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Like many 10-year-olds, Nick Wald takes private lessons. His once-a-week tutor isn#39;t helping him with piano scales or Spanish conjugations, but teaching him how to code.与许多10岁大的孩子一样,尼克·沃尔德(Nick Wald)也会在课外开小灶。不过,一周给他上一次课的家教为他辅导的并非钢琴音阶和西班牙语的动词变位,而是教他如何写代码。Nick, a fifth-grader in New York, went in with no experience and has since learned enough HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build a simple website. He is now working in Apple#39;s AAPL +0.97% XCode environment to finish an app named #39;Clockie#39; that can be used to set alarms and reminders. He plans to offer it in the iOS App Store for free.尼克是纽约一名五年级的学生,一开始他没有任何经验,自学写代码以来他学会了足以建一个简单网站的HTML、JavaScript和CSS知识。目前他正在苹果(Apple)的XCode环境下开发一款名为“Clockie”、可用于设置闹钟和提醒事项的应用。他还打算在iOS应用商店免费提供这款应用。#39;I always liked to get apps from the app store, and I always wanted to figure out how they worked and how I could develop it like that,#39; Nick says.他说:“我一直都喜欢从应用商店获取应用,而且我一直想弄明白它们是如何运行的以及我怎样能开发出那样的应用。”As the ability to code, or use programming languages to build sites and apps, becomes more in demand, technical skills are no longer just for IT professionals. Children as young as 7 can take online classes in Scratch programming, while 20-somethings are filling up coding boot camps that promise to make them marketable in the tech sector. Businesses such as American Express Co. AXP -0.53% send senior executives to programs about data and computational design not so they can build websites, but so they can better manage the employees who do.由于编程或使用编程语言来建网站和开发应用的能力越来越受欢迎,科技技能不再只是针对IT专业人士的要求。现在,只有七岁大的孩子也能学习Scratch编程网络课程,20来岁的年轻人则挤满了承诺让他们成为科技行业抢手人才的编程培训班。美国运通(American Express)等企业还送高管去参加数据和电脑设计的培训项目,这么做的目的不是让他们能建网站,而是让他们能更好地管理从事此类工作的员工。#39;I equate coding to ing and writing and basic literacy,#39; says Adam Enbar, founder of New York#39;s Flatiron School, which offers 12-week, ,000 programs to turn novices into developers. #39;Not everyone needs to be Shakespeare, just as not everyone needs to be an amazing developer,#39; he says. #39;But...we#39;re entering a world where every job if not aly, will be technical.#39;纽约Flatiron培训学校的创始人亚当·恩巴尔(Adam Enbar)说:“我认为编程好比读写和基本的文化素养。不是每个人都需要成为莎士比亚,就如不是每个人都需要成为了不起的开发者一样。但是…我们正在迈入这样的一个世界:每项工作即使现在还没有做到科技化,将来也必将实现科技化,。”Flatiron学校提供为期12周的课程,意在将新手培养为开发者,学费为12,000美元。Programming languages vary in popularity and difficulty, and it takes hundreds of hours to become even a junior developer. But understanding what #39;code#39; is and knowing what#39;s possible and what#39;s not, when working with an IT team, is generally more important than being able to make apps yourself.编程语言的热门度和难度各有不同,就算成为一名初级开发者也需要学习几百个小时。不过,在与一个IT团队合作时,明白什么是“代码”以及了解什么是可能的、什么是不可能的,通常比能够自己开发应用更重要。The Younger Set青少年培训Johns Hopkins University#39;s Center for Talented Youth offers online courses in everything from essay writing to music theory, but Web-development classes have been #39;a juggernaut in terms of level of interest,#39; says Patricia Wallace, senior director of CTY Online. The courses are geared toward elementary- and middle-school students. In 2009, 63 children signed up for Introduction to Web Design, one of the few coding classes then offered. This year, there are aly 762 enrollments.约翰·霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)精英学生学习中心(Center for Talented Youth)推出的网络课程涵盖从写作到音乐理论的各类主题。但该中心网络课程部门高级总监帕特里夏·华莱士(Patricia Wallace)称,网页开发课程一直是“极其受关注的大热门”。这些课程的对象为小学生与中学生。2009年,有63名学生报名学习《网页设计入门》,这是当时开设的少数编程课程之一。今年该课程已招收了762名学生。The classes, which began with Introduction to Web Design and soon may include Intermediate Scratch Programming, are growing because there aren#39;t many opportunities to learn coding in elementary and middle school, says Ms. Wallace. Some parents want children to learn programming as early as possible.华莱士称,课程一开始教的是《网页设计入门》,接下去可能很快就会教《中级Scratch编程》。由于在小学和中学学习编程的机会不多,此类班级的规模在不断扩大。有些家长希望孩子尽早学习编程。In-person coding programs for kids are springing up across the country. CoderDojo Twin Cities, a Minneapolis-based volunteer program, holds free, daylong coding programs. It has filled each of its 20 sessions with about 80 students since it launched in April. #39;We#39;ve had to turn students away at every event,#39; says CoderDojo Twin Cities co-founder Matt Gray. The kids build games with Ruby, work with Linux, and-in one of the most popular programs-learn Python to build things in the world of Minecraft, a popular game.针对儿童的面对面授课编程课程也在全美各地涌现出来。明尼阿波利斯的志愿者计划CoderDojo Twin Cities便提供连续一整天的免费编程培训。自从在4月份启动以来,该项目的20次课每次都挤满了80名左右的学生。该计划联合创始人马特·格雷(Matt Gray)说:“每次开课时我们都不得不拒绝一些学生。”孩子们使用Ruby开发游戏,运用Linux系统,他们还学习Python语言来在热门Minecraft的世界中造东西——这是最受孩子们欢迎的课程之一。Another group has started in Rochester, Minn., and a girls-only camp, Katie CoderDojo, had its first session last month.另一组已在明尼苏达州的罗切斯特启动,还有一个只限女孩参加的Katie CoderDojo训练营也在2月份举办了第一次培训。The Job Seekers求职者培训At a recent Web Development Immersive class offered by General Assembly, an education startup that offers coding and design courses, about 25 students-mostly men, mostly in their 20s and each with a MacBook-listened to a lecture on how to use JavaScript to add check boxes to pages. Previously, the students each had completed a project using coding language Ruby. One example: A website showed nearby restaurants#39; health ratings.General Assembly为一家提供编程和设计课程的初创教育机构,在其前不久开设的《沉浸式网页开发》课堂上,大约25名年龄大多在20几岁的学生(多数为男生)每人配备一部MacBook,正在听着如何使用JavaScript给页面添加复选框的讲课内容。在此之前,每名学生都使用Ruby编程语言完成了一个项目。其中一个项目是显示周边餐厅卫生评分的网站。Alina Guzman, 23, recently paid the ,500 tuition to take the 12-week course. She graduated from Baruch College in 2013 with a degree in digital marketing. #39;I had worked in a marketing agency before and did stuff with a small-scale e-commerce website, but I wanted to do something different and I had always been interested in tech and websites,#39; she says.今年23岁的阿林娜·古兹曼(Alina Guzman)前不久交了11,500美元学费参加为期12周的课程。她在去年从柏鲁克学院(Baruch College)毕业,并获得了数字化营销学位。她说:“我以前在一家营销机构工作过,也在一家小型电商网站做过些事情,但是我想做些不同的工作,而且我一直对科技和网站感兴趣。”She took classes from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays to learn Ruby and JavaScript. Two months after the course ended, she was hired as a junior engineer by New York-based startup Superhuman, which builds personal assistant applications.她从周一到周五的上午九点到下午五点上课学习Ruby和JavaScript。在课程结束的两个月后,她受聘成为开发私人助理应用的纽约初创公司Superhuman的初级工程师。General Assembly also has programs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Boston, Hong Kong and Sydney. According to a General Assembly spokeswoman, 95% of its students world-wide find jobs within three months.General Assembly还在旧金山、洛杉矶、伦敦、波士顿、香港和悉尼开设课程。该公司一名女发言人称,其全球学生中有95%的人在三个月内找到了工作。Co-founder and CEO Jake Schwartz says that coding is important because it teaches a different way of thinking. #39;Programming teaches logic, higher-level math and learning concepts that make you smarter and are useful no matter what,#39; he says.该公司联合创始人兼首席执行长杰克·施瓦茨(Jake Schwartz)称,编程之所以重要,是因为它教授了一种不同的思维方式。他说:“编程教给你逻辑、较高层次的数学和学习理念,它们让你变得更聪明,无论在什么方面都有用。”The majority of students at Flatiron and General Assembly are between 20 and 30. Flatiron accepts 8% of its applicants.Flatiron与General Assembly大多数的学生在20岁至30岁之间,其中Flatiron会接收8%的申请者。#39;The vast majority of our students are those who, later in life, realize that this is a really interesting career and also one where there are a lot of jobs,#39; he says.施瓦茨说:“我们绝大多数的学生都在日后的生活中意识到这是一个非常有趣的职业,也是一个就业机会很多的行业。”James Vanneman, 27, was in the first class at Flatiron School. A former professional poker player, he had been teaching himself to code with books and websites. #39;I#39;d get stuck and it#39;d get frustrating because I felt like I needed a place to get me over the hump of learning,#39; he says. A few weeks after graduating he was hired as a software engineer at Concierge Live, a ticket-management service.今年27岁的詹姆斯·范内曼(James Vanneman)是Flatiron的首届学生。他原来是一名职业扑克选手,之前一直通过书籍和网站自学编程。他说:“我会陷入困境,情况会变得令人沮丧,因为我觉得我需要一个地方来帮助我跨越学习障碍。”他在毕业数周后在票务管理公司Concierge Live找到了一份软件工程师的工作。企业管理者培训The Corporate ManagersEven people who don#39;t plan on becoming developers may hear at work that they ought to learn to code.即使是无意成为开发者的人,他们或许也会在工作中听到他们应当学习编程。American Express Co., General Electric Co. GE -0.54% , Staples Inc., SPLS -0.09% Merck amp; Co., Inc. and PepsiCo Inc. PEP +1.32% have worked with General Assembly, Mr. Schwartz says. These corporations have sent senior teams to two-day programs on topics such as Introduction to Big Data and Rapid Prototyping, also known as computer-aided design.施瓦茨称,美国运通、通用电气(General Electric Co.)、史泰(Staples Inc.)、默克(Merck amp; Co.)以及百事公司(PepsiCo)都是他们的合作伙伴。这些企业派遣了高管团队参加为期两天的培训,学习与《大数据入门》和《快速成型》(也被称作电脑辅助设计)之类的主题有关的知识。Summit Group, an Atlanta-based marketing company, has sent employees for the past three years to learn HTML 5 and basic Web development, says Jill Hood, Summit#39;s director of strategic initiatives.亚特兰大营销公司Summit Group的战略计划总监吉尔·胡德(Jill Hood)称,过去三年间该公司都派出了员工去学习HTML 5语言和基础的网页开发。#39;People learning these skills become more self-sufficient,#39; says Ms. Hood. Training employees in coding saves the company from having to use additional IT managers to help manage client accounts, she adds.胡德称:“学习了这些技能的人变得更能独立工作了。”她还说,对员工进行编程培训替公司节约了另雇IT管理员来管理客户账户的花费。Lynda.com, based in Carpinteria, Calif., sells online education s on everything from Photoshop to JavaScript. Its customers include Patagonia Inc., Volkswagen Group VOW3.XE +1.31% and Penguin Random House, says co-founder and executive chair Lynda Weinman.加州卡平特里亚(Carpinteria)的Lynda.com销售从Photoshop到 JavaScript的各类主题的网络教学视频。该网站联合创始人兼执行董事长林达·温曼(Lynda Weinman)称,他们的客户包括Patagonia、大众集团(Volkswagen Group)和企鹅兰登书屋(Penguin Random House)等。Patagonia, the outdoor-gear retailer, will require its employees learn technical skills through Lynda.com in the next six months, says Ceci Saez, global director of organizational development. Half of Patagonia#39;s 800 American employees have voluntarily taken courses through Lynda.com.户外装备零售商Patagonia的企业发展全球总监切奇·赛斯(Ceci Saez)称,该公司将要求员工在未来六个月中通过Lynda.com学习科技技能。Patagonia的800名美国员工中已有半数自愿通过Lynda.com学习相关课程。赛斯说:“在过去,科技不是我们要经常去努力学习的东西,但是事情发生了变化。一群不同的人加入了公司,现在它变得必要了。” /201404/284906My husband has a stack of year-end reviews on his desk-reviews from his bosses, reviews by his peers, reviews of his staff. And then there#39;s one from me. What started as a joke between us 10 years ago-over piles of socks left on the floor-has become a yearly tradition: our year-end review as a couple.老公桌子上有一大摞年终评估报告,有来自老板的,同级的,还有下属的。然后还有一份来自我的。10年前我们围绕地板上一大堆袜子开的玩笑,已成为一项年复一年的传统:我们作为夫妻的年终评估。Performance reviews, for better or worse, have long been a staple of corporate America. Outside the office, I#39;ve found that they can also open up a whole new way of communicating with family and close friends. And they#39;re a handy way to air minor grievances.不管是好是坏,绩效评估长期以来都是美国企业界的一项重要活动。而在办公室外,我发现这些评估也可以为家人、好友之间的沟通开辟一条全新的通道,并且是传递小牢骚的好办法。Several couples I know have their own version of a yearly performance review. One refers to it as the #39;State of Our Union.#39; Another takes a more serious approach to what they call their annual #39;Board of Directors Meeting,#39; complete with a formal agenda in four sections: personal, professional, philanthropic and spiritual. A couple with adult children makes their review a full-family affair, with a psychologist on hand in case the conversation gets heated. In explaining why he conducts reviews at home, a friend said, #39;Sometimes I think we#39;re more honest with people at work than we are with our own family.#39;我认识的几对夫妻都有各自的年度绩效评估。有一对将之称为“我们的国情咨文”。另一对则是更严肃地对待他们所说的“董事局会议”,由四部分正式议程组成:私人事务、专业事务、慈善事务和精神事务。一对子女已经成年的夫妇将评估看作一项涉及全家的事务,还配备了一名心理学家,以防大家在讨论过程中动了肝火。一位朋友在解释为什么在家里搞评估活动时说:“有时候我觉得我们在同事面前比在自己家人前面更加坦诚。”For our own review, my husband and I talk over dinner about our #39;accomplishments#39; over the past year as a couple, the #39;areas for improvement,#39; the #39;goals#39; we want to set for the year ahead and the #39;next steps#39; we are going to take to get there. Comments run the gamut from petty complaints, like laundry on the floor, to important goals, like setting time alone as a couple. These reviews force us to focus and reflect on the big picture, to give priority to what#39;s really important to us in our very busy lives.在我们自己的评估中,丈夫和我会在吃晚饭期间谈到过去一年作为夫妻所取得的“成就”、“待改进之处”、希望为来年制定的“目标”,以及为实现目标将要采取哪些“新步骤”。我们无话不谈,既说到地板上的脏衣之类的琐事,也说到留出夫妻独处时间之类的重要目标。这些评估迫使我们关注及反思大局,并把繁忙生活中真正重要的事情放在头等位置。Our review generally takes place close to New Year#39;s Eve, making it a handy New Year#39;s resolution list, albeit one written by another person. The tone of ours tends to be tongue-in-cheek. For more serious reviewers, a friend suggests adopting what#39;s called the #39;hamburger technique.#39; Structure your review as if it were a hamburger: soft bun to start (ease in with compliments), solid meat (the big criticism), lettuce (room to grow), then finish with another soft bun (more closing compliments).我们的评估一般在快到元旦前夜的时候进行,顺便把它当作一个新年计划列表,只不过是由对方来写的。我们通常都用一种假正经的调子来写。对于更加认真的人,一位朋友建议采用所谓的“汉堡包技巧”,也就是把评估报告写成汉堡包的结构:先是柔软的面包(和风细雨地讲些恭维话)、实在的肉块(重要批评)、生菜(转圜余地),然后用另一片柔软的面包(更多恭维话)收尾。Our annual review has even grown to include family and close friends. Everyone who has heard about it seems interested in giving it a try, perhaps because there aren#39;t very many socially acceptable ways to tell friends about the little things that bother you. That#39;s where the review comes in handy.我们的年度评估甚至还慢慢地包括了家人和好友。所有听说过的人似乎都有兴趣试一试。这可能是因为向朋友说些琐事而又能被人接受的方式并不是非常多。评估的用处就在这里。When a couple close to us heard about our couple#39;s review ritual, they requested to be reviewed on the spot-and then turned around and reviewed us too. Apparently, I#39;m not so good at keeping my calendar and have canceled on them more times than I should have. They suggested that I turn the scheduling over to my husband, who now books our monthly get-togethers. On the rare occasion that we have to postpone a dinner now, they jokingly-or not so jokingly-say, #39;Don#39;t think this won#39;t come up in your review.#39;一对与我们关系不错的夫妇听说我们的评估仪式之后,当即要求我们给他们写评估报告,然后又反过来给我们写。看来我并不擅长遵守日程安排,放他们鸽子的次数太多。他们建议我把制定日程的任务交给老公,现在我们的月度聚会就是由他来预定的。有时候我们不得不暂时把晚宴延后,他们就会半开玩笑半认真地说:“别以为这件事不会出现在对你们的评估里面。”A friend I#39;ve known for 20 years was habitually late-really late-to our dinners. Over dinner a couple of years ago, I told her I was giving our friendship a year-end review. She laughed and I started, #39;You have always been there for me, and I trust you completely as a friend. I also trust that you#39;re going to be at least a half-hour late every time we meet.#39; She nodded, smiled and took the comments in the spirit they were given. And she#39;s never been late again.一位我认识了20年的朋友在参加我们晚宴时又一次习惯性迟到,而且是非常迟。在几年前的晚宴上,我跟她说我要对我们的友谊做一次年终评估。她笑了,然后我开始做评估了:“你对我来说一直是有求必应,我也完全相信你这个朋友。我同样相信的是,每次见面你至少要迟到半个小时。”她点头微笑,领会了这些话的意识。后来她再也没有迟到过。Not everyone is as open to being reviewed. My advice: Know your audience and your boundaries. Drinks with a friend turned into an impromptu, year-end intervention for one woman I know. After a positive start, the #39;reviewer#39; launched into a critique of the friend#39;s boyfriend, citing unsolicited #39;areas for improvement,#39; and encouraged her friend to end the relationship. The friendship never recovered. Some feedback is better left unsaid.也不是每个人都乐于接受评估。我的建议是,了解说话对象,把握好尺度。我认识的一位女性跟一位朋友喝酒聊天,结果年终评估变成了一时兴起的指手划脚。“评估者”以正面的谈话开始,然后又对这位朋友的男友作了一番批评,自作主张地说起“待改进之处”,并鼓励她的朋友结束与男友的关系。她们的友谊再也没有恢复。有些反馈还是不说为妙。In a controversial move, my husband took the initiative last year to write up a review of my mother. That#39;s right, a review of his mother-in-law. He handed her an envelope on Christmas morning with the words #39;Year-End Review#39; plastered in bold across the front. Pale-faced, she opened it-and then started to smile as she her glowing reviews as a mother and grandmother. Scanning to the bottom, she found an area for improvement: Meatball production down from peak in 2010.去年我丈夫主动给我母亲写起评估报告来,一时引起大家的争议。没错,是对他丈母娘的评估。他在 诞节的早晨递给她一个信封,信封正面用粗体涂上“年终评估”几个字。脸色苍白的母亲打开了信封,读到对其母亲、外婆角色的溢美之辞时开始微笑起来。扫到底部的时候,她看到了一个待改进之处:肉丸子产量低于2010年时的峰值了。The review worked. We now always have a freezer full of meatballs.这份评估报告见效了。我们现在总是有满冰箱的肉丸。 /201312/270470


  You may not realize it, but some things you do habitually can make you lose money. Let’s see what those costing habits are and how we can reverse them.也许你都没意识到,一些习惯性的事情也会不知不觉浪费钱呢。我们来看看一些浪费钱的小习惯,学习如何去改正吧。1. You are a chronic complainer你是个负能量的抱怨者If you always see the bad side, then you might not see the opportunities around you. When you miss opportunities, you inevitably lose money.如果总是看到坏的那一面,那么就会失去很多机会,一旦机会都失去了,钱肯定就赚不到啦。For example, if you are too busy complaining to yourself about how your co-worker sucks, you might not think that you would be a great fit for that new project that just came out. Yes, the one that would boost your resume and possibly lead to a promotion. Opportunity lost.比如你一直都抱怨同事们多么的没用,也许就想不到其实自己非常适合新项目。对,就是那个能展现你实力带来升职机会的新项目。可惜没咯。2. You think you would never spend this much money, and then spend it你觉得自己绝不会花那么多钱,然后花了。My friend and NYT best-selling author Ramit Sethi likes making fun of people who think they will never spend, e.g. , 000 on a wedding. But when time comes, and it’s their turn to get married, they spend it.我朋友和《纽约时报》畅销作家Ramit Sethi喜欢取笑那些总觉得自己不会花那么多钱的人,比如花3万美元筹办婚礼。但轮到他们结婚的时候,似乎花的也不少哦。I’m not criticizing spending money on your wedding here. I’m just saying that had you accounted for the “having a big wedding” scenario, you might have saved more in the past, and hence not need to get into credit card debt.我不是说不该在婚礼上花钱。我只是说如果你已经考虑了一幅“有个盛大婚礼”的场景,你就应该开始节约用钱,这样以后才不至于成卡奴。3. You don’t negotiate你不还价From negotiating the price of your car, to negotiating your salary, you have a lot of potential to save thousands of dollars. Yet beware, negotiating is not something most people are skilled at. I recommend buying books and then spending 1000x more time actually practicing the books’ teachings with a friend.无论是买车还是谈论薪资,你都有可能去省一大笔钱。要记住,讨价还价并不是大部分人都擅长的事情。我建议买本类似的书,然后和自己的朋友把书里的技巧默默练习几千次吧。That’s how you’ll walk into a negotiation with confidence and y to tackle anything that comes your way.这样你就能自信的开始讨价还价,让一切都尽在你的掌控。4. You think short-term vs. long-term短期/长期计划We often don’t really take into account the effect of our actions in the long run. For example, you not negotiating a k increase in salary does not just cost you k this year, but maybe next year as well.我们往往不会考虑自己的行为在长远时期的影响。比如,你不会要求涨五千美元的薪水,也没有意识到今年不要求,明年也会没有。In your next job interview, the employer will try to pay you according to your past salary. Your negotiating position will start from k less than what it could have.你的下一个面试,老板也会试着按照旧工资来付薪水。你至少可以要求涨薪五千美金,这样才不会比本可拿到手的低。5. You think “I can’t do it” instead of “How can I do it?”你总觉得“我做不到”而非“我如何去做”?You can make more money at your current job. You can negotiate more, or improve your skills and then ask for a raise. Or, you could make more money on the side. Or, you can start your own business.你可以在现有的工作上赚取更多的钱。你可以沟通协商更多,提高你的技能然后要求涨薪。或者是可以干点副业,再或者自主创业吧。The options are infinite. The more you’re stuck on “can’t”, the more you’ll be losing money that you could have earned had you not had this bad “can’t” habit.选择是不定的。你被“不能”捆绑得越多,养成了“不能” 的习惯,那么就会失去越多本可赚到的金钱。6. You avoid saying “no”学不会说“不”Your sister asks you for money. She never gives the money back, but you still just can’t say “no.”你问你借钱,从来不还,你还是不会说“不”。You keep lending money, or buying dinner for your friends, just because saying “no” is easier than paying. I’m not saying that “no” should come easy. But I am proposing to be conscious about why you do what you do.你总是借钱或者请朋友吃饭,只是因为说不比付钱要简单。我不是说拒绝可以简单,我只是建议你需要意识到自己为什么要做这件事。7. You confuse your account balance with your self-worth你混淆了存款和自我价值The balance on your account is just a number. Yet, we tend to be emotional with that number. When this balance is not up to our standards, we may feel shame and self-pity.你的钱只是个数字,的确我们对那个数字有感情。一旦达不到一个标准就会觉得丢人和难受。That’s exactly what overweight–or even thin–people feel when on the scale. The number on the scale feels like it describes their self-worth, when it doesn’t!这就是那些称体重的胖子或瘦子们的想法。称上面的数字似乎显示了他们的价值,但实际并没有啊。The result of this confusion is that you might be afraid to even open up those new bills. Or, you might avoid dealing with your debt because it’s just way too scary to do so. But the good news is that it’s just a number–it doesn’t have anything to do with who you are.这样的混淆只会带来一个麻烦,就是你会害怕去花钱。或者只是因为你害怕而再也不想去处理欠款问题了。但其实,这个数字——真的跟你是什么人没有任何关系。8. You buy stuff without understanding why你总买些莫名其妙的东西In Money: A Love Story author Kate Northrup urges us to understand what made us make each purchase. First, we look at our credit card statement. Were our purchases good ones, or are there any purchases that we would have been better off without?In Money:《金钱:一个爱情故事》的作者 Kate Northrup 要求我们对每一笔花销都心知肚明。首先我们要看看信用卡额度。我们是不是在买好东西,还是这些东西可有可无?Once we complete this step, we move on to step two. How did we feel when we made each purchase? If you actually do this step, you might find out that the purchases you made while feeling bad, needy, or lacking, are not the ones you are proud of.一旦完成了这一步,就来到了第二步,买每一样东西的时候是什么感觉?如果你真的做到了这一步,也许会发现买这个让你有点难受、窘迫或者缺钱了,而不是让你骄傲。 /201311/265165。

  As if you needed another reason to run out for another cappuccino, along comes a new study by three university professors suggesting that caffeine may help make the sleep-deprived more honest.一项由来自三所大学的教授合作的研究表明,咖啡因或许可以让睡眠不足的人更为诚实。这样看来,大家又多了一个理由再来一杯卡布奇诺。;Our research shows that sleep deprivation contributes to unethical behavior at work by making you more susceptible to social influences, such as a boss who tells you to do something deceptive,; says Michael Christian, a co-author of the study who teaches organizational behavior at the University of North Carolina#39;s Kenan-Flagler Business School. ;Caffeine can help you resist by strengthening your self-control and willpower when you#39;re exhausted.;“我们的研究显示,缺少睡眠会导致人们对社交影响的敏感程度提高,因此就会更容易做出一些有违道德的行为,比如老板让你去实施某种欺骗行为的时候,”研究的合作者迈克#8226;克里斯蒂安说道,他是北卡罗莱纳大学肯南弗拉格勒商学院(Kenan-Flagler Business School)组织行为学教师。他补充说:“但咖啡因却可在你疲倦不堪的时候,增强你的自控能力和意志力,以抵消这些影响。”The findings are important for managers, he adds: ;We tend to think of people who work nonstop as the best employees. But they are often the ones making the worst ethical choices. It#39;s the people working the longest hours, and getting the least sleep, that managers need to keep their eye on.;这项结论对管理者来说非常重要,克里斯蒂安说:“我们倾向于认为,不眠不休、努力工作的员工才是好员工,但是这些人同样也容易干出有违道德的事情。管理者们要特别注意那些长时间工作而又睡眠不足的员工。”The research, published in the March issue of the Journal of Applied Psychology, built on a 2011 study of 171 hospital nurses who showed ;increases in hostility and dishonesty, including theft, and decreases in self-control; after working long shifts without sleep, Christian said.这项发表在《应用心理学杂志》(Journal of Applied Psychology)三月号上的研究于2011年调查了171位医院护士。研究人员发现,在长时间工作却不睡觉的情况下,这些护士都表现出了更多的“敌意以及包括偷窃在内的欺诈行为,她们的自制力也出现下降”,克里斯蒂安说。For this study -- which, by the way, wasn#39;t sponsored by Starbucks -- volunteers who had been kept awake all night were divided into two groups. All were asked to chew gum in the morning, but one group got a plain wintergreen placebo, while the other chomped on gum laced with 200 milligrams of caffeine, or about the same amount that#39;s in two cups of black coffee.在这项研究(顺便说一下,这项研究并不是星巴克赞助的)中,志愿者们一夜没睡,随后被分成两组。实验人员要求他们早上嚼口香糖,但其中一组的口香糖中含有冬青草安慰剂,而另一组的口香糖中则含有200克咖啡因,相当于两杯黑咖啡中咖啡因的含量。The participants were then put in situations where researchers ;encouraged them to go along with a lie in order to earn some extra money,; Christian says. ;We tried to replicate a situation where a boss or a peer was pressuring them to cut ethical corners at work.;随后,实验参与者们被安排在一个场景中,研究人员“鼓励他们用谎言来赢取更多的钱,”克里斯蒂安说。“我们尝试模拟这样一种场景,也就是,老板或者同事给他们施压,要求他们在工作中违背道德,捞取好处。”The results: Those who got the extra boost of caffeine consistently balked when researchers urged them to cheat, while those who were just exhausted -- and had chewed the non-caffeinated gum -- showed a marked willingness to cast conscience aside and go along with the deception.实验结果显示,在研究人员不断催促他们欺诈的压力下,那些额外摄入了咖啡因的被试验者一致表示拒绝;而那些筋疲力尽、只是嚼了无咖啡因口香糖的实验者们却表现出放弃道德感,愿意实施欺骗的倾向性。Employers who want to reduce the likelihood of misbehavior should make sure people aren#39;t putting in too many long hours without a break and ;avoid scheduling tasks that require a great deal of self-control when looming deadlines make long hours unavoidable,; the study concludes. Two other suggestions: Put in nap rooms at the office and don#39;t skimp on the free coffee.对于那些力图减少工作中品行不端现象的雇主们来说,应该确保员工不用长时间工作而得不到休息。研究认为,要“避免在截止期限临近、长时间工作不可避免的时候,安排需要极大自制力的工作。另外,研究人员还提出了两个建议:在办公室中设置午休室,也不要不舍得提供免费的咖啡。;Our experiment doesn#39;t explain all of people#39;s decisions to do unethical things, but it is significant,; says Christian. He points to statistics from the National Sleep Foundation that show that most Americans say they sleep, on average, only about five-and-a-half hours per night. The clinical definition of sleep deprivation is anything under seven.克里斯蒂安说:“我们的实验无法解释人们做出有悖道德之举的全部原因,但是结论的意义十分重大”。他指出,全国睡眠基金会(National Sleep Foundation)的数据显示,大部分美国人每晚平均睡眠时间只有5.5个小时,而低于7小时的睡眠时间都会被临床诊断为“睡眠不足”。So are we less ethical than back in 1999, when most of us claimed to get at least seven hours of shuteye? Maybe not: Caffeine consumption is up, too. The National Coffee Association, a trade group of java producers and purveyors, said in its annual report last month that we#39;re gulping 18% more cappuccinos, lattes, and other espresso-based (: strong) coffee drinks than we did in 2013.那么,比起1999年来,如今的我们是否更加“不道德”呢?毕竟在当时,大部分美国人声称自己每晚至少会睡7个小时。或许是否定的,因为我们的咖啡因摄入量也在提高。美国咖啡协会(The National Coffee Association)是一个爪哇咖啡生产商和经销商的贸易团体。这个协会上个月发布的年度报告指出,我们消费的卡布奇诺、拿铁以及其他浓缩咖啡的总量比2013年上涨了18%。 /201405/294594

  The Japanese continue to steam ahead of these ed States of American States in the field of absurdly delicious-sounding pizza concoctions.据外媒报道,日本必胜客为纪念森永甜品创立100周年,特别推出了一款森永牛奶焦糖和棉花糖批萨。This is Pizza Hut’s contribution to the global pizza insanity landscape, and it is only available in Japan. This is the Morinaga Milk Caramel and Marshmallow pizza, available only through June in Japanese Pizza Huts in celebration of Morinaga Caramel’s 100th Anniversary.五颜六色的棉花糖、甜甜的焦糖和烤杏仁撒在松脆的切达奶酪批萨上,这种组合很有可能让你的味蕾不知所措。For only 800 yen (approximately ) you can have your very own caramel/marshmallow pizza.这款批萨只在6月30前在日本有售,价格为800日元(约合8美元)。 /201406/305127It#39;s time to remind myself what I love about life here in California, USA, to remember what I desperately miss when I go home.当我回到家乡,总是让我意识到我是有多么的留恋在美国,加州的生活。Real radio电台In the USA there are so many radio stations that those iPod tuner things don#39;t work at all. There is, simply, no dead air. For a while, I hated that, because my iPod wouldn#39;t play in my car, and all the stations drove me mad with constant advertising.在美国有很多电台,完全不是那种随身音乐播放器能比拟的,在这里电台包罗万象。有一次在美国开车,我的随身音乐播放器坏了,感觉所有的电台都在播广告,简直让人崩溃。It took me a while to discover the USA#39;s many public radio stations, which don#39;t broadcast any adverts.就是这样我才花了一些时间去研究美国的公共电台,那些电台完全没广告。KCRW is my favourite station, for its blend of indie music and current affairs. But I also listen to KJAZZ and KPCC. But before you feel jealous - it#39;s all online. My favourites: American Life, Snap Judgement and Henry Rollins live every Saturday night. Take a listen online for free.KCRW是我最喜欢的电台,提供独立音乐和时事播报务,还有KJAZZ和KPCC我也很喜欢,不用嫉妒,在网上你们也可以听得到,我最喜欢的节目有三个,美国生活,草率判断,还有每周六的Herny Rollins。网上听皆免费。News? Well, there#39;s not a lot of news from South Africa, and when it is, it#39;s bad and full of fear, so I ignore it. But I care about any place I live in, and that includes the USA. And on public radio, the USA is covered in depth, from the perspective of individual stories rather than statistics.还有新闻报道,在南非新闻报道很少,很多新闻都是负面报道听了就让人发愁,所以我一般不听。我很留意身边发生的事情,当然包括在美国发生的事情,在美国的公共电台中,新闻报道非常有深度,除了简单枯燥数据报道外,还有专家分析。TV Addictions电视Television is not cheap, or all that good a service here. But never mind, this is America. There are plenty of great alternatives for the discerning addict.Let#39;s focus on the legal. If you want a TV episode the same week and don#39;t mind seeing the same adverts 24/7, you can pay for Hulu, which isn#39;t too expensive compared to Cable.在美国看电视很棒但不便宜,别介意,这是美国,不看电视好玩的还很多。如果是合法电视台的话,看电视剧肯定避免不了广告,但是你可以选择Hulu,对比有线电视台也不是很贵。And then there#39;s Netflix... oh, Netflix.com. Streaming of thousands and thousands of movies and TV shows, from all over the world, legally, for .99 a month? This couldn#39;t exist in South Africa, not with the slowness of our internet, or the fragmentation of our market. I guess this is what#39;s great about first world media. Even though the USA is a hugely varied market, like South Africa, people can afford to pay for services en mass, and enough people speak English at home to buy into it.除此之外还有Netflix,拥有超多的电视节目,几乎每个国家的节目都有,费用每月只要7块9毛9,在南非这种事情完全不可能,我们的国家网速慢,市场分散,相比之下,我觉第一世界的媒体就是棒。美国某些方面和南非一样,是一个多元化的市场,但是几乎所有家庭都有钱付费看电视,就算是不说英语的家庭也愿意付费。I have no doubt that some of this could exist in Zulu or Xhosa in South Africa one day, so I find America inspiring in this way. The only problem is that finding an obscure Korean film subtitled in Zulu is pretty much impossible.我觉得南非的科萨和祖鲁也终会有一天有这种条件的,美国给了我信心。额外一提的是,想看祖鲁语字幕的韩剧在哪也是不可能的。The festivals节日I#39;m jealously watching tweets and Facebook boasts and reviews from SXSW - seems like half the people I used to work with in SA are there, meeting Grumpy Cat and watching bands they#39;ve always wanted to see live. It#39;s great to know that these 1000s of festivals are so close, and that one day, if film school schedule ever allows me to leave campus for more than a few days, I can go to one or two of them. I have aly exchanged my much loved Ford Mustang for a bigger, less sexy car - a car spacious enough to sleep in - so that next year I can be there, not just dream of it.每次我看推特,脸书,和SXSW的时都很羡慕,让我感觉我在南非时的朋友都在这里面,一起看不爽猫,看乐队表演。有近千个节日盛典好像都要临近日期举行,如果哪天,学校能给我几天假期,我肯定会参与其中一到两个。我已经把我的福特野马换成了辆空间更大的车,虽然不怎么好看,但是足够让我睡觉,所以明年返校,也切都不是梦想了。The famous people名人When I go back to SA, I#39;m often asked if I#39;ve spotted any famous people. It#39;s kinda awkward for me. I feel the same way about it as I feel when an American asks me if there are lions in the streets. Except yes, I have. No, not lions. I have met some famous people. I chatted to RJ Mitte from Breaking Bad outside a club in West Hollywood. Many of my professors are famous directors. The problem is, once you meet these famous people, they#39;re just people, FFS.每次我回到南非的时候都有人问我有没有看到什么名人,让我感到很难启齿,就好像美国人问我是否在南非是否在马路上看到过狮子一样,南非的马路上当然没有狮子。我在西好莱坞外的酒吧里见到过绝命毒师的RJ米特,而且我学校里的老师很多也是著名导演,但是,我见到的这些名人,在美国,也不过是普通人。This feels disappointing at first, like you#39;re missing a Jesus moment of some sort. But if you think about it, it#39;s inspiring. What it means, is that I, little me (right now, also “just a person”) could be a famous just-a-person person one day, and get to make all the films I just dream of now.一开始,虽然会有点失望,很失落,但是仔细想想,还是很鼓舞人心的,如果有一天我成了名人,在这里,我依然只是个普通人,可以继续拍摄我梦想中的影片。 /201312/270410

  There#39;s a long-running trope in perfume advertising that perfume speaks, and what it broadcasts is a message about its wearer.香水广告一个经久不衰的诉求点就是香水能说话,能传递有关香水使用者的信息。In the 1950s, many perfumes spoke the message of feminine sexuality, a subversive message that was only socially acceptable to be spoken subliminally and invisibly, in perfume. In the 1950s perfume ad for Primitif, under the image of a sultry super-vixen with half-parted lips who looks like she just jumped from the cover of a pulp novel, a tagline asks, #39;Why not let your perfume say the things you would not dare to?#39;上世纪50年代,许多香水传递的是女性的性感;在当时的社会,这种大胆、具有颠覆性的信息只允许通过香水隐晦地透露一二。当时的Primitif香水广告中就是一个超级惹火的娇艳女郎,樱唇微启,活生生从低俗小说封面中跳出来一样,下面的广告语是:“为何不让你的香水把你不敢说的说出来呢?”In Guerlain#39;s Chant d#39;Aromes ad from 1965, we#39;re told that a great perfume must do two things: #39;It must express something for a woman that she would like to express herself, and it must be said in away that can be understood by men.#39; And in a Nuance ad from 1978, a few years before the big-shouldered 1980s fragrances such as Giorgio and Christian Dior#39;s Poison shouted their messages, women were told their perfume shouldn#39;t be too strong or loud. #39;If you want to capture someone#39;s attention,#39; it advised, #39;whisper.#39;娇兰(Guerlain)在1965年的“喜悦之歌”(Chant d#39;Aromes)香水广告告诉我们,一瓶伟大的香水应做到以下两点:必须能表达女人想表达的自己,同时必须能从某种意义上被男人理解。在宽肩盛行的80年代,Giorgio和迪奥(Christian Dior)的“毒药”(Poison)等香水用浓郁的香氛大声地表达,而就在那之前几年,1978年的Nuance广告则告诉女人,香水不应该太强烈或者太夸张。该广告建议称:“如果你想要吸引别人的注意力,低语倾诉就好。”Perfumes still #39;say#39; things, of course, but in a post-signature scent era, when women (and men) are offered upwards of 1,000 new fragrances a year to choose from, most people express different things with their perfumes, depending on their moods, the event they#39;re going to, what they#39;re wearing, or whatever they happen to grab on their dressers. Are these eternal, #39;essential#39; truths about their wearers? Not so much, since perfume can be applied and taken off as easily as a Roberto Cavalli leopard print maxi-dress or an L.L. Bean down vest-jacket.当然,如今香水依然能“表达”很多东西,但是在后标志性香味时代,当女人(以及男人)每年有多至1,000种新香水可供选择时,多数人会根据心情、要参加的活动、穿戴或者在梳妆台上随手抓来的香水表达不同的信息。这些信息能反映出香水使用者永恒的、最本质的自我吗?不见得,因为香水可以和罗伯特#12539;卡沃利(Roberto Cavalli)的豹纹长裙或是L.L. Bean的羽绒背心一样穿脱自如。Here are some of the most popular perfume families -- and what they say about you to others.以下是一些最流行的香水系列以及它们所能传递的信息:Citrus/Marine/Ozonic (i.e. #39;clean#39;) -- You probably carry hand sanitizer in your purse and consider organizing the contents of your purse as one of your hobbies. No-nonsense, unsentimental, and efficient, you are the leader of the pack, and probably prefer Tory Burch flats to Louboutin blood-red-heeled stillettos.柑橘/海洋/臭氧系列(即“清爽”系列)――你可能会在包里放无水洗手液,同时把归类包里的东西作为兴趣爱好。你不会瞎聊、不会感情用事、行事高效,是团队的领袖,也许比起鲁布托(Louboutin)的血红底细高跟鞋,你会更喜欢托里#12539;伯奇(Tory Burch)的平底鞋。Floral -- You like baking cookies, hand-writing thank you notes, and the idea of true love. You are a mix of introverted and extroverted. You project a conventional femininity that some would describe as #39;classic.#39; To you, perfume means #39;flowers,#39; and you don#39;t see any need to question what has worked for millennia.花香系列――你喜欢烤饼干,手写感谢卡,也相信真爱。你是内向和外向的集合体。你觉得传统女性可以用“经典”来形容。对你来说,香水就意味着“各种各样的花香”,你不认为有任何必要去质疑已经延续了千年的真理。Fruity and Fruity-Florals - Bubbly, flirty, and fun, you don#39;t take anything too seriously, and you#39;re the person people invite to their cocktail parties to get the festivities going. You#39;re open and friendly.水果和果味花香系列――你很活泼、喜欢与人逗乐、有趣好玩,不会认真看待任何事,你是大家都喜欢邀请到鸡尾酒会上来带动气氛的人。你开放又友善。Gourmand -- You are romantic and seductive. After all, you want to smell like vanilla, chocolate, praline, and cotton candy -- things someone could take a big bite out of. Generous and larger than life, you#39;re not sure why someone would decorate her apartment in an all-beige color scheme when purple leopard-spotted wallpaper is available. In spite of the va-va-va-voom quality of the fragrances you like, you are also a comfort seeker. You probably own a hidden pair of jeggings you wear underneath your Snuggie on cold nights on the couch while eating bonbons.美食香味系列――你很浪漫,还很性感。说到底,你希望自己闻起来像香草、巧克力、果仁糖和棉花糖这些大家想要咬上一大口的东西一样。你为人慷慨又大气,你不明白为什么有紫色豹纹壁纸可供选择的时候,会有人想要把她的公寓全部装饰成米黄色调。尽管你喜欢的香水超有活力,你同时也喜欢舒适。或许在冷天缩在沙发上吃夹心软糖的时候你会偷偷在毛毯下穿一条牛仔打底裤。Oriental -- Like the gourmand lover, you prefer perfumes that contain sweet notes of vanilla and amber, but they also need dark and mysterious notes such as frankincense and myrrh. Romantic and sensitive, you live in your own world, or at least do your best to make the one you#39;re in conform to your dreams. Some might describe you as #39;intense,#39; others a #39;drama queen.#39; When your perfume contains the #39;tears#39; or resins that #39;weep#39; from the barks of trees when they#39;re wounded, as labdanum and balsams do, what do they expect?东方香味系列――跟喜欢美食香味的人一样,你更偏爱含有甜甜香草和琥珀味的香水,但同时它们也需要乳香和没药等黑暗和神秘的香调。你浪漫且敏感,活在自己的世界中,或者至少尽最大努力使生活符合你的梦想。有人可能会评价你“情感强烈”,也有人会说你喜欢“小题大做”。当你的香水里含有劳丹脂和香脂等树皮受伤时留下的“眼泪”时, 他们会作何感想呢?Mossy and Woody -- You may be living in the 21st century, but you#39;re what some might have described in the past as a #39;dame,#39; and maybe even a #39;dame with moxie.#39; Like the gal below, no one is going to find you sipping on an Appletini or wearing pink. More than likely, you#39;ll be the one drinking a bitter espresso in the corner café ing Camus, Sheila Heti, or the DSM5 -- for fun. On a sunny Saturday afternoon. You#39;re probably a Scorpio.青苔和木香系列――你是生活在21世纪,但若在过去,你会被称作“夫人”,甚至“勇敢的夫人”。与喜欢下一个系列香水的女人一样,你不会喝苹果马提尼或穿粉红色的衣。你更有可能会在一个阳光明媚的周六下午在一个角落里喝杯苦咖啡,读读加缪(Camus)、希拉#12539;海蒂(Sheila Heti)的书或是第五版《精神疾病诊断与统计手册》(DSM5)――纯属。你可能是天 座。Leather/tobacco/musk/oud/incense: Voted in high school #39;most likely to grow up to be an international spy,#39; your Platonic ideal of a good night out is donning your vintage Yves Saint Laurent #39;Le Smoking#39; suit, drinking single-malt scotch neat at a dive bar with a mysterious stranger you just picked up at an art gallery in NYC#39;s Chelsea neighborhood, and making out with him -- or her -- in the back of a taxi cab.皮革/烟草/麝香/乌木/薰香系列――读高中时被大家票选为“最有可能成为国际间谍的人”;你的理想夜生活是穿上复古的伊夫 罗兰(Yves Saint Laurent)的 “Le Smoking”套装,在一间小酒吧喝着纯麦不加冰的苏格兰威士忌,旁边是一位你在纽约切尔西(Chelsea)某艺术画廊认识的神秘陌生人,之后在出租车后座上与他(或她)亲热。 /201403/278742

  With her roommates out on a date, Meng Xiangying was alone in her dormitory on Sunday afternoon. At 3 pm the 22-year-old economics major at Lanzhou University took out a few snacks and started watching her favorite TV series.一个周日的下午,室友们都各自出去约会了,宿舍中只留下孟湘英(音译)一个人。下午三点,这位22岁,兰州大学经济系学生拿出几袋零食,开始追自己喜欢的电视剧。At the same time, Hu Yuntian at Nanjing Tech University started to watch the same , eating the same snacks. “It’s like we’re together,” says the 22-year-old. This is the couple’s way to bridge the distance.同一时间,南京理工大学学生胡云天(音译)也在追同一部剧,吃着同样的零食。22岁的他说:“就好像我们在一起一样。”这对异地情侣用这样的方式来缩短彼此间的距离。Long-distance relationships can be challenging, but like Meng and Hu, many college students find ways to make it work.尽管异地恋并不轻松,但像孟湘英和胡云天这样的大学生情侣们找到许多战胜距离的方法。He Yi, 22, is an English major at Tsinghua University. After being together with her boyfriend from Xi’an Electronic and Engineering University for three years, she concludes that their strategy is good communication. “We use WeChat and QQ every day to share our experiences and thoughts,” She says. “When we’re physically apart, it’s important to maintain an emotional bond.”22岁的清华大学英语系学生何怡(音译)和就读于西安电子科技大学的男友交往了三年的时间。她总结到,他们维持恋情的策略便是保持良好的沟通。“我们每天通过微信和QQ来分享各自的经历和想法,”她说,“分隔两地时,维系情感纽带变得十分重要。”Apart from daily communication, Ma Guixia loves to keep things special. Every now and then, the 21-year-old clinical medicine major student at Soochow University surprises her boyfriend by showing up at his university unannounced. “I want to keep our spark alive,” says Ma. “Besides, when I visit him, I can experience his life, which gives us something to share and talk about.”除了日常沟通意外,21岁的苏州大学临床医学系学生马桂霞(音译)还喜欢做一些特别的事。她会意外现身男友的大学,为他送上惊喜。“我想保持这份,”马桂霞说,“除此之外,我去探望他时还可以体验他的生活,这样我们边有共同话题可聊了。”Meng also benefits from such surprises. “I always remember how touched I was when my boyfriend sent me a wedding dress for my birthday,” she says. When she participated in a study exchange program in Italy, the good memories helped her get through the even longer distance and time difference.孟湘英也遭遇过这样甜蜜的惊喜。她说:“我永远都忘不了,收到男友送的婚纱作为生日礼物的自己当时有多么的感动。”当她在意大利参加交换生项目的那段时间里,这段美好的记忆帮助她克更远的距离,甚至是时差。But Liu Donghua, chief psychological consultant at an Anhui-based consulting company, believes that trust is the foundation of long-distance love. “Though frequent communication and special ways to express love can keep a long-distance relationship fresh, without setting the same goals and trusting each other, lovers can hardly be faithful and understandable to each other,” she says.而来自安徽某咨询公司的首席心理咨询师刘东华(音译)则认为信任是异地恋的基础。她说:“通过频繁沟通和用特别的方式来表达爱意可以保持异地恋的新鲜感。如果没有共同目标和信任,恋人们很难忠于并理解对方。”“One of my friends fought a lot with her boyfriend and they eventually broke up because they didn’t trust each other,” says Meng. “I don’t want that to happen to us, so I talked to Hu and we agreed on our long-term plans.”“我有一个朋友经常和男友吵架,最后因为缺乏信任而分手,” 孟湘英说,“我不想这样的事情发生在我们身上,所以经过一番交谈,我和男友制定了的长远计划。”They’ve decided to pursue master’s degrees in Beijing together, which will finally bring an end to their three-year long-distance relationship and mark the beginning of a closer one.这对情侣决定一起在北京读研,这就意味着他们即将为三年的异地恋画上句点了,并开始一段更为亲密的恋情。 /201403/280479


  The mother of a little boy who was upset about his new glasses asked some friends to help reassure him about his new look.一个小男孩因为自己的新眼镜而闷闷不乐,他的妈妈请了一些朋友来帮他对自己的新外形树立信心。Lindsey Fisher began a Facebook account called Glasses for Noah, where bespectacled friends could send in pictures of themselves to reassure her son, Noah, about becoming a glasses-wearer.林赛·费希尔开了一个新的Facebook主页叫“诺亚的眼镜”。戴眼镜的朋友可以把自己的照片发到这个主页来告诉她的宝贝:戴眼镜也很酷。Fisher reached out to friends and family, but the page took on a life of its own and strangers from around the country have sent in pictures for four-year-old Noah.费希尔只是向朋友和家人求助,但是这个主页很快就流传甚广,来自全国各地的陌生人都开始向4岁宝贝诺亚送照片。Noah Fisher, four, looks very dapper in his black-rimmed spectacles, but he was very worried about what kind of reception he would get.4岁的诺亚·费希尔戴着黑框眼镜,看上去十分帅气,但是他对别人会怎么评价自己很担忧。#39;I said, ;Put your glasses on,; and he just broke into tears,#39; Lindsey Fisher told USA Today.林赛·费希尔告诉《今日美国》记者:“我让她把眼镜戴上,他直接就哇哇大哭起来。”#39;It was the saddest thing. It just broke my heart. And I finally got him to tell me why he was crying and he said because everyone was going to laugh at him.#39;“这件事情很让人难过,我心都碎了。我最终才套出他哭的原因。他说他觉得所有人都会嘲笑他。”Fisher enlisted friends to post on Glasses for Noah and soon it had received hundreds of likes and pictures to help reassure little Noah.费希尔召集朋友在“诺亚的眼镜”主页上上传照片。不久,主页就收获了数百个赞和照片来帮助安抚小诺亚。#39;Our sweet 4-year old, Noah, just got glasses and is having a hard time adjusting. Let#39;s show him just how cool glasses really are!#39; s the Facebook page.Facebook主页上写道:“我们四岁的小甜心诺亚刚刚有自己的新眼镜,现在正在艰难地适应过程中。让我们向他展示戴眼镜究竟可以有多酷!”Now, the page has 923 #39;likes#39; and Fisher says that as long as people keep posting pictures, she#39;ll keep it going.现在这个主页已经有923个赞了。费希尔说,只要人们还在上传照片,她就会继续运营这个主页。#39;It was very humbling to see how the community took time out of their day to post a picture of themselves for a little boy that half of them don#39;t even know,#39; she told USA Today.她告诉《今日美国》记者:“看到社区里的人们是怎样抽出时间为一个小男孩上传照片,而且其中半数都不认识这个小孩,真是让人惊喜的一件事。”The uploaded pictures have messages of support for Noah to show him that there is nothing uncool about wearing glasses.上传的照片都向诺亚明了:戴眼镜丝毫没有不酷的地方。#39;I don#39;t know how many more likes or pictures we#39;ll get but as long as I#39;m getting pictures, I#39;ll keep showing them to him every night,#39; Fisher said.费希尔说:“我不知道我们还会得到多少赞和图片,但是只要我得到新照片,我就会每天晚上都给他看这些照片。” /201312/267171

  Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. is bringing its newest ship to China in an effort to draw more revenue from the world#39;s biggest travel market. 皇家加勒比游轮有限公司(Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.)将把最新型的游轮带到中国,希望从全球最大的旅游市场分走更大一块“蛋糕”。The cruise company plans to move the Quantum of the Seas to Shanghai in 2015 from its current port in New York, said Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean#39;s president and chief operating officer. It will add to Royal Caribbean#39;s existing two ships in China. 皇家加勒比游轮的总裁兼首席运营长戈尔茨坦(Adam Goldstein)在采访中说,公司计划在2015年把停泊在纽约港口的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”(Quantum of the Seas)迁到上海。目前皇家加勒比在中国共有两艘游轮。The ship, which has 16 decks and features attractions like simulated sky diving, can carry 4,180 guests and will sail from Shanghai to destinations in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Goldstein said in an interview. “海洋量子号”有16层甲板,可载4,180名乘客,配备模拟跳伞装置等特色游乐项目。戈尔茨坦介绍,这艘游轮将运营上海至日本、韩国等航线。 The move was prompted in part by Chinese consumers who want access to the biggest and newest offerings, he said. Quantum of the Seas has an indoor sporting complex where tourists can drive bumper cars, play table tennis and learn the trapeze. 他说,这在一定程度上是受中国消费者对更大更新游轮务的需求推动。“海洋量子号”建有室内运动场馆,游客可以开碰碰车、打乒乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。 #39;We#39;re looking to get first-time cruisers to choose our brand,#39; Mr. Goldstein said. Associated Press皇家加勒比的顶级豪华游轮“海洋量子号”配有室内运动场馆,游客可开碰碰车、打兵乓球、玩“空中飞人”项目。戈尔茨坦说,希望首次尝试游轮旅行的人能够选择他们的品牌。China#39;s travel market is booming. Brokerage CLSA estimates that as China#39;s per capita income rises, outbound mainland tourists will reach 200 million by 2020, doubling from 2013. Chinese tourists became the world#39;s biggest travel spenders in 2012, when outlays on outbound travel swelled to 2 billion, up 40% from 2011, according to the most recent annual figures from the ed Nations World Tourism Organization. 中国旅游市场正在繁荣发展。里昂券(CLSA)估计,随着中国人均收入增加,到2020年出国旅行的中国大陆游客将达到2亿人次,较2013年增长一倍。联合国世界旅游组织(ed Nations World Tourism Organization)的最近数据显示,中国游客2012年出境游出跃居全球首位,达到1,020亿美元,较2011年增加40%。Efforts to attract China#39;s tourists are heating up, as everyone from the Hawaii Tourism Authority to Air New Zealand Ltd. executives are launching campaigns to win over the tourism dollars. Vancouver#39;s tourism office is tapping Chinese celebrities to tout trips to the Canadian city. 吸引中国游客的努力正在升温。从夏威夷观光局(Hawaii Tourism Authority)到新西兰航空(Air New Zealand Ltd.),高管们都在争相推出各种活动来争取中国游客。温哥华旅游局通过邀请中国名人来宣传当地旅游。Miami-based Royal Caribbean said sales in China have doubled over the past five years, though it won#39;t disclose specific figures. But it says the cruising market in the country is still nascent. U.S. travelers account for 52% of world-wide passengers on cruises, followed by U.K. and Ireland, with 8%, according to industry association Cruise Lines International Association. China doesn#39;t yet appear in the top 10, according to the group. 皇家加勒比游轮公司称,过去五年公司在中国市场的销售额增长了一倍,但它不愿披露具体数字。不过该公司称,中国的游轮巡游市场仍处在萌芽阶段。国际游轮协会(Cruise Lines International Association)的数据显示,全球游轮巡游市场上,52%的游客来自美国,来自英国和爱尔兰的游客占到8%,位列第二。中国尚未跻身前十。The industry has been under scrutiny in recent years. In January hundreds of passengers on Royal Caribbean#39;s Explorer of the Seas ship from New Jersey to the Caribbean were stricken with a gastrointestinal illness. The cruise operator cut short the 10-day trip. Rivals have also faced graver problems over the past couple of years, such as a tragic sinking and engine fires. 最近几年游轮行业受到了审查。今年1月份,皇家加勒比游轮公司的“海洋探险者号”(Explorer of the Seas)离开新泽西港口,前往加勒比海巡游,途中爆发胃肠道疾病疫情。“海洋探险者号”因此缩短了十天的行程,提前返回。过去几年,其他游轮公司面临过较为严重的问题,如悲剧性的沉船事故和引擎起火事件。Mr. Goldstein said incidents such as these have received widesp media attention but predominantly because they are so rare. 戈尔茨坦说,这类事件受到了媒体的广泛关注,但很大程度上是因为这种事情非常罕见。Royal Caribbean, which operates its namesake line and Celebrity cruises, reported in January a fourth-quarter profit of million, compared with a 3 million loss in the same period a year earlier. Revenue in the fourth quarter improved to .85 billion, up 2.7% from the same period a year earlier. 皇家加勒比游轮公司运营“皇家加勒比”、“名人”(Celebrity)等游轮品牌。该公司1月份公布,第四财季实现利润700万美元,上年同期亏损3.93亿美元。第四财季收入为18.5亿美元,同比增长2.7%。Laurie BurkittLaurie Burkitt /201404/288633

  Nude photos of “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Ariana Grande and Kirsten Dunst, among others, leaked online Sunday morning in one of the biggest celebrity hacking scandals in recent memory.8月31日上午,《饥饿游戏》女星詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯,以及凯特#8226;阿普顿,爱莉安娜#8226;格兰德,克尔斯滕#8226;邓斯特等诸多好莱坞一线女星因手机遭到黑客攻击,不雅照外泄,成为最近规模最大的明星“艳照门”事件。It is understood some of the images were obtained from services such as Apple iCloud that back up content from devices on to the internet.据悉,其中一些照片正来自于如苹果iCloud这样的备份软件务,它们可以将手机中的文件在网上进行备份。Apple says it is investigating whether iCloud accounts have been hacked.苹果公司称其正在对iCloud账户是否遭到黑客攻击展开调查。Ms Lawrence has requested an investigation after a hacker apparently obtained photographs, with graphic content, from the mobile phones of numerous celebrities.诸多明星的手机显然都已遭到黑客攻击,并导致照片外泄,詹妮弗#8226;劳伦斯已要求对此进行调查。A spokeswoman for the actress said the internet posts were “a flagrant violation of privacy”.她的女发言人称,在网上曝光这些照片是”公然侵犯个人隐私”。An FBI spokesman told the Associated Press news agency that it was “aware of the allegations” and was “addressing the matter”.一名FBI发言人在接受美联社采访时则表示,他们已经“得知此事”并开始着手“解决问题”。Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris was ed by Reuters as saying in an email: “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report.”另据路透社报道,苹果公司女发言人娜特#8226;克里斯在邮件中写道:”我们一直非常重视用户的隐私问题,并且正在对此事积极展开调查。”Experts have raised concerns over the security of “cloud” storage sites.专家们则开始对 “云存储”的安全性产生质疑。“It is important for celebrities and the general public to remember that images and data no longer just reside on the device that captured it,” said Ken Westin, security analyst at Tripwire.Tripwire公司安全分析师肯#8226;威斯汀认为:“明星或者公众人物一定要记得不要把照片和数据保留在照相设备中。”“Although many cloud providers may encrypt the data communications between the device and the cloud, it does not mean that the image and data is encrypted when the data is at rest.”他还说:“尽管许多云务提供商也许能对移动设备与云之间的数据传输进行加密,但这并不意味着其中的静态数据也能被加密。”“If you can view the image in the cloud service, so can a hacker.”“如果你能通过云务看到这些照片,那么黑客也可以。”“Creepy effort”后果不堪设想Images of the celebrities were leaked on image posting website 4Chan.明星们的照片是在图片网站4Chan上被泄露和发布的。The user posting them - who defined him or herself as a “collector” rather than “hacker” - said more images of different celebrities would soon be posted.发帖用户并没有以”黑客”自居,而是自称”收集者”,他还宣称很快会曝出更多其他明星的照片。While some of the celebrities said the images were fake, others have confirmed their authenticity.虽然部分明星声称照片系伪造,但另一些明星则确认了照片的真实性。Actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead posted on Twitter: “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.”女星玛丽#8226;伊丽莎白#8226;温斯泰德在Twitter上写道,”这些照片都是我和我丈夫几年前在家中拍摄的私照,希望那些围观的人们还能自我感觉良好。”“Knowing those photos were deleted long ago, I can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this.”她还说:“虽然那些照片早已被删除(但还是泄露了出来),其后果真是让人不寒而栗、难以想象。”Winstead”s comments would suggest iCloud was not at play, as pictures on Apple’s service are only viewable online for 30 days.温斯泰德的话直指iCloud并没有像它所描述的:苹果务器中的照片只有在30天内可以在网上被浏览。Raj Samani from Intel Security said: “Almost every service used online requires a password, and to ensure your passwords are secure, they must be complex.”来自英特尔杀毒软件公司Intel Security的拉杰#8226;萨马尼则说,”任何在线务都需要密码,而且为了确保其安全性,密码越复杂越好。”But more often than not, it is human weaknesses that give hackers the simplest route to compromising accounts.但往往正是人类的弱点让黑客们有机可乘,得以轻松盗取账户。“Phishing” people - meaning to trick them into giving up their password - is considered perhaps the simplest and most targeted way hackers gain access to accounts.网络钓鱼正是黑客盗取账户最简单也是最常用的手段,他们通过欺骗手段让用户们直接”交出”密码。 /201409/325564

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