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襄阳市四院属于公立还是私立湖北医药学院附属医院打胎可靠吗赛百味将配尺测量三明治尺寸确保“足斤足两” --3 :59: 来源: Subway employees will have to use a ruler to prove the chain is serving foot long sandwiches after a lawsuit found they were only inches.赛百味曾因三明治仅英寸(约厘米)遭诉讼,以后其员工将不得不使用直尺,明该连锁店制作的三明治足够一英尺长(约30厘米)The world's largest fast food chain came under fire two years ago when a photo showing one of its sandwiches next to a tape measure went viral, which revealed it was just inches.两年前,一张照片在网上疯传,照片中赛百味三明治旁边有把卷尺,它显示三明治仅有英寸长这个世界上最大的快餐连锁店遭受责难This led to a class-action lawsuit from Subway consumers who said they were cheated out of an inch of their sandwiches.赛百味消费者发起集体诉讼,声称被骗了一英寸的三明治Subway will now ensure their restaurants are adhering to the new rules and selling the correct length sandwiches.如今,赛百味需确保各家连锁店遵守新规,销售标准长度的三明治The furore started in when Australian Matt Corby, uploaded a picture of a Subway sandwich to Facebook with a ruler on top showing the sandwich at inches.这起轰动事件源起于年,当时澳大利亚人马特·科比(Matt Corby)在Facebook上传了一张赛百味三明治的照片,图中三明治上方有把尺子,显示三明治长度是英寸Separate lawsuits were then filed by plaintiffs in Chicago and on the East Coast, each seeking damages over a missing inch or more.随后多名原告分别在芝加哥和东海岸提起了诉讼,要求对不足的尺寸赔偿或更多A lawsuit in Chicago was brought by Nguyen Buren, who claimed his Subway was less than inches long and alleged a 'pattern of fraudulent, deceptive and otherwise improper advertising, sales and marketing practices'.一位叫做阮·布伦(Nguyen Buren)的消费者在芝加哥提起上诉,声称他买的赛百味三明治不足英寸,指控赛百味采取“欺骗、欺瞒等不正当的广告、销售和营销手段”Attorney Tom Zimmerman, who is representing Mr Buren against Subway parent Doctor's Associations Inc, was ed in the Chicago Tribune as saying: 'This is no different than if you bought a dozen eggs and they gave you or you bought a dozen doughnuts and they gave you . It's no different, and yet you're paying .'汤姆·齐默尔曼(Tom Zimmerman)是布伦起诉赛百味母公司Doctor's Associations案的代理律师据《芝加哥论坛报(Chicago Tribune)的报道,他表示:“这无异于付个鸡蛋的钱却只买到个,付个甜甜圈的钱却只买到个这没什么差别,可你付的是个的钱”At the same time, two men filed a similar suit in New Jersey state court, seeking damages in excess of million.与此同时,两名男子在新泽西州法院对赛百味提起了类似的诉讼,要求500多万美元的赔偿Mr Zimmerman said he hopes their suit will be withdrawn and moved to federal court so they can be combined.齐默尔曼说他希望这两个人的诉讼被撤销,移至联邦法院,令针对赛百味的诉讼能合并审理As part of the new proposals, Subway will provide new training materials to make sure staff sell the full inch sandwich.根据最新提议,赛百味将采用新训练材料,确保员工销售的三明治足够英寸Subway will also ence stricter penalties to stores that fail to meet the new standards.赛百味还将对未能执行新标准的连锁店采取更严格的惩罚措施A hearing final approval of the terms has been set January .这些提议的最终批准听会定于年1月举行It had previously responded to the original complaint made in Australia.赛百味之前回应过澳大利亚的第一起控告A spokesman said: 'We have redoubled our efts to ensure consistency and correct length in every sandwich we serve.一位发言人说:“我们已加倍努力,确保始终为顾客提供标准长度的三明治”Our commitment remains steadfast to ensure that every Subway Footlong sandwich is inches at each location worldwide.'“我们仍坚定地承诺将确保赛百味在全球各地销售的每块一英尺长三明治都有英寸”Vocabularytape measure:卷尺class-action:集体诉讼furore:公众的骚动,狂怒plaintiff:原告fraudulent:欺骗性的英文来源:每日邮报译者:Candace审校编辑:刘明湖北襄阳人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 个烧烤小技巧 助你野餐爽歪歪 -- 18:53:59 来源:chinadaily 夏天到啦!这意味着一件事——烧烤!小编带给你关于烧烤的一些小知识,会让烧烤变成一段更美好的经历 It's summer and that can only mean one thing: barbecue. But bee you go out there and act a fool, here are a few things you should know about BBQ that you probably didn't know. And getting the hang out of it means that your meat-cooking experience will go that much better. 想烤出完美的牛肉饼?用大拇指或勺子压牛肉饼的中心避免鼓起来这样烤出来的牛肉饼十分完美记得在牛肉饼上放一些奶酪 Want that perfect burger? Press a little indent into the top of the burger with your thumb or spoon to prevent it from puffing up in the middle. So when it starts cooking, you'll see the burger gets perfectly level. Remember to put some cheese on it too! 在烤肉串时,把鸡肉等食材切成小块并串在一起,彼此挨着当不要一点缝隙不留,这样他们就能够保持鲜嫩多汁 skewer and kabob, make ingredients like chicken pieces and touch each other. So they stay juicier and longer especially if they aren't crammed together. 牛肉饼在烤制时只能翻动一次,否则肉会变得很干翻面的诀窍在掌握恰当的时间,就是当一面完全熟了之后再翻面,这样做出来的牛肉饼味美多汁 Only flip your burgers ONCE. Otherwise you dry out the burger. Flipping won't affect juiciness, but it'll cook the meat faster. But to get it done right, flip only at the perfect moment when one side is cooked through. This'll lead to juice burgers all the time! 在烤肉时,脂肪多的一面对着火,这是让肉更多汁的诀窍 When you're grilling meats, make sure the fat is facing the heat. Why? Because they'll keep the rest of the meat moist. 烤鱼最好使用整条鱼,并且鱼皮会防止烤糊或者烤老脆脆的鱼皮堪称美味,并且烤整条鱼比切成块的鱼更出数还有一个诀窍是烤之前和烤之后都要在鱼上刷一层食用油 When grilling fish make sure to cook the thing WHOLE. The skin will prevent overcooking. The crispy skin is AMAZING. And plus cooking it whole is a lot cheaper than getting it pre-sliced. Rub the thing in oil bee and after cooking a perfect slice of fish. 在烤蔬菜时,往蔬菜表面上刷一层橄榄油,可以防止烤得过干或者蔬菜粘连芦笋、灯笼椒、南瓜片,洋葱圈这样烤出来最好吃 Take veggies and lightly coat them in olive oil to keep them from drying out and sticking. In fact, vegetables such as asparagus, bell peppers, sliced squash, and onion slices are best grilled in this way. 调味时味道淡一些,否则会毁了肉、破坏肉的组织甚至出现更糟的状况——味道过重味道过重真的是最糟的状况——你不想毁了优质的肉吧 When you're seasoning, be delicate. If you aren't, you can damage the meat and event harm the texture OR worse: you can over-season it. Seriously, over-seasoning is the WORST. You don't want to ruin perfectly good meat. 在烤肋排时,秘诀在于小火慢烤几个小时大火会让肉更紧更干,小火会让肉质更柔嫩多汁 With ribs, keep the temperature low several hours because a sudden jolt in temperature will tighten up and dry the meat. But low heat will give you the softest and most succulent meat. 腌制的技巧是在放调料之前用刀将肉划开这样的肉腌在调料中更容易入味腌制的肉片需要薄一些 The best trick marinating actually starts BEE adding meat to the mixture. Gash and crosshatch the meat with a knife. This allows the marinade to go deeper into the meat bold flavors! Keep your slices of meat thin when you're marinating. 在烤鸡时,查看鸡腿最厚的地方来看整只鸡是否烤好如果接近骨头的肉还是粉色,那么需要继续烤如果想要味美多汁的烤鸡,那么需要提前用盐水浸泡 When you're grilling chicken, there's a surefire way to know when it's done. Check the underside of the chicken thigh's thickest part, and if the meat near the bone is still pink, put it back on the grill. If you want to keep it juicy and flavorful, you can brine the meat. 不要在烤肉之前过早进行腌制,提前放盐会吸干肉的水份所以,放完盐马上烤是最好的 And finally, DO NOT season the meat until RIGHT bee cooking. The salt in the seasoning will suck up the moisture from the meat if you leave it too long. So season meats RIGHT BEE you start grilling.即使空气污染:骑车和散步利大于弊 -- ::6 来源: 如今全球都面临着空气污染,在国内一些大城市也不例外相信你一定多次考虑这种情况下究竟是否应该进行户外锻炼剑桥大学研究表明,利大于弊The health benefits of cycling and walking outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution, a study has suggested.一项研究表明,骑车和散步对健康的好处大于空气污染对健康造成的伤害Air pollution contributes to 0,000 early deaths each year in the UK and we gulp in more of it when we exercise.英国每年有0000例因空气污染而早逝的案例,而当我们锻炼时会吸入更多污染的空气On the other hand, regular exercise reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and several cancers.另一方面,经常锻炼可以降低糖尿病、心脏病和多种癌症风险The University of Cambridge study showed that even in cities with high pollution levels, the benefits outweigh the risks.剑桥大学的研究表明,即使在空气污染程度较高的城市,锻炼仍是利大于弊The researchers used computer simulations to compare data on different kinds of physical activity and different levels of air pollution in locations around the world.研究人员采用电脑模拟来对比不同体育活动和全球各地不同程度空气污染的数据It found that an average air pollution concentration in an urban area, the tipping point - when the risks begin to outweigh the benefits - comes after a huge seven hours of cycling or hours of walking a day.研究发现,在市区空气污染平均程度下,临界点-即弊端开始超过益处的临界点-在每天骑车7小时或者散步小时以后才会出现It is far beyond what most people would ever do.这远远超过了绝大部分人每天的运动量;Even in Delhi, one of the most polluted cities in the world - with pollution levels times those in London - people would need to cycle over five hours per week bee the pollution risks outweigh the health benefits,; said Dr Marko Tainio, the lead author of the study.;即使在全球空气污染最严重城市之一的德里-污染程度为伦敦的倍-当人们每周骑车运动5小时以上时,空气污染的风险才会超过锻炼身体带来的好处;该研究的主要作者马可尼奥士说He added: ;We should remember, though, that a small minority of workers in the most polluted cities, such as bike messengers, may be exposed to levels of air pollution high enough to cancel out the health benefits of physical activity.;他补充:;然而我们应记住,在污染最严重的城市中有一小部分工作者,比如自行车信使,他们可能会接受更高程度的空气污染,这种情况下空气污染的弊端就会大于体育锻炼的好处;The study, published in Preventive Medicine, said exercise was always beneficial in London.该研究发表在《预防医学上,称在伦敦,锻炼总是利大于弊的Action still neededrsquo;;仍需行动;The average air pollution level cities around the globe is micrograms per cubic metre, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In London the air pollution level was recorded at micrograms per cubic metre in .据世界卫生组织(WHO)称,全球城市空气污染平均水平在微克立方米年伦敦空气污染水平为微克立方米.Senior author Dr James Woodcock added: ;Whilst this research demonstrates the benefits of physical activity in spite of air quality, it is not an argument inaction in combating pollution.资深作者詹姆斯伍德科克士补充说:;尽管这项研究明,即使存在空气污染,体育锻炼仍然有好处,但这并不是让我们对空气污染无动于衷;It provides further support investment in infrastructure to get people out of their cars and onto their feet or their bikes - which can itself reduce pollution levels at the same time as supporting physical activity.;;实际上它进一步持在基础设施上的投资,好让人们走出汽车而步行或骑车-这本身就能够在减少空气污染的同时持体育锻炼;The research was carried out by experts from the University of Cambridgersquo;s Centre Diet and Activity Research and Medical Research Council Epidemiology , along with researchers from the University of East Anglia.该项研究由剑桥大学饮食中心、活动及医学研究委员会流行病学单位以及东英吉利亚大学的研究者们共同完成襄州人民医院治疗宫颈糜烂怎么样

襄阳中西医结合医院妇科专家增长乏力 美国经济不容乐观 --30 18::3 来源: 今年第一季度,美国GDP下滑严重,第二季度,美国经济增长速度远小于预期 The world’s largest economy grew at an annual rate of 1.% in the three months to June, far below ecasts of .6%,今年第二季度,世界最大经济体美国的经济增长年均速度是1.%,远小于.6%的预期Growth the first quarter was revised down from 1.1% to 0.8%.而在今年第一季度,经济增长率从1.1%下降到了0.8%Conversely, consumer spending surged in the three months to June by an annual pace of .% - the fastest pace since the fourth quarter of .但和这一走低的形势相反,第二季度消费出飙升,年均增长率达到了.%--这是自年第四季度以来最大的增长幅度The Federal Reserve indicated on Wednesday it was still on course to raise interest rates this year after "near-term risks", such as slowing employment, diminished.本周三,美联储表示今年仍然将加息,但是要在诸如就业减少之类的“短期风险”减少之后Steven Englander, global head of eign exchange strategy at Citigroup, said: "This isn’t bad enough to signal that the US economy is falling apart, but it’s another nail in the coffin of a September Fed hike."花旗集团外汇策略全球主管斯蒂芬表示说:“这个消息还不是那么糟糕,不能显示美国经济正在崩溃,但是却是美联储九月加息计划的另一个障碍”Although consumer spending grew, business investment, which includes stock, supplies, equipment and buildings, fell by 9.7% in the second quarter. Investment in business inventories fell by .1bn between April and June, the first decline since the third quarter of .尽管消费出有所增长,但是商业投资(包括股票、储备、设备和建筑)在第二季度下降了9.7%在月到6月之间,企业存货投资减少了81亿美元,这还是自从年第三季度以来首次下降Chris Williamson, chief economist at Markit, said: "Inventories are always the unpredictable wildcard in the GDP statistics, and the second quarter weakness was in part due to inventories falling the first time since the third quarter of .Markit首席经济学家克丽丝·威廉姆森表示说:“在GDP统计中,库存总是无法预测的项目,而第二季度经济疲软的部分原因是由于自从年第三季度以来库存第一次减少”"The good news is that firms should hopefully start rebuilding stock levels in the second half of the year, boosting growth."“好消息是企业有望在下半年开始重建库存水平,从而推动经济的发展”Government figures released on Thursday had hinted at subdued business spending. The US trade deficit - the different between imports and exports - had widened to .3bn in June from .1bn the month bee.本周四政府公布的数据暗示了疲软的商业出美国的贸易赤字--进出口贸易之间的不对等--从5月份的6以美元扩大到了6月份的633亿美元The latest GDP figures are the first estimate of growth the April-to-June quarter, and a second ing based on more data will be announced on 6 August.目前最新的GDP数据是对第二季度经济增长的第一次估计,基于更多数据的第二份报表将于8月6日公布The US Fed has three meetings remaining this year, in September, November and December.美联储今年还将举行三次会议,分别在9月、月和月Mr Williamson said: "While no doubt disappointing, the GDP data are backward looking and whether or not the Fed hikes interest rates again this year depends more on the future data flow than what happened back in the second quarter.威廉姆森说道:“虽然这一数据毫无疑问地令人失望,第二季度GDP数据显示了美国经济倒退的迹象,但是美联储今年是否再一次加息更多地取决于未来的数据,而不是第二季度已经产生的情况”"However, the ongoing softness of growth in the second quarter will no doubt add to calls policymakers to err on the side of caution and as such greatly reduces the chance of any rate hike bee December."“但是,第二季度经济增长的持续疲软无疑会更加要求政策制定者小心谨慎,从而大大减少月以前加息的机会襄阳医院割包皮好 当米老鼠变成美食,会发生什么? -- ::55 来源:sohu 米奇北京烤鸭披萨 对一天天繁重的家务或者工作感到厌倦吗?快让这些可爱的佳肴带你找回状态吧!以这个欢乐的小动物精心设计的菜肴,一定会让你重现笑容对于那些喜爱米老鼠的人们,我想,这些佳肴你绝对不想错过! Tired of the day's chores or burdened by your heavy workload? Treat yourself to a sunny dish that brings you back in time! The delicately designed Mickey Mouse dishes, with the shape and features of the happy little creatures, are sure to bring a smile to your face. Mickey Mouse fans, these are definitely dishes you wouldn't want to miss! 米奇煎饼 米奇(和它的朋友们)饭团 米奇大圆蹄 米奇肉包amp;米妮红豆包 米奇滑蛋饭 米奇京味闷羊腱 米奇冰棒 迪士尼家族马卡龙 English Source: China daily襄阳樊城区人民中心医院看前列腺炎好吗

襄阳市四院简介留学极端事件频发 出国留学真的好吗 -- :3: 来源: 高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱 After scores the gaokao, China’s university entrance exam, were released, many study abroad agencies began recruiting students who are interested in attending college abroad. Although many parents and students are tempted by the study abroad experience, some are worried by the frequent, disturbing news of Chinese students struggling to get used to life abroad.高考成绩公布不久,不少留学中介机构就开始征集那些对海外留学感兴趣的考生尽管许多家长和孩子的雄心被膨胀起来,但关于中国留学生在海外生活的频繁的负面报道也让部分家长心慌意乱On June 6, Chinese student Robert Liu hanged himself in a dormitory of New York University; on June , a Chinese junior at the University of Pennsylvania killed herself by jumping in front of a train. Sadly, these tragedies are only the tip of the iceberg. With more and more Chinese students studying abroad at increasingly earlier ages, the students’ psychological conditions must be given more attention.6月6日,中国留学生罗伯特.刘被发现在纽约大学一间宿舍里上吊自杀;6月日,一名大三华裔学生撞上火车自杀身亡……然而,这些仅是中国留学生极端事件的“冰山一角”近年来,我国留学生的数量不断增多,留学生的年龄也逐渐呈现低龄化的趋势,,应当对留学生的精神需求给予足够的重视According to Cui Hong, a psychological consultant specializing in the mental condition of Chinese students overseas, there are three gaps that parents and children need to bridge if they hope to have a successful study abroad experience: generational, cultural and time-space. These students often find it difficult to fit in while studying in eign countries; at the same time, when they come back to China vacations, they also find it hard to get along with their old classmates.据专门从事中国留学生心理咨询工作的咨询师崔红表示,想要有一个成功的留学体验,需跨越“三道壕沟”:“代沟”“文化沟”“时空沟”这些学生在海外留学时与当地学生格格不入,与此同时,在假期回到中国后,又发现很难与昔日的中国同学相处Cui suggests that parents pay more attention to their children’s development from an early age. Parents can also learn to use social media to communicate with their children abroad. Instead of focusing solely on academic permance, Cui advises parents to learn more about their children’s daily lives. It is helpful if parents learn about the culture in which their children are living, and even seek out recent news from the country in which their children are studying.崔红建议,在孩子还小的时候家长就要多关注孩子家长也要学会使用新型社交工具方便与国外的孩子联系同时,家长也不要只关心孩子在外面的学习成绩,要多关注他们的日常生活除此以外,崔红还建议父母多了解孩子留学所在国家的文化,甚至可以关注那里的新闻Cui believes that children from harmonious, stable families are the best candidates to study abroad since they are most likely to feel a strong sense of security. In addition, children with independent characters who like to socialize and participate in many activities also tend to thrive in their lives abroad.她认为,家庭成员关系融洽的家庭出来的孩子最适合出国留学,因为他们更有安全感此外,从小自立性强,曾参与过很多社会实践或课外活动的孩子更适宜出国 科比牵手王祖蓝 最强CP代言饿了么(双语) --30 18:01:5 来源:sohu 7 月 日,NBA退役的传奇球星科比; 布莱恩特代言了中国知名的在线外卖订餐平台“饿了么(ele.me)”中国企业雇用外国体育明星来推广自己的品牌已经不是第一次了接下来,小编带大家看看都有哪些体坛巨星代言了哪些中国品牌,他们的代言费又是多少 Retired National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Kobe Bryant’s endorsement of Ele.me, a Chinese online food ordering and delivery app, was announced on July . It is not the first time Chinese companies have employed eign sports stars to promote their brands. Here is a list of eign sports stars endorsing Chinese brands. 科比; 布莱恩特amp; 饿了么 Kobe Bryant amp; Ele.me 时间︰ 年7 月 日 July , 费用︰未知 Unknown ;饿了么;的广告海报上,科比和中国喜剧演员王祖蓝共同代言了该在线外卖订餐平台;饿了么;的广告语是;准时必达,超时秒赔; Ele.me's poster featuring Kobe and Chinese comedian Wang Zulan advertises the online food ordering and delivery company's slogan of ;arrive on time, get rebate if delayed;. 克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多amp; 努比亚 Cristiano Ronaldo amp; Nubia 时间︰ 年6 月7 日 June 7, 费用︰每年约00 万欧元 Approximately million euros annually 年6 月 日广告海报上,皇家马德里的葡萄牙足球巨星克里斯蒂亚诺; 罗纳尔多手持努比亚的Z手机这款手机是中兴通讯集团旗下的高端智能手机品牌努比亚科技有限公司的一款主打产品 Real Madrid's Portuguese soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo holds the Nubia Z, a flagship handset launched by Nubia Technology Ltd, ZTE Corp's upmarket smartphone brand, on June , , on an advertising poster. 里奥;梅西amp;华为 Lionel Messi amp; Huawei 时间︰ 年 3 月 日 March , 费用︰每年约500到600 万欧元 Approximately 5 to 6 million eurosannually 年3 月 日在西班牙,电信巨头华为技术有限公司宣布梅西的为该公司的全球品牌大使在新闻发布会上巴塞罗那队的阿根廷前锋里奥;梅西(中)、华为美洲市场首席执行官(左),和华为手机客户主席(右)在自拍 FC Barcelona's Argentinian ward Lionel Messi (C), Tyrone Liu (L), CEO of Consumer Business Group Huawei Latin America, and Kevin Ho (R), president of Handset Business of Huawei Consumer BG, takes a selfie during a press conference in which telecommunications giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd announced Messi's appointment as the company's Global Brand Ambassador in Barcelona, Spain, March , . 德怀特; 霍华德amp; 匹克 Dwight Howard amp; Peak 时间︰ 年8 月30 日 August 30, 费用︰未知 Unknown 年9 月 日,江西省南昌市,由运动品牌匹克体育用品有限公司举行的公开活动上,NBA 亚特兰大老鹰队的美国职业篮球运动员德怀特; 霍华德,在其中华行期间与学生们拍照 Dwight Howard, American professional basketball player the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA, takes a photo with students at a publicity campaign during his Dwight Howard China Tour organized by sportswear company Peak Sport Products Co Ltd, in Nanchang, East China's Jiangxi province, September , . 克莱;汤普森amp; 安踏 Klay Thompson amp; ANTA 时间︰ 年 月 日 February , 费用︰未知 Unknown 年 月 日,在安踏体育用品有限公司纽约的新闻发布会上,NBA金州勇士队的美国职业篮球神射手,克莱汤普森(左)第一次为安踏鞋签名该系列被命名为;KT FIRE; Klay Thompson (L), American professional basketball sharpshooter the Golden State Warriors of the NBA, holds his first ANTA signature shoes named ;KT FIRE; at a press conference in New York, February , . 斯蒂芬 ;马布里amp;361 deg; Stephon Marbury amp; 361deg; 时间︰ 月,年 November, 费用︰未知 Unknown 前NBA 球员中国篮球联赛(CBA)北京金隅男篮俱乐部的现役球员斯蒂芬 马布里,在广告海报上身穿一件361 度国际有限公司的篮球背心 mer NBA player Stephon Marbury, who currently plays the Beijing Ducks Basketball Club of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), wears a basketball vest made by sportswear company 361 Degrees International Ltd on the company’s advertising poster. 德怀恩 韦德amp; 李宁 Dwyane Wade amp; Li Ning 时间︰ 年 月 日 October , 费用: 每年00 万美元和本部股份 $ million annually and shareholdings 年 月 日北京,NBA最知名和最受欢迎球员之一德维恩 韦德(L),在他与运动品牌公司李宁的长达 年代言签约仪式上,展示他的球技 Dwyane Wade (L), one of the most well-known and popular players in the NBA, shows off his basketball skills during his -year endorsement signing ceremony with sportswear company Li Ning Co in Beijing, October , . 卡卡amp;金嗓子 Kakaacute; amp; Golden Throat 时间︰ 年8 月1 日 August 1, 费用︰未知 Unknown 年7 月 日广西省柳州市,被大家称为卡卡的巴西职业足球运动员里卡多;伊泽克森;多斯;桑托斯;雷特,与由金嗓子控股集团有限公司赞助的广西金嗓子足球学校的学生们拍照卡卡是 年的国际足联世界足球先生 Brazilian professional soccer player Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, who is commonly known as Kakaacute; and was the FIFA World Player of the Year , takes a photo with students of Guangxi Golden Throat Soccer School, which is sponsored by lozenges manufacturer Golden Throat Holdings Group Co Ltd, in Liuzhou, south China's Guangxi province, July , . 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