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资讯如何用英语和你的上司交流 -- :7: 来源: 1.申请许可  Wouldn’t it be possible me to take the day off this Friday?  (星期五,我可以休一天假?)  请休假用take the day off两天以上就用days off老板会很干脆地答应说that’ll be OK,或是会带有不悦意味回答 Will everything be all right?(一切都安排就绪了吗?),这些都要看你平时的工作而定  .提议  I think we need to buy a new copier.(我想需要买一台新的复印机)  说出上句之前,必须说明our copying machine has broken down again.(复印机又出毛病了)以作为提案的依据客气的提议,用suggest如I would suggest we buy a new copier.  3.表示了解上司的指示  Yes,of course.(是,我知道了)  也可用I understand(我明白了),或Yes, right away(好的马上去做),对上司说OK,或 all right并不恰当很忙时,说I’m sorry, but I’m busy now. Could I do it later?  .确认上司指示的内容  Yor did say next Tuesday at :00 P.M., didn’t you?(您是说在下星期二下午点,是吗?)  任何事都必须确认一下对方是外国人更要如此上句也可直截了当地说let me confirm  (让我确认一下时间和日期)  5.报告商谈结果  I had a feeling he was in favor of the plan.(我觉得他赞成那个计划)  记住I have a feeling (that)……(我觉得……),及……(that ) he was against the plan.(他反对那个计划)这两句话都很管用.The brunette beauty told People.com: "This was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And the recognition from it is an absolutely thrilling bonus. I simply could not be more excited right now."

古诗词汉译英:《论语中英文版 第十一章 子路篇() -- :55: 来源:   子貢問:“師與商也孰賢?”子曰:“師也過,商也不及”曰:“然則師愈與?”子曰:“過猶不及”  Zi Gong asked which of the two, Shi or Shang, was the superior.  The Master said, "Shi goes beyond the due mean, and Shang does not come up to it." "Then," said Zi Gong, "the superiority is with Shi, I suppose."  The Master said, "To go beyond is as wrong as to fall short."    子贡问:“师与商也孰贤①?”子曰:“师也过②,商也不及③”  曰:“然则师愈与④?”子曰:“过犹不及⑤”    子贡问道:“子张与子夏两人谁好一些?”孔子说:“子张做事要过头,子夏做事有些赶不上”子贡说:“那么,不是子张好一些吗?”孔子说:“做过了头,就像做得不够一样,都不好”    ①师与商:颛孙师(子张)与卜商(子夏)  ②过:过分,过度,过头  ③不及:赶不上,达不到  ④愈:好  ⑤犹:如同    本章是孔子对子张、子夏的这两人都是孔门的高材生,是七十二贤人之中的孔子认为这两个学生都有美中不足:子张总要说过头话,做过头事;子夏则失之保守,说话、做事都有些保留孔子认为“过犹不及”,即过头与跟不上同样不好,这个论断充分体现了孔子所主张的中庸之道

如何增强自己的意志力 --31 :3:5 来源: Sometimes willpower is a lot like the television remote control — hard to find just when you want it most. Whether you‘re trying to lose weight, stop smoking, get to the gym regularly, win a promotion or pay off some debts, developing your sense of willpower is an important part of changing any behavior.  We all know that breaking a bad habit or establishing a new, healthy one can be difficult, but persistence pays off. Researchers at the University of Washington found that 63 percent of those who made New Year‘s resolutions were still keeping their resolution two months later. It’s not going to be easy, but there are ways to increase your willpower, stay resolved and achieve your goals.  First Things First  Don‘t try to restructure your finances, win a promotion and lose weight all on the same morning. Establish one clear, specific goal and mulate a realistic strategy achieving it. Extra willpower sometimes requires extra energy, so don’t stretch yourself too thin. Focus on one goal at a time.  Start Slow  Momentum builds gradually, and whatever your goal, don‘t expect to achieve it overnight. Real success takes time. If you are trying to kick a caffeine habit, start by replacing your morning cup of coffee with a glass of water, instead of vowing never to drink coffee again. Congratulate yourself on the small achievements that will pave the way toward a larger one. These successes help your will power grow.  Support Network  Bolster your willpower by tapping into a support network. Ask friends, family or colleagues assistance and tell them exactly how they can help. If your credit card bills have skyrocketed, instance, let friends know that you are cutting back on expenses. Suggest having a potluck dinner instead of meeting at an expensive restaurant. Find a support group or organization related to your goal and attend their meetings. You can get valuable advice, understanding and inmation — all of which increase commitment and willpower.  Changing Your Environment  If possible, alter your environment to reduce temptation or encourage positive behavior. Want to get in shape? Keep an extra set of workout clothes in your office as a reminder to stop by the gym on the way home. Quitting smoking? Avoid bars or restaurants where you might be tempted to light up.  More Than Willpower  Sometimes changing your behavior requires more than willpower. If you are struggling with an addiction or want to make a significant lifestyle change, seek the guidance and support of a professional. An expert may be able to provide intensive support and followup or prescribe medication to reduce physical symptoms. example, without help only 5 percent of smokers can quit but that number rises to 30 percent when people seek both drug therapy and counseling.  有时候意志力很像电视遥控——当你最需要的时候就是找不到可能你正在努力减肥、戒烟、定期健身、争取晋升、又或是还债,增强你对意志力的感受是改变行为中非常重要的一部分  我们都知道,改掉坏习惯,或是形成一个全新的、健康的新习惯,很难,但是坚持就是胜利华盛顿大学的研究人员发现,下定新年决心的人,能坚持两个月的只有63%. 坚持并不容易,但是还是有些方法可以增强你的意志力,坚定决心,并最终达到你的目的  要事第一  不要企图在一个早上调整你的财务状况,争取晋升,同时减肥树立一个清晰、详细的目标,并制定一个可行的策略绝佳的意志力有时候要求更多的精力,所以,不要把自己搞的太累一段时间内专注一个目标  慢慢开始  罗马不是一天建成的,无论你的目标是什么,不要幻想一蹴而就真正的成功需要时间的锤炼如果你想戒咖啡,将清晨的一杯咖啡换成一杯水,从这开始,而不是一而再再而三地发誓,从此以后再也不喝咖啡为每一个小小的成就而喝,正是这每一次小小的成就,将集聚成一个大的成就这些小成功能助你培养意志力  持网  通过持网鼓励你增强意志力让朋友、家人或者同事来帮忙,详细地告诉他们能帮什么忙例如,如果你的信用卡消费暴涨,让朋友知道你在节省开建议你吃个家常便饭而不是在豪华的饭店聚会找一个与你目标相关的援团或组织,参加他们的集会你能得到颇有价值的忠告、谅解和信息——所有这些都将坚定你的承诺并增强你的意志力  改变环境  如果可能,换个环境,减少诱惑,或是鼓励积极的行为想要形成习惯?在办公室内放一套训练以提醒自己回家路上去健身戒烟?避免酒吧或饭店之类会点燃你点烟欲望的场合  不只是意志力  有时候,改变你的行为需要的不只是意志力如果你正戒瘾,或想换一个有意义的生活方式,要寻求专业的建议和援专家可能给你针对性的持和帮助,或者能给你个处方以减少身体症状例如,没有帮助的话,只有5%的烟民能成功戒烟,但是当人们同时寻求药物治疗和心理咨询时,该比例上升至30%.

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