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A man who blew himself up and injured 12 people on Sunday night after being turned away from a music festival was a 27-year-old Syrian who had been denied asylum, Bavaria’s top security official has said.德国巴伐利亚州最高安全官员表示,上周日晚,一名27岁的叙利亚籍男子在被拒绝进入一个音乐节会场后自爆并导致12人受伤,这名男子此前曾申请避难但遭拒绝。The blast in the city of Ansbach was the fourth violent incident in Germany in a week and came as the country was still on edge after the killing of nine people by an 18-year-old Iranian-German gunman in Munich on Friday.发生在安斯巴赫市的这起爆炸,是德国一周内发生的第四起暴力事件。爆炸发生时,德国仍因一起击事件而笼罩在不安情绪中。上周五,一名18岁的德籍伊朗裔手在慕尼黑打死了9人。“We don’t know if this man planned on suicide or if he had the intention of killing others,” said Joachim Herrmann, the state’s interior minister.巴伐利亚州内政部长约阿希姆#8226;赫尔曼(Joachim Herrmann)表示:“我们不知道这名男子是打算自杀还是有意杀害他人。”He added that the man’s request for asylum was rejected a year ago but he was allowed to remain in Germany on account of the situation in Syria.赫尔曼还说,这名男子的避难申请在一年前遭拒,但考虑到叙利亚国内的局势,他被允许留在德国。Authorities said they had been alerted to an explosion in the city centre shortly after 10pm on Sunday. Three of the 12 victims suffered serious injuries, Mr Herrmann said.当局表示,上周日晚10时后不久,有人提醒他们安斯巴赫市市中心发生了爆炸。赫尔曼表示,12名受害者中有三人伤势严重。A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office in Ansbach said the attacker’s motive was not clear.安斯巴赫市检察官办公室的一名发言人称,袭击者的动机仍不清楚。“If there is an Islamist link or not is purely speculation at this point,” said the spokesman, Michael Schrotberger.这位名叫米夏埃尔#8226;施罗特贝格尔(Michael Schrotberger)的发言人表示:“目前而言,此事是否与伊斯兰主义者有关还纯属一种猜测。”Less than 24 hours earlier a Syrian refugee was arrested in the southern German city of Reutlingen after killing a woman with a machete and attacking two other people, local police said. An axe attack on a train a week ago in Würzburg injured several people.当地警方表示,爆炸发生不到24小时前,在德国南部城市罗伊特林根,一名叙利亚难民因用砍刀杀害一名妇女并袭击另外两人被捕。而一周前,在维尔茨堡一列火车上发生了持斧袭击事件,导致数人受伤。 /201607/456418。

One of the Hong Kong booksellers who disappeared last year has said he entered mainland China illegally to help with an investigation and would give up his British citizenship because it complicated the process. 去年消失的香港书商之一表示,他非法进入中国内地协助一项调查,并将放弃他的英国公民身份,原因是这一身份使整个过程复杂化。 Lee Bo appeared relaxed and smiling in a 16-minute interview with Phoenix TV, a Hong Kong television station, his first since disappearing. “I sneaked into the mainland with the help of a friend [or friends] so I didn’t use my home return permit,” said Mr Lee, whose location was not given. 自消失以来第一次在香港电视台凤凰卫视(Phoenix TV)上露面的李波(Lee Bo),神情轻松,面带微笑。“我是在朋友的帮助下偷渡回内地的,所以没有用到‘回乡’,”李波表示。电视台没有透露他身在何处。 “I wanted to secretly visit the mainland and solve my own matters as soon as possible and then return home secretly,” Mr Lee said, adding he would be allowed to leave China when the investigation was over. “我就想偷偷地回内地,尽快解决自己的事情,再偷偷地回香港,”李波表示。他补充说,调查结束后他将被允许离开内地。 He said the investigation related to the other four missing booksellers. On Sunday they admitted smuggling critical political works into China, according to taped confessions and a Chinese news report. 他说,调查涉及另外四名失踪书商。根据录像供述和中国媒体报道,上周日他们承认向中国内地走私批判性政治书籍。 Mr Lee said he had been involved in a company with Gui Minhai, one of their number. 李波表示,他曾在一家公司与其中一名失踪书商桂敏海合作。 “I went back as a witness to assist the investigation into my company’s internal affairs and the issue of my staff, and also Gui Minhai’s suspected crime. It’s still in progress,” he said. “我是以人身份回来配合调查的,配合调查的是我公司的内部事务和员工的问题,还有桂敏海涉嫌犯罪的问题,目前还在进行当中,”他说。 Mr Lee said he had never sought help from the UK and had decided to give up his passport. “Some people took advantage of my UK citizenship and sensationalised the issue, making the issue more complicated. So I decided to give up my UK citizenship,” he said, noting he had informed the UK of his decision. 李波表示,他从未寻求英国的帮助,并已决定放弃他的护照。“有人利用我的居英权问题进行炒作,让事情变得比较复杂,我决定放弃居英权,”他说。他还指出,他已经把自己的决定通知英国方面。 The case has become a cause célèbre in Hong Kong and the UK, which said in its most recent six-monthly report on the former colony that Mr Lee was “involuntarily removed to the mainland without any due process” in a “serious breach” of the city’s legal system. 此案已成为在香港乃至英国广受关注的争议事件,英国在其关于香港这一前殖民地的最新半年报告中表示,李波“非自愿被移送回中国内地,未经任何正当程序”,“严重违反”香港的司法制度。 The interview was aired hours after Hong Kong police disclosed they had met Mr Lee in a guest house at an undisclosed location on the mainland. 对李波的采访播出几小时前,香港警方透露,他们已经在内地某个秘密地点的一个宾馆房间见到了李波。 Mr Gui, one of the owners of Causeway Bay Books, said in a aired on Phoenix TV on Sunday night that the sale of such books was not legal in China and that he and his colleagues had circumvented the rules. 身为铜锣湾书店(Causeway Bay Books)股东之一的桂敏海,在凤凰卫视上周日晚播出的一段视频中表示,出售这些书在中国是不合法的,而他和他的同事们规避了规则。 “After several discussions, we considered ways to avoid Chinese official inspection,” he said in taped comments, the source of which was not revealed. “These included changing the book covers and putting the books into dark nylon bags to avoid X-ray inspection.” “我们几次商量研究规避中国官方检查的方式,”他在录像中供述。“其中包括更换书籍封面、用深色尼龙袋包装书籍,来逃避安检X光检测。”电视台没有公布这段视频的来源。 Three of his colleagues also confessed in broadcast s to helping Mr Gui, a Swedish citizen, and claimed that they regretted their actions. It was not possible to reach them for comment. 在播出的视频中,他的三名同事也供认曾协助有瑞典公民身份的桂敏海,并声称他们后悔自己的行为。记者联系不上他们请其置评。 The Paper, a state-controlled Chinese media outlet, reported they had smuggled 4,000 books into China, distributing them to 380 ers in 28 provinces. 据政府控制的中国媒体机构《澎湃新闻》报道,他们向中国内地走私了4000册图书,把这些书分销给28个省份的380名读者。 Five employees and owners of Causeway Bay Books and Mighty Current Media, its parent publisher, disappeared last year amid suspicions they had been abducted or forced to return to the mainland by Chinese security agents. 铜锣湾书店及其母公司巨流传媒(Mighty Current Media)的5名雇员及股东去年相继失踪,各方怀疑他们被中国安全人员绑架或强迫返回内地。 The case has shaken Hong Kong, which was guaranteed legal independence and free speech by China when it regained the territory from Britain in 1997. The affair has added to fears that meddling by Beijing is undermining the city’s autonomy and way of life. 此案令香港震惊,中国在1997年从英国收回这个特别行政区的主权时,曾保给予香港司法独立和言论自由。这件事加剧了人们的担忧,即北京方面的插手正在削弱香港的自治和生活方式。 Police in Guangdong province and the Hong Kong government have said four of them are being held on suspicion of involvement in unspecified “illegal activities”. 广东警方和香港政府已表示,其中四人因为涉嫌参与“非法活动”(具体不详)而被拘留。 /201603/429609。

“Born in China,” another animals-are-just-like-people film from the Disneynature brand, has two of the natural world’s more adorable creatures in it, pandas and kitties. But some scraggly looking antelopes provide the most impressive imagery in a film that otherwise doesn’t stand out photographically.在迪士尼自然(Disneynature)出品的又一部“动物和人没什么两样”式影片《我们诞生在中国》(Born in China)中,有两种自然世界最招人喜欢的动物:大熊猫和小猫咪。然而作为一部摄影角度讲并不出的影片,它最让人难忘的画面却是几只其貌不扬的羚羊。The movie takes us all over China to see four species in their natural habitats, some of which are exceedingly remote. There are kitties — oh, all right; they’re snow leopards, a mother and two cubs. There’s a panda and her cub. There’s a young snub-nosed monkey that, at least in the irksome narrative imposed here, is feeling neglected because of the arrival of a baby sister.影片带领我们前往中国各地观察四个身处自然栖息地的物种,其中一些地方非常偏远。这些小猫咪——好吧,准确说他们是雪豹,一个妈妈和两个孩子。另外还有一只大熊猫和她的孩子。一只年幼的金丝猴由于一个的到来,感到自己被忽视了——至少影片强加的烦人解说是这么理解。A Tibetan antelope, or chiru, doesn’t get quite the screen time of these others — and isn’t even mentioned in some of the advance publicity for the movie — but footage of a long migration by the females of a herd to a calving ground and the arrival of a calf is among the most remarkable in the movie. Maybe that’s just because pandas and even the elusive snow leopard have become overexposed with the abundance of nature documentaries these days; this film looks pretty much like any of the best material to be found on the National Geographic Channel, PBS’s “Nature” and elsewhere.藏羚得到的戏份比其他动物少——在影片的某些先期推出的推广资料里甚至提都不提,但是一群母藏羚羊长途迁徙前往生育地的画面,却是全片最震撼的。也许这只是因为,大熊猫乃至神出鬼没的雪豹在如今的自然纪录片里太过常见,影片看上去和美国《国家地理频道》(National Geographic Channel)、PBS的《自然》(Nature)等等地方出品的佳作并无太大区别。In any case, the narrative, by John Krasinski, is kid-friendly in a cloying sort of way, and unpleasant realities like China’s pollution are not mentioned. So as an introduction for children to exotic creatures in picturesque landscapes, the movie is harmless enough.但归根结底,由约翰·卡拉辛斯基(John Krasinski)担任的解说是面向儿童的那种腻烦腔调,并且没有提及中国的污染造成的令人不安的现实。因此,作为在如画的风光中向孩子们介绍异域动物的影片,它好歹不会有什么坏处。 /201704/505634。

The man who stood up for a weeping mother-of-two after an American Airlines employee hit her in the head with a metal stroller while yanking it out of her hands has been identified.一名美国航空公司的职员从一位两个孩子的母亲手里拽过一辆金属制折叠式婴儿车,并用其打了那位母亲的头,之后一名男子维护了这位哭泣的母亲,而他的身份已被确认。Insurance agency president and Texas church deacon Tony Fierro was filmed stepping in to defend the woman in the Friday incident, demanding the flight attendant#39;s name and nearly getting into a fight.保险代理机构总裁兼德克萨斯州教堂的执事托尼·菲耶罗被拍到介入了周五事件并保护了那名女子,他要求那位空乘报上名字,几乎与他打了起来。#39;A baby almost got hurt. That#39;s what just fired me up, so that was it,#39; he said. #39;I don#39;t want to make a big deal about it.#39;“一个婴儿差点受伤。而这一幕激怒了我,就是这样,”他说道。“我不想小题大做。”Fierro confronted the uniformed employee, saying #39;You do that to me and I#39;ll knock you flat.#39; The employee then retorted, #39;Try it. Hit me.#39; AA says he has been suspended.菲耶罗面对这位穿着制的职员,说:“你那样对我,我会揍扁你。”这名职员然后反驳道,“你试试。打我呀。”美国航空公司声称该职员已被停职。In the picture the distraught woman is seen standing at the front of the plane holding a child and weeping.从照片中可以看到,这名焦虑不安的女子抱着一个孩子,站在飞机的前侧哭泣。It was said the woman had been looking for a space to put the collapsible stroller.据说,这名女子在找地方存放那辆可折叠式婴儿车。A female flight attendant had given her permission to look for a storage space as it folds up small, but said she would have to check it in if there was no room.因为这辆婴儿车折叠后很小,一位女空乘已允许她找一个地方存放,不过该空乘也告诉她,如果没有空余的地方存放的话,她必须办理托运手续。The American Airlines website says small, collapsible strollers can be checked at the gate. There is no specific rule about not putting them in overhead bins.根据美国航空公司网站的规定,小型可折叠式婴儿车可在入口处登记,而且没有特别规定指出不能把婴儿车放到舱顶行李箱里。However, the male flight attendant wrestled the stroller away from the woman.然而,这名男空乘从这名女子手中强拽出这辆婴儿车。Another passenger claimed the woman was removed and the employee who supposedly was violent toward her was permitted back on the plane.另一位乘客声称,这名女子被赶下了飞机,而那位据称暴力地对待那名女子的职员被允许回到了飞机上。This is the latest PR nightmare for the US aviation industry.这是美国航空业最新的公关噩梦。The airline released a statement late Friday saying that it was #39;disappointed by these actions#39; and had aly started to investigate the incident.星期五晚上,该航空公司发表了一篇声明,表示“对这些行为很失望”,并且已经开始调查该事件了。 /201704/506022。