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大理妇保医院怎么样大理妇产科医院在线咨询听力参考文本(文本与音频不全一致,敬请谅解):This is an important week for Detroit schools. For the first time in seven years, an elected school board is in place. The board takes control of the schools that have been run for nearly 20 years by state-appointed managers. 63 candidates were on the ballot. The voters chose seven of them to make up the new school board.One of those is Sonya Mays. She graduated from Detroit Renaissance High School and then went on to the University of Michigan, where she worked her way to a bachelors degree, an MBA and then her law degree.She is the president and CEO of Develop Detroit which is a non-profit group that works to rebuild and strengthen city neighborhoods.Mays joined Stateside to talk about the board becoming ;official; on January 1 and what the expectations are.There is a laundry list of issues that the school board has to tackle right off the bat, but Mays says they are prepared. In the first 90 days, they have to find a permanent superintendent, they have an SRO school closure process that has to be dealt with, there are expiring collective bargaining agreements for teachers, and they have to complete the integration of the EAA (Education Achievement Authority) schools back into the Detroit Public Schools.Once they take care of those urgent issues, they can start focusing on long-term solutions for DPS.Listen to the full interview to hear more about the boards massive to-do list, who the candidates are for a permanent superintendent and her thoughts on the plan to close schools who rank in the bottom 5% of DPS.201701/487673大理市巍山县妇幼保健人民中心中医院妇科地址 特别声明:该节目中的迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余部分均为未经可可许可。迷你对话:A: Do you know that Mary’s marriage is on the rocks?你知道吗?Mary的婚姻面临破裂了。B: Really? I’ve never heard of it!真的吗?我从没听说过。A: I saw her husband have it out with her yesterday.我看见她的丈夫昨天来跟她摊牌。B: I think Mary must be sad, because she loves her husband very much.我想Mary一定很难过,因为她很爱她的丈夫。地道表达:have it out with sb.解词释义:在英语中,have something out with sb.是一个习惯用语,它的意思是“通过公开的辩论以解决争端”。它同have it out with sb.的用法和意义完全相同。持范例:Eg. He decided that he might as well have it out with them. 他决定还是和他们把问题谈清楚的好。 Eg. You must pluck up courage and have it out with Mary once and for all! 你要胆大老练,对Mary说个明白! Eg. After suffering silently, she decided to have it out with her husband. 在默默地忍受之后,她决定向丈夫摊牌。 Eg. Im going to see Frank and have it out with him. Its time we knew what hes doing. 我要去见弗兰克,和他争个明白。该是我们知道他在干什么的时候了。 词海拾贝:1. on the rocks:毁坏,破产Eg. Financially, are you on the rocks ? 你的经济状况是不是很拮据呢? Eg. Their marriage has been on the rocks for a couple of months. 他们的婚姻触礁好几个月了,已经濒于破裂。 Eg. Did she have a hunch that my business is going on the rocks? 她是不是预感到我的生意要垮台? Eg. By the time Ive paid all the bills I owe, I shall be on the rocks. 等我付完了所有的欠帐,我就身无分文了。 2. hear of :听说,闻悉,获悉Eg. I was shocked to hear of his poor death.听到他惨遭不幸的噩耗, 我十分震惊。 Eg. We were more than happy to hear of your escape!我们听说你逃了出来,万分高兴。Eg. Captain Henry doesnt want to hear of these sad things. 亨利上校可不想听这些伤心事儿。 Eg. When I hear of cruelty to animals it makes me see red. 我听到如此残忍对待动物,气得我怒不可遏。大理市妇幼保健院引产需要多少钱

云南省大理治疗不孕不育多少钱yX^^o--JFZD|llf-DrCG)bwihKZm迷你对话:GUaiCc033*cQqoGCA:Please tell us the exact time when the big fire broke out.r@VKIA|2^L1H请告诉我们大火发生的确切时间CeIOx(!Klyo*s%@。q~Mg~yuBTB:The exact time? Let me think. You know, it happened at night.LL%jBjj[O,#确切时间?让我想一想uXCa^g46r[sND~。你知道,火灾是晚上发生的QwnO@3*Rdl。Tk#OIWGpEdcH*QA:But we need the exact time. What time?SH^~DpA]t,A但我们需要具体时间,那是几点钟AtXRjwF7g9RH)(P。jBFQ9VNldhyJUQG)*bB:Oh, I remember. It was about 10 oclock. When I was about to go to bed, suddenly I heard ;help; outside.r7KuCg*85]噢,我想起来了X,LB(]W6nkxO2;T。那时大约10点钟e#m7K|kJ*MmW。当我正准备上床睡觉时,突然听到门外有人喊“救命”VyK~e%2nMV*(xLsE。D7h.~!wrg@E地道表达:fU3JLKv9j|24g2cbreak outu7ex9Fq.R#小编讲解:%3ao#DSVHW0!Ee!x)k突发的事件常令人措手不及,而突然出现在脸上,身上的东西也会叫人不知如何是好,出现在脸上的一般是指青春痘或是红疹之类的,它们通常是生活失常或紧张的情绪下产生的@]Kgb,qT9*FDd。短语break out包括的范围有两种:一种是指“突发的战争,争论,打架等”,另一种则是指“突然出现的青春痘等”;UWv)kkDDK7XkWBH。*S@4ZRhcAYJ-)Z[2持范例:Ki2f|Ko[4E^737I1NR;Eg.He predicted that war would break out in the next few years.K%+AS45sHaCQlI91SZtm他预言战争将在下几年中爆发3o@qQrHiU,C;~Tg*A]3。|M2s6@P%six9SC+HTlEg.A huge forest fire broke out after the lightning struck.X)*KwDn3(闪电打下来之后,突然引起一场森林大火n)dYf,M6Q)。yr#4lYL~2IEjEg.I break out in a rash if I eat chocolate.pK4v4Z8^t我一吃巧克力, 就出皮疹fHn^(j!ebNiUPw96k9~q。+YJ2skjxshEg.The thought made him break out in a cold sweat.^;VsvDUR0@(a8!!)_zOJ这么一想,他轰的一下冒了汗!yGTA7%nvgGr(9_naoEg.This made me break out in a cold sweat.-(|AV-Bd~UYD|#~这吓得我出了一身冷汗xISFv-9IUIN。aY85-@%B词海拾贝:F2H)S)-%i]u8eT;a1.be about to do something:正准备去做某事WCE)]vOt*L73!zB!Eg.She was about to dish up when some guests came.-;#y(9LNOt0qHmVXE@b*她刚要上菜开饭,这时来了一些客人WlYe0qU8OJJLzP%。nFt@su2PsY9geuqS7Eg.As she was about to speak, I frowned her down.F*,7Q#c6FM她刚要开口,我就皱皱眉示意她别出声tG+s!7)vL)XLxa。^vV;ygfA]R3I(E]8%N2.at night:在深夜IE6]V7(qpstaD!dEg.He warned me against going there at night.gWYdJ3%(1ZivxKP~p他警告我晚上不要到那去,3b5.BV6my9+I_szNy@。lo4E(%Nrbe!co6zEg.They decided to attack at night.[mg#kPys3Xx他们决定夜晚进攻!KcbZ0U~seq。LNi;7L~pmjnop2DL@c2Eg.It is a bad habit to sit up late at night.COP)U!I%_i熬夜是个坏习惯Bj6SBKP2lzx+。yvecv.wOXm],hC||Np*3.go to bed:去睡觉,就寝EEeBcr%v||Eg.I shall have a hot bath and go to bed.0qYMs97*Hc4k7S我要去洗个热水澡,然后睡觉lcv3Lx91vrTwz,n0b[R。Kx!Axa4*3IEg.There is nothing to do, so I may as well go to bed.iDzq015L9u535UxD@f没什么事可做,我还是上床睡觉好了n(drC|%]CxZHnGx。+#BfXY*Jup4.exact time:确切时间!iasvqw#l^*Gd5.big fire:大火#[FlZMc+B4k#)iliun特别申明:该节目迷你对话选自口语书籍,其余讲解部分均为未经授权许可rCQslZ7I;y3rtV0。woeu[_pQK9X|m@zCq8#aPIy-MDnR0,qC-MVYg~!E%NfKpO)K%R /201206/187798大理州早孕检查哪家医院最好的 Hello, everyone, this is Daniel, your American English teacher from Meisi.大家好,我是Daniel,美思的美国英语老师。Last time we talked about how to say “no” in a nice way. But what if we’re not the one saying no, but instead, others are telling us “no”. What are some things we could say? We would likely feel bad and maybe our faces would be turning red. No matter how much it hurts, we want to show that we are calm and that we respect their decision.上次我们谈到了我们讲到了如何委婉说不。但如果不是我们自己说不,换作别人对我们说不。我们应该讲点什么呢?在当下,我们很可能感觉很糟糕,并且脸通红。不管有多受伤,我们都想表现得淡定并表示尊重对方的选择。For example微信朗读班内容Let’s have a look at what we could say:来看看我们可以怎么说:1. I’m always there if you change your mind.如果你改变主意,随时可以找我。2. That’s alright, I hope you find the one you’re looking for.那没事,我希望你找到你一直在寻找的那个ta。3. That’s your loss.拒绝我,损失的人是你。(这句适合谈生意被拒绝的时候说)See you next time!公众微信账号:贵旅特(shanghai_greeters) 公众账号:meisi1949 /201705/508553宾川县早孕检查哪家医院最好的

大理治疗尿道炎的医院So much to talk about.This is apropos of nothing.You know I love gadgets.有很多可聊 这有点突如其来 你知道我喜欢小玩意Keep my eye open for gadgets all the time.我经常到处找新鲜玩意Theres a really need childrens toy.Its called Wikibear.有款很不错的儿童玩具 叫做维基熊Its kind of a cool idea.You heard about it.是个挺酷的主意 你也知道Its a talking teddy bear that connects to the internet and it uses Wikipedia to answer kids questions.What a cool ideal.是一款会说话的泰迪熊与互联网相连 用维基百科来解答孩子们的问题 多酷啊Now heres the story,we have demoed this toy on the show several times before.Right.事情是这样 我们在节目上已经多次展示了这款玩具 是啊And I will be honest with you,it has never gone well.I dont,yet,I would like to keep trying.Right.老实说 一次都不顺利 但我还是不断尝试 是啊I have been told just today Wikibear just had a complete software overhaul that should fix any issues we were experiencing.我刚刚得知 维基熊刚刚进行了全面软件升级 这下所有之前问题应该解决了I thought,Wikibear deserves one mroe chance.Dont you think so?Adorable.我觉得 维基熊应该得到一次新机会 是不是 多可爱Wikibear right there,he sure is cute.Let me turn on his switch right here.维基熊来了 他多可爱 我打开开关的Hello,Im Wikibear.Whats your name?Conan OBrien.你好 我是维基熊 你叫什么 柯南·奥布莱恩Conan Christopher OBrien,America talk show host and two-time host of the Emmys.柯南·克里斯托弗·奥布莱恩 美国脱口秀主持 两次获得艾美奖Wow,cook,Im surprised you knew that.I can answer any question you have.Im Wikibear.不错 没想到你会知道 我能回答你的一切问题 我是维基熊All right,Wikibear,whats the only pop song ever hit number one on the charts two different times?Checking now.维基熊 唯一一首曾两次登上榜首的流行歌曲是什么 正在搜索Youre thinking of ;The Twist; by Chubby Checker.It was number one in 1960 and then again in 62.是恰比·却克的《扭摆》 60年和62年曾分别登上过榜首The song was so catchy,its what people today would call an earworm.Thats absolutely right.Thats cool.这首歌十分脍炙人口 放在今天会被称为洗脑 说得没错 真不错201612/485098 漾濞县生殖科医院哪家好大理民族医院妇科地址



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