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They may look like your average building sites, but these houses were created with nothing more than a 3D printer.这些建筑看起来可能很一般,但是这些楼房都是由3D打印机建造的。The houses, one of which is five storeys high, were created in an industrial park in China#39;s Jiangsu province using new3D printing technology.这些房屋(其中一栋为5层楼)位于中国江苏省的一处工业园区内,使用的是新的3D打印技术。The incredible engineering, by Shanghai Win Sun Decoration Design Engineering Co., was pioneered ten months ago when the company printed ten buildings - costing just #163;3,100 - entirely out of concreteusing a giant printer.这个伟大的建筑工程在10个月前由一家上海公司创造,总共10栋楼房,成本只要3100英镑,利用一款巨型打印机通过混凝土打印出来。Now they have taken the technology further to build the first 3D printed villasand the tallest ever 3D printed building.现在他们利用这种技术来建造首座3D打印的别墅以及最高的3D打印建筑。The homes are created using a printer which is 21ft tall, 32ft wide, and 500ft long, according to 3ders.这个3D打印机高21英尺,宽32英尺,长500英尺。The #39;ink#39; used is a mixture of recycled construction waste, glass, steel and cement which is sprayed onlayer by layer until a thick wall is created.而打印机所使用的“墨水”则是回收的建筑材料、玻璃、钢筋以及水泥的混合体,将“墨水”一层层的喷射在一起,直到形成厚厚的墙壁。Ma Yi He, CEO of WinSun, explained that the construction industry produces a large amount of carbon emissions, but with 3D printing, waste material can berecycled.该公司的CEO马一和说,建筑行业产生了大量的二氧化碳排放,但是使用3D打印技术,这些建筑废料都可以得到回收再利用。This process also means that construction workers are at less risk of coming into contact with hazardous materials.这还意味着建筑工人接触有害材料的风险变小了。The new technology could also lead to the building sites of the future could be far less noisy, more clean and easier onthe eye.这种建筑技术还意味着未来的建筑工地将不会有那么多噪音,也更加的干净,也更加的美观。The process is expensive, but at #163;100,000 a house the properties are cheaper than the average home.这种技术是昂贵的,使用这种技术所建造的一个房子的价格是10万英镑,所以还是比一般的房子来得便宜。The display site also featured a single-story house pre-ordered by the Egyptian government, which will soon beshipped to its owner.在这处房屋展示地点上还有一个单层的房子,提前被埃及政府订购,很快将被运送给埃及政府。Mr Ma said: #39;This house was printed within a single day, and is part of a total order of 20,000 units.#39;马先生说:“这栋房子只用了一天就打印完成了,总共有两万个这个的订单。 /201501/355184。

  • Berlin Philharmonic Selects Kirill Petrenko to Succeed Simon Rattle柏林爱乐乐团终于觅得首席指挥When the Berlin Philharmonic announced on Monday that its next chief conductor would be Kirill Petrenko, the Russian-born music director of the Bavarian State Opera in Munich, the organization was awarding one of the most prestigious posts in classical music to a widely respected artist who has largely shunned the spotlight courted by some of his peers.周一,柏林爱乐乐团(Berlin Philharmonic)宣布了下任首席指挥将由生于俄罗斯的慕尼黑巴伐利亚国家歌剧院(Bavarian State Opera)音乐总监基利尔·佩钦科(Kirill Petrenko)担任。这意味着柏林爱乐乐团将古典乐坛最负盛名的头衔授予了一位广受尊崇却为人低调的艺术家。与一直渴望曝光的同辈不同,佩钦科一直极力避免出现在聚光灯下。Case in point: Mr. Petrenko, 43, is in the midst of rehearsals at the Bayreuth Festival and so did not attend the hastily arranged news conference in Berlin, where his appointment was announced a day after the musicians of the Philharmonic, a self-governing orchestra, met in secret near their concert hall. There they elected him the latest in a line of distinguished leaders that has included Hans von Bülow, Wilhelm Furtwngler, Herbert von Karajan, Claudio Abbado and the current conductor, Simon Rattle.比如:宣布下任首席指挥人选当日,佩钦科正忙于拜罗伊特音乐节(Bayreuth Festival)的排,因此缺席了这场在柏林匆忙召开的新闻发布会。发布会前一天,自主管理的管弦乐团――柏林爱乐的音乐人们秘密聚集在音乐厅附近,选出佩钦科,将他排入包括汉斯·冯·彪罗(Hans von Bülow)、威廉·福特伦格勒(Wilhelm Furtwngler)、赫伯特·冯·卡拉扬(Herbert von Karajan)、克劳迪奥·阿巴多(Claudio Abbado)及现任指挥西蒙·拉特尔(Simon Rattle)等卓越指挥家名单末端。It was not the musicians#39; first attempt to choose a successor to Mr. Rattle, who will leave the post in 2018: At a marathon 11-hour meeting in May, the musicians cast several ballots but failed to agree on a candidate, raising questions about the role of modern conductors, and what course the Berlin Philharmonic intends to chart in the 21st century.音乐人们不止一次地想给2018年离职的拉特尔找个接班人:五月,在经历了一场长达11小时的马拉松会议后,他们进行了几轮投票,但都没能达成一致,同时他们对现代指挥家的作用和柏林爱乐在21世纪的方向产生了质疑。In choosing Mr. Petrenko, who is best known as an opera conductor, the Philharmonic#39;s players bypassed a number of more famous maestros and opted for a quiet, diligent musician who has won the admiration of orchestras, critics and audiences. In some ways he is the opposite of the jet-setters who have increasingly become the norm in the field, arranging his schedule in recent years to devote more of his time to fewer ensembles.以歌剧指挥闻名的佩钦科的当选,意味着乐团演奏家们放弃了一系列更著名的艺术大家,而选择了这样一位沉稳勤恳、受到管弦乐队、家和观众钦佩的音乐人。某种程度上来说,与乐坛中常见的满世界奔波的音乐人正好相反,佩钦科喜欢把较多的时间集中投入到较少的演出中。;The orchestra and the score itself are always the focus ― not his own person,; Peter Riegelbauer, one of the musicians on the orchestra#39;s board, said at the news conference. But he added, ;He is always able to transform a concert hall with his unique charisma.;;他永远把乐队和乐谱放在第一位――而不是他本人,;柏林爱乐乐团音乐家之一彼得·里格尔鲍尔(Peter Riegelbauer)在发布会上称。但他同时补充道,;佩钦科总能用自己的个人魅力改变音乐厅。;There are risks to the appointment. Few couples would marry after only three dates, no matter how great, and Mr. Petrenko has conducted the Philharmonic only three times. In December he withdrew on short notice because of shoulder pain from a fourth engagement to conduct Mahler#39;s Sixth Symphony.当然,这一任命也存在一定风险。正像情侣之间的约会再美妙,也不大可能约会三次就结婚一样,佩钦科也只指挥了乐团三次而已。他因为肩伤而临时取消了12月与乐团的第四次合作,原定的曲目是马勒第六交响曲(Mahler#39;s Sixth Symphony)。That Mahler was to have been his first foray into the standard symphonic literature with the orchestra, a reminder that Mr. Petrenko#39;s orchestral repertoire is not as wide as that of some other candidates. And his seeming reticence ― he declined to be interviewed on Monday ― could pose a challenge for an international orchestra that valued Mr. Rattle#39;s ability to talk about its art with audiences and the news media alike.这次未能进行的合作本是佩钦科首次尝试指挥爱乐乐团演奏一首标准意义上的交响乐作品,可以说佩钦科管弦乐的作品很难和其他部分候选人匹敌。而他的沉默――周一他曾拒绝接受采访――也是一个国际乐团要面对的挑战,爱乐乐团曾十分重视拉特尔向观众和新媒体一类平台谈论艺术的能力。But Mr. Petrenko has won fans wherever he has conducted, and has become known for his exacting standards. His work at the Bavarian State Opera in Munich has been praised, and officials there said on Monday that they still hoped to extend his contract beyond 2018. (The Berlin orchestra declined to give Mr. Petrenko#39;s official start date, suggesting that details of the new engagement had yet to be negotiated.)但佩钦科无论到哪儿演出都能吸纳新的粉丝,并以他特有的严厉标准而闻名。他在慕尼黑的巴伐利亚国家歌剧院的工作也饱受赞誉。官方周一称希望能将他的合约延长到2018年后。(柏林爱乐乐团还未给出佩钦科的正式就职日期,表明雇佣的一些细节还有待商榷。)He received acclaim for his earlier run as music director of the Komische Oper in Berlin, as well as engagements with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Cleveland Orchestra and other ensembles. In 2012 he led a production of Mussorgsky#39;s ;Khovanshchina; at the Metropolitan Opera that was a highlight of the season. And in 2013, his conducting of Wagner#39;s ;Ring; cycle at Bayreuth was applauded, even if the production was not.佩钦科早年曾在柏林喜歌剧院(Komische Oper)担任音乐总监,并曾与芝加哥交响乐团(Chicago Symphony Orchestra)、克利夫兰管弦乐团(Cleveland Orchestra)等其他乐团有过合作,都受到盛赞。2012年在大都会歌剧院(Metropolitan Opera),他指挥演奏的穆索尔斯基(Mussorgsky)名曲;霍万斯基之乱(Khovanshchina);成为当季最佳。2013年拜罗伊特音乐节,他指挥演奏的华格纳(Wagner);指环(Ring);系列也掌声不断,尽管原作不属上乘。Mr. Petrenko was born in Omsk in Siberia and immigrated at the age of 18 with his family to Austria, where his father, a violinist, got a post with a provincial orchestra. In a statement, Mr. Petrenko admitted to a certain disbelief at being selected by the Berlin Philharmonic.佩钦科出生于西伯利亚(Siberia)鄂木斯克(Omsk)。18岁那年,由于身为小提琴家的父亲在奥地利(Austria)的地方管弦乐团谋了份差事,他们举家移民至奥地利。在一次声明中,佩钦科承认并未料到会被柏林爱乐选中。;Words cannot express my feelings ― everything from euphoria and great joy to awe and disbelief,; he said. ;I am aware of the responsibility and high expectations of me, and I will do everything in my power to be a worthy conductor of this outstanding orchestra.;;我现在的感受难以用语言形容――从幸福兴奋到敬畏和难以置信的一切感受都在我心中翻腾,;他说。;我深知自己肩头的重任和他人的高度期盼。我会尽一切努力,对得起这一杰出乐团的指挥头衔。;The orchestra was said to have weighed numerous candidates, including the German conductor Christian Thielemann, a polarizing figure with fans and detractors among the players; Andris Nelsons; and Riccardo Chailly. A number of other top candidates seemed to withdraw from consideration in the weeks before the first vote, including Gustavo Dudamel, Daniel Barenboim and Mariss Jansons.柏林爱乐表示比较了多位候选人,包括德国指挥家克里斯蒂安·蒂勒曼(Christian Thielemann),一个同时受到观众拥护和乐手抨击的极端例子,安德里斯·尼尔森斯(Andris Nelsons),和里卡多·夏伊(Riccardo Chailly)。还有很多顶级候选人在第一轮投票前就被淘汰了,包括古斯塔沃·杜达美(Gustavo Dudamel)、丹尼尔·巴伦伊姆(Daniel Barenboim)和马里斯·扬颂斯(Mariss Jansons)。Peter Gelb, general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, called Mr. Petrenko an ;inspired choice,; and said that he hoped the new position might make a return engagement at the Met more likely for Mr. Petrenko. He also said he considered the conductor a noteworthy choice for Berlin, an orchestra with complicated dynamics that can seem to require deft political leadership. ;It#39;s interesting that they picked somebody who is clearly not interested in politics,; he said.大都会歌剧院总经理彼得·盖尔布(Peter Gelb)称佩钦科是;富于灵感的选择;,并表示希望他的上任能增加他在大都会再次演出的可能性。他同时评价佩钦科是柏林爱乐的重要选择,一个无比复杂的管弦乐团本来似乎需要一个富于心计的政治领袖。;他们选了一个显然对政治毫无兴趣的人来做指挥,很有意思,;他说。Sarah Willis, a horn player in the Philharmonic, said that the musicians were quickly drawn to Mr. Petrenko after he made his debut in 2006 conducting works by Bartok and Rachmaninoff. When she interviewed him for one of the orchestra#39;s Digital Concert Hall streaming service programs in 2009, she told him as much. ;It#39;s usually a question for the orchestra: #39;Hmm, we#39;ll see if this new conductor will be asked back,#39; ; she told him. ;But by the end of the week we were saying, #39;When can he come back?#39; because we enjoyed it so much.;柏林爱乐小号手萨拉·威利斯(Sarah Willis)称,2006年,佩钦科凭借指挥巴托克和拉克玛尼诺夫的作品首次登台后,乐手们就开始留意他。2009年,她面试佩钦科参加乐队电子音乐厅串流节目时,也把这些告诉了他。;通常来说乐队的问题都是:#39;嗯,我们会考虑要不要再请这个指挥来合作,#39;;她告诉佩钦科。;但周末的时候我们都在说#39;他什么时候能再来?#39;大家实在太享受那场演出了。;In that interview Mr. Petrenko confessed to having been ;very shy; in his first rehearsal with the orchestra: ;I was thinking: #39;What should I say? Should I ask them to play this one more time? Or better not ask them?#39; ; For his second engagement, he said, he decided to ;work with this great orchestra as I work with any other orchestra, just in my way.;那次面试中,佩钦科承认在初次与乐团排练的时候;非常腼腆;:;我一直在考虑:#39;我该说什么?我要不要让他们再来一次?还是不说比较好?#39;;第二次合作的时候,他说他决定;用和其他任何管弦乐团合作的方式来和最好的管弦乐团合作,就用自己的方式。;Ms. Willis, in a telephone interview, said: ;One of my colleagues likened it to playing chamber music. When you play chamber music with someone you notice in the very first seconds, almost, if you#39;ll be able to play with that person. If they think like you do, if they feel like you do, it just clicks.;威利斯女士在电话访谈中说:;我的一个同事把这比作演奏室内乐。当你和你一开始就注意到的人演奏室内乐时,差不多你就能和那个人合拍地合作。如果他们和你想法一样,他们就会和你感受一致,这就是一拍即合。; /201507/386733。
  • On May 29, the Chinese public was put on alert by a notice issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission.5月29日,国家计生委的一条消息让中国民众警觉起来。It was about China’s first case of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS). The unnamed 44-year-old man who contracted the infectious disease is South Korean. He flew from Seoul to Hong Kong on May 26 after his father was diagnosed with the MERS, and then traveled to Huizhou, Guangdong province, ignoring instructions from doctors to stay at home, Xinhua reported.这是关于中国首例(输入性)中东呼吸综合征(MERS)患者的消息。据新华社报道,这位韩国籍患者今年44岁,在父亲确诊患MERS之后,不顾医嘱,于5月26日从首尔飞抵香港,随后进入广东省惠州市。Currently hospitalized in Central Hospital in Huizhou, the man’s condition was worsening, yet his vital signs were stable. A total of 67 people who had been in close contact with the man in China had been quarantined, but another 10 had remained out of contact by Tuesday.据悉,该男子已进入惠州市中心人民医院接受治疗,虽然病情尚未好转,但各项生命体征稳定。在中国,与该男子密切接触的人中已有67人已被隔离,截止上周四仍有10名接触者“失联”。The infected man’s insistence on traveling to China despite the opposition of his doctor has sparked criticism in South Korea and China, with lots of legal experts and members of the public asking to punish him.该男子不顾医生反对执意前往中国也引起了中韩双方的谴责,很多法律专家和公众都呼吁应严惩。“Deliberately sping infectious diseases and endangering public security is subject to civil and criminal laws in China,” Han Xiao, a lawyer with the Beijing-based Jingrun Law Firm, told The Beijing News.在接受《新京报》采访时,北京京润律师事务所律师韩骁表示:“故意传播传染性疾病,危害公共安全已经违反了中国的民法与刑法。”What is it?MERS是什么?The MERS is a respiratory tract illness caused by the MERS coronavirus that was first discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012, according to China Daily.据《中国日报》报道,MERS是由一种新型冠状病毒(MERS-CoV)引起的病毒性呼吸道疾病,这种病毒于2012年在沙特阿拉伯首次被发现。The virus can lead to fevers, coughing, difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, kidney failure and death.该病毒可能引起发热、咳嗽、呼吸困难等症状,导致肺炎、肾衰竭、甚至死亡。The MERS is transmitted through close contact and respiratory droplets. Patients with diabetes, kidney failure, chronic lung and immune problems are the highest at-risk groups. The source of the virus remains unclear, but some suspect it comes from camels.MERS可通过密切接触以及飞沫传播。糖尿病、肾衰、慢性肺炎以及免疫系统疾病患者都是该疾病的高危人群。虽然MERS病毒的来源尚不完全清楚,但是,一些研究怀疑骆驼是来源之一。By May, 1,150 MERS cases had been reported in over 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, the UK, France, Malaysia and the US, The Beijing News reported.据《新京报》报道,截至今年5月(16日),全球共有20多个国家报告总计1150例MERS病例,包括沙特阿拉伯、英国、法国、马来西亚以及美国。MERS is considered deadlier than SARS, which killed hundreds of people in Asia in 2003, and there is currently no vaccine or treatment plan for the virus. Of the infected, 431 people have died, which means the fatality rate stands at 37.5 percent, three times that of SARS, said Wang Linghang, an expert with Beijing Ditan Hospital.2003年SARS在亚洲夺去了成百上千人的生命,而MERS的致死率比SARS还要高,而且目前还没有可用的疫苗和药物治疗方法。北京地坛医院的专家王凌航表示:在被感染者中,目前已有431人死亡,由此可见MERS的致死率达37.5%,是SARS的三倍。No need to panic无需恐慌There is good news, though, which is that the MERS is less infectious than SARS. “The MERS has been around for three years, but there has been no massive outbreak, and only sporadic cases were reported,” Wang said.庆幸的是,MERS的传染性要低于SARS。王凌航同时表示:“MERS出现已有3年之久,但是并没有大面积爆发过,只有零星的病例确诊。”“As lots of cases were reported in regions with poor medical resources, the current fatality rate does not represent the whole picture,” he said.“加之很多病例出现在医疗条件较差的地区,因此当前的致死率也不能代表全部情况。”He cited SARS as an example. “At the early stages of the SARS outbreak, the fatality rate was high, but after research and treatment, it dropped.”王凌航还以SARS为例,他说:“(就像)SARS,爆发初期致死率居高不下,但是随着研究和治疗,死亡率逐渐降低。”Better news is also on the way. China has developed some experimental drugs to fight the virus, which, however, are not y to be put into clinical use, The Beijing News reported.好消息接踵而至,据《新京报》报道:中国已研制出一些(治疗性抗体和多肽)实验药物,但目前还无法应用于临床。 /201506/379326。
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