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Hurdle races are usually run over 110m for men and 100m for women; with longer races being 400m. In this Videojug guide Julia Hubbard, athlete and professional personal trainer, talks you through the correct way to jump hurdles.男子跨栏通常为110米,女子比赛为100米,更长的赛程为400米。在这段视频中,运动员和专业个人教练Julia Hubbard教给你怎样正确地跨栏。Top Tips建议As you get to the first hurdle, lean into it and extend your first leg.当你来到第一条栏杆的时候,倾斜身体,伸展第一条腿跨过去。Plant your leg quickly, and pull your trail leg through.迅速将这条腿站直,后面一条腿也迅速地跨过去。In a hurdles race you would ideally be looking to get three strides between hurdles, getting over the hurdles as economically as possible so you maintain your speed.在跨栏比赛中,每两条栏杆之间最好迈三大步,尽可能快地跨越栏杆,这样你才可以保持速度。In longer races your strides might decrease as you get tired, so you may need to take four or five steps between the hurdles;because of this you need to make sure you can lead and trail with both legs.在较长的赛程中,由于越来越疲劳,你的步伐也越来越小,每两条栏杆之间可能需要四五步来完成,鉴于这个因素,你必须锻炼任何一条腿都可以首先跨越栏杆。Thanks for watching How To Jump Hurdles.感谢收看“跨栏技巧”视频节目。注:视频暂缺视频听力栏目译文属。201303/228645Its conquered a continent with technology.科技引领他们征着这片大陆But throughout the nations history,然而纵观美国发展历史it is communications technology that played a defining role.真正起着决定性作用的是通讯技术的发展1865,the telegraph help its President Abraham Lincoln win the war for the North.1865年,电报帮助亚伯拉罕·林肯率领的北方军在内战中取胜He virtually seize and can command every battle.他几乎亲自掌控与指挥每一场战役1945,David Sarnoff, Eisenhowers most senior communications expert,1945年,艾森豪威尔麾下的资深通讯专家大卫·沙诺夫helped develop television for America.协助美国开发了电视机By 1950, Sarnoff creates one of the biggest TV broadcast networks in the world.到1950年 沙诺夫创立了世界上最大的电视广播网之一TV may be a new form of entertainment,电视不仅是一种新的方式but its also the most powerful communications device in existence.更是当时最强大的通讯设备Sarnoff recognized that there was going to be awesome power.沙诺夫意识到电视将成为一股强大的力量And that, with that awesome power--was going to come awesome responsibility.但随之而来的将是更为重大的责任By 1970, the American public is watching more television than any nation on earth.到1970年 美国公众收看电视的数量超过了所有其他国家Over five hours a day for every man, woman and child.人们每天在电视前的时间均不下5小时There are more TV news programs than any country in the world.电视新闻节目的数量也远超其他国家Over 70% of the adult population watch the television news every evening.七成以上的成年人每晚都收看电视新闻And when pictures of the moon landings are broadcast live,而当登月实况在电视上播出时it isnt just a technological success,这已不仅是技术上的成功it is a symbolic victory in the Cold War.而更象征着冷战中的胜利But theres a real war closer to American lives.但有场真正的战争 其实更加性命攸关Vietnam.越南战争A bitter conflict in Southeast Asia.美国深陷东南亚的一场鏖战America fears communism will sweep the region美国惧怕共产主义风暴席卷这一地区and wants to stop its influence.想要阻止这一态势But the U.S. Military and all its technology但强大的美军与先进的武器comes up hard against determined guerrilla movements.却终不敌背水一战的游击队And the war is being fought为这场战争by hundreds of thousands of drafted young Americans.美国征召了几十万年轻士兵We ask so much of our 18-year-olds我们召集了大量刚满18岁的孩子to go over to a foreign land, the jungle no less跋涉到一个无异于野生丛林的陌生国度and fight gorillas who are home on their turf与当地游击队作战 他们熟悉地形and dont like at all the invading army.并且对外来入侵非常反感 /201304/234089How To Pack For College on HowcastPeople talk about packing for college as though it were a major life event, like getting married. It’s not. Here are some tips on how to put objects in boxes.人们将收拾上大学所需的物品当作人生大事,就像结婚一样。下面是如何收拾物品的建议。Step 1: Learn what you can't bringFind out what items you’re not allowed to bring. Your college probably lists these restrictions online.要知道什么东西不能带了解不容许你带进大学的物品。大学网上都会有这方面的信息。Step 2: Contact roommateContact your future roommate to discuss what each of you is brining. Some objects you only need one of.联系室友联系未来的室友来讨论下你们各自要带的东西。有些物品只需有1个即可。Step 3: Start with basicsStart with the basics: bedding of the proper size, a towel, toiletries. Don’t go overboard—you will still be capable of purchasing objects once you leave home.先从必需品开始收拾:合适的被褥,一条毛巾,化妆品。不要带太多东西——即使你离开家里,也能买东西。Tips:Dorm rooms often have unusual bed sizes, like “twin extra long.” Don’t buy sheets until you know what will fit.小贴士:寝室的床通常尺寸不规则,比如“特别长”。先知道尺寸再去买床单。Step 4: Don't pack all your clothesDon’t pack every bit of clothing you own. You’ll probably go home for fall or winter break, so you can pick up what you need then.不要将所有的衣都带上不要将所有的衣都带上。在寒假或暑假你都能回家,到那时再收拾所需的衣。Tips:Going to college is a unique opportunity to change your identity. Pack accordingly—sometimes it’s better to be without an object than to have something that’s embarrassing.小贴士:去大学时一个改变身份的特别机会。收拾的原则是宁可没带也不要带让你尴尬的东西。Step 5: Consult packing listConsult a packing list to remind yourself what else to bring. Your school probably sent you a list, and there are plenty online.看下行囊清单看下行囊清单来提醒自己还需要带什么其他东西。你的大学很可能会寄给你行囊清单,网上也有很多。Step 6: Pack lightPack as few heavy objects as possible. You will be carrying around everything you bring for the next four years.少装东西尽可能少装沉重的物品。未来四年你可能得随身带着所有物品。Tips:Don’t bring more than a few books from home. You won’t have time to them, and books are very heavy.小贴士:不要从家里拿很多的书。你不会有时间来读书,而且书很沉。Step 7: Load up amp; goLoad up your stuff and get going! If you’re shipping boxes, call the admissions office to find out exactly where and when you will be able to pick them up.收拾好行囊并出发收拾好行囊并出发。如果你要运箱子,给校办公室打电话来了解学校具体的位置以及能领所运送物品的时间。201103/127020

Today in History: Tuesday, April 16, 2013历史上的今天:2013年4月16日,星期二A gunman opens fire on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing 32 students and faculty members before killing himself. The number of the victims made the shooting the deadliest in modern U.S. history.1947,The country deadliest industrial accident takes place in the harbor of Texas City, Texas. Thats where the ships Grandcamp and the High Flyer, both carrying ammonium nitrate fertilizer, each explode, a day apart. The blasts resulting fires kill 576 people and injure 5,000 others.1917,Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin returns to Russia, ending years of exile in Switzerland. Months later, Lenins Bolshevik movement seizes power, establishing what becomes the Soviet Union.1889,Charlie Chaplin, whose comic “Tramp” character made him one of the first big movie stars, is born in London.1996,Britains Prince Andrew and his wife Sarah, the Duchess of York, better known as “Fergie”, announce they are getting a divorce.1964,Also in Britain, the Rolling Stones release their debut album “The Rolling Stones, Englands Newest Hitmakers.”And 2003,“I will be content innocence that my gave in with the basketball is much exactly gave it physically.” Basketball great Michael Jordan plays his last NBA game, as he and his Washington Wizards lose to the Philadelphia 76ers.Today in History, April 16th, David Melendy, the Associated Press. /201304/235262

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