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Voice 3: ;When we set off on the first (part) of the race, the first shock was the heat. By nine a.m., it was over thirty-two degrees. It reached fifty-two degrees when we were running across the sand (hills). (In the beginning) I did not drink enough water. I finished the (first) day with a headache. I could not imagine six more days of this.;声音3:“我们开始赛跑的第一阶段时,首先令我们震惊的就是酷热上午9点时,沙漠的温度已经超过3度了当我们在沙丘上奔跑时,温度已经达到了5度一开始,我没有喝足够的水我完成第一天的比赛时头很痛我无法想象还要再经过6天的赛程”Voice : ;The land is bad. Really bad. Hard, rocky, sandy, and never-ending. The size of the Sahara desert will scare you if you are smart.;声音:“土地的情况非常糟糕真的非常糟糕土地又硬、岩石又多、又铺满沙子,而且没有尽头即使你很聪明,你也会被撒哈拉沙漠的范围吓到的”Voice 5: ;The wind was (blowing). I could barely see anything. And I was surrounded by ninety metre high sand (hills)... That is when I had (a little) mental breakdown.;声音5:“风一直在吹我几乎什么也看不见我周围是90米高的沙丘那时我的精神有些崩溃了”Voice 6: ;I did the Marathon Des Sables because I thought it would be a (hard) race. I was wrong. It was nearly impossible. Everything (about the marathon) is the (hardest), longest, coldest, hottest.;声音6:“我参加撒哈拉沙漠马拉松是因为我本以为那只是一场艰难的比赛我错了那几乎是不可能完成的比赛这是一场最艰难、最长、最冷又是最热的马拉松”译文属 98广州白云哪里能做处女膜修复手术Patricia:Finally! That empty building has a new tenant.帕特丽夏:最终!那座空空如也的建筑迎来了一户新房客That great the neighborhood.对这个社区而言都是大好事啊Francois:Think again. The new tenant plans to open a strip club.弗朗索瓦:三思这户新来的可是计划要开家脱衣舞俱乐部Patricia:A strip club in the middle of a residential neighborhood?帕特丽夏:位于居民区的脱衣舞俱乐部?That must be a violation of city ordinances. The city wont allow that.这么做肯定是违反了城市相关法令城市不会允许的Francois:Im not so sure.弗朗索瓦:我不太确定The tenant has aly started moving in and there is no sign that the city is going take action.租户正开始搬进来,没有任何这个城市正采取相关行动的迹象Patricia:Then we have to do something to let the city know that we object to a strip club going into that space.帕特丽夏:那我们得做点什么让这个城市知道我们反对脱衣舞俱乐部进驻Francois:Good luck getting the city to do anything, much less file an injunction.弗朗索瓦:祝你成功,让这座城市做点事情真是难上加难,更不要说颁发禁令了The mayor is very pro-business and it wont look good if he tries to shut down any business that could bring revenue and jobs to this dying town.市长非常亲商,让他试图关闭任何能给这个垂死小镇带来收入和就业的生意不会那么简单Patricia:But at what cost?帕特丽夏:但代价是什么呢?Our kids will have to walk past the strip club every day to and from school. That outrageous!我们的孩子每天上下学肯定会走过脱衣舞俱乐部太离谱了!Francois:I suggest channeling that energy into action.弗朗索瓦:我建议将能量转化为行动If we make a stink and get media coverage, maybe well get some action.如果我们闹的满城风雨,引来媒体,也许我们会有些行动Patricia:Good idea. How can we get the local media to cover a neighborhood protest?帕特丽夏:好主意我们如何能得到让媒体报道社区的抗议?Francois:How about nude picketing?弗朗索瓦:来场裸体集会怎么样?Patricia:I think that would send the wrong message.帕特丽夏:我认为这只能传达错误信息 30广东计划生育专科医院在哪个区American Presidents-George W. Bush; I beg to differ, Would it kill you to (do something)?, ashes to ashes (dust to dust); worth more than; hodge podge, gazillion, and tons ofWords:consultantgovernorsalaryapproval ratingterrorismcoalitionpreemptivelyweapons of mass destructionto invadeto monitorleveestabilizationI beg to differWould it kill you to (do something)?ashes to ashes (dust to dust)worthhodge podgegazilliontons of (something) 1How do you make your resume stand out with so much competition?你如何让自己的简历在诸多竞争中脱颖而出?We are talking this one with Jason who been with those should allow we appreciate Easy area vice president in Chicago with Career Builder.com,我们正在和杰森谈论这个问题,让我们感谢Career Builder.com芝加哥地区的副总裁,weve been hooking you up here live on the air with people who needs some help with their resumes.我们已经期盼你很久了,现在直播帮助那些在简历方面遇到问题的人Now we have Janel Freud on with this.现在我们有请詹尼尔?弗洛伊德Janel Freud ,thank you being here,you go right ahead here,詹尼尔·弗洛伊德,谢谢你的到来,请来这里,look at your resume,you go right ahead and ask if you like,what your question is about your resume?看看你的简历,请问你喜欢的问题,关于你的简历有什么问题吗?Good morning and thank you,早上好,谢谢你,my question is that I think I have done a pretty good job of summing my skills,我的问题是我认为我的简历不错,比如总结我的技能,outlining my experience,and I need to know what missing on my resume?概述我的经验,我需要知道我的简历少了什么?Ok,that a great question,Janel.好的,那是一个很不错的问题,詹尼尔First of all,you know I did review your resume and congratulations on your upcoming degree,looks like you are graduating in June of this year.首先,你知道我已经了解你的简历,并且祝贺你即将到来的学历,好像你今年6月即将毕业So that,that a big feat itself but I took a look at your resume and the good news about your resume is you do have a lot of important key words and inmation that should be at the top recruiters to see.所以那是,那是一个很大的壮举,而我看了看你的简历,你的简历已经展现很多重要的关键字和信息,那是招聘者应该在顶部看到的The untunate piece about your resume is that you are not doing a great job of marketing yourself,and what I mean Ill just give a couple of cosmetic inmation.不幸的是,你的简历在推销自己方面下的工夫不够,我的意思是,我将具体告诉你该做点什么First of all,the top of your resume,you have your contact inmation and it really takes up the first five to ten percent of that first page.首先,在你的简历顶部,你的联系信息就占了第一页的五到十分之一It basically wasted space.这基本上是浪费空间You wanna try to condense that and make it a little bit more appealing.、你要尝试浓缩,让它看起来更有吸引力The other thing is there is really no attention grabber,why you?另一个原因是你的简历确实没有吸引眼球的地方,为什么是你?Why would company select you?公司为什么要选择你?The other thing that you do is you highlight some of your awards and recognition,另外就是你过于强调你的奖励和认可,but you could probably do a better job of really showcase your nose,但是你的出色工作业绩才会真正展示你自己,letting companies know who you are,让公司了解你是谁,the accolade that you have thoughout your career and really again highlighting those different points.对你职业生涯的称赞会真正突出这些不同点Then the final thing the cosmetic standpoint is you are all paragraphs in your resume and to a recruiter,time is money,然后最后一件事是,你的简历都是段落,而处于招聘人员的立场来看,时间就是金钱,and when they are sifting through resumes,当他们在筛选简历时,youve gotta grab their attention.你必须抓住他们的注意力You should put bullet points with different things that you have accomplished but dont expect them to through paragraph after paragraph that each individual job.你应该把重点分成不同的东西,但不要指望他们仔细阅读每个段落I think a couple of those things will help you and should rise your resume to the top.我想这几点可以帮助你改善简历,从而使你的简历更出注:听力文本来源于普特 18广州员村人流好的医院

梅州看不孕广东广州治不孕公立医院本资料是由经华英语(englishexpress.cn)授权发布![00:19.73]iPod Shuffle[00:9.90]Thanks to a sturdy, built-in clip,[00:3.6]iPod shuffle goes with anything.[00:36.6]Clip it to your sleeve, your lapel,[00:38.83]your coin pocket, your backpack.[00:.]No matter where you wear it,[00:.]iPod shuffle speaks volumes about your style.[00:8.5]And no matter where you clip your skip-free iPod shuffle,[00:5.90]you’ll have instant access to music.[00:56.]And iPod shuffle’s anodized aluminum enclosure[01:00.]goes with absolutely everything.[01:.7]Put it on, turn it up, and turn some heads.[01:.]sturdy[01:.]坚固的[01:18.9]built-in[01:19.61]固定在(机身)上的[01:.86]clip[01:1.96]小夹子[01:.57]sturdy[01:.]健壮的[01:9.95]With his sturdy legs he could keep running hours.[01:.65]凭着他壮实的双腿,他可以连续跑上好几个钟头[01:50.]sleeve[01:51.36]衣袖[01:5.]lapel[01:5.81]翻领[01:53.55]coin pocket[01:5.98]硬币口袋[01:56.67]backpack[01:58.]背包[:.1]It speaks volumes about your style.[:.88]尽显你的个人风格![:.71]volumes[:.]大量[:.67]speak volumes about sth.[:.78]尽显...,大大体现出...[:.95]skip-free[:36.]防震的[:39.]have access to sth.[:1.35]能够接近,得以使用...[:.66]have access to a computer[:7.35]附近有电脑可供使用[:5.50]shell[:53.71]外壳[:56.51]iPod shuffle has an anodized aluminum enclosure,[:00.60]so it goes with absolutely everything.[:.65]anodized aluminum enclosure[:.9]经过了阳极化处理的铝质外壳[:37.]turn some heads[:50.8]吸引别人目光,争取回头率[:00.18]And another distinctive feature of the new shuffle[:.00]is its battery indicator.[:.7]Green means go, amber means you’re low,[:.66]and red means you’ve almost hit zero.[:.]But with up to hours of battery life,[:.7]iPod shuffle may keep rocking even longer than you do.[:.9]distinctive feature[:.01]突出特点[:7.6]battery indicator[:9.]电量指示灯[:31.]Green means go, amber means you’re low,[:.18]and red means you’ve almost hit zero.[:39.]amber[:39.90]琥珀色[:.5]hit zero[:5.38]到零[:5.65]up to hours of battery life[:56.7]电池的持续时间长达个小时 http:[:.91]iPod shuffle may keep rocking even longer than you do.[:6.68]sturdy[:7.9]坚固的,强壮的[:9.79]built-in[:30.68]内置的,固定于...上的[:33.8]clip[:35.]小夹子[:36.]sleeve[:37.35]衣袖[:38.33]lapel[:39.5]翻领[:0.67]backpack[:1.96]背包[:3.8]speak volumes about sth.[:6.37]尽显...,大大体现出...[:9.]skip-free[:50.93]防震的[:51.99]have access to sth.[:5.]能够接近,得以使用...[:56.5]enclosure[:57.78]外壳[:58.85]turn some heads[:00.67]吸引别人目光,争取回头率[:.97]distinctive feature[:.7]突出特点,与众不同之处[:.1]battery indicator[:.]电量指示灯[:.37]amber[:.99]琥珀色 661广州治疗胎停育哪家医院最好广州市第二人民医院专家

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