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;To protect our network against computer viruses,our IT Department has issued a ban on any use of e-mail attachments.For further details,please refer to the agttached document.;为了保护我们的网络不受病毒侵害,我们的IT部门对所有的电子邮件附件都进行了限制,需要了解详情请参见本邮件的附件。 /201507/386136In a recent blog post, ;Waging War on Higher Education,; I wrote about the need to encourage students to think critically. The piece triggered a flurry of comments from Huffington Post ers. Most of the comments took on a populist, no-nonsense tone that I found all too familiar. Even so, I found some of the comments disconcerting. My discomfort stemmed not from the critical nature of the comments, but from their widesp disdain for critical thinking. Many of the commentators suggested that critical thinking was a kind of ;pie in the sky; activity, a luxury we can no longer afford. In this sociocultural orientation to the world, thinking about fine points of philosophy, art or anthropology is often seen as a waste of time. In this narrative, if you go to college, which these days is a major investment of money, you do so to acquire the set of skills to get a good paying job -- end of story. Indeed, the root of my discomfort came from the fact that I#39;ve been hearing these anti-intellectual narratives my whole life.在最近的客文章《向高等教育宣战》中,我写了鼓励学生们有必要进行批判性思考。文章在赫芬顿邮报读者中间掀起轩然。大多数用了一种平民主义的严肃论调,我已经屡见不鲜。尽管如此,有些令我困惑。我的困惑主要并非源自的批判性本质,而是他们普遍不屑于批判性思考。很多者认为批判性思考是一种“天上掉馅饼”,是我们无法承受的奢侈。在这种世界观的社会文化定位之下,思考哲学、艺术或人类学,以得出正确观点总被视为浪费时间。在这种观点之下,如果你上大学,当然这是时下一种主要投资手段,你上学,获得一些技能,找到好工作,故事便结束了。事实上,我困惑的根源在于我这辈子真听了不少这种反智主义的话。Many people think that professors are members of the wealthy elite -- people who are disconnected from the economic and social trials of ;real life.; While it is certainly the case that some professors and other ;intellectuals; come from privileged backgrounds, many of us grew up in more modest circumstances. I grew up in lower middle-class household in suburban Washington, D.C. My mother and father graduated from high school. Only a few of my maternal and paternal aunts and uncles had studied at a college. Most of my relatives worked -- and worked hard--in small family-centered businesses. At family gatherings they would encourage me to go to college to get a good job and find ;the good life.;很多人认为大学教授们是一群有钱的精英们,和“现实生活”中经济与社会实践毫无干系。虽然有些教授和其他“知识分子”肯定具有特权阶层背景,但我们中很多人在更为普通的环境里长大。我便成长在华盛顿郊区的中低收入家庭。我父母只有高中学历。只有父母的几个兄弟上过大学。大多数亲属都在小型家族企业里工作,并且是辛勤劳作。家庭聚会时,他们会鼓励我上大学,找个好工作,并且过上“好生活”。If you don#39;t have what it takes to be a doctor or a lawyer, they would tell me, then study accounting -- it#39;s a good profession. People always need accountants, they would advise again and again. In my family#39;s view of the world, the world -- my world -- was filled with limitations. Accordingly, in life it was good to be pragmatic and make choices that would provide for your family. These pragmatic narratives compelled me to study political science with an eye toward law school. By my junior year in college, though, I knew that I wasn#39;t cut out for law or medicine. When I announced to my parents, who only wanted the best for me, that I didn#39;t want to be a lawyer or doctor, my mother cried. My father#39;s unforgettable frown burned into my being.如果你不想做医生或律师,他们会建议你学会计,这是个好职业。人们总是会需要会计,他们会一遍又一遍地跟我这样说。在我家族看来,世界,尤其是我的世界充满局限。因此,生活中最好要务实并且为了家庭着想做出决定。这些务实的建议逼着我学习政治学,期望进入法学院。然而,当我上到大三时,我觉得我不适合从事法律或医疗职业。当我向一心希望我达到最好目标的父母们宣布我不想当律师或医生时,我母亲哭了。父亲皱起眉头的样子则让我经久难忘。;What are you going to do with yourself?; my father asked.父亲问我“那么你想做什么?;He can always sell insurance like his cousin Ivan,; my mother said reassuringly.妈妈安慰道“可以像他伊万表哥一样卖保险。”;I want to be writer.;“我想成为作家。”;What!; My mother exclaimed. ;There#39;s no money in that. You#39;re a dreamer,; she said shaking her head. She turned to my father. ;He could always work with you, I guess.;“什么?”妈妈大喊道“这挣不到钱。你在做梦。”她边说边摇着头。她转向父亲说“我猜,他起码还能去跟着你工作。”No one in my family could have ever imagined that I would spend seven years of my life in West Africa and learn to speak foreign languages, let alone become a professor who publishes essays and books. That narrative just didn#39;t compute in my family. In my case, a perfect storm of circumstances -- the draft, the war in Vietnam, and the potential of a Peace Corps deferment -- propelled me to the Republic of Niger and eventually a life as scholar, a person who has spent a lot of time ing books, thinking about what#39;s he#39;s , and then writing texts about those ideas.我家里没有人曾想到我会花上7年时间呆在西非,学习外语,更不用说成为一名教授,发表一些散文和出版书籍。这种事我家里根本想不到。对于我,一场环境的完美风暴,包括:出书、越战以及有可能美国和平工作队的暂缓派遣,都推动我来到尼日尔共和国,最终过上学者生活,成为一个花上大量时间阅读,思考以及写出自己想法的人。;And they pay him for this,; my mother would say in wonder. #39;He could have done better in law or business.;“他们雇他做这些,”妈妈好奇的问道“但如果干法律工作或者从商,收入可能更高。”Even after I had been teaching for several years, my parents did not understand what I did for a living. I felt -- falsely as it turned out -- that my career choice had profoundly disappointed them. Eventually they came to better understand what I did and every one of my books, proudly showing them off to family and neighbors.即使我已经教了好几年的书,我父母还是不能理解我靠什么过活。我感到这种错误的结果——我的职业选择让他们深深失望。最终,他们深深地理解了我的做法,并且读了我写的每一本书,并且自豪的向亲属和邻居们炫耀。So what happened to steer me away from the narrow life path that the circumstances of my birth had shaped. For the, college had a profound impact on my life. I stumbled upon professors who took an interest in me. They became mentors who exposed me to the wonders of the world, who convinced me that my life was full of possibilities, and who told me that I had the potential to teach at a university.因此,是什么令我走出了成长环境为我塑造的这条狭窄道路呢。原因是大学生活深深影响了我的生活。我偶然间碰到了对我感兴趣的教授们。他们成为我的导师,引发我对世界的好奇。他们令我相信生活充满了各种可能,告诉我我有潜力在大学里教书育人。You should at least try to follow your dreams, they advised. Maybe things will work out for you. Maybe they won#39;t. But try to follow a different path. Who knows what you#39;ll find他们建议我说,你至少要追逐自己的梦想。或许环境会磨练你,或许不会。但努力找到一条不同的路。谁知道你会发现什么?There is a deep tradition of anti-intellectualism in American cultural and political life. It has a long history, sping its messages into every nook and cranny of American social and political life. We are the ;can-do; nation that values ;common-sense; solutions to our problems. We are suspicious of ;egg heads,; dreamers and ;pointy-headed; intellectuals who drive Volvos, like French food, and drink frothy cappuccinos. Such notions, of course, are gross fabrications that lead to a dangerous ignorance.美国文化和政治领域存在着很深的反智主义传统。长期的历史扩散到美国社会和政治领域的方方面面。我们是“万能”的国度,崇尚用“普遍意识”解决我们的问题。我们总是对那些书呆子、梦想家、酸文人臭老九心存疑虑,觉得他们就是开沃尔沃,吃法国菜,喝溢满泡沫的卡布奇诺的人。当然,这种观念是粗俗的,危险的是还会使人无知。In the past, ;can do; pragmatism was the fuel of America prosperity. But that pragmatism was reinforced with an abiding respect for knowledge and critical thinking. In the past we knew that it was hard to do anything in a place devoid of new ideas, a place where dreamers are discouraged from dreaming. That#39;s why in the present it#39;s important to combat the anti-intellectualism of the public sphere and support enlightened higher education, a space where mentors, to borrow from one of my ers, don#39;t teach students what to think but show them how to think -- a skill that prepares them for a productive life in the world, a skill that moves all of us forward.过去,“万能”的实用主义为美国的繁荣充满动力。但坚持对知识的尊重和批判性思考会强化实用主义。过去我们知道,在缺乏新理念的地方,在梦想家无法追逐梦想的地方,很难做好任何事情。这就是现在很重要的是要战胜公众中反智主义思想和持进步高等教育的原因。这个世界里,借鉴我的一位读者的经验,希望导师们不要教导学生去思考什么,而是教他们如何去思考。这种技能令学生们能够在世界中创造丰富多的生活,这种技能令我们所有人继续前进。 /201501/352037

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea said on Tuesday that it would investigate all hospitalized pneumonia patients to determine whether they had been exposed to Middle East respiratory syndrome, as it struggled to contain an outbreak of the virus that has infected 95 people in the country and killed seven.韩国首尔——韩国周二表示,将对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行排查,以确定他们是否曾接触中东呼吸综合征(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome,简称MERS)。目前,韩国正在艰难地控制MERS疫情,这里已有95人受到感染,7人丧生。The outbreak of the virus, known as MERS, in South Korea is the largest reported outside Saudi Arabia, where more than 440 people have died of the disease since it was discovered there in 2012. MERS symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia.据报道,除沙特阿拉伯以外,MERS疫情在韩国最为严重。自2012年在沙特发现这种疾病以来,该国已有逾440人死于MERS。这种疾病的症状与肺炎类似。Although a vast majority of MERS patients in South Korea were infected in two hospitals, cases have also been found in seven other hospitals in Seoul, the capital, and elsewhere.尽管韩国的绝大多数MERS患者是在两家医院受到感染的,但是首都首尔的另外七家医院及其他一些地方,也发现了MERS病例。Nearly 2,900 people who had been near any of the confirmed cases had been isolated as of Tuesday, to be monitored for symptoms by the government. More than 2,200 schools remained closed.截至周二,曾与确诊病例有过较密切接触的近2900人被隔离,接受政府对他们进行的观察,看是否会出现相关症状。有2200多所学校处于停课状态。The government said that on Wednesday it would interview all hospitalized pneumonia patients and also check their medical records to see if they had recently visited any of the hospitals where the infection had been found. South Korea’s first MERS case, a 68-year-old man who had traveled to Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries, was discovered to have the virus on May 20.韩国政府表示将于周三对所有入院治疗的肺炎患者进行询问,并检查他们的医疗记录,看是否曾于近期前往发现感染病例的医院。韩国的首名MERS患者是一名68岁的男子,曾去往沙特阿拉伯及多个邻国。5月20日,他被发现携带这种病毒。Interviewing pneumonia patients is intended “to find any suspected case we have missed and to prevent a further sp of the virus,” the Health Ministry said in a statement. “Once we find a suspected patient, we will move him into a one-bed room and run a DNA test to determine if he carries the MERS virus.”走访肺炎患者是为了“发现我们漏掉的任何疑似病例,阻止病毒进一步传播”,韩国卫生部发表声明称。“一旦发现疑似患者,我们会将他转移至单人病房,并通过DNA测试来判定他是否携带MERS病毒。”The government announced the plan after acknowledging it had failed to isolate some suspected cases soon enough. On Tuesday, four new MERS cases were found in three hospitals that had not been on the government list of infected hospitals.在宣布上述计划之前,政府承认自己没能尽快隔离一些疑似病患。周二,在三家并未列在政府之前公布的感染名单上的医院中,发现了四例新的MERS病例。On Tuesday, Hong Kong issued a “red alert” travel warning for South Korea, while the World Health Organization began work on a joint mission with South Korean doctors and officials to assess the outbreak in the country and review the government response.周二,香港发布了针对韩国的“红色”外游警示,世界卫生组织(World Health Organization)则开始与韩国医疗人员和官员一起开展联合行动,以评估该国的疫情,并审核政府的应对举措。The travel alert “advises Hong Kong residents to avoid nonessential travel to Korea, including leisure travel,” the Hong Kong government said in a statement. It advised those aly in South Korea to “avoid unnecessary visits to health care facilities.”香港政府的声明称,旅游警示“建议市民,如非必要,避免前赴韩国,包括前往当地旅游”。政府还建议身在当地的港人“尽量避免到访当地的医疗机构”。Hong Kong has been sensitive to infectious diseases since the outbreak of SARS in 2003, which killed hundreds of people.自2003年爆发严重急性呼吸综合征(SARS)疫情并导致数百人死亡以来,香港对传染性疾病一直比较敏感。Also on Tuesday, the airline Cathay Pacific, which is based in Hong Kong, and its subsidiary, Dragonair, said they would waive fees for people to rebook travel to South Korea from Hong Kong, given the travel alert.同样在周二,总部位于香港的国泰航空及其子公司港龙航空宣布,鉴于旅游警示,它们将免除乘客更改从香港到韩国的机票所需的费用。 /201506/380094Poets are sensitive, ethereal creatures, ineffectual dreamers obsessed with metaphors and finding the right rhythms and rhymes. They#39;re generally harmless, right? Not always. On this list, there are killers, crooks, plotters, rakes, a blackmailer, several revolutionaries, heartbreakers, duelists, drunkards, an opium fiend, a serious oddball, and even one fascist. To borrow the words of Lady Caroline Lamb, who played mistress to one of them, these men were mad, bad, and dangerous to know.人们印象中诗人是机智敏感,超凡脱俗,痴迷修辞和韵律的梦想家。他们通常应该不会惹什么麻烦,对不对?但事实并非如此。以下列出的十位诗人简直无恶不作,他们不是杀人放火,欺诈勒索就是决斗厮杀,策划阴谋,他们还造反,负心,酗酒,吸食鸦片,放荡不羁,行为古怪甚至还有一个法西斯主义者。借其中一人的情妇卡洛琳·兰姆的话来说这真是一群疯狂,恶劣又危险的人。10. Fran漀椀猀 Villon10. 弗朗索瓦·维庸Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.维庸可以说是干尽坏事,他不仅是小偷还是杀人犯。但也是十五世纪法国最优秀的抒情诗人。维庸1431年或1432年出生于巴黎,被一名教士收养。1452年离开大学之后,他的生活一落千丈,打架闹事,锒铛入狱,多次被驱逐流放。历史上对他的记载基本都与他入狱相关。Villon by name and villain by nature, he was a murderer, thief, and an all-round low-life. He was also the finest lyric poet in France in the 15th century. Born in either 1431 or 1432, he was brought up by a professor of canon law in Paris. After leaving university in 1452, his life descended into a series of brawls, imprisonments, and exiles. His only appearances within the historical record come from prison data.1455年,维庸在巴黎醉酒后,与人争执中捅死了一名律师。他本应被逐出巴黎,却得到了王室的赦免。1456年,他又带领着一帮强盗从纳瓦拉学院里偷了500顶金冠。因此再次遭到驱逐。1457年,他在布洛瓦刑,1461年,在穆兰刑。维庸最后出现在巴黎的记录是1462年的盗窃罪。刑满释放后,他又参与了一场打架,被判处死刑,后改为流放。1463年之后,他就彻底消失了。Despite his lifestyle, Villon was a master of the intricate poetic forms of the ballade, the rondeau, and the chanson. His longer works touch on cosmology, satire, and religious symbolism. His work is rife with themes of failed love, melancholia, human suffering, lost time, and the ubiquity of death, featuring a cast of princes and prostitutes mired in Parisian brothels and drinking dens. Rimbaud revived his work in the 19th century, while Rossetti translated it into English, giving us the magnificent line “Where are the snows of yesteryear?”虽然行径不端,但是维庸在叙事诗,回旋诗和香颂上造诣颇高。他的长诗涉及到宇宙学,讽刺和宗教象征等方面。作品中充满了对爱情失意,痛苦忧郁,时光逝去以及死亡不可避免的诉说,多以各种王子和沉溺在妓院和酒馆为主题。19世纪,兰波重整他的作品并由罗塞蒂译成英语,才使我们领略到了“Where are the snows of yesteryear”这样精的诗句。 /201505/372855

Imagine you are in a changing room at a Nordstrom JWN -0.49% store trying on some clothes . You are looking for shoes to complete the look, or want to product reviews, or maybe just summon an associate to bring you an item in a different color or size, rather than have to get decent again and go back out to the store floor (if you even decide not to leave).想象一下,你在诺德斯特龙(Nordstrom)门店的试衣间内试衣。你正找一双配衣的鞋子,或是想看看产品,或只是召唤店员给你拿一件不同颜色或尺码的衣,但你不必脱下来穿回自己的衣后再出去做这一切(如果你没打算离开这家店的话)。At two Nordstrom locations, one in Seattle, the other in San José, the upscale retailer is about to provide customers with technology by eBay EBAY 0.02% to do just that: next week, in select departments at those stores, Nordstrom will begin to test full-length mirrors that, with the tap of a customer’s finger, turn into interactive screens, effectively creating smart fitting rooms.诺德斯特龙即将在西雅图和圣何塞的两家门店中采用eBay的技术,为顾客提供一种新务:下周起,公司将在这两家门店中的特定商品区测试全身试衣镜,用户用手指敲击镜面,就会弹出互动屏幕,营造出智能试衣间的效果。The idea is to bring tech to an untapped part of a store where many customers ultimately make their purchasing decisions: the fitting room.这个想法是要把技术引入一个之前从未涉及的商店区域——试衣间。许多顾客正是在这里做出最终购买决定的。“The way customers shop for clothes has evolved,” Jamie Nordstrom, the retailer’s head of stores and former leader of its Nordstrom Direct digital business, told Fortune. “How do we take all the information that’s available to customers while they’re sitting on the couch at home browsing and add that to the dressing rooms, so it’s the best of both worlds?”诺德斯特龙公司零售业务负责人,数字业务Nordstrom Direct前主管杰米o诺德斯特龙对《财富》(Fortune)表示:“顾客购买衣的方式已经发生了变化。我们如何获取顾客坐在家中沙发上浏览衣时看到的所有信息,并为试衣间增添这样的体验,从而结合两个环境下的优点?”Getting the best of both worlds is the holy grail for retailers eager to take full advantage of their physical stores in this e-commerce era. Nordstrom, widely considered a technology leader among brick and mortar retailers, plans between this year and 2018 to have spent .2 billion on tech, including e-commerce, fulfillment centers, and in-store service enhancements, such as these connected fitting rooms. Last quarter, comparable sales at its department stores were unchanged, showing how important it is to keep pushing to get more out of each shopper’s visit to the stores.对那些想在电子商务时代把实体店的优势发挥到极致的零售商而言,这样的结合是重中之重。诺德斯特龙是实体零售商中公认的技术领袖,公司决定自今年起到2018年在技术实施上投入12亿美元,以强化电子商务、物流中心和店内务体验,而联网试衣间就是其中一环。上个季度,公司百货商店的可比销售额没有出现下滑,凸显了尽可能地从每位购物者身上获取更多价值的重要性。And Nordstrom is not alone in looking for what’s next in retail tech. Bloomingdale’s, the upscale chain owned by Macy’s IncM -0.71% , recently began trying out smart fitting rooms, equipped with wall-mounted iPads rather than Nordstrom’s interactive mirrors, at five of its stores.诺德斯特龙并不是唯一一家正在探寻零售技术未来的公司。梅西百货(Macy’s Inc)旗下的高端连锁店布鲁明戴尔(Bloomingdale’s)最近也开始在五家门店内测试智能试衣间。这种试衣间内配备了固定在墙上的iPad,而不像诺德斯特龙那样设有带互动功能的试衣镜。“You have shoppers used to having all that content and help in the palm of their hand,” said Wendy Liebmann, CEO of WSL Strategic Retail. “Here, you have a literally captive audience, so there’s the opportunity.”消费研究公司WSL Strategic Retail的首席执行官温迪o利布曼表示:“你的顾客已经习惯了使用掌上设备浏览这一切内容,并获得帮助。而在试衣间,顾客实际上无法随意离开,这是一个机会。”While Nordstrom’s smart fitting rooms build on what eBay also recently developed for fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff‘s two boutiques, it is a more complicated project given how much bigger Nordstrom department stores are and how much more inventory they hold. And so in that regard, this test will be more telling of how the smart fitting rooms can be adopted by retailers broadly. Nordstrom won’t say how much of a roll-out it is planning—the success of these tests will determine that.eBay不久前为时尚品牌瑞贝卡o明可弗(Rebecca Minkoff)的两家门店研发了智能试衣间,诺德斯特龙的智能试衣间正是来自于那次研发成果。考虑到诺德斯特龙的百货商店之大、产品种类之多,其项目也更加复杂。所以从这个方面来说,这次测试更能说明零售商可以在多大程度上采用智能试衣间。诺德斯特龙没有透露该公司计划将这种试衣间推广到多少家门店——这取决于测试成功与否。Mirror, mirror on the wall-should I buy this?魔镜魔镜告诉我,我应该买这件吗?In the Nordstrom smart fitting rooms, shoppers will be able to enter with items selected on the sales floor, along with suggestions from the associate. They will also be equipped with barcode scanning to identify what is in the store so if a customer needs an item in another size or color, she can see for herself if it is in stock and instruct the associate to bring it.在诺德斯特龙的智能试衣间中,顾客可以输入在销售区选定的商品,以及店员的建议。试衣间中还有条形码扫描器来识别店内的商品,如果顾客需要其他的尺码或颜色,她自己就能看到库存情况,并让店员送进来。For eBay, the technology is yet another step forward in the capabilities it built for Minkoff, and before that for Kate Spade KATE -0.35% , for which the tech giant created an interactive storefront at four Manhattan stores that allowed customers standing on the street to pick merchandise, and place an order. The Minkoff stores have the ability to remember what a customer tried on during a previous visit, a capability Nordstrom won’t have right out of the gate.对eBay而言,这项技术代表着为明可弗和凯特o丝蓓(Kate Spade)打造的产品在性能上又前进了一步。这家科技巨头之前为凯特o丝蓓在四家曼哈顿的店面中创建了交互式商铺,顾客可以在大街上直接购买商品并下单。而明可弗的商店则会记录顾客上一次来店内试穿的商品,这项功能诺德斯特龙目前尚不提供。While one might think such a state-of-the-art technology and how it facilitates high-touch customer service would more suitable to upscale stores, eBay thinks the technology could work even in more value-oriented retail chains. It could takethe shape of a big screen on a wall on the sales floor, rather than a sleek mirror in a changing room. Indeed, Jamie Nordstrom said the tech could potentially work at the off-price Nordstrom Rack stores, though there are no firm plans for a pilot there.尽管有人可能认为,这种顶尖技术以及带来的交互式顾务更加适用于高端商店,但eBay认为,在以价值为导向的零售连锁店中,这项技术也能奏效。它的形式不必是试衣间内的光滑镜面,而可以是销售区墙壁上的一块大屏幕。杰米o诺德斯特龙也表示,该技术可能会在Nordstrom Rack折扣店起到作用,尽管目前还没有在那里试点的确切计划。The partnership with Nordstrom is also a way for eBay, best known by consumers for its marketplaces and PayPal payments service, to burnish its reputation as a retail tech innovator, including in physical stores, where more than 90% of sales still take place. Another new eBay initiative is the connected mall it has developed with Simon Property Group, SPG 0.24% consisting of an interactive mall directory that among other things, highlights events and deals happening that day. Growth in tech services will also help as the company gets y for life after the upcoming spin-off of PayPal in 2015.而对eBay而言,与诺德斯特龙合作也是一条出路。eBay以在线市场和贝宝(PayPal)付务为顾客所熟知,而作为包括实体店(目前仍有90%以上的交易发生在实体店)在内的零售业的技术创新者,公司的声誉又有了进一步提高。eBay的另一项创新,是与西蒙地产集团(Simon Property Group)合作建立的联网购物商场。商场中包含交互式的购物目录以及一些其他特色,能够突出显示当日的优惠活动和交易情况。在贝宝于2015年分离出去之后,技术务方面的增长也能帮助公司重获新生。“This is about us saying, ‘Hey, are we really just an e-commerce company, or are we really a partner to anyone who does commerce,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president of innovation and new ventures at eBay.eBay创新和新业务副总裁史蒂夫o扬科维奇表示:“这就好比我们在说:‘嘿,我们真的只是家电子商务公司吗?或者我们实际上是任何生意人的合作伙伴?’”(财富中文网) /201412/3460131. We#39;re not impatient, just efficient.我们不是没耐心,而是有效率Long lines? Traffic? Type A individuals loathe them all. This is because we feel as though they#39;re slowing our progress of a certain goal-- even if that goal is just to deposit a check at the bank.排长队?堵车?我们A型人格患者恨透了这些。这是因为,我们感觉这些事情会拖累我们向某个目标前进的进度——即使所谓的目标只是去存个钱。2. Arriving late to anything is ;agonizing;.在任何情况下迟到都是可耻可恨的If you tell us to be somewhere at 6:30, more likely than not, we#39;re rolling up to the parking lot at 6:25. Type A folks tend to have an oversensitivity to time, because we don#39;t want to feel like we#39;re wasting it.如果你让我们A型人格患者在6:30到达某个地方,很有可能我们在6:25就已经到达目的地的停车场了。A型人格患者往往对时间过度敏感,因为我们不希望觉得自己在浪费时间。3. We live by to-do lists.我们按照任务清单来生活How else are we supposed to track what we#39;re supposed to get done?!否则我们怎么明确自己该干什么事呢?4. Each task we#39;re assigned is urgent.我们接受的每项任务都很紧迫Because of this, we value team members who work with the same brevity and speed that we do. Once again, wasting time is our ultimate enemy.正因为此,我们很看重团队中能和我们一样做事干练、有速度的团队成员。再说一遍,浪费时间是我们的死敌。5. We#39;re extremely goal-oriented.我们非常以目标为导向。Once we commit to something, we see it through until the very end, whether it#39;s a work project or Friday night plans.一旦我们决定要做某件事,我们就会不达目的决不罢休,不管是对一个工作项目还是对周五晚上的计划。6. It#39;s hard for us to relax.我们很难放松This is where time sensitivity comes into play again. We hate the idea of letting time pass if there#39;s something we need to be doing. Downtime tends to feel unproductive to Type A folks -- unless, of course, it#39;s on our to-do list.这又是我们对时间的高度敏感性在起作用了。我们讨厌明知道自己必须做某件事,却让时间白白流失。我们觉得休整时间是无生产率的——当然,休整作为任务被列入任务清单的话就另当别论了。7. We get stressed out easily.我们很容易感到焦虑Type A are more sensitive to stress (which, as we know, is terribly bad for our health). We also tend to default on the worst possible outcome when working through a situation. Sorry in advance for the slight negativity.A型人格患者对压力更为敏感(众所周知,这对我们的健康非常不利)。我们常常在事情尚未处理完毕的时候,就已经预见到最坏的结果。先为我们这种略为悲观的倾向道歉啦。8. We have nervous habits.我们在神经紧张时会做某种习惯性动作For me, it#39;s hair twirling. For others, it#39;s nail biting or teeth grinding. This behavior is common for Type A personalities.对我来说,这种习惯动作是用手指缠绕自己的头发。对其他A型人格患者来说,这种习惯性动作也可能是咬指甲或者磨牙。这种应对神经紧张的小动作在A型人格者身上很常见。9. We#39;re emotional.我们很容易情绪化The reason we behave the way that we do is because we care (some could even argue that we care just a little too much). Researchers suggest that Type A people are highly conscientious-- so while it may seem like we#39;re uptight when we#39;re organizing our friend#39;s birthday party, it#39;s really just because we want it to be spectacular. They deserve it.我们之所以做事情如此锱铢必较是因为我们在乎这件事(有人可能会抱怨说,我们在乎过头了)。研究者称,A型人格患者都是极度认真负责的——所以,如果我们在为朋友举办生日派对时显得焦躁易怒,这只是因为我们希望把它办的尽善尽美。寿星们值得拥有!10. We#39;re constantly ruminating over something.我们总会回想某件事You know when you just replay a mistake over and over in your head? This is a common occurrence for Type A individuals. We are notorious for dwelling on our worries, sometimes to the point where it keeps us up at night.人们总会在脑子里一遍一遍回想自己犯过的一个错误,你懂的?这种现象对A型人格患者很常见。这是我们臭名昭著的坏习惯,我们会不断纠结于自己的烦心事,有时甚至为此整晚难以入睡。11. We have a competitive side.我们有好胜的一面This is perhaps one of our most glaring flaws. Type A#39;s put a lot of pressure on themselves to be the best possible version of themselves, which sometimes is taken to mean ;the best person in the room.; It doesn#39;t matter if it#39;s a work assignment or a board game, they#39;re all the same to a Type A personality.这可能是我们最突出的缺陷。A型人格患者的一大乐趣在于,让自己扮演最完美的自己,虽然有时这会被误解成“充当一个屋子里最完美的人”。不管是对一项工作任务还是对一场棋类游戏,他们总是那个好胜的A型人格患者。 /201506/378454

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