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After months of awkward shores,theyre going home.The young albatross fledglings left behind days ago.Rave their engines on their nests, testing a forced wings and hauling wings that will power them around the world. Its time to fly or die.For Johnny rook,the casualties are merely a last chance to feast.Soon,there will be little but scapes left to sustain him to a brutal winter.The last fledglings now are making a leaper faith.Once on the wing, they may not come to shore for a decade,and then only to breed.From now on, theyre migrants.Circling the sullen world ,waded to the brillant skies and sleeping a solely bounds of earth.几个月的尴尬海岸飞行后,他们回家了。年轻的信天翁数天前被留在后面。他们在窝里进行训练,检验将带他们环游世界各地的强有力的翅膀。是时候要么飞行要么死亡。对于约翰鸭来说,伤者只是盛宴的最后一个机会。在不久的将来,将会有一点来维持他度过这个严冬。现在羽翼未丰的幼鸟正在使自己充满信心。一次飞翔中,他们不仅来到海岸,而且来这里繁殖。从现在起,他们就是移民。环绕着郁郁寡欢的世界,在天空下跋山涉水,在地上孤独一人。165850Experts Debate Merits of Spending to Boost US Economy奥巴马提八千亿紧急刺激经济计划  President-elect Barack Obama is proposing an emergency 0 billion economic stimulus plan that would use government spending and taxing power to help pull the faltering U.S. economy out of recession. 美国总统当选人奥巴马提出一个8000亿美元紧急刺激经济计划,这个计划将用政府出和减税来帮助低迷不振的美国经济摆脱衰退。The president-elect said only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift the economy out of deep recession. In a January 10 radio address, Mr. Obama said his plan to inject billions of dollars into the economy will create three to four million new jobs over two years. 总统当选人奥巴马说,只有政府能够提供从深度衰退中提升经济所必须的短期推动举措。奥巴马在1月10号的广播讲话中说,他计划向经济注入巨额资金,在两年内将创造300万到400万个新工作。"90 percent of these jobs will be created in the private sector. The remaining 10 percent will be in the public sector, mainly jobs that we save like teachers, police officers, firefighters and others who provide vital services to our communities," he said. 他说:“这些工作中有90%将在私营部门创造出来。余下的10%将在公共部门,我们保住的工作主要是教师、警察、消防队员和为我们的社区提供重要务的其他职位。”The Obama stimulus plan will be a combination of government spending and tax cuts, proposals that will soon be debated in congress. A year ago the Bush administration and Congress implemented a much smaller 8 billion stimulus that did boost economic growth for a short time, before the economy resumed the slide that began in December 2007. That first stimulus plan, combined with big spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has pushed the government budget into deep deficit. Even before the planned Obama stimulus, the U.S. government was projected to be incurring a .2 trillion deficit in the current fiscal year. That is an amount equal to eight percent of economic output. Kevin Hasset, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, believes government spending is out of control. 奥巴马刺激经济计划是政府出和减税齐头并进,是即将在国会辩论的提议。一年前,布什政府和国会实施了一个规模小得多的1680亿美元刺激措施,确实在短期推动了经济增长,之后经济再度进入2007年12月开始的下滑状态。第一个刺激计划结合了伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争方面的大量出,使政府预算深深地陷入赤字当中。甚至在实施计划中的奥巴马刺激方案之前,美国政府就打算在目前的这个财政年度承受1万2千亿美元的赤字。这个赤字的数额相当于经济总产值的8%。美国企业研究所学者凯文.哈塞特认为,政府出失控了。"The deficit next year, if we pass the Obama stimulus plan...will be larger than the size of government when Bush was elected, in nominal dollar terms," he said. 他说:“如果我们通过奥巴马的刺激计划,明年的赤字会比布什当选总统时的政府财政开还要多。这是去除通货膨胀后的算法。”Martin Baily, chief economist to former President Bill Clinton, worries whether foreigners will continue to buy the Treasury debt needed to fund the rapidly growing government deficit. 美国前总统克林顿的首席经济学家马丁.拜里担心外国人是否将继续购买美国国债券。美国出售国债所得将用于抵偿迅速增加的政府赤字。"I think that is a danger. I said at the beginning of my comments that it is quite uncertain where the economy is going. It is possible that it will turn around more quickly and strongly than the current [Bush] administration's economic advisors think it will. In which case, the Fed [central bank] will be scrambling like crazy to rein in some of this money it has put out there," said Baily. 他说:“我认为,那是个危险的事情。我在我开始的时候就说过,经济向何处去还很不确定。经济复苏可能比现任的布什政府的经济顾问们所认为的更快更强劲。在这种情况下,联邦储备委员会发疯似的急着去管控它已经投放的这笔钱。”At a [Monday] conference on the stimulus plan, speakers including Hassett and Baily, expressed concern about the eventual inflationary impact of both greatly increased government spending and rapid increases in the money supply. Most economists, however, agree that the unprecedented severity of the credit squeeze and global slowdown requires extraordinary measures to maintain consumer purchasing power. 在星期一举行的讨论刺激经济计划的会议上,对于大大增加的政府出和迅速加大的货币投放量最终产生的通货膨胀冲击效应,包括哈塞特和拜里在内的发言者们表示了关切。不过,多数经济学家同意,要因应信贷紧缩和全球经济放慢,就必须采取非常措施来维持消费者的购买力。01/61049CNN's Richard Roth reports on the sentencing of Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt in the Iraq oil-for-food scam. Accompanied by his wife and attorney, Texas oil man Oscar Wyatt arrived at Federal Court, unsure what his sentence would be. Wyatt had aly pleaded guilty to conspiracy in a scheme to defraud the massive oil-for-food assistance program. Prosecutors presented evidence of Wyatt, talking with Saddam Hussein about access to Iraqi oil, skirting international sanctions. Another Wyatt attorney called the 83-year-old Tycoon an American Hero. And noted letters of support from celebrities and ordinary citizens who said Wyatt saved or changed their lives. Among the letter writers, heart specialist Michael DeBakey and actress Farah Fawcett. Wyatt stood before the judge breaking into tears. The World War Two fighter pilot saying:'I would never do anything to hurt my country.' He apologized to friends and family.Can you explain what you said in court apologizing for the cameras are here?Why should I apologize to you?Judge Denny Chin heavily praised Wyatt's past humanitarian acts. But said the oil trader clearly broke the law defrauding the oil-for-food program. He added considering Wyatt's background, it's still hard to understand why he did it. The judge went lighter than the recommended sentencing guidelines ordering Wyatt to serve a prison term of one year.Well that was not what I would have like, but it was a fair situation as far as I am concerned. I think the judge did the best thing he could do, and what he had to work with . Wyatt's Texas socialite wife was pleased since her husband could have faced two years or more in prison. I am just so proud of my husband. When the judge was talking about him, I was y to just burst.Wyatt's sentencing comes two weeks after Chevron oil admitted obtaining Iraqi oil illegally through third parties. And paid thirty million dollars in penalties. Wyatt's lawyer said in court in a fact everyone was doing it.This doesn't excuse what Mr.Wyatt did, but it was the culture of the market place.Wyatt also agreed to forfeit eleven million dollars to the government. After pleading guilty in October, Wyatt told reporters he didn't want to waste any more time at 83 years old. The quicker it's over the better. Wyatt will serve his time in his native Texas at a minimum security prison camp.Richard Roth, CNN New York. Notes:Oil-for-Food Assistance Program: 伊拉克石油换食品计划Forfeit: To surrender, be deprived of, or give up the right to on account of a crime, an offense, an error, or a breach of contract.200812/59747

EU Boosts Humanitarian Aid to Pakistan欧盟增加对巴基斯坦人道援助 The European Union has pledged millions of dollars in new humanitarian assistance for Pakistanis displaced by fighting between government troops and the Taliban insurgency in the Asian nation. The EU has also raised chances of closer trade ties during its first summit with Pakistan.欧盟已经承诺再次为巴基斯坦提供几百万美元的人道援助资金,帮助在巴基斯坦政府军和塔利班武装分子的战斗中流离失所的巴基斯坦人。欧盟在与巴基斯坦的第一次首脑会议中还提出双方有进行更紧密贸易的机会。During the talks in Brussels, European Union officials offered both moral and financial support to Pakistan's president Asif Ali Zardari. European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the EU has decided to earmark nearly million in new humanitarian aid for people displaced by the conflict in Pakistan's northwestern Swat valley and other areas where the government is fighting a fierce Taliban insurgency.欧洲联盟官员在布鲁塞尔的会谈中,对巴基斯坦总统扎尔达里提供了道义和资金的双重持。欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,欧盟已决定再次拨出近9000万美元的人道援助资金,帮助在巴基斯坦西北部的斯瓦特河谷等地区政府军打击猖獗的塔利班武装分子等战斗中流离失所的平民。"I welcome President Zadari's determination to confront militants who have been challenging the authority of the democratically elected government in the northwest frontier province," said Jose Manuel Barroso. "Of course we are aware of the civilian population, of a large number of people in the area in and around the Swat Valley."他说:“我赞同扎尔达里总统对抗武装分子的决心,这些武装分子挑战西北省边境民选政府的权威。当然我们也注意到在斯瓦特河谷及周边地区有很多平民。”Overall, Barroso said, the EU has decided to boost its humanitarian emergency funding to Pakistan more than tenfold, to about 0 million.巴罗佐说,欧盟已决定把应对巴基斯坦人道紧急需求的资金总额提高到十倍以上,达到约1亿美元。The summit is the first ever between the EU and Pakistan and it was marked by warm words on both sides. President Zardari was quick to thank the 27-member organization for its financial assistance.这次是欧盟与巴基斯坦之间有史以来的第一次首脑会议,特点是对话双方都很热情友好。扎尔达里总统立即对这有27个成员国的组织提供的资金援助表示感谢。"I think all steps have been positive," said Asif Ali Zardari. "The fact that democracy has been acknowledged and the engagement of all the countries of the world with Pakistan and a democratic Pakistan is a relief, a positive step and an assurance that no dictator will ever be welcomed in the halls of the EU."他说:“我认为所有步骤都是积极的。令人欣慰的事实是巴基斯坦的民主已经得到承认、以及世界各国在与民主的巴基斯坦交往,这也是积极的步骤,同时确定的是欧盟会场是不欢迎任何独裁者的。”But Mr. Zardari also pushed for greater access to European markets, saying that what he wanted was trade, not aid.但是扎尔达里也推动巴基斯坦进一步打入欧洲市场,他说他想要的是贸易而不是援助。The EU is aly among Pakistan's biggest trading partners. And Mr. Barroso held out hope that commercial exchanges could be boosted. He said the EU had outlined ways to increase trade between the two sides and suggested they might hold free trade talks at some point in the future.欧盟已经是巴基斯坦最大的贸易伙伴之一。巴罗佐希望商业交流可以促进经济。他说欧盟概述了如何增加双边贸易得途径,并建议他们可以在未来的某一时间举行自由贸易会谈。06/74982

Now a music download site called Qtrax with a library containing over 25 million songs will launch on Sunday, offering customers free and legal songs to download. It is set to revolutionize the way fans access music and shake up the whole industry. Benjamin Cohen reports. They've been fighting it for years, but at last, the music industry as a whole has caved in, accepting the inevitable that the market of paid music is shrinking. Launching on Sunday with the blasting of the major labels, Qtrax will give 25 million songs away for free online if you accept their advertising. "Qtrax is the first free legal downloading music site. So this is rather unique because this is actually an ad-supported site. So in exchange for downloading music and being able to have access to over 25 million tracks for free, you will be exposed to some advertising. That revenue generated is then directed back towards the labels and the artists that are currently losing out on the music that has been downloaded illegally."Illegal downloads have caused UK album sales from artists like the Spice Girls to fall by 11% last year. In the US, the drop was almost 20%, all meaning billions of pounds of lost revenue to artists and their record companies. The Ramp;B singer Mary J. Blige, starred in adverts of Apple, whose i-Tune's music store has sold four billion songs since 2003, but she now accepts that giving away her music for free is unavoidable. "I think we are in a time where, you know, if it gets to the point where people can download music for free. I mean apparently it is what it is and you just, you know, as the artist, you always gotta start think(ing) about why are you doing what you are doing, or you are doing this to connect with your fans, you know or you are doing this to pull somebody else to do something. And, you know, just kind of, you know, kind of accepted for, you know, for now, you know, until someone stands up and says, ok, let's pull the plug on this." "Apple's model is tried and tested. Qtrax is a wonderful exciting idea, but that hasn't yet been tested in the market place. I think one of the key strengths of the Qtrax model is that they do have seemed to have a large library of content available and that is one of the key challenges that they seem to have aly addressed."Adverts will be shown every time you hear a song. Initially, it won't work on i-Pods, but we understand it will do within a month, posing a real threat to Apple, the dominant player in legal online music.200810/53657

US May Accept Some Iraqi Changes to Forces Agreement美或接受伊修改安全协议某些要求 U.S. officials are denying reports that they are abandoning efforts to negotiate an agreement on the future of U.S. forces in Iraq, saying they will soon respond to Iraqi proposals for changes in the draft, and that some changes may be possible. 美国有关官员否认关于美国放弃就驻伊拉克美军未来部署进行谈判的报导,这些官员说,他们将很快对伊拉克提出的草案修改意见做出回应,而且一些修改可能获得通过。White House Press Secretary Dana Perino said U.S. negotiators in Baghdad could be in touch with Iraqi officials this week with a response to their proposed changes, and she said some of the Iraqi requests might be accepted. "There might be some that we can support. There might be some that we would not be able to support. I will just let the negotiators work that out with them privately." 白宫新闻发言人佩里诺说,美国在巴格达的谈判人员本周内将同伊拉克有关官员接触,对伊拉克提出的修改意见作出回应。她还说,美国可能会接受伊拉克提出的一些要求。她说:“我们可能会持一些意见,可能不会持另外一些意见。我将让谈判人员同伊拉克官员在私下解决这些问题。”U.S. officials have not confirmed what the Iraqis are asking for, but news reports said a firm date for a full U.S. troop withdrawal is among the requests. 美国有关官员并没有实伊拉克方面提出了哪些要求,不过新闻报导说,伊拉克的一项要求是为美军全部撤离设定一个确定的日期。Defense Department spokesman Bryan Whitman said U.S. officials are eager to hand over full responsibility for security to the Iraqis, but he said that can not be done on a firm timetable.  美国国防部发言人惠特曼说,美国官员期待把全部安全责任交给伊拉克人,不过他说,这不可能通过一个确定的时间表来实现。He said, "We share a common interest in turning over security functions and activities to the Iraqis as soon as they are y to take those activities over. And our position with respect to timelines is well known, that we should have goals that are out there, that we work towards, but at the end of the day we have to be cognizant of the conditions on the ground, too." 他说:“一旦伊拉克方面作好准备,我们就将把全部安全责任和行动交给他们,这对双方都有好处。大家都很清楚我们在时间表问题上的立场,那就是,我们应当有目标,我们要为目标而努力,但是归根结底我们还必须要认识到前线的具体情况。”At the White House, Dana Perino said it is in the interest of both countries to reach an agreement, and recent events demonstrate the need to be cautious about removing U.S. troops.  白宫发言人佩里诺说,达成协议对美、伊两国都有好处,而且最近发生的事表明,双方都要对美军撤出伊拉克持谨慎态度。She said, "Just this past week even though they have made great strides, they have had some terrible violence up in the Mosul area. And we are trying to help their security forces beef up enough so that they are competent and confident enough to repel terrorists or insurgents who are trying to disrupt the political system there." 她说:“就在过去的一周里,虽然伊拉克方面取得了巨大的进步,但是在苏尔地区出现了十分糟糕的暴力行为。美国正试图帮助伊拉克军队加强实力,使伊拉克军队有足够的能力和信心击退那些试图破坏政治系统的恐怖分子和暴乱分子。”Another issue in dispute is reportedly the degree of immunity U.S. troops would have from prosecution in Iraqi courts. Perino said the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, and his team will likely respond to the Iraqi proposals this week. 据报导,双方的另一项分歧是美军在伊拉克法庭享受诉讼豁免权的程度。佩里诺说,美国驻伊拉克大使克罗克和他的团队可能会在本周内答复伊拉克在这一问题上提出的建议。Both officials who spoke Monday denied news reports the ed States is abandoning the negotiations with Iraq and turning its attention to getting a renewal of the U.N. authorization for U.S. troops to be in the country, which expires at the end of the year. The Pentagon has said U.S. troops would have to cease operations at midnight December 31st if there is no agreement or U.N. extension, but Perino said no one in Washington is contemplating such a thing.  佩里诺和惠特曼都否认关于美国放弃同伊拉克的谈判并把注意力转向延长联合国授权,从而使美军在原授权于今年底到期后继续驻留在伊拉克的新闻报导。美国国防部说,如果两国不能达成协议,联合国授权也没有得到延长,那么美国军队必须在12月31号午夜前停止行动,不过佩里诺说,华盛顿没有任何官员在考虑接受这种选择。U.S. and Iraqi negotiators reached the draft agreement last month after seven months of negotiations. Top U.S. officials have said some changes might be possible, but not major changes. 美国和伊拉克的谈判人员经过7个月的协商在上个月达成了一项协议草案。美国高级官员曾表示,可能会对草案做出一些修改,但将不是重大修改。200811/54998

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