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Bush Sets New Targets for Curbing Growth in Gas Emissions布什:努力遏制温室气体排放增长 President Bush says the ed States will strive to stop the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. The pledge came as representatives of 17 countries headed to Paris for talks on climate change. 布什总统说,美国将在2025年之前努力遏制温室气体排放的增长。布什总统在17个国家的代表前往巴黎就气候变化问题举行磋商之际做出上述承诺。 President Bush says the ed States is aly on a path to reduce the growth of greenhouse gases by 2012. He says it is time to set an even more ambitious target. 布什总统说,美国已经走上在2012年前减少温室气体增长的道路。他说,现在是设定一个更加大胆目标的时候了。"We have shown that we can slow emissions growth," he said. "Today I am announcing a new national goal: to stop the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by 2025." 他说:“我们已经展现出我们能放慢排放量的增长。现在我宣布一个新的全国目标,在2025年之前遏制温室气体排放的增长。”He says the goal can be met through a mix of incentives and development of new, cleaner energy technology. He says power plants must lead the way. 他说,通过刺激手段以及发展新型、清洁能源技术能够使这个目标得以实现。他说,发电厂必须要做出表率。"To reach our 2025 goal, we will need to more rapidly slow the growth of power sector greenhouse gas emissions so they peak within 10 to 15 years and decline thereafter," said Mr. Bush. 他说:“为了达到2025年的目标,我们必须要加快减慢发电行业温室气体排放的增长,让发电行业在10到15年内达到排放峰值后开始下降。”In a speech from the White House, the president did not offer a detailed formula to cut dangerous emissions, which scientists say trap heat from the sun leading to gradually rising temperatures on Earth. He said a specific plan of action to meet the new targets will need to be worked out in consultation with the U.S. Congress and private industry. 布什总统在白宫讲这番话时并没有详细阐明减少危险的二氧化碳排放的计划。科学家们说,温室气体挡住太阳释放出的热量,导致地球气温逐渐上升。他说,在跟美国国会和私营企业进行磋商后,将制定出一个实现新目标的具体行动计划。Negotiations with U.S. lawmakers are likely to be tough. Congress is leaning toward mandatory caps on greenhouse gas emissions, an approach the president rejects. 不过,布什政府同美国国会的磋商可能会相当艰巨。国会倾向于强制设定温室气体排放的最高限额。但布什总统对此表示反对。"Bad legislation would impose tremendous cost on our economy and on American families without accomplishing the important climate change goals we share," he said. 他说:“不好的法律将给我们的经济和美国家庭造成巨大费用,但却实现不了我们分享的重要气候变化的目标。”White House officials defend the decision to revise the administration's climate change policy with only eight months to go in Mr. Bush's term. They note Congress is about to start work on new legislation dealing with the environment. And they stress the 17 leading industrialized countries taking part in the Paris negotiations this week hope to have an agreement by the end of next year, meaning the groundwork must be laid now.  白宫官员为布什政府修改气候变化政策的决定进行辩护。布什的任期现在仅剩下8个月的时间。白宫官员说,国会将着手制定应对环境的新法律。他们强调,本星期出席巴黎磋商的17个主要工业化国家希望在明年底之前达成一项协议,这就是说,现在必须要为将来的协议打下基础。The president's proposals fall far below European goals to reduce emissions. 布什总统的建议远低于欧盟减少排放量的目标。And environmental activists say the position taken by the president amounts to too little, too late. Senator Barbara Boxer, the Democrat who chairs the Senate Committee on the Environment and Public Works, calls his approach the height of irresponsibility.  环境活动人士说,布什总统提出的减排目标太小、太晚。参议院环境和公共工程委员会主席芭芭拉.克瑟认为,布什政策不负责任到了极点。But Mr. Bush defends it as realistic.  但是布什却认为他的方案非常务实。"If we fully implement our strong laws, adhere to the principles I've outlined, and adopt appropriate incentives, we will put America on an ambitious new track for greenhouse gas reductions," he said. 他说:“如果我们全面贯彻我们强大的法律,信守我规划的原则,并采取适当的刺激手段,我们将让美国走上一个大胆的温室气体减少的新轨道。”The president warns climate change is a global problem, and U.S. action alone is not enough. He says other countries must come up with their own goals for cutting greenhouse gases. 布什总统警告说,气候变化是个全球性的问题,仅靠美国的行动是不够的。他说,其它国家必须拿出他们减少温室气体的目标来。The Paris talks on Thursday and Friday will address possible steps to protect the planet after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. 星期四和星期五在巴黎举行的磋商将讨论在京都议定书2012年期满之后采取什么可行的措施保护我们的地球。The ed States is the only major industrialized country that did not ratify the protocol, although it emits more greenhouse gases than any other country. 美国是唯一一个没有签署京都议定书的发达国家,尽管美国的温室气体排放量比任何其它国家都多。 200804/35462。

  • BILL O'REILLY, FOX NEWS HOST: How do you assess President Bush's falling poll numbers? He's at the lowest level of his presidency now. Why do you think that's happening?CONDOLEEZZA RICE, SECRETARY OF STATE: Well, Bill, I'm not one who can assess poll numbers in American politics. I know that this is a president who has had to do a lot of very difficult things. He's had to deal with the largest terrorist attack on American soil, now the largest natural disaster in the ed States. And he's had to make some very difficult decisions. I do know that he is not someone who s the polls. And he will tell you that he's going to do what he thinks is right. But I'm really not competent to ...O'REILLY: Are you guys worry about it? Because you're a close adviser in addition to being secretary of State. And you see poll numbers fall that quickly, is it a concern?RICE: I think what will be a concern is where is this administration viewed in a few years in terms of what it's achieved.O'REILLY: All right. So you're going to tough it out and hope that history proves you correct.RICE: I think that's all an American president can do, because the American president can't the daily poll numbers. The American president can't the daily headlines when he's in the midst of historic changing events.O'REILLY: It's going to be fascinating to see how history unfolds on this. Now, 60 percent of black Americans, according to a new poll out today, say that race had something to do with the rescue effort in New Orleans, all right? Now you don't believe that...RICE: No, I don't believe that.O'REILLY: Right, obviously you don't. And I don't believe that either. But you know who Damon Wayans is?RICE: I do.O'REILLY: A very popular black actor and comedian. Comes out and blasts Bush. Kills him. All right. About Iraq and about a whole bunch of other things. I think that influences popular opinion in the African-American community against the president. Am I wrong?RICE: Well, I do think that there is a lot being said out there that is being said without people questioning the assumptions. I think there is a lot being said out there that is just patently not true, particularly if you know this president. But it's also an emotional time and people say all kinds of things.I happen to know this president. And I know how much he cares about equality in America. I know how much he cares that minority kids get a fair shake in the educational system. Many years ago I heard him say that he was concerned about the soft bigotry of low expectations and that he was going to do something about the fact that minority kids were in third grade not yet even ing at a third grade level. That's what he cares about. Because the president knows that we have had a history in which race has been sometimes a barrier to opportunity.O'REILLY: But he doesn't directly address remarks to the African- American community. For example, last night on "Talking Points Memo" here on this program, I laid out on the screen how much more the Bush administration has spent on poverty entitlements, which directly influence poor African- Americans, than the Clinton administration. We had it on the screen. And it's indisputable.But you don't hear Mr. Bush go out into Harlem or South Central and say here's what we're doing for you. Why don't we hear that?RICE: This is a president who is going to do what he thinks is right.O'REILLY: But why don't we hear that?RICE: Well, he does talk about the need for minority home ownership. He has put enormous amounts of money into community colleges and historically black colleges.I would hope, Bill, that people who report on issues would...O'REILLY: You know they're going to hose you.RICE: I would hope so.O'REILLY: You know this is the most anti — the press is the most anti Bush press I've ever seen in any administration, perhaps with the exception of Nixon.RICE: Well let me have my hopes that people are going to report this fairly. But let me just say right here that this is a president who has not only cared about minority empowerment, not only cared about equal opportunity for minorities, but he's done more than any president I can think of in recent years.O'REILLY: He's certainly spent more money. I don't know if it's done...RICE: For instance, standards for — so that school children are actually ing at the grade levels they're supposed to be at.O'REILLY: No Child Left Behind.RICE: No Child Left Behind. And I was asked a couple days ago, "Well, what do you say to foreigners who say, well, you have a race problem?" And I say, "Well, yes, indeed. We have long had a race problem. Everybody knows that."But you can not lecture about race when you look at the ed States. It has the most diverse cabinet in the world, the most diverse foreign service in the world, the most diverse business community in the world, the most diverse journalistic community in the world. This country has made enormous strides in race relations, and we've done it the right way.O'REILLY: One more question on this. Does it hurt your feelings that most black Americans don't like the president?RICE: No.O'REILLY: Do you take it personally?RICE: I don't take anything personally, no. No. But I do like to have an opportunity to talk to people about what this president has meant for the empowerment of black Americans.O'REILLY: Does it hurt your feelings when some anti-Bush people say that you're a shill for him and sold out your race?RICE: Oh, come on. Why would I worry about something like that? Bill, the fact of the matter is, I've been black all my life. Nobody needs to help me how to be black.O'REILLY: A bit later on, we'll talk with Secretary RICE about Iraq and Iran. And we hope you stick around for that. Coming next, 34 elderly people killed by Katrina flood waters while the owners of the nursing home left them, split leaving them to die. Follow up report after these messages.O'REILLY: In part two of our conversation with Secretary of State Condoleezza RICE, we zero in on Iraq and Iran.O'REILLY: Our military analysts, I think, are the best in the business here at FOX. And they think that this is now Vietnam in the sense that it's a war of attrition. That the al Qaida and the Sunni fanatics have said, "We're going to wear the ed States of American down, OK. We're going to bomb them down." Just like Ho Chi Minh did in Vietnam. And sooner or later, probably sooner, the American public's going to turn on the action and demand they pull out.The American public is now against the war, according to the polls. Is the war of attrition being won by the terrorists and the Sunnis?200807/44319。
  • “And so with Magellan we’ve got the first chance, one of the first chances, ok, to really get a complete map and view of it.”The Venusian landscape has a desert-like appearance, but it’s a good deal hotter than any desert on earth.“On Venus it’s about 500 degrees centigrade, due to that green house effects. So it’s far too hot for life to exist. In fact we think that that green house has existed for a very, very long time, so that even if we could get samples back on Venus, we don’t think we’d find any fossil evidence of life. Here on earth, there was abundant water and that’s where life began.”Temperatures and pressures on parts of our own ocean floor are similar to those on Venus, not especially hospitable, in fact, downright hostile. Yet even in these conditions where there is no oxygen, life flourishes around smoking, hydrothermal vents. All over the earth, there are amazing examples of life surviving even thriving in harsh environments. These hardy life forms on earth add power to the argument that life may once have existed, may still exist, in forbidding environments elsewhere in the solar system. The first humans to land on Mars may yet discover the imprint of life.“We don’t know that life originated on earth. It could have come here from elsewhere in a meteorite or comet or something. Now from time to time, asteroids and comets hit Mars and splash Martian material around the solar system. And we know that some of this material comes to earth because there are about a dozen meteorites that have been identified that come from Mars. One of these meteorites could have brought life here to earth.”This is no ordinary rock. It was found on earth but it came from Mars, one of at least a dozen alien rocks from the Red Planet. 13,000 years ago a rock fell to earth. In 1984, it was found in Antarctica, at a place called Alan Hills. For over a decade, this Mars meteorite stayed at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It had been mistaken for a piece of the moon. But in 1996, NASA scientists took a second look. Inside the meteorite, there appeared to be microscopic fossils, possible signs of life. The meteorite made front-page news around the world. But the initial euphoria was replaced by doubt when the evidence proved to be inconclusive.“The Alan Hills Meteorite is a very important find. It, the things that we do know for sure is that this meteorite is very old. It’s one of the oldest objects in the solar system. It had fractures that were filled with carbonates precipitated from environments, perhaps not unlike this one. I mean we think perhaps they were hydrothermal.”Even if the Alan Hills Meteorite shows evidence of possible microscopic fossils, this is still not proof of life on Mars.“So really, where we rest on the Alan Hills Meteorite is that it’s an important find but not indicative of biology.” “What a time to be alive! In the last year we’ve discovered planets around nearby stars, and today….” NASA Administrator Dan Golden.words in this passage: abundant: more than enough 丰富的, 充裕的downright: (especially of something bad) extremely or very great 完全地;彻头彻尾地hydrothermal:热水的, 热液的forbidding:unfriendly and likely to be unpleasant or harmful:可怕的, 令人难亲近的meteorite : a piece of rock or other matter from space that has landed on Earth 陨星asteroids: one of many rocky objects, varying in width from over 900 kilometres to less than one kilometre, which circle the sun 小行星front-page : describes information that is so important that it deserves to be printed on the front page of a newspaper:重要的, 轰动的euphoria: extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation:兴高采烈precipitate: If a liquid precipitates, substances in it become solid and separate from the liquid:沉淀;(空气中水汽)凝结200808/46407。
  • In 2001 a new NASA probe was launched. Called Odyssey, it was sent to Mars to carry out the most detailed analysis ever of the planet’s surface. What it has discovered may be about to answer one of the great questions and solve one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries. Are we alone in the universe? Or is there life on Mars? Ever since people first looked up into the night sky, there’s been a question that has bothered us all. From the smallest children to the world’s greatest astronomers, all have wondered "Are we alone in the universe?”.The question of life beyond comes to me strongest at night, looking up at the stars and looking at all those little points of light and wondering "This is a galaxy full of life, or is this it?"It’s the question that societies often have been asking over the ages. We really just wanna know how did we get here? Why do we exist? Are we the only people in the universe? Are we the only signs of life? This search for life elsewhere in the universe is perhaps the greatest scientific quest of all. But so far most efforts have concentrated on just one planet. Searching for life is, is a difficult job. You know, what we'd like to be able to do is travel to all these distant worlds and scoop up samples. Unfortunately the worlds that we can/ travel to, or the other planets in our solar system and none of them are very good in terms of prospecting for biology. The best one is probably Mars. Mars, one of our nearest neighbors, just 60 million kilometers away. The reason Mars is important because it’s close by. It's our nearest neighbor to earth. And we’d like to see if life is there because if we can find life in 2 places in our solar system we know that life isn’t unique here just on Earth. It’s much more likely that life fully exists elsewhere, perhaps elsewhere in our solar system, perhaps in other solar systems, other parts of the universe. 200809/47884。
  • We were invited to open up a store there. We did very well. And then all of a sudden it was reported by a local blogger that perhaps we were being disrespectful of the history and culture of China. And I think for us as soon as that occured, you know we took a step back and said we don't wanna do anything that would dilute the integrity of the heritage of culture of the Chinese people. And if they want us to leave, we will leave. And I think we did that very respectfully and walked away. And I think many other companies probably would have fought it, but we didn't. And there's lots of opportunities for us and we don't want to do anything that would be inconsistent with how people would view an outsider. I'd like to open this up now to our audience here the China Europe International Business School and our first question today comes from Robert Zhang. Robert. OK. Thank you. I'm Robert CEIBS first year student. I want to ask you a question about the price. Price? Yeah. Starbucks' products are expensive but it also means a fashionable experience, right? So can you tell me the reason can you tell me why people want to keep, er, want to get a premium?I wouldn't say Starbucks' coffee is expensive. I would say it's a premium product in a premium price based on what it is we deliver to the consumer. And the price of coffee that we buy is significantly higher in price than most people in the coffee business. And then in terms of what it is we do to deliever on the experience, people really do feel that there is good value for the experience and what happens in the Starbucks store. Hi, I'm Aleksandra Krainski CEIBS exchange student from Germany. Uh, we know that China is a nation of tea drinkers. How do you make it a nation of coffee drinkers and have you ever thought of adding a tea chain to your business, Starbucks tea? Another good question. So you know where they came from. I think it's, it's, I was talking about coming to China and being respectful of the heritage here. Starbucks is not coming to China to displace the love that people have for tea. We are coming to China to create a complementary beverage experience. So we have been in the tea business for over 30 years, but it's less than 1% of our sales. I don't think that there's an economic model that I can see for traditional tea store in our future. Let's go to Sher Le now. Sher Le? My question is we've heard of the cappucino and other different products you have introduced. Well I was wondering what products have not needed or any ideas that did not work? I'll give you one idea that was a big failure, and it was my personal idea. A few years back I had the brilliant idea that we should publish our own magazine. And you know on paper it looked like a great opportunity. All the people coming into our stores, you see them ing, uh, we sell lots of newspapers in our stores. Why don't we just create our own magazine? You know there's a hundred magazines or a thousand magazines out there that are fantastic. Not good enough for us, we'll do our own. And we got a great partner. And it was a timing. And we invested millions of dollars, fantastic-looking magazine, great editor and no one bought it. And we lost our shirt. And I have a rack of those magazines sitting permanently in my own office to try and remind myself and others a very important I think business lesson and that is, it's one thing to learn from your mistakes but sometimes you have to celebrate them. And the one thing that I do not wanna do at Starbucks is, is have the kind of failure where we start discouraging creativity and entrepreneurship. I'm very fond of encourging our people to recognize that our success is not an entitlement. It has to be earned. And we have no right to enduring success unless we continue to be relevant and close to the consumer. But there's a real balance here. The world is changing so quickly and the consumer has so many choices that the important thing is not only staying relevant but the important thing is preserving and enhancing your core business. So that it is not diluted by other things that you do. And this is a, an art not a science.Notes:Lose one's shirt: Face financial ruin, go bankrupt200807/43621。
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