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有声名著之儿子与情人 Chapter13 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见 Article/200809/47929Different countries and cultures celebrate the new year in different ways. Many countries still follow the lunar calendar, meaning that their new year often starts in late January or in February. New Year celebrations for some countries (like China, Vietnam, and Korea) last not one day, but up to two weeks!In the US, many people attend or throw New Year parties. They drink champagne, dance, and cheer at the stroke of midnight. Men kiss women who happen to stand under mistletoe. Fireworks, which in olden times scared away evil spirits, are very popular throughout the US, as they are throughout much of the world. US residents often make one or more New Year’s resolutions, such as promising to quit smoking, lose weight, or stop drinking. Most of these resolutions last little longer than a month.In the southern US, many people eat black-eyed peas for good luck in the new year. In Mexico and Venezuela, many people wear red or yellow underwear for good luck. In Brazil, residents wear white clothes for good luck, and in China, they wear red clothes and give children red envelopes with money in them. In Iran, people wear brand new clothes on the first day of the new year.In Scotland, homeowners open the front door at midnight to let in the new year, and open the back door to let out the old year. In Switzerland, people kiss each other three times at midnight. In Spain, people eat 12 grapes—one per chime—as the clock chimes midnight. In Japan, they ring a bell 108 times to get rid of the 108 bad desires that people have. In Korea they ring a bell 33 times in honor of 33 ancient soldiers.In Colombia, families make a rag doll called “Mr. Old Year.” They dress it in old clothes and stuff it with things that the family doesn’t want anymore. Then at midnight, they set the doll on fire, to rid themselves of all the bad things of the previous year. Article/201105/137334PART FOUR - LIFE AT MOOR HOUSECHAPTER NINETEENFinding a HomeAfter traveling for two days, I arrived on the moor, a huge area with grass and many hills. After the coach left, I realized that I had left my clothes inside it, and that [-----1-----]. I was alone on the open moor! There were many white roads that went across the moor. I walked until I found a dry place to sellp under a small hill. Luckily it was a warm night, with no rain. The next day was hot and sunny, and I needed food and water, so I knew I had to find a village.I walked down one of the roads until I found a group of houses. I knocked on the doors and asked if there was any work I could do, but no one could help me. [-----2-----]. That night I slept outside again, but this time the air was cold. The next day I looked for work again, but there was nothing for me to do. I was now very weak from hunger. [-----3-----]. 填空 :1、I had no money我已身无分文。2、I could not beg for food, although I was extremely hungry尽管饥饿难耐,却不能去讨吃的。3、I began to wonder why I should try to stay alive, when I did not want to live我不想活了是开始纳闷自己为什么还拼命地活着。 Article/200906/73173《哈克贝里·费恩历险记》第8章:第2节 相关专题:· 有声读物-安徒生童话故事·有声读物-浪漫满屋· 新概念优美背诵短文50篇 Article/200809/47896Elizabeth could safely say that it was a great happiness where that was the case, and with equal sincerity could add, that she firmly believed and rejoiced in his domestic comforts. She was not sorry, however, to have the recital of them interrupted by the lady from whom they sprang. Poor Charlotte! it was melancholy to leave her to such society! But she had chosen it with her eyes open; and though evidently regretting that her visitors were to go, she did not seem to ask for compassion. Her home and her housekeeping, her parish and her poultry, and all their dependent concerns, had not yet lost their charms.伊丽莎白本来可以放心大胆地说,他们夫妇这样相处,的确是很大的幸福,而且她还可以用同样诚恳的语气接下去说,她完全认为他们家里过得很舒适,她亦叨了一份光。不过话才说到一半,被说到的那位太太走了进来,打断了她的话。她倒并不觉得遗憾。夏绿蒂好不可怜!叫她跟这样的男人朝夕相处,实在是一种痛苦。可是这毕竟是她自己睁大了眼睛挑选的。她眼看着客人们就要走了,不免觉得难过,可是她好象并不要求别人怜悯。操作家务,饲养家禽,教区里的形形色色,以及许许多多附带的事,都还没有使她感到完全乏味。At length the chaise arrived, the trunks were fastened on, the parcels placed within, and it was pronounced to be y. After an affectionate parting between the friends, Elizabeth was attended to the carriage by Mr. Collins, and as they walked down the garden he was commissioning her with his best respects to all her family, not forgetting his thanks for the kindness he had received at Longbourn in the winter, and his compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner, though unknown. He then handed her in, Maria followed, and the door was on the point of being closed, when he suddenly reminded them, with some consternation, that they had hitherto forgotten to leave any message for the ladies at Rosings.马车终于来了,箱子给系上车顶,包裹放进车厢,一切都端整好了,只准备出发。大家恋恋不舍地告别以后,便由柯林斯先生送伊丽莎白上车。他们从花园那儿走去,他一路托她回去代他向她全家请安,而且没有忘了感谢他去年冬天在浪搏恩受到的款待,还请他代为问候嘉丁纳夫妇,其实他并不认识他们。然后他扶她上车,玛丽亚跟着走上去,正当车门快要关上的时候,他突然慌慌张张地提醒她们说,她们还忘了给罗新斯的太太们留言告别呢。;But, ; he added, ;you will of course wish to have your humble respects delivered to them, with your grateful thanks for their kindness to you while you have been here. ;;不过,;他又说,;你们当然想要向她们传话请安,还要感谢她们这许多日子来的殷勤款待。;Elizabeth made no objection; the door was then allowed to be shut, and the carriage drove off.伊丽莎白没有表示反对,车门这才关上,马车就开走了。1.regret v.为...感到遗憾,后悔We regret that we are unable to reconsider your case.我们很遗憾无法再考虑你的情况。2.at length 最后I arrived at that city at length.我最终到达了那个城市。3.consternation n.惊愕To our consternation, the child darted out in front of the speeding car.使我们极为惊恐的是,那孩子窜向疾驰着的汽车前面。【常用短语】throw sb into consternation 使某人惊恐万状4.drive off 开车送走Would you drive her off in your car?你能否开车送她走? Article/201112/164040

He went, and did it.All day I waited in my rooms, and listened. Then, at one o#39;clock in the morning, Darnley and I went quietly down the stairs behind the castle.Some of my friends were there, with horses for us. Quickly, we rode away into the night.他去了,也这样做了。一整天我等在自己的房间里听动静。在清晨1点钟,达恩利和我悄悄地从城堡后的楼梯下来。我的一些朋友们已牵了一些马等在那里。很快地,我们骑马消失在夜幕里。That was a very bad night. It was dark and cold. I was ill,and Darnley was afraid.;Come on!;he said.;Ride faster,woman! You#39;re too slow!;那是个很糟糕的夜晚。外面又黑又冷。我生病了,达恩利很害怕。“快点!”他说。“骑得快点,女人,你太慢了!”But I was pregnant, and it was cold and dark. We rode for five hours in the rain.;I can#39;t, Henry!;I said.;I#39;m ill.Think of the baby! I don#39;t want it to die!;可我是个妇,外面又冷又黑。我们在雨中骑了五个小时。“我不能,亨利!”我说。“我病了。为孩子想一想!我不想让它死掉!”;Why not?;he said. ;We can always make another one!;“为什么不呢?”他说。“我们可以再要一个!”I#39;m sorry, but it is true. Your father said things like that,James.Then he rode away in front of me, into the dark. I rode slowly behind, with my good woman, Bess Curle.我很抱歉,但那是真的。你父亲是那样说的,詹姆斯。随后,他远远地骑在了我前面,消失在夜色里。我和我的好伙伴贝斯·柯尔在后面慢慢地骑着。In the morning we arrived at Dunbar Castle. Darnley slept,and I wrote letters to my friends. Next day Lord Bothwell came to help me. I liked him—he was a good, strong man.Soon I had an army of 8,000 men. Bothwell and I rode back to Edinburgh with the army. Lord Ruthven died, and some of his friends ran away. But the Earl of Moray stayed.早晨我们到了唐巴尔城堡。达恩利睡着了,我给我的朋友写信。第二天,思韦尔勋爵来帮助我。我喜欢他——他是个善良、健壮的男人。不久,我就拥有了一八千士兵的军队。思韦尔和我率领着军队驱马回到爱丁堡。结果鲁斯温勋爵死了,他的一些朋友逃走了。可马里伯爵留了下来。All that summer I ruled the country, and waited for the baby. My husband stayed outside my rooms. I did not want to see him. No one did. Perhaps he drank with his friends. I don#39;t know.整个夏季我治理着这个国家,并等待着孩子的降生。我的丈夫不在我房间。我不想见到他。没有人想见到他。或许他和他的朋友在一起喝酒。我不知道。And then, on 19th June, in a small room in Edinburgh Castle, my baby was born. It took a long time, but at last you were in my arms, James, my son.不久以后,6月19日,在爱丁堡的一间小房间里,我的孩子出生了。詹姆斯,我的儿子,生你费了好长时间,但最终,你还是躺在我怀抱里了。I asked your father to come in.;My Lord Henry,;I said.;This is our baby! Look at him, my Lord. Take him in your arms. He is your son—isn#39;t he beautiful?;我把你父亲叫进来。“亨利,我的丈夫,”我说。“这是我们的孩子!看着他吧,我的丈夫。抱抱他,他是你的儿子——难道他不漂亮吗?”But your father did not love me, James. Very often, after you were born, he slept with other women. I know that because he talked to everyone about it. I think he wanted people to know. And I am sorry, but I do not think he loved you,James. When I took you to church and gave you your name,he did not come. He wasn#39;t interested.可是你的父亲不爱我,詹姆斯。在你出生之后,他经常和别的女人睡觉。我知道这个是因为他对谁都这么说。我想他是想让人们都知道。我很抱歉,可我认为他并不爱你,詹姆斯。当我带你去教堂给你取名字时,他没来,他没有兴趣。But because of him, David Riccio was dead. I could never forget that.Never.可就是因为他,达维·里奇奥死了。我永远不会忘记这一点,永远不! Article/201204/177269

Worst Three Years Of My Life 01My haunting started in October of 1998 and the ordeal only ended when I moved out to go to college in 2000.   When my family of four; Mom, Dad, my thirteen-year old sister A.J. and I first moved to Heber City, Utah from Salt Lake, we stayed in my grandma's house while we tried to find a home of our own. When a local Italian couple had an angry divorce, the bitter wife sold us their house for cheap. We assumed it was out of revenge. It might have been for other reasons though.   When we moved in we found out everyone called it "The Mafia House" because the couple who had moved out had been involved in some very shady dealings with the Las Vegas Mafia, and a guy I knew who worked at the husband's restaurant in town confided in me that he once bragged to him about having killed a man and gotten away with it back in Italy. The week before we moved in I had a nightmare every night for three days, where I would be sleeping in the basement bedroom I'd picked and something bad would happen, either rats, or a black fog or something ominous. I told my Mom, but she laughed it off.   那段一直萦绕我心怀的记忆开始于1998年的十月,一直到我2000年离开家搬去学校住后,这段痛苦的回忆才结束.  那时候我家一共四个人:爸爸,妈妈,我十三岁的A.J.和我,刚从盐湖城搬到犹他州的heber城.那会我们一方面住在我奶奶家,另一方面也尽量想在外面找房子自己住.当时当也正好有一对意大利的夫妇在闹离婚,怀恨在心的妻子以很低廉的价格就把他们的房子卖给了我们. 虽然或许还有些别的原因,可我们却觉得可能只是妻子是想报复丈夫罢了.  等搬进新家后,我们发现每个人都管这个房子叫做”黑手党之家”,因为之前住的那对夫妇和的黑手党有些不可告人的交易,而且我认识的一个在那个丈夫的餐馆工作过的人告诉我说那个丈夫曾经向他吹嘘自己在意大利的时候杀过人,可后来照样能逍遥法外.我们搬进新家前的一个星期,我曾连续三天晚上都做噩梦,我梦见我的卧室在地下室,我挖呀挖呀就会碰到很可怕的东西,比如老鼠呀,黑青蛙呀或者是一些不吉利的东西.我和妈妈说了,可她却只是一笑了之. Article/200812/59932

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