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东莞哪间医院做包皮手术最好广州市治疗封闭抗体哪家医院最好的人间有真情:清华教授捐出毕生00多万 癌症晚期舍不得用进口药 -- :5: 来源: 这位清华教授捐出所有积蓄,却在癌症晚期舍不得用好药;他薪酬不菲,一家三口每月生活费却只有0美元;退休后在某著名企业担任顾问,都自带铺盖、炊具,租住普通民房…… The story of a retired Tsinghua University professor who anonymously donated his life savings to poor students despite being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer has touched Chinese netizens.清华大学退休教授被诊断为肺癌晚期,却将自己的毕生积蓄捐献给贫困学生,他的故事感动了中国网民According to the Guangming Daily, Zhao Jiahe, a retired finance professor at Tsinghua University, donated his life savings of million yuan ($ million) to support over ,000 high school students across the country.《光明日报报道,清华大学金融学退休教授赵家和倾毕生积蓄00余万元(0万美元)捐助00多名高中学生Despite being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer at the age of 78 in , he continued to donate his money to support poor students in high schools in West China, choosing to buy only inexpensive generic medicines himself.年,78岁的赵家和被诊断为肺癌晚期但是,他仍然坚持捐助中国西部的贫困高中生,只能给自己买那些廉价的普通药物"The plentiful savings could have assured him the best treatment," Liu Xun, one of Zhao’s mer students, told the newspaper.“这些积蓄足以让他接受最好的治疗,”赵家和以前的学生刘军告诉《光明日报Zhao started to anonymously support poverty-stricken high school students from all over the country in , when his savings reached 5 million yuan.年,赵家和共有500万积蓄,他开始匿名资助全国各地的贫困高中生In , he expanded his philanthropic efts by establishing the Gansu Xinghua Youth Education Foundation, which supported 1,000 students in Northwest China’s Gansu Province.年,赵家和开始扩展自己的慈善事业他成立的甘肃兴华青少年助学基金会资助了中国西北甘肃省的00名学生Zhao began teaching at Tsinghua University after graduating from the school’s Department of Electronic Engineering in 1955, and he later helped establish the School of Economics and Management in 1985.1955年,毕业于清华大学电子工程系的赵家和留校任教1985年,在赵家和的帮助下,清华大学的经济管理学院成立Zhao left a lucrative position at the University of Texas in the US in 01 in order to return to China to support students. He succumbed to lung cancer in and donated his body to scientific research.01年,为了回国帮助学生,赵家和放弃了在德克萨斯大学不菲的薪酬年,赵家和死于肺癌,将自己的身体捐献给科学研究从化市人民医院人流 最新调查:全球幸福指数排名 越南第二中国60 --5 :6:7 来源: We all dream of living a long, happy life - often in a warmer, more relaxing climate than we are currently based.   我们总梦想着能有幸福长乐的生活——比起当下有着更舒适的气候和四季如春的温暖   But where are the happiest places in the world?   那么世界上最幸福的地方在哪里呢?   A new map of 1 countries has revealed exactly which parts of the globe deliver long and happy lives their citizens, within the environmental limits of the planet.   在全球环境的限制下,世界上1个国家哪里为市民提供的生活最为幸福长乐呢——就由这张地图来告诉你   The map was compiled by the relocation website Movehub, using data from the latest Happy Planet Index (HPI) - a global measure of sustainable wellbeing.   通过收集最新的地球快乐指数(简称HPI,全球可持续幸福程度)搬家网站Movehub编辑发布了这张地图   The HPI claims it 'measures what matters', rather than wealth: the extent to which countries deliver long, happy, sustainable lives the people that live in them.   地球快乐指数比起富有,更注重在一定程度上哪个国家能为居民提供更为长久的幸福生活   The happiest nations   And the results may surprise you, with Costa Rica, Colombia and Vietnam topping the league. The UK features at position - higher than Germany (7), Spain (6), Canada (65), Australia (76) and the US (1).   结论会让你大吃一惊哦,哥斯达黎加、哥伦比亚和越南位居前三英国排名第,比排名7的德国,排名6的西班牙,排名65的加拿大,排名76的澳大利亚和排名1的美国都要前   The happiness of other nations   The HPI (Happy Planet Index) puts at the heart the idea that happiness is not necessarily about wealth, but living long lives with a high experience of well-being. The idea is that if a country had to be completely self-sufficient, most of the developed world would be unable to do that (without losing a lot of its population first).The reason some high-income nations to score significantly below other nations is the ecological footprint left on the planet.   地球快乐指数的核心理念是:幸福和财富的多少没有必然联系,而是长时间的幸福体验理念认为,如果标准是一个国家必须自给自足,那么大多数发达国家将做不到这一点(首先在不流失一大部分人口的情况下)一些高收入国家的指数之所以比其他国家低是输在了生态足迹一值上   HPI of Europe   Each of the three component measures – life expectancy, the level of well-being experienced and ecological footprint – is given a traffic-light score based on thresholds good (green), middling (amber) and bad (red) permance.   标准有三个部分构成测定——寿命,幸福水平值和生态足迹,他们共同决定了最后呈现的红绿灯式的临界值,结果表现为好(绿色),中(琥珀色)和差(红色)   HPI of Asia and the Middle East   The map also doesn't take into internal inequality measures and human rights issues which is why some countries like Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia feature so highly.   地图不考虑内部不平等问题和人权问题,这也是为什么像叙利亚、伊拉克还有沙特阿拉伯这些国家的指数能这么高   HPI of South Africa   South America has several countries where residents are happy, the report claims. Four of the top five happiest places are here - with Costa Rica coming top, followed by Colombia (third), Belize (fourth) and El Salvador (fifth).   报告显示南非几个国家的居民都活的很开心四个位居前五的国家都在这——哥斯达黎加位居榜首,其次是哥伦比亚(排名第三),伯利兹(排名第四)和塞尔瓦多(排名第五)为什么我是单身? -- ::50 来源:chinadaily Are you single? Are you confused as to how this state of affairs has come about? Our experts may be able to explain. 你是单身?你对为什么自己单身感到困惑吗?我们的专家也许能为你解答Your social media你的社交媒体The Inner Circle founder, David Vermeulen, says your social media channels may be the reason you are single.Inner Circle创始人大卫?韦尔默朗说,你的社交媒体可能是你单身的原因'Try to refrain from posting your political stance on controversial topics such as Brexit and immigration online.“试着不要发帖表明你对英国脱欧和移民问题等争议性话题的政治立场”'Broadcasting your political views on your social media channels can successfully eliminate any potential suitors with opposing views from making an approach bee you have even met, meaning that you may never meet the manwoman of your dreams, all due to one off the cuff remark,' he suggests.他建议说:“在社交媒体上传播你的政治观点很可能会赶走潜在的追求者,因为还没见面你就发表了与他们相反的意见这意味着你可能永远不会见到你的梦中情人,全都因一个即兴的”He also warns against posting cryptic statuses, such as: 'my life is like a black hole, everything good gets swallowed up'.他还警告说不要发一些隐晦的状态,比如:“我的人生就像一个黑洞,一切美好的东西都会被吞噬”He explains: 'Of course, as empathetic human beings, we care if something bad is happening to you. But, a cryptic status like this serves us in no way whatsoever. All the er gets out of this self-indulgent status is a sense that you would be a nightmare to be in a relationship with.'他解释说:“当然,作为感同身受的人类,如果在你身上发生了坏事我们会很关心但这种隐晦的状态让我们无从关心所有读者从这样一个任性的状态得到的感觉是:与你交往会是一个噩梦”David also says posting too many selfies can put off potential suitors, explaining that they may think that you are self-absorbed or very narcissistic and refrain from approaching you. 'Would you want to be in a relationship with someone who cares more about the selfie lighting situation on a date, than the date itself, I doubt it?', he asks.戴维还说,发太多的自拍可能让潜在的追求者反感,他解释说他们可能会认为你很自私或很自恋,不想接近你他问道:“你想跟那些更在乎约会时的自拍光线情况而非约会本身的人交往么?我对此持怀疑态度”Your attitude你的态度Jack Knowles, founder of dating app Temptr, says that many single people that he encounters seem to carry a typical ‘woe is me attitude’ when it comes to explaining to friends and family members the reason behind why they haven’t yet found ‘the one’ to settle down with, especially once they have reached a certain age.杰克?诺尔斯是约会应用Temptr的创始人,他说自己遇到的很多单身人士,他们在向朋友和家人解释为什么还没找到一个人“安定”下来的背后原因时,似乎持一种典型的“我好命苦啊”的态度当他们已经到了一定年龄时尤其如此'Sadly, this method of feeling sorry oneself can very much exacerbate a situation and gives potential suitors a reason to stay away,' he said. 'Basically, it’s hard to find a partner when you reek of desperation.'他说:“可悲的是,这种垂头丧气的方法非常可能使情况恶化,并让潜在的追求者远离你如果你散发着绝望的气息,基本上很难找到伴侣”You're too picky你太挑剔了Lucy Jones, relationship expert at ToyboyWarehouse.com, says the internet is to blame us being too picky.露西?琼斯是toyboywarehouse.com网站的恋情专家,她说我们太挑剔都怪互联网She said: 'Bee the explosion of internet dating and social media, you had just a handful of potential partners. You either ended up dating a friend of a friend, a coworker, or someone you bumped into at the coffee shop. How many potential partners do we have now? Hundreds of thousands!她说:“在网上约会和社交媒体激增之前,你只有几个的潜在伴侣你要么与朋友的朋友、同事约会,要么跟你在咖啡店偶遇的某个人约会我们现在有多少潜在的伴侣?成千上万!”'You get chatting to a guy online, you’re thinking of taking things to the next level and meeting up. He seems great and all, but with so many other profiles out there how can you commit? There are scores of other guys just a few taps away, maths tell us one of them is almost certainly a better fit you.“你和一个人网上聊天,你想让关系更进一步,见个面他似乎很棒,但还有这么多其他人,你怎么能做出承诺?只需聊几次就能认识几十个其他男士,数学告诉我们,其中一个几乎肯定更适合你'How do you get over this? By being less picky? Well sort of. You might have access to tens of thousands of single potential partners, but it’s going to take an entire lifetime to judge them all.'“你怎么克这个问题?变得不那么挑剔?这是不错的方法你可能有机会与成千上万单身的潜在伴侣聊天,但要对所有人进行判断得花一辈子”She recommends changing your mindset and stopping concentrating on future lost chances, instead focusing on what will make you content today.她建议改变心态,别再关注未来失去的机会,而是关注今天让你满意的人'I have a type'“我有喜欢的类型”Lucy Jones says that dating is a buffet - the best way to build your preferences is to sample everything on offer.露西?琼斯说,约会是一种自助餐——建立喜好的最好方法是尝试一切提供给你的类型She explains: 'The issue is when we judge someone on whether they are our type or not, we do so on surface level appearances and personality traits. But when we date someone, it’s the characteristics under the surface level which dictate whether or not they’re a fit us.'她解释说:“问题是当我们判断一个人是否是我们喜欢的类型时,我们只评价了外貌和个性特征但是当我们与某人约会时,更深层次的品质决定了他们是否适合我们”So, she recommends branching out and dating guys who you usually wouldn’t date. 'Get to know a personality you’ve never experienced bee. Maybe you won’t find your dream guy, maybe you will. What you’re bound to gain, however, is a better understanding of what you want in a partner.'所以,她建议扩大范围,与你通常不会约会的男士约会“去了解一种你从未经历过的个性也许你不会找到梦想中的人,也许你会但你肯定能对你想要什么样的伴侣有更好的理解”You haven't let go of an ex你还没对前任放手Your future relationships are affected by a wide range of things, your connection to your ex is one of the most impactful, says Lucy.露西说,你未来的恋情关系受到多种因素的影响,你与前任的联系是最有影响力的事情之一'You might notice the conscious changes your ex has caused (e.g. staying away from guys that remind you of your ex, not going to locations that hold some kind of significance), but there are so many unconscious changes that you’re probably unaware of.“你可能会注意到你因为前任而引起的明显变化(例如,远离那些让你想起前任的人,不去那些有某种特殊意义的地方),但你可能不知道还有这么多无意识的改变”'Don’t worry, we are a product of our experiences so this is perfectly normal. However, where it becomes dangerous is when these unconscious changes stop us from starting new relationships and ming new connections. “别担心,我们是自身经验的产物,所以这是完全正常的然而,当这些无意识的改变阻碍我们开始新的恋情、建立新的联系时,它就变得危险了”'If you think you’re a victim of this, it’s important to concentrate on breaking off your feelings your past relationships bee ever starting a new one. certain occasions a new love will make the break-up easier, but it’s rare and it’s hardly fair on your new partner. Break-ups are between two people, don’t endanger something special by starting a relationship bee you’re totally unconnected.'“如果你认为自己是这一问题的受害者,在开始一段新的恋情之前,集中精力打破你对过去感情的感觉很重要某些情况下,一份新的爱情会使分手变得没那么难过,但这很少见,而且对你的新伴侣不公平分手是两人之间的事情,在与前任完全结束之前,不要建立新的关系,以免伤害对你来说很特殊的人”So how can you find the one? As Lucy explains, when Prince Charming was trying to find Cinderella he visited every house in the kingdom, trying that glass slipper on every foot he could; he didn’t just keep his fingers crossed hoping she’d show up.那么你怎么能找到那个命中注定的人呢?正如露西解释的,当白马王子试图找到灰姑娘时,他访问了王国的每一个家庭,尽量让每个人试穿那双水晶鞋;他没有只是手指交叉祈祷她出现'I’m not saying you need to travel the country knocking on every man’s door,' she said. 'Just try being open to new experiences and meeting new people. Expand your experiences and escape your comt zone. By saying yes to the world you’re improving your chances of bumping into Prince Charming. Untunately he’s not going to turn up at your door while you’re watching Netflix in bed.她说:“我并不是说你需要在这个国家旅行,每个男人的门都敲试着接纳新的体验,结交新的朋友扩充你的经历,逃离你的舒适区通过对这个世界说Yes,你会提高遇见白马王子的机会不幸的是,你在床上看片儿的时候,他不会出现在你的门口”'Learn to enjoy rolling the dice more often, eventually you’ll hit the jackpot.'“学会享受掷更多次骰子,最终你会中头”Vocabularyoff the cuff:即兴地bump into:无意中遇到,偶然碰到英文来源:每日邮报翻译:实习生朱善美编审:yaning广州番禺无痛引产需要多少费用

天河区长安医院结扎复通头上长草已经OUT了 头顶炒菜才是王道 -- ::7 来源: 时尚总是瞬息万变,让人琢磨不透如果头上长草可以让人看起来萌萌哒,那么头上别鸡翅、五花肉、包子、西兰花是为了让别人看到自己“口水直流”么?  最近淘宝热卖的食物发夹让歪果仁都震惊了,谁还敢说中国人没有想象力?  Last month, plastic hair plants took over China as the new fashion trend.  But in the world of fashion, one week you’re in and the next you’re out. And the Chinese Internethas decided to prove that by quickly brushing aside the “old” trend and upgrading to the nextlevel: plastic food clips.  While most Internet users have been quite shocked by the stunt, the self-proclaimed inventor sayson the store’s Taobao product page they have their hands full producing more clips because ofthe high demand.  【Key Points】  五花肉、鸡翅、排骨神马的戴在头上真的能好看?其实都是商家吸引消费者的噱头原文中的stunt指“引人注意的花招,噱头”除了“商业噱头”,还有“宣传促销噱头”(publicitypromotional stunt)等此外,stunt还有“电影特技”的意思  美女亲试鸡翅、基围虾发夹  淘宝热卖,一盘菜  荤素搭配更美味广州药物打胎多少钱 游客9类“不文明行为”将入黑名单 -- :5:6 来源:chinadaily 5月30日,国家旅游局向各地区旅游局下发了修订后的《国家旅游局关于旅游不文明行为记录管理暂行办法,年月印发的《游客不文明行为记录管理暂行办法停止实施新《办法将“旅游不文明行为记录”从6条增至9条同时,记录时间从最长的1年至年,增加到1年至5年同时,增加了针对旅游从业人员违规的规定,同样列入不文明记录File photo of a tourist climbing up a tree. [Photo: Xinhua]请看相关报道:China has issued a new regulation to blacklist tourists and tourism service providers with inappropriate public manners.我国出台新规,将游客和旅游从业人员的不文明行为列入黑名单新《办法中列出的旅游不文明行为(inappropriate tourism behavior )包括:扰乱公共场所秩序(undermining public order)公共交通工具上行为不当(acting inappropriately on public transport)破坏私人或公共财物(damaging private or public property)违反当地风俗习惯(disrespecting local customs)破坏文物古迹(sabotaging historical exhibits)参与、色情等非法活动(engaging in gambling or illegal sexual activities)破坏生态环境,违反野生动植物保护规定(destroying the environment or violating the protection of wildlife)扰乱旅游场所秩序(disrupting the public order at tourist resorts)同时,新《办法将从事旅游经营管理与务的工作人员即“旅游从业人员”(tourism service providers)违规,也纳入了“不文明行为记录”Tourism service providers who insult, assault or threaten their clients or perm other behaviors which lead to adverse social influences will be added to a inappropriate tourism behavior record system, according to the China National Tourism Administration.国家旅游局表示,旅游从业人员侮辱、殴打、胁迫游客,或其他造成严重社会不良影响的行为,将被纳入旅游不文明行为记录系统新《办法明确,旅游从业人员其在经营管理和务过程存在价格欺诈(price fraud)、强迫交易(ced shopping)、欺骗诱导游客消费;侮辱、殴打、胁迫游客(insult, assault or threatenclients);传播低级趣味、宣传迷信思想等造成严重社会不良影响的行为,也将纳入记录(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)广州长安查男性不育多少钱

广州无痛人流一般价格离婚房子怎么分?可拆分式漂浮屋让分手更省心 --9 ::55 来源:chinadaily With divorce rates steadily increasing, some newlyweds are drawing up prenuptial agreements bee tying the knot.随着离婚率的逐步攀升,一些好事将近的情侣会在喜结连理前拟定婚前协议书But one firm has set out to help divorcees avoid a real estate battle with a new design that easily splits the home in two - and lets them sail away from each other.但一家公司别出心裁地提出了一个能让离婚夫妇避免房产争夺战的设计——将房屋一分为二,漂浮的独立单元设计能让劳燕分飞的两人真正“相忘于江湖”Called Prenuptial Housing, this floating house consists of two independent structures that separate if the couple should split up, resulting in two equal s that can float away from each other.这一分居概念住宅又称“婚前协议房”,它是包含两个独立单元的漂浮建筑,能在夫妇或情侣决定分居时,分离成两个渐行渐远且面积相等的单元'The s are initially (pre)fabricated as independent carbon fiber s which we designed a simple solid connecting system; detaching this system means unlocking the connection and requires no unique tools,' Xander den Duijn with Studio OBA, the design firm behind Prenuptial Housing, told DailyMail.com in an email.“建筑师会先用碳纤维构筑这两个独立的单元,再用简便坚固的方法连接它们;当启动‘分离’程序时,这套连接系统就会轻松解锁,无需使用特别的工具,”OBA工作室的山德?杜因在邮件中告诉每日邮报网'The s should (dis)connect without much eft. Though this is part of the design that is still under development.'“两个独立单元必须能够轻而易举地相连或相离虽然这一构想仍在研发中”The idea the 'break up' home was conceived by Omar Kbiri, co-founder of Maak, who had the revelation while looking a new home with his girlfriend.玛克公司的共同创始人奥马尔?柯比里首先提出了“分手”住宅的概念,他和女友打算购置新房,忽得此灵感'With the increasing number of divorces each year, our concept is – regrettably – becoming more and more relevant,' said Kbiri, who is also a self-proclaimed PR and pop culture expert.“随着离婚率逐年增长,我们的设计理念越来越具有现实意义,虽然这让人感到很遗憾,”自称公关和流行文化专家的柯比里说道'With this concept you namely don't need to relocate after a break-up.'“也就是说,这种设计理念的住宅可以让你在分手后也不必搬迁”The duo currently has their eyes set on countries in the EU that have the highest divorce rate, which include Portugal (68 percent), Belgium (71 percent) and Hungary (67 percent).两人将目标市场锁定在欧盟一些离婚率极高的国家,其中包括葡萄牙(68%),比利时(71%)和匈牙利(67%)The blueprints of this floating home describe the home as consisting of two independent prefabricated structures, which appear to be fused as one, that are easily split in two once the couple decides to pull the plug.这幢漂浮住宅的设计蓝图画出了两个独立预制单元的组合建筑,它能完美契合,又能在恋人决定分手时“一拍两散”'When couples feel they are drifting apart, the house initiates a 'break up', by detaching the two es which then go solo on the water,' s Studio OBA's website regarding Prenuptial Housing.“当双方希望分开时,启动房屋的‘分手’程序,两个独立单元就能在水面上分离,渐行渐远,”OBA工作室官网介绍“婚前协议房”时写道Kbiri is currently in discussions with several investors regarding funding the design.柯比里近期和几个投资商就这一项目的投入资金进行商谈And Studio OBA hopes to build the prototype in the near future and open orders by early .OBA工作室希望能在近期建造出住宅样板,并于年初开启预售The costs of the house completely depends. The house as it is on the images is still a concept. This means that the way the house eventually is going to look depends on the wishesrequirements of the client.这款概念住宅的成本仍是个未知数由于这套住宅目前只是设计图纸上的概念,住宅最终的内里外观将取决于顾客的需求和期待Vocabularypull the plug:结束英文来源:每日邮报翻译:陈蕾羽(中国日报网爱新闻iNews译者)编审:yaning 退欧还是留欧?荷兰也即将面临抉择 -- :5:58 来源: 英国退欧余波震荡北海,引起部分国家交流而另一个问题也逐渐引起人们的关注,荷兰会成为下一个退出欧盟的国家吗? Geert Wilders, leader of the Eurosceptic Freedom Party, was among the first to congratulate his colleagues across the North Sea securing their "Independence Day".吉尔特·威尔德斯是荷兰反欧盟自由党领袖,他是第一批为其英国同志取得“独立日”胜利而送上祝贺的人There are shared concerns about European immigration and Brussels bureaucracy among the Dutch electorate.荷兰的选民对欧洲移民和欧盟官僚主义有着相同的看法And yet, "Nexit" is by no means inevitable.但是,“荷兰退欧”并非不可避免In fact, according to the rules of the Advisory Referendum Act there is no legal possibility of holding a vote on the Netherlands’ membership of the EU. Referendums can cover only new legislation and treaties, and are only advisory.事实上,根据《咨询公投法案的规定,对荷兰的欧盟成员国身份进行表决不存在法律上的可能性公投只能覆盖新法案和新条约,而且只能是咨询性的The only way to hold a Nexit vote would be to change existing legislation, and that is only likely to happen if Mr Wilders wins elections next year.唯一有可能使得荷兰退出欧盟的办法是修改现存的法律,而那只有威尔德斯在明年的大选中胜出才有可能办到Most recent polls suggest a slight majority of voters oppose the idea of an in-out Nexit vote. A Maurice de Hond survey suggested that 53% were against a referendum.最近大部分的民调都显示,略微过半的人反对进行一场荷兰退欧投票据Maurice de Hond的调查显示,53%的人反对进行公投"We don’t see the EU as a threat as a big imperial monster, we see it as something you can negotiate with," says Hans Steketee, editor of the NRC Handelsblad newspaper.NRC商报编辑汉斯·斯特克蒂说道:“我们不认为欧盟是一个庞大帝国怪物那样的威胁,我们认为是可以和欧盟进行谈判协商的”"It’s like Brussels sprouts, you might not like them but you eat them because you know they’re good you. My gut feeling is that people will say: ’Oh well, if this is what happens after Brexit we should definitely think twice.’"“这就好像芽甘蓝一样,你也许不喜欢但是你还是要吃它,因为你知道它们对你的身体有好处我的直觉是人们会说:‘呃,如果英国退欧之后发生了这么多事,那么我们一定要对荷兰退欧一事三思而后行’”Nestled in a booth in a cosy cafe beside an Amsterdam canal, prominent Eurosceptic campaigner Thierry Baudet warns me of a deliberate and cynical attempt by European politicians to punish the UK to prevent others from following suit.在阿姆斯特丹运河旁边一个舒适的咖啡馆里,著名反欧盟活动家蒂埃里·宝迪依偎在卡座里警告我说,欧洲政治家正蓄谋对英国进行打击报复,以防止其他成员国也效仿脱离欧盟"Do they really think this is the way to keep countries in? By scaring and fighting Britain?" says Mr Baudet, one of the key instigators of an April referendum in which Dutch voters rejected an EU trade deal with Ukraine.宝迪说道:“他们真的认为这个方法能把欧盟成员拧在一起吗?通过吓唬和打击英国?”荷兰今年月份举行了一场公投,荷兰选民们拒绝了一个和乌克兰的欧盟贸易协定,而宝迪正是煽动这场公投的一个主要人物However one potential deterrent could be a cap on bankers’ bonuses imposed by the Dutch government in .年荷兰政府颁布了对奖金上限的规定,这有可能起到潜在的威慑作用Prime Minister Mark Rutte has tried to reassure the banking industry, suggesting the cap of % of annual salary is "flexible eigners".首相马克·吕特曾试图安抚业,表示说年薪%的上限“对外国人有灵活的安排”The Dutch cap is far lower than the 0% cap set by the EU in response to public outrage at excessive bankers’ pay during the financial crisis.在金融危机时,民众对于家们的过高收入感到愤怒,欧盟对此设立了一个0%的上限,而荷兰的上限只有%,要比欧盟低得多And Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem appears less keen to remove those limits. "The really big investment banks are driven by a bonus culture, the majority of pay there is bonuses, and I don’t see any room that in the Netherlands," he says.而财政部长戴塞尔·布鲁姆似乎不太热衷于解除这些限制他说道:“真正的大投资是由奖金文化驱动的,收入的大部分来源是奖金,而在荷兰我没有看到任何这样的情况” Mark Rutte, the fallout from Brexit is personal as he lost a close friend and ally in David Cameron.对于马克·吕特来说,英国退欧的后果只局限在他个人,因为他失去了一个至交和盟友--卡梅伦They texted regularly - "mostly about stupid stuff," he told me recently.两人经常互发短信--“都是一些蠢东西,”他最近告诉我说And the self-confessed anglophile prime minister took a somewhat softer stance than other European leaders over Brexit, arguing that Britain should not be rushed, given the country had "collapsed - politically, economically, monetarily and constitutionally".马克·吕特自认为是一个亲英派,在英国退欧一事上他采取了一个比其他欧洲领导人都要温和的立场,认为英国不应该受到太大冲击,因为这个国家已经“崩溃了--无论是从政治、经济、货币、还是宪法上来说”That message was perhaps partly to his own electorate - suggesting they should be careful what they wish .这一信息也许部分是针对荷兰的选民--建议他们对其所渴望的事情小心谨慎Ahead of parliamentary elections in , Brexit has presented him with a valuable opporty to show what the Netherlands has to gain from remaining in the EU.在年议会大选前夕英国退欧给了他一个宝贵的机会,使得他能够展示留在欧盟荷兰能够获得的东西Instead of spawning referendums elsewhere in Europe, the UK vote could serve to counter the Eurosceptic rise in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and elsewhere.不把英国当做榜样来引起其他欧洲国家也进行退欧公投,反而可以用英国退欧一事来打击荷兰、法国、瑞典和其他地方反欧盟主义的抬头But with eight months bee the Dutch election, there is plenty of time the tide to turn.但是目前距离荷兰大选还有8个月,有充足的时间来使得局势反转广州市去那家医院解扎手术最好广州番禺无痛引产手术的价格



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