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考研英语 年考研英语作文范文:网络让世界变小了 --5 ::31 来源: 年考研英语作文范文:网络让世界变小了  Directions:  Write an essay of 0-0 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should  1) describe the drawing briefly,  ) explain its intended meaning ,and then  3) give your comments.  Children in China are told by their parents or grandparents not to be the frog at the bottom of the well. However, if the frog in the story were still alive, he woule stand out to justify himself, saying it is reasonable to think that the world is indeed not large, as is depicted in the cartoon. As a matter of fact, the frog’s experience in the picture is the same as that of man living in the Internet age.  The fact that the Internet makes the world smaller can be best illustrated by the term “the global village.” With the advent of the Internet, the world is shrinking into a village.


Maximum swivel of table is l.

  年(TOEFL)备考词汇分类归纳:金正日去世 --30 19::3 来源:qnr  The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK):朝鲜民主主义人民共和国  Korean Peninsula:朝鲜半岛  Kim Jong-il:金正日  Kim Jong-un:金正恩  successor:继承人  condolence:吊唁  observe minute of silence:默哀一分钟  striken with grief:满怀悲痛  Pyongyang:平壤 词汇 金正日 归纳 词汇 TOEFL

  年新重点词汇:gradual -- 18:: 来源:qnr gradual  #7;graelig;d#658;u#601;l; ˋɡraelig;d#658;#650;#601;l adj   (a) taking place by a series of small changes over a long period; not sudden 逐渐的; 渐变的: gradual decline, progress, etc 逐渐的衰落﹑ 进步等 * a gradual increase, decrease, recovery 逐渐的增加﹑ 减少﹑ 恢复.   (b) (of a slope) not steep (指斜坡)不陡峭的, 和缓的: a gradual rise, fall, incline, etc 渐起﹑ 渐落﹑ 渐降.   gt; gradually -d#658;ul#618;; -d#658;#650;l#618; adv in a gradual way; by degrees 逐渐地; 逐步地: Things gradually improved. 情况已逐渐改善.   gradualness n [U]. 词汇 词汇 新 重点 考试 gradual。

  年六级作文范文:黄金周假期是否应取消? -- 18:9: 来源: 年六级作文范文:黄金周假期是否应取消?Directions: this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic  Should the Golden Week Vacations Be Abolished? You should write at least 0 words:  1) “五一”、“十一”黄金周确实推动了中国经济的发展,丰富了人们的生活  ) 但黄金周制度也造成了很多问题  3) 我的态度  Should the Golden Week Holidays Be Abolished?  There is no denying the fact that the introduction of the Golden Week holidays in China has considerably promoted the development of the nation’s economy and touring industry and enriched people’s life. People around the country have spent more time and money traveling and relaxing themselves.  As every coin has two sides, the Golden Week holidays have also brought about piles of problems. one thing, due to the fact that people across the country are spending their vacations during the same period of time, it is terribly crowded almost everywhere: trains, buses, hotels, scenic spots, etc., which have ruined people’s mood vacations. another, some businessmen take advantage of the weeklong holidays and raise the priced of commodities and services.  Personally, I believe that it is necessary people to have long vacations, but there is no need them to have the vacations during the same period of time. Instead, they should be allowed the freedom to arrange their own vacations. Only in this way can they really relax and refresh themselves a new round of work.

  “deliver a welcome”(致欢迎辞)(TOEFL)词汇精选天巧记(6) -- 18:: 来源:qnr (April, th)   Twelve The General Election  The quadrennial US president election is once again muddling the multitude. Parades with partisan motif fill the streets and obstruct the traffic. Nocturnal TV programs are monotonous due to the noxious orations. Both parties have gained tremendous patronage from the opulence of large businesses. It’s no wonder the greatest ordeal to those politicians.  The Democratic Party’s candidate, Gore, is an outspoken and overbearing man with obstinate thoughts nurtured in a needy family. He gives an offhand comment that the Republic Party’s candidate, Bush, is a moron with morbid brain. He outwitted the public that, if he wins, he would modulate the policies, popularize obligatory education and mollify the current economic depression.  Bush, although overdue the election, is a munificent person with nimble style in his outfits. He obscures his own flaws and evades Gore’s onsets. Instead, he frequently mentioned the mer president Clinton’s obscene history. “I’m not the panacea all problems, but I can be palatable small dish you to nibble. Oust Gore from your tickets and support me please. Our serious security conditions can be mitigated.” Bush paraphrases his ideas.  As Gore overlooks many chances and fails to mold his aspect successfully, his negligence finally causes Bush’s victory. According to the pact between them, Bush sets up his government and begins to nominate his ministers. 词汇 词汇 天巧记 TOEFL四六级资讯 年5月四六级口语考试报名时间 --19 :1:9 来源: 年5月四六级口语考试报名时间 年5月全国大学英语四、六级考试口语考试报名工作即将开始,现将有关事宜通知如下  一、报名资格:  1) 参加年月至年月全国大学英语四、六级考试,且四级成绩为550分以上(含550 分)或六级成绩为5分以上(含5分);吉林、江苏、山东、重庆市(省)考生六级成绩5以上(含5分)  ) 参加年月至年月全国大学英语四级考试(网考)成绩为550分以上(含550分)或六级成绩为5分以上(含5分);吉林、江苏、山东、重庆市(省)考生六级成绩5以上(含5分)  二、考试日期: 年月5日  三、报名 年月日:00时至月日:30截止  四、考生网上修改基本信息及打印准考 年月日:00时至月19日:30截止  五、报名方式: 口语考试采用网上报名方式考生自主选择一个考点报名参加考试因考点容量所限,报名额满为止  六、报名费:每名考生报名费为50元  七、报名流程:  第一阶段: 年5月日:00至5月9日:30 在网上通过资格验后选择考点,并通过网银付考试费50元  第二阶段: 年5月日:00至5月19日:30 报名成功的考生,可更新自己的照片和所属学校,并自行打印准考  八、注意事项:  1. 考生只能选择一个考点报名不得重复报名  . 请认真阅读本通知附件 《报名网上交费说明  3. 更新照片时使用正面免冠件照片  . 考试成绩公布后,书的领取时间和地点将在www.cet.edu.cn网站上公布不再另行邮寄 四六级口语考试报名时间

  英语能力>英语作文>初一英语作文 Typhoon safety -- 18::37 来源: typhoon safety  五()班 潘锦豪  the chen family did a good job.  they put plants inside. they didn't stand near the windows and used a mobile phone. i hope they close the windows and the door next time. it’ll be safe.    指导老师:刘 旭   我们不可能设想有哪件事情是无缘无故产生的,就像我们不可能设想有哪根棍子只有一头一样

  如:地瓜烧肉——Stewed Diced Pork and Sweet

  欢迎学习《读句子轻松学英语四级语法【第1节】1.In this age of fnternet chat, games and reality television,there is no shortage of mindless activities to keep a child occupied.英语四级译文:在这个充斥着网络聊天、和真人秀的时代,并不缺乏让小孩子沉迷的玩物四级词汇讲解:本句的主干是there is no shortage of mindless activitiesin this age of Internet chat, games and reality television是时间状语in the age of的意思是“在……时代”如:Every company should dwell on how to compete in the age of globalization.在全球化的时代,每个公司都应该思考该如何参与竞争there is no shortage o提双重否定表肯定,意思是“不乏;肯定有”如:There is no shortage of food.食物充足occupy的意思是“占据,充满(时间、空间、某人的头脑等)”英语四级考点归纳:双重否定句是否定句的一种双重否定实际上是表示肯定,是加强肯定语气的说法如:※ Fish cannot live without water.没有水,鱼就不能生存(即:鱼生存需要水)※ There is no one who doesnt know about you.没有人不知道你(即:人人都知道你)学习更多《读句子轻松学英语四级语法。

  考研英语 考研英语:必考核心词汇坚持练(第三十三天) -- :59:5 来源: 复习贵在持之以恒,像考研英语这种学科,单词、翻译、作文都需要坚持定时定量的练习,才会有效果而单词则是英语学习的基础,无论到了复习的哪个阶段,对单词的记忆和练习都不可荒废,希望我们关于考研英语核心词的每日一练可以帮到你 relevanta.有关的,中肯的,相应的A paper relevant to this research was published by him.他发表了一篇与本研究相关的论文These values are relevant in a relative sense.这些值只是在相对比较上才有中肯的意义pertinentrelevancerelevancy n.中肯,关联,相关性 irrelevant a.不相关的Your humor must be relevant to the audience and should help to show them that you are one of them or that you understand their situation and are in sympathy with their point of view.你的幽默必须与听众有关,能够向他们表示你是他们的一员,或者你了解他们的情况,并且赞成他们的观点 proceedv.进行,继续下去;发生We received sanction to proceed with our plans.我们获准继续我们的计划The greatest injustices proceed from those who pursue excess, not from those who are driven by necessity.最严重的不义行径来自那些贪得无厌的人,而不是那些为必需品而努力的人pro-(向前)+cess(走,前进)→向前走→前进,继续下去occur, happen, continueproceeding n.进行;程序;事项 tacticsn.策略,战术Few western competitions would employ such rough tactics.西方竞争对手很少会采取这么凶狠的战术tact(接触)+-ics→如何与不同的人接触需要讲究策略→策略strategytactically ad.战术性地;策略高明地 blurn.模糊不清的事物;污点v.使模糊;玷污My memories of childhood are only a blur.我对童年的生活已经记不太清了His memory is blurred by his illness.他因患病减退spot, stain; pollute, tarnish detectv.察觉,发觉,侦察,探测The dentist could detect no decay in her teeth.牙医检查了她的牙,未见有龋齿This police officer’s job is to detect fraud.这位警官负责侦查欺诈案de-(去掉)+tect(遮盖)→去除遮盖→探测explore, perceive, probedetection n.察觉;侦查;探测 detective n.侦探He points out that he always experienced much difficulty in expressing himself clearly and concisely, but he believes that this very difficulty may have had the compensating advantage of cing him to think long and intently about every sentence, and thus enabling him to detect errors in reasoning and in his own observations.他指出自己总是不能简洁明了地表达想法但他认为,也许正是这种困难给了他弥补其能力欠缺的优势,使他能够长时间地专注思考每一个句子,从而得以在推理和观察中发现错误哲学上说,量变到达一定程度必然会引起质变复习也同样,一天弄透几个单词,日积月累,总会变得不一样生活就像海洋,只有意志坚强的人才能到达彼岸考研正是这样一个贵在坚持的过程,祝各位考生都能坚持到最后,金榜题名



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