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CAPRICORN Once the Capricorn has tried something and it works you tend to stick to it—it is the same for your fragrances. However, there are times when you need to break out and try something different to suit your individualism. The fragrance to suit your Capricorn qualities is Calvin Klein.羯:一旦你选定什么的话都会坚持下去,选择香水也是如此。不过,有时你需要有所突破,多做些不同的尝试。不妨试试Calvin Klein。 /201208/194979

Ignoring his daughter for years 很多年不承认自己的女儿 Steve Jobs fathered a child when he was just 23. But he spent years denying that he was the father, going so far as to swear in a court document he was, "sterile and infertile, and as a result , did not have the physical capacity to procreate a child." 乔布斯23岁的时候就当上了父亲。他很多年都否认自己是父亲,甚至在法庭文件中发誓:“自己没有生育能力,所以,从生理上讲不可能有一个孩子。”Hiring John Sculley to run Apple 让John Sculley经营苹果 Steve Jobs was young at the time and under the impression that he needed adult supervision to run Apple. With John Sculley he got someone that didn't understand Apple. Eventually Sculley pushed for Jobs' ouster. 当时的乔布斯还很年轻,他需要有经验的管理人员。于是他让一个不懂苹果文化的人去经营苹果,结果还被他赶出了苹果,那人就是John Sculley。Dumping all of his Apple stock when booted from the company 被踢出苹果的时候,抛售了自己所有的股票 Steve Jobs' decision to dump all of his Apple stock probably doesn't seem like a good idea when the company dumped him in the mid-eighties. 乔布斯在80年代中期被踢出苹果时,决定抛售自己的所有股票,这在今天看来不是个好主意。Trusting Eric Schmidt for as long as he did 过分信任Eric Schmidt Google(微) now competes with Apple in just about every major business line for Apple. Both make software for tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers. Apple foolishly gave Google a front row seat on how it operates those businesses by allowing Eric Schmidt to sit on the board for three years. 谷歌现在所有产品线都在与苹果竞争,包括平板电脑、智能手机和台式电脑等。苹果让Eric Schmidt进入董事会,这使谷歌知道了如何经营那些生意。Emailing an iPhone4 customer to say, "Just avoid holding it in that way." 给一个iPhone4 使用者发邮件说:“不要那样握着。” "Just avoid holding it in that way," when a customer emailed to say the signal dropped when the phone was held tightly with the bottom left covered. “不要那样握着。”——当一个iPhone4使用者发邮件说,如果遮住机器左下方并且紧握,就会掉线,乔布斯就这样回复了他。Having done no philanthropy, neither does Apple 他和苹果都没有做任何慈善 Steve Jobs is worth billions. And yet, he seems to keep it all for himself. He is not attached to any big donations。 乔布斯的身价高达几十亿美元,但是他似乎没有向社会做大的捐献。 /201110/156393

nternational coffee company and coffeehouse Starbucks has again brewed debate over business versus historical interests in China after its opening of an outlet near a famed Buddhist temple in East China.国际连锁咖啡公司星巴克再次在中国引发争议,这次的矛盾主要集中在商业与古迹之间的弈,而事件起因是星巴克在华东地区一间著名古刹旁的新店开张。The controversial Starbucks outlet opened on Saturday in the scenic zone of the quiet, secluded Lingyin Temple, or the Temple of Soul#39;s Retreat, which is located in a wooded area on the bank of the West Lake in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang province.上周六,这家坐落在风景优美、与世隔绝的灵隐寺风景区中的星巴克连锁店在一片争议声中开门营业。灵隐寺位于浙江杭州西湖岸边的一片树林之中。This is not the first time for Starbucks to light a fire under the kettle in China. In 2007, similar disputes over commercialism in points of historical interest eventually forced the closure of an outlet of the company it had operated for seven years in Beijing#39;s Forbidden city, also known as the Imperial Palace.这并非星巴克第一次在中国引发热议了。2007年,类似的一场关于历史古迹商业化的论战最终迫使运营了7年时间的星巴克门店退出北京故宫。Some people have expressed concerns about the American coffee chain#39;s presence near the peaceful temple.对于在宁静古刹旁开设这样一间来自美国的咖啡连锁店,一些人表示担忧。;The smell of the combination of coffee beans and burning incense must be the fragrant smell of money,; Sina Weibo user ;Liulianxiaobawang; wrote.“灵隐寺的香火混着咖啡,那一定是浓浓的商业气。”新浪微主“榴莲小霸王”写道。;Starbucks turned to the Buddha after it had #39;entered#39; the Imperial Palace,; wrote ;Tangboxiaohu;.“星巴克是入不了皇城,只有遁空门。”“唐伯小虎”写道。;Actually, the coffeehouse is a long distance from the temple. It is located in the tourist service area on Lingyin Road outside of the temple, as part of the supporting facilities,; said Wang Shan, deputy director of the Lingyin Administration of the West Lake Administration in Hangzhou, provincial capital of Zhejiang.杭州市西湖风景名胜区管委会灵隐管理处办公室副主任王山表示:“事实上,这家星巴克和灵隐寺有很长一段距离。作为辅助设施的一部分,它位于寺庙外灵隐路上的游务区内。”The temple#39;s administration has urged the cafe to change its name from ;Lingyin Temple Starbucks; to ;Lingyin Starbucks; to make it clear that it is not located inside the temple.灵隐寺管理部门已经敦促该星巴克门店把名字从“灵隐寺星巴克”改为“灵隐星巴克”,以明示该店并不位于寺院内。;Starbucks chose a relatively remote place in the scenic zone that is not along the tourist paths. It takes 20 minutes to walk from the temple gate to the coffeehouse,; said a Starbucks staff member who declined to be named.“星巴克在灵隐寺景区中选择了一处相对偏僻的位置,并不在游客路线之中。从寺庙大门到这间星巴克要走上20分钟的路程。”一位不愿透露姓名的星巴克工作人员表示。The cafe released a statement on its official Weibo account on Monday afternoon, explaining the cafe#39;s location and professing its respect for Chinese history and traditional culture.星巴克于周一下午在其官方微上发布声明,解释了该咖啡店的位置,并表达了其对中国历史与传统文化的尊重。Meanwhile, a KFC outlet opened about 50 meters away from the controversial Starbucks months ago, joining other supermarkets and restaurants in the area. The Starbucks outlet was the administration#39;s final plan for the service area.与此同时,就在距离这家颇受争议的星巴克50米处,一家肯德基于数月前开张,成为该景区多家超市和餐馆的一份子。星巴克连锁店是景区管理处对这块务区的最终一项规划。Wang Shan said the administration has strictly controlled the commercial business environment surrounding the temple. ;Many shops have been removed from the scenic area and new businesses can only open after a series of examinations, in order to protect the environment and culture of the Lingyin Temple.;王山表示,景区管理处已经对寺庙周边的商业环境进行了严格的控制。“为了保护灵隐寺景区环境及文化,许多商家都搬出了该景区,新商家只有在经过一系列考查合格之后方能开业。” /201209/202097

It may come as a shock to husbands fond of accusing their wives of frittering the family finances on shoes and handbags, but a study has found that women are in fact better at budgetingthan men. 一项研究发现,女性在花钱方面其实比男性更有计划,这可能会让那些总爱抱怨妻子爱买鞋买包的丈夫们感到吃惊。 Women keep track of their spending and are less likely to build up debts through loans and credit cards, according to new research. 这项最新调查表明,女性会记录自己的开,而且因贷款和使用信用卡而背上债务的可能性较小。 Men are more prone to ignoring mounting debts and forgetting to pay bills, whereas women chip away at credit card bills with regular repayments, the study found. 调查发现,男性往往不理会越来越多的积压债务,而且常忘记付账单,而女性则会按时付信用卡的账单。 The survey of 3,000 Britons by Love money.com found that men have an average debt of £2,176 on their credit cards compared to £1,987 for women. Men tend to spend their money on gadgets and rely on credit to cover the costs, it found. 这项由Lovemoney.com网站开展的、针对三千名英国人的调查发现,男性信用卡上的平均债务为2176英镑,而女性为1987英镑。另外,调查还发现,男性爱买配件、器具等一些小玩意,而且喜欢用信用卡付。 A spokesman for the money management website said the findings gave the lie to accusations that women are irresponsible with their money. 该资金管理网站的一名发言人说,这些发现表明,认为女性花钱无度的说法是不符合实际的。 "For years, women have been thought of as the big spenders, splashing their cash on clothes," he said. 他说:“多年以来,女性一直被认为花钱无节制,把很多钱花在买衣上。” "But it seems men are gaining their own reputation when it comes to managing their finances while women are learning how to handle their money."“但在理财方面,男性似乎更有一套,而女性仍在学习之中。” A quarter of men admitted they often repay credit card bills late or forget them altogether, compared to 17 per cent of women who make the same mistake. 四分之一的男性坦称,他们经常拖延付信用卡账单或干脆忘记付,而相比之下,只有17%的女性会犯同样的错误。Vocabulary:fritter: to waste time or money on things that are not important 浪费(时间、金钱);挥霍budget :to be careful about the amount of money you spend; to plan to spend an amount of money for a particular purpose 谨慎花钱;把……编入预算chip away: remove or withdraw gradually 逐步瓦解、消除 /201110/159174

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