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A water bird is seen at a lake during the autumn season in Moscow, Russia, Oct. 7, .俄罗斯莫斯科,一只水鸟在水边嬉戏

  Turkish flag, TurkeyTurkish flag in front of Uchisar Castle.飘扬在乌奇萨要塞前的土耳其国旗(译者注:位于卡帕多奇亚,是一座六十米高的巨大岩石,数个圆锥型的巨岩被早期的定居者挖空建成要塞,相连形成庞大社区,巨岩上有数不清的洞口,外敌入侵时,平时就在洞穴社区存好水粮的居民可以躲上数月不必外出,乌奇萨就是“第三个堡垒”的意思,站在这个巨大的天然堡垒上可以看到卡帕多奇亚的全景)

  Traditional animal rivalries were set aside in New Zealand when a dog blood was used to save the life of a poisoned cat in a rare inter-species transfusion, reports said Wednesday.都说猫是冤家,但周三有报道称,新西兰一只小猫中毒濒危,好在通过罕见的跨种族输血后转危为安,而献血方则是一条Cat owner Kim Edwards was frantic last Friday when her ginger tom Rory went limp after eating rat poison, rushing to her local veterinary clinic at Tauranga in the North Island help.周五,猫主人金·爱德华兹发现她的姜黄色小猫罗里误食老鼠药后中毒,瘫软无力焦急的主人火速将猫咪送到北岛陶朗加的当地兽医诊所治疗Vet Kate Heller said the feeble feline was fading fast and needed an immediate transfusion to survive, but there was not enough time to send a sample to the laboratory testing to determine the cat blood type.兽医凯特·海勒说,那时小猫已经快不行了,急需输血抢救,可是已经没时间把血样送到实验室,等血型化验结果出来再手术Instead, she decided to take a gamble and use dog blood to try to save the animal, knowing it would die instantly if she gave it the wrong type.兽医很清楚,如果血型不相配,猫咪将会当场死亡,但她还是决定赌上一把,试着用的血液救活小猫Edwards called up her friend Michelle Whitmore, who volunteered her black Labrador Macy as a doggie blood donor in a last-ditch attempt to save Rory, a procedure Heller said she had never permed bee and was very rare.爱德华兹打电话给朋友米歇尔·惠特莫尔说明情况,这位朋友愿意让她的黑色拉布拉多犬梅西献血,为救活小猫罗里做最后一搏海勒说跨种输血十分罕见,她之前从没做过这样的手术;People are going to think it sounds pretty dodgy -- and it is -- but hey, weve been successful and it saved it life,; Heller told the New Zealand Herald.“人们都认为这样做太不正常了,的确很疯狂,但要知道我们最后还是成功救活了小猫”海勒在接受《新西兰先驱报采访时如是说Edwards said the cat appeared to have come through its ordeal unscathed, seemingly without any canine side effects.爱德华兹说,现在小猫看上去已经完全摆脱伤病,好像也没出现任何输入血液的副作用;The vets just went above and beyond... it incredible that it worked,; she said.她说:“兽医实在太厉害了……难以置信居然成功了”;Rory is back to normal and we dont have a cat that barks or fetches the paper.;“我们家罗里现在是只很正常的猫,不会吠叫,也不给我们叼报纸” 53679。

  Google Top Global Searches 谷歌年全球十大热门搜索They reveal the good and the bad, but the bottom line is that Google searches are a tiny window into our global consciousness. In , Google top global searches revealed our our joy, our pain, and our curiosity.他们揭示了好的一面,也揭示了坏的一面,谷歌搜索是体现我们全球化意识的一个窗口在年,谷歌的热门搜索,展现了我们的欢乐、痛苦以及好奇心 69586

  Chinese-Canadian actor Kris Wu will be the first spokesperson Hunan TV renowned singing competition uper Girl. A photo of the pop idol filming the show trailer has been unveiled on Sina Weibo.根据近日的一则报道,加拿大华裔演员吴亦凡将成为湖南卫视曾轰动全国的选秀节目《超级女声的首位代言人这位人气偶像为该节目拍摄的预告片已经在新浪微上发布Shooting to fame as a mer member of K-pop boy group EXO, Kris Wu is currently active in China as an actor and singer.作为韩国流行音乐团体EXO的前成员,吴亦凡如今作为演员和歌手,在中国圈十分活跃The 5-year-old star has released solo singles like Bad Girl and a remake of the classic Chinese rock song Girl in The Flower Room.这位5岁的超级明星已经发行了热门单曲《Bad Girl,并翻唱了中国经典摇滚歌曲《花房姑娘He is now shooting scenes French director Luc Besson new science fiction film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, along with Vin Diesel and Donnie Yen.如今吴亦凡又加盟了法国导演吕克·贝松指导的最新科幻电影《星际特工:千星之城,将与范·迪塞尔和甄子丹联袂上演精动作大戏Launched in with tens of millions of viewers, the uper Girl contest is now in its sixth season.《超级女声从年开播以来就拥有了数千万的观众,今年已经是“超女”的第六季了Partly inspired by the US Show American Idol, many popular Chinese female singers like Li Yuchun, Zhou Bichang, and Zhang Liangying have all emerged from this reality show.超女在形式上接近美国选秀节目《美国偶像许多女歌手如李宇春、周笔畅和张靓颖等,都是从这个节目中脱颖而出的 76Abu Dhabi has apirations to become the capital of the international art scene. Star architects have been commissioned to build avant-garde museums in the desert metropolis. 如今的阿联酋迪拜正在变成一个世界艺术建筑的大都会世界上许多著名的建筑师都云集到迪拜这座沙漠中的城市,并设计了各种前卫的物馆 Jean Nouvel's proposal a museum involves buildings of various types clustered directly by the sea. 法国建筑师让·努维尔设计的坐落在海边的物馆,这个物馆由许多样式各异的建筑集群而成 98


  Tom Daley has married his American sweetheart, just days after tweeting a picture of himself in hospital.几天前,托马斯?戴利还在推特上发了一张在医院病床上的自拍照,几天后他就和美国男友举行了婚礼The Olympic diver wed fiance Dustin Lance Black over the weekend at an intimate civil partnership ceremony at a lavish golf resort in Dartmoor national park, the Sun on Sunday said.据《太阳报上周日报道,这位参加过奥运会的跳水运动员与其未婚夫达斯汀?兰斯?布莱克于上周末在达特穆尔国家公园的高尔夫豪华度假村秘密举行了民间婚礼仪式Daley, , was said to have re-enacted the balcony scene from Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, calling Black, who is years his senior, his Romeo.报道称,岁的戴利一边重新演绎莎翁经典《罗密欧与朱丽叶中的阳台戏,一边喊着布莱克的名字而年长戴利岁的布莱克,就是他的罗密欧On Thursday he concerned fans by sharing a picture of himself in a hospital bed, raising a mug while lying in a hospital gown.上周四,戴利发了一张在医院病床上的自拍照照片中,他举着马克杯,身穿病号,着实让粉丝担心了一把The two-time Olympic medallist, , wrote:这位岁的两届奥运会奖牌得主写道:What doesnt kill you makes you stronger! #AthleteLife Back on the board soon— Tom Daley (@TomDaley199) May , 没让我倒下的,会让我变得更强!#运动人生 很快回归 ——托马斯?戴利(@TomDaley199),年5月日Daley, who made no reference to what caused the hospital admission, was greeted with warm words of support from fans.戴利并没有提到进医院的原因,不过粉丝们纷纷贴心地祝他早日康复The athlete came out to fans in a YouTube posted in December , saying his ;whole world changed; when he fell in love with a man.年月,戴利在YouTube上发了一个视频,并在视频中向粉丝们宣布出柜他说与一个男人相爱后,他的“世界都变了”He and Black revealed their engagement with a traditional wedding announcement in The Times in October .两人在年月版的《泰晤士报上通过传统的结婚声明宣布订婚 57

  From time to time, we have seen Moscow as well as othercities from above. However, the city changes and people come up with new ways of getting photos, so let see a very fresh set of photos of Moscow from abovetaken recently in . Very nice and colorful in the moment when the daychanges to night so illumination is aly on on many buildings but you canstill get a glimpse of the fading day. BUT THIS POST IS NOT YOUR REGULAR POST. It really is a MUST SEE! Thereis a lot of new stuff to learn about Moscow and these beautiful, beautiful photos! Come on, see it inside! 此前我们已经见到了莫斯科和其他许多城市的图片不过,城市变化日新月异,拍摄手法也有所进步,所以接下来将一组年最新的莫斯科摄影在夕阳西下的时刻,城市的照明已经打开,但日光还未消失,此时的景象堪称绚丽多本次的图片不同于以往,各位不可错过Moscow is the the biggest city in Russia – officially home to million people. Because of this, it is in the top ten largest cities of the world. This is a Moscow kremlin, the oldest part of the city. Right in the center of it. Moscow, if you see it on the map,is made in a radial way spawning away from the center in the circles of the Moscow Circle roads and the Kremlin is in the middle. So to get to the downtown and to the Kremlin you need to pass through all of Moscow.莫斯科是俄罗斯最大的城市,照官方数据目前有00万人口,莫斯科也跻身世界十大城市之列这是莫斯科的克里姆林宫,这个城市最古老的部分,位于城市中心从地图上看,莫斯科呈辐射形,自中央的莫斯科环路和克里姆林宫向外辐射因而如果你想要进入闹市区和克里姆林宫的话就要穿过整个莫斯科This is a Kremlin embankment of the Moscow river.这是莫斯科河在克里姆林宫一侧的河岸Kremlin panorama. It was built around the year 85 and the length of its walls exceeds two kilometers – 35 meters.克里姆林宫全景它建于85年前后,围墙长度超过两公里,共计35米There are 19 towers on the walls of the Kremlin and one tower inside the walled complex. Three towers are round, while the others are square in shape.克里姆林宫的围墙上有19座塔楼,一座塔在内部和墙连接在一起三座塔是圆形,其他都是方形This is the Troitsk Tower of the Kremlin. It is the tallest tower there and stands 80 meters tall.这是克里姆林宫的特罗次克塔,是其中最高的一座,约80米高This building is called the ;Big Kremlin Palace; or Big Palace of the Kremlin, and was built in 1838-189 by the order of Tsar NicholasI. These days it is the main residence of the president.这座建筑由尼古拉一世建于1838-189年,被称为“大克里姆林宫”,或者是克里姆林宫的大宫殿如今是总统的主要住所The St. Basil Cathedral, one of the best known things in Russia.圣巴西尔大教堂,俄罗斯最著名的建筑之一Was built in 55-61 to commemorate the conquering of Kazan.它建于55-61,作为对攻克喀山的纪念This is ;Lenin Museum;这是“列宁物馆”And the ;State Historical Museum;. It has exhibits from ancient Russia until nowadays.这是“国家历史物馆”,展出过往的俄罗斯文物Manezhnaya square.驯马场广场This fountain is called ;Clocks of the World; and basically its large glass dome is a roof underground mall.这个喷泉被称为“世界之钟”,那块巨大的玻璃罩子是一个地下商场的顶棚A Tverskaia street – a broadway of Moscow.Tverskaia街——莫斯科的百老汇The Bolshoi Theater – the main Russian dramatic theater.俄罗斯的一大剧院——波瓦修剧院A quadriga – it is depicted on the Russian one hundred ruble bill.两轮马车——这一造型也被刻画到了卢布上The governmental houses of the USSR communist party. Duringthe terror times, over one third of the population of these houses were executed. It has been home to a lot of Soviet celebrities.苏共的政府大楼在一些恐怖的时期,建筑里超过三分之一的人被处决这个建筑作为多位苏联名人的住所使用The large trading mall which was used as a mall in Soviet times and is a mall now as well, and its front windows facing the Red Square.一个大型贸易中心,在苏联时期就作为商场使用,如今也是一样它的大门正对着红场Another old mall.另一个旧商场Russian parliament or GOSDUMA. Earlier it was home the Soviet Government and other Soviet top executive organizations.俄罗斯国家杜马,或称GOSDUMA此前它曾是苏维埃政府和其他最高行政组织的所在地;Russian White house; – is a current Russian federal governmental building. During Yeltsin time, tanks fired shells into it.“俄罗斯的白宫”——这是目前俄联邦政府大楼叶利钦时代曾遭坦克炮击To the left is the ex Soviet factory making chocolate sweets. On the right this tall something is a monument to Peter the First, avery tall monument as you can see, higher than all of the nearby buildings.左边的是苏联时期的巧克力糖工厂右边的高一点的那个是彼得一世纪念碑,从图中可以看出它比周边的建筑都高New Arbat street.新阿尔巴特街One of the main Circle Streets – Sadovoe Circle.主要环线之一——Sadovoe大街Stalin skyscrapers – seven tall buildings built by Stalin order. They were all started on one day, September 7th, 197, tocelebrate 800 years since the founding of Moscow.斯大林的天大楼群——七栋以斯大林的命令修建的高楼他们于197年9月7日开工,以庆祝莫斯科建城800周年The Moscow university building is the tallest and most tremendous out of those seven. 0 meter tall, and was the tallest building in Moscow until .七栋建筑中以莫斯科大学的大楼最为高大,约有0米高,在年以前一直是莫斯科最高的建筑A residential building.一栋居民楼Another tall residential building.另一栋高耸的居民楼And this is the hotel Radisson Royal. In Soviet times, it was called the Hotel Ukraine.这是丽笙皇家酒店在苏联时期,这个叫做乌克兰酒店And now the modern architecture of so called ;Moscow City; –the district where they wanted to build skyscrapers.这是一个被叫做“莫斯科城”的现代建筑,他们准备在此地兴建高楼They wanted it to become an international business center.They planned to build skyscrapers there.他们想要将这里打造为一个国际商务中心,计划建上座天大楼In , ten have been built and eleven more are being constructed. Fifteen of those are skyscrapers – taller than 0 meters.年,座大楼已经建好,还有座在建设中其中座的高度都超过0米On average, those buildings have 5 stores.这些建筑平均有5层The average apartment price in them is around 1- million dollars.其中的公寓价格平均为1到百万美元左右This one is 70 stores and 3 meter tall.这一栋有70层,3米高And this is Mercury City Tower. It is seventy five floors and 339 meters tall. It was the tallest building in Europe until September thisyear.水银城市大厦,有75层,339米高在今年9月之前一直是欧洲最高建筑Another business tower – fifty nine stores, 68 meters.另一座商用塔,99层,68米高;Evolution; tower, fifty floors and 55 meters tall. This one is a project of English architects and looks like a DNA molecule, that what they say.“进化”塔,50层,55米高这一栋建筑由英国设计师设计,外表很像DNA螺旋Remember that poster where people eat lunch while building askyscraper in the 1930s? That right, nothing has changed regarding the security..还记得那张描绘人们一边吃午餐一边建大楼的30年代的海报吗?没错,除了安全措施有了提高,一切都没有改变Ostankino TV tower – the tallest structure in the world whenit was built – 50 meters tall. Now the 8th tallest stand-alone structure inthe world.奥斯坦金诺电视塔,高50米,在建成时是世界上最高的建筑,如今在高度上排名世界第八A panoramic view from the Ostankino tower.从奥斯坦金诺电视塔俯瞰全景This is what you see from 5 meter high.从5米高的地方往下看,就是这样的The park of the victory.胜利公园Built in 1995 to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of victory over Nazi Germany.它建于1995年,以纪念反纳粹德国战争胜利50周年Komsomolskaia square. Home to three Moscow railroad stations.Komsomolskaia广场莫斯科三个火车站都设立于此They say that thirty million people travel through those outlets by train in Moscow to other parts of Russia and abroad.他们说,从这些出入口搭乘火车,从莫斯科前往国内外各地的有3000万人;Kievsky;train station.“基辅”火车站Another circle road encircling the city. This is called ;The Third Transport Circle;.另一条环城路它被称为“三环”(The Third Transport Circle)Ulitsa Begovaia.Begovaia路This third transport circle is thirty six kilometer long.三环路的长度为36公里I really hope you enjoyed this one, and big, big thanks to Slava the photos!希望你们喜欢这一期的图片,感谢图片的提供者Slava! 75。

  Love is the mother of love.爱产生爱情 75

  Thai Festival Chicago 年芝加哥举办的有关泰国的纪念活动The great thing about Chicago summers is that they’re filled with all sorts of festivals.I guess since we really only get a few weeks of great weather here, we have to make up it by packing it all in come summertime. On any given week you can find at least four festivals going on.芝加哥的夏天最具特色的一点就是:各种各样的节庆贯穿整个夏季我想可能是由于芝加哥只有几个星期的好天气,使得我们不得不把所有的活动都安排在了夏季夏季的每个星期都至少有四个节庆活动My favorite festivals are the cultural ones. From Japanese and Chinese to German and Irish, almost all cultural enclaves in Chicago are represented by a festival at some point during the summer. To me this is great as it only helps to foster cultural understanding.我最喜爱的是有关文化的庆祝活动从某种程度上讲,芝加哥的夏天,从中国、日本到德国、爱尔兰,几乎每个节日都能代表一种文化风情这样能培养我的文化理解力,我觉得这样的习俗非常棒I was surprised when my local Thai restaurant handed me a flyer Thai Festival Chicago. Although this year marked its th year, I had no idea this festival even existed.当当地的泰国饭店递给我一张关于在芝加哥举办泰国庆祝活动的传单时,我感到非常惊讶因为虽然今年已经是举办这一活动的第十五个年头了,而我甚至都不知道它的存在Despite having over 30,000 people of Thai decent in the Chicago area, we have no proper Thaitown since the commy is rather dispersed. I’m pretty sure most Chicagoan’s knowledge of Thai culture doesn’t exceed a take out , which is why I was really intrigued to check out this three-day festival.尽管芝加哥地区有超过三万名举止得体的泰国居民,但是由于社区分散,却没有形成自己特有的“泰镇”我非常确定大部分芝加哥人对泰国文化的了解少之又少,这也是我对考察这次为期三天的庆祝活动感兴趣的原因Sponsored by the Royal Thai Consulate General of Chicago, Thai Festival Chicago kicked off in the heart of the Loop at Federal Plaza with a traditional drum and dance parade.泰国在芝加哥的庆祝活动由泰国皇家芝加哥总领事馆发起,伴着传统的锣鼓和舞蹈游行仪式在联邦广场的弯道中心拉开帷幕Throughout the afternoon attendees could discover a taste of Thailand through plenty of food stalls offering Thai cuisine, cooking demonstrations and various cultural permances showcasing dance, music and boxing.纵观下午的参观者,我们可以通过众多提供泰国菜肴、烹饪演示的食物摊位和各种文化演出舞会、音乐以及拳击对泰国用一定的了解One of my favorite permances was actually a fashion show.实际上我最喜爱的表演之一是时装秀From traditional to modern, from the southern regions to the north, they did an excellent job displaying all different kinds of typical Thai clothing. And the girls looked stunning!无论是传统的还是现代的,无论是南方地区的还是北方风格的,他们都用最好的状态展示出了不同风格的泰国饰而且走秀的泰国女孩都非常迷人Once the fashion show was over, they went right into a traditional Thai wedding demonstration.时装秀一结束,模特们就直接去了一个传统的泰国婚礼现场译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可, 3837


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