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湖南郴州割包皮手术永兴县男科医院哪家好I was sitting in Heathrow Terminal 2 last Wednesday, having arrived a couple of hours early for a short flight to Dublin. I had installed myself in Eat, where I was enjoying a bowl of porridge and doing my emails, when I came upon a link to the latest ad for the Clinton campaign.上个月,我坐在希思罗机场(Heathrow) 2号航站楼,早到了两小时,准备搭乘短途航班到都柏林。我走进Eat餐厅,点了一碗粥,顺便收发邮件,这时我看到有一个链接指向希拉里竞选活动的最新广告。Normally I would have ignored it: the US election has become so ugly that the only rational response is to pretend it isn’t happening. But as I had time to kill I clicked on the link and there was Barack Obama, his handsome face alert and amused, speaking to camera. “My greatest strength? Probably that I’m always early.”我通常不会去理睬这种东西:今年的美国大选变得非常丑陋,唯一理性的回应是假装它没发生。但由于我在消磨时间,我点开了那个链接,出现的是巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)那张英俊的脸,机智且有趣,他对着镜头说:“我的最大优点?或许是我总是早到。”The president went on to explain that he likes to turn up early for every meeting, speech and press conference. “My commitment to being early isn’t just good for me. It’s good for the nation. It’s good for the world.” At this I started nodding so violently that the man next to me looked up to see what was going on.奥巴马继续解释道,他喜欢提前到达所有的会议、演讲和记者会现场。“我事事提前的做法不仅对我有好处,对国家也有好处。对世界也是有利的。”看到这儿,我开始狂点头,以至于坐在我身边的男子不禁抬头看我出了什么事。Earliness has almost everything going for it. Being early makes you feel in control — or makes others think you are in control, which is the next best thing. It gives you the moral high ground. If you arrive first at a meeting, not only do you choose where to sit, you are also in a position to lord it over those arriving later.提前的好处太多了。它让你感觉自己掌控局面,或者让其他人认为你在掌控局面,这是第二好的事情。它让你占据道德高地。如果你第一个到达会场,你不仅可以选择坐在哪里,还处于一种凌驾于晚到者的地位。The only time when it is not entirely good to be super-punctual is when arriving for a meal at a private house. But in that case, all you need do is walk round the block a few times, by which time you will have built up an appetite for the meal ahead.超级准时并不完全是好事的唯一场合是去私人家中吃饭。但在那种情况下,你所需要的是在大楼外面多转悠几圈,把它当作餐前开胃。Earliness is the defining characteristic of my entire family. Both my parents were wildly early for everything. All three of their children and all 10 grandchildren — even when in the throes of assorted teenage phases — could always be relied upon to pitch up with bags of time to spare for any given occasion.提前是我们家的鲜明特点。我的父母总是什么事都提前。他们的3个孩子以及所有10个孙辈(甚至包括几个不同年龄的青少年)无论参加什么场合的活动都会留出大把时间。To my knowledge, none of my blood relations has ever missed a plane. This means, according to George Stigler, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, we are managing our time poorly and spend far too much time in airports. I have seen the maths that supposedly proves this, but I am unmoved.就我所知,我们家的人甚至从未错过航班。按照诺贝尔奖(Nobel Prize)得主、经济学家乔治.斯蒂格勒(George Stigler)的理论,这意味着我们的时间管理很糟糕,在机场停留了太长时间。我看到过据称明这一点的计算,但我一点也不在乎。Time spent waiting is not wasted. It is time that you have chosen to set aside and is a peaceful period that can be used for ing, making phone calls and emailing. Moreover, the stress saved by knowing that you will never have to run down a moving conveyor belt with heavy bags just as flights close has too great a value to be captured by any equation.等待的时间并没有浪费。这是你选择留出的时间,是一段安静的时光,可以用来读书、打电话和收发电邮。另外,如果你知道自己不必在登机门即将关闭时拖着沉重的箱子在传送带上狂奔,那么这为你省去的压力价值之大,不是任何方程式可以捕捉到的。To see how the famous and successful feel about turning up before the appointed time, I have been leafing through the archives of Lunch with the FT. My impression was that our most self-important guests were routinely late — their time, after all, being more important than the time of journalists.为了考察知名和成功人士对于比预定时间早到的看法,我翻阅了《与FT共进午餐》剪报。之前我的印象是,我们邀请的最高傲的嘉宾经常迟到,毕竟他们的时间要比记者更重要。I was wrong. Most of our interviewees arrive on the dot — or are neither early nor late enough to warrant the recording of it. Among the rest, the early outstrip the late by about five to one. The only two examples of lateness in recent interviews were Edward Snowden and Russell Brand — both of whom have upset so many people in the course of what they do, it makes no odds if they upset them a bit more by virtue of showing up late.我错了。我们的多数被采访者都是准点到达(或者说没有早到或姗姗来迟到值得记录的程度)。在其他被采访者中,早到的人数与晚到的人数之比大约是5:1。在近期的采访中,仅有的两个晚到者是爱德华.斯诺登(Edward Snowden)和罗素.布朗德(Russell Brand),这二人所做的事情让很多人失望,因此他们晚到让人们更失望一点并不奇怪。The early crowd were more of a mixed bunch. Adair Turner, former head of the Financial Services Authority, was predictably early. So was Paul Krugman and Nouriel Roubini and, more surprisingly, Sean Penn, the former Hollywood hell raiser turned political activist. People on the back foot seem to make a point of arriving super-promptly, possibly in the hope of reclaiming a few brownie points. Sepp Blatter got there early for his lunch. So did Jeremy Clarkson.早到的人士形形色色。英国金融务(Financial Services Authority)前局长阿代尔.特纳(Adair Turner)不出所料地早到。保罗.克鲁格曼(Paul Krugman)和鲁里埃尔.鲁比尼(Nouriel Roubini)以及(这比较让人意外)由好莱坞硬汉变成政治活动人士的西恩.潘(Sean Penn)也都提前到达。处于较不利境地的人似乎刻意超级准时,可能是希望赢得几个印象分。塞普.布拉特(Sepp Blatter)提前到达了午餐地点。杰里米.克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson)也是。But my favourite lesson from Lunch with the FT cuttings comes from Stephen Green, then head of HS. He turned up three minutes early for the meeting and apologised for being late.但我最喜欢的是与FT共进午餐系列中的汇丰(HS)董事长葛霖(Stephen Green)。他早到了3分钟,但道歉说自己迟到了。This is a stroke of genius. It forces the other person, who had been occupying the moral high ground by dint of getting there even earlier, to pull out his watch and protest that, on the contrary, the new arrival is early too.这一招真了不起。它迫使本来因为更早到而占据道德高地的对方拿出手表辩驳说,葛霖也早到了。Thank you, Mr Green. I will remember this trick if I ever find myself in the unusual position of arriving at anything after anyone else.谢谢你,葛霖。如果我发现自己处于比别人晚到的不同寻常的处境时,我会记得这种做法。 /201611/478971郴州急性尿道炎怎么办 James Sommerin#39;s duck breast recipe combines the diverse flavours of sweet potato, beetroot and lavender to create a spectacular duck dish which is both surprising and masterful.詹姆斯·索美尔的鸭胸配方结合了不同口味的红薯、甜菜根和薰衣草,烹制出了令人惊讶的大师级烤鸭。Combine the Szechuan pepper, coriander, cumin and fennel in a dry pan on a medium heat and toast for 5 minutes. Place the spices into a mortar and pestle and roughly crush. Combine with the lavender and mix well. Set aside until required.先将四川辣椒、胡荽、孜然和茴香混在一起,放入干锅用中火烤5分钟。再将香料放入研钵和杵钵中大致磨碎。后加入薰衣草混合均匀,放置一边等待使用。Preheat the oven to 190?C. Cover the beetroot with foil and place in the oven until tender, approximately 30-45min. Allow to cool, the peel with a small knife while still slightly warm. Cut into large cubes. Dice the sweet potato and lightly season with salt and coat with olive oil. Place on a baking tray and into the oven, cook until tender, approximately 40 minutes. This should be done while the beetroot are roasting.将烤箱预热至190度,用锡纸将甜菜根覆盖上并将它们放进烤箱直到变软,大约需要30-45分钟。之后使它们冷却,趁小刀还有一点余热时将它们切成大块,放入切好的甜土豆,轻轻地加入盐并淋上橄榄油。放入烤箱中的烤盘内,烘烤直至变软,大约需要40分钟。这些工作要在甜菜根被烘烤的时候完成。For the duck, place a large pan on a medium to high heat and season the breasts evenly with salt. Place each breast skin side down into the dry pan and slowly render down the fat. As the fat is released from the breast be sure to remove any excess from the pan by tilting it towards you and taking out with a spoon. Cook for 6 minutes and then turn and continue to cook for a further 4 minutes. Finish in the oven for 2 minutes at 220?C/gas mark 6. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 5-7 minutes.将鸭子放在平底锅中间的高温位置,并在鸭子身上均匀地撒上盐,把整个胸部的皮向内放入干锅让脂肪慢慢流出。等到脂肪流干后,确保锅中多余的脂肪都朝向自己的方向倾斜,再用勺子盛出来。烹饪6分钟后,将鸭子翻过来继续烹饪4分钟。在烤箱中用220度的温度公考2分钟即可。最后,将鸭子从烤箱中拿出并静置5到7分钟。When the duck has finished resting, place the breasts flesh side down into the spice mix. Heat a second pan over a medium to high heat. Add the butter and once it begins to foam add the roast beetroot and sweet potato. As soon as the vegetables are heated through, season with salt and remove the pan from the heat. Once the duck has finished resting, return to the pan, flesh side down to sear the spices. After 1 minute, add the maple syrup and coat the duck until it reduces down to a sticky glaze. Remove from the pan, slice and serve on a bed of the roast root vegetables.当鸭肉静置好后,将肉放入调好的香料中,在锅的中间高温加热几秒。加入黄油,一旦开始起泡沫之后加入烤过的甜菜根和土豆。等到蔬菜充分加热后,加入盐并将锅从高火上移开。一旦鸭肉静置完毕,将其重新回锅,肉朝下将香料烤干。一分钟之后,加入枫糖浆并烹饪鸭肉,直到它变得粘性光滑。出锅,切片,最后放入烤好的蔬菜根。译文属 /201703/495386It might be cold comfort for those of you struggling with bad skin right now, but a new study has found that people with acne tend to have younger-looking skin as they grow older.也许对于正在与坏皮肤斗争的你们来说无济于事,但是一项新的研究发现,患有痤疮的人的皮肤随着他们年龄的增长往往会有更年轻的容颜。Comparing genetic information from women with and without acne, the study found that acne-prone women had significantly longer telomeres (or chromosome caps) than their clear-skinned counterparts, which means their cells were better protected from the deterioration that usually comes with age.对有痤疮和没有痤疮的女性的基因信息进行比较,研究发现,痤疮性肌肤的女性比不是痤疮肤质的女性有更长的端粒(染色体帽),这意味着在细胞的衰退过程中他们的细胞随着年龄的增长会得到更好的保护。As the UK National Health Services explains, for years, dermatologists have been noticing that people who have had acne show signs of ageing later than those who have never had the skin condition.英国国家卫生务解释说,多年来,皮肤科医生已经注意到有痤疮的人显示出衰老的迹象比那些从未有过的皮肤状况的人要晚很久。On average, women who#39;d experienced acne before had noticeably longer telomeres (mean 7.17 kilobases) than women who’d never had acne (mean 6.92 kb) - after factors such as age, weight, and height were taken into account.平均而言,在年龄、体重和身高都考虑在内的话,长过痤疮的女性(平均7.17个碱基)会明显比没有长过的女性(平均6.92 kb)有更长的端粒。But for those having a tough time with their skin right now, it#39;s nice to know that you might end up having the last laugh.但是对于那些现阶段皮肤很糟糕的人来说,你很可能是笑到最后的那个人。 /201610/470564湘南学院医院泌尿系统在线咨询

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