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If you look at the limbs what you find is that the joints are all angled你可以看一下四肢,它们的关节都呈直角so that the limb would have stretched out just to the sides.所以四肢伸出来时只能贴住身体两侧Theres just no way that it could have brought its leg underneath to take any weight.它不可能把腿放到身体下面撑体重Similarly with the hind limb, which we found a bit later on, similar kind of arrangement,我们稍后发现,后肢也是同样的情况,也有类似的结构,no ankle to speak of, just a paddle like limb.没有所谓的踝部,长得和桨一样Acanthostegas legs would have been useless for walking棘螈的腿根本不适合于行走and whats more, although it was a fully formed tetrapod it could never have lived out of the water.另外,尽管它是完全成形的四足动物,它却不能离开水生活It had gills just like a fish.它长着和鱼一样的鳃It meant the evolution of our legs could never have had anything to do with walking on land.这意味着腿的进化应该和陆上行走毫无关系Jenny Clacks discovery of the acanthostega had changed everything.Jenny Clack发现的棘螈改变了一切The old explanation that wed evolved our legs after a fish came onto land just could not be true.原来解释说腿的进化发生在鱼登陆之后,现在看来也并不正确So the thing that has really changed is that rather than the fish所以真正的演化过程并不是going onto the land while its, its still got fins weve turned that completely on its head,鱼带着鳍爬到陆地上,我们已经从根本上推翻了这一观点so now weve got tetrapods in the water, still in the water, while theyve got limbs with digits.我们现在认为四足动物仍旧在水中,在水里进化出腿和趾。201703/496093栏目简介:More than 200 local museums and headquarters of major technology industry players will be open to the public for free, starting tomorrow. Its part of this years Shanghai Science Week, sponsored by the city government. Top scientists from Shanghai and overseas attended this mornings opening ceremony. Wu Ying has more.201703/496720栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/464433

In 1128, Matilda married Geoffrey of Anjou,nicknamed ;plantagenet;,1128年 玛蒂尔达嫁给了安茹的杰弗里 他的绰号是;金雀花;because he wore a sprig of yellow broom or planta genista in his hat.因为他帽子上插了一朵黄色的金雀花His family emblem was three lions.他的家徽是三头狮子Along with his money, power and territory Geoffrey gave Matilda something even more important a son, Henry.杰弗里不仅给了玛蒂尔达 财富 权力与领地 更给了她非常重要的子嗣 亨利As the boy Henry grew up, it became apparent that from his mother hed inherited steely single-mindedness,亨利长大后 开始展现出 从母亲那里继承而来的钢铁的意志lots of physical courage and a phenomenally foul temper.无畏的勇气 暴躁的性格From his father hed got instinctive charm and knife-sharp political and military intelligence.他从父亲身上继承了与生俱来的魅力 锋锐无匹的政治 军事才能But the quality that anyone who ever met Henry most vividly remembered about him,但所有见过亨利的人 对他印象最深的品质就是the overflowing tank of energy that made him the most hyperactive king in British history,This was all his own.无比旺盛的精力 这使他成为英国史上最为活跃的国王 这就是他的特点了This was the age of chivalry, when the myth of Arthur and Camelot was at its most popular.那是骑士时代 传说中的亚瑟王和卡米洛特 可谓妇孺皆知Right from the start, Henry was being groomed by his ambitious parents野心勃勃的父母 从小就教导亨利to take England away from Stephen, to become a new King Arthur.要击败斯蒂芬 夺回英格兰 复刻亚瑟王传奇And to do this, of course, he would need a Guinevere.为了实现夙愿 他需要自己的桂妮薇儿As it happened, the perfect candidate had just become available Eleanor of Aquitaine.正在此时 最合适的人选出现了即阿基坦的埃莉诺 /201609/464301

When Bears on camera and hes peeling off a leech,dont forget that当镜头里的贝尔剥离水蛭时 别忘了behind that camera is another person with a probably equal amount of leeches on him.在镜头后面 另一个人的身上也有同样多的水蛭Oh, look, you see, this one is just full of blood.瞧瞧这一条 充满了 血液You can just see how much they take out.看看它们能 挤出多少血On location, the plants and the insects can be difficult enough,在拍摄时 植物和昆虫已经让我们难以对付but its the temperature that can be the biggest challenge.但其实温度才是我们的最大挑战The environments I prefer are the extreme cold.我宁愿选极度冰冷的环境I probably would prefer extreme heat.For me, Id go with the cold any day.我可能会选极度的高温 对我来说 我当然喜欢冷天In the Arctic Circle, the plan was to cross a near-freezing river.在北极圈里 我们计划渡过冰河You know, I cant say enough just how careful you got to be with water this cold.我要说的是 通过如此寒冷的冰水要特别地谨小慎微You know, it can be such a killer.可能会葬身于此The technique is, you dont want to do that with your clothes on.So we stripped off.技巧是不能穿衣过去 我们得脱掉衣I think it was about minus -30 degrees,and, you know, it was absolutely freezing.温度大约有零下30华氏度 绝对的冰冷刺骨whoa! Snow down the back.Okay, lets get into it.脊梁发冷 好了 要下水了Before he even managed to do the swim, he had to break the ice,to get into the deeper water.在他准备下水之前 得先敲碎冰面 才能进入水中You know, Ive got a full dry suit on.And just the thought of doing that-- it was hard enough doing that,you know, in a dry suit.我穿了一套潜水 想着即使穿着潜水 进入冰河也太不可思议了I think, once you take the plunge, so to speak,and youre committed,then theres no turning back.一旦你迈出了这一步 可以说 你就做出了承诺 无法再回头了201610/475232


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