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池州市东至医院官网专家在线咨询池州微创无痛人流得多钱池州市人民医院泌尿外科医师哪个厉害 Will humanity find intelligent alien life anytime soon? Probably not, according to theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.人类会在不久之后发现外星的高级生物吗?据著名理论物理学家史蒂芬·霍金推测这不太有可能。Hawking made the prediction last Tuesday during the Breakthrough Starshot announcement in New York City. At the news conference, Hawking, along with Russian billionaire investor Yuri Milner and a group of scientists, detailed a new project that aims to send a multitude of tiny, wafer-size spaceships into space to the neighboring star system Alpha Centauri.霍金是在上周二于纽约市进行的关于“突破摄星”计划的演讲中做出的该预测。在新闻发布会上,霍金和俄罗斯亿万富翁投资人尤里·米尔纳以及许多科学家一起,对这个全新的太空项目进行详细讲解。该项目计划建造大批微型星际飞船,并将其发射至临近的半人马座阿尔法星。If these tiny spaceships travel at 20 percent the speed of light, they#39;ll be able to reach Alpha Centauri in just 20 years, Milner said. Once there, the spacecraft will be able to do a 1-hour flyby of Alpha Centauri and collect data that#39;s impossible to gather from Earth, such as taking close-up photos of the star system, probing space dust molecules and measuring magnetic fields, said Avi Loeb, chairman of the Breakthrough Starshot Advisory Committee and a professor of science at Harvard University.米尔纳表示,如果这些微型星际飞船能够以1/5的光速行驶,那么它们就有望在20年之内到达阿尔法星。“突破摄星”计划顾问委员会会长兼哈佛大学科学领域的专家艾维·劳埃伯提到,一旦到达阿尔法星附近,飞船将可以绕其进行一小时的近飞探测,并收集一些地球上无法获得的数据资料。例如拍摄阿尔法星表面的近照,探索太空中的尘埃颗粒以及测量周围的电磁场等等。In addition to learning about space technology, the audience wanted to hear about aliens — specifically, when scientists might find them.除了想了解太空技术之外,在场的观众们还特别迫切地想听到关于外星人的相关消息,尤其是关于科学家们何时能够发现外星人这一话题。Hawking took questions from reporters in advance so that he would have time to prepare his answers.霍金事先从记者那里获取了相关问题,以便有充足的时间来准备如何回答。Hawking said it#39;s not likely that scientists will find intelligent alien life in the next 20 years. ;The probability is low, probably,; he said.霍金表示,在未来二十年内,科学家发现外星生命的可能性微乎其微。“这种可能性非常小。”他说道。But the cosmologist did mention one caveat.但是这位宇宙学家却在此提出了一次警告。;The discoveries of the NASA Kepler mission suggest that there are billions of habitable planets in our galaxy alone,; Hawking said. ;There are at least a hundred billion galaxies in the visible universe, so it seems likely that there are others out there.;霍金说道:“NASA开普勒计划的相关发现表明:仅在我们的系内就存在着数十亿颗可以居住的行星。宇宙中至少存在上百亿个系,所以存在外星生命的可能性还是非常大的。”Hawking has famously predicted that intelligent aliens might threaten humankind. Indeed, when asked yesterday about what Earthlings should do if we come across intelligent alien life, he said, ;We should hope that they don#39;t find us.;霍金曾经做过著名的预测,即外星生命很可能对人类生存产生威胁。当霍金被问到如果地球人真的遇见外星生物了应该如何应对这一问题,他表示:“我们应该祈祷他们不要发现我们。” /201604/438888A grandfather from Orangeburg County, Columbia, recently made the news after going to school to pick up his young grandson and coming home with a totally different child. It sounds like the plot of a 90#39;s comedy, but this happened in real life.一位来自美国哥伦比亚奥兰治堡县的爷爷最近登上了新闻,因为他去学校接小孙子,却领了个全然不一样的小孩回家。这听起来就像上世纪九十年代的喜剧情节,但却发生在真实生活中。On May 19th, 65-year-old Joseph Fuller went to Edisto Primary School in order to pick up his six-year-old grandchild early. According to a police report, when he arrived at the school, Fuller saw a group of students leaving the school gym, one of which he thought was his grandson. He got out of his car, approached the boy, gave him a hug and told him he was there to pick him up early. When he asked him if he was y to go, the kid said ;yes;. A teacher#39;s assistant later told deputies that when he asked the boy ;Was this your grandfather?; he also answered ;yes;. So the two of them then went to the front office so the boy could be signed out, and since the grandpa was on the list of approved people to pick up kids, everything went smoothly. If you think this is weird, hold on tight, because it’s about to get weirder.5月19日,65岁的约瑟夫·富勒去埃迪斯托小学想早早接6岁的孙子。根据警方报告,当他到达学校时,富勒看见一群学生走出学校体育馆,他以为其中一个是他孙子。他下车朝小男孩走去,给了他一个拥抱,告诉孩子他提早来接他了。当他问他是否准备走了,小孩说“是的”。一位教师助理之后对警察说,当他问小男孩“这是你爷爷吗?”他也回答“是的”。所以他们俩去了门厅,登记后小男孩才得以离开,又因为爷爷在可以接孩子的人名单上,所以一切都进展得很顺利。如果你觉得这很奇怪,那么你可要憋住,因为事情将变得更奇怪。Once out of the school, Fuller and his fake grandson got in the car, where his wife was waiting for them. Without so much as turning around to look at the child, the woman allegedly handed him a McDonald#39;s Happy Meal, and then they drove home. It was only when they arrived at their house that the Fullers finally realized that the boy was not their grandchild, after a missing tooth gave him away. ;He had a tooth missing in the front, and I know my grandson did not have a tooth missing in the front,; Fuller said. ;Immediately, I brought him back to school, and I am very sorry.;一走出学校,富勒和他的假孙子就上了车,他的妻子在车上等着他们。据说富勒的太太都没有回头看孩子一眼,就递给他一份麦当劳的开心乐园餐,然后他们开车回到家。在到家之后富勒夫妇才终于意识到这个小男孩不是他们的孙子,因为一颗缺了的牙齿出卖了他。“他门牙缺了一颗,我知道我孙子门牙没有掉,”富勒说。“我立刻把他带回了学校,我感到非常抱歉。”The police report mentions that the two boys ;had similarities in haircut style and features, but not in weight or height.; Also, the fake grandchild#39;s mother admitted ;that the [grandfather] resembles her father and saw how her son also mistakenly thought he was indeed his grandfather.;警方在报告中提到,两个男孩子“发型和容貌有相似之处,但身高体重不一样。”假孙子的妈妈也承认“这个爷爷和她父亲长相相似,明白她儿子为什么误以为他确实是他的外祖父。”Although everything got rectified in the end, the boy#39;s father, Darrin Pressley, didn#39;t find the whole mixup funny. ;If they didn#39;t bring him back my son could#39;ve been gone,; Pressley said. ;It#39;s gross negligence on the school#39;s part. My thing is, you know, have a prevention so this could never happen again.; The bizarre incident has led to changes in the way young children can be picked up from school. Now, students have to verbally identify the person who is picking them up and then the front desk will double check the student#39;s pick up list for that name. Also, parents will only be able to access the school through the front office, over the summer.尽管最后一切都得到了纠正,男孩的父亲达林·普雷斯利并不觉得整个乌龙事件很有趣。“如果他们不把他带回来,我的儿子可能就消失了,”普雷斯利说。“这是学校的重大疏忽。我的观点是,你知道的,应该建立预防措施,这样的事才不会再次发生。”此次离奇事件促使小孩从学校被接走的方式发生了改变。现在,学生必须口头确认来接他们的人,之后前台会仔细核实学生接送名单上对应的名字。此外,家长在夏季只能通过门厅进入学校。I, for one, still can#39;t wrap my head around how this grown man mistook a different boy for his grandchild and only realized his mistake based on a missing front tooth. They must not be very close...就我来说,我还是脑子转不过弯儿来,搞不懂这个成年男子怎么能把别的男孩当成自己孙子的,而且一直到看到缺失的门牙后才意识到自己的错误。他和自己的孙子一定不亲吧…… /201606/448712石台县人民医院看男科好吗

东至人民医院是正规的吗A UK fitness company is set to offer people the opportunity to exercise while traveling on a bus.一家英国健身公司将为人们提供在乘坐巴士时健身的机会。1Rebel UK announced the new service described as a ;ride studio on wheels; that will allow riders to use stationary bikes while on the bus.1Rebel UK宣布推出这项被称为“车轮上的单车工作室”的全新务,可以让用户在巴士上骑固定脚踏车。;We#39;re taking to the roads and burning hard through the streets of London,; they wrote on Facebook. ;Commute to/from your work via our Ride studio on wheels.;该公司在脸书上写道:“我们要开到马路上,并且在伦敦的街道上燃烧起来。用你车轮上的单车工作室来上下班吧。”1Rebel is accepting registrations for the service on its website and has plans for four pick-up stations, including Stratford, Kensington High St., Angel and Clapham Common.据悉,1Rebel公司正在其官网上接受登记注册,并计划设置4个停靠站点,包括斯特拉特福、肯辛顿高街、安吉尔和克拉珀姆公地。The program has not been officially approved, as 1Rebel co-founder James Balfour told CN that safety concerns, including a lack of seat belts and helmets.不过,该工作室创始人詹姆斯·贝尔福接受CN采访时表示,出于对缺乏安全带和头盔等安全方面的担忧,当局目前尚未通过这个方案。;For those who want the components of a class but perhaps don#39;t have the time to commit during the day, this provides a great solution for them to maximize time they would otherwise be spending just traveling to work;, he said.贝尔福表示:“对于那些想上健身课、但可能白天没时间去这么做的人来说,这项务为他们提供了一个很好的解决方案,他们可以最大限度地利用原本只能用于通勤的时间。”If approved the program is expected to launch in the summer, but Balfour said that the listing has aly gathered significant interest.如果该项目批准通过,那么将会在今年夏天正式推出。贝尔福表示。现在该项目已经引起了极大的兴趣。;This morning hits peaked so much that the registration website crashed and had to be moved to a separate server,; he said.他说:“今天早上用户点击量激增,以至于注册界面都崩溃了,因此我们不得不使用一个单独的务器。” /201606/448404池州石台县人民医院是私人的吗 Woman Celebrates Her Birthday Every Year With Barbecue for Those Who Can#39;t Afford a Meal这姑娘每年开慈善BBQ庆生Birthdays are a day to celebrate yourself, but one California woman decided to make it about a good deed for others instead.生日一般都是自己和家人一起庆祝,但加州有个姑娘决定开展慈善活动来庆祝自己的生日。Jennifer Hubbard of Napa celebrated her 28th birthday last weekend by hosting her second annual ;BBQ for the Hungry,; for which she invited hundreds of less fortunate people in her community, and served them hot dogs, burgers, ribs, sodas and various other treats.纳帕谷的Jennifer Hubbard上周刚以举行“给吃不饱饭人准备的BBQ”的方式庆祝她28岁生日。活动上,她邀请了社区里上百名吃不饱饭的人参加,给他们准备了热、汉堡、烤排骨、苏打水和其他好吃的。这已经是她第二年这样庆祝生日了。;We put out blankets and laid on the grass. We had music going. It was a couple hours of hanging out,; Hubbard told InsideEdition.com. ;It#39;s been a lot more gratifying that way.;“我们把毯子铺到草地上,放着音乐,活动持续了数小时,”Hubbard告诉InsideEdition网站。“这样庆祝生日让我更开心。”Though Hubbard said she remembers growing up in a household that struggled financially, she was baffled when she learned some people couldn#39;t even afford a meal.Hubbard说,虽然从小自己家条件也不好,但了解到有些人连饭都吃不起,还是让她倍感困惑。Hubbard said for a few years, she, too, experienced times where the only place she had to sleep was in her car, or a friend#39;s couch.Hubbard说有几年,她也因经济困难多次在车上或者朋友家沙发上过夜。;I actually had a lot of bad birthdays,; said Hubbard, who now works at an IT specialist for the Napa County Department of Education. ;So I said, #39;Forget it. My birthday#39;s not for me anymore. I#39;m going to make it about other people,#39; and it#39;s been a lot more gratifying that way.;Hubbard现在是纳帕教育局的信息技术专员。她说,“我其实也有过很多不愉快的生日回忆。现在我告诉自己要忘掉过去,以后我的生日不再为自己过,而是让更多人参与进来。这样的庆祝方式让我感到更快乐。”On her 27th birthday, Hubbard hosted her first ;BBQ for the Hungry.; She distributed flyers to local homeless shelters and people on the streets, inviting more than 250 people for a day of food and fun in the park.27岁生日那天,Hubbard第一次举办这样的BBQ。她给当地避难所和街边无家可归的人发放单页,在那天邀请到250多个人参加BBQ。大家一起在公园里度过了美好的一天。;Last year, we ran out [of food] and people were still coming up,; Hubbard recalled, ;So we went out and got more food. We ended up giving [everyone else] our leftovers.;“去年,我们吃光所有食物后,仍有人过来参加。所以,我们又出去买了更多食物。后来把剩饭也都送了出去。”Last weekend, on Hubbard#39;s 28th birthday, she prepared extra meals in advance, and had enough to feed 300 people.在上周庆祝28岁生日的时候,她提前准备好备用食物,足够招待300人。;Seeing a lot more families show up this year — that really warms my heart,; Hubbard said. ;Just hearing people#39;s stories and [hearing] #39;happy birthday.#39; The whole experience, it#39;s awesome.;“看到今年有更多家庭前来参加活动,让我的心暖暖的。听这么多人讲自己的故事,跟我说‘生日快乐’。这个体验实在太棒了。”Hubbard感慨。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201609/464474池州开发区医院妇科预约

池州一院能检查怀孕吗 Meet Koyuki, the grumpiest cat of all.  见见小雪(Koyuki)吧!史上不爽喵星人之最。  Hailing from Japan, the 9-year-old Scottish fold’s fierce feline face is enough to put this Grumpy Cat to shame.  从日本发来贺电,这只9岁大的苏格兰折耳猫,其犀利的表情足以让这只不爽猫(不爽猫真容及科普戳gt;gt;gt;)自惭形秽。  “Just her face is angry, but she always feels happy,”her owners wrote to A News.  其主人写给美国广播公司新闻网说:“只是她的脸表现得很生气,但她经常都是很开心的。”  Koyuki has nearly 20,000 Instagram followers.  小雪在Instagram上有近2万粉丝。  She has nearly 45,000 Twitter followers.  近4万5000人在推特上fo它。  Her name Koyuki means “light snow”in English, but this cat’s stone cold stare is enough to freeze over even the warmest of hearts.  她的名字“Koyuki”英文意思是“小雪”,但这只猫令人石化的犀利目光足以让最温暖的心冻成冰霜。  Take a deep look into her angry yet enchanting eyes, if you dare.  深情望向她那狂怒而迷人的眼睛吧!如果你敢的话。 /201604/436673池州东至县人民医院在哪里池州市东至男科医院在那儿



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