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Reddit users seagullhunter said: ;Soup. It never gets cooled properly at night in the big container so it stays luke warm for hours.;Reddit用户seagullhunter说:“汤。晚上,盛在大容器里的汤没有合适的降温措施,所以会数小时保持微温状态。”;If it#39;s watery, they just added cream to it. If it#39;s thick, it#39;s been on too long. The only places I order soup from are soup places.;“如果太稀,他们会加些奶油进去。如果太稠,就是放置时间太长了。我只会从专门做汤的餐馆点汤喝。”2. Don#39;t have ice in your drink不要在饮料里加冰peenonoR said: ;Worked at a coffee shop. Once found a dead spider and mildew in the ice maker. ;peenonoR说:“我在咖啡店工作过,曾经在制冰器里发现死蜘蛛和霉菌。”FrostyBeav wrote: ;What#39;s really gross is getting ice in a drink and having it taste more and more like grease as the ice melts.;FrostyBeav写道:“真正恶心的是在饮料里加冰,然后冰在融化时感觉它越来越像油脂。”3. And watch out for the fruit...还得小心水果……bgar0312 commented: ;Not eating but garnishes in your drink. The lemons limes oranges etc are almost never properly washed, they are handled with the waiters#39; bare hands or bartenders#39; bare hands literally 95% of the time.;bgar0312道:“不要吃饮料里的装饰水果。那些柠檬啊酸橙啊橙子啊几乎都没有好好洗过,而且有95%的机率是由务生或吧台招待直接用手处理的。”4. Cheesy dips aren#39;t all they seem芝士酱没有看起来那么好Bradleyd00 said: ;Any cheese dip, no matter how fancy it sounds, is basically 95% butter and cream cheese just enough actual cheese to make it taste like Asiago or whatever. Seriously, it is half a days caloric intake in a small bowl of it.;Bradleyd00说:“任何芝士酱,不管说得多么天花乱坠,基本上95%都是黄油和奶油,再加上够份量的真芝士,尝起来像艾斯阿格芝士什么的。真的,一小碗这玩意儿就有半天的卡路里了。”5. Be wary of calamari要提防鱿鱼OrchidBest commented: ; Worked at three places where the dishwasher always scooped the tentacles out of the gooey white batter that looked to be ten days old. These were busy restaurants and in most cases the dishwashers didn#39;t have the time or common sense to wash their hands.;OrchidBest说:“在三家餐馆工作过,洗碗工总是从看起来像放了10天的白糊糊中捞出鱿鱼触须。那些餐馆都很忙,大多数时候洗碗工没有时间或者说没有洗手的常识。”6. Order the popular stuff就点流行菜品ripewdecay said: ;Something I learned personally as someone raised around kitchens- unpopular ingredients are turned over less so you#39;re more likely to get something that was sitting around, perhaps even a little bad. Just go with popular items.;ripewdecay说:“作为一个在厨房长大的人,我学到了一点——不常用的原料被翻出来的机会比较少,所以点不流行的菜品你就更可能遇到放置很久的食物,甚至可能会有一点变质。所以,还是点流行的东西吃吧。”7. Avoid the sticky Chinese food避开黏乎乎的中餐knockknock313 said: ;I used to work at a Chinese restaurant. I don#39;t understand how anyone eats a full order of general tso#39;s or orange or sesame chicken. There#39;s legit like... half a cup of sugar in one of those. ;knockknock313说:“我以前在一家中餐馆工作过,不明白怎么有人吃得下一整份左宗棠鸡或者香橙鸡或者芝麻鸡。那真的就像……每份菜里有半杯糖。” /201609/466170

Let#39;s thank mom for this delicate baked jellyfish...and remember, Harry... Don#39;t eat as many genetically modified corn as you did last year...让我们一起感谢妈妈烤的这美味的水母(西方人在圣诞节不是吃火鸡么?怎么变成了水母呢?火鸡也转基因了?)……请记住,哈利……别像去年那样吃那么多的转基因玉米啊……Christmas in the future未来的圣诞节是这样过的 /201702/491523

Whether you#39;re taking a client to dinner, grabbing lunch with a new friend, or sharing a meal with your in-laws, awkwardness can immediately settle in when the bill comes and everyone stares, silently wondering, ;Who pays?;无论你是在餐厅与客户谈生意,与新朋友外出觅食,还是与另一半的家人一起吃饭,最尴尬的时刻莫过于——务员送来账单,大家大眼瞪小眼,心里默默盘算着:“谁来买单?”Several potential scenarios can play out:有以下几种场景可能会出现:Should you split the check evenly?所有人平摊饭钱?Should everyone pay for their own meal?大家各付各的?Is it expected that your father-in-law will pick up the check?等着岳父或公公请客?Every dining situation, from a birthday dinner to a double date, commands its own nuances when it comes to handling the check.从生日聚餐到四人约会,无论哪种聚餐情形在买单上都会有细微差别。We spoke with three experts Diane Gottsman, national etiquette expert and the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, David Weliver, founder of financial advice website Money Under 30, and Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founder and president of The Etiquette School of New York to definitively decide how to handle the bill in 10 common situations.这次,我们与3位专家聊了聊如何解决10种常见就餐情形中的买单问题。他们分别是:全国礼仪专家及德克萨斯州礼仪学院的所有者黛安?戈特斯曼、金融建议网站Money Under 30的创始人大卫?韦利弗、纽约礼仪学校创始人及校长帕特里夏?纳皮尔?菲茨帕特里克。;Other than business meals, there are no hard and fast rules for splitting the check,; Napier-Fitzpatrick told Business Insider. In business, it#39;s protocol for the person extending the invitation to pay.”帕特里夏告诉我们:“与商务应酬不同,生活聚餐没有关于分摊账单的明确规定。在商务应酬中,发出邀请的一方请客,是一种惯例。In terms of all other different scenarios, I would say there are certain guidelines, things one would do to make sure they didn#39;t feel taken advantage of and that they#39;re being considerate when it comes to paying for meals.;但其他的用餐情形仍然遵守着某些规则,正是这些规则能让人们觉得自己没被别人占了便宜,也能让人们觉得在付账时自己考虑的很周到。”Read on to check out who#39;s turn it is to pick up the bill when, and avoid those awkward ;How do you wanna do this?; conversations for good.继续阅读下面的内容,你就能知道什么时候买单、谁该买单,再也不用开口问“咱们怎么付账好?”这种尴尬的问题。Dinner with a date一对一约会餐Whoever asks for the date pays, regardless of gender.不分男女,谁提出谁买单。Double Date Dinners四人约会餐Split between couples, and whoever asked for each respective day pays.每对各付各的,或者轮流分天买单。Dinner with a boyfriend/girlfriend情侣餐Take turns treating each other, or split evenly.轮流请客,或者平摊。Business dinners商务餐The inviter should always pay. The businesses should pay when taking clients out.邀请人必须买单。跟客户在外面吃饭时,公司请客。Dinners with an acquaintance熟人餐Split evenly if the meals are closed in price. It’s okay to ask for separate checks if one person’s meal is much more expensive.点餐的价钱差不多时,大家平摊。如果某个人点的菜太贵,分开付也无妨。Dinner with a close friend闺蜜/基友餐Split evenly if the meals are evenly in price. Sometimes close friends also take turns treating each other with the expectation that it will be one day reciprocated.价格相当时两人平摊。好朋友之间有时也会请客,一定不要忘了回请哦。Birthday dinners生日餐It’s the tradition for everyone to pitch in for the guest of honor, but if you throw your own celebration, other people are not expected to pay for you.按传统,大家一起凑份子给寿星过生日,但如果你要用自己的方式庆祝,就不要指望别人替你付了。Dinners with a coworker同事餐Each person usually pays for what they ordered.通常是各付各的。Dinner with a closed family member家庭餐Parents usually pay for their adult children, unless a child wants to make a gesture and cover the whole bill. With your siblings, pay your own bills or take turns treating each other.父母通常会为自己的成年儿女买单,除非儿女为了表示心意而请客。和兄弟姊一起时,各付各的饭钱或者轮流请客。Dinner with in-laws姻亲餐Handled on a case-by-case basis.具体情况具体分析。Typically, the most senior family member is expected to pay.一般来说,家中最年长的长辈会买单。If the younger family members have much more means or want to make a special gesture, as in the case of meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend’s parents for the first time, they might pick up the check.年轻家庭成员如果家境更好、想表示心意时,可以请客,比如首次见男友或女友的父母。 /201703/496566



  Nothing#39;s better than grandma#39;s home cooked meals!什么美食都比不上奶奶在家做的饭香!And those who visit Staten Island restaurant, Enoteca Maria, get the ultimate comfort food cooked by grandmas from all over the world.所有来斯坦顿岛这家名为Enoteca Maria餐厅的人都品尝到了来自世界各地奶奶厨师们的治愈美食。Restaurant owner, Jody Scaravella, started out hiring Italian grandmas to make the meals that his customers love, according to Gothamist.据Gothamist网站称,餐厅主人Jody Scaravella最开始聘用意大利的奶奶们来烹饪美食,深受顾客喜爱。But now he has included 30 #39;nonnas#39; from around the world to whip up some grub in his kitchen. Habiba (pictured) is from Algeria.如今他已招聘了30位来自世界各地的奶奶们来制作美食。Habiba(上图)来自阿尔及利亚。These #39;chefettes#39; come from Ecuador, Algeria, Czech Republic, like Helena (pictured) as well as Syria, Calabria and many other countries.这些“奶奶厨师们”来自厄瓜多尔,阿尔及利亚,上图中Helena的家乡捷克,叙利亚,卡拉布里亚以及其它世界各国。Scaravella said that there is one Italian grandma in the kitchen every night accompanied by another grandma with a different culinary background.Scaravella表示,厨房每晚都会有一位意大利奶奶,并伴有一位拥有不同烹饪背景的奶奶。He told the site that it can be challenging to have the grandmothers cooking at once.他告诉网站说,让这些奶奶们全都一起烹饪有点困难。Mainly because they feel #39;like they#39;re the boss, because in their particular family unit, they#39;re at the top of that pyramid#39;.主要是因为奶奶们都觉得“自己是管事的,因为在她们各自的家庭中,她们在厨房中最有发言权”。#39;So when you put all of these grandmothers that are all at the top in a room together, they all feel like they#39;re in charge and they#39;re all wondering what that other person is doing there,#39; he said, adding that it can get #39;dicey#39;.他还说,“所以当你把这些奶奶们安排在一个厨房里,她们都会觉得自己应该掌管一切,都好奇其他人在那里干什么。”这样事情就会比较“不可控”。Most nights, Scaravella said, customers give standing ovations to the grandmas for their delicious dishesScaravella说,大多数晚上,顾客都会起立致敬,对奶奶们烹饪的美食赞不绝口。There is also a grandpa employed by the restaurant. Giuseppe Freya (pictured), who is from Calabria, makes all the pasta.餐厅还雇佣了一位祖父厨师Giuseppe Freya(上图),他来自卡拉布里亚,负责制作所有的意大利面食。Most nights, Scaravella said, customers give standing ovations to the grandmas and Freya.Scaravella说,绝大多数晚上,顾客都会起立鼓掌,向奶奶们和Freya欢呼致意。Scaravella told the site that he even receives regular #39;phone calls from Australia, from England, and from Italy to book reservations#39;.Scaravella告诉网站,他甚至常常接到来自澳大利亚、英格兰和意大利的预定电话。He said he#39;s flattered by those gestures as well as when his restaurant sees a lot of people from Manhattan.他说,感受到顾客们的热情和持,看见那么多人从曼哈顿专门赶来,这些都让他受宠若惊。#39;That#39;s also very flattering, because there#39;s a restaurant every twenty feet in Manhattan,#39; he said.他说,“这也让我很有面子,要知道曼哈顿每20英尺(约6.09米)就有一家餐厅。”The restaurant#39;s website features a calendar called Nonnas of the World, which allows customers to see what dish these crafty grandmas will be serving up every night.餐厅网站上挂着“全世界奶奶厨师们”的菜单日历,顾客能够在上面看到这些心灵手巧的奶奶们每晚将制作的菜肴。 /201610/471790

  Arghhhh! What#39;s going on!? There is a light bulb over my head! Where did that come from?! HELP!娘亲啊,搞什么鬼啊!?我头顶上竟有一个灯泡!它从那里冒出来的啊?!救~命~啊~!If people in comics reacted as they would have done in reality, most good ideas would go to waste如果漫画中的人像现实中人的反应一样的话,那么大多数的好主意都会白白浪费掉的 /201704/503587President Barack Obama won two straight elections for the White House, but during a talk with students at a town hall on race and sports he discussed a few times when he did not always come out on top.美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马曾连赢两届总统大选,但在市政厅举办的一场与青年学子的交流座谈会中,奥巴马多次公开提到,自己也并不是一直都占据上风。Obama recounted the fallout from his first presidential debate in his ultimately successful 2012 election race against Republican Mitt Romney.奥巴马回想起2012年大选时,在首场辩论和共和党对手米特·罗姆尼唇舌战后的心路历程。;I had that first debate, which was roundly panned. Everybody said you were terrible,; Obama said at the town hall hosted by ESPN#39;s The Undefeated at North Carolina AT State University.奥巴马在运动频道ESPN旗下网站The Undefeated于北卡罗来纳农工州立大学主办的座谈会上表示:“我首场辩论的表现恶评如潮,大家都说我表现很差。”;What is true is that I#39;ve always kind of hated these debate formats, so it wasn#39;t my best performance.;“事实上,我平常就蛮讨厌这种辩论形式,所以没交出最好表现。”He said what really inspired him to ;dig deep; for the second debate was seeing young volunteers around the country.奥巴马还提到,促使他全力以赴第二场辩论的动力来源于当时全国各地的青年志愿者们。While they put on a brave face, Obama said he could tell they were worried about the race.虽然他们故作坚强,但是自己能够从他们的脸上看出担心选情的情绪。;I just thought to myself these kids are pouring their hearts and souls into making calls and knocking on doors, I#39;m not going to disappoint them,; he said.奥巴马说道:“我跟我自己说,这些孩子们付诸了全部的心力,又是打电话,又是敲门拉票,我不能让他们失望。”Obama also described his experience losing his first campaign for a U.S. congressional seat in 2000 and how it humbled him. Without that defeat, Obama said he did not believe he would have went on to win his Senate race in 2004.奥巴马也提到2000年首次参选国会失利让他懂得谦卑,要不是有那次失败经验,他可能没办法再接再厉,进而在2004年赢得联邦参议院席次。;What is true about politics that is similar to sports, though, is when you lose, you lose publicly,; he said. ;It#39;s a hard feeling. One of the benefits of defeat is to take some of the vanity out of what it is you#39;re trying to achieve.;“政治和运动差不多的地方就在于,失败时,会搞得众所皆知,那感觉不好受。被打败的好处之一,就是你对努力想达成的目标,会少了点虚荣之心。” /201610/474560

  David Yi had an early introduction to beauty regimes.戴维#8226;李(David Yi)很早就接触到了美容之道。“Growing up in a Korean household, my mother would give us facials,” said Mr. Yi, the founder of Very Good Light, a website about men and grooming that goes online this week. “She’d put all these creams on me, and I ded it. But I started to realize it was indicative of how important it was to present yourself to the world.”“我是在一个韩国家庭长大,从小母亲就会给我们做面部护理,”本周上线的男士美容护理网站Very Good Light的创始人戴维#8226;李说。“她会给我涂各种面霜,我当时很讨厌。但我慢慢意识到,这说明了向世界展示自己是多么重要。”His parents, who moved to Colorado from Korea in 1983, were also vigilant about his daily application of sunscreen, he added with a laugh, threatening punishment if he skipped it.戴维#8226;李的父母于1983年从韩国移居到了美国的卡罗拉多州。他们很注意让他每日坚持涂防晒霜,还威胁说如果他不涂就会受到惩罚,戴维#8226;李笑着说。Mr. Yi, 29, sat at a table at Dimes Deli in Chinatown, eating a gluten-free peanut butter cookie and drinking coconut water mixed with chlorophyll. He wore generously ripped black pants, a black T-shirt and a tattoo in script on his arm that “elevate.”现年29岁的李坐在唐人街的Dimes Deli餐馆里,正在吃无麸质花生酱饼干,喝着添加叶绿素的椰子汁。他穿了一条有很多破洞的黑裤子和一件黑色T恤,胳膊上有“elevate”(升华)字样的纹身。After stints as a writer and editor for The Daily News, WWD and Mashable, Mr. Yi decided to lend his expertise to guys who didn’t grow up with an education in personal-care products. “Men are just supposed to figure it out,” he said. With Very Good Light, he hopes “to redefine masculinity and to redefine men’s beauty.”戴维#8226;李此前在纽约《每日新闻》报(The Daily News)、《女装日报》(WWD)和新闻客网站Mashable做过撰稿人和编辑,后来他决定拿自己的专业知识为不曾在小时候接触过个人护理知识的男性务。“人们觉得男人应该自己去搞明白这些东西,”他说。他希望可以通过Very Good Ligh“重新定义男子气概和男性之美。”The timing may be right.这个时机或许是对的。“A lot of guys resort to asking questions on Reddit, because they don’t know where else to go,” said Emily Weiss, the founder and chief executive of Glossier, a site that, along with Man Repeller and Refinery29, served as inspiration for Very Good Light. “The younger generation of men are embracing beauty and skin care in a more open-minded and forward-thinking way.”“很多小伙子会跑到Reddit上提问求助,因为他们不知道还可以上哪儿问,”Glossier创始人兼首席执行官艾米莉#8226;韦斯(Emily Weiss)说。这个网站连同Man Repelle和Refinery29都是Very Good Light的灵感来源。“更年轻的一代男性正在以一种更开放和更超前的方式接受美容与护肤理念。”Chris Salgardo, the president of Kiehl’s and author of “Manmade: The Essential Skincare amp; Grooming Reference For Every Man,” said: “Now is absolutely a great time for a site fully dedicated to men’s grooming and skin care. Over the past year and a half, there’s been a growing conversation in our stores, and on my own social media, as men reach out with questions beyond basic skin care or shaving to learn more about anti-aging and ingredients.”契尔氏(Kiehl)总裁、《肤在人为:男性基础护肤与个人护理指南》(The Essential Skincare amp; Grooming Reference For Every Man)一书的作者克里斯#8226;萨尔加多(Chris Salgardo)说:“现在绝对是创建一家完全专注于男性个人护理与护肤网站的好时机。在过去的一年半里,在我们的店铺和我个人的社交媒体上,此类话题都越来越多,男士们提出的问题已经超出了基础护肤或剃须的范畴,而想了解更多有关抗衰老和成分的知识。”Mr. Yi envisions his start-up capturing the spirit of skin care and grooming. “Big brands and media outlets are too afraid to push the envelope,” he said. “They are stuck in 2014 still talking about beard oil when no one has beards anymore.”李设想自己的创业公司会捕捉到护肤与个人护理的精髓。“大品牌和媒体机构太害怕,不敢挑战极限,”他说。“它们停留在2014年,还在谈论须油,而现在已经没人留大胡子了。”In one column on the site, influential men — the Diesel creative director Nicola Formichetti, editors and sports stars — talk about their skin-care regimen. (LeBron James is Mr. Yi’s dream interview.) There are stories on how to properly cover a hickey, an introduction to BB creams, and something titled “You’re Actually Parting Your Hair All Wrong.”在网站的一个专栏中,他们会邀请有影响力的男性——迪赛(Diesel)装设计公司创意总监尼古拉#8226;福尔米凯蒂(Nicola Formichetti)、以及多名编辑和体育明星——谈论自己的护肤之道。(勒布朗#8226;詹姆斯[LeBron James]是李最想采访的对象。)也有文章教你如何正确地掩盖吻痕,介绍BB霜,还会有这样的文章标题:“你分头发的方式实际上完全是错的”。There are also features that take a broader approach to personal care, culture and what it is to be a man.其中也会有一些专题文章更宽泛地探讨个人护理、文化,以及何为男人。Six American Sikh men are interviewed about turbans, with photographs by Mike Tessier and styling by Christopher Kim, a former Carine Roitfeld assistant.有六位美国锡克教徒就缠头巾的问题接受了该网站的采访,文中配有迈克#8226;特西尔(Mike Tessier)拍摄的照片,造型师则是曾担任卡琳#8226;洛菲德(Carine Roitfeld)助理的克里斯托弗#8226;金(Christopher Kim)。There is an essay called “Why I’m Not Afraid to Be Called Feminine,” about masculinity in black culture, and; a story about a biracial man who came to understand his mother through Korean skin care.有一篇名为《为什么我不怕被人说女性化》(Why I’m Not Afraid to Be Called Feminine)的文章谈论了黑人文化中的男子气;另一篇则讲述了一名混血男子如何通过了解韩国护肤知识,渐渐理解了他的母亲。Eventually there will be sex and dating. “We’ll talk about kissing and seduction, but it will be very PG-13,” Mr. Yi said.最终还会有关于性和约会的文章。“我们会讨论如何接吻和诱惑对方,不过内容会是非常限制级的,”李说道。Another eventuality is advertising. Right now, Very Good Light is a labor of love. “It’s not funded at all,” Mr. Yi said. “I have called in a lot of favors.”另一个最终会出现的东西是广告。目前Very Good Light的工作是没有回报的。“完全没有资金投入,”李说。“我欠下了不少人情。”The target market is Generation Z. “Sixteen to 26 is our sweet spot,” he said. “They are the first generation to be completely born on digital and the web. They’re savvy with social media and its risks.”它的目标市场是Z世代。“16到26岁的男性是我们的理想受众,”他说。“他们是第一代完全成长于数字和网络时代的人,非常了解社交媒体及其风险。”He considers this audience fearless and sexually fluid. His inspirations are the rapper Young Thug and the actor Jaden Smith. “They are so secure with themselves and their manhood that they will wear, e-une, women’s blouses and skirts.” David Bowie “was very Very Good Light,” he added.他认为这部分受众无所畏惧,在性别认知上也比较灵活。给他启发的是说唱歌手“青年暴徒”(Young Thug)和男演员杰登#8226;史密斯(Jaden Smith)。“他们自我感觉很好,不担心自己的男子气受损,会穿所谓的女性衬衫或裙子。”大卫#8226;鲍伊(David Bowie)“就非常Very Good Light,”他接着说。Mr. Yi spoke of his own struggle to come into his version of manhood. “My masculinity was so different from the Western ideal,” he said. “Pampering yourself was seen as so effeminate. That’s what girls did.”戴维#8226;李也谈到了他在形成自己的男子气观念中遭遇的困难。“我所认为的男子气与西方的理念非常不同,”他说。“精心呵护自己当时被看作是非常女性化的,是女孩才会做的事。”Korean pop (or K-pop) stars helped. “Looking at them, they wore guyliner, they had smoky eyes, they wore foundation and BB creams,” he said. His love affair with K-pop was such that his parents let him stay with relatives in Seoul while he was in high school so that he could try his hand at pop stardom. After a few months, he was signed but realized he yearned for the life of an American teenager: getting a driver’s license and going to the prom.在这方面,韩国流行歌星帮了他的忙。“看看他们,他们涂男士眼影,化烟熏妆,也会用粉底霜和BB霜,”他说。他对韩国流行歌星的喜爱如此强烈,以致他的父母让他在上高中时留在首尔和亲戚一起住,以便他能尝试当流行歌星。几个月后,他签了约,但他意识到自己其实渴望过美国青少年的生活:拿驾照,参加舞会。Still, he has kept one foot in Korea, which is now known worldwide for its multistep skin care. “I do seven steps: cleanser, toner, a mist, a serum, an essence, a moisturizer and sunscreen,” Mr. Yi said. “If I’m meeting someone special, I’ll do a cushion or concealer, maybe a highlighter.”不过,他依然保留了与韩国的关系。这个国家如今以多步骤护肤为全世界所知。“我有七个步骤:洁面乳、化妆水、喷雾、精华乳、精华液、润肤霜和防晒霜,”戴维#8226;李说。“如果要见什么特别的人,还会上气垫粉或遮瑕膏,或许再打一个提亮。” /201610/472934

  1. Throwing Trash Out My Car Window1. 从车窗向外扔垃圾I am guilty of tossing chewed gum out the car window like it was 1979. I remember last year while driving with my son and boyfriend, my son said, ;I need to throw my gum out,; and Manboy X said, ;Just throw it out the window.; I attacked him for being totally reckless, irresponsible and being a horrible role model, even though the next time I was driving alone and wanted to spit my gum out, I chucked it out without a thought. That#39;s what WE do, but we can#39;t let our kids know! And yes, I still roll my window down and slyly throw it out, every time. Recently I got caught. And I copped to it. I said, ;Oh wow, I didn#39;t even realize I did that!; Which was essentially true. Now that I#39;ve been outed, maybe it#39;s time I grow up and stop littering.好像在1979年,我因为从车窗向外扔口香糖而内疚不已。我还记得去年和男友以及儿子一起开车的时候,我的儿子说道,“我需要把口香糖扔出去,”大男孩X说道,“那就从车窗扔出去好了。”我因为他如此鲁莽、不负责任和成为如此错误的榜样而批评了他,即使下一次我独自一人开车想要吐口香糖的时候,我会毫不犹豫的从车窗吐掉。这是我们(大人)做的事情,但不该让我们孩子知道!是的,我每次仍会慢慢摇下车窗,偷偷地吐掉口香糖。最近我被抓到了,我也认了。我说,“哦,哇哦,我都没有意识到我居然这样做!”这真的是事实。既然我已被逮到,也许我该长大不再丢垃圾了。2. Not Tying the Bag of Dog Shit2. 不绑屎袋This has been an ongoing family fight and one that I eventually lost when I decided to poll everyone I know about tying the dog shit bag. But apparently, you#39;re a total jerk if you just toss it in the trash without tying. Even though I lost the fight, I continue not to tie it, probably as a ;fuck you; to my accusers. Anyway, I am pretty sure I#39;m setting an example for my kids on how to be a total douche bag. I think I need to tie the bag.这一直都是家庭的争论点之一,当我试图让我认识的所有人都绑屎袋时,我终于败下阵来。但很显然,如果你绑都不绑就把袋子扔进垃圾桶,那你完全就是个混蛋。即使我输了,我继续不绑屎袋,对于指责我的人来说也算是一种“去你的”暗示。无论如何,我敢肯定我为孩子们树立了一个混球的形象。我想我还是需要绑屎袋的。3. Being Gross (Burping, Farting and Crap Jokes)3. 行为粗俗(打嗝、放屁和讲烂俗的笑话)I have burped at the dinner table and laughed my head off for a few seconds before realizing I#39;m a mom and I can#39;t do that. Not to mention I turn around and get upset if a kid does it. Not cool. I have no problem with it for around a solid five minutes before it starts to get out of control, and then I try to stop it but it#39;s too late. I know, I give out mixed messages about this stuff and it has to stop, or the kids may turn out to be a perpetual teenage boy like myself.我曾在晚宴上打过嗝,在我意识到自己已为人母不能那样做之前,我大笑了好几秒。更别提如果是小孩子这样做我会局促不安伤心不已了。一点都不酷。在失控前我觉得一点都没问题,持续时间足足有5分钟,然后我试着停止但为时已晚。我知道,对于这种事情我给出了混合消息,而这必须得停止了,要不然我的孩子长大后会成为一个永远长不大的青少年小伙儿,就像我一样。译文属 /201611/478091



  Choosing a pup for your family can be tricky business. There#39;s so many dog breed options and so many factors to consider - where does one even start?! Well, good news, mama, we#39;ve done the hard work for you. Here are 7 parent-approved pups that are known to get along well with children.选一只能和家人融洽相处的小可能是件棘手的事情。因为的种类太多了,要考虑的因素也很多--甚至都不知该从何处着手!好消息来了,妈妈们,我们已为您做好了准备工作。下列这7种都得到了父母的认可,它们能和孩子们和睦相处。1. Pug1. 哈巴This pint-sized pup has an irresistible face and prominently curved tail that any child will find intriguing. The Pug does especially well in a moderate climate but is just as comfortable hanging out indoors to keep your kiddos entertained.这款只有品脱大小的小有着让人无法抗拒的脸蛋,它那突出的蜷曲的小尾巴会让孩子们玩性大发。哈巴在温和气候下的表现尤为出色,但在户外和你的孩子一起玩耍时,它也很舒适。2. Yorkshire Terrier2. 约克郡犬Though a tiny canine, the Yorkie has a big adventurous personality that makes it an engaging dog. This affectionate pint-sized pup is an ideal pet if your family loves travel - it will keep your kids affectionately entertained in the back seat while you#39;re en route.尽管约克郡犬体格娇小,但它十分喜欢冒险,这一点让它十分有趣。如果你们一家人都喜欢旅游,那这种亲切的只有品脱大小的就是你的理想宠物--当你们在旅行的途中时,约克郡犬能和你的孩子们在后座开心的玩耍。3. Miniature Schnauzer3. 迷你雪纳瑞犬The most popular of the three Schnauzer breeds (which include the giant and standard sizes), the Mini Schnauzer is an intelligent and cheerful canine that is as happy hanging out in the house with the family as it is romping outdoors with the kids in the yard or at the park.这是三种雪纳瑞犬中(包括巨型雪纳瑞犬和标准大小的雪纳瑞犬)最受欢迎的一种,迷你雪纳瑞犬是聪明、欢乐的犬种,在家里能陪伴家人,在院子或公园里能和孩子们一起嬉笑玩闹。4. Beagle4. 猎兔犬One of our favorite small dogs, the Beagle is naturally communal and friendly with humans and other animals. This curious, energetic pup will keep the kids on their toes as it needs love and exercise to keep itself out of trouble.这是我们最喜欢的小型犬种之一,猎兔犬天生就与人类以及其它动物友好共处。这一好奇而又精力充沛的小会让你的孩子时刻保持警觉,因为它需要爱和锻炼才不会捣乱。5. Havanese5. 哈威那This toy-sized silky-coated canine is in high demand as a family pet because of its affectionate temperament, easy trainability and hypoallergenic non-shedding coat. The Havanese is as eager to be a loved-on lap dog as it is to playfully chase the kids around.这一玩具大小的小皮毛如丝绸般,很多家庭对其呼声很高,因为它脾气温顺、易于训练、不易过敏,而且不掉毛。哈威那既渴望成为集万千宠爱于一身的哈巴,又渴望与孩子们开心的追逐嬉戏。6. Shetland Sheepdog6. 喜乐蒂牧羊犬If you#39;ve got a big yard or live on a farm, the Sheltie will keep your kids well-exercised. One of the best obedience breeds, this long-haired, energetic beauty thrives on physical and mental activity.如果你有一个大大的后院、或生活在农场里,那喜乐蒂牧羊犬定能让你的孩子得到良好锻炼。作为最顺从的犬种之一,这一长毛精力充沛的美犬能让你的身心都得到良好发展。7. Boston Terrier7. 波士顿The Boston Terrier is a diminutive dapper-looking dog that has a gentle disposition and enjoys being close by its family#39;s side.波士顿是一种小而精神焕发的犬种,性格温顺,喜欢靠在家人的身边。译文属 /201704/504841

  When I first met Sean Rad, back in 2013, Tinder was a blossoming dating app. It was known primarily for, how shall I put it, casual relationships.追溯到2013年,当我第一次遇见西恩·拉德的时候,Tinder还只是一款在起步初期的约会APP。它主要有名在,怎么说呢,能让人们随机约会。Back then he told me Tinder was ;good for humanity;, a line I instantly latched onto as being faintly ridiculous, and wonderful for a headline.当时他告诉我Tinder是“为了人类的利益”的时候,我的第一反应就是这有点儿可笑,但是会是个精的头条。But now when I think of how Tinder has impacted my life, and those of several people close to me, I start to see what he was getting at.但现在想想Tinder是怎么影响我的生活的,想想那些因此而接近了我的人,我慢慢开始理解他当年所说的东西。Life-changing things have happened to millions of people thanks to that simple swipe-yes-swipe-no interface.当今简便易操作的电子设备界面已经改变了数百万人的生活。I know people who have married their Tinder matches. I know many others who are in serious relationships.我认识一个人,她就嫁给了在Tinder上匹配到的一个人。And yes, I know many people who have had casual hook-ups and one-night stands. Yet why that last point is seen as a negative to be joked about I#39;ll never know. People have been doing that in bars for well over 100 years.我知道有许多人会认真对待一段感情,我也知道有许多人喜欢拈花惹草四处找一夜情。但我不知道为什么后者会一直以来成为人们贬低嘲笑的对象。人们在酒吧里像那样做已经有一百多年了。Anyway, Tinder is growing up. It#39;s now a serious technology company tackling one of life#39;s most important matters, and is by far the most popular dating app worldwide.但无论如何,Tinder正迅速地发展着。一个非常强大的科技公司正试图介入影响人们的终身大事,正是靠这款到目前为止风靡全球的约会APP。Mr Rad is the chairman of both Tinder and Swipe Ventures, the arm of the company designed to buy other dating-related technologies.拉德先生现在是Tinder和Swipe Ventures两家公司的董事长,它们是开发与约会相关的技术的两家巨头公司。One of which is artificial intelligence. And its collision with dating might be the most intriguing application of AI yet.其中一家公司开发的是人工智能,它与约会这种事碰撞产生的火花,或许会让这款智能APP变得极为有趣。Still, even though it can be difficult to admit, dating really is a numbers game, and right now the data Tinder uses is primitive: age, location and mutual friends - as well as a few mutual interests as defined by what you ;like; on Facebook.即使我们不愿意承认,但约会的确就像一场数字游戏,Tinder只是考察最简单最原始的条件:年龄,住址和共同好友 - 就像Facebook通过你点赞的内容从而确定你的兴趣一样。Why not add a few parameters and make it even more likely you will click?为什么往其中不多加几个因素呢?这样我们就更有可能点开匹配给我们的约会对象了。 /201703/496277

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