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本溪满族县医院好不好本溪南芬治疗月经不调多少钱本溪市妇幼保健院泌尿系统在线咨询 China has developed a bullet train that can convert its sleeping berths to seats to meet demand for around-the-clock operations, a train maker said last Monday.一家列车生产商与上周一宣称,我国已研制出一种具有;座卧转换;功能的动车,以满足全天候运营的需求。Nicknamed ;Panda; because of their black-and-white nose design, two CRH5E trains came off the assembly line at the CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co, said a manager with the company.据中车长春轨道客车公司的一名经理介绍,两列CRH5E动车组在该公司下线。因为黑白相间的车头设计,CRH5E动车组被称为;熊猫;Among the 16 carriages on the trains, 13 of them are equipped with compartments with both seats and beds.CRH5E动车组共有16节车厢,其中13节车厢配备了既有卧铺又有座位的包厢。The beds for night operations can be folded into seats during the daytime, the manager said.该经理称,用于夜间运营的床铺在白天可折叠成座位。Passengers in the compartments have access to Wi-Fi and can charge their electric devices with installed sockets or USB ports.包厢乘客可连接Wi-Fi,利用包厢内安装的插座或USB插口为电子设备充电。With a maximum speed of 250 km per hour, the trains can run in temperatures as low as -40℃.这款动车组可在气温低至零下40℃的环境下运行,最高时速为250公里。Sound proofing and vibration damping can reduce noise inside the carriages to 65 decibels when the trains run at maximum speed, a noise level suitable for conversation, the manager said.这位经理还表示,在列车运行到最高时速时,隔音和减振可以将车厢内噪音降低到65分贝,该噪音水平适合谈话。 /201611/479762They were proposed almost exactly 100 years ago by Albert Einstein based on his theory of general relativity but it was only in February 2016 that scientists proved the existence of gravitational waves. And now China is starting work on the world’s highest altitude telescope that can detect them.确切地说将近100年前,爱因斯坦的相对论就提到了重力波。但是直到2016年的2月份科学家才实了它的存在。现在中国开始建造世界最高重力波望远镜去探测它。According to the Laser Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO whose scientists furnished the proof for the existence of the phenomenon: “Gravitational waves are ‘ripples’ in the fabric of space-time caused by some of the most violent and energetic processes in the universe. … The strongest gravitational waves are produced by catastrophic events such as colliding black holes the collapse of stellar cores (supernovae) coalescing neutron stars or white dwarf stars the slightly wobbly rotation of neutron stars that are not perfect spheres and the remnants of gravitational radiation created by the birth of the universe itself.”依据激光干涉引力波观测站(LIGO加州理工学院(Caltech)和麻省理工学院(MIT)的合作实验室)该实验室的科学家提供了引力波存在的现象:重力波在时空维度上给人逐步扩散的感觉,由一些最剧烈和最充满活力的宇宙进程所导致的。例如黑洞的对撞,星核(超新星)的崩塌,中子星或者白矮星的合并,非完美球体的中子星的歪斜旋转,宇宙大爆炸所产生的引力辐射残余。Gravitational waves are completely different from electromagnetic radiation that is commonplace in the universe and they also interact very weakly with matter even as they travel through space at the speed of light. Studying them is a completely new way unhindered by cosmic noise to study the nature of space and time.引力波与宇宙中普遍存在的电磁辐射完全不同,即使它们以光速穿过太空,它们与物质间的相互作用也非常微弱.。研究它们要用一种全新的方法,它不会被研究时空本质时的宇宙噪声干扰。Located 5250 meters (over 17200 feet) above sea level in Tibet the Chinese telescope will be very well-placed to study the primordial phenomenon. The region has clear skies and minimal human activity making it ideal for observing faint echoes from the earliest days of the universe soon after the Big Bang.位于中国西藏海拔5250米(超过17200英尺 )高度的望远镜是研究原初现象的一个绝佳去处。那里有清澈的天空和最少的人类活动,因而作为观察大爆炸之后最早期传来的微弱回声的地点很理想。The first telescope code-named Ngari No. 1 is aly under construction according toXinhua which cited Yao Yongqiang chief researcher with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who added it will be operational by 2021.新华社援引中国科学院国家天文台的首席研究员姚永强的话说第一台代号为阿里一号的望远镜已经在建中,他补充道到2021年它会开始运行。The second phase of construction called Ngari No. 2 will involve a series of telescopes that will be constructed even higher at an altitude of about 6000 meters. No time frx has been given yet for completion of the second phase but the cost of building the two-phase observatory is estimated to be 130 million yuan (about .8 million).第二阶段的建设名为阿里二号,它包含一系列会建在更高位置大约6000米海拔上的望远镜。第二阶段的完工时间没有给出但两阶段天文台的估价为1.3亿人民币(大约1880万美元)Of the seven continents on Earth only Asia North America and South America have mountains higher than Ngari No. 2.在地球上的七大洲中只有亚洲,北美洲和南美洲有比阿里二号所在位置更高的山峰。 /201701/488628平山区人民医院几点开门

本溪市北大医院看病贵不贵Huangdi Culture黄帝文化Huangdi is considered to be the founder of Chinese civilization as well as its first ancestor.He lived about 4 thousand years ago, during the time of patriarchal clan community,他生活在大约4000年前的父系氏族社会时期,and was the mystical chief of one of the strongest tribes in the middle valley of the Yellow River.是黄河流域最强大地部落之一的神秘首领。During this period many tribes came to settle around the reach of Yellow River engaging in farming.在这段时期,许多部落来到黄河沿岸安营扎寨,从事农业。The different tribes clashed with each other over land disputes as each tribe sought to have more farmland.因为每个部落都想要获取更多的土地,不同部落之间会因为土地问题起冲突。Since the constant warring caused much suffering to the people, Huangdi decided to put an end to this chaotic situation.当接连不断的战争使人民受苦受难时,黄帝决定终结这样混乱的局面。He worked out a moral code and trained his army.他制定了一套道德准则并训练了军队。With his army, after warring 56 battles against other tribes,他依靠自己的军队打败了56个部落,Huangdi conquered a wide area along the Yellow River and was made chief of the tribal union.征了黄河沿岸的一大片区域,成为了部落联盟的首领。Because his tribe honored the virtue of earth, he was given the title, Yellow Emperor,after the yellow color of earth, the symbol of farming.因为他的部落尊敬黄土大帝,他就被成为“黄帝”,“黄帝”代表着大地的颜色,是农业的象征。As the Yellow Emperor,he is remembered as having done many great things.作为黄帝,他因做了许多好事而被人铭记。He coined bronze money, practiced medicine, invented boats, raised silk-worms and divided his realm into provinces.他创造了铜钱、行医、造船、养蚕,还将他的领土划分区域。The story goes that when Huangdi was 110 years old,a yellow dragon appears in the sky,summoning the emperor to heaven on behalf of the king of heaven.传说黄帝110岁时,天空中出现了一条黄色的龙,代表玉帝将黄帝召唤至天庭。When the emperor riding on the back of the dragon is about to leave,当黄帝骑上龙背准备离开时,his subjects who were reluctant to let him go, drag him back by his clothes.他的臣民不愿意他离开,拖住他的衣把他拽回。However, all that was left were only part of the emperor’s clothes and hat.然而最终留下的仅仅是黄帝的衣衫和帽子。In commemoration of Huangdi, his descendents buried his remains at Mt. Qiaoshan,为了纪念黄帝,他的子孙后代将他留下的东西埋在了桥山,where they built a mausoleum in honour of him, in present day Shanxi Province.在那里,也就是今天的陕西省,他们建造了陵墓来缅怀黄帝。Tradition passes down from then that every year on the fifth day of the fourth lunar month (the Qingming Festival, also known as the Festival of Pure Brightness)传统自那时流传,每年农历的四月五日(清明节),Chinese people of Huangdi’s origin, will remember him by coming to visit his mausoleum which has become the symbol of the Chinese nation.中国人作为黄帝的子孙,通过参观皇帝的陵墓来纪念他,而这已经成为了中华民族的一个象征。 /201508/393938本溪治疗龟头炎的医院哪家好 辽宁省本溪市医院在什么位置

平山区医院电话多少The project is intended to explore the best ways to use drones to transport medicine and blood samples.该项目主要用于探索无人机运送药物和血样的最佳路径。Malawi#39;s government will operate the testing center in cooperation with ed Nations Children#39;s Fund, or UNICEF. It is the first center of its kind in Africa.马拉维政府将与联合国儿童基金会共同运作这个中心,这也是位于非洲的首家测试中心。Officials from the government and UNICEF held a launch ceremony last week in the capital Lilongwe. Flights are expected to be fully operating by April 2017. The drones will be carrying materials as far as 40 kilometers.马拉维政府和联合国儿童基金会的有关人员上周在首都利隆圭进行了启动仪式。该中心预计到2017年4月全面展开飞行。这种无人机能够运送物资最远至40公里开外。The most immediate use of drones in Malawi will be to help speed up the identification of HIV in babies. HIV is the virus that causes the disease AIDS.无人机在马拉维最直接的应用,是帮助加快对婴儿的艾滋病毒(艾滋病毒会导致艾滋病)检测。Malawi has one of the highest HIV infection rates in the world, especially among babies and children. Each year, about 10,000 children die in Malawi of HIV, according to UNICEF.马拉维是全球艾滋病毒感染率最高的国家之一,尤其是在婴儿和儿童之中感染率最高。联合国儿童基金会称马拉维每年大约有1万名儿童死于艾滋病。Currently, it can take up to 11 days to transport blood samples to laboratories by motorcycle or ambulance. It can then take another four weeks for blood test results to be returned.目前,使用托车或救护车运送血样到实验室需要长达11天的时间。然后血液检查结果返回又需要四周时间。UNICEF officials are hoping the drone flights will save many lives by cutting the time it takes to get HIV test results. It is important for infected children to get treatment as soon as possible to increase their chances for survival.联合国儿童基金会官员希望,无人机能缩短获得艾滋病毒检测结果的时间以拯救更多生命。尽快治疗受感染儿童很重要。In March, UNICEF-Malawi successfully completed its first drone test flight. A drone traveled 10 kilometers to deliver materials from a community health center to a hospital in Lilongwe.今年3月份,联合国儿童基金会和马拉维成功完成了第一次无人机试飞测试。一架无人机飞行了10公里,把物资从社区保健中心顺利送到了利隆圭的一家医院。Drones also will be tested to see if they can support transportation and collect information. These are important tasks in Malawi, where severe droughts and flooding can make damage assessments difficult during emergencies.无人机还将进行后续测试,以测试它们是否持运输和收集信息。以上是马拉维重要的任务。马拉维严重的干旱和洪水,可能会使紧急情况下的灾害评估变得更困难。Drone aircraft are also being used in other parts of Africa to transport blood, medicine and humanitarian supplies.非洲其它地区也在使用无人机运送血液、药品和人道主义救助物资。Earlier this year, the Rwandan government signed a deal to cooperate with a U.S.-based company to transport supplies to medical centers across the country.今年早些时候,卢旺达政府同一家总部设在美国的公司签下协议,旨在将物资运送到全国各地的医疗中心。In Madagascar, drones fly blood and laboratory materials from rural villages to a research station for testing. The aircraft help doctors speed up the identification of disease in patients and make quick deliveries of vaccines.在马达加斯加,无人机将血样和化验材料从农村运往研究站进行检测。这些飞机将会帮助医生加速对病人的诊断,并快速交付疫苗。 /201612/485831 本溪专业治疗阳痿的男科医院本溪妇科医院排名哪家好



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