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Thats because of the new technique known as embalming.这归功于一种叫尸体防腐的新技术Chemicals like arsenic and zinc chloride are injected in the corpse to hold the natural process of decay.把砷和氯化锌等化学制剂注入尸体以延缓自然尸解的过程The business of death, the preservation of bodies turns undertakers into overnight millionaires.向死人提供的保存尸体务让殡葬从业者们一夜暴富One undertaker boasts:I would be glad to prepare private soldiers.一名从业者夸口说,我很乐意为士兵务They were worth a bill a piece.每具遗体收费5美元But Lord bless you, a colonel pays 100.不过上帝保佑,上校的话,收费100And a brigadier general, 200.至于一名准将则要收费200If youve got the money,all sorts of new techniques are available.只要有钱,有各种各样的新技术可供选择Airtight coffins and embalming are most popular.其中密封棺木和尸体防腐最受青睐And for the wealthiest, even elaborated refrigerated coffins packed with ice.富人们甚至可以选择做工考究的,由冰块包裹的冷冻棺木The war drags on.战事仍在拖延Lincoln is determined to end it, and abolish slavery.林肯下决心要结束战争,废除奴隶制In September, 1862, he gives the South an ultimatum - rejoin the union.1862年9月,他给南方下达了重返联邦的最后通牒He threatens to forcibly liberate their slaves if they refuse.他威胁南方如果拒绝合作,他会诉诸武力解放奴隶But the South, having tasted independence,does not want to rejoin a union where slavery would be at risk.而初尝独立甜头的南方并不愿意冒着被废奴的风险重返联邦they reject the ultimatum.他们拒绝接受最后通牒Lincoln is in no mood to negotiate.林肯此刻已无意协商沟通If the South wont free their slaves, he will do it himself.如果南方不解放奴隶,他会代而行之For white Southerners,对于南方白人来说it was a confirmation that their thoughts about Lincoln all along此举实了他们对林肯一直以来的看法that he was, in fact, somebody who was bent on destroying what they thought was the Southern way of life.他就是一心想要摧毁 他们心目中的南方生活方式In the North, in a sense it gave people a different understanding of what the war was about.而在北方,从某种意义上说这让人们重新审视这场战争的意义On January 1st, 1863, Lincoln issues a proclamation abolishing slavery in the rebellious Southern states,1863年1月1日 林肯发表宣言废除南方各叛乱州的奴隶制Thanks to the telegraph, the news quickly sps.消息借助电报迅速传开On the 4th day of January, in the year of our Lord, 1863.与主同在的1863年,一月的第四天Lincoln had totally grown to where he said not only should blacks not be slaves,they should be treated as equal citizens with full enfranchisement, right to vote and right to participate.林肯的立场有了进一步发展,他不仅认为黑人不应为奴,他们还应当受到平等的公民待遇,享有完整的政治选举权和参与权All persons held as slaves shall be then, henceforth and forever free.所有被奴役者从此重获自由,直到永远 /201211/207942襄阳市东风医院男科大夫After 50 days of gluttony在长达五十天的暴饮暴食之后theyve grown 10 thousand times heavier他们增重至幼虫体重的一万倍But this stage然而这个时期25 percent of their body mass is made up of silk glands丝腺占了体重的四分之一In the process of turning into adult moths在转化成蛾的过程中they spin a cocoon from a single strand of silk他们从一条丝开始吐丝成茧which can be over a thousand meters long丝长甚至超过千米It was the legendary strength and brightness of silk fibers丝质纤维因其超凡韧性和艳丽色泽that made it so sought-after而广受欢迎For over 5000 years,五千多年来people built great fortunes and mighty kingdoms人们在纤莹的丝线上编织出巨大的财富on these delicate ths.和强大的帝国And the desert routes those antient traders took古代商人在沙漠中留下的行商路线became the fabled Silk Road成就“丝绸之路”的伟大传说The principle of extracting raw silk hasnt changed从生丝中缫丝的原理自发现伊始since its discovered就一直未变Harvested cocoons are droped into boiling water将收获的茧倒入沸水中which unravels the long filaments使细长的丝茧散释开来These are then gathered and spun into raw silk th然后将之收集起来纺成生丝线 /201208/197155襄阳有了阳痿怎么办襄樊市妇幼保健院男科咨询

襄阳治男科什么好一些襄阳前列腺该吃什么药治疗How To Deal With a Bad Roommate on HowcastSorry. Murder is not an option.抱歉,谋杀(室友)是禁止的。Step 1: Confront the problemLet the person know you’re unhappy. He may not be aware he’s doing things that bug you.第一步:勇敢地面对问题让室友知道你并不快乐。也许他并没有意识到他所做的事打扰了你。Step 2: Get feedbackAsk him what you do that annoys him. This way, he won’t feel he’s being attacked.第二步:得到反馈信息。询问室友你做的事那些打扰了他。这样做,他不会感到受到了冒犯。Step 3: NegotiateNegotiate. Tell him that if he stops blowing his nose in the dishtowels, you’ll stop doing yoga in the nude.第三步:协商。协商。告诉他如果他停止用毛巾擦鼻涕,你就停止裸身做瑜伽。Step 4: Set some rulesDecide on some house rules, like how loudly and when music can be played; how often friends can come over and/or sleep over; how clean the bathroom and kitchen should be, and how to handle offensive smells in those rooms.第四步:制定一些规则。制定一些规则。比如什么时候放音乐,音量应该放多大。朋友来拜访或来睡觉的次数;洗漱室和厨房应能保持的清洁程度,以及如何处理这些房间中的刺鼻气味。Tip:Consider drawing up a “roommate contract” that spells out the house rules. Many colleges now require them for dorm mates.小贴士:考虑起草一份包含房屋规则的“室友协定”,很多大学都让学生住集体宿舍。Step 5: Alter your scheduleAdjust your schedule to minimize the time you’re together. For example, make plans to go out on evenings he’s planning to kick back at home.第五步:改变你的时间表。调整你的时间表,尽可能较少你们在一起的时间。比如:当他打算在宿舍中休息的晚上,你可以制定一些室外的计划。Step 6: Kill him with kindnessKill him with kindness. Bring home the cookies he likes; offer to wash the dishes when you know he’s running late; make him chicken soup when he’s sick. If you change your attitude, he might do the same.第六步:用你的关怀俘获他用你的关怀俘获他。带会一些他喜欢的饼干;当你知道他要迟到时主动去洗碗;当他生病时,为他煮鸡汤。如果你改变态度,他也可能改变态度。Step 7: Terminate the agreementStill not getting along? Take steps to terminate the arrangement, whether that means speaking to a Residence Assistant about getting a new roommate, or asking your landlord if you can break your lease.第七步:终止协定还是无法相处?那就分步骤来终止协定,无论那是否意味着和住宿管理员交谈申请调换新的室友,或是询问房东你是否能终止租房。201010/115227襄阳市中医院治疗男性不育多少钱今晚,男子110米栏“三驾马车”将同场竞技,让我们拭目以待,看看罗伯斯、刘翔和奥利弗谁将成为110米栏的霸主。 Monday night, the spotlight will turn to the finals of the men's 110m hurdles, and it's shaping up to be a great one. For the first time in a long time, the top three hurdlers in the world, Chinese Olympic hero Liu Xiang, world record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba, and American powerhouse David Oliver are all healthy and y to go head-to head on Monday evening. Liu Xiang said, "I felt pretty good, in the first round, and my goal is to reach the finals. Today is easy for me, and the result is even beyond my expectations. I think I ran very well today. As for my coach...he is very careful and is always worried about me. But I am a veteran on the track, and I know how to deal with all kinds of things. " Jiang Fan, Chinese 110m hurdles athlete said, "I just broke though with my own personal best, and for me this is not a surprise. I trained very well over the days here and my conditioning is very good after I came back from the Universiade. Today I competed with Oliver in one group, but it didn't affect me at all, I just ran against myself." Shi Dongpeng from Chinese 110m hurdles team said, "I will go back and think about how to run in the semi's tomorrow, and hope I can run even faster."词汇学习:1. spotlightn. 聚光灯;关注中心 vt. 使注意;聚光照明例句:This week the spotlight is on the world of fashion. 本周引人瞩目的是时装界。2. hurdlen. 跳栏,栏架;障碍,困难 vi. 进行跨栏赛例句:He won the 400 metres hurdles. 他在400米跨栏赛中获胜。3. world record holder 世界纪录保持者4. veteran n. 老兵;经验丰富的人,老手例句:Richard was a veteran of many battles. 理查是个身经百战的老兵。201108/151394鱼梁洲开发区妇幼保健中医院男科医院在那儿

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