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黑龙江省肿瘤医院妇科挂号哈尔滨阳光医院妇科挂号When Joshua Blue, a vice principal at the Kennedy School in Hong Kong, hosts an assembly for his students, he wears a light violet-coloured pastel tie to give him an edge.坚尼地小学(Kennedy School)的副校长约书亚·布卢(Joshua Blue)在给学生讲话时,一条粉紫色领带给他增色不少。The bluish-purple tie is “colourful yet muted”, he said, which Blue believes keeps students from being as bored when listening. On the other hand, he avoids brighter purples and pinks when standing up in front of students.布卢说,紫中带蓝的领带“多而柔和”。他觉得这能让学生听他说话时,不至于想打瞌睡。另外,在学生面前发言,他不会选择亮紫色和粉色领带。“You don’t want so many bright colours that the kids will get distracted, ” said Blue, 35.“不要用太多的亮色,这会让孩子们分心,”35岁的布卢说。It might sound a bit like hocus pocus, but experts say that no matter the audience — clients, staff or even children — picking the right tie colour can help get your message across.这听起来可能有点荒唐,但专家说,不管是观众——顾客,员工甚至是孩子——挑对了领带颜色能帮你传信达意。“Colours give off very specific signals, ” said David Zyla, New York-based author of Color Your Style. “The same suit can be transformed with different tie colours, each with a very different impact and message.”写了《用颜色秀出你的风格》(Color Your Style)的纽约作家大卫·兹拉(David Zyla)说:“颜色会传递特定的讯息”。他还表示:“不同的领带颜色让每一件西装看上去都与众不同,每一种颜色都会产生不同的影响,传递不同的讯息。”Wondering what colour tie to wear to your next meeting? Here’s how to choose the perfect tie colour for every occasion:在想下一次开会要系什么颜色的领带?下面的小贴士能帮你选出匹配每个场合的最佳领带。All powerful reds万能的红色It’s not a coincidence that many politicians wear red-coloured ties with light shirts and darker suits.很多政治家都热衷系红色领带,穿浅色衬衫和深色西装,这并不是巧合。“Red is the power tie, ” said Mark Woodman, a trend analyst who studies colour in Laurel, Maryland, in the US. “There’s something about red that always comes back to strength and passion.”“红色领带象征权力,”美国马里兰州劳雷尔市(Laurel)研究色的潮流分析师马克·伍德曼(Mark Woodman)说,“谈及红色,总绕不开力量和。”But the tone of your reds matters, too. Darker reds, such as a burgundy, can help build trust, while lighter red and pink ties can be more of a statement about your personal style and be associated with creativity. In the last decade, a pink tie can sometimes signal “solidarity with women, ” added Woodman.但红色的色调也很重要。深红色,比如酒红,能帮你树立威信,而浅红和粉红色领带则更多彰显的是你的个人风格,与创造力挂钩。近十年,粉色领带有时也表示“团结女性”,伍德曼补充道。When you are taking the lead on a project or want to convey a sense of ambition, consider a bold shiny red. A matte or printed red tie can be a more subtle way to convey power.如果你在带一个项目,或想彰显你的雄心,可以考虑一下大胆的鲜红色。麻面或印花红领带能低调地展现权力。Royal purples贵族紫Ross Znavor, an executive in financial services in New York, wears purple ties rather than red to business meetings because the colour shows a bit of self-confidence and helps him create lasting first impressions.在纽约一家金融公司工作的高管罗斯·基纳尔(Ross Znavor)参加商务会议时,系紫色而不是红色的领带,因为他觉得紫色能显示自信,帮他留下持久的第一印象。Wearing a tie in a hue that’s less traditional shows clients, he is “comfortable in my own skin and someone with whom you want to build a relationship”, he said.见客户时,系一条不那么常见颜色的领带,说明这个人“大方自信,也让你想和他建立联系”,他说。Lindsay said purple, traditionally a sign of royalty and wealth, is becoming more acceptable in the workplace.琳赛(Linsay)说,传统意义上,紫色是贵族和财富的象征,现如今越来越为办公室所接受。“Men are wearing shades of lighter purple shirts and darker purple ties, ” she said. Wear one of these shades if you want to stand out from the crowd with a slightly bolder look that’s not distracting.“眼下男士开始穿浅紫衬衫,系深紫领带,”她说。如果你想脱颖而出,用一点大胆色调搭配这些领带也无妨。Black affair高贵冷艳的黑色While you might not wear them to executive meetings on a regular basis, wearing black ties to a cocktail party or even an upscale dinner gives off a sophisticated vibe, said Zyla.兹拉说,你可能平时不会系黑领带去参加高管会议,但它绝对是鸡尾酒会和高级晚宴的好伴侣,系上它,一种高大上的感觉油然而生。But beware: the formal black colour can feel arrogant or overdressed in many situations. “Avoid it if being one of the ‘boys’ at work is necessary as you climb up the ladder, ” Zyla said.但注意了:在很多场合,黑色会给人一种傲慢嚣张或过度装扮的感觉。兹拉说:“如果你还只是办公室‘小弟’,那你在往上爬的过程中要小心避免这一点。”It’s often smarter to stick to grey shades, added Woodman. A grey tie can help give you a more sophisticated look without seeming pretentious, said Woodman.伍德曼补充说,灰色是更为明智的选择。灰色领带能让你看上去老练却不做作。“Grey is kind of edgy and it can look very modern, ” he said. To pull it off, pair it with a lighter, pastel-coluored shirt. Look for lighter grey shades and shiny finish for a more polished look.他说:“灰色看上去略显精明又不失时尚感,”要想穿出范儿,一件淡色衬衫绝对少不了。如果想要看上去更加光熠熠,除了一条浅灰色领带,亮色处理必不可少。Shades of the garden花园色Green can signal several things, from rebirth to the colour of money in some countries. But, surprisingly, it can be too loud for the workplace.绿色会传递一些讯息,从再生到一些国家的钞票颜色。但,小心了,绿色在办公室可是很扎眼的。“Do you want to be remembered for the tie or who you are as an individual?, ” Woodman asked. Choosing the right green can be tough. A bright green is often too distracting, and it can also be difficult to find matching suits or shirts, he added. Still, a light green tie with a subtle print can pair well with a neutral-coloured shirt.伍德曼问道:“你是想因为领带而被人记住,还是想因为自己本身而被人记住?”他还表示,选个合适的绿色还真不容易。亮绿色通常太扎眼,想找个西或者衬衫搭配也困难。但是,一条浅印花的淡绿领带和一件素色衬衫堪称是完美组合。Yellow is a traditional tie colour in countries, including England, which can signal assuredness, along with radiance and vitality, he said.他说,在很多国家,包括在英国,黄色是传统的领带色。它给人一种自信、活力的跃动感。Yellow ties can make you more approachable to colleagues because it’s a vibrant colour that’s symbolic of the sun. For many, wearing a yellow tie, “can show optimism and a positive outlook on life, ” added Eve Roth Lindsay, an image consultant in Hong Kong.黄色会让你在同事中更具亲和力,因为它代表了活力,是太阳的象征。对很多人来说,系黄色领带“显示了对积极向上的生活观”,香港的形象顾问伊芙·罗斯琳赛(Eve Roth Lindsay)补充道。Be careful of committing cultural faux pas when it comes to colour. For example, a yellow tie in India can signal that someone is a merchant, said Zyla. Wearing a white tie in China signals a period of mourning.兹拉说,在颜色选择上,要注意避免文化失误。比如,在印度,黄色领带可以说明这个人是个商人。在中国,白领带是悼念的时候系的。Fifty shades of... blue一半的……蓝色Afraid of sending the wrong message with your tie colour? Consider blue as the all-purpose tie hue.担心领带颜色让人误解?考虑一下最保险的蓝色吧。Blue ties are a good investment because the colour reminds people of the sky and ocean, which has a calming effect, said Lindsay.琳赛说,蓝色领带值得购买,因为它让人想到蓝天大海,有心平气和之效。“Blue is the safest colour to wear, ” she said.“蓝色是最保险的颜色,”她说。Patterned blue ties tend to give off a classic professional feel and can be worn in a global business environment without sending the wrong message. A subtle blue can be “soft and introspective” while a cobalt or royal blue can help you stand out just the right amount, she said. “Dark blues are often reminiscent of well-respected pilot uniforms. Navy blue is a trusted colour and gives us confidence, ” Lindsay said.她说,印花蓝领带释放一种经典又不失专业的感觉,系上它出席国际商业会晤,也无须担心传递错误讯息。浅蓝会给人一种“柔和内敛”之感,而钴蓝色和宝蓝色在助你成为焦点的同时,又不会给人过分张扬的错觉。琳赛表示:“深蓝常与让人肃然起敬的飞行员制挂钩。藏青色可以放心使用,它能给人自信。”Be one with nature自然色“A more relaxed wardrobe of friendlier colours such as tan, brown, earthy colours, salmon and yellow works for people dealing with other people such as sales, teachers and the service industry, ” said Lindsay.琳赛说:“那些和销售、老师、务业人员打交道的人,可以选择一些更为轻松的色调,比如棕褐色。棕色、大地色、橙红色和黄色。”Make sure the brown tie does not look too plain, because it can signal a dull personality. A beige tie can sometimes come across as too relaxed, she said. Avoid pairing earth tone hues with similarly coloured shirts. And if you are eager for a promotion and want to stand out in the workplace, skip these colours altogether.她说,确保你的棕色领带看上去不会太普通,不然这会让人觉得你很无趣。米黄色领带有时会让人觉得过于随意。系了大地色领带就不要再穿颜色一样的衬衫了,如果你很想升职,想在办公室脱颖而出,那碰都别碰这些颜色了。 /201409/328351鸡西第一人民中医院打胎可靠吗 Key to a good marriage? Share housework.美好婚姻秘诀-分担家务!The percentage of Americans who consider children ;very important; to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping new survey.一项大规模的最新调查显示,美国人中认为孩子对于美好婚姻“十分重要”的比例自上世纪90年代以来急剧下降,如今更多的美国人认为分担家务才是美好婚姻的关键。The Pew Research Center survey on marriage and parenting found that children had fallen to eighth out of nine on a list of factors that people associate with successful marriages - well behind ;sharing household chores,; ;good housing,; ;adequate income,; a ;happy sexual relationship; and ;faithfulness.;美国皮尤调查中心此项有关婚姻和育儿的调查发现,在人们列举的与美好婚姻有关的九大因素中,“孩子”下滑至第八位,位居“分担家务”、“住房条件好”、“收入富足”、“性生活愉快”及“忠诚”几大因素之后。In a 1990 World Values Survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items, with 65 percent saying children were very important to a good marriage. Just 41 percent said so in the new Pew survey.在1990年的“世界价值观调查”中,“孩子”在以上几个因素中排名第三,65%的美国人认为孩子对于美好婚姻十分重要。而在此项最新的皮尤调查中,只有41%持相同观点。Chore-sharing was cited as very important by 62 percent of respondents, up from 47 percent in 1990.62%的受访者认为“分担家务”十分重要,超过了1990年的47%。The survey also found that, more Americans say the main purpose of marriage is the ;mutual happiness and fulfillment; of adults rather than the ;bearing and raising of children.;另外,调查还发现,更多的美国人认为婚姻的主要目的是两人之间的“相互愉悦与满足”,而不是“养育孩子”。The survey#39;s findings buttress concerns expressed by numerous scholars and family-policy experts, among them Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of Rutgers University#39;s National Marriage Project.该调查的结果造成了很多学者和家庭政策专家们的担忧,鲁特格斯大学国家婚姻项目的芭芭拉·达佛·怀特黑德就是其中一位。;The popular culture is increasingly oriented to fulfilling the desires of adults,; she wrote in a recent report. ;Child-rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and musty by comparison.;她在最近的一篇报告中写道:“大众文化正日益以满足成年人的欲望为导向。而牺牲、稳定、可靠及成熟等育儿的价值观似乎已经过时了。”Virginia Rutter, a sociology professor at Framingham (Mass.) State College and board member of the Council on Contemporary Families, said the shifting views may be linked in part to America#39;s relative lack of family-friendly workplace policies such as paid leave and subsidized child care.弗莱明翰州立大学的社会学教授、当代家庭研究会的理事会成员弗吉妮亚·鲁特称,这种观念的转变一部分可能与美国缺少如带薪假期及子女津贴等关心员工家庭的政策有关。;If we value families ... we need to change the circumstances they live in,; she said, citing the challenges faced by young, two-earner couples as they ponder having children.她在谈及年轻的上班族夫妇在考虑要孩子时所面临的挑战时说:“如果我们重视家庭……我们就应该改变他们生活的环境。”The Pew survey was conducted by telephone from mid-February through mid-March among a random, nationwide sample of 2,020 adults.此项随机电话调查从今年2月中旬持续至三月中旬,全美共有2020名成年人参加。 /201401/272256哈尔滨市中医医院预约电话

五常市儿童医院院长A model has gone from cleaner to the catwalk after an international agency took a shine to her looks.有一位女清洁工的长相被国际模特公司看中了,于是她摇身一变成为一名美丽的模特。Aleksandra Naranowicz, 27, struggled to find work after moving to England from Poland despite an impressive CV and a masters degree.亚历山德拉今年27岁,虽然她硕士毕业、简历令人印象深刻,但当初她从波兰来到英国找工作却屡屡碰壁。She made ends meet with a modest #163;250-a-week job as a cleaner - but her luck changed when one of her clients referred her to a London modelling agent.终于她找到了一份清洁工作,凭着每星期250英镑的微薄收入勉强维持生活。但是在客户把她推荐到一家伦敦模特公司之后,她的命运彻底改变了。They told Aleksandra she had the figure and looks of a model and the six-foot cleaner soon left her mop and behind.他们告诉亚历山德拉,她拥有模特潜质的身材和长相。于是这位身高6英尺(约1.82米)的清洁工很快就丢掉拖把奔赴新的前程。She has aly starred in a string of adverts and catwalk shows and is earning up to #163;2,000 a shoot.她已经成为一系列广告和走秀新星,出场费达2000英镑。Aleksandra said: #39;People said I had a pretty face and that I’d be good as a model. This gave me the confidence to meet modelling agencies in London.亚历山德拉说:“人们说我拥有美丽的脸庞,所以我一定会是个好模特的。这些话给了我面试伦敦模特公司的信心。”Aleksandra left Poland with a Masters degree in Pedagogy - the science and art of education - and moved to Bristol.亚历山德拉在波兰拿到了教育学的硕士学位,研读教育科学和艺术的她毕业后来到了英国布里斯托尔市。She took a job with local cleaning firm Mopp and one of her clients, a retired media mogul, told her ‘with bone structure like that you should be on a catwalk not cleaning my kitchen floor’.她在当地保洁公司Mopp找到了一份保洁工作。她的一位客户是退休的媒体大亨,这位客户告诉她“你骨子里就是当模特的,而不应该在这儿给我擦厨房地板。”She spent the next few months working as a cleaner to save the money to go to castings in London and was signed up by PRM, a leading model management company.在接下来的几个月中,她努力做清洁工的工作以攒钱参加伦敦的模特选拔。接着她就与一家一流的模特管理公司签约了。She now works as a full-time model and has done countless shoots, specialising in hair magazines and adverts.她现在是全职模特,并且已经担任了无数场模特、尤擅长出任美发杂志和广告大片中的模特。Mopp founder Pete Dowds said: #39;We’re delighted to have been a part of helping Aleksandra with her career.Mopp公司创始人皮特说道:“我们很高兴能在亚历山德拉的职场飞跃中助她一臂之力。”#39;She was a brilliant addition to Mopp’s Bristol cleaning team so we’re sorry to lose her but no doubt she’ll ;clean up; in the fashion world in no time.#39;“她是Mopp公司在布里斯托尔市的杰出员工,很遗憾我们失去了这个人才。但是毫无疑问,她将很快在时尚界大放异。” /201406/307095黑龙江省中医医院专治 黑龙江妇儿医院复查要钱吗

哈尔滨武警黄金第一总队医院无痛人流好吗Remember that old tune ;Friday, I#39;m in Love;? Well, some daters are looking to make it a reality.据CNN报道,还记得那首《星期五,我们相爱吧》的旧歌曲吗?是啊,现今一些约会中的情侣指望把它变成现实。;I have found a wonderful weekend lover,; s a testimonial by ;Leah, 38; on the new dating website, parttimelove.co.uk. ;He asks for no more, and the times we spend together are magical.;“我找到了一个心仪的周末情人,”38岁的利亚在新约会网站——parttimelove.co.uk上的一篇文章中写道,“他不要求什么,我们在一起妙不可言。”The site, launched in early January, is the brainchild of relationship author and blogger Helen Croydon. Its target demographic is people who want to be independent but also want to fall in love, she says.这家网站元月上旬开始运营,是根据恋人关系作者和主海伦·克罗伊登的想法建成。她说,网站的目标人群是那些又想独立又想恋爱的人。Some may wonder whether Part Time Love is simply the newest in a line of dating sites where users troll for one-night stands. But the site isn#39;t just Tinder with a romantic sheen, if you believe its marketing spiel.一些人可能会发问,在一系列会员寻找一夜情的网站中,临时情人网是否只是最新的网站。但是如果你把它的广告词当真,它就不仅是用来交友了。;We are not a no-strings website. We are for singles looking for regular partners with mutual attraction, genuine friendship, respect and a magical spark but whom have no expectations of moving in after three months and value their free time and independence,; claims the site, which users must opt into via other, more established dating sites.“我们的网站并非是一夜情网站。我们为单身者建立,让他们找到相互吸引,情真意切,相互尊重和四射意中人,不希望3个月后就搬到家里来,看重无拘无束和独立自主。”网站声称,其会员必须通过更成熟的其它约会网站选择进入。Croydon asserts that a low-maintenance or part-time relationship is distinctively different than the eloquently named ;booty call,; or the even more lucid ;casual encounter; in that the goal is lasting love.克罗伊登声称,低频来往或者叫临时关系与被生动地称为“上床电话”或更好懂的“邂逅”不尽相同,因为其目标是长久情爱。Croydon admits it#39;s not for everyone. She envisions her demographic as users in their mid-to-late 30s and early 40s who are set in their ways and might find it difficult to adapt domestically to a new partner.克罗伊登承认,网站并非适合每个人。她预计目标人群是30多岁到刚过40岁的人,他们行为方式固定,可能难以适应新伴侣。;They#39;re realistic on the fairytale,; she says.“他们在故事里是真实的,”她说。Croydon explores what she calls ;low-maintenance relationships; in her new book ;Screw the Fairytale: A Modern Girl#39;s Guide to Sex and Love,; in which she debunks the traditional ideal of the omnipresent partner. Croydon says she never wants to get married or have kids. (She#39;s also quite familiar with unorthodox dating styles; her first book, ;Sugar Daddy Diaries,; was about her penchant for older men.)克罗伊登在她的新书《搞乱神话:现代女孩性与爱的指南》中探索她所谓的“低频来往”,在书中她揭开了无所不在的伴侣的传统理念。克罗伊登说,她从来没想结婚生子。(她非常熟悉非传统交往;她的第一本书《色狼日记》就是写关于她偏好老男人。);You don#39;t have to see someone three to four nights a week to express love,; she told CNN over the phone from London.“你不必每周三四夜去见某个人表达爱,”她从伦敦通过电话告诉有线新闻网.;In every other aspect of life, we#39;ve gone for convenience, independence and where individualism is promoted,; she says. ;Yet, you have this socially approved model of relationship that you live together.;;在生活的其他每一个方面,我们寻求个人舒适,独立,推崇个人主义,”她说,“然而,你的这种同居关系的生活模式要得到社会认可。”Croydon says for it to work, the partners#39; emphasis is still on a genuine relationship, in that there is romance and sparks but ;without all the monotony and obligation of a full-time relationship.;克罗伊登说,为了进展顺利,还是要强调伴侣的真实关系,因为既有浪漫和,但又“完全没有专任伴侣的单调和义务。”Jill Weber, a Virginia-based clinical psychologist and author of;Having Sex, Wanting Intimacy: Why Women Settle for One-Sided Relationships; says this particular style of dating can certainly feel empowering as it allows daters to compartmentalize the relationship.《与人上床,缺乏亲密:为什么女人们满足于单边关系》一书的作者、弗吉尼亚州的临床心理学家吉尔·韦伯说,这种特殊的约会方式肯定能感觉增加了自主权,因为允许约会者划分这种关系界限。;It protects you; there#39;s less vulnerability,; she says.“这种关系保护你,让你少受伤,”她说。Sooner or later, though, she says one or both partners might catch stronger feelings and want something more.她说,但是早晚有一天,一方或者双方可能会有更强烈的感情和有更多的要求。;Ultimately, what connects us with one another is being vulnerable,; she asserts.“最终,把我们彼此联系在一起的是人性的脆弱,”她断言。On the opposite end of the spectrum, Weber says it#39;s also important for each partner to feel like they have their own life.韦伯说,相反,每一个情侣都感觉他们有自己的生活也是很重要的。;You should feel safe and at ease in your relationship,; she says, meaning that you aren#39;t constantly worrying where your partner is and vice versa. If that#39;s not the case, a conversation about space is in order. Failing that, it might be time to re-evaluate the healthiness of the relationship.“在你的关系中,你应该感到安全和自在,”她说,意思是你不必时刻担心你的伴侣在哪儿,反之亦然。如果情况不是那样,就应该进行关于个人空间的谈话了。如果没能这样,可能是时候重新评估关系的健康状态了。As for Croydon, she#39;s still single and y to mingle part-time.至于克罗伊登,她仍然单身一人,准备结交临时情人。 /201404/287809 哈市中医院可以做人流吗哈尔滨妇儿妇科医院处女膜修复



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