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小囧HBO自立门户正式离职,回顾七年半光辉岁月洒泪现场。皇家电话被黑,女皇的坚果居然被保安偷吃?小囧正式离职,我们和囧叔一起感谢他7年来为每日秀做的一切! Article/201401/271322。

The boundaries of the National Park were strictly enforced,国家公园竖立起严格的边界halting the encroachment of farmland.阻止农田的继续扩张And it was decided that the only solution人们认为唯一的解决方案was to intensively manage the remaining gorillas.是对幸存的大猩猩进行集中管理Teams of scientists constantly monitor them.科学队伍持续不断地监控他们Their forests are patrolled to cut poachers#39; snares.在他们栖息的丛林巡逻 捣毁偷猎者的陷阱And vets watch their health closely.兽医们也密切注意着他们的健康No, don#39;t take it...不 别拿这个This is funded mostly through eco-tourism所需的资金几乎都来自生态旅游业and donations from all over the world.和来自世界各地的捐款Mountain gorillas are now back from the brink.山地大猩猩的族群现在起死回生This level of human intervention might not be ideal,如此高度的人为干涉也许并不理想but it#39;s working.但却很有效Every year, there are a few more mountain gorillas每一年都有新的小猩猩降生and, possibly, just a little more optimism.随之人们也更加乐观 Article/201406/307718。

Many people grab snacks without considering food quality. But there are healthy vending options.许多人选择零食时不考虑食品质量。但是自动贩卖机中也有比较健康的选择。You Will Need你需要A vending machine一台自动贩卖机Nutrition information营养信息Good judgment良好的判断力Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose a snack1.选择小吃Do you want something salty? Crunchy? Sweet? Decide which type of snack you#39;re craving to make sure your choice will satisfy you.想吃一些比较咸,比较松脆,还是比较甜的食品?确定自己比较渴望哪种类型的小吃,确保你的选择能让自己满意。STEP 2 Pick a slim salty2.选择微咸食品If it#39;s salt you#39;re after, go for peanuts or beef jerky. Though high in calories, nuts provide the good kind of fat,monounsaturated, and their protein will make you feel fuller longer. Beef jerky is also high in protein. Just be aware that that both treats are also high in sodium.如果你想吃咸的东西,选择花生或牛肉干。尽管热量比较高,坚果却可以提供比较优质的脂肪,单一不饱和脂肪,而且坚果中的蛋白质可以让你更长时间内感觉比较饱。牛肉干的蛋白质含量也比较高。但是要记住,这两种食品的钠含量都比较高。STEP 3 Munch this crunch3.拒绝松脆的食品Want something crunchy? Pretzels are a low-fat, low-calorie choice, though they may not keep you feeling full for very long because of their high carb content. Or get a single-serving bag of light popcorn or a package of cheese crackers; the former contains fiber and the latter has no trans fat. If you can#39;t live without potato chips, look for baked ones.想吃一些比较松脆的食品?椒盐卷饼是低脂低热量的选择,不过由于碳含量较高,不会让你饱腹很长时间。或者吃一小袋爆米花或者一袋芝士饼,前者含有纤维,后者不含反式脂肪。如果没有薯片你就过不下去,选择烘烤的薯片。STEP 4 Select a sweet4.选择甜食To satisfy a sweet tooth, look for low-fat cookies, licorice, fruit-flavored candy, or a fruit snack. Though high in sugar,they#39;re low in fat. Avoid the chocolate mini-doughnuts; there#39;s nothing mini about the 600 calories and 36 grams of fat some brands are packing!要满足想吃甜食的渴望,可以寻找低脂饼干,甘草糖,水果口味的糖果,或者水果小吃。尽管含糖量比较高,然而脂肪含量比较低。避免巧克力迷你炸面圈,一些牌子的炸面圈中含有大约600卡路里的热量和36克脂肪,热量一点都不迷你。Trail mix, which combines nuts and dried fruit, is a good choice if you#39;re craving salty and sweet.干果中包含了坚果和烘干的水果,如果你既想吃咸的又想吃甜的,这是不错的选择。STEP 5 Sink your teeth into a ;candy bar;5.棒棒糖Craving a candy bar? See if there#39;s a Payday, one of the few candy bars that gets a thumbs-up from some nutritionists because it#39;s loaded with nuts. If not, go for an energy or protein bar. Though most are little better than candy bars, they do offer a slight nutritional advantage.想吃棒棒糖?看一下是否有Payday,这中棒棒糖受到一些营养专家的称赞,因为其中含有很多坚果。如果没有的话,选择能量棒或蛋白质棒。尽管大部分并不比棒棒糖好多少,最少营养方面稍具优势。If you want Mamp;M#39;s, choose peanut over regular so you get some of the good fat in the nuts.如果你想吃Mamp;M#39;糖果,选择花生口味而不是常规口味,这样你就可以从坚果中获得好的脂肪。STEP 6 Look for 100-calorie packs6.热量控制在100卡路里Not sure what you want? Try one of the 100-calorie pack options so that, whatever you choose, you#39;ll limit the damage to your waistline.不确定自己想吃什么?尝试热量为100卡路里的小包装零食,这样,无论你选择什么,都可以限制对腰围造成的影响。STEP 7 Advocate healthy snacks7.拥护健康零食If your workplace has a vending machine, ask the employee in charge of ordering refills to consider providing more healthy choices, like dried fruit or whole-wheat chips or pretzels.如果你工作的地方有自动贩卖机,补充货物时让雇员自己负责,考虑提供更加健康的选择,比如干果或全麦薯片或椒盐卷饼。Americans eat 2 billion pounds of potato chips annually.美国人平均每年吃掉20亿磅炸土豆片。视频听力译文由。 /201407/308969。

Sometimes a friend is abrasive and offensive because they think you#39;re aligned with them. Handle your discomfort when a friend makes an inappropriate comment by being the friend they need, rather than the co-conspirator they want.有时朋友是令人厌烦和不快,因为他们认为你和他们是一致的。当你的朋友做出不恰当的时,做他们真正需要的朋友,而不是他们想要的同谋。You Will Need你需要Willingness to teach教导对方的意愿Restraint克制Directness率直Steps步骤STEP 1 Teach them1.教导他们Counter ignorant comments by not supplying the supportive reactions the offender was seeking. Should it appear that your friend is merely insecure or jealous rather than malicious, you can use the discomfort as a teachable moment.反对无知的言论,不要给出他寻求的持性的反应。如果看上去是由于你的盟友没有安全感或嫉妒,而不是恶意的,你可以把此时此刻作为教导的机会。Rude critics want to embarrass and hurt others to build their self-esteem.鲁莽的批评者想通过让他人尴尬或伤害他人来建立自尊心。STEP 2 Think first2.思考Think about what you want to say and choose your words, restraining yourself in the heat of the moment before you speak. Get your point across clearly without attacking the person.思考一下你想说什么,选择语言,开口说话之前先克制自己的怒火。不要攻击对方,清晰地表达自己的观点。Erupting in anger will distract them from the point your trying to make.爆发怒火会让他们不能集中注意力关注你要表达的观点。STEP 3 Soften the message3.温和地传达信息Let your friend know you accept they might harbor unconscious prejudices. Soften the message and leave the door open for a friend to redeem themselves.让你的朋友知道他们或许存在无意识的偏见,你能接受这一点。软化信息,让朋友有机会自己找回自尊心。STEP 4 Stand your ground4.坚持自己的立场Stand your ground, rather than being silent and backing down to keep the peace. Ignoring or minimizing offensive remarks can unintentionally convey a tacit approval to the offender.坚持自己的立场,而不是保持沉默或者为了维护和平而让步。忽略或弱化令人不快的言论无意间会表达对对方的持。STEP 5 Express disappointment5.表达失望If they continue to say offensive things or defend their original comment, be direct. Ask them to stop saying offensive things in your presence.如果他们继续发表无礼的言论或维护最初的言论,直截了当。要求他们停止在你面前发表冒犯的言论。STEP 6 Agree to disagree6.求同存异Agree to disagree and find another topic of interest if it#39;s clear you can#39;t get anywhere right now. Try using humor to distract your friend from their offensive remarks. Ultimately, you must decide if the friendship is worth continuing.允许对方存在不同意见,如果很明显难以取得效果,寻找其他感兴趣的话题。使用幽默来让朋友的注意力从冒犯性的言论转移。最终,你必须决定你们的友情是否值得继续。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/325140。

美国政治的核心在腐败,这是由国会候选人依赖向微小比例的公民筹备竞选资金引起的。这是这次法律学者劳伦斯·莱斯格猛烈抨击的核心内容。利用快速的视觉效果, 他展示了募资的过程是怎么从根本上削弱了共和,且呼吁民主、共和两党重整旗鼓,焕发活力,进而让众多美国人甚至更多人产生共鸣。 Article/201401/272452。

Building China#39;s senior villages John Defterios finds out how the American concept of senior living villages and homes is being adapted in the world#39;s most populous nation.It’s mid morning in Beijing and the seniors are making their present feel, whether it’s a Tai Chi routine or taking over a park table for a robust hand of cards.China’s population is aging rapidly. Back in 1950, the medium ages was 24, that’s projected to double by 2050. This has broadened implication for social policy including housing.It’s being labor China’s golden era, and those in the senior living businesses like developer Sino-Ocean like are embracing it. Out of Beijing’s equivalence of Siberia, I enter into this iron compound for retirees. Inside, there’s a group of potential tenants receiving a sale pips of what retirement would look like, for a cost of 200 to 4,000 a month.Our industry’s focusing on the Chinese market as the senior population in China has exceeding a number of the total population in the US.The senior living businesses have brought out China’s one child policy with siblings migrated into urban centers in search of higher wages. Sino-Ocean signed a joint venture with a leading American continuing care group to cherry-pick the best services from more advanced countries such as the US and Japan.The Chinese operate or the advantages or the best practice of foreign countries which have a mature market then we localize it to fit to our costume norms.This means for example an onside executive chef who trained in the five-star hotel combines with Chinese acupuncture therapy.The confusion way of life is adapting, allowing children to offer a better quality of life to their parents instead of carrying for them. After a more than doubling pro-capture of GDP for the past decade, the 78-year-old resident says she’s happy to break with tradition.It’s true that traditional culture in China thinks that parents should live circuit of age. Now there’s a radical change in the social sentiments we’re thinking about how you take care of yourself after you’re aged.A golden era for Chinese senior citizens who can afford to live in luxury.John D, CNN. /201406/307265。