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What may soon be streaming at the Chinese site Youku Tudou are tears of relief.可能很快,中国视频网站优酷土豆便会流下如释重负的泪水。Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce company, has offered to buy the 82 percent of Youku that it doesn’t aly own, at a 30 percent premium to the market price. A deal would end Youku’s unprofitable run as a public company and help Alibaba realize its multiscreen strategy. The move should also create value. Though that bit is most likely an afterthought.中国最大的电子商务企业阿里巴巴提出购买优酷余下的82%股份,其出价高于市价30%。这宗交易将终止优酷作为上市公司的亏损营运,并有助阿里巴巴实现多屏战略。此举应该也能带来收入,但这应该不是主要目的。Youku is the dominant force in Chinese online — effectively the YouTube of the People’s Republic. Like YouTube, it has never reported a profit. Aside from advertising fees, Youku is now charging users to watch its best content, but that means giving them something worth watching.优酷在中国网络视频中举足轻重,实际上如同中国的YouTube。跟YouTube一样,优酷从未报告过盈利。除广告费外,优酷目前还向用户收费,收费用户能观看最精的内容,但这意味着优酷需要为用户提供有观看价值的视频。The fees Youku paid for content increased 78 percent over the last year to 744 million renminbi, or about 7 million, in the latest quarter. Larger rivals like Baidu, a search engine that also owns an online site, can swallow those costs with ease. That’s not the case for tiny Youku.在最近一个季度,优酷在内容方面的出较一年前增加了78%,达到了7.44亿元人民币(约1.17亿美元)。搜索引擎百度也拥有网络视频网站。像百度这种大型竞争对手,能轻松地承担这笔成本,但弱小的优酷就不能了。It may seem petty to consider whether the deal creates value for Alibaba shareholders, but, as it happens, it probably does. The 30 percent premium is worth around .2 billion. Yet Youku’s bandwidth costs alone — what it pays for telecoms and data storage — are an annualized 3 million. If the data colossus Alibaba can eliminate those, the savings, taxed at Youku’s 15 percent rate and capitalized, are worth more than .8 billion.这宗交易能否为阿里巴巴的股东创造价值?或许考虑这个问题会显得很小气,但这还真有可能发生。阿里巴巴给出的30%溢价大约相当于12亿美元。然而,单单是花在电信企业和数据存储上的带宽成本,优酷每年的出便达到2.13亿美元。如果数据巨头阿里巴巴能消除这方面的出并注入资本(优酷需缴纳15%的税款),便能节省超过18亿美元。Beyond that, the benefits of the deal are fairly abstract. Perhaps Alibaba will create a Chinese answer to Netflix. Perhaps it will sell more advertising spots to its online merchants. Alibaba and Youku may even be able to use data about shoppers’ online habits to create programming relevant to their activities.除此之外,这宗交易带来的收益相当抽象。或许阿里巴巴会创造一个中国版的Netflix。或许阿里巴巴会向网上店铺推销更多视频广告位。阿里巴巴和优酷甚至还可以利用购物者上网习惯的数据,制作与用户活动有关的节目。But really, who cares? Youku is less than 3 percent of the combined companies’ market value. And approval is more than likely a given, since almost 60 percent of the shares are held by Alibaba and its supporters, such as Victor Koo, a Youku founder, who will also receive an undisclosed package for staying on as chairman.不过说真的,谁在乎呢?优酷占合并后公司市值不足3%。而且阿里巴巴及其持者持有优酷近60%的股份,批准合并已如探囊取物。持者就包括优酷创始人古永锵,他将会收到条款未对外公布的补偿,以换取其留任董事长。 /201510/404663。

Technology leaders such as Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and venture capitalist Peter Thiel have warned that rogue AI, or artificial intelligence, could one day threaten the human race.科技行业领袖,如特斯拉汽车公司(Tesla Motors)的埃隆氠斯克(Elon Musk)和风险投资家彼得泰尔(Peter Thiel),都曾警告称,失控的人工智能(AI)有一天可能威胁人类。But Mark Zuckerberg has set himself the challenge this year of building his own personal AI assistant, describing fears of a super-intelligence running amok as “far-fetched”.但是,马克丠克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)今年设定的个人挑战恰恰是构建自己的AI个人助理,他表示,对超级智能失控的恐惧是“缺乏依据的”。In a post on his company’s website on Sunday, the Facebook founder said he had decided to build a smart machine to control functions in his house and help him work, akin to a disembodied butler. He compared it with Jarvis, an intelligent computer in the Iron Man films.这位Facebook创始人周日在Facbook上发帖称,他已决定造一台智能机器来控制自家住宅的各项功能,并且帮助他工作,类似于一个无形的管家。他将其与《钢铁侠》(Iron Man)电影中的智能电脑贾维斯(Jarvis)相提并论。Mr Zuckerberg regularly sets himself personal challenges at the start of the year. Past ones have included meeting a new person every day, ing two books a month and learning Mandarin.扎克伯格每年初都为自己设定个人挑战。往年的挑战包括每天结识一个新人,每个月读两本书,以及学习中文普通话。But this year’s resolution is the first to involve a software coding test with such a direct bearing on Facebook’s future. The company aly has two teams working on artificial intelligence — one that focuses on pure research and another that looks at ways to apply AI to the social network.但是,他今年的新年决心首次涉及一场软件编码测试,直接关系到Facebook的未来。该公司已有两个团队研究人工智能:一个专注于纯理论研究,另一个研究如何将AI应用于社交网络。The challenge also highlights the AI race that has broken out among the leading internet companies as they try to invent new ways for people to interact with machines. Facebook has set up three artificial intelligence labs, in Silicon Valley, New York and Paris, and its high-profile hires in the field include Yann LeCun, a New York University professor who was one of the pioneers in deep learning — a form of AI that tries to mimic the functioning of layers of neurons in the human brain.这项挑战也凸显出,领先的互联网公司之间已经展开一场AI竞赛,试图发明人与机器互动的新方式。Facebook已经在硅谷、纽约和巴黎建立了三个人工智能实验室,其在该领域挖来的知名人才包括纽约大学(New York University)教授、深度学习的先驱之一扬勒坎(Yann LeCun);深度学习是人工智能的一种形式,试图模仿人类大脑神经元层的功能。Mr Zuckerberg said his work at Facebook often involved getting into deep technical issues with the company’s engineers, and that building his own intelligent machine would bring a different perspective to that work.扎克伯格表示,他在Facebook的工作往往涉及与公司的工程技术人员深入探讨技术问题,构建自己的智能机器将为这方面的工作带来一个不同的视角。He described his personal project as “a simple AI”, taking an off-the-shelf system and teaching it to recognise his voice to “control everything in our home — music, lights, temperature and so on”.他把自己的个人项目称为“一个简单的AI”,涉及采用一台现成系统,然后教会它听懂他的语音,以便“控制我们家中的一切——音乐、灯光、温度等等”。He also said he was interested in using voice and face recognition so the machine could identify who was in a room, for instance adjusting the temperature to reflect the fact that he prefers colder rooms compared with his wife. Mr Zuckerberg added that he intended to teach the system to turn data into visual representations that he could see with a virtual reality headset.他还表示,他有兴趣使用语音和脸部识别,使机器能够识别是谁在房间里,然后据此发挥功能,例如调节室内温度,顾及他与太太相比偏爱较低室温的事实。扎克伯格补充说,他打算教会该系统把数据转化为可视形式,让他能够用一台虚拟现实头盔观看。Hermann Hauser, a Cambridge-based computer scientist and entrepreneur, said that recent advances in machine learning algorithms, computing power and availability of huge amounts of data, have combined to allow computer engineers to create AI systems.剑桥计算机科学家和企业家赫尔曼樠泽(Hermann Hauser)表示,机器学习算法、电脑运算能力和海量数据可用性方面的最新进展相结合,让电脑工程师能创建各种AI系统。“[Mr Zuckerberg’s] is a perfectly realistic aim,” he said. But Dr Hauser was concerned that only Silicon Valley’s largest companies could access the level of information necessary to create functioning AI.“(扎克伯格的目标)是一个完全可实现的目标,”他说。但豪泽士担忧,只有硅谷大牌企业才能获取创建实用AI所需的那种水平的信息。 /201601/421329。

Too hot? Some peaks offer climate migrants lots of land太热?许多高山为气候移居者提供居住地Pikas like it cool. That’s why, as Earth’s climate warms, these furry mountain creatures are heading uphill. They’re searching for the chillier environments they prefer. And pikas aren’t alone. A 2011 study found that many mountain species have been shifting their range. They’ve been moving uphill by an average of 11 meters (36 feet) every decade since the 1960s.兔鼠喜欢它的凉爽。这就是为什么随着地球气温升高,这些皮毛山地物种会选择更高的地方。他们探寻着自己喜爱的更加凉爽的环境。这样做的不仅仅只有鼠兔。2011年的一项研究发现许多高山物种正慢慢转移他们的栖居范围。自20世纪60年代起,他们每10年向更高处迁徙平均11米(36尺)。Explainer: Global warming and the greenhouse effect解说员:全球气候变暖和温室效应Scientists had assumed this would be bad news for the refugees. For one, the higher up a mountain they traveled, the less space that should be available to house them. After all, mountains are shaped like pyramids, right?科学家假定对于难民来说,这算是一个坏消息。一方面,他们向更高的地方搬迁,那么他们的居住面积就会变得越小。毕竟很多山的形状都是类似于金字塔式的。Not necessarily, a new study concludes.一项新研究总结:并不一定要这样In many mountain ranges, animals like pikas and birds may actually gain ground when they head uphill, the study shows. Paul Elsen is an ecologist at Princeton University in New Jersey. His team published its observations on May 18 in Nature Climate Change.研究表明,在许多山脉,像兔鼠类及鸟类动物向山上迁徙的过程中会争夺地盘。Paul Elsen是美国新泽西州普林斯顿大学生物学家。他的团队于5月18日在“自然气候变化”上发表了这一研究结果。Most researchers figured that the real estate available to migrating species would shrink the higher uphill they moved. If true, that would suggest that many global-warming migrants might run out of new sites to colonize — and face extinction.许多研究者假设可用来进行生物迁徙的土地会缩小他们搬到的更高的栖居地。如果这一情况属实,那么说明了许多全球气候变暖移居者和可能会用尽新的居住地,导致濒临灭绝。The American pika, a relative of rabbits, prefers to live in cool settings.美国鼠兔,兔子的一种,喜欢居住在较冷的地方。But Elsen started to have his doubts about this while he was studying birds in the Himalayas. That’s a massive mountain range in East Asia. “I would hike up and reach these broad plateaus,” he recalls. He realized that such land features might actually offer more usable real estate to some species than they had had available to them on the steep slopes below.但是当Elsen还在喜马拉雅山研究鸟类时她开始对此产生怀疑,那是亚洲的一个巨大山脉。“我会徒步登上去到达这些辽阔的高原”,他回忆道。他意识到这样的地貌很可能会为一些正居住在陡坡上的物种提供更合适栖居场所。译文属 /201506/378274。

In 2010, Bill Gates visited an unremarkable building in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Shenzhen, China. With row after row of high-tech machinery humming inside, the place could easily be mistaken for an anonymous data warehouse.2010年,比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)参观了中国深圳郊区一个工业区的一栋寻常建筑。里面一排排的高科技机器在嗡嗡作响,这个地方可能很容易被误认为一个无名数据仓库。But Mr Gates and Ray Yip, head of the Gates Foundation’s China operation, saw something else that day. As they toured the BGI headquarters, the two men were stunned by the ambition of the scientists working at the biotech company. Inside, more than 150 state of the art genetic sequencing machines were analysing the equivalent of thousands of human genomes a day.但那天,盖茨和盖茨基金会(Gates Foundation)中国项目主任叶雷(Ray Yip)看到了其他的东西。当他们参观华大基因(BGI)总部时,在这家生物科技公司工作的科学家们的伟大理想让二人震惊不已。在该公司里面,150多台先进基因测序仪正每天对数千个人类基因组进行分析。The company is working towards a goal of building a huge library based on the DNA of many millions of people. BGI executives see this not as the end-game, but as the springboard for new drug discoveries, advanced genetic research and a transformation of public health policy.该公司的目标是基于数百万人的DNA建立一个大规模数据库。华大基因的高管不认为这是终极目标,而是新药开发、高级基因研究和公共健康政策改革的一个跳板。“We were taken aback,” Mr Yip recalls. “We never thought we would find such an out-of-the-box approach. They are in their own league — open and liberal.”“我们吃了一惊,”叶雷回忆道,“我们从没想过我们会发现这么具有创意的方式。他们独树一帜,开放且自由。”Since the initial visit, Gates Foundation staffers have partnered BGI on various genetic research projects, from sequencing the rice genome to collaborating on the cancer genome project. The Gates Foundation has also joined a long list of groups providing funds to BGI — a list that also included Sequoia Capital, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm. “Most people only see them as a service provider for DNA analysis,” says a BGI investor. “It is the database they are building that will make them formidable.”自从初次参观以来,盖茨基金会的工作人员一直与华大基因在各种基因组研究项目上展开合作,从大米基因组测序到癌症基因组项目合作。盖茨基金会还与很多组织一道,向华大基因提供资金,其中还包括硅谷风投企业红杉资本(Sequoia Capital)。“多数人只是将他们视为DNA分析务提供商,”华大基因的一位投资者表示,“实际上,他们正在建立的数据库将让他们变得强大可畏。”BGI’s backers say the company symbolises a new type of Chinese tech company. Chinese companies have long been regarded as copycats — if not outright thieves — when it comes to innovation and intellectual property. Westerners generally discount intellectual property creation in China.华大基因的投资者表示,该公司代表着中国新型科技公司。长期以来,在创新和知识产权方面,中国企业一直被视为抄袭者(如果不是彻头彻尾的偷窃者的话)。西方人普遍看不起中国的知识产权创造。But BGI, along with other companies in Shenzhen, may soon change that image. Many of BGI’s executives have been partly educated abroad and have little respect for the Chinese establishment or the established way of doing things in the country. Its scientists contribute to international journals and regularly file for patents. It partners with reputable institutions in Europe and the US and has a record that international competitors have come to respect.然而,华大基因与深圳其他企业一道,可能会很快改变这种形象。华大基因的很多高管在国外受过教育,不那么畏惧体制或者看重中国的既成经商模式。该公司的科学家为国际杂志撰文,并经常申请专利。该公司与欧美有名望的机构合作,其研究成果也开始得到国际竞争对手的尊重。“We represent a new model of an international Chinese organisation,” says Wang Jun, BGI’s young chief executive, a graduate of Beijing University in artificial intelligence. “China has a legitimate shot to be a lead player on the international stage. Our technology can change the world.”“我们代表着中国新型国际企业,”华大基因年轻的首席执行官王俊表示,“中国有合理机会成为世界舞台上的佼佼者。我们的技术可以改变世界。”王俊毕业于北京大学生命科学系,研究人工智能。The evolution of BGI is not a straightforward story of Chinese ascendancy, or a victory for China’s model of state capitalism. In fact, BGI has an ambivalent relationship with Beijing and represents a challenge to the Chinese model of education and research.华大基因的发展并非一个简单的中国崛起的故事,也不代表着中国国家资本主义模式的成功。实际上,华大基因与北京方面有着矛盾的关系,代表着对中国教育和研究模式的挑战。The company, originally known as the Beijing Genomics Institute, was created under the aegis of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. (It was one of the participants in the Human Genome Project.) But its success recently has come despite Beijing as much as because of it.该公司最初名为北京华大基因研究中心(Beijing Genomics Institute),在中国科学院的持下创建。(该中心是人类基因组计划(Human Genome Project)的参与者之一。)但对于其近来的成功,来自北京的影响有好有坏。“You can be brilliant here but you can be more brilliant in the US,” says one staffer who has lived and worked in the US for extensive periods of time. “It’s harder to be creative in the context of the mindset here.”“在这里,你可能很聪明,但在美国你可能会变得更聪明,”一位曾在美国生活和工作很长时间的员工表示,“在这里的思维环境下,很难有创造力。”That may be an exaggeration, but the structure of China’s education system is seen by many critics as a constraint on innovation. “The system is very incestuous,” says one Beijing-based academic. “It is very political. You have two choices, either to leave China and thrive or to get to the point where you don’t need Beijing’s money.”这可能有些夸大其词,但很多批评者认为中国教育体系的结构会限制创新。“中国体系非常排外,”一位驻北京学者表示,“政治性非常强。你有两个选择,要么离开中国蓬勃发展,要么达到不需要北京的钱的地步。”However, the prominence of BGI holds out the hope that China can attract back the best students who often choose to stay abroad after graduating from top US universities.然而,华大基因的卓越表现给人们带来希望:中国可能会吸引那些在美国一流大学毕业后通常选择继续待在国外的最优秀学生回国。BGI decided to decamp from Beijing in 2007, choosing to set up its headquarters in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong. “Shenzhen is as far from Beijing as you can get,” says one BGI investor about the move, which he saw as a move by the company to free itself from political constraints. “You can’t be independent in Beijing.”2007年,华大基因决定离开北京,选择在与香港毗邻的深圳设立总部。“深圳距离北京很远,”华大基因一位投资者在谈到总部搬迁时表示,他认为此举是要让该公司脱离政治控制。“在北京,你不可能独立。”Given Shenzhen’s history, this is perhaps not surprising. Shenzhen was designated a “special economic zone” where the first experiments with capitalism took place after Deng Xiaoping began to liberalise the Chinese economy.鉴于深圳的历史,这或许并不令人意外。深圳被列为“经济特区”,在邓小平开始在中国实行改革开放后,这里成为资本主义的首个实验区。Toy companies and running shoe makers built their sprawling factories there, and workers migrated to the new city. Now, many of those factories are shuttered and their operations moved to locations where labour is cheaper, costs lower and pollution is less of a consideration.玩具企业和跑步鞋制造商将大型工厂设在那里,工人也纷纷迁移到这个新城市。如今,这些工厂中很多已关闭,它们的业务则迁到劳动力更便宜、成本更低且对污染问题不那么重视的地区。Today, Shenzhen is the technology incubator for China. Its longer experience of capitalism and its proximity to Hong Kong have contributed to the speed of the city’s transition. It is home to BYD, the Chinese maker of electric vehicles, Huawei Technologies, the telecoms equipment maker, and Tencent, the internet portal. Local government policy played a big role in the transition. Shenzhen provides grants to promising companies and offers them cheap space, creating an ecosystem which extends to Hong Kong. Shenzhen was originally the home of many tech assembly businesses, so it also had a pool of people familiar with the sector who launched start-ups. Wealthy entrepreneurs then spawned a venture capital industry.如今,深圳成为了中国的科技孵化器。深圳时间较长的资本主义经验以及毗邻香港的地理位置,加快了深圳转型的速度。中国电动汽车制造商比亚迪(BYD)、电信设备制造商华为技术(Huawei Technologies)以及互联网门户腾讯(Tencent)的总部都设在这里。地方政府政策也在这种转型中扮演了重要的角色。深圳向具备潜力的企业提供拨款,并为他们提供廉价的办公场所,同时缔造了一个延伸到香港的生态系统。深圳最初是很多科技组装企业的所在地,因此这里也聚集了许多熟悉这个行业的人才,他们开办了很多初创企业。接着,这些富有的企业家又育出风投行业。The city’s stock exchange for smaller, younger businesses — offering a contrast to Shanghai, which prioritised the big state-owned enterprises — allowed venture capitalists to list the companies they invested in, creating a virtuous circle that keeps expanding. Some of the best universities also established outposts in Shenzhen.针对规模较小且较为年轻的企业的深圳交所(与侧重大型国有企业的上海交所形成对比),让风投资本家可以将他们投资的企业上市,创造一个持续发展的良性循环。一些最优秀的大学还在深圳设立了校区。Shenzhen attracts the restless and the ambitious, and the mavericks — among them the founders of BGI. Several dropped out of university, while others never had formal higher education because the cultural revolution interrupted their lives. Few are members of the ruling Communist party.深圳吸引着那些不甘于平淡且雄心勃勃的人,还吸引了那些特立独行的人,其中就包括华大基因的这些创始人。其中有几人在上大学时辍学,还有人没有接受过正规高等教育,因为“文化大革命”扰乱了他们的生活。几乎没有人是党员。“They exiled themselves to be far away from the traditional government and scientific funding establishment,” says one investor. “And they have only been forgiven [by the establishment] because they make China look good.”“他们自我放逐,远离了传统的政府和科研资金体制,”一位投资者表示,“(当局)原谅了他们,仅仅是因为他们让中国面子上有光。”The walls of BGI’s austere building are covered with photos of everything from cloned pigs to Wang Jian, the company’s co-founder, on Mount Everest. Mr Wang spent years abroad, including as a senior research fellow at the University of Washington in Seattle. Another co-founder, Yang Huanming, also studied abroad, receiving his PhD at the University of Copenhagen.在华大基因简单朴素的办公楼里,墙上悬挂着各种照片,从克隆猪到登上珠峰的该公司联合创始人汪建。汪建在国外生活多年,包括在西雅图的华盛顿大学(University of Washington)担任高级研究员。另一位创始人杨焕明也曾在国外留学,他在哥本哈根大学(University of Copenhagen)获得士学位。China has a number of advantages in the field of genomics. DNA sequencing is more about computer power and data mining than it is about breakthroughs in laboratories, investors say. Given its population of 1.35bn people, the potential database in China is larger than anywhere else. The more extensive the database a company has, the stronger the competitive advantage. It is also cheaper to gather and analyse information. Moreover, BGI has about 2,000 members of staff with PhDs, perhaps the largest concentration of any company in China, and they are employed at a fraction of what that assemblage of brains would cost in the US.在基因组领域,中国具备很多优势。投资者表示,DNA测序更多在于电脑计算能力和数据挖掘,而不是实验室突破。鉴于中国拥有13.5亿人口,中国的潜在数据库超过全球任何其他国家。一家公司拥有的数据库越大,其竞争优势也就越大,信息收集和分析的成本也更低。另外,华大基因拥有大约2000名士学位员工,大概是中国企业中最多的,而将这么多人才聚集到一起,华大基因需要付出的薪资只是美国企业的几分之一。Yet there are also potential issues that make outsiders uneasy, especially the lack of strong privacy protection, intellectual property rights and strict protocols regarding clinical trials. But BGI and its backers insist that it complies with best practice in the industry, although some note that the lack of IP protection means that ideas can be implemented more quickly.然而,还有一些潜在的问题让外部人士感到不安,特别是缺乏强大的隐私保护、知识产权以及与临床实验有关的严格协议。但华大基因及其持者坚称,该公司遵循着该行业的最佳惯例,尽管一些人指出,缺乏知识产权保护意味着创意可以更快速地实施。While BGI’s roots are in China, it is seeking to become more international. In 2013, it acquired Complete Genomics, a DNA sequencing company based in Mountain View, California for almost 8m. That deal was consummated in the face of a belated counter offer from Illumina, a rival of Complete Genomics currently worth about bn. It also overcame political opposition, marking the first time a Chinese company successfully acquired a publicly traded US company.尽管华大基因的根基在中国,但该公司正努力变得更国际化。2013年,该公司以近1.18亿美元的价格收购总部位于加州山景城的DNA测序公司Complete Genomics。在Complete Genomics竞争对手Illumina(目前市值为280亿美元左右)迟迟才发出竞购要约后,这笔交易圆满落幕。华大基因还克了政治阻力,成为首家成功收购美国上市公司的中国企业。BGI was the single biggest customer for Illumina, accounting for as much as 40 per cent of its DNA sequencing machine orders, for equipment that cost up to 0,000 apiece. That may change with the purchase of Complete Genomics as BGI plans to introduce a new sequencing machine.华大基因是Illumina最大单一客户,占其DNA测序仪订单的40%,每台设备售价高达50万美元。在收购Complete Genomics后,这可能会发生变化,因为华大基因计划引入新型基因测序仪。Other challenges lie ahead for BGI. It is an unusual company, with one foot in the world of pure research and another seeking to develop commercial applications for its work. Such structures were once more common in the US technology industry, where researchers at Bell Labs and Xerox Parc were given funding and time to pursue ambitious research projects. In recent years, US investors have been less willing to subsidise large research projects that may not pay off.华大基因未来还面临着其他挑战。它是一家不同寻常的公司,一只脚踏入纯研究领域,另一只脚则希望迈入研究成果的商业应用开发。在美国科技行业,这种结构曾经更为常见,贝尔实验室(Bell Labs)和施乐帕克研究中心(Xerox Parc)的研究人员就曾获得资金和时间去展开雄心勃勃的研究项目。最近几年,美国投资者则不那么愿意为那些可能不会盈利的大型研究项目提供补贴。Mr Wang says he understands this tension. “If we are too commercial, we lose sight of the future,” he says. “But if we are only thinking of the future, that isn’t suitable either.” That dual mandate means that it is not easy to set priorities. They must be visionaries and business strategists at the same time, balancing the demands of basic research with more commercial undertakings such as developing diagnostic kits and tests.汪建表示,他理解这种紧张关系。“如果我们过于商业化,我们会看不到未来,”他表示,“但如果我们只考虑未来,也不合适。”这种双重任务意味着,确定哪个优先并不容易。他们必须既有梦想,同时又要成为商业战略家,在基础研究的要求和更多的商业行为之间实现平衡,例如开发诊断设备和测试。 /201502/361299。