show signs of stress because it invades their personal space – a person putting two arms around the neck of a dog can be interpreted as being intimidating and means that it can't move away from the situation it is uncomtable with.”“当你抱着时,它通常会表现出紧张的样子,因为你侵犯了它们的个体空间——两条胳膊绕着的脖子会被理解为威胁,意味着它难以从不舒的环境中逃脱”Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary added: “Dogs are often considered part of the family, however they are not human and may theree react differently to certain interactions such as hugging.“养犬俱乐部”秘书长卡洛琳·基思科补充道:“通常被认作是家里的一分子,然而它们并不是人类,所以也许会对拥抱之类的互动有不同的反应“On the whole dogs are sociable animals and love interacting with people, but any action that restricts a dog's movement could make them uncomtable and it is important an owner to recognise the signs of stress or anxiety.”“总的来说是喜欢交际的动物,喜欢与人交流,但任何限制它们活动的行为都会让他们感到难受,所以主人能识别出压力或焦虑的信号就显得十分重要”Vocabularycuddle: 拥抱,搂抱canine: 犬科的half-moon: 半月的;半月形的stroking: 轻抚intimidate: 威胁,恐吓英文来源:每日电讯报译者:实习生孙美真编审:杜娟研究表明 满月可能减少孩童睡眠时间 -- 18:: 来源: 一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查 Children may sleep less when there is a full moon, but only by a few minutes, according to a new study conducted on kids from countries, including India.一项研究表明,孩童在满月时可能会减少几分钟的睡眠时间这项研究对包括印度在内的个国家的孩童进行了调查However, the study failed to find a link between the occurrence of the full moon and kids’ activity levels, debunking the myth that children are more hyper during a full moon.然而,该研究并没有找到满月和孩童活动水平的联系,这使得孩童在满月期间更亢奋的谜团浮出水面Researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute in Canada analysed inmation from over 5,800 children, ages 9 to , from countries - India, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Finland, Kenya, Portugal, South Africa, the UK and the US.加拿大东安大略儿童医院的研究人员分析了5800名儿童的数据这些儿童年龄在九岁到十二岁不等,分别来自印度、澳大利亚、巴西、加拿大、中国、哥伦比亚、芬兰、肯尼亚、波兰、南美、英国和美国The children wore accelerometers - devices similar to fitness trackers that record body movement and can be used to monitor sleep - hours a day, at least seven days.在至少七天之内,这些孩童全天都佩戴加速器加速器和健身追踪器功能相似,能够记录身体活动和监控睡眠Results showed that children’s activity levels - including the amount of time they spent doing high- and low-intensity activity, and their sedentary time - were about the same during a full moon and new moon.结果显示,孩子们的活动水平在满月期间和新月期间的水平相同活动水平的数据包括他们进行高强度、低强度活动的时间以及久坐的时间However, children’s sleep time was about 5 minutes shorter on nights with a full moon, compared to nights with a new moon, ’Live Science’ reported.Live Science杂志报道称,但是儿童在满月夜的睡眠时间比新月夜少了大约五分钟This is about one per cent of children’s total sleep time, researchers said.研究人员表示,这大约是一名儿童总共睡眠时间的1%One possible reason could be that the brightness of the full moon interferes with children’s sleep, they said.他们表示,一个可能的原因是明亮的满月干扰了孩子们的睡眠The study was published in the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics.该研究在期刊《儿科前沿上出版

令人闻风丧胆的幼儿园作业 家长的“鬼见愁” -- ::57 来源: 自由成长然而最近一些中国家庭的家长抱怨自己孩子所在幼儿园布置的家庭作业不仅仅是为孩子而留,还极度地考验了家长的各方面能力 While some new parents expect kindergarten to become a turning point growing up their children and more relaxing time themselves, Chinese families with kindergarten pupils are complaining about homework which is not only testing the children but also the whole family.很多父母都期望幼儿园阶段能够成为孩子成长路上的转折点,希望让他们在这段时间可以放松身心,自由成长然而最近一些中国家庭的家长抱怨自己孩子所在幼儿园布置的家庭作业不仅仅是为孩子而留,还极度地考验了家长的各方面能力 kindergartens, doing handicrafts as homework carries their hope children to use more imagination and train their hands-on skills as well as the kindergarten’s good wishes more parent-child interaction, never expecting aggressive parents to step in and help their children do their work instead.幼儿园方面对此表示,布置手工作业旨在培养孩子的想象力以及动手能力,同时也促进亲子之间的交流与互动,绝不是让父母从中介入,全权代替孩子来完成相应工作According to Chinese media outlets, the most commonly suggested homework at kindergartens are drawings and handicrafts-making, which sometimes include paintings on fan coverings and eggs, or designing homemade clothes or specimens.据媒体报道,幼儿园推崇的家庭作业大多以绘画和手工制作为主,偶尔也包括扇面和鸡蛋的绘或者是自行设计装或标本等等"To make a specimen, you need to catch an insect first and then all the decoration objects … In the end, I bought a specimen scorpion online at 50 yuan my kid’s homework," a mother told the Spring City Evening News.一位母亲在接受《春城晚报采访时表示:“为了制作一个标本,你需要先抓一只昆虫,随后要准备所有的装饰物品,太麻烦了最后实在没办法,我花了五十块钱给孩子在网上买了一个蝎子的标本,给孩子当作业上交了”A father complained that he stayed up all night to make a plasticine "Angry Bird" his child’s homework. "It does not much have the looks of an ’Angry Bird’, but I am angry," he said.一位父亲抱怨自己通宵给孩子捏“愤怒的小鸟”,“到最后小鸟倒是没愤怒,但是我却很愤怒!”Other parents told the newspaper that their children’s kindergarten homework of keeping a diary pet raising ended up resulting in themselves taking care of the pets and keeping records their children.还有一些家长向报纸反映,幼儿园给孩子布置养宠物并写日记记录宠物成长历程的作业,到最后都演变成自己在替孩子养小动物,代替孩子写记录While these parents personally help their children with their homework so that their children "will not be ashamed of not finishing homework," other professional helpers are making profits out of their skills online, according to the newspaper.据新闻报道,由于父母们总是帮助自己孩子完成家庭作业,以至于孩子本身不会因为没有完成作业而感到愧疚,而一些专业的作业帮手更是抓住商机,在网上趁机牟利Zara抄袭?!大家过来评评理(双语) --30 18::58 来源:sohu 当洛杉矶女设计师Tuesday Bassen收到粉丝的来信问她是否在与Zara 合作时,她感到十分困惑之后,她注意到西班牙零售商Zara一直在使用于她非常相似的设计到底Zara有没有抄袭呢?让我们看看这些设计 When Tuesday Bassen, an LA-based designer, started to receive letters from fans asking if she worked in collaboration with Zara, she was understandably confused. All became clear however when she noticed that the Spanish retailer had been using designs remarkably similar to her own. 当设计师Tuesday Bassen 发现Zara 在抄袭她的作品时,她在Instagram上公开了这一问题她把自己的设计与Zara 的;原创;对比上传到Instagram 上 When designer Tuesday Bassen realized that Zara had been copying her work, she took to Instagram to highlight the issue. She uploaded an image to Instagram that compared Zara's “creations” to her own. Zara否认了她的说法,并声称她的作品;缺乏独创性; Zara rejected her claims and said her work “lacked distinctiveness”. 一石激起千层浪,纽约本土的设计师亚当 ; 库尔茨在Bassen 提出这一问题后,也加入了指控Zara抄袭的大军他制作做了 Zara 明显剽窃他的设计的详细对比图,还创建了名为;ZARA抄袭作品集合;的网站,把抄袭的作品链接到它们原创艺术家的网页 Soon after Bassen raised the issue however, Adam J. Kurtz, a New York-based designer, made his own collage detailing other examples of Zara's apparent plagiarism. Adam also created a webpage called Shop ZARA's Art Theft Collection that compiles stolen work and links them to the original artist's page. Zara 方面正在与Bassen相协调,但争论仍在继续 Zara have since been in contact with Bassen but the fight still goes on. 大家平时也会穿Zara吗?大家觉得Zara是否在抄袭呢? 抄袭风波又会不会影响它的品牌呢? English Source: boredpanda红蚂蚁辣酱 你有胆放进嘴里吗? --01 :5: 来源:sohu 对食物的选择可能是个人口味的问题,但有些国家的食物却与口味无关,可能只有当地人才觉得这些东西可以称为“食物”吧 The choice of food may be a matter of taste, but the food in some countries can be so out there that it might only seem normal to the people who live there. 印度 India ''Chaprah'' 的制作过程:先预备已晒干的红蚂蚁,然后再把香料和糖放进内,这样酸辣酱就大功告成,更可以加入任何食物中作佐料 To prepare chaprah, red ants are dried, spices and sweeteners are then added and the chutney is y to be eaten with any meal. 美国 ed States ''落矶山牡蛎'', 其实是公牛的睾丸(没错,你绝对没有看错!),通常会先在外面涂上面粉,然后再拿去油炸(真的无法理解这个的意义何在) Rocky Mountain oysters, or bull testicles, are usually coated in flour and deep fried. 墨西哥 Mexico '' Huitlacoche ''是被寄生真菌感染的玉米,玉米粒会在生长期间发胀,,长成后跟蘑茹的形状很相似收割后,便可以煮成菜肴,吃起来有种木香,泥土的味道 虽然玉米是墨西哥的主食,但是不代表什么玉米都可以吃吧 ;Huitlacoche is corn infested by parasite fungus,;the kernels swell into growths that are similar to mushrooms, and are later harvested. When cooked, they take on a woody, earthy flavor. 东南亚地区 Southeast Asia “鸭仔蛋'”其实是水煮鸭胚胎,通常会加入盐、醋、辣椒和洋葱作调味 Balut is a boiled duck embryo seasoned with salt or vinegar, chilies and onions. 小编表示,这不就是中华黑暗料理“毛鸡蛋”的好兄弟吗? 你们有没有听过吃过比这更奇怪的食物呢?快来留言跟我们分享吧! English Source: B

HPV疫苗有望明年进入中国 --19 :: 来源:chinadaily 7月18日,葛兰素史克(GSK)向中国媒体确认,其希瑞适(Cervarix,人乳头状瘤病毒疫苗型和18型)获得国家食药监总局的批准,成为国内首个获批用于预防宫颈癌的HPV疫苗,有望在明年年初正式上市请看《中国日报的报道:The first vaccine the human papilloma virus has been licensed use on the Chinese mainland.首个人乳头状瘤病毒疫苗获准在中国大陆使用Cervarix, produced by Glaxo Smith Kline, has been registered use in girls and women aged between 9 and 5 with a three dose schedule within six months.葛兰素史克生产的希瑞适在中国注册用于9到5岁的女性接种,采用6个月内3剂接种程序HPV(Human papillomavirus)中文名称为人类乳头瘤病毒,主要通过性传播(sexually transmitted),目前约有0种类型的HPV被判别出来,其中约有30到0种会通过性行为传染到生殖器及周边皮肤HPV感染可引起女性子宫颈癌(cervical cancer)、阴道癌(vaginal cancer)和外阴癌(vulvar cancer),男性阴茎癌(penile cancer),以及男女癌(anal cancer)、喉癌(cancer of the back of the throat,oropharynx)和生殖器疣病(genital warts)HPV vaccine(HPV 疫苗)目前有两种:默沙东公司研发的四价疫苗“佳达修”(Gardasil),可用于防治HPV、18、6、型病毒;葛兰素史克(GSK)公司研发的二价疫苗“希瑞适”(Cervarix),该疫苗只针对HPV和HPV18病毒的感染明年有望在国内上市的二价疫苗“希瑞适”(Cervarix)预防的HPV和HPV18型病毒为引发宫颈癌的两种主要病毒有研究显示,70%的宫颈癌发生都与HPV、HPV18有关HPV疫苗的首选接种人群为青春期女性(teenage girls)国内推荐的年龄为9到5岁,最好在有性生活之前完成接种美国CDC免疫实践委员会(ACIP)推荐或岁时进行疫苗接种,-6岁已有性生活的女性也可以补种世界卫生组织(WHO)推荐的接种人群为9-岁美国食品药品监督(FDA)批准HPV疫苗的应用年龄为9-6岁因该类疫苗上市时间较短,目前还不能确定接种HPV疫苗后能否终生免疫(life-long protection),建议已婚或有性生活的女性还应定期进行宫颈涂片检测以便尽早地发现宫颈癌及癌前病变参考资料来源:果壳网(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)登巴·巴意外惨遭断腿,足球运动员伤害保险急需提升 -- :00:59 来源: 中国足球协会为中国足球运动员提供的腿部保险或许将高达00万元 The China Football Association may offer Chinese soccer players leg insurance worth up to million yuan. This consideration comes in the wake of mer Chelsea striker Demba Ba’s career-threatening leg fracture, which the U.K.’s Daily Express listed as one of the top worst in history.中国足球协会为中国足球运动员提供的腿部保险或将高达00万元数额如此之高,原因在于,曾效力于切尔西足球俱乐部的足球前锋登巴·巴惨遭小腿骨折,严重威胁其足球生涯,对此英国《每日快报将登巴·巴伤势列入史上最严重的前位The association is currently negotiating a deal with an unidentified insurance company to grant Chinese national team soccer players disability income insurance, an anonymous source close to the negotiation told China Youth Daily.了解此次协商的某位匿名人士告知《中国青年报,当前中国足协正与某保险公司商谈,保中国国家队足球运动员的伤残保险The insurance would be similar to policies soccer greats like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo, whose policies insure their legs 0 million pounds and $ million respectively. The highest insurance benefits in China could reach 0 million yuan, according to the source.保险赔偿方案将与贝克汉姆和罗纳尔多等足球大咖的类似,贝克汉姆的腿被担保1亿英镑,而罗纳尔多的腿则担保1.亿美元据有关人士称,中国最高保险金额可能达到1亿人民币 Demba Ba, despite his serious injury, the situation could be worse. The 31-year-old signed a three-year contract with Chinese Super League team Shanghai Greenland million euros in June of .登巴·巴除了伤势严重外,目前所处的情况也很糟糕登巴·巴今年31岁,年6月与上海绿地申花足球俱乐部签署三年合同,其转会费约00万欧元The serious leg injury, which happened during a Sunday Shanghai derby, will allegedly be covered in full by his club under the category of accidental injury insurance, according to an anonymous, Shanghai-based insider.据上海某内部知情人士透露,周日登巴·巴在上海比赛时左腿严重受伤,治疗费用将全部由他所在队提供的意外伤害险承担“Agents important players like Demba Ba will demand accidental injury insurance as a condition signing a deal. It is a common practice internationally,” the insider told China Youth Daily, adding that the insurance benefits vary based on the player’s position and skill level.内部人士告知《中国青年报,“像登巴·巴这么重量级的队员,意外伤害险是签署协议的条件,”他还补充道,保险赔偿费与队员的地位和技能水平相关Chinese soccer players have yet to enjoy such comprehensive insurance accidental injuries during games. The current insurance policy national team players offers a maximum of 180,000 yuan per year injured female players and the up to 1 million yuan male players. It is unlikely that these policies would be sufficient in the case of a costly operation or treatment a serious injury.比赛期间,中国足球运动员尚未享受到因意外伤害得到的如此全面的保险目前,中国国家队受伤女运动员每年所得最高意外伤害险达18万人民币,男运动员则高达0万人民币显然,这种保险政策若要完全撑因严重受伤带来的高昂手术费及治疗费用,是完全不可能的外国青年眼中的习大大 --6 1:: 来源: 外国青年眼中的习大大说起习大大,每个中国人都知道他是谁而且,这个昵称已经传遍外媒,被译成了Uncle Xi近日,习大大正在对美国进行首度正式国事访问在他出发之前,人民网采访了一些在国内的外国留学生,问了他们几个跟习大大有关的问题他们眼中的习大大是什么样的呢?-Who is Xi?习大大是谁?-A very humble leader,powerful Chinese leader, a highly respected person, always smile in public, very well-educated, super charismatic...非常谦逊、强有力,受尊敬,时常面带微笑,受过良好的教育,超有魅力......说到习大大,一位美国姑娘说习大大去过她们学校,她还给习大大读过诗嗯...这个记忆可以长久保存!-If you meet Xi Dada?如果你见到习大大,会怎么样?-I would be really honored if we can play a match one day.如果能跟习大大一起踢场球,我会很荣幸-If my future husband is like him, I will be happy.如果我未来的丈夫也像他一样的话,我会幸福-Xi Dada, I wanna invite you to take a pizza in Chicago.习大大,我想请你来芝加哥吃一个披萨(视频来源:人民网,编辑:Helen)

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