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广州长安医院看多囊广州番禺一般无痛人流多少钱美国撑腰也没用,中国反对印度加入核供应集团 --5 18:53: 来源: 印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空 India’s bid to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) has suffered a setback following Chinese opposition.印度加入核供应集团国(NSG)的愿望因中国反对而落空The plenary of the NSG ended on Friday without a decision on India’s membership.NSG全体会议在周五结束,会议未就印度加入该组织做出任何决定China said India should not become a member until it signs the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT) - a key requirement all NSG members.中国说印度想要加入NSG就应该签署不扩散核武器条约(NPT)——这是向NSG成员提出的关键要求The NSG sets global rules international trade in nuclear energy technology.NSG对全球的核能源科技国际贸易设置规则In a statement following the end of the plenary session, the group confirmed that India’s application had been discussed, reports India’s PTI news agency.在全体会议结束后的声明中,该组织确认会议对印度的申请进行了讨论,印度PTI新闻社报道说"Participating governments reiterated their firm support the full, complete and effective implementation of the NPT as the cornerstone of the international non-proliferation regime," the statement .该声明宣称:与会政府重申了他们对“全面和有效地执行NPT,将它作为国际防核扩散的基石”的坚定持India needed a unanimous vote in the 8-member group to become a member, but Beijing took the position that the rules should not be bent India.印度想要成为NSG的一员需要8个成员国全体通过,但北京的立场是不能为印度歪曲规则"Applicant countries must be signatories of the NPT. This is a pillar, not something that China set. It is universally recognised by the international commy," the Reuters news agency ed Wang Qun, the head of the arms control department in China’s eign ministry, as saying.“申请国必须是NPT条约的签署国这是核心,而不是中国的要求,这是国际公认的,”路透社引用中国外交部武器控制部门主任Wang Qun的话说China was always the main opponent to India’s US-backed bid to become an NSG member despite hectic diplomatic discussions between Delhi and Beijing.中国一直反对印度不顾德里和北京之间紧张的外交谈判,而试图依靠美国撑腰加入NSG的企图US President Barack Obama had publicly endorsed India’s candidacy during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this month and also urged other NSG members to consider it favourably.美国总统Barack Obama在本月初与印度总理Narendra Modi的会面中,公开持印度,并敦促其他NSG成员也很好地考虑Correspondents say that India’s failure to secure a seat in the NSG will be seen as a setback to Mr Modi’s eign policy.记者说,印度未能成功占得NSG一席,将被看作是Modi总理外交政策上的一次挫折India’s main opposition Congress party has referred to the development as an "embarrassment" to the country.印度的主要反对党说这样的进展令国家“蒙羞”"Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to realise that diplomacy needs depth and seriousness and not public tamasha [spectacle]," a party spokesman said.“总理Narendra Modi需要意识到外交需要深度和严肃性,而不是大众,”该党发言人说广东计划生育专科医院微创打胎 沉痛哀悼,南苏丹牺牲维和士兵终到家 -- 18:: 来源: 中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼面对为世界和平牺牲的战士,全世界热爱和平的人们应该共同努力保卫世界和平与稳定 The Chinese government Tuesday airlifted the remains of its two UN peacekeepers killed in the recent fighting in the conflict-hit South Sudan back home burial.本周四中国政府空运回在南苏丹袭击中牺牲的两名联合国维和士兵,并将在其家乡举行葬礼The bodies of deceased Corporal Li Lei, and Master Sergeant Yang Shupeng, 33 who were killed in the fighting between government troops of President Salva Kiir and ces loyal to Vice President Riek Machar in the capital Juba were flown back home in a special chartered plane sent by Chinese President Xi Jinping last week.死者下士李雷岁,士官长杨树鹏33岁他们在总统萨尔瓦·基尔的政府军和副总统里克·马查尔党派军队在首都朱巴的冲突中牺牲上周习近平主席指示派遣专机空运牺牲士兵回家Maj. Gen. Su Guanghui, acting director of the Peacekeeping Affairs Office at the Chinese Defense Ministry who led the delegation the evacuation of bodies of fallen officers and other military officers mounted a parade and saluted as the bodies were being lifted to be loaded onto the waiting plane Beijing.中国国防部维和事务办公室主任少将苏光辉带领部队撤离牺牲士兵当遗体被运送到飞往北京的专机时还有其他很多军官列队致敬The 737 Boeing plane carrying the caskets of the departed peacekeepers wrapped in the Chinese National flag was seen off at Entebbe International Airport, about 0 kilometers south of the capital, Kampala by the Chinese Ambassador to Uganda, Zhao Yali and some Chinese nationals living in Uganda in a somber mood.波音737飞机运载着躺在覆盖中国国旗棺木里的牺牲士兵飞机在距离首都南边0公里远的恩德培国际机场起飞,这里是中国驻乌干达的坎帕拉赵亚立和其他乌干达的中国同胞深感悲痛The special chartered plane is going to take off with the remains of our two soldiers. They sacrificed their lives in the peacekeeping mission in Juba. We feel very very sorry that, said Yali.亚立说:“专机将带着我们两名牺牲士兵的遗体起飞,他们在朱巴的维和任务中牺牲我们深表遗憾”I should say that, all together with all peace loving nations of the world, we should try together, work together to safeguard the peace and stability in the world. We will remember them ever, he said.他说:“我想说,和全世界热爱国家的人们一起,我们应该共同努力保卫世界的和平与稳定我们将永远怀念他们”The bodies of the fallen soldiers were last Friday airlifted to Uganda and persevered at Mulago National Referral Hospital Mortuary, Kampala, awaiting their final journey back home.牺牲士兵的遗体上周五空运到了乌干达,并运送到穆拉戈国家医院太平间,最终将飞抵家乡英国将迎来第二位女首相 -- :50:5 来源: 在第二轮保守党议员投票结束后,只剩下两名女性候选人,这意味着英国将于今年9月迎来历史上第二位女首相 Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom will battle it out to become the next leader of the Conservative Party after Michael Gove was eliminated from the contest.Michael Gove已被淘汰,Theresa May和Andrea Leadsom将争夺下一届保守党领导人的位置After the second MPs’ ballot, Home Secretary Mrs May finished with 199 votes, Energy Minister Mrs Leadsom 8 and Mr Gove, the justice secretary, 6.在第二轮议员投票,内政大臣May女士获得199票,能源部长Leadsom女士获得8票,而司法部长Gove先生获得6票Conservative members will now decide the winning candidate, with the result due on 9 September.保守党成员将推选最终的候选人,结果将于9月9号公布The winner will become the UK’s second female prime minister.决胜者将成为英国第二位女首相Mr Cameron resigned after finishing on the losing side in the UK’s EU referendum, in which there was a vote the UK to leave.英国脱欧公投结果是英国要离开欧盟,卡梅隆的立场位于失败方因而辞职The results were announced at Westminster by Conservative MP Graham Brady, the chairman of the backbench 19 Committee.该结果在威斯敏斯特由保守党议员Graham Brady公布,他是后座议员委员会19的主席There had originally been five contenders to succeed Mr Cameron, with MPs voting in two rounds to get that number down to two.此前有5名候选人想要接替卡梅隆,经过议员们两轮的投票,人数缩减为个The contest now moves to its final stage with the Conservative Party’s 0,000-strong membership deciding between Mrs May, a Remain campaigner with a long track record in government, and Mrs Leadsom, a leading light of the Brexit campaign who has stressed her City and business background.竞争进入最后阶段,保守党万强大的成员将从May女士(长期在政府务的活跃竞争人)和Leadsom女士(英国脱欧的引路灯,她强调的是个人城市和商业背景)之间做出选择Speaking after the results were announced, Mrs May said she had secured support from all wings of the Conservative Party and pledged to bring the Tories together.在结果宣布之后,May女士发表讲话说他在保守党内部得到广泛持,并承诺将保守党成员聚合起来She promised "strong, proven leadership" to negotiate the UK’s departure from the EU, and to "make Britain a country that works not a privileged few but every one of us".她承诺将以“强大、成熟的领导力”谈判英国脱欧问题,并“使英国成为务每个人而不是少数有特权的人的国家”Conservative MP Tim Loughton, Mrs Leadsom’s campaign manager, said she would bring a "huge and fresh skills base" to Downing Street if elected.Leadsom女士竞选团队的负责人——保守党议员Tim Loughton说如果Leadsom女士当选,她将为唐宁街带来“巨大、新鲜的技能背景”He played down her lack of cabinet experience, saying she would have "no problem stepping up to the job" having had a long career outside politics, adding: "She has done things outside of this place on so many different levels."他淡化了Leadsom女士缺乏内阁经验这一点,说她在政界之外多年的职业背景将使她“胜任这个工作”,还说:“她在其它地方做过很多层次的工作”Mr Gove said he was "naturally disappointed" not to have made it to the final two, describing the remaining contenders as "midable politicians".Gove先生说没有进入最后一轮“自然失望”,但其他两位都是“强大的政治家”He welcomed the fact that the UK would be getting a second female prime minister - after Margaret Thatcher - and called a "civilised, inclusive, positive and optimistic debate".他接受了英国将迎来撒切尔·玛格丽特之后第二位女首相的事实,并呼吁“文明、包容、积极、乐观的辩论”Mr Gove did not announce backing either candidate, but several of his key backers, including Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Culture Minister Ed Vaizey, switched their support to Mrs May.Gove先生没有公布持哪一位候选人,但他的几位关键持人,包括教育部长Nicky Morgan和文化部长Ed Vaizey都将持转向了May女士Anyone wanting to vote has to have been a member of the Conservative Party by 9 June.任何想要投票的人都要在9月9号之前成为保守党的一员Polling expert Professor John Curtice, of Strathclyde University, said the electorate the contest represented a "very distinctive slice of Britain".斯特拉斯克莱德大学教授John Curtice,一位民意调查专家,说这次竞选的选民代表“英国很特殊的一面”They would be mostly over 50, disproportionately male, and "overwhelmingly middle class", he said.他说大部分的选民年龄超过50,男性居多,而且“中产阶级占绝大多数”He predicted the Brexit debate would "play a role" in the contest, but not a defining one. About two thirds of Tory members voted to leave, but a higher proportion saw a candidate’s leadership credentials and vision Britain as the most important factor, he added.他预计英国脱欧将在竞选中“扮演重要角色”,但不是决定性的三分之二的保守党议员都投给脱欧,但大多数人都更看重候选人的领导资历和对英国未来的视野,他补充道Mrs Leadsom’s departmental boss, Energy Secretary Amber Rudd, is backing Mrs May and took aim at her junior ministerial colleague’s lack of government experience.Leadsom女士的部门领导,能源部长Amber Rudd持的是May女士,并指出她这位助理部长同事缺乏政府经验She said: "The fact that she hasn’t had experience at the Cabinet table, hasn’t had much experience even as a junior minister - let’s face it she’s had just two years - I do think is a problem at this stage."她说“事实上她在内阁没有经验,甚至作为助理部长也没有多少经验——让我们承认她只有年经验——这在目前来看是个问题”But one of Mrs Leadsom’s high-profile backers, mer worker and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith, said she would "develop" over the coming weeks and get "better and better and better".但Leadsom女士高知名度的持人之一,曾是一位工人的养老金大臣Iain Duncan Smith说她将在接下来的几周“不断成熟”,并变得“越来越好,越来越好”Mrs Leadsom is also supported by mer London mayor and one-time leadership favourite Boris Johnson, who said she would replace the "absurd gloom in some quarters with a positive confident and optimistic approach".Leadsom女士的持人还有前伦敦市长,一度受人喜爱的Boris Johnson说她将以“积极自信和乐观的方式”在某种程度上代替“荒谬的阴郁”珠海做不孕检查哪家医院最好

广州检查排卵那家医院最好英国退欧致使伦敦金融时报指数应声暴跌% -- 19::0 来源: 英国将在下周公投,从而决定不列颠是继续留在欧盟,还是另谋出路本周二,退欧的不确定性使得恐惧在市场蔓延,投资者权衡利弊后选择了撤资,整个欧洲股市一片绿灾,伦敦金融时报指数更是应声暴跌了% The FTSE 0 in London closed down %, or 1 points, at 5,93 - the first time the index has been below the 6,000 mark since February.昨日,伦敦金融时报指数(FTSE 0)收盘于593点,下跌了1点,跌幅达到了%这是自从今年二月份以来,伦敦金融时报指数首次跌破6000点大关The Cac in Paris sank .3%, while Frankfurt shed 1.%.法国巴黎CAC0指数下跌了.3%,德国法兰克福指数缩水了1.%Jitters sent the interest rate on -year bonds issued by the German government negative the first time.紧张的情绪第一次使得德国政府消极派发行的年期债券上调了利率Recent opinion polls have suggested that there may be growing support a Brexit vote in the 3 June referendum.据最近的民调显示,可能将会有越来越多的人在6月3日的公投中,投票持英国退出欧盟"Markets are on the verge of a full-blown panic sell-off due to rising probability of Brexit," said Rabobank analysts.荷兰合作分析师指出:“由于英国退欧的可能性越来越大,目前市场正处于一个全面抛售的恐慌边缘”PVM Oil Associates analyst Tamas Varga said: "Safe havens are back in fashion. The thought process is that if the UK leaves the EU, then the EU might slip back into recession."PVM石油合作组织分析师瓦尔加说道:“现在人们又开始寻求避险港了人们的想法是,一旦英国退出欧盟,欧盟可能会陷入经济衰退”Markets were aly jittery over the health of the global economy and worries over when the US may start raising interest rates.由于对全球经济健康性以及美国加息的担忧,目前全球市场非常紧张A new survey from Bank of America Merrill Lynch showed fund managers were holding more cash than at any time since 01 and have reduced the number of shares they own to four-year lows. "Globally, sentiment remains weak," the survey said.据一份来自美国美林券的调查显示,目前基金经理人所持有的现金要比01年以来的任何时候都要多,他们所持有的股票数量缩减到了年以来的最低点这份调查说道:“整个全球市场的行情都不好”Returns on -year UK government bonds fell by a significant amount - 0. percentage points - to a record low of 1.6%, while -year and 30-year "gilts" also dropped to record lows.英国政府年期债券的收益率下降明显,大约0.个百分点,创纪录地跌破了1.6%而且年期和30年期的“金边债券”的收益率也跌破了历史低点The decline in yields, or returns, government bonds reflects strong demand from investors a safe place to park their money.政府债券收益率的下降意味着投资者对这种更安全的理财方式有很大的需求,他们需要更加妥善的安置他们的财富In the case of Germany, the yield fell as low as minus 0.% - meaning investors were prepared to pay, rather than be paid, to own "Bunds".而在德国,债券收益率只下降了0.个百分点这意味着投资者们愿意为持有“国债”而付款,而不是被付款Luke Hickmore, co-manager of Aberdeen Asset Management’s Strategic Bond Fund, said that Bund yields could fall as low as minus 0.1%: "This is just investors getting, very, very, very nervous about the way this [Brexit] vote is going to go."据安本资产策略债券基金联合经理卢克·海克默表示,国债收益率最低有可能会降低至0.1%:“这一切的起因仅仅是因为投资者们对即将举行的英国退欧公投感到非常、非常、非常的担心”Ulrich Kater, economist at DeKaBank, said the uncertainty about a possible Brexit was driving investors to the safe haven of German bonds. "The drop in yields below the zero mark once again shows the immense challenges currently facing global financial markets," he added.据德卡经济学家乌尔里奇·凯特表示,英国退欧的不确定性驱使投资者们寻求一个安全的避风港,而德国债券成为了他们良好的选择他说道:“债券收益率跌至零线以下意义重大,这意味着目前国际金融市场仍然面临着巨大的挑战”LBBW analyst Werner Bader added: "Fears that Britain will quit the EU has killed off any willingness to take risks."德国巴登·符滕堡分析师沃纳·巴德说道:“由于对英国退欧感到恐惧,没有投资者愿意冒险”The yield on Japan’s -year government bond, which has been in negative territory some time, fell to a new low of minus 0.5%.一直形势不好的日本政府年期债券更加低靡,收益率创下新低,跌到了0.5%Sterling fell 1.1% against the dollar to .1 as opinion polls showed mounting support Brexit ahead of next week’s EU referendum.由于民调显示越来越多的人将在下周的公投中持退出欧盟英镑对美元汇率应声下跌,目前汇率为1英镑兑1.1美元Investors are betting sterling will fall, regardless of the outcome of the 3 June vote, with millions placed in the derivatives market, where traders can speculate in the future price of currencies.无论6月3日的公投结果如何,投资者们都深信英镑将会下跌金融衍生品市场行情火爆,投资者们希望借助英镑预期下跌的行情来大赚一笔James Ruddiman, director at currency broker Audere Solutions, said: "Expect some wild swings in the coming days, with .0 the next level to watch. I would expect greater degree of panic if the ’leave’ margin widens in the coming days."货币经济公司Audere Solutions的董事詹姆斯·拉蒂曼表示:“在未来几天市场将会有较大的波动,英镑-美元汇率可能将会跌至1.0据我估计,在未来几天如果赞成退出欧盟的人越来越多的话,市场将会产生更大的恐慌”Since the start of the year sterling is slightly down against the US dollar from its high of .7.从今年年初开始,英镑兑美元汇率就一直在缓慢下跌,从1.7的高点一路下滑Luke Ellis, president of Man Group, the world’s largest listed hedge fund, told B Radio ’s Today programme that most of the activity was by companies looking to protect themselves against a fall in the pound.英仕曼是全球最大的对冲基金,其总裁卢克·埃利斯对英国广播电台套的“近日”栏目说道,目前市场上的大部分交易都是由公司在进行,他们希望保护自己,以免在英镑贬值的过程中受损Few traders were prepared to call the outcome of the referendum, he added.他补充说道,少有交易者已经准备好应对这场公投的结果了广州白云哪家人流手术做的好 世界十大房价最贵城市 有七个在中国 -- :00:00 来源: Five big Chinese cities rank among the priciest housing markets in the world, surpassing notoriously expensive cities like Tokyo, London and New York, based on calculations by the International Monetary Fund. In fact, seven out of of the world's least afdable markets--Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Chongqing--are now in China根据货币基金组织(IMF)发布的数据显示,五大中国城市在世界最昂贵的房地产市场中名列前茅,甚至超过了众所周知的昂贵城市东京、伦敦和纽约,事实上,世界上十大贵的让人难以承受的房地产市场中,有七个都是中国的城市——北京、上海、深圳、香港、天津、广州和重庆Note that that the price-to-wage ratio, which measures median housing prices in a given city against median disposable incomes, reflects afdability rather than absolute property value. This means the mid-range price of an apartment in New York is 6. times more than what a typical family makes in a year. By comparison, it would take nearly a quarter-century of earnings to buy a pad in Beijing's capital outright房价和工资比是某一城市的平均房价与平均可配收入的比值,它反映了人们是否能承受这种房价而不仅仅是房产的绝对价值这也意味着,纽约一间中等价格的公寓是一个普通家庭一年收入的6.倍多,而要想在北京的中心城区买间房子要花去一个中国家庭近5年的收入Residential property is a big mess the Chinese government--and it's not going away. Last month, prices on new homes leapt 7.% in June --the biggest uptick since last December居民住宅问题是中国政府面临的一个大问题——而且这个问题还将一直存在6月,新房价格比去年同期增长了7.%,这是自去年月以来出现的最快增长In short, policies to curb housing inflation aren't working. That's worrying news the government; housing prices are a major source of public resentment. The danger isn't just the threat of popular unrest, though: It's that soaring property prices make people feel less wealthy and less inclined to consume. And that's exactly what the government needs them to do in order to wean the economy off its dependency on exports and credit-driven investment简言之,抑制房价的政策没有奏效这是一个令政府焦虑的消息;房价是引发民众不满的主要原因之一但危险并不仅仅是民众骚乱的威胁:快速上涨的房价让人们感觉财富减少,也就更不愿意消费而消费正是政府鼓励民众去做的,这样才能改变中国经济对出口和信贷投资的依赖Sure, the announcement over the weekend that the government will stop evaluating party officials solely on the basis of their contribution to growing GDP. If they're off the hook hitting targets, it could make them less reliant on land parcel sales--the prices of which have been rising--to fund their budgets当然,中国政府周末时已表示,不再将GDP作为衡量地方官员政绩的唯一指标如果地方官员能够从“唯GDP是从” 中解脱出来,他们便会较少地依赖土地销售来资助预算,而中国的高房价正来源于这种依赖广州结扎修复去那好

广州治疗多囊最好的医院他用GPS骑行创作涂鸦 你也行! -- :6:57 来源:sohu Rio's ;Christ the Redeemer; (5.8 km, 1 h min) 巴西里约热内卢耶稣神像 很多人都会定期健身以保持身体活力,但是少有人会像Stephen Lund一样,可以将健身变成一件艺术行为Stephen每天都要骑行70公里,他随身携带GPS系统,时刻记录着他的足迹;看着GPS上根根线条的标注,Stephen突然产生了一个灵感,为什么不让这些足迹看的更有趣呢!于是,从年那开始,他就开始了GPS骑行创作涂鸦经GPS记录,他的行程累计超过.3万公里,单次最长公里,而那次公里的最长纪录中,他绕城画出了一个漂亮的美人鱼 Stephen Lund cycles about 70km every day, creating clever doodles using a GPS app that maps his progress. The , Canada native began his unusual craft in to unwind and be creative; since then, he's logged ,300km, and his longest piece has been a km mermaid. Queen Victoria (.7 km, 56 min) 伊丽莎白女王 关于他的骑行创作,Stephen表示,“最难的部分是要在道路交错的城市画出连续的线,这必须要用云中视角俯视大地才能完成,而我借助了地图,看上去也不错” ;The best ones pop off the map,; Lund says, explaining his process. ;I liken it to seeing shapes in the clouds. I pour [sic] over a map of the city...The challenge is that the roads all have to connect — it has to be one continuous line.; Statue of David 米开朗琪罗雕塑《大卫 PS:其实Stephen只是GPS骑行创作涂鸦的能人之一,执牛耳者另有其人来自日本的Yasushi Takahashi曾在年创造了GPS骑行涂鸦吉尼斯世界纪录后于年又完成了一段长达.57万公里的涂鸦,虽然没有被吉尼斯认,但是他确实打破了自己的记录 Update: the actual world's record the largest GPS drawing belongs to Yasushi Takahashi from Japan, GPS drawing that was made in . He made even larger piece in that was 1,7km long (not certified by Guinness World Records). Maze (76.7 km, 3 h min) 迷宫创作 English Source: Boredpanda 冰岛胜英格兰 意大利胜西班牙 -- 1:9:18 来源:chinadaily 6月7日,年欧洲杯进8的比赛中,冰岛队以-1击败英格兰队缔造了欧洲杯历史上最伟大的奇迹之一同样进8比赛中意大利队以-0击败主力球队西班牙队冰岛队作为重大赛事中最小的国家,将继续他们年欧洲杯的旅程,在决赛中对战法国队 Iceland pulled off one of the biggest shocks in the history of European Championship when they defeated England -1 while the European dominant ce Spain were downed by Italy -0 in the last clashes at Euro on June 7th, . Iceland, the smallest country ever to appear in a major tournament, will continue their run at EURO and face France in the quarterfinals. 尽管英格兰队曾一度领先,最终还是无奈被踢出局开场第分钟,英格兰队拉希姆;斯特林被冰岛队守门员哈尔达松绊倒,英格兰队队长韦恩;鲁尼主罚点球踢进球门右下角两分钟之后,冰岛队扳平了比分卡里;阿纳松用头接界外抛球并将球传给拉格纳;西古德森,西古德森近距离破门尽管英格兰队掌控着比赛,但冰岛队在第18分钟发动了第二次有效进攻,并将比分改写为-1前锋科尔贝恩;西格索尔松禁区内射门,尽管英格兰门将乔;哈特用左手试图阻挡,但还是未能阻止足球入网 England were knocked out although they took the lead in the fourth minute as captain Wayne Rooney fired a penalty kick into the bottom right corner after Raheem Sterling had been brought down by Iceland goalkeeper Halldorsson. But Iceland levelled the score two minutes later. Kari Arnason nodded a huge throw-in Ragnar Sigurdsson to slot home from close range. England were in control of the game but Iceland made it -1 in the 18th minute from their only second meaningful attack. Their striker Kolbeinn Sigthorsson fired home from the edge of the box and England keeper Joe Hart got his left hand to it but could not stop the ball flying into the net. 在遭遇了1-负于冰岛队的失利之后,英格兰主帅罗伊;霍奇森宣布辞职霍奇森在赛后发布会上表示,“我对今晚的结果和最终出局非常失望,我们走得不如我预想得远,这是不能接受的” Roy Hodgson has announced his resignation as England manager after his side suffered a shock -1 loss to Iceland. ;I'm extremely disappointed about tonight's result and ultimately our exit from the competition,; Hodgson said at the post-match press conference. ;We haven't progressed as far as I'd thought we were capable of and ultimately it is not acceptable.; 在圣但尼,意大利以-0击败了曾三度获得欧洲杯冠军的西班牙队开场第33分钟,国际米兰队前锋埃德尔任意球直接攻门,西班牙门将德赫亚将球挡了出来,贾凯里尼扑射又被挡了出来,尤文图斯队后卫吉奥吉奥;基耶利尼及时冲到门前将球踢进球门第9分钟,西班牙队射门不进,意大利队抓住机会反击,替补球员马特奥;达米安传球,西班牙队长塞尔吉奥;拉莫斯用脚挡了一下球,南安普顿队前锋尼科拉;帕瓦里尼接球凌空抽射,球进 At Saint-Denis, Italy ended defending champions Spain's bid a record third successive European title with a -0 victory. Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini opened the scoring in the 33rd minute when Inter Milan striker Eder stepped up to rifle a bullet free-kick at goal. Spain keeper David de Gea blocked the shot but Giaccherini dashed into the goalmouth melee to pounce home on the rebound. Southampton ward Graziano Pelle sealed the win in the 9nd minute when Italy caught Spain on a counter-attack with substitute Matteo Darmian making his way deep down the wing bee smashing a deflected cross into the box through Spain captain Sergio Ramos' legs. Pelle volleyed home from the edge of the six-yard box. 这次胜利意味着意大利队避免了第三次在欧洲杯中对战西班牙队而遭遇出局的厄运在决赛中,意大利队将对战德国队 The victory meant Italy avoided a third consecutive elimination at the European Championship to Spain and secured a quarterfinal clash against Germany.广州天河二院做人流潮州治多囊医生哪家医院最好的



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