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英国部分小学将引进上海式数学教学方法 -- 18::7 来源: 英国半数小学将很快引进中国式数学教学方法教师们将接受培训,使用新教科书,学习“上海式数学”教学方法 As reported by The Times on July , half of primary schools in the U.K. will soon adopt the traditional Chinese method of teaching mathematics. Teachers will be specially trained and given new textbooks with which to teach the “Shanghai math” method. The new teaching style will rely heavily on repetition, drills and “chalk and talk.”据英国《泰晤士报7月日报道,英国半数小学将很快引进中国式数学教学方法教师们将接受培训,使用新教科书,学习“上海式数学”教学方法这种新方法将完全依赖于背诵、练习以及“填鸭式教学”Previous tests have shown that the average mathematics ability of -year-olds in Shanghai is three years more sophisticated than that of -year-olds in the U.K.此前的测试结果显示,上海岁学生的数学水平比英国同龄学生高出三年Nick Gibb, the Minister of State at the Department of Education, announced on July that training will be provided 8,000 primary schools--half the country’s total--to switch to the Shanghai approach.英国教育部国务大臣尼克.吉布在7月日宣布,将会对8000所小学——约占全国的半数——的教师提供培训,以引进上海的这种教学方法“We are seeing a renaissance in maths teaching in this country, with good ideas from around the world helping to enliven our classrooms,” he said.他说,“我们期待着英国数学教学的复兴,希望引进全球的优秀教学方法以活跃我们的课堂”Critics of the new program complain that the “progressive” math-teaching style used in China, Singapore and Japan is difficult to apply to real-life situations. Others say that the rem would lead to confusion, and could even stop children from learning the basics and enjoying the subject.对这个新项目不满的批评人士称,这种在中国、新加坡和日本所采用的“先进”的教学方法很难解决日常生活中的实际问题还有人指出,这项改革会导致混乱,甚至会影响孩子们掌握数学的基础,阻碍他们的学习兴趣Mike Ellicock, chief executive of National Numeracy in the U.K., says it is necessary children to learn the basics of math so that they can be confident about the subject, and repetition and drills are not the right way to achieve that. Ellicock believes it is inappropriate to simply import a teaching method from such a different culture.英国算术基金会负责人迈克.埃利科克表示,孩子们当然需要掌握数学基本思想,这样他们才能在此基础上感受到自信但要实现这一点,练习和重复并非正确的方式他认为,从一种完全不同的文化中全盘引进教学思想是不恰当的。

  • 英国公投初步结果:退欧派稍占上风 -- ::53 来源: 英国退欧公投的初步结果已经出炉,统计显示持退欧的人稍占上风 After results in counting areas out of 38, Remain was on 8.5% and Leave on 51.5%, with Leave doing well in the North-East of England and Remain ahead in Scotland.目前38个计票点中的个已经出了结果,持留在欧盟的人数比例是8.5%,而持退欧的人数比例是51.5%目前持退欧的人在英格兰东北部地区更多,而留欧的人在苏格兰势力更强A full picture is not expected some hours but turnout looks set to be higher than the general election.最终的投票结果要在数小时后才能出来,而从目前看来,此次公投的投票率要比大选还要高The pound surged as polls closed bee falling dramatically.在投票结束的时候,英镑曾飙升,但是现在又大幅下降Unlike at a general election the results in individual areas do not count - it is the overall number of votes cast one side or the other across the country that will determine the outcome.和大选不同,单独选区的投票结果并不作数,只有整个英国的投票结果才能够决定到底是留在欧盟还是退出欧盟Polling expert Prof John Curtice said at this very early stage Leave looked favourite to win the referendum. He estimates that the finishing post one side to win is ,8,000 votes.民调专家约翰·柯蒂斯表示,从初步的结果来看,退欧派看起来可能会赢得公投的胜利据他估计,到最终计票结束时,获胜的一方的选票数量将达到81万3000The pound surged against the dollar when polls closed at :00 BST and opinion polls pointed towards a Remain win but it fell dramatically when the first results were declared.在点(英国夏令时)选池关闭时,英镑对美元的汇率曾飙升,当时的民调显示持留欧的人可能会取得公投胜利但是当初步的结果出炉,显示退欧派稍占上风时,英镑大幅跳水Votes are being counted at each of the 38 local counting areas. These represent all 380 local government areas in England, Scotland and Wales, plus one each Northern Ireland and Gibraltar.目前38个地方选区正在进行计票工作38个选区包括位于英格兰、苏格兰和威尔士的380的地方政府区,以及位于北爱尔兰和直布罗陀的两个选区Results from these areas will then be declared throughout the night, along with result totals from nations and regions.这些地区的投票结果将于今天夜间公布,届时还将公布个海外国家和地区的投票总结果Jenny Watson, chief counting officer, will announce the referendum result at Manchester Town Hall after all 38 local totals have been certified and declared.在38个选区的投票总结果被认和宣布后,首席计票官珍妮·沃森将在曼彻斯特市政厅宣布公投结果Gibraltar was the first to declare a result with 96% of voters in the British overseas territory backing Remain. A big Remain win had been predicted in Gibraltar amid concerns about its border with Spain.直布罗陀是第一个宣布投票结果的选区,96%的选民持留在欧盟由于对边境另一边西班牙的担忧,曾经有预测直布罗陀的留欧派将会在公投中取得巨大的胜利Leave won by % in Sunderland, but Remain edged it in neighbouring Newcastle but by a tighter margin than expected, in two of the first results to declare.在最初公布的两个选区的结果中,脱欧派在桑德兰以%的优势胜出虽然留欧派在临近的纽卡斯尔选区扳回了一城,但是胜率却要比预期的小得多An online survey taken on polling day of 5,000 people by YouGov suggests the Remain side running at 5% of the vote, to Leave’s 8%. Ipsos Mori have released polling from Thursday and Wednesday suggesting Remain will get 5% and Leave 6%.投票日那天,YouGov在网上针对5000人发起了一份调查,结果显示有5%的人持留欧,而8%的人则希望脱欧而据Ipsos Mori在周三和周四发布的民调结果来看,持留欧的人有5%,而持退欧的人有6%UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage told the Press Association the Remain camp had won based on "what I know from some of my friends in the financial markets who have done some big polling".英国独立党领导人奈杰尔·法拉奇对记者协会透露道,“从他那些在金融市场上做出重大‘投票’的朋友们处得知”,留欧派会赢In a speech to supporters in London, Mr Farage - whose political career has been built on campaigning to get the UK out of the EU - said his "sense" was that the UK had voted to Remain.在伦敦对持者们的一场演说中,法拉奇(他的政治生涯建立在游说英国脱欧的基础之上)说,他“感觉”最终的结果将会是英国继续留在欧洲He told the cheering crowd he hoped he was wrong but added: "Win or lose this battle, we will win this war, we will get this country back."他对高呼的人群说他希望自己是错的,但是补充说道:“无论这场战役是输还是赢,我们都会取得这场战争的胜利,我们会让英国王者归来(大意是无论投票结果如何,英国的影响力会重新提升)!”。
  • 巴西临时政府又一短命部长因录音丑闻下台 --31 :: 来源: 巴西临时政府又一部长辞职 A second minister in Brazil’s new government has resigned.巴西临时政府又一部长辞职Fabiano Silveira was in charge of the ministry tasked with fighting corruption but left after a recording was made public, which seems to show him trying to derail a corruption investigation at the state oil company.法比亚诺·西尔韦拉是反腐部门部长,但由于一段揭露他阻挠国家石油公司腐败调查的录音被披露而离职Last week the planning minister stepped aside after a similar recording was released.上周,计划部长也因一段类似录音披露而下台Both men were appointed when President Dilma Rousseff was suspended.两位部长都是在原总统罗塞夫被停职后任命的She is accused of massaging budget figures ahead of her re-election in , and is due to be tried in the senate in the coming months.罗塞夫被指控在年连任选举前操控预算数字,并将在未来几个月中接受参议院审讯She has argued that impeachment proceedings against her are designed to stop the investigation into Petrobras.她为自己辩护称此次弹劾是为了阻止她对巴西国家石油公司进行调查Staff at his ministry had symbolically cleaned the building with broomsticks and demanded his dismissal.审计部门工作人员用扫帚象征性地清洗了大楼并要求解雇部长Dozens of civil servants in the ministry’s local offices had offered their resignation in protest.几十名公务员在该部门的地方办事处提出了辞职抗议In the recorded conversation broadcast on TV, he is heard seeming to advise the speaker of the Senate, Renan Calheiros and an ex-senator, Sergio Machado, on how to avoid investigations by prosecutors.根据电视播出的谈话录音,法比亚诺·西尔维拉疑似向巴西参议院议长雷南·卡列罗斯和前参议员塞尔吉奥·马沙杜建议如何避免检方调查He is also heard appearing to criticize investigators in the Petrobras investigation, which has implicated dozens of senior politicians and has led to the jailing of several top business executives.他还批评巴西石油公司案调查人员该案件牵扯数十名资深政客,并导致几名企业高管入狱Mr Machado, who is also the mer president of Transpetro, a logistics company owned by Petrobras, is being investigated corruption. As part of a plea bargain with investigators he has recorded a series of conversations with high-profile politicians.马沙杜是巴西国有石油公司Petrobras公司旗下Transpetro物流公司的前任主席,也因涉贪被调查他录下一系列与数名政客的对话,作为辩诉交易的一部分The first one was made public last week and led to the stepping aside of a mer Planning Minister and close advisor to President Michel Temer, Romero Juca.第一段录音在上周公开,导致了前计划部长,代总统米歇尔·特梅尔的顾问罗梅罗·茹卡下台。
  • 乔治小王子试驾飞机 哭起来也萌萌哒~ -- :9:6 来源:chinadaily Prince George stole the show today as he joined his parents a fun day out at a military air show - but the normally impeccably-behaved youngster could be seen throwing something of a tantrum shortly after his arrival. 乔治小王子今天又抢头条啦!他本来是和爸爸妈妈一起参观空军秀的,但这个平时乖巧的娃刚到达目的地不久就开始发脾气 The young Prince looked adorable in navy shorts and a white T-shirt with his customary Start Rite shoes as he arrived at the Royal International Air Tattoo in Gloucestershire with his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The trip was the first time George, who turns three in two weeks, has joined his parents on an official engagement in the UK. 小王子身穿海军蓝短裤、白色T恤,还有他常穿的Start Rite牌鞋子,看上去非常可爱他和爸妈(威廉王子和凯特王妃)一起到达了格洛斯特郡的皇家国际航空展示会小王子再有两个星期就满3岁了,这还是他第一次跟随爸妈参加英国的官方活动 However, not long after the family made their way to the show the two-year-old was swept up into his mother's arms after he began crying. 然而在一家人前往空军秀的路上,岁的乔治开始哇哇大哭,随后被妈妈抱进了怀里 The little Prince was lifted into one of the Red Arrows as his father and a member of the aerobatic team helped him inside. 随后小王子被爸爸和红箭飞行表演队的工作人员抱进了一架红色的飞机里 词霸君不禁感慨,乔治小王子还是一脸嫌弃生无可恋啊!不过我喜欢! But after a teary arrival, Prince George was soon back to his well-behaved self, as his father showed him around the helicopters and aircraft on display. 哭过之后,乔治小王子又恢复了平日里乖宝宝的样子,因为爸爸带着他参观了展览中的直升机和其它飞机 Who is giving who a lesson? According to Flight Lieutenant Jim Hobkirk who escorted the royals, Prince George 'was very interested in the tail rotor'. 快看看这是谁在给谁上课?据皇室陪同人员、空军上尉Jim Hobkirk说,小王子对这个高高的直升机尾旋翼非常感兴趣 Prince George was quite the grown up as he shook hands with a pilot while his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, looked on. 乔治小王子和一名飞行员握手,看上去真的长大了而他的妈妈凯特王妃,看着自己的儿子(笑了)。
  • 每天都很累吗?做好3件小事让生活焕然一新 --30 18:: 来源:chinadaily Most of us feel exhausted after working at least eight hours a day, five days a week. When we get home, we watch at least two episodes on Netflix because it's damn well-deserved and the only time we get to ;relax; bee we go to sleep. 对于我们大多数人来说,在至少一周5天、一天8小时的工作之后都感觉很疲惫回到家我们又至少要在Netflix上看两集电视剧,因为我们太应该放松一下了,而且那是睡觉之前唯一的放松时间 Wake up and repeat. And repeat and repeat and repeat. No wonder you feel tired. 早上醒来再重复同样的日程,重复、重复再重复,难怪你会那么累 So how do you get out of this vicious cycle? How do you restart your life? Hint: NOT by adding something new to your life. But by making sure your body is y and able to actually handle new hobbies. 那你该如何走出这样的恶性循环呢?如何重新开始你的生活呢?提示你一下:不需要给你的生活添加些什么新的东西,只要确保你做好准备能够搞定新的习惯就行 The first 3 things to check to make sure you have right: 首先,有三个方面你要确保自己做对了: 1. YOUR MINDSET 心态 ;Oh man, another one of these self-improvement things. I hope I can do it, but I've tried these things bee, and I just never stick with it.; “噢天呐,又是一件提升自我的事,我希望自己能做到,但我以前试过,都没坚持住” This was something I used to say to myself every time I try to start something new myself. There's a fear-driven side of your brain which tells you, ;You can't do this.; 以前每次我尝试新鲜事物时都会对自己这样说,你大脑中被恐惧控制的那部分在对你说:“你不行” What can you do? Well, the tip here is to talk to yourself like you're talking to a friend, or a coworker, or a child who is being told by a bully they can't do something they want to try. So the next time you try something new, be kind to yourself like you would be kind to others. You are your own worst critic. But you can also be your staunch defender. Stand up yourself against yourself. 你该怎么办?嗯,我的建议是你要跟自己谈谈,就像有个混蛋跟你朋友、同事或孩子说他们做不到想做的事时你要跟他们谈的一样所以下次你尝试新鲜事物时,对自己要像对别人一样和善,你就是自己最大的批评家,但你也是自己忠实的维护者站起来为了你自己去打败你自己 . YOUR SLEEP 睡眠 Without sufficient sleep, we're basically going through the day drunk. This means tiredness, difficulty to respond quickly and smartly to anything that comes up. 如果睡眠不足我们一天都会昏昏沉沉的,意味着会疲劳、很难对发生的事做出快速敏捷的反应 The sleeping hours needed an average adult ranges from 7 to 9 hours. Just keep in mind that your body is not wired in the same way your computer is. You cannot have instantaneous change. Let yourself have at least 1 to weeks minimum to start sleeping a little earlier regularly. And this sort of timeline is meant small changes, like minutes to 30 minutes earlier than your current sleeping schedule. 普通成年人所需的睡眠时间为7~9小时你要记住身体不像电脑那样能插电你不可能瞬间就发生变化,提前给自己至少1-周的时间每天早睡一点点,这种安排意味着很小的变化,比如,比目前的睡觉时间提前-30分钟 But this is an absolutely must. Without sleep, your body and mind is weak, slow, and definitely not energetic enough to accommodate any new activities you want to do. 这些是你必须要做的,睡眠不足身体和精神就会虚弱、反应慢,一定没有足够的精力去参加你想参与的新活动 3. YOUR FOOD 食物 If you are looking at what you eat the reason to feel energized, then the general rules are: 如果你正在寻找能让你变得精力充沛的食物,以下就是基本的规则: 1) Eat when you're hungry. Don't eat when you're not. 饿了吃,不饿不吃 ) Be mindful when you eat. Chew at least times. Let yourself taste and digest your food. 吃的时候要记住,至少咀嚼下,让自己品尝并消化食物 3) Don't do three things at once when you're eating. Your body wasn't made that. 吃饭时不要同时做3件事,你的身体没有那个功能 ) Preferably, eat ;real; food. Eat food your great-grandmother would realize as food. 最好吃真正的食物,就是你的曾祖母认为是食物的那些食物 想知道最爱的美食到底健不健康?戳这里看营养学家是怎么说的~另外,这里还有六招小窍门,教你吃出健康哟! Don't let your days roll by in the continual humdrum. Start by re-examining these key habits in your life aly to build a body that can start doing things you want. 不要让自己的生活处于持续的无聊状态,开始重新审视一下自己生活中这3个主要习惯,打造出健康的身体去做你想做的事。
  • 印度雷电致79人死亡,逃生指南存起来 --3 19:3:51 来源: 官方称,发生在印度比哈尔邦,恰尔肯德邦以及中央邦的雷击灾害造成了至少79人死亡 At least 79 people have been killed by lightning strikes in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh, officials say.官方称,发生在印度比哈尔邦,恰尔肯德邦以及中央邦的雷击灾害造成了至少79人死亡Fifty three people died in Bihar. Ten people were killed in the eastern state of Jharkhand, and at least died in Madhya Pradesh.比哈尔邦死亡人数为53,东部的恰尔肯德邦死亡人,而中央邦至少死亡人Most of the people who died were working on farms during torrential rains on Tuesday, reports said.报道称,大部分死亡的人在周二的大雨瓢泼之际正在农场上工作Lightning strikes are common in India during heavy monsoon rains.在印度,强季风降雨季来临时,常常伴有雷击灾害In Bihar, the deaths occurred in Nalanda, Aurangabad, Rohtas, Purnea, Munger, Gaya, Saharsa, Bhagalpur, Banka and Kaimur.在比哈尔邦,那烂陀,奥兰加巴德,罗赫达斯,布尔尼亚,芒格,加雅,瑟赫尔萨,帕戈尔布尔,邦加岛和盖穆尔山都有人员死亡At least ,000 people have died in lightning strikes in India every year since , according to the National Crime Records Bureau.根据国家犯罪记录局的记录,从年开始,印度每年至少有00人死于雷击India receives 80% of its annual rainfall during the monsoon season, which runs between June and September.印度每年80%的降水量都来自于强季风降雨季,时间从六月到九月Safety tips when lightning strikes雷击灾害发生时的安全指南1.Seek shelter inside a large building or a car1.躲藏在大楼或车辆中.Get out of wide, open spaces and away from exposed hilltops.远离开阔地带,并远离没有庇荫的山顶3.If you have nowhere to shelter, make yourself as small a target as possible by crouching down with your feet together, hands on knees and head tucked in3.如果你无处可躲,尽可能让你自己显得目标小,你可以蜷缩起来,把手脚,膝盖和头都团起来.Do not shelter beneath tall or isolated trees.不要躲在高大或者孤立的树下5.If you are on water, get to the shore and off wide, open beaches as quickly as possible5.如果你在水上,尽快上岸并远离开阔的沙滩。
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