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Picture a coffee shop in a big city almost anywhere on earth. It is filled with stylish, firm-bodied people aged under 50 drinking coffees. Fresh from yoga class, they are ing New Yorker magazine articles about inequality before returning to their tiny .5m apartments. This is the cultural elite — or what Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, professor of public policy at the University of Southern California, calls the “aspirational class”. Her book The Sum of Small Things anatomises it using fascinating American consumption data. Currid-Halkett herself is a class member (as are some of my best friends), and yet she helps explain why the cultural elite is so despised as to have generated a global political movement against it. Though Trump is the unmentioned elephant in the room in her book, you think of him on almost every page as the antithesis of this class — indeed, in the minds of his supporters, as the antidote to it.请想象地球上几乎任何一座大城市的一间咖啡店,里面满是穿着入时、身形健美、年龄不到50岁的人在喝着5美元一杯的咖啡。他们刚上完瑜伽课,这会儿读着《纽约客》(New Yorker)上关于不平等的文章,一会儿会回到他们150万美元的小公寓里。这就是文化精英,或者用南加州大学(University of Southern California)公共政策教授伊丽莎白?霍尔德—哈尔凯特(Elizabeth Currid-Halkett)的话来说,“有抱负的阶层”。她的新作《琐事的总和》(The Sum of Small Things)利用引人入胜的美国消费数据对该阶层进行了剖析。虽然霍尔德—哈尔凯特本人即该阶层成员(我的一些至交好友也是),但她帮助解释了为什么文化精英如此遭人鄙视,以致催生了一个全球政治运动来反对它。虽然在她这本书里,特朗普是未提到的房间里那头大象,但几乎每一页都会让你想到他,他就是该阶层的对立面——的确,在其持者脑海里,他是对抗文化精英阶层的良方。Trump likes to tag the cultural elite as “the elite” but not all class members are rich. Adjunct professors, NGO workers and unemployed screenwriters belong alongside Mark Zuckerberg. Rather, what defines the cultural elite is education. Most of its members went to brand-name universities, and consider themselves deserving rather than entitled. They believe in facts and experts. Most grew up comfortably off in the post-1970s boom. Their education is their insurance policy and, so almost whatever their income, they suffer less economic anxiety than older or lesser educated people. Their political utopia is high-tax, egalitarian, feminist and green. They aim to be “better humans” rather than simply rich, writes Currid-Halkett. Though often too busy to be happy, they feel good about themselves. The inequality they see everywhere is never their fault.特朗普喜欢给文化精英贴上“精英份子”的标签,但这一阶层并非都是富人。除了马克?扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg),还有兼职教授、非政府组织(NGO)工作人员、失业的编剧。相反,界定文化精英的是教育背景。该阶层多数成员上的是名牌大学,且认为自己对所得当之无愧,而不是凭特权。他们相信事实和专家。大多数人在20世纪70年代后的繁荣时代衣食无忧地长大。他们的教育背景就是他们的保单,而且基本上无论收入多少,他们承受的经济压力要小于老一代或教育程度较低的人群。他们的政治乌托邦是高税收、平等主义、女权主义和环保主义。霍尔德—哈尔凯特写道,比起单纯当一个富人,他们的目标是成为“更好的人”。虽然经常忙到没有时间快乐,但他们对自己感觉良好。他们处处看到的不平等绝不是他们的错。When it comes to consumption, the cultural elite’s core belief is a scorn for stuff. Branded goods no longer convey status now that any old oaf can buy them. The top 10 per cent of American earners (which includes most of the cultural elite) spends a shrinking slice of its income on cars, TVs and household items, things that the middle class still values. With the sharing economy taking off, hipsters barely own anything at all. Forget shared bikes — Americans can now rent designer dresses.消费方面,文化精英的核心信念是鄙视炫耀性商品。名牌商品不再传递身份信息,因为任何一个老傻瓜都买得起它们。美国收入最高10%的人群(这包括了大多数文化精英)在汽车、电视机和家用产品等中产阶层仍然看重的东西上出不断减少。随着分享经济兴起,潮人们几乎“一无所有”。共享单车算什么,美国人现在连设计师饰都能租。What stuff the cultural elite does buy is used to adorn their bodies. Living in dense cities where everyone is on display, they need expensive clothes. New Yorkers in particular also have watch fetishes. In 2010 they “spent about 27 times more on watches as a share of total expenditures than everyone else — no city even compares”, writes Currid-Halkett in a typically delicious titbit.文化精英确实喜欢买的是能装饰他们身体的物品。生活在人人都在展示自己的繁华都市,他们需要昂贵的饰。纽约人尤其迷恋手表。霍尔德—哈尔凯特笔下一个有代表性的趣闻是,2010年纽约人“购买手表在总出中的占比是其他人的27倍,没有城市比得上。”The cultural elite spends relatively little on beauty products, but splurges on exercise, because it thinks that bodies (like food) should look natural. The thin, toned body expresses this class’s worldview: even leisure must be productive. Instead of trawling shopping malls, class members narrate their family hikes on Facebook.文化精英在美容产品上出相对较少,但在锻炼上毫不手软,因为他们认为人体(就像食物一样)应该看起来很自然。修长、健美的身体诠释了这个阶层的世界观:即使休闲也要富有成效。该阶层成员不逛购物商场,而是在Facebook上介绍自己的家庭远足见闻。These people maximise what Currid-Halkett calls “inconspicuous consumption”: things you cannot see. They buy nannies to save time, elite magazines to feed their brains and status, and education to propel their children upwards. “The top 1-5 per cent [of American earners] spend on average 5 per cent of their total expenditures on education, while the middle class barely spends 1 per cent,” writes Currid-Halkett. Her intellectual ancestor Thorstein Veblen, in his 1899 study The Theory of the Leisure Class, portrayed Wasps frittering away money, but today’s cultural elite is engaged in a ruthless project to reproduce its social position. Barring some huge economic shift, today’s breastfed elite toddlers will be the elite of 2050. The meritocracy is becoming hereditary.这些人将霍尔德-哈尔凯特所说的“隐性消费”(那些你们看不到的东西)发挥到极致。他们雇用保姆节省时间,购买精英杂志填充大脑和地位,投资教育以便为子女提供较高的平台。霍尔德-哈尔凯特写道:“(美国收入)最高的1%至5%人群在教育上的出平均为总出的5%,而中产阶级勉强达到1%。”她的理论前辈索尔斯坦?维布伦(Thorstein Veblen)曾经在他1899年的著作《有闲阶级论》(The Theory of the Leisure Class)中,描写了盎格鲁萨克逊裔美国白人(WASP)挥金如土的行为,但如今的文化精英们则在坚定地传承其社会地位。除非发生翻天覆地的经济变迁,否则如今还在吃奶学步的精英二代们将成为2050年的精英。精英阶层正呈现出世袭色。This is where the cultural elite’s self-image diverges from the view held by its critics. Trump voters see a class that talks equality while living privilege and exuding contempt. Here are Greenpeace members who are always on planes, proclaiming their goodness instead of improving the world. Maybe if everyone shopped at Whole Foods (the upscale grocery chain nicknamed “Whole Paycheck”) the world would improve, suggests Currid-Halkett. But there’s a counterargument: if everyone shopped at Whole Foods, it would lose its status, and the cultural elite would have to shop elsewhere.这就是文化精英的自我形象有别于其批评者观点的地方。特朗普的选民们看到的是这样一个阶层:他们过着特权的生活,却在讨论平等,而且散发出轻蔑。比如绿色和平(Greenpeace)的成员老是在飞来飞去,他们向外界夸耀自己的善举,而并没有致力于让世界变得更美好。霍尔德-哈尔凯特提出,或许,如果所有人都在全食(Whole Foods,高端食品超市,绰号为“整张工资单”)购物的话,世界确实会变得更美好。 但这里有一个反论:如果所有人都在全食购物,那么它也就丧失了地位象征,文化精英们将不得不转到别处购物。These people live in places and ways that hardly anyone else can afford. The only poor people they know are their nannies. Their New Yorker subscriptions might cost just , but are usually premised on expensive educations.这些人居住的地段和生活的方式是几乎其他任何人都无法负担得起的。他们认识的穷人只有他们的保姆。《纽约客》(New Yorker)的全年订费可能只需要90美元,但通常前提是昂贵的教育。Though Currid-Halkett is too polite to do more than hint at this, class members regard outsiders with either scorn or pity. Overproductive themselves, they look down on iPad parents, the obese and the uninformed. Many even mock their own parents as kitsch provincials. There’s an element of this in the relationship between Ivanka Trump (raised in Manhattan) and her father (from Queens). In fact, long before Trump became president, he was the exemplar of everything the cultural elite abhors. His hair and orange skin scream artificiality. He loves buying stuff. He is fat and ignorant. He thinks exercise depletes the body. He gets his information from cable TV.霍尔德-哈尔凯特礼貌地暗示,这个阶层的人对外部人士要么嘲讽,要么可怜。注重成效的他们看不起让iPad陪伴孩子的父母、肥胖者和学识浅薄者。很多人甚至嘲笑自己的父母是乡巴佬。伊万卡?特朗普(Ivanka Trump,在曼哈顿长大)和她父亲(在纽约皇后区长大)之间的关系带有一点这种元素。实际上,早在特朗普当选总统之前,他就成为文化精英厌恶的一切的化身。他的头发和橘色皮肤都暴露了人为色。他喜欢购物。他肥胖且无知。他认为锻炼会消耗身体。他通过有线电视获取信息。No wonder the key rite of cultural-elite conversation has become Trump-dissing (see previous paragraph). And so the cultural wars that got him elected rage on.难怪文化精英们的主要话题已变成嘲讽特朗普。就这样,把他推上总统宝座的这场文化战争正在延续。 /201706/512989

1. Christopher Bollen, The Destroyers《破坏者》克里斯托弗伦Bollen opens this thriller, set on the Greek island of Patmos, with an explosion ripping through the outdoor patio of Nikos Taverna, killing a young American tourist, and he never slows down. The narrator for most of the book is Ian, who is down on his luck and running away from the tense aftermath of his father#39;s death. He travels to Patmos to visit his boyhood friend Charlie, who offers him a job with his new charter yacht business. But Charlie#39;s life as the son of a wealthy Greek-Cypriot businessman is filed with unexpected dangers. And the game they played together when they were young – in which a group of masked gunmen bursts into the room and starts shooting – begins to seem all too real. Intellectually intriguing and eerily timely. (Credit: Harper)这部恐怖小说背景设定在希腊帕特斯岛,以尼克斯塔维尔娜家户外庭院的一场爆炸拉开帷幕,爆炸导致一名美国青年游客死亡。小说情节紧凑,步步惊心。伊恩是书中主要的叙述者,他穷困潦倒,为了逃避父亲去世后的麻烦而离家出走。伊恩来到帕特斯岛看望儿时好友查理。查理给他找了一份工作,于是伊恩开始经营包租游艇的业务。查理的父亲是希腊-塞浦路斯商人,身为富豪的儿子,查理身边充满预想不到的危险。一群蒙面人持冲进屋内开始扫射是他们儿时一起玩的游戏,如今游戏似乎开始成为现实。小说剧情烧脑、诡异的气氛渲染的恰到好处。(来源:哈勃出版社)2. Nick Laird, Modern Gods《当代诸神》尼克莱尔德Laird#39;s intimate and searing look at the aftereffects of violent conflict and religious fanaticism, revolves around two sisters facing personal crises. Liz, a New York-based academic, is preparing to travel to the rainforest of Papua New Guinea to make a B documentary about Belef, the charismatic woman leader of a cargo cult. But first she#39;s back in her hometown of Ballyglass in Northern Ireland, for her sister Alison#39;s second wedding. Before the honeymoon begins a newspaper headline reveals Alison#39;s new husband#39;s past as a member of the Ulster Freedom Fighters involved in a pub massacre. And now she is morally implicated. Half a globe away, Liz is drawn into Belef#39;s rituals, with tragic consequences. Finely etched, impeccably structured, Modern Gods has the enduring echoes of a classic. (Credit: Viking)莱尔德围绕着两身上发生的危机,近距离审视了暴力冲突和宗教狂热带来的恶果。利兹是来自纽约的学者,她准备前往巴布亚新几内亚的热带雨林为B制作一部关于魅力超凡的货物崇拜运动女领袖比利芙的纪录片。但是,利兹要先返回家乡巴利格拉斯——位于北爱尔兰的一个小村落,参加艾莉森的第二次婚礼。艾莉森开始度蜜月之前,一家报纸的头条新闻曝光了其新婚丈夫的过往,他曾是阿尔斯特自由战士组织的成员,这个组织与一起酒吧大屠杀有关。于是现在艾莉森也被牵连其中,遭到道德批判。而在地球的另一端,利兹被比利芙的宗教仪式所吸引,最终引祸上身。《当代诸神》文笔细腻,结构缜密,是一部耐人寻味的经典之作。(来源:维京出版社)3. Victoria Redel, Before Everything《最重要的事》维多利亚雷德尔Redel#39;s new novel brings to mind Virginia Woolf#39;s The Waves, with its chorus of distinctive voices sharing private perceptions along with their sustained collective experience. Five girls who dubbed themselves ;the old friends; in sixth grade have carried their connection forward through decades, sharing tragedies and triumphs. In March 2013 they gather as Anna, the sparkplug of the group, decides to discontinue her cancer treatment after four remissions. She wants to say her goodbyes. In lyrical prose, Redel interweaves Anna#39;s final days with echoes of the past – the day Helen accompanied a teenaged Anna to her abortion, the day of Ming#39;s daughter Lily#39;s brain surgery, the weddings, the divorces. The endings. ;This, Helen thought, this is what Anna will do. She will teach us all how to do this thing we don#39;t know how to do.; (Credit: Viking)雷德尔的新小说《最重要的事》让人想起弗吉尼亚伍尔芙的《海浪》,它将不同的声音融合在一起,透过大家一直以来的共同经历分享每个人的认知。五个女孩在6年级时就互称“老相识”,她们同甘共苦,友情维持了几十年。2013年3月,她们之中的核心人物安娜在癌症反复四次后决定终止治疗,她希望向所有人道别,五个女孩因此重聚。在这部抒情散文中,雷德尔将安娜最后的时光与昔日的记忆交织在一起,海伦陪伴着年轻的安娜堕胎、明的女儿莉莉接受脑部手术、结婚、离婚,直到走向生命的终结。“海伦想,这就是安娜要做的。她将教会手足无措的我们如何面对死亡。”(来源:维京出版社)4. Colin Harrison, You Belong to Me《你是我的》科林哈里森Harrison#39;s encyclopedic knowledge of New York, his noirish genius and his storytelling chops are on fine display in this new thriller about immigration lawyer Paul Reeves and the couple who live across the hall, a blonde American beauty named Jennifer and her wealthy Iranian-American husband Ahmed. Reeves is twice divorced and focused mostly on his passion for old maps of New York, which he stores in his apartment and his family home in Brooklyn. Jennifer tags along with him to Christie#39;s one day while Ahmed is out of the country on business, and Reeves witnesses her surprise at spotting a blond man in desert-coloured soldier#39;s fatigues staring at her. She leaves with the man. And so begins the unwinding of a marriage, with tragic consequences for the men in Jennifer#39;s life. (Credit: Sarah Crichton Books/Farrar, Straus and Giroux)哈里森就是个纽约百事通,他的暗黑天赋以及叙事能力在这部全新的惊悚小说中得到了完美的呈现。小说讲述了移民律师保罗里夫斯以及住在隔壁的情侣的故事。詹妮弗是一位美国金发美女,她的丈夫艾哈迈德是伊朗裔美国富豪。里夫斯离过两次婚,他醉心于纽约老地图,将它们收藏在自己的公寓和在布鲁克林的家中。有一天艾哈迈德出国谈生意,珍妮弗就尾随里夫斯去了佳士得拍卖行。而里夫斯发现她在看到一个身穿沙漠迷的金发男人注视她时意外惊喜。詹妮弗和这个男人离开了。一场婚姻由此破碎,詹妮弗生命中的那个男人以悲剧收场。(来源:Sarah Crichton出版社/Farrar, Straus and Giroux出版社)5. Julia Fierro, The Gypsy Moth Summer《舞毒蛾入侵的夏天》茱莉亚菲耶罗In June 1992, gypsy moths invaded Avalon Island, caterpillars stripping trees, covering houses and pavements, and raining down upon the residents. This is the summer, writes Fierro in her luminous second novel, when Leslie Day Marshall, ;golden-haired prodigal daughter, returns with her black husband and brown children to claim her seat as First Lady.; Leslie#39;s son Brooks falls in love with Avalon#39;s Maddie, the daughter of a wealthy mother and a working-class father. Their Romeo and Juliet story plays out as Grudder Aviation, the island#39;s major employer, is blamed for a cluster of insidious cancers and for dozens of women, including Leslie, suffering repeated miscarriages. Fierro laces her lyrical tale of revenge and rebellion with gritty details, mythic settings and a nuanced sense of how class and racial divisions shape us. (Credit: St. Martins)这部精的小说是菲耶罗的第二部小说。1992年6月,舞毒蛾入侵阿瓦隆岛,这种蛾虫吃光树木,覆盖在房子和人行道上,如雨点一般掉落在居民身上。菲耶罗写道,就在这个夏天,“叛逆的金发女儿莱斯利玛西尔带着她的黑人丈夫,棕色皮肤的小孩们回来了,坐上第一夫人的位子。”莱斯利的儿子布鲁克斯爱上了岛上的姑娘麦蒂,她的妈妈是个富人,而爸爸是工薪阶级。阿瓦隆岛上的一群人在不知不觉中患上癌症,几十名女性经历多次流产,其中包括莱斯利,岛上的用工大户格路德飞机制造公司被指为罪魁祸首。菲耶罗通过栩栩如生的细节、神秘的背景设定以及对阶级种族分化如何塑造人类的细微刻画,书写了一部充满感情的复仇和反抗的故事。(来源:圣马丁斯出版社)6. Sherman Alexie, You Don#39;t Have to Say You Love Me《不必说你爱我》谢尔曼阿列克谢;Salmon-grief; echoes throughout the pages of this sardonic, raw and moving memoir from the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist. Wild salmon provided physical and spiritual sustenance for the Interior Salish – Alexie#39;s Native American people – for thousands of years. In 1938, five years after the construction of the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington state, they were gone. Alexie#39;s Spokane mother and Coeur d#39;Alene father, fluent Salish speakers, were the first generation to live entirely without wild salmon. ;Poverty was our spirit animal;, he writes of growing up on the Spokane reservation. (Credit: Little, Brown)《不必说你爱我》的作者阿列克谢是普利策奖获得者。这部讽刺、朴实、感人的回忆录字里行间都流露着“对三文鱼的悲伤”。数千年来,野生三文鱼一直是内陆萨利希语族(阿列克谢笔下的印第安人)身体和精神上的食粮。1938年,在华盛顿州的大古力水坝竣工5年后,它们消失了。阿列克谢的妈妈来自斯波坎,父亲来自科伦达,他们操着流利的萨利希语,却是第一代完全不依靠野生三文鱼生存的萨利希人。在斯波坎印第安保留地长大的阿列克谢说,“贫穷就是我们的精神写照。”(来源:利特尔amp;布朗出版社)7. Gail Godwin, Grief Cottage《悲伤小屋》盖氏戈德温Marcus is 11 when his mother dies; he never knew his father. Soon he#39;s living with his mother#39;s eccentric aunt Charlotte in her South Carolina beach cottage. She#39;s painting a house built in 1804 dubbed the Grief Cottage after a family died there during Hurricane Hazel. That summer Marcus becomes himself, with the help of Charlotte, who drinks wine throughout the day in her painting studio and her empathetic friend Lachicotte Hayes. Marcus#39;s grief and confusion are salved by the ocean, the sea turtles nesting nearby, and the secrets he learns about his family. But under the surface he#39;s floundering. Soon he is obsessed with a mysterious boy he secretly visits daily at Grief Cottage. (Credit: Bloomsbury)马库斯11岁时母亲去世了,而他从来不知道父亲是谁。不久,他搬到南卡罗莱纳州一处海滩边的小屋,和母亲的姑姑、性格古怪的夏洛特一起生活。夏洛特每天在画室里喝酒,她画了一座建于1804年的绰号叫“悲伤小屋”的房子。在飓风黑兹尔来临时,有一家人死在那里。那个夏天,马库斯在夏洛特和她善解人意的好友拉希科特海因斯的帮助下恢复正常,但他的内心其实很慌乱。大海、附近筑巢的海龟、以及获知家庭的秘密安抚了马库斯的悲伤和困惑。很快,他就迷上了一个神秘的男孩,每天偷偷到悲伤小屋探望他。(来源:布卢姆斯伯里出版社)8. Lee Daniel Kravetz, Strange Contagion《奇怪的传染效应》李丹尼尔拉维兹Kravetz moved to Palo Alto, California in 2009. His wife had just taken a job at Google and was expecting their first child. Within months, five local high school students died by suicide on the train tracks near his apartment. Why ;These kids are driven,; one teacher tells him. This affluent small town at the center of Silicon Valley, Kravetz writes, is huge in terms of innovation and scaling of new ideas – and stress upon its young. Kravetz gathers research on social contagions – the ways in which others influence our lives by catchable thoughts, emotions and behaviours. He speaks with the school#39;s principal and other community members struggling to comfort the survivors and stop the deaths. Yet in 2014 another suicide cluster emerges. A chilling and important look at the social contagions that threaten us. (Credit: Harper)2009年拉维兹搬到旧金山附近的帕洛阿尔托。她的妻子在谷歌找了一份工作,准备迎接他们的第一个孩子。但在几个月内,当地学校的5名高中生在他公寓附近的铁轨处自杀。这究竟是什么原因?一位老师告诉他:“这些孩子被煽动了。”拉维兹写道,这座位于硅谷中心的富裕小镇具有强大的创新力、汇聚了众多创意,同时也给年轻人带来了巨大压力。社会传染效应是指其他人通过可感知的思想、情绪以及行为对我们的生活产生影响,拉维兹整理了与此相关的研究。他和学校的校长以及其他社区成员尽力安抚幸存者,并阻止再有人自杀。然而,2014年又发生了一次群体自杀事件。社会传染效应威胁着人类,这本书揭开了令人不寒而栗却又至关重要的现象。(来源:哈勃出版社)9. Becky Aikman, Off the Cliff《无与伦比》贝基艾克曼It#39;s been over 25 years since the release of Thelma and Louise, the ground-breaking female buddy film hailed for its comedy, stark visual effects and shocking, off-the-cliff ending. Drawing upon some 130 interviews, Aikman tracks the film from 1987, when Callie Khouri from Paducah, Kentucky, a line producer on music s, concocts the script, to Oscar night 1992, when six nominations yield Khouri an Academy Award. She weaves the film into Hollywood history, and gives a delicious blow-by-blow account, including Ridley Scott#39;s efforts to find the location for that ending, and the early casting of Jodie Foster and Michelle Pfeiffer (in the roles that went to Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon), and Billy Baldwin as the sexy hitchhiker instead of a young newcomer named Brad Pitt. (Credit: Penguin Press)距《末路狂花》上映已经过去超过25年,这部开拓性的女性犯罪电影以其幽默的剧情、对比鲜明的视觉效果以及精震撼的结局而备受好评。艾克曼在本书中参考了大约130次访谈,从1987年开始纪录这部电影,影片编剧卡莉克里来自肯塔基州帕迪尤卡市,那时她还是一名音乐录影带的预算控制制片。1992年,该片获得了6项奥斯卡提名并为克里赢得了一座奖杯。她将这部电影与好莱坞历史交织在一起,还收录了一段段有趣而详尽的个人陈述,其中包括雷利史考特为影片结尾找到合适场地而付出的努力,最初试镜的朱迪福斯特和米歇尔法伊弗(他们的角色最终由吉娜戴维斯和苏珊萨兰登饰演),以及替代“小鲜肉”布拉德皮特出演性感搭车人的比利鲍德温。(来源:企鹅出版社) /201706/513143

\The Four Nations Women#39;s Football Tournament being hosted in southwest China#39;s Chongqing city continued with the hosts taking on the Democratic People#39;s Republic of Korea in the last match of the round robin tournament.The DPRK has a reputation for being the most powerful team in the tournament and China#39;s head coach, Hao Wei, adjusted the squad to help counterbalance the side. Ma Xiaoxu was moved up in the line-up to forward.With the two teams playing fairly evently, key Chinese player Xu Yuan had to leave the field because of injury, and that threated to be the turning point. The DPRK looked dominant. The second half became even more aggressive. Both Ma Xiaoxu and DPRK#39;s Yun Hyon-Hi had the chance to break the deadlock, but to no avail.The game finished in a scoreless draw. The two sides are long time rivals and China hasn#39;t been able to beat the DPRK in 5 years. The DPRK are the only team from the competing nations that have booked their tickets to the London Olympics.Despite the draw, the DPRK claimed the four nations title with 2 wins, 1 draw and 7 points. China finished runners-up with 1 win against Mexico and 2 draws for five points in total.2012年国际女足四国邀请赛再燃战火,面对与自己实力、排名皆很接近的韩国女足,中国女足与对手0比0互交白卷。上半场双方破门乏术,而下半场双方频频调兵遣将但难有建树,此役过后中国队1胜1平积4分,而最后一战就在本周日,对手是本届四国赛实力最为强大的朝鲜女足。 Article/201202/172005

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