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助闺蜜私奔 岁巴基斯坦女子遭“荣誉处决” -- 19:1:01 来源: 一位来自于巴基斯坦北部阿伯塔巴德村庄的少女因帮助闺蜜私奔,被村庄长者灌药捆绑火烧致死A Pakistani teenage girl in Abbotabad was drugged, strangled and set on fire by elders of the village allegedly helping her friend elope.一位来自于巴基斯坦北部阿伯塔巴德村庄的少女因帮助闺蜜私奔,被村庄长者灌药捆绑火烧致死The victim, -year-old Ambreen, was punished by a local group of elders, who held her responsible helping the couple elope on 3 April from Makool village of Abbotabad district in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.受害者Ambreen 岁,因月3日帮阿伯塔巴德的一闺蜜私奔被当地的长老会惩罚The village elders met on April and decided to punish Ambreen and the man who transported the eloping couple in his van by burning the girl and the vehicle, police official Shams Khan said.一位警官Shams Khan说道,村庄长老会于月日集合商议,将运送私奔女孩的司机和货车都烧毁;They killed the girl on 9 April by strangulating her and then put her body in the vehicle which was set of fire,; he said.;他们在月9日将这名女子勒死,并将尸体扔进货车,将货车烧毁,;他说Police have arrested out of the men who had sanctioned the killing. They have been charged with murder, arson and terrorism.警方逮捕了这个男人中的位,并处以死刑因为他们被指控有谋杀罪、纵火罪和恐怖行为Honour killings in Pakistan巴基斯坦的;荣誉处决;Incidents of violence against the women in the name of honour are rampant in Pakistan.在巴基斯坦,针对女性的荣誉处决罪行并不少见Women in Pakistan have fought their rights decades, in a country where honour killings and acid attacks remain commonplace.巴基斯坦的女性为自身权利已经奋斗了几十年,但是荣誉处决和酸攻击依旧屡见不鲜More than 500 men and women died in honour killings last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan. Many of these crimes, carried out by relatives who say their mostly female victims have brought shame on the family, are never prosecuted, observers say.据巴基斯坦的人权委员会介绍,去年500多位男女因荣誉处决而死亡观察人士说,很多为家庭蒙羞的女性并没有遭到亲属的控告。

  • 趣味习语:各种“白”意思你真的造么? -- :: 来源:chinadaily 据说颜色可以达到一个字不说就能交流的地步但是,它所传达的意义就要高度依赖于颜色在各个国家的文化意义了感觉讲得通,然而,颜色经常出现在各个国家的语言中,而且还不仅仅是用于传达字面意思例如你知道什么是白色的谎言吗?White elephant是白色的大象吗? Today's color of choice is white, in what will hopefully become a mini series on idioms and color in the English language. 今天简单介绍下白色,希望可以作为英语颜色习语方面的一个小专题 1. raise (or wave) a white flag Meaning: to indicate that you have been defeated and you want to give up 意思:暗示你被打败了,你愿意放弃 Sample Sentence: After we captured them, they had to raise a white flag. 例句:当我们抓住他们后,他们不得不举手投降 Pop Culture Reference: Pop singer Dido references the symbolism represented in this idiom in her song ;White Flag,; singing: ;..and I won't put my hands up and surrender. There will be no white flag above my door...; 流行文化推荐:流行歌手蒂朵在她的歌曲”白旗“中采用了这个习语的象征主义手法,歌中唱到:”…我不会举起双手投降在我门前绝不会有白旗飘起…“ . white-tie eventaffair Meaning: an event that requires guests to wear mal dress such as men wearing white bow ties with mal evening attire 意思:要求客人穿着正装的场合,例如男人着正式晚礼,带白色蝴蝶结领结 Sample Sentence: There was a white-tie wedding ceremony last week which I had to attend. 例句:上周我不得不参加一个白色领结结婚典礼 Pop Culture Reference: Band names are known being creative or including play on words. The popelectronica band The White Tie Affair chose to name themselves with this idiom. 流行文化推荐:以创新风格闻名或包含双关语的乐队名流行摇滚电子乐队The White Tie Affair就是以这个习语命名的 3. white elephant. Meaning: a useless, an unwanted possession that often costs money to maintain. 意思:无用的,不需要的累赘物,通常会花费很多钱来维护它 Sample Sentence: Your car is a white elephant, as it often breaks down, causing you too much expenditure. 例句:你的车就是个累赘,经常抛锚给你带来那么多花销 Pop culture reference: As one alternative to the Western Christmas gift exchange tradition of ;Secret Santa,; a White Elephant gift exchange includes a group of family, friends, or coworkers each of whom gets one wrapped gift. Staying true to the idiom's meaning, the gifts are usually inexpensive, humorous, or used items from home, seeking to provide entertainment those involved rather than value. 流行文化推荐:作为西方圣诞节Secret Santa(抽签交换礼物)的一个传统备选方案,;a White Elephant; 礼物交换是指在家人,朋友或同事之间进行的一种礼物交换游戏,每个人都会得到一个包裹好的礼物而说到这个礼物习语,其实它原指便宜的,有趣的或家中用过的物品而并非有价值的物品,作为礼物送给对方以达到效果 . white lie Meaning: a harmless or small lie told to be polite or to avoid hurting someone's feelings. 意思:一个没有恶意的或小的谎言,谎言的目的是为了礼貌或避免伤害某人的情感 Sample Sentence: He told a white lie when his father asked where he was going. 例句:当他爸爸问他要去哪儿时,他撒了一个善意的谎言 Pop Culture Reference: The popular TV series Breaking Bad has gained so many fans across the world that some have decided to craft special beers in honor of the protagonist Walter White who told many white (and perhaps even more unwhite) lies throughout the show. The India white ale beer is a play on words in itself, named Walt's White Lie. 流行文化推荐:流行电视节目《绝命毒师在全世界获得众多粉丝热捧,剧中的主人公沃尔特.怀特由于讲了太多善意(也许更多的是非善意)的谎言,以至于一些粉丝决定为其特制一种啤酒以示庆祝印度白啤酒这个名字本身就是一种文字游戏,名为沃尔特怀特的谎言 5. white as a sheet Meaning: pale 意思:苍白 Sample Sentence: Jane was as white as a sheet because of the illness she had suffered months. 例句:由于数月病痛折磨,简的脸色面如白纸 Pop Culture Reference: In the poem Song of Myself, in the famous poetry collection Leaves of Grass, the great Walt Whitman writes the line: ;The captain on the quarter-deck coldly giving his orders through a countenance white as a sheet...; 流行文化推荐:在著名诗集《佰草集中有一首诗歌叫做《自己,伟大的诗人沃尔特;惠特曼曾在诗中这样写道:“船长站在甲板上,面色苍白地发着冷酷的指令”。
  • 中国61岁奶奶生下一个健康男孩 -- :30: 来源: 中国一位61岁的老人怀39周,成功生下一名健康的男婴 A Chinese pensioner has successfully given birth to a boy at the age of 61.中国一位老人在61岁的高龄还成功地生下了一名男孩The baby, weighing ,930 grams (1 ounces), was born at 39 weeks during a C-section in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on June 7, reported People’s Daily Online.据《人民日报报道,6月7日在浙江省,一名老人怀39周后剖腹产下一名男童,婴儿重930克(约合1盎司)The mother, surnamed Zhang, decided to try another baby after her only child died of illness, leaving her heart-broken.孩子的母亲姓张,她第一个孩子因病而死,伤心欲绝的她决定再生一个The news emerged two months after an Indian pensioner, Daljinder Kaur, gave birth to her first baby at the age of 70 in the state of Haryana, northern India.在这一新闻之前,还有一名印度北方哈里亚纳邦的老人Daljinder Kaur,她以70岁的高龄生下了第一个孩子Zhang was devastated after her daughter passed away aged 30, according to Chinese media.据中国媒体报道,在女儿(30岁)死去后,张奶奶非常伤心The pensioner longed a new family and her 66-year-old husband supported her idea of having another baby.这位老人渴望一个新家,而且她66岁的老伴儿持她再要一个孩子的想法After seeking doctor’s advice from different hospitals, the 61-year-old was successfully conceived last November through IVF treatment.张奶奶寻求了多家医院医生的建议,最终在去年月的时候,61岁的她通过体外受精成功受Upon hearing the good news, Zhang went to the Women’s Hospital of Zhejiang University in Hangzhou to prepare her labour.一听到这个好消息,张奶奶便住进了浙大妇女医院,准备生子When Zhang showed up her antenatal appointment the first time, the doctors and nurses thought she was accompanying her daughter or daughter-in-law.当张奶奶第一次去产检时,医生和护士们以为她是陪自己的女儿或者孙女来做产检的They were later stunned to discover Zhang was the mother.当后来发现张奶奶才是怀的母亲时,他们都惊呆了Doctor He Jing, a supervisor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, said: ’She is the oldest expectant mother our hospital has received since its founding.妇产科主管何静(音)医生说道:“她是我们医院开业以来接待过的年纪最大的准妈妈”’I’ve permed many C-sections over the years, and she is the first patient who is older than me.’“这些年里我做了许多剖腹产手术,她是第一个比我的年龄还要大的人”Due to Zhang’s age, pregnancy was a challenge.由于张奶奶年事已高,妊娠是一个不小的挑战The mother was hospitalised twice due to bleeding, the first time at weeks and the second time at 33 weeks.张奶奶曾因出血两度入院,第一次是在怀周的时候,第二次是在33周的时候She also experienced complications in the heart, lungs and kidneys as the organs were weakening at her age.由于年老器官衰竭,张奶奶还经历了心脏、肺部和肾脏等器官的并发症On June 3, five departments at the hospital joined ces to plan the C-section operation.6月3日,这家医院五部门联手计划剖腹产手术Four days later, Zhang successfully gave birth to a healthy boy with the help of doctors from the departments of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care , General Medicine and Neonatal.四天之后,张奶奶成功地产下了一名健康的男童此次剖腹产手术由来自妇产科、麻醉科、ICU加护病房、一般内科和新生儿科五部门的医生联合进行Zhang is currently recovering in the hospital and is in a stable condition.张奶奶目前正在这家医院里康复,情况稳定She told a reporter emotionally: ’Doctor He is the savior of me and my son.’她情绪激动地对记者说道:“何医生是我和儿子的救命恩人”China operated a mandatory one-child policy more than 30 years between 1980 and .在1980年到年的三十多年间,中国强制执行了独生子女政策It’s becoming a social issue aging parents in the country to cope with life when their only child passes away.老人“失独”后如何应付生活已经越来越成为了一个社会问题This is because Chinese pensioners rely heavily on their children to support them both mentally and financially. Many think raising a child is the only way them to have a stable retirement.这是因为中国的老人在心理和经济上都严重依赖他们子女的持许多人都认为养育一个孩子是使得自己老有所依的唯一方法Currently, there are about 660,000 such families in China, with 1 per cent of them living in rural areas, according to the National Bureau of Statistics.据中国国家统计局的数据显示,目前中国有大约66万个这样的家庭,其中1%居住在农村These families receive a monthly subsidiary of up to 0 Yuan (39 pound) from the government.这些家庭每月从政府那里领取0元(约合39英镑)的补助China abolished the mandatory one-child policy on January 1, .年1月1日,中国取消了强制性独生子女政策。
  • 湖北抗洪前线“馒头连”成网红 -- ::38 来源:chinadaily 一排泥人般的子弟兵坐在大堤上,嚼着馒头,这是一顿抗洪抢险间隙的午餐日,这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上,人民日报等媒体的官方微纷纷转发,成千上万网友在微信、微转发、点赞,亲切地称这队最可爱的官兵为“馒头连”请看相关报道:Xie Yongfu, a PLA squad leader, has become an online celebrity after a photo of him eating steamed buns with other soldiers in wet and muddy clothes was posted online by a PLA Daily reporter.人民解放军战士、班长谢永富因为一张吃馒头的照片而成了网红,照片上他和其他战士穿着浸透了泥浆的衣,坐在地上吃馒头这张照片被《解放军报的一名记者传到了网上当时谢永富和其他战士们正在黄梅太白湖现场执行抢险救灾任务(perm flood relief work),当天,太白湖大堤上大雨倾盆,管涌(piping)、溃口(dyke breach)时时威胁大堤安全,形势十分严峻垒沙包(pile up sandbags)、运沙包,官兵们浑身满是泥浆,顿时成了一个个“泥人”附近一位村民一直守在现场,看到官兵们迟迟不肯吃饭,就从镇上买来一大袋馒头(steamed buns)和矿泉水(mineral water),劝官兵停下来吃口饭为不辜负群众的好意,该连官兵短暂地停下手中工作,接过馒头和矿泉水,顾不上泥浆和雨水,直接啃了起来这感人的一幕被拍下传到网上后,网友们纷纷给这个“馒头连”点赞受暴雨灾害影响,湖北江苏等地的快递业务也受到影响,一方面是方便面(instant noodles)等日常必需品(daily necessities)的在线订单(online orders)猛增,另一方面,快递员(deliverymencouriers)连出个门都很困难,有的快递员已经用上了托艇(motorboat)(中国日报网英语点津 陈丹妮)。
  • 日经指数暴跌3.5%,中韩股市纷纷受挫 -- 19:1:8 来源: 受国际市场不确定性影响,日元成为国际投资者避险良选而走高的日元导致日本国内大型出口企业受损,昨日日经指数暴跌3.5%,受此影响,中国和韩国股市纷纷受挫 Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 5 finished Monday’s session down 3.5% at ,019.18 as a rise in the value of the yen hurt big exporting companies such as Toyota.由于日元走高影响,类似日本丰田等大型出口公司受损,本周一日经指数收于019.18点,下跌幅度达到了3.5%Investors remained cautious ahead of meetings later this week by the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, although no rate cuts are expected.本周晚些时候,美联储将会和日本央行举行会议尽管不可能会降息,但是投资者依然十分谨慎Uncertainty over the UK’s EU referendum is also affecting the markets.英国退欧公投的不确定性也影响了市场The yen is often regarded as a haven in times of uncertainty, and the dollar weakened to below 1 yen.在市场不确定性很强时,日元经常被作为一个避险港,(在目前的市场条件下)美日汇率已经下跌到一美元兑换1日元的价位Shares in Toyota closed down by more than 3.5%, Honda’s shares were % lower, while Nissan’s fell by %.丰田股价下跌幅度超过了3.5%,本田股价下跌幅度不到%,尼桑股价下跌了%The Nikkei’s close on Monday marks a five-week low and the third straight session of losses.经过周一的股价下跌过后,日经指数达到了5周以来的低点,并且是第三次出现亏损In China, markets followed the downward trend. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index closed down 59.65 points, or .5%, at ,5.99, while the Shanghai Composite ended 3.% lower at ,833..中国股票市场也出现了下跌的趋势香港恒生指数收盘于.99点,下跌了59.65点,下跌幅度达到了.5%,上综合指数收盘于.点,下跌了3.%Among a raft of economic data released by Beijing earlier, figures showed that growth in China’s fixed-asset investment - a key measure of infrastructure spending - slowed in the January-to-May period.从中国前段时间发布的经济数据来看,在一月到五月期间,中国的固定资产投资(固定资产投资是基础设施建设的重要衡量指标)增长放缓了Investment increased by 9.6% from the same period a year earlier, but this was the first time the rate had fallen below % since 00.和去年同期相比,投资增长了9.6%,增长率从00年以来首次低于%Separate figures showed Chinese industrial output grew at a rate of 6% in May compared with a year ago. The industrial output numbers were in line with most expectations and unchanged from the previous month.据单独数据显示,中国五月份工业产出和去年同比增长6%工业产出数量和大多数人的预期一样,并且和上个月的数据持平Retail sales in China grew % in May from a year earlier, also in line with most expectations.中国五月份零售额和去年同比增长%,同样符合大多数人的预期South Korea’s benchmark Kospi index closed down 1.9% at 1,979..韩国综合股价指数收盘于1979.点,下跌了1.9%In Australia, stock markets are closed the Queen’s birthday long weekend.澳大利亚因为女王大寿放了长假,周末期间股票市场关闭了交易。
  • “这是性犯罪”:詹妮弗.劳伦斯首次回应艳照泄露事件 -- 1:: 来源: “这是性犯罪”:詹妮弗?劳伦斯首次回应艳照泄露事件 'It is a sex crime': Jennifer Lawrence speaks out the first time about nude photo leak Jennifer Lawrence is making no apologies about keeping naked pictures of herself on her computer.But the -year-old actress is hitting back at the hackers who stole the provocative shots in Vanity Fair's November issue.Jennifer spoke about the incident the first time by calling the photo theft 'a sex crime.''It is not a scandal. It is a sex crime,' she told the publication. 'It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change.'She has said anyone who viewed the pictures should ‘cower with shame’.The Hunger Games star indicated that she took nude selfies her boyfriend at the time and although she didn't name him in the interview the special someone is believed to be actor Nicholas Hoult.The couple met while co-starring in ’s X-Men: First Class and in one interview Miss Lawrence said that they liked having a long distance relationship as it meant they could keep their independence.Miss Lawrence and Hoult were at one point tipped to marry but broke up over the summer. Nobody the actor was available comment.She is dating Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who has separated from his wife Gwyneth Paltrow.'I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship four years,' she told the magazine. 'It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.'Then the unthinkable happened: hackers broke into her iCloud and posted the photos online on August 31.The FBI and Apple, which runs iCloud, are investigating the hacking in which dozens of celebrities’ s were infiltrated.Naked pictures of stars such as singer Rihanna, model Kate Upton and actress Kirsten Dunst were put online by hackers linked to the notorious online um chan.The hackers also managed to steal pictures of Kim Kardashian, Aubrey Plaza, Hayden Panetierre and Vanessa Hudgens in similar compromising positions.Also among the victims was British model Cara Delevingne.The actress, who won an Oscar her permance in Silver Linings Playbook, said she did not know what effect it would have on her career at a point when she had just become a huge star.'I was just so afraid. I didn’t know how this would affect my career,' Jennifer described her initial reaction to the news.'Just because I’m a public figure, just because I’m an actress, does not mean that I asked this,' she said.‘It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity.’'It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.'When the photos were first leaked over the internet, the American Hustle star sat down and tried to compose a statement but the right words were hard to find.'Every single thing that I tried to write made me cry or get angry. I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry ,' Jennifer told Vanity Fair.She added: 'Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me.'Even people who I know and love say, "Oh, yeah, I looked at the pictures." I don’t want to get mad, but at the same time I’m thinking, I didn’t tell you that you could look at my naked body.'Another big consequence was that Miss Lawrence had to tell her father Gary, a construction worker, that naked images of her were being viewed by millions of people online.Miss Lawrence said he took the news far better than she expected.She said: ‘I don’t care how much money I get The Hunger Games, I promise you, anybody given the choice of that kind of money or having to make a phone call to tell your dad that something like that has happened, it’s not worth it.’詹妮弗·劳伦斯(Jennifer Lawrence)首次就艳照被窃事件表态,她表示,“这不是丑闻,而是性犯罪”劳伦斯并未因电脑存放艳照而对外致歉,她愤怒抨击窃取其私照的黑客,并认为法律需要得到修正以让侵犯隐私者如同性侵害者一样受到起诉,“这是性侵害这种行径让人作恶法律需要改变,我们也都需要改变”劳伦斯表示,任何看过那些照片的人都该“为此感到羞愧”这位因《饥饿游戏而名噪四方的影星称,她是为了那时的男友而自拍裸照劳伦斯没有说名字,但被确信是指演员尼古拉斯·霍尔特(Nicholas Hoult),二人因年电影《X战警:第一战结缘劳伦斯和霍尔特曾感情良好几近结婚,却于今年夏天分手如今她正与酷玩(Coldplay)乐队主唱克里斯·马汀(Chris Martin)交往“我当时已经和男友交往了四年,我们关系非常好,有爱,和谐我们是远距离恋爱,你或者选择让你的男朋友看A片,或者选择让他看你”但是意想不到的是,黑客入侵她的iCloud,并于8月31日把窃取到的照片传到网上除劳伦斯,歌手蕾哈娜(Rihanna)、模特凯特·阿普顿(Kate Upton)、演员克尔斯滕·邓斯特(Kirsten Dunst)等多名女星的艳照也被黑客传到了臭名昭著的网上论坛chanFBI及苹果公司正在调查此事最初劳伦斯非常伤心害怕,“我不知道这会对我的事业带来什么影响”,“这超出我能承受的,我想不到自己竟被如此隔绝于人性之外”但随后她的悲伤变为愤怒:“这是我的身体,应该由我做主,但如今这一切不是我意愿的,我对此深恶痛绝我不敢相信我们竟活在这样的世界里”艳照最初泄露的时候,劳伦斯曾想拟具一份声明,但却不知怎样表达“所有要付诸笔头的一切都让我流泪愤恨我本要写封道歉信,但我不知道我有什么需要道歉的”“事实仅仅是我们都可能在性方面被利用和侵害,某些人借此大赚一笔我无法忍受”除了许多亲友看了她的艳照让她不悦之外,劳伦斯还得把这件事告诉她的父亲,她表示,如果可以选择,她宁愿不要拍《饥饿游戏赚那么多钱,也不要给父亲打那样难堪的电话(58en bruce 编辑)。
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