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宁都县妇幼保健院男科医院哪家好赣南水泥厂职工医院治疗尿道炎多少钱打造“生活健身馆” 让身体动起来Fifty years ago, most people's daily levels of activity were equivalent to walking three to five miles a day; today, the average person fails to cover that distance in a week.It's no wonder the incidence of obesity has soared - with serious implications for health.The culprit? Inertia. What we have gained in convenience from labour-saving devices over the past half-century, we have paid for in terms of a sharp decline in physical activity.We use cars, buses or trains to get to work; our children are driven to school; escalators and lifts have replaced conventional stairs in shopping centres, offices and apartment blocks.Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and electric mowers all minimise the effort required to maintain a clean and tidy home.Television has us tethered to the sofa.Almost one third of adults spend over ten hours sitting down every day, adding up to a staggering average of 32 years and four months over a lifetime.Hardly surprising, then, that researchers blame this sedentary lifestyle for our weight gain.Of course, our diets have changed, too, but the fact is we consume fewer calories now than in the 1960s.Our waistlines are expanding for one major reason: increasing inactivity.So what is the solution?The secret is integrated exercise. This involves going about your normal daily life - but doing it with more gusto.It might mean standing to answer the phone and pacing the room, tapping your feet on the floor as you work.It means never taking the car when you could walk; it means standing on short train and bus journeys, or walking at a pace where you feel you might break into a run if you were to go any faster.A Dutch study found that people who spend more time doing moderate, integrated-style exercise burned more calories than those who performed shorter, sharper workouts. 半个世纪前,大多数人每天的活动量相当于步行三至五英里,而如今,普通人一周的活动量还不到这个水平。所以肥胖率的上升不足为奇,而这一问题则对健康造成了严重影响。罪魁祸首是谁?懒惰!半个世纪以来,我们从各种节省人力的设备中得到很多便利,但这是以我们身体活动的大大减少为代价的。我们上班要么开车、要么乘公交或坐城铁;我们开车送孩子上学;购物中心、办公大楼和公寓里传统的楼梯都换成了扶梯和电梯。洗衣机、吸尘器、洗碗机和除草机让我们不费力气就能保持家庭整洁。电视机让我们陷入沙发,不能自拔。近三分之一的成年人每天坐着的时间超过十小时,照此计算,他们一生中坐着的时间竟达到三十二年零四个月!所以,研究人员将发胖归咎于这种久坐的生活习惯不无道理。当然,我们的饮食也发生了变化,但事实在于,与上世纪60年代相比,如今我们消耗的能量减少了。身体活动的日益减少是我们腰围见长的一个主要原因。那么如何解决这个问题呢?秘诀就是“综合性锻炼”。这得从你的日常生活做起——但一定要充满热情地去做。比如,你可以站着接电话、可以在房间里溜达、办公时双脚可以拍拍地板。可以步行时,绝对不要“以车代步”;乘短途火车和坐公交车时最好站着;快步走,以再快一点就会跑起来的速度走路。荷兰一项研究发现,经常进行适度综合性锻炼的人比在短时间内进行高强度健身的人消耗的热量多。 /200803/30967蓉江新区人民医院看男科怎么样 谁在吃垃圾食品?For years experts have argued that poor households are consuming less nourishing food than the rest of the population.But a survey of some of the lowest earners in Britain shows the nutritional value of what they eat is little different to everyone else.In fact, the same deficiencies in diet were shared by all the population and the findings suggest that poor eating choices are far more widesp than previously suspected - affecting many wealthier families.These included low fruit and vegetable consumption, not eating enough oily fish and eating too much saturated fat and sugar.'This is a large and significant study and it shows we are all eating just as bad a diet as each other,' said Tim Lang, professor of food policy at City University.The poorest families were eating only slightly more sugar and slightly less fruit and vegetables, according to the study of 3,728 respondents in the bottom of the population.Alison Tedstone, head of nutritional science at the Food Standard Agency, said: 'Overall, people on low incomes have less than ideal diets, but their diets are only slightly worse than those of the rest of the population.'The study also showed that low earners are choosing to eat unhealthily. Their food choices were not linked to their income, their access to shops or their cooking skills.The findings appear to contradict assumptions that the poor cannot afford healthier foods or are too far away from shops that sell them.The Low Income Nutrition and Diet Survey showed that like the rest of the population, the poor's daily fruit and vegetable intake on average is below the recommended five portions. Fewer than 10 per cent of respondents hit this target, while around 20 per cent ate less than a portion per day.More than three quarters (76 per cent) of men and 81 per cent of women did less than one 30-minute session of moderate or vigorous exercise per week.Some 45 per cent of men and 40 per cent of women were smokers.This compares with 28 per cent of men and 24 per cent of women in the general population. 多年来,专家们一直认为,贫困家庭摄入的营养食物比其他人群要少。而英国一项对最低收入人群的调查表明,这些人所摄入食物的营养价值与其他人群没有太大区别。实际上,所有人的饮食习惯都存在同样的缺陷。调查结果表明,“穷人式”的饮食选择所涉及的人群比之前预计的要广泛得多,影响着很多较为富裕的家庭。这种饮食所摄入的水果和蔬菜较少、油性鱼的摄入量不足、饱和脂肪和糖分的摄入量过多。城市大学食品政策教授Tim Lang说:“这是一项十分有意义的大规模调查。调查表明,我们的饮食习惯都很不合理。”根据对处于社会底层的3728名受访者的调查,最穷的家庭摄入的糖分仅略多一点,摄入的水果和蔬菜也只是略少一点。食品标准局营养科学部的主任阿里森·泰德斯通说:“总的来说,收入较低的人吃的较差,但他们的饮食也只比其它人群略差一点。”调查表明,低收入人群不健康的饮食方式是他们自身造成的。他们的饮食选择与收入、离商店的远近及烹饪技巧并没有必然联系。这一结果与穷人们买不起健康食品或离商店太远的假设相矛盾。此项低收入人群营养及饮食调查发现,与其他人群一样,穷人平均每天摄入的水果和蔬菜量低于专家建议的五份。达到这一建议标准的受访者不到10%,约20%的受访者每天摄入的果蔬量不到一份。超过四分之三(76%)的男性和81%的女性每周进行适度或剧烈运动的时间不到30分钟。其中,约45%的男性和40%的女性是烟民。而总人口中的这一比例分别为28%和24%。 /200803/32403信丰县妇幼保健院人民医院地址

赣州全南医院有泌尿科吗赣州市妇幼保健医院治疗尿道炎多少钱 Scientists have developed a microscopic engine, the smallest in the world, that they say is the first one capable of driving nanobots, including medical robots that could travel through the body.科学家研制出一种微型引擎,它是世界上最小的引擎。科学家们表示,这是第一种能驱动纳米机器人——包括能在人体中行走的医用机器人——的引擎。The prototype device, known as an actuating nano-transducer or Ant, combines microscopic gold balls with a special polymer gel. It generates a propulsive force on a microscopic scale that is a hundred times greater per unit weight than any known motor or muscle. 这一原型设备称为作动纳米换能器(actuating nano-transducer)或“蚂蚁”(actuating nano-transducer的首字母缩写Ant),由微型金球和一种特殊的聚合物凝胶组合而成。它可产生一种微观尺度上的推动力,其单位重量推力是任何已知马达或肌肉的100倍。“People have been talking about making nanobots for many years but they do not exist yet,” said Professor Jeremy Baumberg, leader of the project at Cambridge university. “Why not? Because so far there has been no way of making them move through liquids — which is like swimming through treacle on the nanoscale because the molecular forces are so strong.” “多年来,大家一直在谈论制造纳米机器人,但它们仍未问世。”剑桥大学(Cambridge)教授、该项目带头人杰里米#8226;邦伯格(Jeremy Baumberg)说,“为什么呢?这是因为直至今天,我们仍无法让纳米机器人在液体中移动——这就像是在纳米尺度的糖浆中游泳,分子力太强了。”He says Ant engines, described for the first time in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, would provide sufficient power. “Like real ants they provide large forces for their weight,” he said. “The challenge we now face is how to control the force for nano-machinery applications.” 他说,“蚂蚁”引擎——最初发布于《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)——将提供充足的动力。“就像真正的蚂蚁一样,它们能够提供比自身重量大得多的力量。”他说,“我们目前面临的挑战是,如何控制这一力量为纳米机械所用。”The Ant is powered by physical rather than chemical reactions. It contains gold nanoparticles, each about 0.06 microns, or a thousandth of the width of a human hair, in diameter in water with a gel-like polymer called pNIPAM. “蚂蚁”的动力源自物理反应而不是化学反应。它包含金纳米颗粒,每个颗粒的直径约为0.06微米(相当于人类头发宽度的千分之一),这些颗粒与一种名为聚N-异丙基丙烯酰胺(pNIPAM)的凝胶状聚合物一起泡在水里。When the temperature is above the critical temperature of 32C, the gold particles are bound tightly together with the polymer through intermolecular attraction. When it falls below 32C, the polymer suddenly absorbs water and expands — and the gold particles are pushed rapidly apart like a spring. 当温度升到临界温度32摄氏度以上时,金颗粒通过分子间吸引力与聚合物一道被紧紧束缚在一起。当温度降到32摄氏度以下时,聚合物突然吸收水分并膨胀——聚集的金颗粒被快速推散开来,就像弹簧一样。“It’s like an explosion,” said Tao Ding, another member of the team. “We have hundreds of gold balls flying apart in a millionth of a second when water molecules inflate the polymers around them.” “这就像是爆炸,”该团队的另一成员Tao Ding说,“当水分子让金颗粒周围的聚合物膨胀时,数百个金球在百万分之一秒内飞散开来。”The reaction is completely and rapidly reversible, experiments show. When the temperature rises again, the Ant stores a large amount of elastic energy in a fraction of a second as the polymer coating expels water from the gel and contracts around the gold particles. “The whole process is like a nano-spring,” said Prof Baumberg.实验表明,这一反应是完全、快速可逆的。当温度再度升高时,随着聚合物包裹物把水分排出凝胶并围绕金颗粒收缩起来,“蚂蚁”可在瞬间储存大量弹性能。“整个过程就像是纳米弹簧,”邦伯格教授说。The prototype Ant uses laser light to control the system’s temperature but other mechanisms could be used instead. The transition point could also be adjusted, for example to set the energy release point close to 37C — the human body’s normal temperature. “蚂蚁”原型引擎用激光来控制系统的温度,但也可采用其他机制。临界点也可调整,比如把能量释放点设定为接近37摄氏度——人体的正常温度。The Ant might drive a nanobot through a series of piston strokes, rather like a car engine but on a scale many billions of times smaller. “蚂蚁”或可通过一系列活塞冲程来驱动纳米机器人,这很像汽车的引擎,只是其尺寸是后者的数十亿分之一。“The concept can underpin a plethora of future designs,” Prof Baumberg said. The team is working with Cambridge Enterprise, the university’s commercialisation arm, to develop practical applications for the technology.“这一概念可为大量的未来设计提供撑,”邦伯格教授说。该团队正与剑桥大学的商业化机构“剑桥实业”(Cambridge Enterprise)合作,开发这项技术的实际应用。 /201605/441143赣州市妇幼保健院属于几级

赣州医院泌尿科好Where to MixI looked across an ocean of tanned, half naked bodies stripped down in protest of the scorching heat. A multitude of well known, artists pumped their music over the crowd in waves that seemed visible as the throng ebbed and flowed to the rhythm. The children of the 60's had Woodstock and their children, in the 80's, had Live Aid; a concert given simultaneously in England and in Philadelphia, PA to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. History was made as the day unfolded. Ozzi Osborne was conscious and on stage during daylight hours. Phil Collins performed at Wembley Stadium in England and then flew across the pond to perform here in the US. Tina Turner pranced, with legs right up to her neck, across the stage in a leather teddy, leaving Mick Jagger's famous mouth agape and speechless. Robert Plant and Jimmy Page mounted the stage for a semi-Led Zeppelin reunion. Madonna braved the scorching heat in a long sleeved Chinese silk coat in response to the nude photographs of her that had been released without her authorization. And all the Woodstock wannabe's speculated whether Bruce Springsteen would be the surprise mystery final act to close the whole shebang. As it turned out, Bob Dylan, child of the 60's himself, graced the stage for that performance.Fold in FriendsI abandoned my seat and wandered around the complex listening to musical giants the likes of Eric Clapton, The Pretenders, and Teddy Pendergrass soaking up the atmosphere when I ran in to my friend Miki, one of several friends who had traveled with me from Massachusetts. We hugged each other in excitement and disbelief that we were actually there. We met new people from all over the country who felt the same electric sensation of being part of something so global. Global love. An across the ocean brother and sisterhood kind of love. Feed the hungry love. After some drifting, I lost Miki to the crowds again with a promise to meet back at our assigned seats later. Then fully surrendered myself to become part of the whole as I snaked through the crowds, looked at the people and wondered at the parade of musicians that ignited the stage: B.B. King, Santana, Tom Petty, Duran Duran and on and on.Add WaterI was soaked from the hoses that were opened up to cool the cooking crowd that swelled to 90,000 strong. Cannabis could be smelled cooking somewhere too. The smell of youth, the call of music and the excitement of being a part of something so huge and altruistic made an intoxicating cocktail. A natural high.Stir VigorouslyCaught up in the magic, a glimmer of intuition caught my attention. That feeling one experiences when they know they're being watched. I felt the pull of someone's attention and instinctively scanned the crowd expecting to find a familiar face within shouting distance but what I found instead was a pair of soft, brown eyes staring at me from about twenty yards away. Not such a great distance, but with sections, seats, and isles full of people, the expanse was a moving obstacle course. A great divide but this man held my gaze across the distance. We locked eyes and I searched my memory; I didn't recognize him. We stared some more and then he stepped down from the fence he was perched upon. I lost him in the crowd but could still see his brown bandana (how 60's) bobbing above the multitudes. He was coming toward me. I felt a surge of excitement and didn't know why. But I did know that I wanted to look into those eyes again. Intrigued, I waited to see where that bandana would reappear. Then, he was right in front of me. He'd found me again in the crowd. He stood about 5'11amp;; shirtless, tanned and lovely. He could have been younger than me or older; but it didn't matter. I just enjoyed that we'd connected and he made the effort to find me - just me - in this crowd full of thousands of women and men. He saw me and sought me out.Turn up HeatI looked up at him and fell into those brown eyes. We stood about a foot apart and looked at each other saying nothing but feeling electric sparks of genuine attraction. I felt my mouth smile and he took a half a step closer to me. Then Brown Eyes leaned forward with the top half of his body and hesitated with his lips just inches from my own and waited as if to say, amp;;Is this alright?amp;; I lifted my head toward him ever so slightly in assent and he pressured a light, sweet, lip tingling kiss upon my mouth. This was the kind of kiss one has to say amp;;upon my mouthamp;; not just on my mouth or lips. The simple kiss lasted only 4-5 seconds; long enough to spark passion and short enough to be proper, and in that moment, 90,000 people around us disappeared while I tasted his breath. It was only we two in the whole world. He hadn't stolen this kiss, he'd asked permission and it had been granted. It was something not taken but shared. His naked chest never touched me but I felt it all the same. His hands never touched me. He never attempted to slip his tongue into the kiss. The only part of me that connected with him physically was my lips but the connection I felt with him was absolute.As those 90 seconds in time clicked into the history of my life, I met a man, he sought me out, we shared mutual respect, and we searched each other's hearts and fell in love, shared passion...for a moment, then parted.Lifetime of EnjoymentIt was not until years later as I reflected on the experience that I realized I had had the perfect relationship with this man. We fell in love at the right time and parted with mutual agreement that the time for our relationship was finished. He never lied to me or cheated on me. He was never late for a date he never forgot my birthday or disappointed me. And he didn't expect anything more of me than I was willing to give. There was no laundry involved. He never broke a promise. We never moved in together to amp;;see how that goesamp;; only to split the cassette collection later. An entire relationship was encapsulated in a moment without complications or heartbreak. No disillusionment in him passing gas, drinking too much or seeing his rumpled underwear on my floor. We experienced passion without ulterior motives, just for passion's sake.I still think of my time with him fondly because the unspoiled moment was a gift with all the beauty of un-trampled snow. A kiss brimming with potential. An unmarred, sweet moment shared. A kiss for love's sake. Perfection. 唇上美好一瞬,回味甜蜜一生。款款宴席,冥冥众生,遭遇爱,一生有你,不曾找寻。鱼龙混杂抬眼望去,古铜色的半裸海洋里,宣泄着如火的。受人追捧的艺人们疯狂地泵出音符,旋律像可以看见一样,击倒众人随着不停摇摆。60一辈有伍德斯托克(Woodstock),他们的孩子,80一辈有现场援助(Live Aid);同时在英格兰和费城举行的音乐会,正在为埃塞俄比亚饥荒救济筹集资金。这一天结束时,历史改写了。欧兹奥斯本焕发,在台上秀了一整天。菲尔柯林斯活跃在英格兰温布利大球场,然后飞越“水塘”来到这里——美利坚。提娜透纳身着连衫裤在空中飞舞,越过整个舞台,双腿直至她的颈部,让米克杰格的名嘴完全无语。罗伯特和吉米佩奇走上舞台,为一个半主导的飞艇举行团聚仪式。麦当娜冒着酷暑以中国丝绸长袖外套示人,以回应未经她授权的裸照门。所有伍德斯托克的拥蹙,都在期盼布鲁斯史普林斯汀,是否是此次盛会的神秘压轴嘉宾。如人所愿后,鲍伯迪伦,60年代的宠儿,为舞台画上圆满句号。世界一家我离开座位,四处张望,迷失在混音中。音乐巨匠艾里克克莱普顿,妄求者,以及泰迪潘德格拉斯点燃了空气,我冲向米琪——跟我一起从马萨诸塞州来的朋友。我们疯狂的抱在一起,怀疑自己是否真在那儿。这里可以见到来自整个美国的新面孔,他们感受着一样的闪电,来自全世界的。全世界的爱。跨越重洋的兄弟的爱。战胜饥饿的爱。跟米琪约好在我们订的座位见后,我让自己遗失在人群中。周围的一切成了宏伟的一部分,我蜿蜒穿过人群,为点燃舞台的音乐家所震撼:BB金,桑塔纳,汤姆佩蒂,杜兰杜兰,等等等等。火上浇水我被冷却沸腾人群的软管浇了个湿透。还可以闻到大麻在某处燃烧。青春的味道,音乐的号召,成为宏大一部分的兴奋和完全的忘我组成了一杯令人陶醉的鸡尾酒。挡不住的HIGH。点燃难以置信地,一个念头突然从脑海闪过。这种直觉只有在人们知道自己被人盯住时才会发生。我感受到注意的引力,本能地扫描人群,期待着在不远处发现一个熟悉的面孔。我找到了一双温柔如水的棕褐双眸,在20码外的地方直直盯着我。人群分割了我们,但那个男人夺走了我的凝望。四目相锁,我翻开记忆——没有这个人。又对视了小会,他从休息的栅栏走下来。我丢失了他,幸好有大手帕在人群上飘动。他朝我来了。我内心顿时汹涌澎湃,并且不知从何而来。但我很清楚,我想念这样的眼睛。我被挑逗起来,等着大手帕重现。接着,他出现在正前方。他在人群中再次找到了我。裸着上身,棕褐的肤色,长相可爱。也许比我年轻,也许大。不过那不重要。我很享受我们之间的联系,他在努力找我——就只我,在成千上万的男男女女中。他看见我,然后把我筛了出来。持续火热我仰视着他,掉进了他的灰眸里。我们相距一英尺,互相凝望,什么也不说,只感受着吸引的电光火石。我感到嘴在微笑,他靠近了半步。灰眼睛随着大半个身体前倾,唇角在离我几英寸的地方迟疑等待,像在说:好了吗?我朝他轻微地抬头以示默许,他的唇凑了过来,轻轻的,甜蜜的,麻刺的吻。一般人会说那是在嘴里,而不只是在嘴上或者唇边。它持续了四五秒,长到四溅,短到看起来很合理,在那一瞬,我品尝着他的呼吸,周围的90000人瞬间消失。这个世界只有两个人。他没有偷吻,他请求许可并得到通行。不是夺取,而是分享。他的胸膛并没有碰到我,但我感受到了它。他的手没有碰我。他没打算在吻我的时候动舌头。我跟他的物理接触只有嘴唇,而那是如此真切。那90秒钟在我的生命长河中滴答作响,我遇见一个人,他挑中了我,我们彼此分享了尊重,我们寻找彼此的心,堕入爱河,热情如火。。。一小会,然后分别。一辈子的享受直到多年以后,我审视过去时,才意识到我跟那个男人拥有了完美的关系。我们在正确的时间爱慕,相互默许彼此联系的结束。他没有说谎也没有欺骗。他从没约会迟到没有忘记我的生日或者让我失望。比起我期望给予的,他没有寻求更多。没有脏衣的困扰。也没有违背承诺。我们没有聚一起看事态如何发展,然后摔瓶子破罐。所有的联系浓缩成一瞬,没有复杂,没有心碎。他没有万念俱灰,放毒气,喝得烂醉或者在我的地板上找皱巴巴的内裤。我们享受,没有更多的动机,唯有寻找本身。我仍然天真地痴想着与他一起的时光,那未曾破坏的瞬间如上天的礼物,像未遭践踏的冬雪,胜过人间所有美景。吻香漫溢。分享珍贵甜蜜的瞬间。寻找真爱之吻。完美。 /200805/39776 Scientists are struggling to understand why a burst of “scary” warming at the North Pole has pushed Arctic temperatures nearly 20C higher than normal for this time of year.科学家们感到费解,北极突然出现的“可怕”变暖为何会导致北极气温较同期水平高出近20摄氏度。Experts in the US and Europe say they have been shocked by the soaring temperatures recorded in November, when much of the region is plunged into freezing winter darkness.美国和欧洲的专家表示,今年11月录得的不断飙升的气温让他们感到震惊,这个时候北极地区很多地方进入冰冷的极夜。Temperatures this month have been as high as almost minus 5C when they are normally closer to minus 25C.北极本月气温最高曾逼近零下5摄氏度,而通常在零下25摄氏度左右。“We’ve been processing this data since 1958 and we haven’t really seen anything like this at this time of year,” said Rasmus Tonboe, a sea ice expert at the Danish Meteorological Institute. “We are watching the situation and trying to analyse what is going on but it’s very surprising.”“我们从1958年开始处理这些数据,我们确实没有在一年中的这个时候看到过这么高的气温,”丹麦气象研究所(Danish Meteorological Institute)的海冰专家拉斯穆斯.汤波(Rasmus Tonboe)表示,“我们正在关注这一情况,试图分析其中的原因,但这非常奇怪。”The unusual warmth has come as officials at the UN’s World Meteorological Organization said they were 95 per cent sure that 2016 would be the hottest year since records began in the 19th century. It would mean that 16 of the 17 warmest years on record have been this century.在北极出现不同寻常的变暖之际,联合国世界气象组织(World Meteorological Organisation)的官员称,他们有95%的把握相信,2016年将是自19世纪有记录以来最热的一年。这将意味着,在有记录以来的17个最热年份中,有16个出现在本世纪。 /201611/479840江西赣州妇幼保健院看男科医院赣州治疗前列腺增生的费用是多少



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