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盱眙县不孕不育预约淮安引产哪家医院最好的The G20 works for the interest of not just its 20 members, but the whole world. We will work to ensure that growth and development benefit all countries and peoples and that livelihood of all people, especially those in developing countries, will get better day by day.二十国集团不仅属于二十个成员,也属于全世界。我们的目标是让增长和发展惠及所有国家人民,让各国人民特别是发展中国家人民的日子都一天天好起来!China’s opening drive is not a one-man show. Rather, it is an invitation open to all.不是要一家唱独角戏,而是要欢迎各方共同参与It is a pursuit not to establish China’s own sphere of influence, but to support common development of all countries.不是谋求势力范围,而是要持各国共同发展It is meant to build not China’s own backyard garden, but a garden shared by all countries.不是要营造自己的后花园,而是要建设各国共享的百花园We can work together to build a peaceful and stable international environment.共同维护和平稳定的国际环境。 We can work together to build a global partnership for win-win cooperation.共同构建合作共赢的全球伙伴关系。We can work together to improve global economic governance.共同完善全球经济治理。We need to build an innovative world economy to generate new drivers of growth.建设创新型世界经济,开辟增长源泉。We need to build an open world economy to expand the scope of development.建设开放型世界经济,拓展发展空间。We need to build an interconnected world economy to forge interactive synergy.建设联动型世界经济,凝聚互动合力。 We need to build an inclusive world economy to strengthen the foundation for win-win outcomes.建设包容型世界经济,夯实共赢基础。This is a course of blazing a new trail.这是探索前行的进程。This is a course of delivering tangible outcomes.这是真抓实干的进程。This is a course of achieving common prosperity.这是共同富裕的进程。This is a course of China and the world embracing each other.这是中国走向世界、世界走向中国的进程。Jointly ensure equitable and efficient global financial governance, and uphold the overall stability of the world economy.共同构建公正高效的全球金融治理格局,维护世界经济稳定大局。Jointly foster open and transparent global trade and investment governance to cement the multilateral trade regime, and unleash the potential of global cooperation in economy, trade and investment.共同构建开放透明的全球贸易和投资治理格局,巩固多边贸易体制,释放全球经贸投资合作潜力。Jointly establish green and low-carbon global energy governance to promote global green development cooperation.共同构建绿色低碳的全球能源治理格局,推动全球绿色发展合作。Jointly facilitate an inclusive and interconnected global development governance to implement the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and jointly promote the wellbeing of mankind.共同构建包容联动的全球发展治理格局,以落实联合国2030年可持续发展议程为目标,共同增进全人类福祉!The G20 must keep up with the changing times and lead the way forward.与时俱进,发挥引领作用The G20 should fully honor its commitment.知行合一,采取务实行动The G20 should become a platform of cooperation built through joint efforts that delivers benefits to all.共建共享,打造合作平台。The G20 should stick together as partners in meeting challenges.同舟共济,发扬伙伴精神We will steadfastly deepen reform in an all-round way and open up brighter prospects of development.坚定不移全面深化改革,开拓更好发展前景。We will pursue an innovation-driven development strategy to create stronger growth drivers.坚定不移实施创新驱动发展战略,释放更强增长动力。We will promote green development to achieve better economic performance.坚定不移推进绿色发展,谋求更佳质量效益。We will promote equity and sharing of development outcomes to deliver more benefits to the people.坚定不移推进公平共享,增进更多民众福祉。We will open up wider to achieve greater mutual benefit and win-win outcomes.坚定不移扩大对外开放,实现更广互利共赢。We should strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination and jointly promote global growth and uphold international financial stability.加强宏观经济政策协调,合力促进全球经济增长、维护金融稳定。We should break a new path for growth and generate new growth momentum.创新发展方式,挖掘增长动能。We should improve global economic governance and strengthen institutional safeguards.完善全球经济治理,夯实机制保障。We should build an open global economy and continue to promote facilitation and liberalization of trade and investment.建设开放型世界经济,继续推动贸易和投资自由化便利化。We should implement the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and promote inclusive development.落实2030年可持续发展议程,促进包容性发展。Determined to set out the direction, targets and steps of G20 cooperation and depict the blueprint for future world economy.决心为世界经济指明方向,规划路径Determined to break a new path for growth to inject new dynamism into the world economy.决心创新增长方式,为世界经济注入新动力Determined to improve global economic and financial governance to enhance the resilience of the world economy.决心完善全球经济金融治理,提高世界经济抗风险能力Determined to revitalize international trade and investment as the key engines of growth and build an open world economy.决心重振国际贸易和投资,构建开放型世界经济Determined to promote inclusive and interconnected development, so that G20 cooperation will deliver benefits to the whole world.决心推动包容和联动式发展,让二十国集团合作成果惠及全球 /201609/465396淮安早早孕人流多少钱 China is a place with many unusual annual traditions, including a mud-flinging festival in the country’s tropical southwest and a June celebration of eating worms. But one of the most exotic rituals comes in spring, when residents of Dongyang, in coastal Zhejiang Province, chow down on eggs simmered in steaming pots of — wait for it — boys’ urine.中国有许多特殊的节庆传统,比如西南热带地区的泼泥节,还有在6月份举办的吃虫节。而其中最奇异的风俗之一,来自浙江沿海的东阳居民。每逢春季,他们便要大啖蒸锅里的煮鸡蛋——看官且听我说完:这是用小男孩的尿煮的鸡蛋。#8232;#8232;Sold since ancient times as “virgin boy eggs,” the local delicacy was officially listed as ”intangible cultural heritage” in Dongyang in 2008. Many residents believe these incredible, edible eggs energize the body, improve blood circulation and prevent heat stroke. They are also a bargain at around 25 cents an egg, urine included.这种自古便以“童子蛋”之名销售的本土美食,已在2008年正式成为东阳市非物质文化遗产。许多当地居民相信童子蛋能增强体力、改善血液循环、预防中暑。此外童子蛋物廉价美,连蛋带尿一个大约25美分。#8232;#8232;Across Dongyang, a bustling city of nearly 1 million people, fresh urine is collected every day from buckets placed in elementary school hallways, where boys under the age of 10 are instructed to answer nature’s call — as long as they are not sick, out of concern for, umm, food safety. Some vendors even carry around empty bottles and wait in parks or public bathrooms until they find a parent that is willing to let their prepubescent son participate in the custom.在这个人口近百万、熙来攘往的东阳市里,每天都有人在市内各小学的厕所用桶收集新鲜尿液。未满10岁的男童遵循指示,内急时就对着摆在校园走廊上的尿桶解决——只要他们没生病的话。这是出于,嗯,食品安全的考量。有些小贩甚至会随身携带空瓶在公园或公共厕所候着,直到他们找到某位愿意让自己未到青春期的小儿参与这项习俗的家长。#8232;#8232;Chinese medicine practitioners are divided on the supposed benefits of ingesting urine, which modern science has shown to have no nutritional value. But the locals in Dongyang are happy to shower praise on the eggs they call “the taste of spring.”对于喝尿所谓的益处,中医界存在分歧,而现代科学则已经实了尿液并无营养价值。不过东阳市民仍乐于推崇这些被他们称作“春天的味道”的鸡蛋。To prepare the eggs, chefs generally stick to a time-tested recipe: First, soak the eggs in pots of urine and bring to a boil. Remove the eggs, crack the shells, then return the eggs to the pot and simmer for about a day, adding more urine as necessary, sometimes with herbs. The marinade gives the egg whites a pale golden hue, while the yolks turn green. They are also quite salty, according to Wu Bei, 39, an employee at the Zhang Yuming Chinese Medicine Clinic in Dongyang.要烹煮童子蛋,厨师通常会遵循一个久经考验的做法:首先,将鸡蛋浸泡在尿液中加热至沸腾,然后取出来敲裂蛋壳,再放回原来的炖锅里,以文火继续煮大约一天。其间可视需求添加尿液,有时亦可加入草药。经过这番浸泡,蛋白会染上一层金黄色泽,蛋黄则会转绿。在东阳市张裕明(音)中医诊所工作的吴贝(音)今年39岁,她表示,这些蛋尝起来也挺咸的。#8232;#8232;“They taste a bit like urine, but not too much,” she said. “It’s delicious, you should try one sometime!”“它们吃起来有点尿骚味儿,但不会太强烈,”她说。”味道很好,哪天你该尝尝!” /201607/456448淮安中山医院妇科咨询

淮安中山医院治疗妇科多少钱A report released by CBNData shows that post-90s Chinese females, especially those born after 1995, have become the biggest consumer of snacks sold online.第一财经商业数据中心发布的一份报告显示,90后,特别是那些1995年后出生的中国女性已成为线上零食的最大消费群体。The report, based on data collected by Alibaba, shows that 65 percent of snack buyers are females, with most of them buying biscuits, dry fruits, nuts and chocolates.这份基于阿里巴巴公司收集的数据的报告显示,65%的零食购买者是女性,她们大多数人购买的食品是饼干、干果、坚果和巧克力。In 2015, snacks took about 30 percent of the total sale volume of China#39;s food industry, and more snacks were bought online than off-line retailing stores.2015年,零食约占中国食品行业销售总额的30%,且零食的线上销量超过线下零售店。The Association of Food Industries in the US estimates that China will eat up snacks equivalent to 480 billion yuan by 2018, taking up the world#39;s first place in snack consumption.美国食品工业协会估计,到2018年,中国将消费价值相当于4800亿元的进口零食,在零食消费方面位居世界第一。Imported snacks are especially welcomed by the group.进口食品在90后女性群体中尤其受欢迎。;Females aged 29-50 are considered the real foodies given their experience in scouting snacks that have the potential to go popular,; the report s.该报告中写道:“29-50岁女性可以被认为是真正的会吃达人,她们拥有发掘零食的经验,并且有让其爆红的潜力。”As to the geographical distribution of the buyers, the data show that most snacks were bought in first- and second-tier cities. The top three spots go to East China#39;s Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and South China#39;s Guangdong province.至于买家的地理分布情况,报告指出,一、二线城市购买了大多数的零食。排名前三的地区是中国东部的浙江、江苏二省和中国南部的广东省。 /201607/453534淮安市淮安医院药流多少钱 淮安第四人民医院男科挂号

淮安清浦区男科医院 More than 1,300 elderly people go missing in China every day -- 500,000 per year, a new report claims.一份最新报告显示:我国每年走失老人约50万人,平均每天就有超过1300名老人走失。Senior citizens aged 65 or over account for up to 80% of missing elderly person cases, according to the Zhongmin Social Assistance Institute under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.民政部下属的中民社会救助研究院称,65岁以上的老人在老人走失案中的比例高达80%。;This is obviously a huge number and a social issue we cannot afford to ignore,; Wang Zhikun, president of the Zhongmin institute, said on Sunday.中民研究院院长王治坤在周日表示:“显然,如此多的老人走失已成为严重的社会问题,我们不能忽视。”Around 25% of those missing had been diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s or dementia, while 72% suffered some sort of memory impairment, according to the report.报告显示,约25%的走失老人被诊断有老年痴呆症,72%的走失老人患有不同程度的障碍。Of those who were found after being reported missing, 25% then went missing again, report author Xiong Guibin added.报告撰写人熊贵彬补充说,上报了走失后找回来的老人,有25%会再次走失。Demographic time bomb人口定时炸弹China#39;s population is aging rapidly, a hangover of the family planning policy, which was finally overturned last year.中国人口在快速地老龄化,这是计划生育政策遗留的问题。去年该政策终于退出历史舞台。While Chinese law requires adults to support their parents, many seniors whose children have died or moved away are left without a network of care.虽然中国法律规定成年人要赡养父母,但许多老年人因子女早逝或搬离了老人身边而陷于无人照顾的境地。The problem is particularly bad in rural areas and small cities because younger populations typically migrate to big cities on China#39;s rich eastern coast.这个问题在农村和小城市尤为严重,这里的年轻人群通常都迁往到中国富裕的东部沿海大城市去了。The country is aly home to more seniors -- 114 million aged 65 or over -- than any other developing country, according to a World Bank report.世界的一份报告显示,中国的老年人已人数众多:65岁及以上的有1.14亿人,居发展中国家之首。As many as 90 million people are expected to leave the workforce in the next three decades, that report found.该报告还指出,预计未来30年将有9000万人退休。By 2030, the government has warned China will have the most aged population on earth, with more than 400 million people over 60.中国政府也已发出警告,到2030年,中国60岁以上的人口将超过4亿,成为世界上老年人口最多的国家。The swelling ranks of elderly people across the region will rack up healthcare costs of up to trillion by 2030, the Singapore-based Asia Pacific Risk Center warned in August.位于新加坡的亚太风险中心八月份发出预警称,到2030年,不断增加的老年人群将使中国的医疗成本增至20万亿美元。 /201610/472571淮安中山医院体检费用是多少江苏省淮安市中山医院治疗大便出血多少钱



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