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What do people do online, how do they get online, and how are startups changing our behavior?人们在网上做什么?他们如何上网?创业如何改变了我们的行为?Mary Meeker, a former Wall Street analyst and current Silicon Valley investor, put together an annual presentation on the state of the Internet and mobile.Mary Meeker,前华尔街分析师和现在的硅谷投资人,将互联网和移动状态的年度展示放在了一起。In it, she answers a bunch of those questions. Here are the most stunning findings.在这,她回答了一堆这样的问题。这里有最惊人的发现。There is 9 times more content available to peruse online than there was 5 years ago. It#39;s all thanks to user-generated content, such as photo shares, uploads, tweets and articles. As of 2011, the content totaled 2 zettabytes.现在可以在线阅读的内容是5年前的9倍。这都是缘于用户生成的内容,如照片分享、视频上传、推特和文章。截至2011年,总计2ZB的内容。500 million photos are shared and uploaded per day. More photos are uploaded and shared on Snapchat than Instagram. Snapchat#39;s upload volume is about 1/3 of Facebook#39;s.每天有5亿照片共享和上传。更多的照片被上传和分享在Snapchat上,而非Instagram。Snapchat的上传量是Facebook的1/3。Snapchat is a monster, with more than 150 million images being shared and uploaded per day.Snapchat是一个怪物,每天有超过1.5亿张图片共享和上传。YouTube is growing quickly. Now, more than 100 hours of are uploaded to it per minute, up from nothing six years ago.YouTube迅速增长。从6年前的一无所有开始,现在每分钟超过100小时的视频被上传到上面。YouTube is becoming almost as widely used as Facebook. Tumblr rose from obscurity in 2011 to a frequently used social media site in one year.YouTube正成为像Facebook一样广泛使用的网站。一年之内,Tumblr从2011年的默默无闻上升为一个经常使用的社会媒体网站。Tablets are selling faster than smartphones. In less than three years on the market, they#39;ve surpassed desktop and notebook PC shipments.平板电脑销售的速度比智能手机还快。在市场上不到三年的时间,他们已经超过了台式机和笔记本电脑的发货量。The average mobile phone user reaches for his or her device 150 times per day. A good portion of the time, they#39;re just checking the time.手机用户平均每天接触他或她的设备150次。相当一部分时间,他们只是检查时间。Why we should all care about immigration laws: 1st and 2nd generation Americans employ 1.3 million people in the US and have founded more than half of the top 25 tech companies.为什么我们都应该关心移民法律:第一代和第二代美国人在美国雇佣了130万人,在前25大科技公司中他们成立了超过一半。 /201306/243580

Apple#39;s chief executive, Tim Cook, has said he is ;extremely sorry for the frustration; users have found with its new mapping service, adding that if they are dissatisfied they can use rival products.苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克表示,用户已经发现其新的地图务的错误,他 “对此非常抱歉”,补充说如果他们不满意,可以使用竞争对手的产品。The dramatic move by Cook follows growing complaints about the quality of the data offered by the new Maps app which was introduced with iOS 6, the newest version of the mobile software powering the iPhone and iPad.这戏剧性的一幕发生在iOS 6系统的新地图应用提供的数据质量遭到不断抱怨之后,iOS 6是持iPhone和iPad的移动软件新版本。;We are doing everything we can to make Maps better,; Cook wrote in a letter posted on Apple#39;s site – a method frequently used by Cook#39;s predecessor Steve Jobs to issue messages when Apple was facing criticism.“我们将采取一切可能的举措,使地图务变得更好,”,库克在苹果网上的致歉信中写道,——库克的前任史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯经常使用的方法,即当苹果公司面临批评时他就发布信息。Apple has apologised in the past for errors – though sometimes grudgingly.苹果公司已经为过去的错误道歉 - 尽管有时并不情愿。Cook says in the letter that ;we wanted to provide our customers with even better Maps including features such as turn-by-turn directions, voice integration, [satellite view] Flyover and vector-based maps [which store data in a single file rather than needing repeated downloads to work]. In order to do this, we had to create a new version of Maps from the ground up.;库克在信中说:“我们希望向用户提供更好的地图务,包括按方向导航、语音和俯瞰视图(Flyover)功能,并引入矢量地图数据。为了做到这一点,我们从头开始开发了新版地图务。”Although iOS 6 was only released formally on 19 September, Cook says there are now more than 100m devices using it with the new Apple Maps, ;with more and more joining us every day.; He said that users ;have aly searched for nearly half a billion locations; and that such feedback will improve the quality.库克说,虽然iOS6在 9月19日才正式发布,但目前已有超过1亿部iOS设备使用新版苹果地图,每天还有更多用户加入。他说用户已经搜索了近5亿个位置。这种反馈将提高产品质量。Unusually, Cook recommends that users who are dissatisfied with Apple#39;s offering should try rival services. These include apps by MapQuest, Waze and Microsoft#39;s Bing, or maps from Google and Nokia via web browsers.不同寻常的是,库克建议对苹果公司产品不满意的用户应该尝试其竞争对手的务。这些包括MapQuest、Waze和微软必应的地图应用,或来自谷歌和诺基亚网站上的地图务。However, Google#39;s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, indicated earlier this week that the search giant is not presently developing an app for iOS.然而,谷歌执行董事长埃里克#8226;施密特表示,本周早些时候这家搜索巨头目前并没有开发一种适用于iOS的应用程序。#39;#39;What were we going to do, force (Apple) to include the software?; Schmidt said in Tokyo on Monday, adding that Google has no plans at present to complete its iOS Google Maps app and submit it to Apple. That decision lies with Apple, Schmidt said.“我们应该做的难道是迫使苹果兼容我们的软件吗?”施密特周一在东京表示,他补充说谷歌目前没有计划完成其iOS的谷歌地图应用程序并把它交给苹果。这一决定取决于苹果。#39;#39;We think it would have been better if they had kept ours. But what do I know?; he added.“我们认为如果苹果运用我们的软件这将会更好。但我知道什么?“他补充说。 /201209/202301After an uncharacteristic deceleration in 2012, the world’s largest car market is again growing at a double-digit clip, writes Tom Mitchell in Beijing.在2012年增长罕见放缓之后,中国作为全球第一大汽车市场的增速再次达到了两位数的水平。LMC Automotive, a consultancy, estimates that January to September sales of passenger vehicles in China increased 15 per cent to almost 12m units. That compares with expected growth of less than 8 per cent in the US for 2013, and projected year-on-year declines in Brazil, Russia, India, Germany and Japan.市场研究咨询机构LMC Automotive估计,今年1至9月中国乘用车的销售量增长了15%,达到约1200万辆。而2013年美国市场的增幅预计不足8%,巴西、俄罗斯、印度、德国、日本市场预计将出现同比下降。China’s four richest urban centres seem to be overwhelmed with traffic congestion and related pollution issues.中国最富裕的四大城市——北京、上海、广州和深圳面对严重的交通堵塞以及相关污染问题,似乎无能为力。But Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are just at the point where car ownership traditionally begins to take off – when per capita GDP reaches ,000. According to Synergistics, another automotive consultancy, that figure in China’s “big four” regional car markets now stands at more than ,700.但它们正处在汽车保有量通常将开始快速上升的拐点,即人均国内生产总值(GDP)达到1万美元。另一家汽车行业咨询公司Synergistics指出,中国四大地区性汽车市场的人均GDP现已超过了12700美元。Moreover, manufacturers are turning their attention to the smaller cities where more than 80 per cent of the country’s 1.3bn people live and per capita GDP is only about ,000.另外,汽车制造商们开始将注意力转向中小城市,目前中国13亿人口中超过80%的人在中小城市居住,这些地区的人均GDP仅为约4000美元。,“Congestion and pollution issues might have a negative effect [on growth in China’s largest cities], but [smaller cities] still have a lot of potential,” says Ray Bierzynski, executive vice-president of General Motor’s joint venture with SAIC Motor and Wuling Auto in Guangxi province. “Our expansion has got to be in those areas.”白雷蒙(Ray Bierzynski)是通用汽车(General Motor)与上汽集团(SAIC Motor)和五菱汽车(Wuling Auto)在广西省成立合资企业的执行副总裁。他表示:“交通拥堵和污染问题或对中国一线城市的汽车销售增长带来负面影响,但中小城市仍有很大潜力。我们必须在中小城市谋求增长。”In volume terms, GM is the second most successful multinational car company operating in China. Its various joint ventures with SAIC, First Auto Works and Wuling sold more than 1.1m passenger vehicles over the first three quarters of this year, compared with Volkswagen’s almost 1.9m.按销售量计算,通用汽车在进入中国市场的跨国汽车公司中排行第二。今年前三季度,通用汽车与上汽集团、一汽 (First Auto Works)以及五菱组建的多家合资企业的乘用车销售量超过了110万辆,同期大众汽车(Volkswagen)的销量约为190万辆。Analysts attribute GM’s and VW’s success in China to aggressive localisation of production, research and development – a tactic that automakers at the luxury end of the spectrum are also adopting.分析师将通用汽车与大众汽车在中国取得的成功,归因于积极的本地化生产和研发——这一策略也被豪华汽车生产商所采用。Daimler formally opened an engine plant in Beijing in November – its first outside Germany – that will eventually export components to Europe.今年11月,戴姆勒(Daimler)正式在北京开设了一家引擎生产厂——这是其在德国以外地区设立的首家引擎厂,并且最终将向欧洲出口零部件。Yet China has yet to emerge as a significant automotive exporter as Japan and Korea did before it, especially to the US and Europe. Over the first eight months of this year, China’s vehicle exports fell three per cent over the same period in 2012 to just 500,000 units.但中国尚未像日本和韩国那样,成为举足轻重的汽车出口国,特别是面向美国和欧洲市场的出口。今年前八个月,中国的汽车出口量相对于上年同期下降了3%,仅为50万辆。 /201312/268909Silicon Valley's most underrated CEOI spent most of the summer reporting and writing a feature story about Safra Catz, the enigmatic co-president of Oracle (ORCL). I talked to oodles of people about Catz's ambitions, her value to the company, the likelihood of her becoming CEO, and her relationship with Charles Phillips, Oracle's other co-president. All this is in the article, published in the current issue of Fortune. The conclusion is that Catz is a complicated, competent, intelligent pile-driver of an executive who makes Oracle hum. Left explicitly unsaid in the quest to find out as much as possible about Safra Catz is just how successful her boss, Larry Ellison, has been as CEO of Oracle. This was my single greatest takeaway from my reporting. There was a period, years ago, when Ellison became disengaged from actively running the company. Because his extracurricular activities get so much attention — the America's Cup battles, the yachts, the homes, the marriages, and so on — the world that watches Oracle from afar doesn't quite get that Ellison's era of disengagement ended a long time ago. The Steve Jobs of enterprise software? Like his buddy, Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs, there certainly are things Ellison doesn't want to do. He's just not that into finance. (He's into money, of course, and is as tight-fisted with Oracle's cash as he free-spending with his own.) He's a known enemy of operational details. The comparisons with Jobs and Apple (AAPL) go further, in fact. In Catz, Ellison had the confidence, maturity and discipline to hire a get-it-done No. 2, just as Jobs has done with Tim Cook, whom I've also spent some time on. Both founders are technically proficient industry visionaries who've been through disastrous downs and stratospheric ups. (Oracle hit the skids in the early 90s, when Jobs was exiled from Apple.) The point about Ellison is that he has done just what a CEO should do. He knows so much about his product that the technical people respect him and don't try to B.S. him. A clear vision, plus trusted lieutenants He trusts his operational lieutenants enough to do their jobs. He sets overall direction for the company. Critically, he changed his mind at a moment when doing so made all the difference. For years Oracle, like Apple to this day, didn't do much in the way of acquisitions. Ellison's epiphany that organic (that is, in-house) growth wasn't going to be good enough is the reason that Oracle has trounced SAP (SAP), Microsoft (MSFT) and anyone else in its way over the past half decade. (Late Wednesday Oracle announced fiscal first quarter earnings of .12 billion, or 22 cents a share, 4.4% from .08 billion a year earlier. Margins climbed to almost 35%, from 28.5% – all during a quarter in which revenues fell slightly.) It's worth noting that hiring ex-banker Catz and ex-analyst Phillips, both strategically minded and acquisition-friendly executives, coincided with Ellison's change of heart. The point is the same, though. If the people he hired helped him see the light, bully for him. Ellison gets to take credit. Much is also made of Ellison's long absences from the office and his distractedness. The business world and investors should greet such talk with two words: Who cares? Ellison's cell phone keeps him as close to Oracle as he needs to be. When important things are happening Ellison is a constant presence at Oracle. At a youthful 65 he quite likely will be running his show for years to come. Eventually people may even stop wondering how much credit for it all he deserves because the answer will be apparent: A whole lot. /200909/84477

Scientists on Tuesday pushed the hands of the infamous ;Doomsday Clock; forward one minute from last year, signalling their increasing pessimism about the efforts of world leaders to handle global threats.周二,科学家们把邪恶的;末日之钟;的指针拨快了一分钟,相对于去年更加逼近;末日; ,表示他们对于世界领袖应对全球威胁的行动感到越来越悲观。;It is now five minutes to midnight,; the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) said in a sober assessment of current trends. ;Two years ago, it appeared that world leaders might address the truly global threats that we face. In many cases, that trend has not continued or been reversed.;《原子科学家公报》冷静地分析了现在的趋势,指出:;现在是午夜11时55分,两年前世界领袖们看上去好像真的能解决我们面临的全球威胁。但是很多情况下,这一乐观的趋势并未持续或者说已经逆转。;In January 2010, the clock#39;s minute hand was pushed back one minute from five to six minutes before midnight. Midnight symbolizes humanity#39;s destruction.2010年1月,;末日之钟;的分针从11时55分调回11时54分。午夜零时象征着人类的毁灭。The clock setting, which has been a staple since 1947, represents the severity of the perceived threat to humanity from nuclear or biological weapons, climate change and other human-caused disasters. When it began this annual tradition, the BAS set the time at seven minutes to midnight. Following the first test of the hydrogen bomb, the doomsday clock ticked to two minutes before midnight in 1953. When the ed States and Russia began reducing their nuclear arsenals in 1991, the Bulletin set the clock at 17 minutes to midnight.;末日之钟;于1947年设立,代表了人类感受到的来自核武器或生化武器、气候变化及其它人为灾难等威胁的严峻程度。《原子科学家公报》杂志每年都有调整;末日之钟;的惯例, ;末日之钟;最初设定在午夜11时53分。美国1953年试爆第一颗氢弹后,;末日之钟;调整至晚11时58分。美俄于1991年开始减少核军火库规模之后,;末日之钟;又调整到11时43分。In explaining its latest move, the BAS bemoaned the ability of global leaders to move ahead on ridding the world of nuclear weapons.对于这次最新的调整,《原子科学家公报》解释称,他们为全球领袖未能在清除核武器方面取得进展而感到惋惜。There are about 19,500 nuclear weapons in the world today, according to the BAS, which cautioned that ;it is still possible for radical groups to acquire and use highly enriched uranium and plutonium to wreak havoc in nuclear attacks.;据《原子科学家公报》报道,现在全球有一万九千五百个核武器,并警告说;激进分子仍有可能获得并且使用高浓缩铀和钚来发动核袭击造成严重破坏;。It also referenced last year#39;s accident at Japan#39;s Fukushima nuclear facility, saying the disaster underscored the urgency of developing safer nuclear reactor designs as well as better oversight, training, and attention.该杂志还提到了去年在日本福岛核电站发生的核泄漏事件,认为这次灾难凸显了设计开发更安全的核反应堆、加强监督、培训和提高关注度的紧迫性。The gloom did not end there. The Bulletin believes that the world may have neared what it called ;a point of no return in efforts to prevent catastrophe from changes in Earth#39;s atmosphere.; It said that in the absence of finding alternatives to carbon-emitting energy technologies within five years,; the world will be doomed to a warmer climate, harsher weather, droughts, famine, water scarcity, rising sea levels, loss of island nations, and increasing ocean acidification.灾难带来的阴霾并不止于此。公报称世界或许已经接近了;地球气候变暖引发大灾难的不可逆转之点;。;如果五年之内找不到碳排放能源技术的替代方法;,世界注定会出现气候变暖、极端天气、干旱、饥荒、缺水、海平面上升、岛国消失和海洋日趋酸化。;Unfortunately, Einstein#39;s statement in 1946 that #39;everything has changed, save the way we think,#39; remains true,; said BAS co-chair Lawrence Krauss. ;The provisional developments of 2 years ago have not been sustained, and it makes sense to move the clock closer to midnight, back to the value it had in 2007.;《原子科学家公报》副主席劳伦斯bull;克劳斯说:;不幸的是,爱因斯坦在1946年所说的lsquo;一切都已改变,除了我们的思维方式rsquo;依然正确。两年前的短暂发展没有延续,所以把lsquo;末日之钟rsquo;调回2007年更接近午夜的时间是合理的。;词汇点津:arsenals: 军械库;兵工厂rid...of: 从;;清除 /201201/167924

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