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金门县中医院门诊部惠安市中医院资料泉州新阳光医院看妇科 Obituary;Nora Ephron and Lonesome George讣告;诺拉·艾芙伦与孤独乔治 Nora Ephron, observer of sexual behaviour, died on June 26th, aged 71. Lonesome George, habitual abstainer, died on June 24th, aged perhaps 100性行为观察家诺拉·艾芙伦,6月26日逝世,享年71岁。习惯性禁欲者孤独乔治,6月24日去世,可能已是百岁高龄。 THE first story Nora Ephron had to write for the New York Post—the one that made the guys on the city desk fall around laughing, got her the job, and launched her on a career of witty, wise writing on surviving modern life—was about a pair of hooded seals at the Coney Island aquarium. They were not only not mating, as they were supposed to, but also refusing to have anything to do with each other.诺拉·艾芙伦为纽约邮报写的第一篇报道是不得以为之,这篇关于科尼岛水族馆冠海豹两口子的文章让编辑部的那帮伙计笑得满地打滚,也让她得到了工作,以风趣而睿智的笔触描写当代生活的职业生涯由此展开。那两只冠海豹本该交配而不成,非但如此,而且根本不想和彼此有一毛钱关系。Lonesome George could relate to that. Though he was probably the last surviving example of the giant Galápagos tortoise Chelonoidis nigra abingdonii, he too refused to perform. Scientists, tourists, journalists, conservationists and the government of Ecuador all waited for two decades for him to mate successfully or, indeed, get it on at all. He wasnt playing. In 1993 two females of a slightly different subspecies were put into his corral. He ignored them. When at last he decided to do his duty, in 2008 and occasionally later, the eggs failed to hatch. Clearly, he was a slow burner. Possibly he was gay. He refused to be turned on even when a female Swiss zoology graduate, smeared with tortoise hormones, gave him manual stimulation for four months.孤独乔治可能与此有点关系。尽管他极可能是世上最后一只加拉帕戈斯象龟平塔岛亚种,他仍然拒绝交配。任凭一帮科学家、观光客、媒体人、环保者以及厄瓜多尔政府等了二十年,为了看他成功交配或者只是雄起一下,他就是不给力。1993年,两只略有差异的亚种雌象龟被带到了他的围栏中。他对她们视而不见。2008年和稍后偶然几次,他终于决定要完成他的使命,但是雌龟产的蛋也没能成功孵化。很明显,他是个慢热型选手。也许,他是个基佬。即使是一位瑞士动物学女大学生抹上龟类的性激素,给他做了四个月的人工刺激,他还是拒绝有所反应。 At which stage Ms Ephron might have asked, couldnt he at least have faked it? Women did that all the time. The most famous scene of her highly successful screenwriting career—which included “Sleepless in Seattle”, “Youve Got Mail” and “Julie and Julia”—was the one in “When Harry Met Sally” (1989) in which Sally faked an orgasm over lunch at a deli on New Yorks Lower East Side.# After she had reared, moaned, gasped and shouted “Yes!” for what seemed like five minutes, the elderly lady at a nearby table told the waiter: “Ill have what shes having.”艾也许会问,这是在哪个阶段,他就不能假装有点兴趣吗?女人总是这么做。她的编剧作品包括《西雅图夜未眠》《电子情书》以及《茱莉和朱丽叶》,杰出的编剧生涯中最为人熟知的一个桥段是在《当哈利碰上莎莉》(1989)中的一幕, 莎莉在纽约下东区一家餐馆里午餐时表演了一场假扮高潮。莎莉身体起起伏伏,呻吟频频,娇喘连连,更是忘情高喊“Yes!”,持续了大概五分钟,旁桌的老女人叫来侍应生:“我要点她正在吃的菜。” George couldnt. But then he didnt have the advantage of living, like Ms Ephron, in Manhattan, where something was almost bound to happen to you if you simply stepped outside, and if it didnt happen you could pick up the phone and order it. He was living in a volcanic field on Santa Cruz island 500 miles off the coast of Ecuador, where you couldnt find a decent bagel if you tried: in fact, a place a lot like Washington.乔治不这么做。但是那时他不像艾,有住在曼哈顿的便利,只要你走出去,有些事几乎是必定要发生,即便是没有发生,你也可以拿起电话订购。他过去是住在距离厄瓜多尔海岸500英里的圣克鲁斯岛上的火山区,事实上,那里就像是华盛顿,你怎么找也找不到像样的百吉饼。 Besides, he was no looker. Ms Ephron, though striking and svelte all her life, worried in the niggling way of women that her breasts were too small, her neck too crêpy (“I Feel Bad About My Neck” was the title of one book), her skin dry and her purse just wrong. George, whose neck was three feet of scrag and whose skin would have made several dozen purses, all thick, dry leather, didnt care two hoots. His one concession to fashion was a shell in taupe. Ms Ephron preferred black; but taupe, especially on a couch, didnt show the dirt.另外,他面容并不俊俏。虽然艾一生模样俊秀、身材苗条,但她也以女人特有的琐碎,为她的胸太小、脖子皮肤太松弛太多皱纹(她的一本书便叫做《我的脖子让我感觉糟糕》)、她的皮肤太干以及钱包样式不对而焦虑。乔治的脖子三英尺长,他的皮可以做成几十个厚重的干革钱包,他对此毫不在乎。对于时尚,他做出了一次让步,就是他灰褐色的壳。艾偏好黑色,但是灰褐色不显脏,特别是用在沙发上。201207/190428晋江市人民医院好不好

福建泉州新阳光妇科属于公立还是私立梦可以预知未来?D: Lots of people have had dreams that seem to foretell the future. Some psychologists attribute this to ;retrieval cues;.许多人都做过一些好像可以预知未来的梦。心理学家把这种现象归因于“提取线索”。Y: Retrieval cues?提取线索?D: A retrieval cue is a coincidence in the real world that triggers a dream memory which otherwise would have gone unnoticed. For example, did you know you dreamed about a little dog before the real dog showed up?提取是一种巧合:现生活中的某个场景让你回忆起一个不被注意梦境。比如,你知道你梦到的那只小出现在真实的之前吗?Y: Oh, yes, I was thinking about it all morning.是的。我整个早上都在想这个梦。D: Really?真的吗?Y: Welll, I think so.我想是吧。D: Maybe, or maybe the real event triggered a recollection of a dream, which not seems like it must have been in your thoughts all along. By the way did you have any other dreams last night that didnt come true?也许吧,有或许是真实事件让你回忆起某个梦境,而这个梦境不一定一直都在你的脑海中。顺便问一下,你昨天晚上还做了其它没有实现的梦吗?Y: Hmm, I dont remember what other else I dreamed.嗯,其他做过的梦都不记得了。D: Why not? Some studies suggest we have literally hundreds of dreams each night.为什么不记得了呢?有研究称我们每天晚上要做数百个梦。Y: Ok, I get the point. Maybe this dreaming the future stuff is more like picking and choosing dreams when they happen to fit. 好,我知道了。也许梦见未来这种事更像是从成千上百个梦的中挑选一个碰巧合适情景的。D: Coincidences are bound to come up. And if the coincidence acts as retrieval cue, the sense that you predicted something can be pretty convincing… even if its just a dream.所以,巧合就发生了。如果巧合作为提取线索,你能预测未来就相当有说力,尽管那只是一个梦。 /201211/207010福建省第二医院治疗效果如何 泉州东南医院妇科

德化县中医医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗Abortion and Breast Cancer流产和乳腺癌When it comes to certain hot topics, claims about what science has or hasnt proven tend to be thrown around more in the service of one position or another than anything else.当谈到某些热点问题时,有关科学已实的或未实的那些断言,往往更多的围绕着它务于哪个岗位而进行。Somebody may tell you that global warming is absolutely real, for example, and then someone else says it absolutely isnt. Often its hard to know what the real scoop is.比如,也许有人会告诉你全球变暖是真的在发生,然后另一些人又会说绝对不可能。通常我们很难弄清楚实情是什么。Take abortion, for example. Now, we here at Moment of Science arent taking a position on abortion one way or another. What we can do, though, is set the record straight on a particular notion that has been floating around recently: namely, the idea that having an abortion increases a womans risk for breast cancer. Is this true?用“流产”举个例子吧。现在,我们“科学一刻”关于“流产”没有任何立场。然而,我们能做的就是弄清最近流传的一观念的真相,即流产会增加女性患乳腺癌风险。真的吗?No, it isnt. This is the latest word from the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, where in February of 2003 a meeting of researchers, clinicians, and epidemiologists was convened at the behest of Congress to answer this and other questions.不,不是真的。这个观点来自马里兰州贝塞斯达国家癌症研究所。2003年2月,为了解决该疑问,国会召集了研究员,临床医生和流行病学家在此召开了会议。Some initial studies had suggested a link, but more comprehensive studies disagreed. Congress wanted to set the record straight. The NCI looked at all the data and announced: no link.一些最初的研究表明两者有关联。但是更全面的研究否认了这一观点。国会想弄清真相。国家癌症研究所研究了所有数据后宣布:没有联系。However, they also announced, having a baby reduces a womans risk of breast cancer. Why is that? It isnt yet known, but the data strongly support a link there—young women who have full term pregnancies are at lower risk.然而,他们也宣称,生孩子会减少女性患乳腺癌的风险。为什么呢?虽然还不是很清楚,但数据大力持这种关联——有足月妊娠的年轻女性换乳腺癌的风险较低。So lets say it again. Having an abortion doesnt increase your cancer risk, but having a baby does decrease it. People on either side of a controversial topic like this probably would like the facts to be a little simpler, but then, mother nature isnt taking sides.所以让我们再说一遍吧。流产并不会增加患乳腺癌的风险,但生孩子却会降低风险。像这种有争议的话题,任何一方的人可能都希望事实变得简单些。但大自然并不偏向某一方。 /201210/204152 Its Thursday,July 7th 2011,Im Wilson Tang on Cnet.com and its time to get loaded.今天是2011年6月30日,周四。我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。是时间接收本周的最新资讯了。Yesterday Facebooks CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a number of announcements related to the Facebook messaging and chatting platform. The big news is that the social network is partnering with the converting giant Skype. Users will now be able to initiate a chat with their friends via their profile pages or the chat window. In addition, the chat widget now displays your friends that you actually message regularly, and now Facebook chat supports group chat as well.昨天,脸谱网首席执行官马克·扎克伯格公布了一系列脸谱网信息和聊天平台的相关信息。这一头条消息就是脸谱社交网路和视频软件巨头Skype展开合作了。用户现在可以通过个人页面或聊天窗口和好友视频通话。另外,这一应用上还会显示经常和你互通消息的好友,脸谱网的这款应用还持群组聊天。Amazon is stepping up its cloud music efforts to compete with Google and Apple. The company announced that for a year, users will receive unlimited storage space for their MP3 and AAC music files. The offer is for a limited time though, but in comparison Apples Itunes music match service will only allow users to back up 20,000 non-itune songs for 24.99 a year. Additionally, Amazon has released a cloud player for the Ipad.亚马逊展示了云音乐的功能,并和谷歌苹果公司展开竞争。亚马逊宣布,用户只需每年交付20美金,就可拥有无限储存空间来储存MP3和AAC音乐文件。虽然存放时间是有限制的,但相比之下,苹果的Itunes Match音乐务每年收取24.99美金的费用,用户只能存放2万首非itune歌曲。另外,亚马逊还发布了专用于iPad的云音乐应用。Spotify, the popular European assuming music service has officially announced that itll be launching in the U.S. soon. While the company had offered few details about the out-coming service, it does confirm what many have been speculating for months now. Spotify is reportedly in negotiation with the top four major music record companies to license music in the ed States.欧洲盛行的音乐务Spotify正式宣布,近期将在美国发售。虽然这家公司对未来提供的这项务只提供了很少细节,但他们肯定了许多外界流传了几个月的信息。据报道,Spotify和4家顶级的音乐唱片公司合作,使其音乐能够在美国上市。Civilization, the popular PC gaming series that focused on building a nation into a world power is now entering the world of social media gaming in the form of civilization world. The new game is more social than ever before by forcing gamers to partner with individual players they may not even know. Civ-world as its known will be free initially on Facebook, but there are opportunities to purchase civ bucks which can be spent on virtual resources.大受欢迎的游戏系列《文明》的剧情是要玩家建造一个国家并逐渐使它成为世界强国,现在游戏《文明》融入到了社交媒体游戏界,走进了真实的文明世界。这款新型的游戏社交性更强,它将要求玩家们组队,甚至是和完全不认识的人组队。游戏的开始部分可供用户在脸谱网上免费试玩,但剧情往后发展用户需要选择是否用虚拟货币购买游戏。Most Mac users have given up on the ability to play blue-ray disc, but now a third party developer Mac-go released a new media player called Mac blue ray player that promises for blue ray support. Users will have to buy a third party blue-ray drive, the Mac blue-ray player comes in a 33 month trial version, but a full license will cost you .95.大多数Mac用户都已经放弃了使用蓝光光盘的权利,但现在第三方开发者Mac-go发布了一款名叫Mac blue ray的全新媒体播放器。它将为用户提供蓝光功能。用户需要购买第三方蓝光驱动器,Mac蓝光播放器,这款播放器将试用33个月,完整版售价为39.95美元。The highly anticipated Motorola Droit 3 finally has an official release date and price. Verizon wireless customers can now purchase the phone for 9 with a two-year contract on July,14.备受瞩目的托罗拉Droit 3最终确定发售日期及价格。7月14日,威瑞森公司的无线用户可以以199美元的价格购买这款手机,并附带两年的话费套餐。The Droit 3 still features the slide-out qwerty keyboard but comes with a larger 4-inch screen, the smart phone will run Android 2.3 Gingerb, features a dual-core processor, 16 gigabytes of internal memory and an 8-megapixel of camera with 1080p capture, but doesnt support Verizons 4G LTE service.这款Droit 3仍是滑盖,传统键盘的设计,但配有全新4英寸屏幕,这款智能手机将运行安卓2.3系统,配有双核处理器,16G存储量和8百万像素摄像头,1080p视频捕捉,但不持威瑞森的LTE务。Those are your headlines for today, Im Wilson Tang for Cnet.com and youve just been loaded.以上就是今天的头条,我是Cnet.com的Wilson Tang。感谢您的收看。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201211/211375福建省泉州中医医院几点开门泉州人流收费标准




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