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国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[4]"Why is a boy so important? A girl is a person, too. " I was angry. I told him, "If you want to send me back to Hubei, I can't stop you. You think boys are so important, you can just stay here alone." That's what I told him then. '"If I have a girl, I'll take her with me.'"Ya Qing had a boy. Her sister-in-law wasn't so lucky."My sister-in-law, her first child was a girl, and her second was also a girl. And she gave her away. She wanted to have a son. Feudal, it's very feudal. They all want to have sons. It's this way in the countryside. They want sons." Ya Qing tells me that shortly before our visit, a girl had been abandoned in this area. "In the town right outside here, there was a baby girl left in the box. There was no note with her birth date. They put some new clothes inside, packed her in a box and left her in the market. When people got there in the morning, they could hear the child crying. ""Being adopted, it's OK. But sometimes you can get annoyed and sometimes, it, it feels like you are different from other people. And sometimes you feel like, well, you don't feel, you feel different from everybody else because they are probably, they probably, they are probably born from their mom and they indeed sometimes you feel like you don't, you don't feel like you did that you were born from a mom. You feel like, you were just born."The growing imbalance of boys to girls in China is becoming a serious problem. And it's only expected to get worse. The growing gender imbalance can best be seen in schools across China. Here at this primary school, we are told that every classroom averages about 39 kids, 28 of whom are boys. Aly Chinese official statistics show that there are nearly 13 million more young boys than girls. And what happens when there aren't enough girls? Chen Shengli is an official in China's Population and Family Planning Commission. "The disparity between boy and girl is aly quite large and growing even more, so, do you see it as a problem and if so, what are you, what are you trying to do about it?""In 10 years, or even 20, when this generation just born reaches marriageble age and goes to find a mate, they will not be able to match up evenly. With this shortage of over 10%, this percentage of males may not be able to find a woman to marry and will not be able to establish a family. This, we have to acknowledge, is going to be a very serious social problem. "By the year 2020, there are expected to be up to 40 million marriage age men who'll have no one to marry. Experts warn this could cause outbreaks of violence in China and even war for the region.200709/17506哈尔滨市妇幼保健院有四维彩超吗Bush Prepares for Visit to Hurricane Victims布什:将尽最大努力帮助飓风灾民  U.S. President George Bush says the federal government is doing all it can to help the victims of Hurricane Ike. Mr. Bush will get a first hand look at storm damage along the Gulf Coast on Tuesday. 美国总统布什表示,联邦政府正在尽最大努力帮助“艾克”飓风的灾民。布什星期二将亲自前往灾区考察墨西哥湾沿岸一带的损失程度。The president says the impact of the storm is being felt far beyond the states of Texas and Louisiana, where the hurricane first made landfall. 布什总统说,“艾克”飓风造成的影响远不止飓风首先登陆的德克萨斯和路易斯安纳两个州。He says across the country, Americans are paying more for gasoline - the result of storm-caused disruptions in the operations of refineries and pipelines along the Gulf Coast. He says both of the main pipelines are back in service, but until the refineries are back in business, there will be supply shortages and higher prices. 布什说,“艾克”飓风使得墨西哥湾沿岸炼油厂和输油管道运转中断,造成汽油涨价,全国各地民众加油的费用因此增加。他说,现在两条主要输油管道已经恢复正常工作,但是,在几家炼油厂恢复正常生产之前,汽油供应仍然紧张,油价还会上涨。"And so there is going to be a pinch. I wish that was not the case. But it is," he said. 布什说:“因此,会出现困难。我希望情况不是这样,但是情况就是这样。”The president, who came under severe criticism three years ago for slow government response to Hurricane Katrina, is getting regular updates on storm rescue and recovery efforts. 布什总统不断听取有关飓风救援和恢复工作的最新汇报。三年前因为布什政府对卡特里纳飓风反应迟缓而受到严厉指责。After his latest briefing at the White House from emergency officials, he promised the federal government will do all it can to assist the victims of Hurricane Ike. 布什在白宫听取紧急救援人员最新情况通报之后承诺,联邦政府将尽最大努力帮助“艾克”飓风灾民。"We obviously watch this recovery very carefully because the federal government is playing a crucial role in helping the people of the devastated areas recover," continued Mr. Bush. 布什说:“我们显然非常密切关注飓风过后的恢复工作,联邦政府在帮助灾区人民抗灾过程中正在发挥关键作用。”Mr. Bush says he is looking forward to getting a first-hand look at the situation in the affected areas. He says he knows in some quarters, patience is running thin. 布什总统表示,他期待着到灾区亲自考察灾情。他说,他知道某些地方的人们越来越不耐烦。"I am confident there will be people that are very frustrated because their lives have been severely affected by this storm," he said. 布什说:“我肯定有些人现在非常失望,因为他们的生活受到这场飓风的严重影响。”Casualties from the storm were far lower than anticipated, but the financial cost of the hurricane is expected to be high. Power is still out to many homes and businesses, and flood waters are just beginning to recede leaving behind massive damage and debris. 飓风造成的人员伤亡大大低于预期,不过,风灾造成的经济损失预计非常高。许多住家和店铺仍然断电,积水刚刚开始消退,留下的却是满目疮痍。200809/48903鹤岗妇幼保健妇保医院做人流要多少钱Ah - Stop right there! Im sure everybody would like to know if Annas got the job停在这里!我肯定大家都想知道安娜是否得了到这份工作,but everybodys going to have to wait until weve heard her helpful phrases once again.但是我们要等一等,再来听听那些对她有帮助的表达。Can I make a suggestion?我能提个建议吗?Why dont you try looking in your recycle bin?为什么你不看看你的回收站?Have you tried asking your colleagues if theyve seen the memory stick?你有没有问过你的同事看见U盘了吗?How about...?……怎么样?Maybe I could do a big office search for you...?也许我可以在办公室给你找找?How about looking through your rubbish bin...?翻翻你的垃圾桶怎么样?I have an idea!我有一个主意!Anna, we need someone who can think on her feet and who is a first-rate people person.安娜,我们需要的是思想敏捷的人,并且十分善于和人打交道。Someone who sees solutions, not problems...someone like you!可以看到解决办法,而不是问题的人,像你这样的人!So if you want the job, its yours!所以如果你想要这份工作的话,那么它是你的了!Ah, now think carefully Anna – do you really want to work for these people?现在仔细想想吧,安娜。你真的愿意和这些人一起工作吗?They seem a bit...disorganised.他们似乎有点没有条理。I would definitely like the job! Thank you!我当然想要这份工作,谢谢!So be it. Join us again next week for Annas first day as a sales executive at Tip Top Trading.就这样吧。下周和我们一起看看安娜在Tip Top Trading第一天当销售主管的工作经历。 /201612/479870Did you know that there is one simple thing you can do at the beginning of any relationship to set it up for a long-term success, but most of us are afraid to do it? Hi! I'm Marie Forleo, life coach and author, and I'm gonna give you this one simple tip that's gonna set you up on the right path for any relationship in your life. Here it is. Most of us tend to not communicate honestly. Now I know this doesn't sound like a revolutionary idea, but it comes down to the small things. Here's what I mean.Have you ever been on a date and the guy always shows up late or there is something that he does that really doesn't work for you, but you're kind of afraid to say, coz you think he's not gonna like you or he won't ask you on a second date? No, no, no. What you wanna do is you wanna communicate what's happening for you, what's working for you, what's not, and you gotta start from the get-go. Here's why. When you don't communicate, things that aren't working for you or things that really aggravate you and kind of get you pissed off. What happens is you build up resentment. That resentment builds up overtime and before you know it you're gonna start picking fights. You are not gonna know why; he is not gonna know why. And things are gonna get really bumpy really fast. What happens when you practice communicating and speaking honestly when things aren't working is that when the relationship gets a little further and things are to get bumpy, it's gonna be so easy for you to smooth it out and you guys are gonna have a great relationship moving forward. And then of course if things aren't gonna work out for you guys, it's not gonna be hard to say it and you are gonna spend less time in a relationship that's not working. So you can move on to one that does.If you wanna learn more on how to be a great communicator and more helpful tips on dating and relationships, do me a favor, check out makeeverymanwantyou.com. It's an excellent book that I just wrote and it's gonna help you out so much in all your relationships. Thanks for clicking on imag. For more original lifestyle s, log on to fncimag.com. 200810/51398哈尔滨维多利亚医院网上咨询

肇源县妇科检查多少钱尚志第一人民中医院的费用Script:The son of a Mexico City shopkeeper has become the world's richest man. According to Fortune Magazine, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is now worth abillion dollars more than Microsoft's Bill Gates. Slim owns Latin America's largest cellphone companyin America Movil . His family holdings represent more than 5% of Mexico's GDP and one third of Mexico's stock exchange. And for more on Slim's rapid rise, let's bring in the person who calculated his net worth for these rankings. And Stephanie Mehta joins us from New York. She is a senior writer at Fortune Magazine. Stephanie, thanks so much for joining us. First of all, for the record, he's worth 58 billion dollars?58.5 billion dollars in change and that's just based on the public holdings in publicly traded companies that, that Mr Slim has invested in and you know, he probably has large holdings in real estate. There may be money in trusts that we are not aware of. So this is just the public number.Why do you think that he has been so successfully? Obviously, I your article, fascinating article. He obviously has a very good mind for detail, he is very mathematical. But part of his success seems to be that he knows how to buy beaten-down assets and turn them around.That's correct. Todd, I think that there are two keys to Carlos Slim's success. One was that he was a believer in Mexico when nobody else was. He really felt that if he invested in the company during the 1982 devaluation of the peso in the Mexican crisis, then that the country would come back and he was very very smart about that. He, He's done similar things with other investments both in the ed States but also in Mexico. Um, there was a time in 1994 where there was a peso crisis in Mexico, the value of his stock in Telmex was very low. He bought back stock, he cut capital spending, he did all the right things and it's paid off. Telmex is one his largest holdings and that was, um, the company from which America Movil was spun off. And as you can see from the article, America Movil is his largest holding. It's, er, it contributes about 31 billion dollars to his personal fortune.Now of course he's a very powerful man, but he's also extremely well politically connected. Of course, at a time, when he bought Mexico's biggest telecom company Period,Well, it was considered at market price with his partners. But the real sweet deal was he had a seven-year monopoly which made other competitors quite outraged. So it's not all down to luck, is it?No, it's not all down to luck and I think that if you compare what Carlos Slim has done in Mexico with what American telecommunications companies have done or European telecommunications companies were done, um, have done, there would be people who would look at, at his actions and say, you know, that's very similar to the way savvy companies operate in any economy. Um, in the case of Mexico, because um, it was a privatization and because it was done in a way that people felt was, perhaps um, you know, a little bit behind the scenes, they didn't feel like there were a lot of bidders and it didn't result a lot of competition. He has been, been open to criticism.Let's talk about the personality of him because obviously he's a very strong and forceful man although his sons are now basically running the day-to-day operation since he had heart problems. But nevertheless, you know, his headquarters for his wireless company are in a tyre factory, a former tyre factory. Um, you also point out that he's very thrifty.He's a frugal guy, up until a few years ago, his son-in-law told me that he would wear one of those cheap calculator watches on his wrist. The ones that you know would enable him to, to actually do calculations while he was in meetings right, right there on the flight. He's a very thrifty guy, he's a frugal guy, you know, the personality trait that came out strongest in the course of reporting the story, we talked to all of the sons. We really tried to paint a portrait of a family as much as a portrait of an entrepreneur because, you know, in Latin America, um, and, and in many countries including the ed States, there is the strong sense of family in the business. And he manages his family, the way he manages his family is almost as interesting as the way he manages his businesses. The family is a very close knit. They provo, present a united front. If there are disagreements among the brothers and his sons-in-law who are also involved in the business, you'll never see it, they, they do an amazing job of presenting a united organic frontNotes:America Movil: América Móvil is a publicly traded wireless communications company and provides services to over 130 million wireless subscribers in America, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean.200807/44183Hello. Royal Imperial Hotel.你好,皇家帝国酒店。Oh, hello. Id like to check availability and rates for a room.你好,我想查一下有没有空房间还有房间价格。When for?您什么时间入住?For three nights from tonight.从今晚开始,总共三晚。Your best room please!请给我你们最好的房间!All our rooms are the best!我们所有的房间都是最好的!But… yes, we have one. Its £100 a night.不过……我们有一间特别好的。100英镑一晚。Right. I work with Tom…Tom Darcy… his friend runs the hotel.好的,我的同事是汤姆……汤姆·达西……是他的朋友开的这家酒店。I wondered if you could offer me a special rate?我想知道你们能不能给我一个优惠折扣?Tom Darcy? No Ive never heard of him.汤姆·达西?我从没听过这个人啊。Sorry, its still £100.对不起,价格还是100英镑。Does the price include breakfast?价格里面包含早餐吗?Yes. We offer a full continental breakfast of toast, or b, oh, and tea…or coffee…. and cereal.是的,我们提供全套的欧式早餐,有土司或者面包,还有茶或者咖啡,还有麦片粥。Oh. And do you have any business facilities?好的。那你们有什么商务设施吗?Well, weve got paper and pens.我们有笔和纸。I was thinking, internet, wi fi… shoe shine?你们有网络、无线网或者擦鞋机吗?Yes. Weve got that.是的,我们都有。Good. And most importantly, is this a single room?好的,最重要的一点是,这个房间是单人房吗?Weve only got twin rooms.我们只有双人间。 /201702/491110道里区看妇科炎症哪家医院最好的A new report by a consortium of British aid agencies says the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is the worst in forty years. VOA's Jim Teeple reports the report blames Israel for the crisis, but Israeli officials say Hamas militants are to blame.  几个英国救援组织联合发表的一份新报告说,加沙地区出现了40年来最差的人道主义状况。这份报告指责以色列造成了目前的危机,但以色列官员说,哈马斯激进分子要为此承担责任。Eight British aid organizations say the humanitarian situation in Gaza has deteriorated to the worst point in 40 years and that it will likely get worse unless Israel eases its blockade of the territory.  8个英国救援组织说,加沙的人道主义状况已经恶化到了40年来的最差水平,而且,如果以色列不放松对加沙地区的封锁,目前的人道危机还会进一步加剧。According to the report, more than one million people or 80 percent of Gaza's population is now dependent on food aid and that Gaza's power, water and sewage systems have collapsed.  这份报告说,有超过100万的加沙居民目前靠食品援助生活,这相当于这一地区总人口的80%。此外,加沙的电力、供水和污水处理系统也都已经瘫痪。Michael Bailey of the Jerusalem OXFAM office says life in Gaza has always been a struggle, but after Israel closed Gaza's borders last year following the Hamas takeover of the territory, things got dramatically worse.  救援组织乐施会耶路撒冷办公室的贝利说,加沙的生活一直都很艰辛。但是,去年哈马斯取得加沙地区的控制权之后,以色列就关闭了加沙边境。此后,加沙地区的情况急剧恶化。"In four weeks, 65,000 jobs were lost. Ninety percent of the manufacturing industry was shut down," Bailey said. "Forty thousand people in the agricultural industry are finding it very hard to maintain their jobs and eight out of ten families in Gaza are dependent on food aid."  他说:“在4个星期里有6万5千人失业。90%的制造业企业关门。在农业方面工作的4万人发现很难维持他们的工作,而每10个加沙家庭中就有8个要靠食品援助过活。”Bailey says 300,000 people in Gaza do not have regular supplies of water and 60 tons of raw sewage is discharged into the ocean every day because sewage treatment plants no longer work. He says many schools also do not have power. As a result he says Gaza's educational system has broken down, and children there fail basic tests in rudimentary subjects. Bailey and the other groups behind the report say they blame Israel for the situation because it controls Gaza's borders.  贝利说,有30万名加沙居民得不到正常的供水。此外,由于污水处理厂关门,每天有60吨未经处理的污水被直接排入大海。他说,很多学校也停电了,导致教育系统瘫痪,加沙儿童无法通过基本课程的考试。贝利和其它参与编写这份报告的救援组织说,他们把目前的情况归咎于以色列,因为以色列控制着加沙边境。"We are saying that because Israel is still in control, it is still the occupying power even though they (Israel) are not inside Gaza; they control all the borders, the air and the sea space," Bailey said. "Therefore whoever is in charge inside Gaza, they are really powerless to control and economy that depends 90 percent on imports for any manufacturing or productivity."  他说:“我们认为,由于以色列依然有控制权,所以虽然它不在加沙领土内,它依旧是占领国。以色列控制着所有的边境、领空和领海。因此,不论谁在加沙内部作主,实际上都没有真正的控制权,也无法解决经济问题,因为加沙的制造业和生产能力90%依赖进口。”The ed States and the European Union consider Hamas a terrorist organization and have cut off all but humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip since the group seized power there last June. 美国和欧盟认为哈马斯是一个恐怖组织,自从该组织去年6月掌权以来,美国和欧盟已经切断了除人道主义救援外对加沙地带的所有援助项目。Israeli officials have strongly denounced the report, calling it biased.  以色列有关官员强烈抨击这份报告,说它是不公正的。Major Peter Lerner, the spokesman for Israel's military and civil authorities in the Palestinian territories says Hamas militants who seized power in Gaza last year are to blame for the situation. Lerner says Israel is committed to preventing a humanitarian emergency from developing in Gaza - and does so at considerable risk to itself.  巴勒斯坦领土上的以色列军方和民政当局发言人莱纳少校说,去年取得加沙控制权的哈马斯激进分子才应该为目前的状况负责。莱纳说,以色列致力于阻止加沙的人道主义紧急情况进一步发展,而且这样做是冒了很大风险的。"We, Israel actually, function the crossings under fire from Palestinian snipers and mortar fire, which no other state in the world would do, and for us is very problematic obviously," Lerner said. 他说:“实际上,我们以色列人是在受到巴勒斯坦狙击手和迫击炮攻击的情况下管理过境点的,世界上没有别的国家会像我们这么做。很显然,对我们来说,这是一个很大的问题。”Since the beginning of this year the situation in Gaza has been at a boiling point. In January Hamas militants knocked down Gaza's border wall with Egypt in a bid to break the territory's blockade. Since then, Palestinian militants have stepped up rocket attacks against towns and cities in southern Israel, leading to Israeli retaliatory attacks that killed many Palestinians, which led the moderate Palestinian government of President Mahmoud Abbas to suspend peace talks with Israel. The talks were restored this week after direct intervention from U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. There are signs that things may improve in Gaza. Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says Israel will abstain from attacking militants in Gaza if they stop their rocket attacks. Hamas leaders and other Palestinian militants have begun talks with Egyptian officials about establishing a truce with Israel. For the people of Gaza a truce would be the first good news in many months.  有迹象表明,加沙的情况可能会改善。以色列总理奥尔默特说,如果加沙的激进分子停止火箭袭击,以色列也将放弃对他们的攻击。哈马斯领导人和其他巴勒斯坦激进分子已经开始同埃及官员进行会谈,讨论同以色列建立停火协议的问题。对加沙人民来说,停火协议可能是好几个月以来的第一个好消息。200803/29015哈尔滨市第一医院做输卵管通液多少钱

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