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佛山治疗尿道炎最好的医院是哪家佛山丰瑞是医保定点医院吗A: Are renters allowed to have pets?B: We allow a small well-behaved pet, but you need to sign an agreement saying you’ll pay any damages.A: Do you allow both cats and dogs?B: We only allow a medium or small dog or a cat.A: Are there any special areas where animals are allowed or not allowed?B: Cats are to be kept indoors at all times. Dogs must be on a leash and with the owner when outdoors.A: Are there places where I can take my dog a run?B: There are quite a few hiking trails nearby.A: Are there a lot of pets in this building?B: We don’t have a lot of pet owners, but there are a few around if you have any questions about local pet supplies and dog parks.南庄里水九江丹灶镇包皮手术多少钱 Human history is littered with incredible monuments we stupidly tore down. But plenty didnt even make it that far. Go digging through dusty old ledgers and architects scrapbooks, and youll uncover a wealth of awe-inspiring structures ripped straight out a retro sci-fi film—structures that really never could have worked.人类历史上充斥着被我们稀里糊涂拆毁的惊人建筑遗迹但还有很多甚至没有成型翻阅布满灰尘的旧账簿和建筑师的手稿本时,你会看到大量曾出现在复古科幻电影里的结构设计图,这些建筑设计令人惊叹,可它们并未成为现实.The Tokyo Tower Of Babel.东京通天塔Imagine the entire height of Mount Everest, all 8,88 meters (9,9 ft). Now imagine some lunatic had built Dubai record-breaking Burj Khalifa on top of it. Congratulations: That tower plus the mountain ( times taller) below it combined still fall a couple of hundred meters short of the Tokyo Tower of Babel.想象在你面前的是一座高达888米(9, 9英尺)的珠穆朗玛峰然后一个疯子在峰顶建造了迪拜那座破纪录的哈利法塔恭喜!这大概就是东京通天塔的高度,比哈利法塔和高于塔十倍的珠穆朗玛峰的高度之和再高几百米The craziest building Japan never built was dreamed up in the dying days of the bubble economy in 1991. Clocking in at a cool ,000 meters (around 6. miles), it would have taken up to 0 years to build, cost trillion and housed 30 million people. It would also been bigger than many countries. When a comparatively tiny ,000-meter (,000 ft) tower was proposed around the same time, somebody crunched the numbers one the same size as Everest. They concluded that a tower that large would need a base of ,0 square kilometers (1,500 mi)—an area of ground nearly twice the size of Luxembourg. The base Tokyo Babel would have been even larger. Although it was proposed during a Japanese craze structures bigger than mountains, it not clear Babel was ever intended to be built. And by the time the architects made the proposal, the economy was well and truly crashed.这座疯狂的、从未实现的日本建筑构思在1991年泡沫经济末期成型建造一座,000米的通天塔需要花费0年的时间、3万亿美元和3000万的劳动力这座塔的面积甚至比许多国家还要大差不多在同一时期,当提出修建一个相对小点、大概000米(,000英尺)高的塔时,有人计算出如珠穆朗玛峰一般大小的建筑物的相关数据他们推断,修建一座面积这么大的的塔需要一个,0平方千米(1,500平方英里)的地基,这个地基的面积差不多是卢森堡的两倍那么,东京通天塔的地基将更大虽然提出通天塔的构思时,日本人正疯狂地迷恋比山脉还要高大的建筑物,但人们是否真的打算修建这么一座塔就不得而知了而且,当建筑师提出修建通天塔的时候,日本经济已经全面崩溃9.The Fun Palace9.游乐宫By the late 1950s, Joan Littlewood had aly ensured her place in the history books. A British theater director, she was known smashing down boundaries to make plays more accessible. But rewriting the theater rulebook wasnt enough. Littlewood wanted to change the way we saw theaters themselves.二十世纪五十年代末,琼·利特伍德就已确立了她的历史地位她是一名英国戏剧导演,因打破局限使戏剧更通俗易懂而出名但她不满足于对戏剧规则的创新利特伍德想进一步改变观众观赏戏剧的方式In 1960, Littlewood hired architect Cedric Price to design the most radical theater in history. His Fun Palace, as it became known, redefined what architecture could do. Taking inspiration from cybernetics theories, avant garde playwrights, and Monty Python, he drew up plans a building where nothing stayed in one place. Everything from the seats inside, to the stages, to the lobby, to the cafe and cinema screens could be shunted around and reconfigured at will. Where the stage was one day, you might have the box office the next. Where the changing rooms had been on Monday, you could have the auditorium by Tuesday. No two visits would ever be the same. If that sounds potentially confusing, youre not alone. People hated it. Church groups, local citizens, and London councils all conspired to stop the Fun Palace going ahead. When permission finally came through in the 1970s, funding mysteriously dried up. Work never even started.1960年,利特伍德雇请建筑师塞德里克·普莱斯设计了一座史上最与众不同的剧院他的构想后来被人们称为游乐宫,改变了人们对建筑学的看法塞德里克从控制理论、前卫剧作家还有蒙提·派森巨蟒剧团那里汲取灵感,想要设计一座所有东西都可变换位置的建筑建筑里的座椅、舞台、大厅、咖啡馆、电影屏幕都可以随意转移重组今天是舞台的地方明天可能会变成售票区某个地方星期一还是更衣室,很可能星期二就成了观众席每次去都会发现剧院有所变化你绝不是唯一一个认为这玩意儿很混乱的人很多人都不喜欢这个设计宗教团体、当地居民以及伦敦委员会协力阻止游乐宫的修建到二十世纪七十年代,这座建筑终于获准施工,资金却神秘消失了游乐宫从未动工8.The Cenotaph Newton8.牛顿纪念碑Etienne-Louis Boullee was fascinated with Isaac Newton. A neo-classical architect working in 18th-century France, he thought the groundbreaking mathematician deserved an equally groundbreaking monument. So he sat down and drew up designs the biggest, craziest sphere on Earth.艾蒂安·路易·布雷对艾萨克·牛顿十分感兴趣作为一名18世纪在法国工作的新古典主义建筑师,布雷认为这位富有突破性的数学家理应得到一个同样极富开创性的纪念碑来纪念他所取得的成就于是他坐下来起草设计了地球上最大、最疯狂的球体A 1,500-meter (500 ft) orb encased in a sheer cylindrical base, the cenotaph would have dwarfed the Great Pyramid at Giza. It would also have invoked a sensation of vertigo in anyone foolish enough to visit. After climbing up a gigantic staircase, visitors would crawl through a tiny tunnel into the inside of the orb. There, they would encounter a vast, sightless void stretching on seemingly ever. At the very center of this disconcerting blank would sit a single sarcophagus containing the body of Newton, a speck against the emptiness of the universe. Tiny holes in the skin of the sphere would have let pinpricks of light through in the shape of the constellations. There were even plans to somehow create a fog effect inside the sphere, giving everything a weird, haunted air. reasons of practicality, the thing sadly never got built.这个球体直径为1,500米(500英尺),被一个陡峭的圆柱形基座包围,这样一个纪念碑会让吉萨大金字塔都相形见绌这个纪念碑会使任何傻到前来参观的人产生眩晕感爬上一个巨大的楼梯之后,参观者们将匍匐穿过一条极细的通道进入球体内部在那里,他们会看到一个巨大的、无限蔓延的空间在这个令人困惑的空间的正中央,是一个安放着牛顿遗体的石棺,作为对抗宇宙空虚的一点球体表面的小孔会使星光照射进来,呈现出星座的形状布雷甚至还计划在球体内部制造烟雾效果,让一切沉浸在怪异可怖的气氛中但遗憾的是,出于实际考虑,这个纪念碑永远不可能付诸实施7.Ivan Leonidov Lenin Institute7.伊万·列奥尼多夫的列宁研究所In 197, Ivan Leonidov was an architecture student with everything to prove. A radical Russian of the constructivist school, Leonidov wanted to make the biggest splash possible with his graduate designs. He wound up aiming far too high. His proposal the Lenin Institute in Moscow was both breathtakingly ornate and completely unbuildable.197年,伊万·列奥尼多夫还是一个不曾显露才华的建筑系学生作为一名构建主义学校的激进的俄国学生,列奥尼多夫想让自己的毕业作品大放异由于最终目标过高,他对莫斯科列宁研究所的提议惊人的华美却又全无建造的可能Designed to function as a combined library and lecture hall, everything about Leonidov plans screamed ;big.; The library alone would have held million books, along with five ing rooms each capable of housing 500–1,000 visitors. Such a huge library needed a similarly huge delivery system, so Leonidov stuffed it full of clanking conveyor belts that whisked books skyward dozens of stories at a time. He also included a gigantic sphere lectures. Capable of seating ,000, the enormous glass orb could fold open in half and housed its own private tram system running direct to Moscow. To top it all off, Leonidov then included a radio station.Although the design won Leonidov plenty of admirers, architect Moisei Ginzburg perhaps summed it up best when he remarked Leonidov ;was not really able to prove that his constructive conundrum was actually necessary; and called it ;impossible.;由于意在使研究所兼具图书馆和讲堂的功能,在列奥尼多夫的设计中,一切都;大;得惊人仅图书馆就能够收藏一千五百万本图书,还有五间阅览室分别可以容纳五百到一千位读者这样一个巨大的图书馆需要一个同样工程浩大的运送系统,于是列奥尼多夫在图书馆内装满了叮当作响的传送带以便能一次把书运到几十层楼之上他还计划将讲堂建造成一个巨大的球体建筑这个巨型玻璃球可以容纳四千个座位,能够对折打开,内置独有的有轨电车系统可以直达莫斯科更不得了的是,列奥尼多夫还计划建造一个无线电台尽管这个设计为列奥尼多夫赢得了诸多赞誉,但建筑师莫伊谢伊·金兹伯格对列奥尼多夫的评价总结得最为精辟——;(他)不能明他提出的建筑难题真的有必要;,并称这个设计是;不可能的;6.London Safety-Defying Airports6.无视安全的伦敦飞机场If youve ever been to London, youll know inserting an airport into the city center is a madman dream. Meet that madman: Charles W. Glover. In 1931, Glover produced designs bringing air travel to central London. He did it by throwing every safety regulation out the nearest window.如果你去过伦敦,那你应该知道,在伦敦市中心建机场简直是个疯狂的想法让我们见识下提出这个想法的人:查尔斯·W·格洛费1931年,格洛费提出在伦敦市中心建机场的设想他的这一设计将所有的安全章程抛在了脑后Glover proposed a #3;5 million wheel-shaped runway that would sit on top of thousands of homes. Stretching from Kings Cross to Trafalgar Square, it had private garages personal airplanes, lifts to bring people up from ground level, and absolutely nothing to stop an incompetent pilot from careening off the end and right into the heart of London shopping districts. Although the potential catastrophe was clearly enormous, people still took Glover seriously. A watered-down version of the project was still being considered as late as the 1960s.Glover wasnt the only one to take a cavalier approach to Londoners safety. A 1930s proposal suggested placing an airport next to Westminster, where a bad crash could easily wipe out the government. Another from the 1950s aimed to place a landing platm personal helicopters directly above Charing Cross Station. As Popular Science blithely noted, this new landing pad would helpfully include ;radar aids landings in London pea-soup fogs.;格洛费计划花500万英镑在上千所房子上空修建轮形跑道轮形跑道从十字区延伸到特拉法尔加广场,为私人飞机建设了停机场,提供电梯方便人们升降,并且绝不会有任何东西妨碍不够格的飞行员将飞机歪歪斜斜地开出跑道,然后冲进伦敦商业区的中心地带显然这项设计的潜在风险很大,但人们还是认真考虑了格洛费的这一设想直到世纪60年代,人们还在考虑采取一个更缓和的计划格洛费不是唯一一个对伦敦居民的安全漫不经心的人世纪30年代,有人提议在威斯敏斯特旁建一个机场,在那里发生一次严重的飞机事故就能轻易摧毁政府在世纪50年代,还有人提出了另一个建议,要在查林十字车站的正上方为私人直升飞机建一个停机坪《科技新时代指出,这个新的停机坪大有用处,;有雷达辅助设备,能帮助飞机在伦敦的浓雾天里着陆;审校:赵倩 来源:前十网 851顺德区第二人民医院正规吗?怎么样

佛山市顺德区中医院在哪A: I came to this lab to have my blood drawn.B: You are in the right place. Roll up your left sleeve and have a seat.A: What am I being tested ?B: Your doctor wants to know what your white blood cell count is.A: What does my white blood cell count tell him?B: Usually if your white count is off, the doctor suspects an infection.A: How much will it hurt?B: It is only a pin prick. I have to put this tourniquet on your arm to make the vein easier to find.A: Is that my blood going into that tube?B: That blood that just filled the tube is all that I needed. Thanks coming in!龙江乐从北滘镇医院预约 Meilun and Meihuan, two Chinese pandas born in the U.S., are gradually getting used to life back in China.两只美国出生的大熊猫“美轮”、“美奂”正渐渐习惯回国后的生活However, they have not shed all their old habits; they still prefer American crackers to Chinese b, and know English better than Chinese.但是这两只小家伙还没有摆脱所有的旧习惯;它们更喜欢美国的饼干而不是中国的面包,而且了解英语要比中文更好The pandas arrived at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding on Nov. 5. Meilun is very lively, often jumping onto the roof and hanging upside down from a rail.月5日,两只大熊猫抵达了成都大熊猫繁育研究基地美轮非常活泼,经常跳到屋顶上、在栏杆上倒挂着身子Unlike her elder sister, Meihuan is much calmer. She prefers to sit still and observe her new environment, occasionally snacking on bamboo.和自己的不同,美奂则要文静得多它喜欢静静地坐着、打量自己的新家,偶尔小啜一点竹子Pandas are shy with strangers and need company, explained Luo Yunhong, a breeder at the panda base.据基地一名名叫罗云红的饲养员表示,熊猫们看到陌生人时都非常害羞,需要有人陪Luo main worry about the pandas transition is that they both love American crackers so much that everything they eat - from bamboo to apples and even water - must be mixed with the crackers.罗云红对美轮美奂的改变最担心的一点就是它们太喜欢美国饼干了,以至于他们吃的每一样东西--从竹子到苹果、甚至是水--都要混一些这种饼干To help them get used to food in China, Luo has been gradually replacing the crackers with Chinese b.为帮助它们习惯中国食物,罗云红渐渐用中国的面包来替换这些美国的饼干Another problem is that Meilun and Meihuan cannot understand Sichuan dialect; only hearing their names can make them raise their heads. In contrast, they react to a number of basic words in English, such as ;Come here;.另外一个问题就是美轮美奂两不懂四川方言,只有在听到自己名字的时候才会有反应抬起头相反,它们对一些基本的英文有反应,比如“过来”Luo has been recording their stool samples and body temperatures every day, as well as providing daily updates to the Exit-Entry and Quarantine Bureau of Chengdu.罗云红每天都在记录美轮美奂的粪便样本和体温,并向成都出入境检验检疫局提供每日的数据According to the officer, the sisters are gradually getting used to their new lives.据该部门表示,美轮美奂两正逐渐习惯它们的新生活 1895佛山顺德区医院电话号码是多少

佛山男科医院不孕不育科 Order Dishes点菜(1)A:Mr. Martin, you must be hungry after having visited the company long time. Do you?马丁先生,参观公司这么长时间您一定饿了吧,是吗?B:Yes, Im very hungry. And you?是的,我饿,你呢?A:Me too. Now let go to the lunch.我也是我们一起去吃午饭吧B:So, what are we going to eat?我们吃点什么?A:Youre the guest, so you can have anything you like. Here the .您是客人,您可以点您喜欢吃的东西这是菜单B:That very kind of you, but I am not able to Chinese, so youll have to help me.非常感谢,但是我不认识汉字,所以您必须得帮助我A:OK then. What would you like to drink?那么好吧您想喝点什么?B:Id like a glass of beer.我想喝杯咖啡A:How about Qingdao beer? It one of the most famous beers in China.青岛啤酒怎么样?它是中国最著名的啤酒之一了B:Oh, I have heard it long bee. Let me have a try.哦,我很久以前就听说过了让我试一试A:What would you like to have?您想吃点什么?B:I like Chinese food.我喜欢中国菜A:What food concretely?具体什么菜呢?B:Im not familiar to the name of the food. Im at your disposal.我对菜的名字不是很熟悉我听从你的安排A:OK. Let me order dishes. Are there any types of food you really dont like?好吧,我来点菜您有什么忌口的吗?B:Well, Im allergic to silkworm, so that definitely out. And Im not too keen on hot peppers or garlic.哦,我对蚕过敏,所以一定不要点我不太爱吃辣椒和大蒜A:Right, and which kinds of meat do you like?好的,那您喜欢吃什么肉?B:Anything is OK, just nothing too exotic!什么都可以,就是别太怪A:So, no chicken feet or silkworms you!那么就不给您点鸡爪和蚕蛹了!B:Ha! No, Id rather not, thank you very much!哈!是的,我宁愿不点,多谢!A:OK, how about we have a roast duck?好吧我们先来个烤鸭怎么样?B:That sounds fine.听起来不错A:And why dont we have some crispy fried pork as well?我们在来点儿锅爆肉吧?B:Why not?为什么不呢?A:Let me see... What else is there? Have you tried a Chinese salad bee?让我瞧瞧……再点些什么呢?您以前吃过中国色拉吗?B:I dont think so. What it like?我想没有,那是什么东西?A:Well, it a cold dish with lots of thin strips of dried tofu, Chinese vermicelli, bean sprouts and pork with a vinegar dressing.噢,那是用干豆腐丝、粉丝、豆芽和猪肉拌上醋做的凉菜B:It sounds interesting. Let have some.听起来很有趣,我们点一个吧A:Good. And would you like anything else?好的您还点儿其他的东西吗?B:No. That enough. In America our lunch is usually fast food. It wont last more than one hour.不,这些足够了在美国我们的午餐一般吃快餐通常不会超过一个小时A:But in China we have a saying ;business is concluded on the table;. But dont worry. Please make yourself comtable.但是在中国我们有一个说法是“生意是在饭桌上谈出来的”但是您别担心,请不要拘束B:Thank you.谢谢 193360南海区治疗膀胱炎多少钱佛山顺德医院在哪个区



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