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本溪妇幼保健医院人流手术费多少钱辽宁中医药大学附属医院沈本医院做人流Higher levels of vitamin D have been associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer in many observational studies. A new analysis has found a possible reason.很多观察性研究发现,血液中维生素D含量越高,患结肠癌的风险越低。一项新研究可能找到了其中一个原因。A malignant tumor contains not just cancer cells but many types of cells, some of which affect how fast a tumor may grow or sp. Among them are a group of immune system cells called T lymphocytes, or T cells, that can target tumor cells and limit their growth. Having a tumor with more T cells correlates with a better prognosis.恶性肿瘤中不仅有癌细胞,还有很多其他种类的细胞,其中一些细胞能影响肿瘤变大或扩散的速度。其中有一群免疫系统细胞,名叫T淋巴细胞或T细胞,它们能攻击肿瘤细胞,限制它们的发展。含有更多T细胞的肿瘤,预后情况更好。The study, published in the journal Gut, included 318 people who had developed colorectal cancer and 624 matched controls. All had vitamin D levels measured before the appearance of any cancers.这项发表在《内脏》(Gut)杂志上的研究调查了318名结直肠癌患者和624名匹配的对照组人员。研究人员测量了所有这些人出现任何癌症之前的维生素D水平。The higher the blood levels of vitamin D, the less likely people were to develop colorectal tumors. Vitamin D, the authors suggest, interacts with the immune system to prevent the growth of this type of malignancy.血液中的维生素D含量越高,越不可能患上结直肠肿瘤。这项研究的作者们认为,维生素D与免疫系统相互作用,能预防这类恶性肿瘤的生长。“This study really shows that vitamin D has an effect on immunity,” said the senior author, Dr. Shuji Ogino, an associate professor of pathology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, “and it’s the first study to show that in a human population. Vitamin D boosts immunity not just in cancer, but in fighting infections as well.”这项研究的资深作者、波士顿丹娜法伯癌症研究院(Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)的病理学副教授荻野修二(Shuji Ogino)说,“这项研究确实表明,维生素D能提高免疫力。它是第一项在人体上表明这一点的研究。维生素D对免疫力的促进作用不仅在于防癌,还在于对抗感染。” /201501/355974本溪市北大早上几点开门 Americans studying and working in China have welcomed the announcement that, starting Wednesday, both China and the ed States will begin offering each other’s citizens multiple-entry visas of up to 10 years.在中国学习和工作的美国人对一则通告表示了欢迎。通告中称,从周三开始,中国和美国将开始向对方的公民发放有效期最长可达十年的多次入境签。President Obama announced the agreement in a speech Monday evening at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit meeting, saying that students could receive five-year visas, while tourists and business travelers could be granted 10-year visas.奥巴马周一傍晚在亚太经济合作组织(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)的峰会上发表讲话时宣布了这一协议,称学生将获得有效期为五年的签,而以旅游和商务出行为目的的人,则可以获得十年期签。“I’m happy for it because I definitely plan on being here for longer than one year,” said Kyle Obermann, 22, from Austin, Tex., who is studying Chinese at Peking University in Beijing. “It’ll be nice to not worry about the housing permit and red tape and paying fees in just a one-year limit.”“我对这个消息感到很开心,因为我打算待在这里的时间肯定不止一年,”来自德克萨斯州奥斯汀的凯尔·奥伯曼(Kyle Obermann)说。“太好了,不用担心刚过一年就又要办居留、走繁琐的程序、交钱了。”奥伯曼今年22岁,正在北京大学学习汉语。The visa agreement represents an attempt by the ed States and China to advance cultural exchanges and to benefit both of their economies by easing the flow of trade and investment. Previously, Chinese and American travelers usually were limited to one-year visas.这项签协议是美国和中国通过为贸易和投资流动提供便利,来推动文化交流、促进两国经济发展的一次尝试。之前,申请前往对方国家的中国人和美国人通常只能获得一年期签。In his speech, Mr. Obama cited the 1.8 million Chinese who visited the ed States last year and contributed billion and 100,000 jobs to the American economy.在讲话中,奥巴马称去年有180万中国人前往美国,为美国经济贡献了210亿美元(约合1290亿元人民币)和10万个工作岗位。“This agreement could help us more than quadruple those numbers,” Mr. Obama said, shortly before the White House released a statement forecasting that by 2021, Chinese travelers to the ed States will bring in an estimated billion a year.“这项协议可以帮助我们把这些数字翻两番,”奥巴马说。随后不久,白宫发表的一份声明预测称,到2021年,赴美的中国人每年预计会带来850亿美元。The announcement came as Chinese interest in traveling to the ed States is at an all-time high. Chinese tourists contributed .8 billion in 2013 to the ed States economy, according to Brand USA, an initiative established under the 2009 Trade Promotion Act to promote tourism to the ed States. The primary reasons for Chinese travel are holidays or to visit a relative or friend, and the leading destinations are California and New York.这份通告发布之际,中国人对前往美国的兴趣也空前高涨。“品牌美国”(Brand USA)的数据显示,2013年,中国游客为美国经济贡献了98亿美元。“品牌美国”是依据2009年《贸易促进法案》(Trade Promotion Act)启动的一个项目,目的是促进赴美旅游。中国人赴美的主要原因是度假或探亲访友,主要目的地是加利福尼亚和纽约。Forecasts for tourism to China are less rosy. Last year, overall visits by foreign tourists to China were down by 3.3 percent from 2012, a decline attributed to a stagnant global economy, the rising value of the renminbi and reports of environmental pollution in China. According to a study published by Travel China Guide, a leading online tour operations company in China, there were 3.1 million visits by Americans to China last year on tourist visas, making up 11.8 percent of tourists. That ranked them third after visitors from Asia and Europe.对来华旅游的预测则没有那么乐观。去年,来华旅游的外国游客人次同比下降3.3%。造成游客人次减少的原因包括全球经济停滞不前、人民币升值,以及有关中国环境污染的报道。中国领先的在线旅行社“旅游中国指南”发布的一项研究表明,去年有310万美国人持旅游签前往中国,占全部外国游客人数的11.8%。Still, the new visa regulations have the potential of attracting more Americans to China.然而,新的签规定可能会吸引更多美国人前往中国。“The new policy will make a lot of things easier, and help people avoid some troublesome aspects of getting a work permit,” said Amber James, 24, from West Palm Beach, Fla., who is a counselor at Elite Scholars China, an organization in Beijing that prepares Chinese high school students for admission to American colleges. “If I’m going to be in China long term, this is an avenue I’d definitely go.”“新政策会让很多事变得更容易,帮人避免了在获取工作许可时,可能遇到的一些麻烦,”24岁的安贝尔·詹姆斯(Amber James)说。她来自佛罗里达州西棕榈滩,目前在北京名为“中国精英学者”(Elite Scholars China)的一家机构担任顾问。该机构的业务是指导中国高中生申请美国大学。“我会长期待在中国,我肯定会申请这种签。” /201411/342286A blushing bride had plenty of help organising her big day - after recruiting 44 bridesmaids to make sure it went without a hitch.婚礼那天,英国一位新娘有44名伴娘同她在婚礼上作伴。Jayne Blakeway could not decide which friends and family to choose to lead her down theaisle for her special day - so picked all of them.杰尼·布莱克韦由于无法决定选择哪位朋友和家人在她婚礼那天陪伴她走过婚礼红地毯,所以带上了所有人。The 50-year-old broke the UK record for the biggest number of bridesmaids - but she would have needed nearly three times that to better the Guinness World Record.这名50岁的新娘打破了英国伴娘人数最多的记录,不过如果她想打破吉尼斯世界纪录需要这个人数的三倍才行。Last year a couple married in Negombo, Sri Lanka, got 126 involved in their ceremony.去年斯里兰卡的尼甘布一对夫妻结婚时邀请了126名伴娘。 Nevertheless, Jayne#39;s efforts guaranteed a giant scramble for her bouquet.尽管如此,Jayne 仍尽量让自己在丢花束时,不引起混乱的哄抢。Her wedding to Shaun Lawrence, 53, last Saturday was so huge that police had to be drafted in to keep nearby streets clear.11月15日,她同53岁的肖恩·劳伦斯的这场婚礼如此盛大,以至于警察不得不过来维持附近街道的秩序。She had 44 bridesmaids - including seven chief bridesmaids - along with 12 page boys and seven ushers.杰尼的这44个伴娘包括7个主要伴娘,12个花童和7个招待员。They included friends, nieces, great-nieces and great-great nieces ranging in age from a ten-month-old baby to a 71-year-old pensioner.其中有杰尼的朋友、侄女、侄孙女和曾侄女,这些人的年龄从10个月到70岁不等。Council worker Jayne, one of nine children, said: ;We don#39;t do things by halves and I just wanted it to be as special as possible.杰尼是一名参议会工作人员,有八个兄弟,她说:“我们不想半途而废,我只想让婚礼尽可能特别。”;I couldn#39;t decide which people to pick and I didn#39;t want to leave any of them out - so I chose all of them.“我没法决定选择哪些人,又不想漏掉她们任何人--所以我把她们所有人都叫上了。”;I come from a really big family and I had always wanted to get everyone involved in my wedding. It just so happens that I ended up with 44 wonderful women to help me.“我有一个大家族,我想让大家都参与到我的婚礼中,所以最后我就有了这44个非常棒的伴娘。”;They all mean so much to me, I thought why not have them all? There was certainly a scramble for the bouquet, that#39;s for sure.“对我而言她们意义重大,为何不把她们都叫上呢?只是抢夺花束时毫无疑问是一片混乱。”;I#39;d always said that if I got married I wanted everyone in my family involved.“我以前总说我结婚时希望每个人都来参加我的婚礼。”;Obviously I didn#39;t think I#39;d get married at 50 but I wasn#39;t going to change what I#39;d always said, and now, my family is even bigger so everyone got involved.“很明显我没想到自己会在50岁结婚,但我不打算改口。现在,我的亲人更多了所以参与的人也更多。”;After we got engaged I started contacting all my nieces, and their children, and my close family friends.“订婚后我就开始联系我的侄女及她们的孩子,还有一些亲近的朋友。”;It was a really special day and we certainly haven#39;t heard of any wedding party larger than ours.;“这天太特别了,我们还没听过有什么婚礼聚会比我们家的更庞大。”Jayne, from Blackheath, West Mids, was walked down the aisle by her youngest brother Stuart Blakeway, 48, sister Yvonne Hobbs, 71, and brother-in-law Glyn, 70.杰尼来自中西部的布莱克希思,她由48岁的弟弟斯图尔特、71岁的伊冯·霍布斯以及70岁的内兄格林陪伴着走过了红地毯。The bridesmaids were divided into teams and each group had a leader who arranged their shoes, accessories and matching dresses in varying shades of pink and purple.伴娘被分成了几个小组,每个小组有个组长负责安排鞋子、配饰和不同颜色的礼。The 44 bridesmaids needed an entire coach to transport them from St Paul#39;s Church to a local social club for the 260-strong reception.一整节旅客车厢才能将这44名伴娘从圣保罗教堂运送到当地一家能接待260人的俱乐部。Delighted Shaun added: ;It was a great day and I was just happy to leave the organising up to my wife.肖恩高兴地说:“这天真是太棒了,很高兴这一切都由我的妻子来操办。”;All I organised was for the cars to be picked up and come out and then I said whatever you want, you can have.“而我需要做的就是把车组织过来就行了,然后我说无论你想要什么,只要说一声就行。”;I think that sort of logic is going to be the secret for a long and happy marriage.;“我觉得这样的分工能让我们的婚姻长久又快乐。”Shaun proposed to Jayne on her 50th birthday in May this year and they decided to get married on the groom#39;s 53rd birthday.肖恩在今年5月杰尼50岁生日的那天向她求了婚,他们决定在新郎53岁生日这天结婚。Reverend Mike Sermon, who conducted the service, said afterwards: ;I thought it was quite overwhelming.牧师迈克·瑟蒙主持了这场婚礼,之后他说:“这真是一场壮观的婚礼。”;But it#39;s lovely that Jane wanted them involved and wanted their support. Then really it was just a logistical exercise.“但是杰尼希望所有人都参与进来并得到她们的祝福,这一想法真可爱。当然这对后勤要求很高。”;The bridal procession was a bit of a personal best for me. It#39;s a very happy occasion and we were delighted to accommodate Jane and Shaun.“这是我主持过的最盛大的婚礼。令人非常愉快,我们很高兴能参与其中。”;It was a little unusual but it was great.;“虽然有点不同寻常,但感觉很棒。”The couple, who met as teenagers but only recently got together, plan to go on honeymoon to Cancun in Mexico.这对夫妻十几岁的时候就认识但最近才在一起,他们决定去墨西哥坎昆度蜜月。 /201411/345153南芬观音阁八卦城街道医院预约

南芬观音阁八卦城街道人民医院泌尿外科Austerity bites: central London#39;s 1 cafe enjoying a healthy start朴素生活:伦敦中心一家1英镑咖啡馆正式营业,开业后口碑良好Office workers are queueing up for lunch at a new cafe tucked away in a corner of Fitzrovia in central London - where all food items cost 1.From avocado and chicken baguettes to pots of curied chickpeas, quinoa salad or pesto pasta with roast beef, Caffix cafe on Newman Street sells food for a fraction of the price that they would normally spend in the heart of capital.A sandwich board outside s: “Porridge, yoghurt pots, pastries, great coffee. always”. Orange and black business cards, stacked by the straws and sachets of sugar in the cafe, are printed with the phrase “Join the revolution”.By lunchtime, food on the chilled shelves – with black, chalkboard-style “Fixed price” and “Every item 1” signs – was running low and in need of restocking, as samba music played through the cafe’s speakers.午餐时间,伦敦中心费兹罗维亚一角挤满了前来排队的上班族。那里有一家店面所有的食品都只售一英镑。从鳄梨和鸡肉夹馅的法国长棍面包到卷曲鹰嘴豆,藜麦色拉与香蒜酱口味烤牛肉意大利面,这些食品在纽曼大街的一家名为Caffix咖啡馆出售的价格仅是伦敦日常卖价的一少部分。三明治的黑板上写有:“粥,酸奶,糕点,极品咖啡,长期1英镑 ”.在稻草和糖包的咖啡店里,橙色和黑色的名片上印有“加入这次革命”。正如午餐时间桑巴音乐播放通过咖啡馆的扬声器播放的,冷冻货架上的写有“固定价格”和“每一项1英镑”的标语数量不足,急需补充。The baking and cooking is all done on the premises by staff working in the kitchen below. This includes a range of artisanal cakes, three of which are baked with almond and polenta rather than flour.Sitting on the bench outside the cafe, drinking coffee, Melvyna Mumunie, 24, who works at a nearby office, said she had found out about Caffix through social media.She said: “It’s hard to find a flat white which is not too hot and at a perfect temperature. It’s great that this coffee is half the price than usual. Also when you see a something new, because of its small portions, you can have a bit of everything.”烘焙和烹饪全由厨房工作的职工提前做好。其中包括一系列手工蛋糕,其中的三个没有使用面粉而是用杏仁和玉米烘焙的。24岁的麦维娜缪缪妮在咖啡店外的长椅上喝着咖啡,她在附近工作,谈到caffix时她说是从社交媒体上发现的。 她说:“寻求温度上不太热而理想的平衡这是很困难的。而这种咖啡非常好仅是平时价格的一半。当你看到一个新的东西,仅因为它的其中的一小部分,你便可以得到很多东西。”Melissa Saeediani, 28, said she had bought a quinoa salad and egg pot for . “Two pounds for a salad is great. I usually pay something like 6 for a salad at Pret, so I’m really happy.”28岁的梅丽莎塞蒂亚妮说她用2英镑买了沙拉和鸡蛋。“2英镑的沙拉太棒了。因为我通常在普莱特付类似6英镑买沙拉,所以我很高兴。”译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380397本溪医院割包皮手术费用查询 本溪医院男科医生

本溪北大医院位置It#39;s one of the most taboo subjects there is to discuss.这里讨论的是人人都忌讳的话题。But one scientist has hauled poo in the limelight - and now everyone#39;s talking about it.但是,一位科学家将有关便便的话题拉到了公众视野,现在人人都在谈论它。Giulia Enders, a German microbiologist, claims that people in Western countries are emptying their bowels in totally the wrong way - and instead of sitting on the loo, we should be squatting.德国微生物学家茱莉亚#8226;恩德斯称,西方国家的人们大便的方式完全错误---大便时不应坐着而应蹲着。Her book, Charming Bowels, which has topped the charts in her native country for several weeks, explores a number of gut health issues, from constipation to bacteria.她的《美丽的肠道(Charming Bowels)》一书在德国已经连续几周登顶畅销书榜首,书中探究了便秘和细菌等一系列肠道健康问题。The overall message is that the gastrointestinal tract is #39;the brain#39;s most important adviser#39;, affecting everything from mental to digestive health.整本书主要传递的信息是,胃肠道是“大脑最重要的顾问”,它影响人的精神和消化道的健康。But there are also practical gems, such as how to poo properly.除此之外,书中还探究了一些实用性的问题,比如,如何正确地大便。Sitting is in fact all wrong, and actually prolongs the process, explains Ms Enders, who is studying in Frankfurt for her medical doctorate in microbiology.“事实上,坐便是完全错误的方式,它实际上延长了大便的时间,”在法兰克福攻读微生物学士学位的恩格斯解释道。It may also explain why haemorrhoids (piles) and painful bowel diseases such as diverticulitis are more common in the West than in Asia, she adds.她补充说,这也就可以解释为何在西方国家患肠道疾病(比如,憩室炎)以及痔疮的人比亚洲国家多。She said: #39;1.2 billion people around the world who squat have almost no incidence of diverticulitis and fewer problems with piles.她说:“全球12亿蹲便的人中几乎没有人患憩室炎并且也很少有人长痔疮。#39;We in the West, on the other hand, squeeze our gut tissue until it comes out of our bottoms.#39;“然而,我们西方人坐着挤压肠道组织,直到大便排出。”Instead, the correct way is to squat.其实,蹲便反而是正确的方式。Although you can climb on your toilet seat and squat, the kink can also be ironed out by sitting with your feet on a little stool and leaning forward.你可以爬上你家的马桶圈上蹲着,不过也可以坐在马桶上,然后给脚下垫一个小凳子,同时保持身体前倾,用这种方式实现蹲便。Ms Enders adds there is a wealth of research that shows squatting is a more effective way to evacuate the bowels.恩德斯表示,有大量研究表明蹲便是一种更加有效的排便方式。This is because the closure mechanism of the gut is not designed to #39;open the hatch completely#39; when we#39;re sitting down or standing up: it#39;s like a kinked hose.之所以会这样,是因为在我们坐着或站着时,肠道的关闭机制不会“完全开放肠口”,就像一根打了结的软管。She explained: #39;When you sit or stand, there#39;s a muscle that goes around the end of the colon and it pulls, so there#39;s a curve.她解释道:“在你坐着或站着时,有股力量会游走在结肠的末端,并且产生拉力,最后在结肠末尾会形成一个弯。”#39;When we#39;re in a squatting position, and have a little stool in front of the toilet, then the angle is even and straight, so there#39;s less pressure needed.#39;“而在我们采取蹲姿,或在马桶前放一个小凳子,双脚踩在凳子上时,肠道的角度就会变平、变直,排便时所需的力就少了。”#39;Squatting is far more natural and puts less pressure on our bottoms.#39;蹲便是更加自然的姿势,而且对我们的排便器官造成的压力也更小。Some experts claim we all used to squat - until the middle of the 19th century - and the demise of squatting is to blame for soaring rates of bowel and digestive issues.一些专家说我们人类过去常常是蹲便的,直到19世纪中期才发生变化,肠道和消化问题的剧增都是因为蹲便的消亡。As US-based doctor Joseph Mercola writes on his webpage: #39;Infants instinctively squat to defecate, as does the majority of the world#39;s population.美国医生约瑟夫#8226;麦克拉在他的网页上写到:“婴儿本能地蹲着排便,世界上大多数人也是蹲便。”#39;But somehow the West was convinced that sitting is more civilized.#39;“但是,不知怎么回事,在西方,人们认为坐便更文明。” /201505/376391 本溪医院网上挂号本溪市红十字会医院正规吗会不会乱收费



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